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02/13/2005 4:18 AM

His Elven knives glistened brightly in the orange morning sun. The encasing short grass stood motionless- unfazed by any breeze. A young man stood in the middle of a tawny, burnt-out circle, the unseen white-magic energy shrouding him with its infinite circulation. A blinding ripple surged in front of him. The once-invisible sphere paving the flowing energy subtly materialised. He unfazedly watched the light sear through the still air. The display faded to nothing again. He smiled calmly, awaiting a partner for an old-fashioned sparring session.

02/13/2005 9:33 AM

A ball of energy shot out of empty air, flying strait at the mage's chest. Gecko flickered into visibility, his spear crawling with energy.


He readjusted his stance to fend of magic and poured more enrgy into the spear head. His free hand rested on his right bicep plate and his right held the spear in a tight grip. His claws rested on slots in the bone plate on his arm.

[I remeber you, your that spastic little mage that attacks one second then heals you.]

His eyes turned red as the demon in his head began to fight for control.

02/13/2005 4:08 PM

Pillage chuckled at him.

"Aah, you again. I've been wondering how our last meeting would've ended if I hadn't restrained that little incident." He watched the ball approach, still not moving. The air around him wavered. Gecko's ball halted in front of his outstretched palm. The mage calmly guided it away from him. The energy ball flickered and disappeared like a torch in the rain.

"You won't need to defend against magic," he observed Gecko's stance. "I tend to stay away from the dark arts." Pillage drew his blade again and slashed out toward Gecko's throat. The other skilfully approached his gut.

02/13/2005 4:14 PM

Gecko brought the spear up vertically infront of himself, blocking the two daggers easily. His own daggers appeared in his hand like an evil magic trick and sliced towards Pillage's jugular. In his ams's wake, four metal discs appeared. These flew downwards away from Gecko's arm and then looped around Pillage to close in on his back. The light from Gecko's eyes guttered off the discs razor sharp edges.

02/13/2005 4:35 PM

He dashed left and let his muscles loosen, the sphere of light partially materialising at his back. The discs froze. Pillage watched the knife shred at what was now midair. His irises briefly lost their reflecting shine as the white magic flared again. Gecko's discs flew toward him, their new master testing his opponent in fascination.

02/13/2005 7:04 PM

Gecko brought his left arm up, catching the discs in a well practiced movement that didnt involve his hand. Gecko sheathed the daggers with lightning speed and dissapeared. He soundlessly leaptin the air, bringing the spear's pike end directlt at the top of pillage's head. He didnt make a noise the whole time. His discs strained in his arm plate, causing Gecko to have to exude energy into reclaiming them.

02/13/2005 7:31 PM

Pillage sidestepped frantically. He hadn't expected such a quick reaction. The sound of tearing fabric dominated the air. He shakily checked his right shoulder. A shallow scratch lined his tricep, dripping a small, sanguine cascade. Harmless except the dark energy conflicting with his white magic. The mage quickly threw most of the energy back into circulation before Gecko could attack again. White energy swirled briskly through the air around him. He uttered a spell. The energy fell dead for a second.
This should take care of his black energy, he briefly thought. It sparked up again and approached the charge in Gecko's spear.

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EDIT: (ooc) Go on, reply. I dare ya :D
By the way, I noticed the elecric energy thing was wrong, so I replaced 'electric' with 'black'. Unless I was right in the first place.

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02/15/2005 5:55 PM

(OOC: Eheheheheheh. the spell Gecko was using was an enhanced damage strike. If the spear touched you, the explosion would have singed the hair off that sid of your head and shredded you clothing. I'll post Geckos bio for you, which i should have done.)

Gecko winced at the recoil from the minor blast. He was still airborne and coming towards the ground. With an expert tuck and roll, he swiveled on his back and came up to face the slightly crispy mage.

[huh. whadda ya know?]

02/15/2005 10:29 PM

(ooc) lol We're at 69 views as I post this. Aah, my immature mind :P Thanks for the bio, this should make things more interesting.

