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02/16/2005 5:16 PM

Colonel Roy Campbell sat at his desk in a small corner of his office, an office that matched the one that he held at the Pentagon down to every minute detail. Though his files there were totally false, meant to confuse any organization that managed to somehow break in and access them.

He rarely visited the Pentagon anymore. Now, all his operations were black, every headquarters small and underground with the latest in communications equipment. Everything expendable and untraceable. That way the United States Government could disavow any knowledge of the Colonel's "rogue actions" in the event his cell was infiltrated.

"Colonel," a soft young voice called to him, "they are here. The agents assigned to you for this mission."

02/16/2005 9:02 PM

Nightmare leaned against the wall near the door to the office. His gun rested in his armpit, a reminder of his purpose. Why North Echelon wanted him here, he didnt know. But the pay was good and he was the best. He began to doze.

02/17/2005 9:05 PM

The Colonel peered up from his manila folders and sighted the Agent standing at the doorway awaiting him. The Colonel was a tall man who'd had a long career already. You could read his history in his medals, shot several times, an Army Ranger, valourous. An impressive collection beyond that. While he'd past his prime he still clung to his strength and his wit.

"Come in," Campbell said, his eyes quickly reading off his name and codename, "agent Nightmare. Please come in and take a seat.

02/18/2005 6:42 AM

Snake was walking down the hall when he heard the colonal voice. He peered around the corner to see another walking into the room. Snake stood in the doorway.

"Sorry I'm late had some troubles getting here, just got called in this morning. Am I too late?"

02/18/2005 7:53 AM

Black Arts Viper, trained in every way to killl, an expert on explosives and demolition. Viper walked into the Colonels office, fashionably late as always. His USP was at his side but his combat knife was nowhere to be seen. He took a few step into the door way and adjusted his prosthetic arm, the product of the latest in bionics. His black sneaking suit was accented by four white stripes, two on his legs and two around each shoulder.
"I'm here." He said cooly.

02/18/2005 5:21 PM

Nightmare was dressed in civis as he had aranged for his combats and equipment to be stashed on the plane. He stood infront of the Colonel's desk, standing limply at ease yet somehow more rigid then the crease of the secretary's pants.

"Special Operative Nightmare reporting for duty. Before you brief me colonel, North Echelon requested I give you this."

Nightmare handed the colonel a floppy disc. The disc was loaded with Bio's on suspected links to the mission as well as a mandate related to Nightmare.

Dear FOXHOUND ops.

This agent responds Directly to NEOps and to NEOps alone. He is neither above or below your authority, so all orders from us will be relayed to him and you. We rquest Vice versa.


"Agencys afraid you lot are going to scoop me, I dont listen to them any ways. Please continue sir."

02/18/2005 5:27 PM

Spitfyre, a combat veteran that has seen his share of battle, walked into the Colonel's office with a plain look on his face. Yes, he was late, but by what he just saw, so were most of the rest. He looked around the slightly plain office, his expressionless face staying. He had his silver and black Beretta 92FS in it's holster. He looked around to the faces of the others, seeing none familar. Well, this was normal. Spitfyre eventually looked towards the Colonel, nodding. "I am also here." He spoke, and his voice sounded like he was on a strict diet of rusty nails.

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02/18/2005 7:34 PM

Snake standing side by side withnightmare looked up at the colonal. With an expresionless face.

"Well it seems mlike we have quite the ybunch. Dont expect me to have to draga along these folk. I will not pay for their mistakes. As far as im concerned, I basically work alone."

02/18/2005 10:13 PM

Nightmare rolled his eyes, there was one in every agency.

"Hey I didnt ask for this job, so stop complaining. Your lot and my lot agreed you needed my help."

Why HE always got stuck with them was beyond him. Why couldnt Copperfield send him out alone.

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