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02/10/2005 5:09 PM

Randall made his way down the dirt road leading away from Luskan, he had been wondering Faerun since he chose to leave the order. The sun hung high in the sky as a slight breeze blew past, sending Randall's black cloak fluttering in the wind, displaying his resplendent silver armor. Randall quickly pulled his black cloak over the exposed armor, knowing that it would draw more attention than he wanted.

The slight breeze played with his long, black hair, sending it flying into his eyes. His gauntleted had slowly reached up, brushing it back behind his ears. Up ahead, he spotted a small caravan, and decided he could be of some use, not to mention traveling alone would leave him suspectable to attack.

He arrived at the caravan as the sun hung low on the horizon, casting long shadows over the road. Randall called out to the men as he neared the traveling company.

"Hail, perhaps you could use another guard?" He said, noticing an ornately dressed man standing in the head wagon. The man regarded him a bit skeptically, searching Randall with a wary eye.

"We do not have any money, please leave," he replied to the lone traveler, turning back to the horses and whipping them into action.

"I require no money, only food and company," he said as he ran after the wagon, waving his hands frantically. The man stopped the wagons, then turned to regard Randall once again. For the first time, Randall noticed the man wore a fine leather cuirass and a dwarven hand axe on his belt.

"Fine, though do not expect warm company," the merchant replied, his deep voice resounding throughout the caravan. Randall made his way to the last wagon and hopped on, noting the setting sun. He casually leaned back against the wagon's side, it seemed that the merchant's last statement was more of a warning to his caravan than an acceptance of Randall. It mattered not which it was he finally decided, closing his eyes and resting his head in his arms.

02/10/2005 8:19 PM

From her vantage point behind the trees, Kylar watched the young knight as he made his way to the head of the caravan and spoke with the merchant. She was not surprised that the merchant dismissed the knight - though what she did not expect was to see the knight running after the wagon in such an undignified manner. She wondered what would make him behave in such a way, but then reminded herself these were strange times. Arching an eyebrow in interest, she watched as the knight spoke to the merchant again, and then made his way to the last wagon. She heard the merchant's rumble of warning, and knew that everyone in the caravan was on edge. Continuing to track the merchant and their newest addition, Kylar remained out of sight as she paced them during their journey.

Strange times, indeed she thought to herself. What would they say back home if they knew this was my assigned task to carry out? Unconsciously rubbing the crescent moon - which hung around her neck - between her thumb and forefinger, Kylar sighed deeply.

02/10/2005 8:34 PM

The caravan stopped a short while later, setting up camp in a small clearing. Randall had caught a bit of sleep on the ride, so as the first watch was called, he readily volunteered.

The moon was almost full, only needing a few more nights to be completely illuminated. Randall loved the moon, it had always welcomed him and he had always felt safe under its vigilant watch of the night. Now he found himself in the company of strangers, unsure of what direction his life was heading. He stared at the burning embers of the fire as the moon continued to rise. His last few years had been spent alone, wondering Faerun in an endless search to find himself, a search that still continued. As the fire seemed about to burn out, its embers glow diminishing, Randall walked over to the small wood pile and casually tossed one on the fire, sending ash and embers flying into the air.

As the embers continued to rise into the air, the wind caught it and sent it to the edge of the clearing, outlining a humanoid form as it touched down and sparked a small fire. Randall quickly followed after the stray ember, putting it out with his foot, then returned back to the fire to keep his watch.

02/10/2005 9:07 PM

Kylar intentionally stayed at the edge of the clearing, knowing that her form would be visible to the knight if the fire caught her at just the right angle. As she watched him stomp out the stray embers, she wondered if he'd seen her and was choosing to ignore her, or if he'd really missed seeing her completely. If the former, she'd wait for him to make the first move. If the latter, well, she might just have a little fun with a knight who seemed to be a bit rusty in his skills of observation. Pulling out some of her rations, Kylar backed deftly into the darkness and sat on the ground to watch what the young knight would do next.

02/11/2005 1:41 PM

Randall had been on watch the past few hours, staring into the warm fire and not really scanning the horizon as he should have been. The knight rose to his feet, stretching out his limbs, as the fire crackled, a piece of wood rolling away from the pile. Randall drowsily walked towards the stray log and kicked it back onto the fire, sending the flames higher as the rush of air hit the blaze.

He made his way over to the nearest man, rousing him form his sleep and notifying him that it was his turn the watch. At first, the man complained, turning over onto his side and away from Randall. The knight was a bit perturbed at the man's lack of discipline and nudged him again, though this time the man got up, a bit angry but otherwise fine.

The knight walked over to the cook fire, grabbing the a bowl from the ground and a bit of soup from the cook pot. It was venison, a bit salty for the knights taste but he couldn't complain, it was free. After eating his fill he decided it would be a good time to rest, already the moon was beginning to dip into the western sky. Randall made his way into the woods before bedding for the night, he needed to relieve himself.

02/11/2005 7:40 PM

As Kylar nibbled on one of her rations, a large cloud passed in front of the moon, momentarily blocking its illumination of the night. She felt herself shiver as the darkness enveloped her, and hoped the winds would move the cloud along quickly. Don't hide yourself from me now, Corellon Larethian she murmured to the sky, I need your strength to endure the strangeness and perils of this land. While it was part of her calling to nurture the relationship between elves and other humanoid races, Kylar still felt a restlessness in her spirit when she was away from her people and her homeland. Feeling separated from her god only served to intensify her sense of isolation and loneliness.

Kylar's attention was fully focused back upon the knight when he stood up and followed the path of the log which had strayed from the fire. Either he was a very skilled watchman (for he seemed unconcerned with his surroundings) or he truly was a knight with a mind and heart that was elsewhere. She watched him rouse the next watch and then eat from the cook pot. As he turned to walk toward the woods, Kylar saw that he was headed straight for her. Gathering her few belongings silently, she slid herself behind the large trunk of the tree next to her, and awaited his eventual approach.

02/11/2005 8:54 PM

Randall entered the woods, his senses a bit dulled from drowsiness. He slowly made his way in a bit further as it seemed the wind was blowing towards the camp, he did not want any unsavory odors drifting back while he tried to sleep.

The moon was still shining down on the young man, outlining parts of his face as it drifted through the swaying branches. Randall stopped a moment, gazing upwards into the sky and the beautiful light the moon and stars cast this night. There was a chill westerly breeze coming from the Sea of Swords, Randall absently dreamed of the adventures he could have on the open sea, then dismissed the thoughts as soon as they had appeared, he was no sailor.

As he resumed his walk back to camp, he caught a glimpse of a lock of hair, floating from behind a nearby tree as the wind played teasingly with it, sending it wavering up and down. Randall immediately stopped, drawing his long sword from its sheath and holding it firmly in front of him.

"Who's there," he called out loudly, keeping his distance as he maneuvered around the tree. If he walked straight up to the tree and around, it would leave him open for a quick attack, one he was not ready for at this hour.

02/11/2005 9:51 PM

Hearing a slight tone of surprise in the young knight's voice, Kylar realized he had indeed been completely unaware of her presence. The thought crossed her mind to use her Ghost Sound spell to answer his question, but she discarded the idea as the moonlight shone directly upon her - as if Corellon Larethian was reminding her of the task at hand. It would have been a little funny she thought to her god as a half-smile crept onto her face.

Stepping slowly around the tree trunk with her hands fully in view, Kylar spoke in a gentle voice, "Tis I, young knight. You may set aside your sword, as I am no threat to you or your traveling companions." A beam of moonlight seemed to shine directly upon her as she stepped out of the shadows and into the full view of the knight. A gust of wind caused her traveling cloak to flutter open, revealing her silver crescent moon necklace, which caught the glow of the moonlight and shone brightly with a light of its own.

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02/11/2005 10:42 PM

The woman stepped from behind the tree, revealing herself to the knight, and not to mention her profession. She seemed to wear the necklace like a badge of honor, openly displaying it for the world to see. Randall also noticed the woman’s ears as the breeze continued to toss her hair about, revealing the pointed tips of elven ears. Randall sheathed his long sword, casting a sidelong glance towards the elf, then walked towards her. The two stared at each other a few moments, Randall could make out her fair elven features: a pair of almond eyes; long, pointed ears; tall, slender body; fair complexion, and detailed features as the moonlight seemed to shine directly onto her.

"What are you doing following these men?" He asked bluntly, brushing his long black hair away from his eyes, and locking gazes with the woman.