Pillage took advantage of Gecko's idle stance and let the white magic sweep through him. The shirt quickly rethreaded itself over his arm, hair following suit. A new, energetic glow radiated through the mage. Pillage briefly observed Gecko's mind, sensing a new flaw he hadn't originally noticed.

"Hmm, so it's true. You can see my soul's essence flowing around me." He closed his eyes and fell into a standing meditation. A searing light faintly appeared in front of him, growing for a few seconds and halting. It slipped into Pillage like he were a puddle.
Silence for a moment. Then a blinding flash erupted. The mage's aura now glowed at its full capacity. White magic bathed their surroundings, bright enough to blind Gecko- and disintegrate his mask.

[Yeah, thanks. You're talking abut the staff addition, right?]

EDIT IS GOOD: (OOC: I added by bio too. Made it nice and interesting, or at least as much as you can when you have fatigue coming out your arse. As a manner of speaking.)

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02/16/2005 8:35 PM

Gecko's Demon felt the weakness generated by Anger and took over. Gecko's armor blew outwards as his body suddenly grew. Gecko's eyes turned bright red. He dropped his weapons and advanced on the now small mage. Gecko's eyes had switched to a form of vision only the spawn of hell could see. Gecko's hand moved lightning quick, the fire running down his incredibly brutish claws evaporated all the water in the air they passed. Gecko's mouth split open, revealing a row of incredibly large jaged fangs that forced his mouth to stay open. Fire jetted from his nostrils as he prepared to shred the ofensive person.

(OOC: As a creature of the mind, reading Gecko would be next to impossible but I'll bite)

02/17/2005 4:50 PM

(OOC: 100 views! Huzzaah! *Sets off fireworks*)

Pillage stared up at his new adversary, fascinated and uncertain. This was one of the many things Gecko's mind hid from him- one of many more skilfully concealed, the mage was sure. Pillage observed the field now luminesced by overwhelming energy; half dark, half white. The grass now flourised on one side, the other yellow and wilting. He flared his aura one last time, letting his side of the field flow into it. Intense light now surrounded him, the golden sphere embellishing his visage in its pure abundance. He raced toward the giant lizard. A patch of air rippled in front of him. He leapt into it. The ripple bent against the universe's structure, releasing with a bang and springing him into the air. The sphere narrowly avoided the demon's strike. Now empowered with every ounce of white energy surrounding them, Pillage aimed himself at Gecko's shoulder on the descent. He landed against the hard skin with a thud. His aura strenthened into a shield. The mage hacked toward Gecko's jugular with both knives.

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02/18/2005 5:37 PM

Gecko Moved violently forwards, dislodging the mage but sustaining two minor flesh wounds across the neck as he did. He turned and fired a jet of fire borne strait from hell on the wings of a demon. The odor of sulphur grew exponentialy as this wave of fire roasted the atmosphere ahead of it. Gecko loosed a roar loud enough that the ground vibrated with it.

"I'l have your blood little one."

Another three waves of fire followed the first moving fast and gaining on the first.

02/20/2005 4:12 PM

Pillage straightened himself and watched the flames approach. Maybe this was another opening- Gecko hadn't learnt from the first magic attack he'd fired. He sheathed the knives and held out both hands. The fire violently clashed against his palms. It slowly faded as the other waves approached. His aura wavered against their sheer strength. He struggled to keep himself standing. The golden sphere began to thin against them. Though unseen, his eyes widened. Pillage couldn't contain the waves. He sprinted out of range before they could absorb his shield. An earth-moving explosion sounded around them. The grass behind him singed to dirt. Pillage flipped himself into a secure posture and surveyed the demon. The next move would be risky, but if he pulled it off it could win him the match. He strengthened his aura again. White magic in its purest form filled him, sharpening his reflexes to unseen levels. The mage teared toward Gecko, easily shrugging off the dark atmosphere around them. He leapt toward him and sank his hands onto the nearest limb. Nullifying white energy surged through to Gecko, aimed at the very centre of his power.

02/20/2005 7:04 PM

Gecko fought back, pouring energy into his arm. As the energy waves were opposite, they ullified each other, turning Gecko's arm into a numb and tingling rubber limb. Gecko used the last of his control to swing it into a tree, with the mage between the limb and the plant in question.

