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02/12/2005 11:06 PM

" I hate this place..." said Janet.

"I know, it makes my skin crawl, but my reports state that this is the best place to find the persons we may be looking for, the ones with... talents" replied Garet.

"Look at some of these freaks though. We could find as much talent out front of the local 7-11" Janet retorted.

"You hold the fort, I gotta piss" chuckled Garet. He rose from his table in the back and cut his way through throngs of dancing teenagers and adults. A goth couple caught his eye as they grinded on the dancefloor until he realized they were both women. Embarassed he was staring, he turned his head and made a beeline towards the bathroom.
Janet sat alone at the table, grouchy as usual. "I hate these damned fool stake outs" she grumbled softly. A man cried out in pain as a dancer stabbed a stiletto heel into a hand that wandered too close. In the heart of downtown Seattle, Sex Club 7 had become the local hotspot for all the "different" people. It disgusted her. "Hurry up and get back, quit playing with yourself..." she muttered.

02/18/2005 4:34 AM

Aeryck Marco Hadjai eyed the two people sitting at the table, watching as one got up and headed in the general direction of the bathroom. The other remained behind, looking extremely agitated and anxious for the other man to return.

He meandered closer to the table, hoping to eavesdrop on their conversation. But the music and the chattering voices were too loud: he couldn't hear a thing.

"Hmm..." he muttered, surveying the scene more closely for optimal hearing and camoflage. Aeryck himself didn't fit in so well... dressed in a bright green shirt and yellow pants. Hey, it was laundry day.

He finally decided on just striking up a conversation with the woman, hoping maybe to see exactly how far they had come on their quest.

Aeryck chuckled to himself. Quest. It made his life seem so... medieval. It wasn't his fault he was born with a natural knack for unusual things. It wasn't as if he acually LIKED them - not with people so prejudiced as they were.

He spotted a point to slip through a dancing couple and tapped the woman on the shoulder, followed by an instant choice word floating through his mind. He hadn't thought of anything to say. So, he said somthing completely random:

"That's a nice shirt you have on, mind if I take a look on the other side?"

02/19/2005 9:36 PM

"That's a nice shirt you have on, mind if I take a look on the other side?"

Only if you mean, "Can I kiss your ass?" she smirked. "I'm kind of a little too busy to flirt. We're waiting for... looking for... a couple people that can help us on a job. You know anybody around here looking to make a little extra cash?" she said above the music.

02/22/2005 4:26 AM

"A lttle extra cash, huh? Lemme think about that a moment..."

Aeryck sat down and purposely touched his knee to hers. "Hmm... extra cash... who couldn't use a little?"

Aeryck blinked rapidly at her. "I suppose a suitable person would be myself. What exactly does the job entail? Murder? Thievery? I could make someone..." Aeryck paused and made pointed eye-contact. "...disappear."

02/23/2005 11:44 AM

Janet withdrew her knee from contact with Aeryck's. "The job entails retreiving an artifact lost in the wilderness. We need somebody that can handle a little hiking and the outdoors. We beleive that there are others looking for the same thing, though we don't know who, or what..."
"We're looking for a couple people who... have a better...understanding of the... paranormal..." she said; pausing to think of how she wanted to word her explanation.

Meanwhile in the background the music shifted down from a trancing techno. As the music grew quieter the dj came onto the microphone. "It's Midnight! Does anybody know what that means?!" he crowed.

"Gimme some fuckin' metal!" someone shouted from the floor.

A stinging guitar solo drifted out of the speakers as he cranked the music back up.

"Welcome to the Jungle... we got fun and games..."

02/24/2005 4:55 AM

Aeryck chuckled in a dark manner. "The paranormal? Hmm... I wonder who could know more about the paranormal than myself. You see... I happen to know first-hand the effects of such a thing. Before I offer my services completely, tell me more about the job decription. And of course, I won't do anything for free."

Aeryck smiled a moment longer and ignored the man who was babbling about midnight. Being a regular to this club, Aeryck knew that this woman was in for quite a suprise. Indeed, just by the way she tried to dress you could tell that she didn't belong in a place like this.

"I would... ahem... stick by me if I were you," Aeryck said quietly, staring at the ceiling, "But I advise you to go and find your partner. Quick. You may regret it if you don't."

Aeryck stood up and pulled the woman with him, indicating the direction in which her partner had gone. "After you."

02/24/2005 11:36 AM

"I've killed far more dangerous men than you for doing far less to me then touching." she hissed, pulling her arm from the man's grasp. "Unhand me, damn it; I don't have to deal with anybody that I don't trust." she turned to face him. "Who do you think you are?! You don't tell me what to do. Ever." her voice trailed in and out from the music in the background.