02/12/2005 6:37 PM

Although Kylar allowed no emotion to show on her face, she wore an amused smile inwardly. Your eagerness will probably ensure you have an untimely and early death she thought to him secretly, which, I suppose, is why I've been sent here. Still unsure as to what her long-term task would be with this knight, she knew her fate was tied to his for now, so she stepped forward in response to his question and smiled gently.

"I wasn't following these men," Kylar stated smoothly. "In actuality, I was following you." She paused for a moment, staring into the depths of his eyes, and saw the lostness that dwelled there. Allowing the features on her face to soften, she spoke in a warm tone, "I am Kylar, servant of Corellon Larethian. May I ask your name, good knight?"

02/12/2005 7:08 PM

Randall almost laughed aloud at the elf's explanation, allowing a subtle smile to cross his features, though it left as quickly as it had came. The knight slowly reached downward, absently fiddling with the pommel of his sword as he regarded the elf before him.

"I have no name," he replied a bit harshly, his features taking on an angered look. "As for you, lady elf," he added sarcastically, "why are you following me?" The knight regarded the fair follower of Corellon Larethian, a bit of regret tainting his young features, perhaps this elf was undeserving of his anger.

02/12/2005 7:32 PM

Although Kylar maintained eye contact, she was aware of his hand movement toward his sword. She had no fear of his weapon, as she had many protection spells at her disposal, but she hoped their first meeting wouldn't require the use of any of them.

As his anger flared in response to her question, Kylar remained still while studying him. "Tis true," she responded in a tone resounding with wisdom, insight, and a touch of sympathy, "you have no name to call your own, for you do not yet know who you truly are. But take heart, young Knight, your search for yourself will not continue to be in vain." Absently fingering the crescent moon at her neck, Kylar asked him, "do you plan to stay with these merchants? Or does your heart call you elsewhere?"

02/12/2005 7:50 PM

Randall looked at the elf, a questioning look coming across his face. The knight took his hand from his sword, instead bringing to his chin and pulling the short hairs. The elf spoke truthfully, he did not intend to stay with these men, in fact it seemed mutual. His eyes stared at the elf, though in truth his mind was else where, searching through the puzzle that had become his life.

"No," he said solemnly, his voice sorrowful. "My heart," he paused, coming out of his trance and looking directly at the elf, "is hard to read as of late. I long for something that I am unable to find. It is like," he paused again, searching for the words. "It is like I have lost part of myself, unable to find it but knowing that it is there. It is as though a part of me has died," he explained to the elf, his voice full of anguish and regret.

Randall tore his gaze from the elf, turning it upward towards the moon. A mixture of emotions tore at him as he stared at the celestial body, remembering so much. He searched through those memories, trying to find a meaning to his existence. As he came back to the present, he realized that he had just confided in this woman. He was unsure of why he had even spoken his heart to her, perhaps it was because she had something he did not, a god.

02/12/2005 8:30 PM

As Kylar watched the knight's reaction to her words, she was pleased to see that he was aware of his longing - of the void that was crying out from within him. In truth, part of her had wondered if she had misunderstood the direction she received from Corellon to link her fate with the fate of this knight. But as he spoke of his void - the part he was searching for but unable to find, Kylar knew she had indeed found the human who was to be her next task.

As the emotional civil war played out on the knight's features, Kylar suggested, "perhaps the longing you feel is not from the death of some part of you, but rather the life that awaits your discovery. But to discover the life that is not yet yours, you must first allow the death of the life you live - which also is not truly yours."

As she spoke, it seemed as though the essence of the moonlight surrounded them both. Extending her arm out to her side, Kylar made a soft shrilling whistle between her lips. Descending from the tree above them to land upon her extended arm was a large white owl, whose feathers seemed to glow in the light of the moon. Smiling at the creature perched gently on her arm, Kylar looked to the knight and said, "This is Khalil, my companion, protector, and friend. He stands watch through the night while I sleep, and I have not yet rested this night. You are weary as well, good knight. If you wish, gather your things from the merchant's camp, and come rest in the forest just beyond here. Khalil will ensure our safety, and perhaps in the morning, we could begin our search for that which calls each of us...together."

02/12/2005 9:45 PM

Randall turned his gaze to regard the elf, there was something about her that Randall admired. He studied her a bit longer, trying to pinpoint what exactly it was, but could not. The owl upon her shoulder gave a sharp hoot as Randall stood there in the moonlight, chin propped upon his open palm. The moon seemed to shine brighter upon the two, enveloping them in its bathing light.

"I have all of my belongings with me right now," he replied casually, indicating his armor and sword, then turned to stare absently at the moon. After a few moments of mental solitude, he turned back to the elf.

"I believe that I will accept your offer, fair lady; lead the way," the young knight stated, motioning to the elf with his hands. As Randall stood there, he could not help but notice a feeling he had not felt in what seemed like years, hope.

02/12/2005 10:26 PM

Kylar watched the young knight as he seemed to meditate upon the moon and wondered if Corellon was calling to him through the moonlight. While Corellon typically had only elven followers, he was also partial to half-breeds, so it wouldn't surprise her if her god was reaching out to a member of another race. He had a soft spot for all humanoids, so even if the young knight did not recognize Corellon's call, it did not mean her god was being silent.

She felt Khalil's talons dig into her skin a bit - recognizing the warning signal, she noticed the man on watch in the merchant camp was looking in their direction in the woods. She knew he would not be able to see them from his vantage point, but she didn't want to have to deal with him if he became curious enough to walk over to them. Hearing that the knight had accepted her offer, Kylar smiled briefly and responded "I am pleased. Let us find rest for the evening." Moving quietly through the woods, Kylar found the clearing hidden deeply in the forest. Using her ability to communicate with nature, she instructed the forest to hide their tracks, so no one would know they had been there.

Entering the protected clearing, Khalil hooted as the moonlight fell upon them. He flew to the top of the nearest tree, his large round eyes taking in the surroundings. "We'll rest here tonight, and in the morning will refill our waterskins and use other provisions from the land before we head out." She looked the knight up and down, and realized he was weary from more than lack of physical rest. "Sleep easy tonight, young knight, for Khalil will stand guard over us. May your dreams speak truth to you, and bring comfort to the ache in your soul." With that, Kylar laid down upon the ground, feeling her connection with the life of nature around them as she drifted off to sleep.

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02/12/2005 10:40 PM

Randall felt a wave of comfort wash over him as he entered the clearing. The elf talked to Randall a bit, though it was hard for him to follow. He noticed Khalil fly into the air, resting in a nearby tree, an keeping a vigilante watch over the pair.

Randall felt exhausted as he moved to sit down upon the ground, it felt, amazingly, comfortable to the weary knight. Slowly, he laid his head down, everything; his memories, his entire life drifted away into the blackness of sleep.

02/13/2005 11:18 AM

As was her habit, Kylar stirred before the sun rose upon the horizon. She often enjoyed the communion she had with Corellon during the last moments of the moonlight's evening gaze. She needed the time with her god this day, so she could feel strengthened and prepared for the task at hand. She looked over to the sleeping form of the young Knight, and wondered what sort of life he had had - and what sort of life he was destined to lead. Khalil swooped down quietly next to her, and appeared to ponder the knight in his own thoughts. It appeared the knight was sleeping peacefully, and she wondered how long it had been since he had had an undisturbed night's rest. Knowing that dark days would be in their future, Kylar had no concern for the time, and allowed the knight to sleep until he woke up on his own. Caressing the soft feathers on Khalil's back, Kylar muttered soothing words to him in the language that was their own.

02/13/2005 11:34 AM

"No," Randall screamed as he laid on the ground, awaking him from his slumber and clumsily reaching towards his sword. As his hand closed around the hilt of the blade, the realization hit him that he was no longer asleep, that it had only been a nightmare. He slowly sat up, propping on an arm and taking in his surroundings; the sun was just beginning to peak over the horizon, displaying the dew that had gathered onto the many blades of grass and flowers. As he continued his scan, he noticed the elf and quickly reverted his eyes to the ground, a bit embarrassed by his outburst.

"Sorry," he said apologetically, then quickly changed the subject. “I am hungry, what are we having for breakfast?” He asked, bringing his head up to regard the elf, a strained smile on his face.

02/13/2005 11:59 AM

Khalil squawked in surprise at the knight's outburst, but quickly smoothed his own feathers when he realized it was not a cause for alarm. Kylar knew that while the moon still shone, the knight's dreams would not be frightening to him; but since the sun had risen, Corellon's protective covering around their dreams had disappeared. Wanting to help him avoid further embarassment, Kylar did not comment on his night's rest or his morning outburst.

