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02/15/2005 1:17 AM

as Arah sits in this realm of eden she belived that she would once more be with her people where was she ? what was she here for ? Are there anymore like her here in this forgotton realm ? She was lonely but happy, Arah's hair swaying in the slightness of the breeze .. her clothes were torn as if she had a fight with a thorn bush but still she was pleased to be here lonely, free, and peaceful, there near her was a lake of crystal blue water and a forest of green trees. Near by was a herd of brumbies grazing in the lea peaceful also, Arah walked to the waters edge and peered in her reflection peering back not a ripple over the vastness of the lake she was totally alone and waiting .. Arah cupped her hands and took a mouthful of the crystal clear blue water pure as the day it fell from the sky, and very quenching .. as she walked toward the forest she heard a sound as if someone or something had trod on a twig,

Arah thought then maybe just maybe there are others like me could it be that they were watching me from the depths of the forest .........

02/16/2005 4:33 AM

Sigg was out one sunny afternoon in the lush forests surrounding his cabin that he had lived alone in for the past decade. After so many years of his elven blades being soaked in the blood of those who would stand in his path, Sigg found this place, and decided that part of his life was done. Even through the past ten years of spirtitual growth and progress to inner serenity, he still could not truly wash his hand of those lives he took so long ago. His mind was stained with their faces, and his soul plagued by a self-loathing that he fears will never cease. Sigg was close to giving up his struggle to find peace when he came to a clearing in the forest. He stood at the edge, frozen by the sight of a woman sitting there with her hair flowing gently in the eternal wind that encompassed these ancient woods. This struck a great idea into his mind. Perhaps, he wasn't a lost cause, he was just going about it all the wrong way. Before he really knew what he was doing, he began to walk towards the woman with a slight smile on his face and a glimmer of hope for his salvation in his eyes.

"Hello fair traveler, for a traveler you must be, I've not seen a face in these parts for many years. But if your intentions ring noble, then I welcome you fullheartedly."

Sigg then reached his hand out in warm greeting to the woman.

02/16/2005 7:47 PM

Arah stood as this stranger approached her, "yes i am a traveller, But i know not how I have come to these lands, " Arah paused in her speech looking down at the ground, whilst remembering all she could, .. again she looked up at the man,

"the last i can remember, is I was riding along in My carriage and we had stopped, ... a man, a great man stepped into the carriage, from there its all just a blurr," she stopped and looked toward the leaf littered ground again .. her eyes where searching for something but she did not know what it was,

"My name is Aravic Jadel, But please call me Arah, ... I am unarmed, and i have now No horse, " she looked at the man her expreession was alomst blank ...

02/17/2005 3:58 AM

"A mysterious tale indeed."

This strange woman smelled of adventure... and Sigg was halfway down the beaten road out of the forest in his mind already. But he realized quickly that he was jumping ahead of himself by leaps and bounds.

"Well, all I can offer is a meager meal and an uncomfortable wooden chair in my hovel."

He realized this might be taken as sarcasm, but his bluntless stemmed from his long years of penitence in the forest. Forcing himself to live a life of brutally simple principles. Sigg thought that perhaps helping this girl would greatly help his own spiritual and mental strife with his past. As it was, the punishment he put upon himself to repent his sins, did little to quell his own bitterness towards himself.

"Mayhap we could figure out just what to do to help you."

03/20/2005 6:41 PM

As she ran she looked over her shoulder and saw nobody. Still she knew they might be hiding in this forest but she slowed down. Suddenly she bumped into something! when she gained enough strength to stand up she saw a man looking at her with a confused experission. "I'm s-sorry I-I didn't mean to, m-my name is" she took a deep breath "sarah, I-I was running from some th-thiefs. They were chasing me, they wanted my necklace b-but I couldn't" she said this as she touched the glowing red ruby. " I guess I out ran them, I'm-I'm very sorry" sarah said, a nervous look upon her face.

03/21/2005 3:09 AM

((OOC: I'm just going to assume that the man sarah ran into was Sigg...))

The innocent stammers from the young woman swept aware the first reaction of hostility from Sigg's face. However, at the mention of thieves, he became once more cautious and alert of the surrounding forest. For the most part everyone just left him alone to his cottage either out of fear or just plain indifference. Once again seeing the almost desperate look in Sarah's eyes a slight smile crossed Sigg's lips in an effort to comfort her a little.

"That's quite all right young lady, however, these thieves that were chasing you worry me, perhaps we should retreat to my cottage so that you may tell me your tale in relative safety. Ah, but forgive my manners, I am Sigg and I will hold the formal introduction until I feel any danger has passed. Come quickly."

Sigg rotated on his heel and walked at a brisk pace back toward his home.

03/23/2005 6:04 PM

turning to follow Sigg, she walked quielty in thought of all that had happened trying desperatly to remember what it was that had happened to her that day in the carriage, ! still unable to think of what happened she watched her feet as she walked noticing that she still had her concieled dagger tucked away, still not saying anything she raised her head to watch where Sigg was going .. for being lost with out company would be a lonely place, Arah could feel the tiredness of the wash over her but fought the feeling to stay awake and continue on ..

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