*"...We are the people that can find whatever you may need..."*

Garet exited the bathrrom feeling releived, at least as releived as he could be after slipping in someone else's vomit. Twice. The moment he looked up his eyes caught Janet and Aeryck.

"Do we have a problem?" he asked, eyes drifting from Janet to Aeryck and back again.

"No. At least I assume not." Janet said, eyeing Aeryck angrily.

*"...You learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play..."*

02/25/2005 4:45 AM

Aeryck was slightly taken aback by the woman's sudden harshness. Aw. And all he had been trying to do was make sure that she was alright...

"Killed, huh? So... I take it you're a dangerous woman. You might punish me if I've been a bad boy?" Aeryck circled around, dragging a finger lightly across her shoulders as he went. He could tell that she was obviously holding back the strong urge to -ahem- kill him.

"And you. What's your name?" Aeryck had turned to face Garet now, cocking his head to one side and staring him down. "Actually... nevermind. You pose no threat to me. And not I to you, I'll have it be known. I want to help. I may seem like a bad guy, but I'm not. You asked for help, I've offered, and now I wait for your response." He was talking more to Janet now than Garet.

"Are you uncomfortable working with people you don't know, perhaps? Alright - quick introduction of me, by me: My name is Gwydion Stave, I'm seventeen, I'm an orphan - only child, and I know that I have the potential to carry out the task you require of me. Now, if you'll please hurry, and MOVE! You're running out of time. Dillydallying like this won't be handled too well. Listen closely to the lyrics of this next song, and see..."

Aeryck faced Garet. "You're quite lucky to have a woman like this to protect you. Otherwise, I'm sure you would have met your end a while ago."

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02/28/2005 6:39 AM

It was friday night again, and that meant race night, and Herman Osmond, a.k.a. the Sherminator was making his apearance at the scene, riding his custom Kombat(OOC think hummer only bigger; http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/244169 goes 180 kmh as stock model), and when he came there the races started people havingbeen waiting form him. His gold and black Kombat stealing the show as usual. The japanese looks of Heman were a sharp contrast with the mostly african american croud. They drove in collone to the scene of the showdown an abandoned industrial area where they had been racing for months now, the cops hadnt once showed up, they thought they had given up trying to cathup with them... After all they were faster... The evening he spend racing and earning some nice cash. He got a couple of new design orders, which he would work out during the week. They had delivered the cars to the garage earlier that day and now he was finetuning their demands with the people who would be driving them.

And so the evening passed quite lucerative untill close to 0100 the cops drove in in force. They bashed up some of the people on the outside... but they didnt matter anyway the hard core was racing, but Herman was quite close to his car and jumped in and drove off, racing exhausts flaring of towards the center of town to his shop. they couldnt follow him there and he had a pretty safe place to hide his car... So he his the Noz and Raced of the revs very close to the red zone and the digital mile gage in the 150's. Makign his way past the police perimiter,(by driving streigth through it) he counted himself lucky he had managed to avoid the spike strips... And so he arived at his shop stashing his car on *insert name for the stuff mechanics use when they want to check out the bottom of the car* and ripped out the power manager, and tossed that in the attic, even when they came to his shop he could claim his car wasnt in any shape to ride. and then he changed his clothing and walked out into the street and into a local bar so he coul dattempt to establish an aliby...

He had to make sure he was seen and the best way he knew how was to get turned down by a woman that usually attracked attention. He saw a good subject that was currantly in converstion with someone else and buying 2 drinks he walked up to the quite good lookign woman, and gave her a drink and used the "did it hurt" line...

OOC sorry it took me this long to post but i've been busy... i'll try and get a sheet up sometime soon...

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03/01/2005 4:36 AM

Aeryck saw the new person come in, realizing that they couldn't have picked any worse a time. Why was everyone around so oblivious to the clearly obvious events surrounding them? Aeryck knew that humankind, while believing they were omnipotent, were actually just cockroaches in a much larger world. He had made up his mind at a young age to protect the race. Even though he wasn't too fond of them.

He yanked Janet with him, much against her will, and tapped the newcomer on the shoulder. He saw the woman with whom he was talking turn and stare at him. Oh, great. This man was already a target.

"Please. Leave. Um... this place is being shut down in about two minutes and everyone else will be gone soon. It's in your best wishes to leave here, now, and never come back. Because... um... oh, what the hell - just LEAVE!"

Aeryck was getting a tad worried. He couldn't safely save them unless he told them what was happening. And to expose sheltered humans was to commit a mass act of chaos. He'd done it once before, and nearly lost his life - saving only one other who later drowned herself. He vowed never to make the same mistake again.

"Please. Leave."

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