"I have bread, cheese, and sweet meat in my provisions pack," Kylar stated. "Behind you is a berry patch, which will also help sustain us. Water is just up ahead, so when we leave we can refill our waterskins." Rumaging through her pack, Kylar pulled out enough food for both of them to eat. She knew the elven bread would give them the sustinance they both would need to face the day ahead of them. "Have you given thought to where you'd like to travel?" Kylar asked as she handed him his portion.

02/13/2005 12:11 PM

Randall graciously accepted the food, giving the elf a slight nod as she handed him the provisions. He controlled his eating, in truth he wanted to stuff it all down his mouth, but he refrained from this urge. As they sat there, the knight thought of where they should head next, and in-between mouthfuls managed to reply.

"Port Llast, I have always wanted to return to the beautiful Sea of Swords," he said admiringly, thinking of the Sea of Swords; even the largest man would pale in comparison to its almighty strength, exactly the place someone could go to lose themselves.

02/13/2005 4:15 PM

Kylar had hoped the young knight would suggest a specific location - and one that came from the longing within himself, rather than a practical response. While she didn't know the specifics of their quest, she did know the answers and guidance would come from somewhere deep within him. Now that he had given voice to his longings a few times, she hoped it would become easier for him to do so as time went by.

"Port Last," Kylar repeated thoughtfully. "Indeed the vast beauty of the Sea of Swords is immeasurable. How long has it been since you've been there?" Kylar hoped the question was non-threatening enough that the knight would answer truthfully. Although he was a guarded man, she had noticed a lessening of his guardedness with her. If her fate was to be tied to him, Kylar wanted to know as much as possible about this reserved mysterious knight.

02/13/2005 4:42 PM

Randall's brow furrowed at the elf’s question, silently recalling the last time he had been to the Sea of Swords. His stare went blank a moment as he recalled the vivid memories.

"I have never been to Port Llast," he at last responded, waving his hand as if to thwart off any further questions on the matter. "Though, I believe we should be heading off," he said to the elf, rising to his feet and shaking the dirt and leaves from his cloak, hoping that would be the end of the matter.

Already the sun was half-way over the horizon, threatening to become fully visible any moment. Randall turned to regard the nearly cloudless sky, today would be a good day for traveling.

02/13/2005 5:03 PM

Kylar watched the knight closely as he momentarily entered into his realm of memories. It appeared that several emotions played across his face as he pondered his past, which was of little surprise to the elf. His response was also of little surprise, but she wanted to make him aware of that. "Hmmm," she responded, "when you said you wanted to return to the Sea of Swords, I assumed you had been to Port Llast." As she spoke, she eyed him directly, as if looking through to the very core of his being.

After a moment, she too glanced at the sky, and saw they needed to head out quickly if they wanted to avoid the view of the merchants. "Yes" Kylar agreed, "we do need to move out. There is water just up ahead, so we can refresh ourselves and fill our skins before we're on our way. I recommend we remain off the road, until we are certain the merchants are well ahead of us. Khalil has already gone ahead, and will return to warn us of any impending dangers or concerns." With that, Kylar rose quickly to her feet, and walked back into the forest.

02/15/2005 1:38 PM

Randall stood in the clearing a moment longer, basking in the recently arisen sun. A slight breeze from the west sent his black hair flying into his face, causing him to snap out of his trance. He quickly paced after the elf, catching up with her near the stream. The man bent down to one knee, extending his hands into the water and bringing it up to his mouth, eagerly drinking the life giving liquid. After he had his fill, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and turned to regard the elf, it seemed there had been some misunderstanding back in the clearing.

"I have never been to Port Llast, though I have been to the coast of the Sea of Swords," he explained to the elven cleric as he rose to his feet. The wood was a beautiful place; the sun shone through the canopy of green trees, adding to the depth and color of the undergrowth. Randall silently thought of how he could lose himself to this wood, retreating into a realm of plants, animals, and seclusion. The wanting look left his face as soon as he turned his attention back to Kylar, recognizing that the part of his life for hiding was at an end, or at least at a pause.

"Come, we should be going. If we take the High Road south, we should be arriving in Port Llast within a day or two," he said, beckoning the elf with his arm as he turned to leave. His black cloak was clasped with a plain, silver X, which the stray rays of sun illuminated magnificently. The cloak neatly concealed his armor as the morning breeze played with the end of the black item, sending it rolling in the air.

02/15/2005 10:24 PM

Kylar heard the knight's hurried steps to catch up with her. She didn't slow down, but neither did she speed up - she made it a point to maintain her pace. As she knelt before the stream, she sensed that the water was clean and pure and heard the water's invitation to drink deeply from it. Muttering a quiet thank you, Kylar cupped her hands and dropped them into the water. Feeling the cool rush of life and power flow over and around her hands, Kylar closed her eyes and received the refreshment offered by the water. Along with the knight, she washed her face, drank deeply, and filled her waterskin.

When the knight spoke about Port Llast, Kylar listened carefully. She sensed no untruth in the man's statement, and felt herself flush a little at the embarrassment from judging him so harshly. People who are mysterious can still be trustworthy she reminded herself, and I should not be so quick to judge another. Afterall, why should he trust me? I've been rather guarded with my own information as well. She determined that she would try to be more patient with this knight who probably didn't have any answers to most of her questions anyway. As she pondered these thoughts, she noticed him taking in the elements of nature around him. She was surprised to sense that the nature appeared to be responding to him somehow - as if it was returning the warmth to him that he was extending to them. Strange times, indeed. Kylar thought, and not for the first time. She was sure it wouldn't be the last time either.

Kylar nodded at the knight's instructions to take the High Road south. "I think we can probably make it in a day, as we both seem used to traveling. Khalil will scout the terrain for us, and all nature will assist us on our journey. It should be a rather uneventful trip to Port Llast." She matched the knight's pace as they began their journey, and walked along side him in a silence that felt comfortable.

02/16/2005 8:56 PM

The moon shone down on the two as they stood in front of the Alliance Arms Inn, the only place in Port Llast where a weary traveler could get a good nights rest. Randall fiddled with his cloak, tightening it around him before entering. There were few patrons in this night, a few by the fire and another group in the corner. Randall made his way towards which he presumed was the owner of the establishment, who was polishing glasses behind the bar.

"Do you have any rooms available?" He asked the burly man, Randall figured he had gotten his stature from stonecutting or perhaps sailing, they seemed to be the most popular occupations around the small, coastal town.

The owners head was bald, with a large brown mustache that curved up as it neared the edge of his face. He wore a white apron over a loose fitted, orange shirt. The man looked at the pair, eyeing them intently before replying.

"Seems we have a few," he finally responded then methodically reached under the bar, producing two mugs then filling them with ale. "Care for a drink?" the owner said through a gap-toothed smile, his front left had been knocked out. Randall figured he had been a sailor before his current position.

02/16/2005 9:24 PM

Kylar took in the surroundings of the Alliance Arms Inn, and knew immediately she'd prefer the comfort of sleeping in the forest to this place. Her sensitive elven nose picked up the stench of old ale, body odors, and something that smelled like spoiled food. But, she knew it would be safer to sleep indoors, so she did not permit any of her disdain to show upon her face. She made no move to hide her heritage, but neither did she go out of her way to flaunt it. She hoped this was an Inn that didn't bother people who, well, didn't want to be bothered.

Reaching out to take the mugs from the owner, Kylar muttered a "thank you" to the owner. She had no intenion of drinking the wretched stuff, but one sideways glance at her traveling companion told her he'd probably appreciate the extra mug of ale. Smiling at the owner, Kylar continued, "we'd like dinner and separate rooms, but adjoining if possible. What are you asking for room and board?"

02/17/2005 12:51 PM

The inn keep regarded the elf a moment, a pondering look on his face. He slowly reached under the bar and produced a sealed parchment, complete with the Alliance Arm Inn's very own seal. The man placed it on the bar between the three of them, then turned to regard the elf.

"If you deliver this to a friend of mine in Waterdeep, I will give you board tonight for free; not to mention a warm bath and hot plate of dinner," he added with a wink, then headed into the back of the Inn. The man returned a few moments later bearing a plate of venison in each hand. He laid them on the counter in front of each of the travelers, the inviting aroma of venison, potatoes, and carrots drifted into their nostrils.

