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02/12/2005 4:39 PM

Lascat a now rare and dangerous dragon of the elder world of yesteryear was barsking under the warmth of the sun in the morning light his wings outstretched to gather all the heat that is possible he was lying just on the out skirts of his now dark and myterious forest that he now calls home after being driven from his birth land Lascat had to find new residencey .. his mother was a great and glorious Dragon she was killed by Men of which they called they selves now Dragon Slayers,

Lascat now (obviously) has a grudge and wants revenge for what they had done to his mother, when his mother was killed he was all but a hatchling only 6 weeks old his mother had only started to teach him to hunt for food and scavange if he had to, she had also taught him what to take, and what not to take, but now he would take the live stock of men although his mother told him it was forbidden .. he hated the slayers for what they did ....

He grew up by himself after his mother died not knowing how to interact with other dragons or human ... he thought that now he was the only dragon alive in these parts as Man would be on the hunt he always rested with one eye on the look out and fled from any aproaching danger ... he lay on the skirts of the trees and before him was a wide great open plain ..

Lascat was now fully grown and big enough to take out at least 10 men is one swipe of his Massive claws ... his tail gracious and long .. his wings great and wide, his colour how ever was detailed it was rare also .. from purple to grey his scales shone in the light .. his great head stretched as the length of his neck out toward the plain .. his red glowing eye it the grass near as dancing fire upon the plain, Lascat enjoyed the peace and lapped up the remaining sun, as the sun was now nearing the horizon,

As rare as it was in the day of the Dragon, for one to live in such close quarters of man, Especially one whom hated them so, he took dwelling in the forest as his wings weren't developed when he fled his home and was not able to get to a high ledge of any mountain .. But Lascat never minded as such he was now closer to his prey and nearer to abundant food supply of the man ..

The sun now starting to disapear beneath the shadow of the mountains Lascat moved to seek shelter in his old forest Lascat now at the Age of 200 was still young for a dragon that is .. was wise, wiser than any that young .. he moved through the trees until he had completely disapeared in the darkness of the trees .. Not to know that being so huge that you would surely leave footprints behind you ........

02/12/2005 6:34 PM

A massive black dragon flapped over the small town of the humans, his red eyes narrowing. The men would surely point and yell but he didnt care about being sighted. He smelled his kind. He descended on the forest and smashed a clearing in its centre. The 600 year old raised his head and snorted a jet of smoke. Why would a dragon live down here. With a crocodile like grunt, really loud crocodile grunt, he anounced his prescence. His wings flapped, shaking leaves out of the trees. He rose on his rear legs and scratched a furrow in the ground with his front legs. His eyes adjusted quickly to the changing light registered the trees in a strange luminescance. He snorted again, this time a jet of burning napalm, and began moving towards the dragon he smelled. His snake like movement resulted in crushed trees and deep footprints. His large teeth glinted in the last sunlight and snapped at the air

02/12/2005 6:58 PM

Lascat now deep with in the forest ... stoped and turned almost in an instant .. the grunt he had heard he knew that it was not far form where he stood, Lascat not sure whether to be scared or excited dicided to let the dragon know that he was here ... Lascat couldn't smell his scent as the breeze in the forest was heading the opposite way ... Lascat scaned the forest not seeing anything ... opened his great mouth and let out a deafening Roar ... branches from all around shook lose and fell to their death on the forest floor...

still Lascat was unsure of whether he was scared or excited for Lascat has not seen another dragon for around 200 yrs since his mother had been killed by the slayers ... Lascat stood in wait for the Dragon to approach ....

02/12/2005 9:42 PM

There was an extremely loud lizardlike shriek from slightly off of Lascat's right. A massive horned head rose from the trees as the ancient dragon rose fully to its standing hieght. Its eyes flashed red in the gloom. He belted another lizardlike shriek at the young dragon. He took in a great deep breath....... and let it out in a smokey sigh

"So I'm not the last survivor."

He jumped out of the trees, flapping once and crashing to the ground infront of Lascat with another of those powerful grunts that rivaled the sound of an angry thunderstorm. He advanced on the smaller lizard.

"I thought I was. Why do you live down here?"

He snapped his teeth at a bird that flew too close to his face. The bird ended up short a tail feather as Grieger was to slow to catch it.