"Get off my body you little savage."

The tree burst into flame right before Pillage would have hit the tree, which was now a torch.

02/20/2005 7:42 PM

The flame flicked out against the energy, Pillage still clutching his enemy's arm. He spotted the wounds from his earlier attack above Gecko's shoulder. Another opportunity. He fluidly sprinted along the limp mass, drawing the knives. He forcefully loaded them with white energy. The right knife now glowed in its own golden brilliance, empowered to a level which would shatter most objects intended to kill. He tore one of the marks further open and bore the blade, ready to force the entire weapon into Gecko's neck.

(OOC: Tell me if I'm taking away any of your control in this post)

02/22/2005 1:52 PM

(OOC: Nope, but running up Gecko's arm wasnt a terribly smart thing to do.)

Gecko grabbed Pillage's leg with his other arm and flung him across the clearing. He roared as his enemy flew and charged after him, sprouting twin blades of hellfire from his hands. The grass these blades hovered over ignited without even being touched and the violent whiff of sulphure in the clearing was enough to make anybody's eyes water. Gecko leaped, coming in at Pillage from above with his fireblades drawn bacwards. He thrust these downwards as he approached the airborne mage.

02/22/2005 4:38 PM

Through the blur around him, Pillage barely saw the fast gaining lizard. Unfazed to avoid panic, he felt for every inch of energy around him. The grass below crumbled as the essence willingly flowed from it. Air itself lost its composure, giving everything in a desperate measure to protect against the impact. The essence mingled around him, now impossibly bright against the approaching darkness. The Mage rippled the air behind him. It snapped back into place. Ineffective as a spring, but it slowed him down. Pillage forced himself down, watching Gecko approach barely above him. He brought all the energy he could muster into his hands.
Pillage forced his arms out, palms scraping against Gecko as he passed. The pure source of light flowed into the impetuous- and unexpecting- demon.

02/22/2005 9:17 PM

Gecko howled in pain as the magic flowed into him, causing his blades to flicker. He hit Pillage with his palms instead of impaling him with blades of fire, but didnt care, he was in agaony. He kicked out and jumped backwards, a manuever he somehow made work and held his elbows with each hand. there was a distortion in the air around him as he rose shakily to full height. His hands stopped glowing white and smoking, returning to their normal pebly color.

"You little pain in the..."

Gecko was suddenly surrounded by an explosion of fire. He stood in the middle, wreathed in immolation which suddenly stretched out and lashed at Pillage.

"Now you will feel my wrath little man."

Gecko flapped his monstrous wings, that seemingly had come out of nowhere, and rose ten feet off the ground. His hands were wreathed in lucifer's fire. The grew about the size of boulders, incinerating the trees around the clearing and vaporizing the grass below him. The wave of fire would distract the mage long enough for this.


The two balls of fire clashed together infront of Gecko, flaring and combining. This massive fireball suddenly shot towards the mage, moving incredibly fast for its size. Gecko was pushed backwards from the concussion. He flapped furiously, arresting his backwards motion with a straining of demonic muscles. That wasnt the clincer, although if it hit, it would hurt. Gecko dissapeared and reapeared behind Pillage. Without a sound two small globes of fire swelled in his palms. These he would hit the mage with, no matter what he did. If he jumped, Gecko would follow. If he stopped the massive ball with his own magic, hed get two miniature versions in the side of the head. Barring a miracle, the man would die. Gecko had forced enough energy out that if he wasnt killed or incapacitated by the move, Gecko would be magicless. He would have to revert to Nightwalker and use his spear.