02/17/2005 1:50 PM

Kylar eyed the parchment, and then the owner. She didn't sense any ill-will within him, but wanted to discuss the matter with her companion before she agreed to travel there on their behalf. Looking at the plates he laid before them, Kylar inhaled the aroma deeply as a smile of contentment played across her lips. "This does smell delicious" she said to him. "If you would permit us to discuss your offer, I would be most appreciative. May we find a seat and eat, and then talk with you afterwards?" She felt the owner would be reasonable and allow them to do so - if he required an immediate answer, she would be suspicious of the contents of the parchment, and also the 'friend' they would meet in Waterdeep.

02/17/2005 1:57 PM

The man eyed the elf quizzically, raising an eyebrow at her statement; he had thought it was a fair deal, but then again these were odd times.

"I see your point," he replied to the elf. "As you can see, there are many open seats for you and your companion," he explained as he swiped his arm out wide, indicating the many empty wooden tables. "If you have any questions, you know where to find me," he added as the the two left for a table, displaying a large smile before turning to wash the empty tankards that had been piled up by the servers.

02/17/2005 2:23 PM

Kylar walked toward a table in the corner, knowing the knight would want to sit there as well. They could easily view the entire room from there, and have no worries of anyone sneaking up behind them.

"Well," she said to him as they sat down, "what do you think?" Do you feel anything within you that would warn us against going to Waterdeep?"

02/17/2005 8:15 PM

Randall pulled out a chair and sat down, thinking a moment on their current course.

"Well, I only see one reason we should not accept this, it leaves us in debt," he stated, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back. He looked back over to the inn keep, who was occasionally glancing up from his work to look at the two. Randall turned his attention back on Kylar, unsure of what they should do.

"I say we do it," he finally replied, a bit of fire burning in his green eyes. "After all, it can not be that hard to deliver a message," he added with a smirk and flick of his hand.

02/17/2005 8:56 PM

Kylar listened to the knight's comments, and nodded in agreement. "I also dislike being in debt, but the debt will be paid upon delivery of the message. And since we're not really on any sort of schedule, I think we can take these opportunities as they present themselves. Not to mention the savings of not having to pay for our meals or rooms." She paused for a moment, as if pondering a distant memory. "As for the difficulty of delivering a message - things that seem simple aren't necessarily easy. But few things in life really are."

She smiled comfortably at her companion, then impulsively picked up her mug of ale and held it up over the table. "Here's to whatever may lie ahead, and to Corellon's continued blessing upon our travels. May we both find that which we seek, though we do not yet know what that may be."

02/17/2005 9:02 PM

"Agreed," Randall replied smugly, likewise raising his tankard to the proposed toast. Randall took a swig of the ale, then looked back to the elf, what had happened to his life in the past few days?

Randall quickly rose from his chair, motioning for Kylar to follow.

"I believe we should tell the gentleman of our plan," he explained as he led the way back towards the bar. The inn keep looked up from his work, casually regarding the pair of stray travelers, though the sparkle and hope in his eyes could clearly be seen.

"Have you decided?"

02/17/2005 9:22 PM

Kylar put down her mug, clicking her tongue to the roof of her mouth to try & smoothe out the aftertaste of the ale. She rose from the table to follow her companion, and leaned over the bar to speak to the owner.

"We have discussed your gracious offer, and have decided to accept it. In exhange for dinner and our rooms, we will deliver this message for you. To whom shall we be delivering this - and how will we be able to find this friend of yours? Is this an expected message?" Kylar focused intently upon the owner, searching for any trace of witheld information. If there was to be a surprise along the way, she wanted to at least have some warning that there'd be one.

02/17/2005 9:39 PM

"Fantastic," the inn keeper replied, retrieving the letter from under the counter and handing it to the elf. "It is for a certain Piergeiron the Palidinson, the current warden of Waterdeep. I believe he can be found at Caste Ward, the seat of Waterdhavian government," the man explained to the pair, a serious look on his face.

He again reached under the bar, this time producing a small pendant shaped in the likeness of a shield, with a crescent moon above high, purple mountains reflecting off of the sea. The bottom edges of the crest were filled with golden diamonds, running up the side until they reached half of the shield's height.

"This will get you into the palace," he explained as he handed the crest over to the elf, a warm smile on his face. "I believe you should get some rest before heading off for Waterdeep, it is quite a journey by land or boat. Your rooms are on the second story, end of the hallway."

02/17/2005 10:02 PM

Kylar reached out to take the parchment, and tucked it inside the pocket within her cloak. "Piergeiron the Palidinson" she repeated, sealing the name in her memory. Kylar then reached out to take the pendant, examining its exquisite detail, her eyes stopping for a moment on the crescent moon within the crest. She looked back up to the owner, and nodded to him. "We shall see your message safely delivered, good sir." Glancing over at the young knight, Kylar asked "are you ready to retire to our rooms?" She gave him a look that said they had more to discuss, but that this was not the time nor the place to do so.

02/17/2005 10:30 PM

Randall gave a slight nod to Kylar, agreeing with her wholeheartedly. He made his way up the stairs and down the hall, arriving at their rooms in short time.

"Give me a few moments, I need to think to myself," he said to Kylar, opening the door that lead into his room. Inside, the room was of standard quality; a mirror, feather bed, and dresser. Randall made his way towards the bed and began undressing. First, taking off his long, black cloak, resting it at the foot of the bed, then moving onto his gauntlets and boots. When he arrived at the breastplate, he realized he could not get it off alone. He slowly rose, and walked towards the door that would lead to the elf's room, slowly bending down to rest his ear against the door. He heard nothing, and with a somewhat disappointed look, knocked lightly on the wooden portal.

02/17/2005 10:42 PM

Kylar nodded to her companion as he asked for time alone. She could use some time too, she hadn't yet communed with Corellon this day. Entering into her room, she took in the simple yet functional surroundings. She removed her cloak, checking to be sure she still had the parchment, and laid it upon the chair next to her bed. She then walked over to the window, opening it so she could feel the beam of the moonlight upon her. Soon the full moon will be upon us Kylar thought to herself. While most of the rituals honoring Corellon were performed during the cycle of the crescent moon, Kylar felt a deep connection with her god when the moon was at its fullest. Closing her eyes, she began to quietly sing in meditation to her god. Through the open window, Khalil flew in, and perched quietly on the sill in front of her. Sensing (more than hearing) his arrival, Kylar stroked his feathers tenderly as she lost herself in song. It was rare for her to enter into this state, but when she did, she became completely unaware of anything going on around her.

02/17/2005 10:59 PM

Randall put his ear back up to the door; it was odd that the elf had not answered his call yet. After a few moments of listening, he heard the most beautiful voice singing praises to Corellon, and in those moments of song, Randall lost himself to his past. He moved to sit on the bed, he began fighting back the tears. A stray tear ran down his cheek as he sat at the end of the bed, fighting back the pain and memories. Before know, he had built up a wall around these memories, and more importantly these emotions.

His chest heaved as he took in deep breaths of air, trying to steady himself. He slowly rose from the bed, a bit blinded by the moisture in his eyes, and made his way to the window. He threw back the curtains and opened the window with a pain invoked rage. The window slammed into the wall, making a loud banging noise, much like the slamming of a door, as it connected firmly with the wall and bounced off, the glass cracked in a few places. Randall did not notice as he stared at the moon, at the inviting light of its delicate beauty.

02/17/2005 11:16 PM

As Kylar fell deeply into her meditation, Khalil kept watch over her. He knew no one could reach her from the ground, and did not sense any danger in the room with her. He then heard the loud noise in the room next door, and sensed the familiar presense of the knight in the air. Not wanting to disturb Kylar from her much-needed worship, Khalil gently moved away from her and flew out the window.

Landing on the sill next door, Khalil perched quietly on the edge as he watched the knight drink deeply from the moon. You too are in need of this refreshment he thought to the knight. Drink. Drink deeply from the love that is offered to you. Khalil knew the deeper parts of the knight would be able to hear him, but he did not know if his thoughts would echo in the knight's conscious mind.

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02/18/2005 1:14 PM

Randall stood gazing at the moon, propped on the window seal for support. His memories had passed him by, yet he still felt drawn to the moon, perhaps it was some god or deity calling out to him, helping him in these dark times. A sigh escaped his mouth as he turned from the window, retreating back into his bedroom.

The first place his long strides carried him was to the mirror, and the image that greeted him was not pleasant. Randall's long, black hair hung freely around his shoulders and his green eyes penetrated into the image, into his very soul. He stood staring into his reflection, noticing for the first time how much he had changed over the past few years. His green eyes did not seem as bright anymore, nor did his skin, which had become somewhat pale compared to his younger years. A thin frown tugged at the corners of his mouth, then he immediately dismissed the comparison; that had been a different person. He slowly walked towards the door that would lead to Kylar's room, and softly knocked.