02/13/2005 1:59 AM

Lascat Suprised to see the dragon not much bigger than he .. in response to him Lascat growled and told him of the way he was forced out of his home lands By men and the way that they carelessly slaugtered his mother .. Now to reside here near man was best because their livestock was easy chase and that men here feared him, also this was the last place that the would ever search in seek of a dragon ...

Lascat confused also as to why he has come from so far to travel out of his lands .. was man Reaking havoc upon dragons again ... chasing mythical stories that they guarded great treasures in deep chasm's of the mountains .. was man coming here to find them ? What if they had seen him come .. he will give us away surely ..Lascat looked at him "COME" then Lascat turned knocking down trees and branches as he went, he headed out of the trees into the Plains toward the Village Growling as he went ... he stetched his neck out and again breathed deep and let out an almighty ROAR ! almost shacking the ground as he went .. Most people in the village scattered, some indoors others stood motionless in terror of what would become of them, some sat and prayed some held out their swords Others what ever they had on hand

It was time to take the village Lascat thought he has sat in wait to Long .. Will man fight Or will man tremble under the might of the dragons ..

02/13/2005 10:10 AM

Grieger landed infront of Lascat and hissed.

"I wouldnt do that."

The men were regarding him fearfully.

"They havent done anything, leave them be. I'm just flying around amlessly."

He blew a smoke ring at the village then began walking towards the forest the younger dragon had vacated.

02/13/2005 4:05 PM

Lascat stopped the elder dragons words went through him he wondered he turned to the village and growled the ground beneath them trembled again he turned toward the forest and headed off behind Grieger his wings tucked behind him ... "why have you left your lands " Lascat asked again ...

02/13/2005 4:23 PM

Grieger rubbed against a tree, clearing the bark right off them.

"My lands are being decimated by a larger threat then man. Yet smaller. A plague of significant Might is killing everyone of our kind it touches. I left before It got to me. I'm positive im the last one beside you."

He rose, his neck stretching to an impossible length and poking above the trees. Grieger was larger then he looked. He returned his head to the forest and snorted a jet of napalm into empty air.

"I'm looking for others of my kind, to reclaim the land from the plague once its evaporated. I'll stay here tonight if thats alright, then I'm going to keep going. You can come if you want."

Grieger flattened a large patch of trees and curled up. His head dissapeared beneath his wing, which glowed briefly as he snored sparks.

02/13/2005 4:41 PM

Lascat layed not far from Grieger his eyes closing as wieryness swept over him finally asleep all was peaceful of night apart fron the occasional branch falling the the leaf littered forest floor, Lascat awoke the next morning to the sound man approaching from the south he stood and nudged Grieger with his great armoured head "we must go, now, Man is approaching us .. "

02/13/2005 7:12 PM

Grieger rose, sretching all his limbs to their full length. He was much larger then Lasct now, his neck was about as long as lascat's neck and half his tail. His own tail was long enough to encircle his body almost twice. His wings flared.

"Man. I told you you didnt want to do that."

He scented the air and sighed.

"I must feed, it has been a month. The humans are the only game in the forest. They will have to do."

Grieger propelled himself into the air, his multiply jointed limbs shrinking to make him look smaller. His wings were the only things that remained the same. He circled twice before plummeting towards the small band of humans. He opened his mouth and sprayed pure burning napalm into the midst of the group. He landed and waited for them to burn. After they were ash, he scooped their dusty remains up and swallowed them. As an ancient dragon he fed on ash. Raw meat held no sustainance for him. He shook himself clear of the dew that had formed and shot airborne again.

"More will come, you can either come with me, or stay and fight them."

He circled twice before dipping then flapping along the canopy of the trees slowly.

02/14/2005 9:56 PM

Lascat decided to follow Grieger he lept up above the trees and spread his wings the leaves beneath him bowed as the air under his wings rushed toward the ground .. soaring behing Grieger just above the trees Taking in one last look at his long lived home that he will never see again ... " where are you headed ? " he looked a grieger ....