02/23/2005 9:12 PM

Now struggling to keep his cool, Pillage witnessed this very representation of Hell dominate their surroundings. The glowing sphere, exhausted in his last attack, now gave way to his original form. Gracefully circulating energy now seemed insignificant in the dragon-like demon's wake. The reward for this sacrifice? A backfire. Gecko was more powerful than ever. He watched the four equally-deadly attacks draw near, realising he was defenceless.
Unless Gecko's impetuous fury was more than an illusion caused by this magic's nature. His godlike size gave way to another opening. The Mage sprinted the short distance between them. He gripped the knives and leapt at Gecko's abdonem. Ripping scales resounded as a section in the dragon's gut opened against the blades. Pillage slipped in, digging deep enough through his flesh to be safe. He waited for Gecko's wrath to approach.

02/25/2005 9:48 PM

(OOC: Think of a big humanoid with horns wings and a tail. you get a demon. pluss they are really big and mean.)

Gecko winced at the pain and leapt over the aproaching fire. He panted and reached into his stomach, snatching the little invader and pulling him out by the foot. He held him at arms length, panting with effort. He had no enrgy left for magic, but he still had his claws. He drew back his free hand and fired it at Pillage's stomach.

"Your smart but I hope you didnt swallow any blood. It wouldnt help your body in the long run."

His eyes flared and he began to suck energy out of pillage via his ankle.

02/27/2005 4:27 PM

(OOC: Excuse my late-ness. I had some computer troubles, then got caught up with things.)

A wave of lethargy set in, remaining energy quickly abandoning The Mage. He threw himself back, swinging toward Gecko's wrist. The glowing knives flailed at his pulse. Their searing energy flowed into his blood, any leaked fluid absorbed in the burning atmosphere. The claw unlatched in time for Pillage to evade the other strike. He dropped comfortably onto the barren ground. His magic was all but depleted. In his orginal form, he once again faced the pinnacle of Gecko's fury. The Mage used what he had left to slip out of Gecko's sight, meditating the sharpness back into his reflexes. He contemplated a way to even the odds. There was always a way, though his luck was beginning to run out.
He reached for the knives, housing the last of his energy. The blade in his left hand lost its glow, empowering him enough to stand the air around Gecko. Pillage charged again. He leapt at the demon's leg, latching the knife into his knee with a direct hit. If this didn't drag Gecko back to his first form, nothing would. He forced the entire weapon into him, abandoning it and sprinting away before his move could be countered.

03/02/2005 6:09 PM

Gecko shrieked in rage, melting the knife with a small ball of fire. He turned to Pillage, who seemed to hope this would change him back.

"Sorry pal, It's till your dead or some one calms me down."

He had drained enough energy to kill the mage and he would happily do so. With a slight hiss he appeared behind Pillage, Kicking out at him with his bad leg and attempting to knock his leg out. The force would surely shatter a bone on impact but the pain would surely render his leg useless for a while. He drew all the magical energy into his hand and prepared to grab the mage's head.

03/03/2005 4:42 PM

Once again, things weren't looking great. Pillage drew the powerless knife, relaxed to give his reflexes the best chance of pulling off his next move. He leapt into a backflip, evading the sweep and twisting himself midair. He slashed at Gecko's exposed leg tendons. The Mage timed his landing to coincide with his enemy's hand, rolling and letting the now exposed weak spot touch the ground. He delivered a wild slash to Gecko's other pulse.
(OOC: First aid lesson: When a weak spot in the body is cut open, such as leg tendons or pulse, the victim 'bleeds out' until the blood loss incapacitates them. Remember this, kiddies, for when you're facing an angry demon.)
If nothing else, this had to slow him down. Pillage flicked the blood from his knife and observed his attack's effect.

03/04/2005 9:43 PM

Gecko growled , rushing forwards and turning on his heels. As he span, blood sprayed from his knee. He would have to fix that eventually, but his mass did have an advantage.

"It seems we have a standoff here."

Gecko turned and ripped a small tree out of the ground. It was large enough to pose a threat to the mage. He suddenly rushed at Pillage, swinging the tree in an arc. His knee, hidden by the branches, followed closely.