02/18/2005 2:50 PM

Khalil watched the knight as he turned from the window to study himself in the mirror. Good he thought you are seeing beyond yourself and into what has not yet come, but what will one day be . Satisfied that the knight was making progress on his journey, he quietly flew out the window and settled back in front of Kylar on that window sill.

Kylar was completing her meditation, and exhaled deeply as she opened her eyes. She focused on Khalil, and said gently to him, "Well hello my feathered friend. It seems another journey is upon us. I am so thankful to have you here, it brings my heart comfort to be with you, especially when I'm so far from home." She sighed wistfully, then turned to look over her shoulder as she heard the knock on the door which lead to the knight's room.

Checking herself to be sure all was in order, Kylar walked to the door and opened it. She was momentarily surprised by the look upon his face - had he aged? Something deep within him was obviously rising to the surface. She knew by now that he was very guarded with his past, and would offer information only when he was ready to do so. And Kylar, patient like all elves, was willing to wait. Pulling open the door further, Kylar stepped back, inviting him to come in.

02/18/2005 2:59 PM

"You said earlier you wished to discuss our plans, so I have come," he stated to the elf, his eyes seeming to be looking into another existence, far away from the room in which he was now. His breastplate was still on, though that was the only armor he wore. He gently glided over to a wooden chair in the corner and sat down, turning to face the elf.

"I do not even know your name," he at last said after regarding the elf. The realization had just come to him and before he had not even questioned it. Randall's green eyes seemed to bore into the elf's existence, searching for anything tangible. He quickly averted his stare when he noticed that he had been looking at her too long, it was a bad habit he had developed earlier on. Slowly, he picked his head up, his long black hair was covering his face as he once again regarded the elf.

"I am called Randall, I was once a Purple Dragon of Cormyr, though that seems so long ago," he explained, his face a bit pained by the admittance. His green eyes seemed to take on an other worldly appearance, one that made the young appear seem blind.

02/18/2005 5:29 PM

Kylar stood still as she felt the knight gaze upon her and into her. His stare didn't bother her, in fact, she was glad to see he was finally beginning to look for answers. As he spoke, she sensed the pain in his words, and wondered what secrets he carried deep within himself. As he looked up at her, Kylar was struck by the contrast of images in front of her - the boyish look he had with his hair drooping over his face, and the aged look in his eyes of a man who has seen too much pain and death.

As he spoke his name and he gazed off into the distance, Kylar moved slowly towards him, muttering a spell of Calming over him. She knew a war was raging within him, but she sensed he was not yet ready to face the severity of his internal foes. As she stood in front of him, she bent over to gently brush back his wayward lock of hair. Finishing the spell of Calming, she allowed her fingers to gently disentangle themselves from his hair, and moved to sit on the bed across from him. Sitting with her legs tucked under her, she spoke in a soothing voice to him. "Randall" she repeated while looking at him. "I am Kylar, servant of Corellon Larethian. I am pleased to have a name to call you by, good knight." Pausing for a moment, she continued, "It must have been difficult for you to part from the Purple Dragons." Kylar knew that Purple Dragons were fiercely loyal to Cormyr's crown and king - and that something very disturbing must have happened which caused him to abandon his loyalties.

Waiting patiently, Kylar remained silent, to see if young knight Randall was ready to share some of his heavy burden with her.

02/19/2005 9:10 PM

"You are correct in your assumption. Turning away from the Purple Dragons, from my king, was the most difficult time in my life. However, I have found that it is not good to dwell on the past and we have pressing business that requires our attention,” he casually replied to the elf, his eyes had regained a bit of their grandeur aura. He calmly bent over, resting his elbows on his knees and propping his chin into his cupped hands.

“Tomorrow, we must depart for Waterdeep, and at the moment we have no clue on how we are going to get there,” he stated, turning his gaze towards the window and peering out into the night. “We could go by land, which would be the cheapest, but also the longest and most tedious. Or perhaps we could hire ourselves off as sailors or by buy our passage by ship. Then there is always the option of magic. Although, I do not believe that Port Llast is home to a powerful wizard so it is more likely we would first have to travel either back to Luskan, or onward towards Neverwinter before we encountered a wizard of enough power. And of course, wizards always need some sort of ‘favor’ or payment for their efforts,” he added with a cold smirk, turning his eyes to regard Kylar, then rising to his feet to stretch his weary body.

“So what will it be?” he questioned the elf, his face becoming elongated as he instinctively yawned, it was getting late.

02/20/2005 12:24 PM

Kylar respected Randall's desire to keep his past behind him for now. She knew he would have to face it when he was ready, and battle his personal demons in his own time.

As she listened to his suggestions for their travel options, Kylar mentally listed the pros and cons of each. "Well," she began, "I think the wizard option is out - even if we were to find one, they are not a breed we want to be indebted to. They always collect their due, and most put on some form of interest that can make life difficult. And though our schedule is not rushed, I think our benefactor would appreciate a timley delivery of his message. I say let's aquire passage on a ship - that will provide us speed of travel, but also the benefit of asking the sailors of news from Waterdeep." After a moment's pause she added, "but we will not need to buy passage or hire ourselves out. Most ships are thankful for the favor of having an Elven Cleric on board - as I can ensure the journey on the waters is rather uneventful." Looking the knight up and down, she added "perhaps we should say you are my attendant, so you will also be privy to the free passage. Besides, it might afford you the opportunity to mingle with the sailors, who may tell you things they wouldn't tell me. Not all are as comfortable around me as you are."

02/20/2005 12:36 PM

"Agreed," Randall replied as he began walking back towards the door that would lead to his room. Once he arrived, he paused and turned around to regard the elf. He had so many feeling inside of him and suspected this cleric had a bit to do with it. He opened the door, turning from the elf, and made his way into his room.

He slowly paced around the room, stopping at the mirror and placing his hands down onto the stand. He looked at the image, scanning it from top to bottom, and slowly sighed, dropping his chin down into his chest. Quietly, he made his way over to the bed and stripped down to his underwear, then pulled back the covers and climbed into bed.

The lantern was still ablaze as he sat there, staring at the ceiling and pondering what his life was. The memories of the Purple Dragons continually assaulted his mind, was it really his fault? Had he truly been wrong? These thoughts and more crossed the tortured knight’s thoughts as he slowly drifted off into sleep, the only time he seemed to be at peace, though that was only when he was not haunted by the nightmares.

02/20/2005 2:02 PM

Kylar remained sitting on the bed as Randall rose from the chair. Nodding goodnight to him, she watched him walk past her, and then turn to stare at her a moment longer. She met his gaze evenly - and let him be the one to break eye contact. As he closed the door, Khalil flew from his perch on the windowsill to the arm of the chair Randall had been in. Sighing, Kylar looked at her feathered friend and muttered, "Ah Khalil, I sense the internal war that awaits him will try his strength. If left unaided, I fear it will destroy him. Please keep an eye on him, will you? We both know humans are sometimes more comfortable talking to animals than they are other living beings." Laughing a little to herself, she admitted, "as am I." She reached out to stroke Khalil and leaned in to gently kiss him on top of his head.

With a final glance out the window at the moonlight, Kylar pulled the sheets back from her bed and laid on top of them. She wanted to feel the touch of Corellon's moonlight upon her skin as she drifted off to sleep. Her final thoughts were to Corellon, there is much mystery here, but I know you are at work, even if I cannot see how, or why. Knowing she would wake long before the knight did, Kylar drifted off to sleep, while Khalil watched her, his large eyes regarding her thoughtfully.

02/20/2005 3:00 PM


Randall stood at the prow of Wave Dancer, a merchant vessel that had put into Port Llast with a damaged sail. That morning, Kylar and he had convinced the captain that having an elven cleric on board would more than enough pay for their passage to Waterdeep, and reluctantly the captain conceded the point. Now, Randall found himself miles out into the Sea of Swords heading for Waterdeep; the last few days still ceasing to amaze him.

The water gently splashed against the sides of Wave Dancer as it cut through the sea, which was relatively calm. Occasionally, a wave would slam against the hull and send sea water flying into Randall’s face. The young man greeted each splash with a laugh as he lost himself to the empty space of the sea and his boyish dreams of being a pirate, unaware as the time slowly passed by.