02/14/2005 10:17 PM

Reebel perched on a great ledge over looking a wide plain to the left was a great forest, then she saw them 2 dragons skimming over the tops of the trees they were even heading her way, she stood and peered over the ledge, she called to them like with a coughing like roar she was talking to them, again with three cough like calls which echoed out over the plains, she tucked up her wings and shot straight at the ground, nearly there she stretched them wide and took off toward them soaring fast across the plains, she was small but then most female dragons are small, she adjusted her wings and went to the height of the trees and she put her four legs forward and grabbed the biggest dragon, if they were going to hurt her she was best to of attacked him first she and the other dragon crashed into the trees wiping out a large clearing there she stood infront of him hissing with her tail infront of her shaking as to imtimidate him.

02/15/2005 6:35 PM

Grieger rose, stretching to his full size and ejectic a roar that didnt reflect his earlier shrieks. The sound echosed off the trees in the clearing. His tail lashed around, stripping the bark off a tree as it came up to his shoulder. The barb on it glistened threateningly.

"Whats your problem little one?"

Liquid napalm dribbled from Grieger's mouth as he spoke. He had began secreting the chemicals the second the smaller dragon had crashed him.

"We are the last of a grand race and the only way you can express yourself is to destroy one of your kin?"

Grieger, flared his wings in the shattered ring of trees. He wouldnt attack unless forced.

02/15/2005 9:06 PM

Reebs sat and listened and froze for a moment before she could reply, "You are two male dragonsss and you tell me that you will not hurt me... HA," she scolded " all malesss attack any female dragon they sssssee what has changed ? we are alwayss confined to ssmall hollowss in the ssides of mountainsss .." she looked at him with hate in her eyes," well exssplain yoursself, why are you in My landsssss," she might of been small but her heart was large she loved all although she rarely showed it, her tail still in front of her stopped shaking meaning that calmness was starting to come over her and that she has realised that he was not going to harm her Reebs was quite surprised, she was also pure black with an armoured body and head, Reebs was young she was only 100 yrs old spose you caould say that she was still a baby in a dragon way,

02/15/2005 9:26 PM

Greiger acordianed his limbs in as far as he usually did, becoming slightly larger then lascat. His tail whipped behind him again, removing a half a tree closer at hand.

"My lands are different from yours. I'm looking for others of my kind, which I have found. The grey dragon descending on the clearing seems to hold a massive grudge towards man, and since I believed him and me to be the last of our kind, we were going to go look for more of us, then return to the nation of fire."

Grieger turned and puffed a small, weak flame onto his wounds, cauterizing them.

"Well, I havent had a good sleep since about a week ago and I need to take one. You two can either go on, or do the same. Eitherway I can catch up.

Grieger was exausted. He had traveled hard to escape the plague and his very soul was on the verge of passing into insanity. He had only sleapt yesterday and not near long enough. His stomach was rumbling, even though he could go another two days easily. He knocked a couple of already wrecked trees all the way over before curling into a ball and shoving his head under his wing. The sound of his soft (comparatively) snoring cut off any conversation with himself.

02/16/2005 7:53 PM

Reebs liked her new found friends, she knew that she should stay with them, so watching greiger curl up, she thought that she should do the same, she edged closer to him curled up beside him, and drifted off to sleep, to await the coming day .

02/16/2005 8:12 PM

Grieger's dreams were haunted by shrieks of rage and fury. Jets of fire roasted his spouse over and over again. Madness overtook his hatchlings who turned on each other. The disease marked its prey with a glistening of silver in the eys of its victims. Fire bloomed towards Griegrer. He snapped awake, unfurling his wings slightly. His keen eyes spotted a startled eer which immediately sprang off. He sighed smoke and stretched his head out on the ground. Sleep caught him again, as did his nightmare. He shifted slightly and grunted in his slumber.

02/16/2005 8:17 PM

Lascat watched the two dragons as they at first seemed uneasy .. as they calmed down Lascat landed near them and also he rested his head in the warmth of the sun .. he spread out his wings and soaked up the remaining rays beaming throu the trees .. and fell into a deep sleep feeling now safer then he ever had before now having two more like him that would protect him if need be ..

02/16/2005 9:20 PM

Grieger woke, and very quickly. His eyes were already picking up the smallest detail of the day and the first they did was the other two dragons in the clearing. It reminded him of his hatchlings. He rose, stretching up and looking around. What looked like two small birds were flying towards him. He snorted then leapt into the air. Flying would wake him up. Grieger spiraled around the clearing a couple times then crashed back to the ground with a short grunt. He shook off the dew that formed on his scales while he was in the air. Grieger sniffed the air, searching for prey.

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