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02/13/2005 11:54 AM

Story Background:

The Republic hinges on the verge of collapse. Numerous planets have already rebelled against the Republic's power, most of them gaining their freedom in a short, peacefull conflict. It is expected that within the next few years the Republic will no longer be intact, instead it will only consist of a handfull of planets.

The Sith have retreated into unknown space, where they have stayed hidden for the past decade. The Jedi Council has re-established its seat of power on Coruscant, though it has no political power. Most people see the Jedi as the reason behind the Republic's demise, not even caring about the difference between the Jedi and Sith teachings, instead seeing them as one and the same.


Landon sat in the cargo hold, going through the many boxes of contraband that they were to deliver to the Hutts of Nar Shadda. It had been a high paying job so the Zabrak had little trouble persuading the captain to accept. Now they were almost to the sprawling planet, the "glorious jewel" as the Hutts called it. Landon finished his last routine check of the goods, they were all there. He slowly rose, stretching out his limbs, and made his way towards the cockpit.

"All is ready," he casually stated to the captain.

02/13/2005 3:40 PM

(OOC: who's the captain?)

02/13/2005 4:59 PM

(OOC: I'll carry out my charachters backstory but I wont meet up with you lot until later on.)

A ragged looking human booted down the door to the small oldstyle house built before wooden doors went out of style. He shot the guard square in the head and walked into the main room. His hand produced a small black ball with a pencil like stick protruding out of it. On the end of this stick was a ring. The human's thumb poked into this ring and his hand held the ball easily. He entered a room full of hutt mercenaries.

"Before you shoot, remember, the human thumb reacts almost faster then the brain can. This bomb will clear two blocks. So you shoot me, you all die. Give him to me or I'll blow this place up. I want the Kaminan, so give him up."

The hutts had their money, this was all suposed to go smooth as blast glass. A wookie poked its furry head around a large hutt. Oh crap. The wookie leveled a blast rifle at Crift.

"Dont do it fur ball."

His free hand rested on the hilt of a small piece of metal in his belt. Suddenly in a flurry of motion almost too fast to follow, the shiv imbedded in the large creature's throat. The hutts, looked confused, one aimed a small pistol. Crift sighed as his own weapon dropped into his hand. The hutts all crumpled and fell to the ground after a flurry of smoke. The Kaminan in question cowered in a corner, screaming in its native language. Crift walked over to it and drew a lightsaber. This he stuck into the Kaminan's head, killing it instantly. He shoved the jedi's weapon into his belt and dropped the useless droid's head.

`````one day later```````

"You are supposed to be the best, thats why I came to you."

The dug was scrathing at the table with its feet, leaving small grooves in the layer of grunge that covered the cantina's eating surfaces.

"The targets another bounty hunter. He caught me smuggling wookie slaves to Geonosis and ripped them off. They worked cheaper then the locals you see. But then I passed through a check point and the foul little man caught me. I am willing to pay handsomely, will you do it."

Crift thought briefly, his expresion unfathomable behind the modified. clone's armor. It looked almost like Boba Fett's besides the fact that it was larger, supported more tools of death, and was all Grey with a spackering of black across the chest in an old emblem forgotten by most. It was a broken circle.

"My friend, The guy will be dead by the end of a human year. Pay will be delivered to this account,"

He flashed a number at the small creature.

"Half now plus mission expenses, like amunition and weapons, half on delivery of any body parts you want particularily. And I dont want this leaking out. You and I are the only ones who are going to know about this. If it leaks I will decide weather to continue. If not, I keep any funds aquired from you or any other services you employ to wire me money. Do we have a deal little one."

The dug extended its foot which Crift shook grudgingly.

"Deal. I want his hands and toungue."

Crift nodded, rose and walked towards the starport. His ship, an old sith freighter modified for combat and equiped with some of the latest technology for stealth. Despite this it still looked decrepit. Crift remotely opened the rear loading bay and walked into the guts of the beast as it took off, heading for deep space a few billion lightyears away. He needed acces to ship files and he knew one place to get it.

02/14/2005 2:18 AM

…Voren looked back over his shoulder at the young Zabrak and nodded absently, his booted feet resting comfortably on the edge of the control panel as he listened to the ship’s engines hum. He ran a nerf hide glove through his dark hair and scrubbed his hands across his face.

“Great kid.” He said as he swung his legs down and moved to ready the vessel for reentry to normal space. Voren hated Nar Shaddaa and its bleak cityscape, the way it fed upon itself and upon the lives of those who dwelt there. Voren knew he was doing little to help the situation but the money he earned smuggling helped to keep him free and the Corellian Witch streaking through the darkened void of the galaxy -the only place he truly felt at home.

Reaching out, the former fighter pilot turned smuggler, eased the hyperdrive engines down bringing the ship out of hyperspace with a jolt that was accompanied by the tunnel of light coalescing into the dark vista pinpricked with twinkling lights. Before the cockpit loomed Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler’s Moon where anything and everything could be had for the right price.

“Let’s just hope that the reception is a little warmer than the last run.” He added, shooting Landon a lopsided grin which mirrored the mischievous glint that lit up the smuggler’s blue eyes…

02/15/2005 1:47 PM

Landon chuckled at the captain's statment, quietly recalling the incident. Before them loomed the city-scape of Nar Shadda, a remarkable planet that contained the scum of the galaxy. The ship was flying towards the docks near the Refugee Sector, Voren at the helm controlling the movements.

The ship touched down with a small bump, the Corellian Witch giving a slight shake. Landon turned to regard the captain, his red eyes taking in the smuggler.

"Who are we supposed to meet?"

02/18/2005 10:30 PM

Crith's ship boosted out of hyperspace on the outskirts of the destitute system. The ship zipped towards a small black planet. On this planet was a comprehensive database of anything blackmarket. Crith landed and within a few hours was searching for rippedoff wookie slave sales. An hour later he was heading for Geonosis to follow his new mark's trail.

03/21/2005 5:56 AM

Somewhere in the depths of space... a Sith was bored.

"I am bored." He thought to himself.

He stared at the tiny little box in front of him. There was a note on the box that read, "Sith Ultimate World Destroying Weapon of Devastatingly, devastating and Painfully Destructive Doom and Despair. Do not press button no matter what. Signed- Boss Sith, Darth Leader."

He sighed.

"I'm bored."

He presses the switch, and the box opens...

...THE END (mwaha).

03/21/2005 8:05 AM

And the world rejoices.

The End

03/22/2005 8:28 PM

always happens to the good ones

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