02/20/2005 6:17 PM

Kylar sat on the floor of her cabin, her face a slight shade of green. "Uugghh" she mutterd to Khalil, "the first day at sea is always so awful for me!" She didn't want to let the captain of the vessel know she was sea-sick, so she said she needed time in her cabin to meditate and commune with nature. It helped to deal with people who didn't have any undertsanding of cleric abilities - for he had backed away slowly from her, saying she could certainly take all the time she needed.

Once the moon was out, she would emerge from her cabin and allow the light of Corellon to re-settle her equilibrium. In the meantime, the crashing of each wave was like a dwarven hammer to her skull. Curling up in a ball on the floor, Kylar snuck a glance at Khalil. She could have sworn the owl was smirking at her. I hope Randall is doing better than I am she thought to herself, as another wave crashed against the vessel, turning her stomach inside out.

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02/20/2005 7:12 PM

Randall made his way across the deck, stopping to gaze up at each new oddity. The sun was hanging low on the horizon, a brilliant display of oranges and reds lighting up the sky and water. The occasional marine animal could be seen following in the boats wake, mostly a dolphin or large fish, as the sun disappeared over the horizon.

When the moon rose, it was no less spectacular. The moons reflection could clearly be seen on the waters surface, illuminating the sea and boat. Randall calmly leaned over the rail; he had not been off of the deck since he had come aboard. A slight breeze blew over the surface of the Sea of Swords, sending Randall’s hair flying over his right shoulder and occasionally filling the sails as gusts blew by. He had lost himself to the splendor of the sea, and for the first time realized that he had not even seen Kylar. Quickly, he moved away from the rail, heading towards the passengers cabin.

02/21/2005 8:48 AM

Kylar sensed that the moon was out, but she wanted to wait a bit longer before emerging. She still felt quite ill, and didn't want to encounter a lot of people before she was able to stand in the healing moonlight. Whenever at sea, she puzzled over the reality that her healing spells couldn't help her in this instance - that she always needed to feel the light of the moon upon her. Shrugging at her god's choice in this matter, Kylar stood up slowly, trying to steady herself with her hand on the wall. She stumbled over to where she'd laid her cloak, and put it upon her. Pulling up the hood to conceal her face, Kylar reached for the cabin door and opened it.

02/21/2005 2:09 PM

Randall stood before the wooden door, unsure if he should knock. He quickly decided against it, fearing that the elf may be asleep. Slowly, he reached down towards the door knob, only to find it escape his grasp as his hand closed around thin air. The ship rocked as a wave slammed against the hull, aiding in throwing the young man off balance and adding to his momentum. He hit the floor with a loud thud, a grunt escaping him as he touched down. His face darted from side to side, and at last focused on a pair of elven boots directly in front of his face. Randall slowly tilted his head up, his face turning red.

02/21/2005 9:16 PM

Kylar yelped as she nearly stumbled over Randall in the corridor. "What..." she started, then stopped as another wave jostled her balance. If she weren't careful, she'd wind up entangled on the floor with him. Leaning down while bracing herself on the wall with one arm, she asked "are you alright?" She knew she needed to get up to the deck quickly, not only to help her own sea-sickness, but to calm the waters as well. They seemed to have become more violent as the day and evening wore on - and she knew it wouldn't be long before the Captain came looking for her.

02/23/2005 6:28 PM

"I'm... fine," the young man finaly replied, his face still red. He slowly got to his feet, bracing himself against the wall.

"Perhaps you should see about these waters, I fear what would happen if our fair Captain decided you were not doing your job," he added slyly, adding a smile to deter any negativity the statement may have caused. The boat rocked as another wave slammed into the hull, sending Randall crashing hard into the wall.

02/23/2005 9:57 PM

Kylar bit back her response to Randall when she realized he didn't mean his comment as an insult. But she didn't reach out to steady him as the wave sent him tumbling into the wall - she was having a hard enough time keeping herself upright. Seeing he'd be able to fend for himself, Kylar made her way up to the deck of the ship.

As she climbed the stairs, a large bulky man suddenly blocked her path. Still hooded, Kylar looked up and into the eyes of one of the sailors. "Well, elf" he snarled at her sarcastically, "I see you've finally decided to emerge from your hiding place." As he laughed at her, Kylar could smell the strong stench of ale on his breath. Trying to avoid an unnecessary altercation, Kylar tried to slip by him on the stairs. But he matched her move, and blocked her path completely.

Feeling an ire rise up within her, Kylar pulled back the hood of her cloak and stared intently into the man's eyes. "It would be wise of you, sir, to step aside so I may pass" she said to him in a tone that communicated her patience was wearing thin. He laughed again, and said mockingly, "and it would have been wise of you to never have boarded this ship to begin with. Not everyone is as elf-friendly as our captain," he paused and cackled as he continued, "well I am willing to be elf-friendly, but in a much better way!" He reached out and grabbed her by the arm, and before Kylar could react, another wave crashed against the ship. Losing her footing, Kylar felt herself start to fall backwards. The sailor's gruff grip on her arm didn't lessen any, and the two of them suddenly tumbled down the stairs together, and landed at the bottom in a heap.

02/24/2005 2:33 PM

Randall heard struggling coming from up the stairs and quickly made his way over to the commotion. He peered up the stairs, and was nearly kicked in the face by a flying leg. Randall jumped back, clearing away from the two combatants. As the two settled down, he cautiously approached.

"Are you okay?" he called out as he drew nearer, then noticed that it was Kylar who was pinned beneath the large man. Frantically, he made his way towards her, shoving the man off upon arrival. He slowly bent down to examine the elven cleric.

02/27/2005 9:56 PM

Kylar had used a spell of Shielding to protect herself from harm as she tumbled down the stairs. She made sure the shield did not surround the burly sailor, in the hopes that he would be knocked unconscious by the fall. She had other means of disposing of him if necessary, but wanted to avoid making a scene if possible. She heard Randall scramble towards them, and glanced at the sailor as Randall pull him off of her. He'd been knocked out cold. Good She thought to herself as she looked up to meet Randall's gaze. "I'm fine" she said to him as she pulled herself up off the floor. "He, on the other hand, will have one massive headache in the morning." Shrugging her shoulders slightly, Kylar turned to continue her walk up the stairs.

As she emerged upon the deck, she came face to face with the captain. Groaning inwardly at another delay, Kylar looked to him and said "I suggest you take care of the gentleman who is lying at the bottom of the stairs. He seemed to think I should be his personal form of entertainment." She saw the captain's face pale at her words as she brushed past him to stand before the nearest railing. Seeing a few other sailors within earshot, she knew news of the man's fate would travel quickly - and since the details of how he came to be unconscious would not be known, she knew some terrifying stories would be invented. So much the better she thought to herself. It would at least ensure no one else would bother her in that manner.

Stepping next to the railing, Kylar inhaled and exhaled deeply as the touch of the moon enveloped her. Feeling the warmth of her god penetrate to the very core of her being, she felt her sea-sickness melting away. Speaking to Corellon in her elven tongue, Kylar asked him to use the pull of the moon to calm the waters, so they might have safe travel the rest of the way. Ever so slowly, the rocking of the waters lessened, until the ship seemed to be resting on water as smooth as glass. The wind still continued, so the ship could move, but the waters were a sea of calm. Keeping her eyes closed and gripping the rail firmly, Kylar communed with Corellon, letting his presence and love refresh the weariness in her soul.

03/06/2005 9:47 AM

Footsteps slowly descended the stairs that connected the deck and first level. Randall was unsure of what he should do, but luckily did not have to decide as an old, weather hardened man in a grey cloak emerged from the stairwell. His pale green eyes regarded Randall then quickly moved towards the body that lay propped against the wall. His breath suddenly quickened, but he managed to control his outburst or anger.

"Who did this," he stated, turning an accusing eye towards Randall.

"He fell," the young man calmly replied.

"Indeed. Come with me," the captain managed to spit out through his shaking voice. The captain slowly made his way towards Randall and grabbed his wrist violently. Randall's eyes blazed with defiance and he immediately recoiled from the touch.

"I will go with you, but it will be of my own free will. Lead the way," Randall stated to the captain, his voice edged with a bit of anger and impatience.

03/20/2005 12:42 PM

Laucian woke up as the sunlight poured in through the window. He felt extremely sore from the previous night's exploits. At first, he was a bit confused by the swaying motion of his room, until he remembered that he owed the old captain a favor.

"I'm never drinking again" he promised falsely, not for the first time. He sat up, and looked at the woman that lay next to him in the bed. With a sigh, he got off the bed, and clumsily got dressed. He then walked out of his small cabin to check what he could do to help ready the ship to sail off. When all was ready, they left the Port of Waterdeep in The Justice.