03/05/2005 6:39 PM

Blood caked the ground. Pillage's tactic seemed to be a success. He stood his ground, watching Gecko approach. The makeshift club swept at lightning speed. He gave himself a sprinting momentum and leapt over it, twisting into a flipfall. Then he writhed in the air. A crunching muffled below him. He shuddered against the full-force knee hollowed into his ribs. The Mage dropped lifelessly, awkwardly thudding on the bare ground. He weakly threw his senses back into their previous, healthy perception. Though moving would probably kill him. He slowly, calmly searched the air for the tree's fading signs of life. Pillage took hold of its energy, assuming it wouldn't need it anymore. The life force rapidly drained from its browned figure, hitting home on the gaping wound. The injury subsided with a gradual pang of relief. A blunt pain still marked his torso; small enough to ignore. He stood, gratefully acknowledging the welcome sensation of a revived bone structure. Silently, he switched tactics and drew his knife, assuming a defensive stance.

03/06/2005 9:07 PM

While Pillage sucked on the tree, Gecko did something of his own. A small ball of fire grew on his claw. He shoved this into his wound, melting the veins closed. He would find a cleric to fix that later, but he wouldnt bleed as much. A light seepage of black goo still trickled from the wound. Gecko smiled suddenly.

"My little elven friend, you made a mistake."

Gecko suddenly incinerated the tree, it's energy was effected too, as the fire was magic and hell born. The enrgy coursing through Pillage suddenly grew white hot, and began to spike. Gecko snarled as he advanced on Pillage.

"Your blood will wash my mouth of your foul taste..... Shutup"

03/06/2005 11:05 PM

Perfect. The Mage easily threw his corrupted energy into the 'pains that can be ignored' list, ailments now numbened in a near-berserk state of rejuvination. He slid under the lumbering legs in question, standing with a graceful flip. He continued on his momentum, air behind him rippling. Pillage turned and delivered a deep slash to his enemy's spine. A fine crack accompanied the blade easily slicing through the access to Gecko's legs. He treaded lightly along the demon's back, piercing a clavicle and hoisting himself up on the embedded knife.
"I may move like an Elf," he spoke with his new vigour, "but I still hold the will of a man." He tore his knife out via the blunt side, giving himself enough time to leap from the scathed collarbone and watch Gecko's next move.

03/07/2005 4:53 PM

While the two had been fighting, Zarak the Goblin Shaman had been watching, he took out his Staff of Torture and headed into the ring. He cried out ''incinerate!'' and a ball of fire and molten lava came out of his staff and shot at Pillage.

03/09/2005 10:18 PM

(OOC: The excitement just never ends, huh? :D)

A new development. It seemed there wouldn't be time to give Gecko a second counter. Pillage, feeling this hostile new force making its inevitable move, stretched his palms and gathered his refreshed energy supply. The ball began faltering as it neared.
Sorry about breaking my promise on the dark arts, he conveyed to the wounded Demon's thoughts. Pillage grasped the ball with his surrounding energy and diverted its path toward Gecko.
"If you want to call it a draw," he mentioned, "you can leave now. But I suggest you don't move against that attack with your injuries." With that taken care of, The Mage charged at Zarak. He slashed at his staff in the same blur. A tiny surge of white magic rushed at him simultaneously, tinging this Goblin Shaman's aura.

03/10/2005 9:19 PM

(OOC: Good roleplaying mate, your charachters too small for mine to beat.)

Gecko realized he had lost. For the first time a mere human had bested him. He didnt move against the ball, but simply angled his body to deflect it. With the glancing blow initiated, he rose to his feet. He had begun to shrink, his armor reknitiing around him and his wounds beginning to close. His mask reappeared on his face and his eyes returned to their yellowish tinge.

[This is not finished. one day I will kill you human.]

He turned and bounded into a tree. Fighting his exhaustion he moved slowly into the forest until he was only a half mile away. He would let his injuries heal completely and began feeding off the moon's rays.

03/11/2005 11:01 PM

The incredulous Mage watched on, relieved but slightly disappointed. Gecko had instantly fled, denying Pillage an opportunity to shake the hand of such a worthy opponenet. He silently thanked the demon, turning to face his next partner. Though not given enough time to speak with Zarak, having just attacked him, this'd be an interesting match.
Pillage let his energy recuperate in the redeemed atmosphere. A feeling he'd missed.

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