“How ironic!” he thought. Him in a pirate-hunting vessel! It had happened to fast for his liking. He had been caught with a group of pirates by The Justice. But the daughter of The Justice’s captain, Marie, had been “friends” with Laucian. She begged her father to spare Laucian from the authorities and he had. With the condition that Laucian had to work in The Justice for a month. A month that would be completed in less than a week!

The captain summoned Laucian to his office. He dragged himself to the presence of the captain and stood there awaiting an order.

“So, how did it go lad? Did ye find some decent information?”

Now he remembered! He had gone from tavern to tavern the night before to find information on any rumors of threat to merchant vessels. Laucian put his hand over his eyes and concentrated to try and see past the blur of the drinks. “Nah didn’t hear anything. Except for something about a Wave Dancer,” seeing a determined frown forming on the captain’s face he continued, “but it could have been commercial.”

03/23/2005 3:17 PM

Randall stood before the captain, his hands clenched tightly behind his back. It appeared that the Captain believed nothing about his story, even going as far as to say Randall had assaulted his crew! Randall held a stoic face before the captain, chin clenched and held high. The old captain regarded him judgmentally, believing nothing the young man had said. The captain's first mate stood off to the side, every so often spitting in Randall's general direction.

"I will let the crew decide your punishment," the captain said to Randall, flashing a smile and mouthful of rotting teeth. Randall held his chin high, puffing out his chest as he was lead away by the first mate.

03/23/2005 4:07 PM

Laucian stood at the deck of the ship looking at the sun as it slowly eased itself onto the waves far off. His shipmates had been looking at him not too pleasanly. They had stayed in Waterdeep but a day before having to leave again. He heard steps coming towards him Laucian almost turned around, but was too buried in his own thoughts.

"Seen anything?" came the voice of the old captain. "If I had, you would already know. Why don't you ask that wizard of yours, Garandos, to try and contact this Wave Dancer †. He's probably just sittin' around anyways." answered Laucian, without taking his eyes off the horizon. He felt the captain slowly walk off.

As he watched the changing colours of the clouds, he was interrupted again. He felt someone tap him on the shoulder. He turned around and found himself kissing Marie. Reacting quickly, he pulled her away from him. "Marie! Not here, not now!"

She responded with a mock-pouting expression. "Calm down. Father's talking to Garandos, and none of the sailors are going to tell him. Garandos wouldn't let them." She was right. She walked towards the edge of the ship and put her hand over her eyes, as if something would pop into view right then and there. "So, what are we looking for now?" she asked eagerly.

Laucian sighed. He put his hands on her shoulders and looked straight into her eyes, wanting to talk about, what he thought were more pressing matters. "Listen to me. My month of service here is almost over, and I thought that maybe after this trip, we could both..."

Marie put on a stern face and lowered her gaze in disappointment. "I have things to do." she interrupted him, and walked off, not quite so happy.

"Marie..." whispered Laucian into the wind, turning his gaze to the moon, for the sun had now gone.

† (OOC: If you want Shal, you could have the ship's wizard, Garandos, contact you.)

03/24/2005 1:47 PM

"Gentlemen, I have before you a thug," the man exclaimed towards the gathered crew, pointing towards Randall whose hands had been bounded behind his back. "The man before you, Randall by name, has been charged with attack, towards one of you own," he said as he paced back and forth, occasionally looking up and flashing Randall an evil smile. The young man made no reply. His facial expression told nothing of the feelings that whirled around in his head as he stared blankly at the men before him. The injustice that had befallen him was nothing new, once before he had been improperly sentenced.

Randall lifted his head defiantly towards the sky, he would not allow these blood thirsty men the satisfaction of seeing him defend himself in vain, for he knew it would be in vain. After all, a captain is not only a leader to his men but a judge also.

03/25/2005 9:13 PM

Thoven sat in the Rusted Cutlass tavern, with a half bottle of rum in front of him. He was supposed to meet someone here last night about signing on with a crew on a vessel. Thoven hadn't paid attention to whether it was a pirate or merchant vessel. In his heart, he longed to be a sea again, no matter what flag he was flying under. But alas, his contact had never shown up. So there he sat, throwing rum down his gullet. Hopefully someone else would show up in a day or two, looking to hire a scalliwag to his crew. Oh, how Thoven longed to be away from Waterdeep. Such lawfulness irked him. Thoven stood up then, a bit shakily, but steady enough, and walked out of the tavern, leaving ample gold for the rum. He stumbled down to the docks, looking to see if there would happen to be any ships that were preparing to leave and were desperate enough to hire a half-drunk half elf.

One half bottle of rum and two hours later, Thoven sat back in the Rusted Cutlass. He was quite tipsy by that point, but thankfully he had an iron liver, thanks to his upbringing. He sat and listened to the banter of the midday crowd that the tavern invariably brought in, and couldn't supress a laugh that rose from his gut when two ruffians engaged in fisticuffs. The two men had beaten each other to bloody pulps before being thrown out by the barkeep. The barkeep was a burly man, although his many winters were finally catching up to him, as was obvious by the way his shoulders sagged. Thoven stumbled over to the bar to speak with the man. "Hey, mate. D'you happen to catch wind of any sea *hic* fairing vessels that might be looking to hire?" Thoven said.
"Look 'ere, lad. Ye've been asking me dat same bloody question since ye got 'ere, and me answer's been da same, ev'ry day. Now, I ain't been payin' attention to what band of misfit sea dogs's been hirin' nowadays, so I wouldn't be fer knowin'. Now be off with ye, lad! Here, have another rum, on the house!" The barkeep huffed as he shoved another bottle of rum into Thoven's hands. Thoven had no complaints as he walked back to his usual seat at one of the many open tables that were located throughout the tavern. Maybe if he sat for long enough, his contact would arrive, or maybe if he drank enough the man, or maybe the lady, would show up. He contemplated all of this while popping the cork to his newly acquired rum bottle and taking a hearty swig.

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03/28/2005 2:57 PM

Kylar was shaken out of her peaceful communion by Khalil's sharp cry of warning. Quickly orienting herself to the present, she saw Khalil's large eyes whirrling with a sense of urgency. She spun around quickly, half-expecting to find someone behind her, and was surprised when no one was there. Knowing Khalil didn't warn her unnecessarily, Kylar looked intently around the deck, relying upon her Elven vision to show her what human eyes could not see. She felt a sudden alarm at what she could NOT see - the deck had been completely deserted. Knowing that sailors did not leave their posts unless under Captain's orders, Kylar motioned to Khalil to lead her to where the trouble was.

Khalil swooped effortlessly yet purposefully toward the other side of the deck. He landed on an overhang, which covered the deck just below them. Quietly moving to the owl, Kylar crouched down and felt her own eyes widen at the site before her. Randall was being detained by the Captain, and it seemed as though he was being charged for attacking the man who had tried to attack her. Kylar felt ire rise up within her, and quickly squelched it, knowing that doing something rash would only make matters worse. Several spells ran through her mind that were at her disposal, but she wished to diffuse the situation, and not simply attack it. Sensing the blood-thirst rising within the crowd, Kylar knew her first task was to calm them.

Muttering under her breath in her Elven tongue, Kylar invoked her spell of Calm Emotions. She extended the spell to cover Randall, who seemed to have hardened himself to his accusers. She knew he needed to bridge the gap that was between them, if he had any hopes of being released peacefully. She then focused her efforts on the Captain, and spoke a spell of Virtue over him. If he had any virtue within him at all, she knew it would be stirred and it would prevent him from treating Randall unfairly. If, however, he had no virtue, then Kylar would be forced to engage in more drastic means of escaping. She hoped with all her being that there was a tiny morsel of good left in their Captain.

Still crouching quietly, Kylar and Khalil watched intently to see what event would unfold next.

03/28/2005 5:04 PM

Randall felt the beginning of a spell come over him and immediately began resisting, throwing up his wall that had protected him so well these past few years. It took little willpower to resist the spell as it was of a lower level. The captain however, seemed to have calmed a considerable amount. Randall looked up towards the sky, and noticed for the first time an owl. The young man smiled knowingly to himself as the captain began to address the crew once again.

"It seems that we get hasty, my fellow men. We should let the authorities extract justice upon this man since it was such a minor crime. Claw," he said, motioning towards the man who had been 'attacked'.

"Will this suffice?" The large man looked Randall over once more, an evil smile coming across his face.

"Yes captain, it will suffice," he replied, his eyes lighting up.

"Good man Claw," the captain said to the man.

"Now, take Randall down to the cells. We will drop him off at Waterdeep and let the authorities know of his crime. I am sure they will find some good use for him," the captain stated to the gathered crew. Two larger men stepped towards Randall, who only gave them an uninterested look. They grasped the young man under the arms and hoisted him up before carrying him downwards towards the ship's holding cells.

03/28/2005 8:52 PM

Kylar exhaled deeply, surprised to discover that she'd been holding her breath. Khalil began preening his feathers, indicating that the immediate danger had passed. So, Kylar thought to herself, our Captain does have some virtue within him. Perhaps this can be resolved peacefully afterall. She decided that she would speak with the Captain later in the evening, when he was not with his men and therefore could talk more freely.

As she pondered these thoughts, Kylar felt as though a stream of pure evil was trying to penetrate to the core of her being. Looking down below to the source of that evil, she met the eyes of Claw. He grinned at her with evil intent, but Kylar felt no fear of the human. She knew while she was on a mission for Corellon that his protection would cover her, but she also knew she needed to remain on guard for trouble. As the two of them locked gazes, Khalil suddenly swooped to the deck below and screeched as he flew by the face of Claw. Alarmed by the sudden noise and brushing of the owl's wings, Claw raised his arm above his head and ducked quickly. Khalil let out a final screech as he rose back to his perch on the overhang. As the sailors began to laugh at Claw and rib him for his reaction, his eyes searched the place where the elf had been - but he could see her no longer. This is far from over, little elf he thought to himself. You and I will have words again. Khalil stared at him with eyes that seemed to see straight through him, and then flew off after Kylar, who appeared to be heading back to her cabin.

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03/29/2005 4:23 PM

(OOC: I hope there's no objections with me playing Garandos!)

Laucian was walking on the deck, helping with random jobs in the ship. It was then that he saw it. The elven blood in his veins made his senses keener. If it wasn't for them he wouldn't have seen the dark cloud far off in the sky. He stopped and stared at it intently. A storm wasn't rare while traveling in the sea, but there was something strange... unnatural about that specific black cloud. He shrugged off any thoughts of unneasiness. There was almost no wind that night.

In one of the cabins, Garandos sat on his chair, his hands dancing above the crystal ball on his desk. The captain stood patiently beside him, his hands behind his back. The scrying spell worked fairly well. He saw the Wave Dancer floating atop the waters. Moving his hands, the image closed up, and scanned the deck of the ship. Garandos started another spell, which would tell him about any magical sources on the ship. He felt two strong forces, but after looking for the first one for a few minutes and finding nothing more than sailors on the deck, he moved on. Then, he saw her, and he was fairly sure that she felt him.

"There's a cleric on the ship; an elven girl. As far as I can tell, they're in no danger." Garandos informed the captain. The captain nodded, "That doesn't mean they won't be. Tell her."

It was Garandos' turn to nod. He worked a Windwhisper spell. Kylar would hear the message in her mind. My name is Garandos; I mean no harm. I'm part of the crew of a pirate-hunting vessel. We have reason to believe you could be in danger of an attack.

"Where are they?" asked the captain. Garandos concentrated on the crystal ball and said, "Just North of us. We should meet them soon."

03/29/2005 4:53 PM

(OOC: I'm quite relieved you're playing Garandos - it was going to feel pretty weird talking to myself!)

As Kylar opened the door to her cabin, Khalil swooped in front of her and perched himself on the back of a chair that sat in the corner of the room. "You feathery fiend!" Kylar said playfully, "That's where I was going to sit!" Kylar thought for a moment that she saw a glint of amusement in Khalil's eyes, but he began preening his feathers again, so she couldn't be certain. There's more to you than meets the eye, dear Khalil. she thought not for the first time since their meeting. She never understood why he had chosen to remain her faithful companion after their meeting in the forest - which seemed so very long ago. But she found herself grateful for his friendship, and hoped that she somehow returned to him a portion of the blessing he offered to her.

Sighing with a weariness she was unaware of feeling, Kylar removed her cloak and sat on the edge of the bed. She began to massage the tenseness in her neck when a sudden feeling of presence overcame her. "What the..." she said outloud, and then bit back her comment as she recognized the familiarity of the presence which seemed to occupy her mind. She had only a brief moment to wonder why a wizard had contacted her (and more importantly how he had found her) before she heard his words in her mind.

As she listened to his message, part of her mind searched frantically for a morsel of information she might have on this Garandos. She came up with nothing. Using a minor spell of Detect Evil, and being uncertain of its effectiveness against this wizard, Kylar's insticts told her this man could be trusted. Well, trusted as much as any wizard could be.

She nodded her head in agreement to Garandos' statement, knowing that it was likely he could see her. Still sitting on the bed, Kylar looked to the center of the room and responded, "Our situtation is currently under control, but it is not as peaceful as I would like for it to be. Good Wizard, what is your reason for contacting me? Do you intend to offer aid?" She knew her question was rather blunt, but she also knew her situation was more intense than she had admitted to the wizard...and she was willing to accept aid from any outside sources who would offer it freely. Freely she laughed her herself. A wizard never offers anything freely. But then again, do any of us? She waited patiently to see what his response would be.

03/29/2005 5:25 PM

(OOC Yes, you are allowed to take control of NPCs as long as it follows the plot.)

"Get yer arse in thur," one of the crewmen exclaimed as Randall was shoved into the holding cell.

"I bet ye Claw wantsa piece o dat one," the other replied with a hearty laugh as they exited the holding room.

Randall was left in the dark, the only source had been a lantern one of the men was carrying. Now, he was oblivious to the world around him aside from the occasional shout that could be heard overhead. The hold smelt of rotten fish and tar, a formidable aroma.

Randall leaned against the wall, the gentle rocking of the ocean combined with the monotonous dripping from somewhere nearby quickly had the young man's weary eyes closed.

03/29/2005 5:44 PM

(OOC: I only asked because Garndos wasn't gonna be in Laucian's presence.)

The wizard and the captain watched the crystal ball as the elven cleric spoke. Garandos had felt her cast a spell over him, he willingly let her scan his mind. He smiled at her remark, as he knew more or less what she would be thinking.

He cast another spell so she would be able to hear him and the captain as well. "Our services are paid by the kind mercenaries of Waterdeep..." Garandos was interrupted by a knock on the door. Irritated, Grandos threw an angry look at the door, without breaking his concentration.

The captain approached the door and warned, "I thought I said we're not to be disturbed." Laucian's voice came back, "There's something you should probably see, cap'n." The captain opened the door with a sigh and let Laucian in. "I saw something strange outside, it was a..." This time, Laucian was interrupted by the cry of a sailor. "Ship ahead!"

Garandos returned his sight to the crystal ball, "It seems we will meet soon enough." he said to the crystal ball.

03/29/2005 7:12 PM

Thoven awoke sometime later with a rather annoying headache. But he'd had worse. There was still plenty of rum in the bottle he'd recieved from the barkeep, but he decided he'd save it for another time. Besides, he had a good feeling about this day. That is, until he realized it was the dead of night. "No worries," he said aloud to no one in particular, "there'll be a ship in harbor soon enough."

He walked up to his room and returned a short while later with his lute. He sat down on the modest hearth of the Rusted Cutlass and disconnected himself as his fingers idly plucked at the strings of the lute. Soon enough he found himself lost in a veritable cornicopia of nothing.

03/29/2005 9:53 PM

Kylar listened to the exchange of voices she could hear, but was uncertain as to who she was actually listening to. She heard someone being referred to as a Captain, but she didn't know who the other voices belonged to. She felt Garandos focus his attention more fully upon her as he announced they'd be meeting soon enough. She was briefly puzzled by that comment, until she heard a commotion just outside her cabin - as if several sailors were rushing to get to thier posts.

"Oh" Kylar said to the room, not certain if the wizard was still listening, "it seems you're right, Good Wizard. So much for my plans of having a quiet evening." Kylar sighed whistfully as she muttered, "See you shortly."

Standing up to grab her cloak, she looked at Khalil, who was still perched on the chair. His large head was tucked under his wing, and if Kylar hadn't known better, she'd have sworn that crazy bird was snoring! Shaking her head at her feathered friend, she stroked his back gently before she whisked herself out of her cabin.

For a moment, she entertained the idea of going to Randall, but she figured he'd be safer in the cells incase the situation became chaotic. He was in as much danger of being taken out by Claw than anyone else who might attack, so it was best for him to steer clear of the chaos for now. As she climbed the steps to the main deck, Kylar muttered a Cloak of Protection spell, which would keep her safe from non-magical weapons as well as increase her magical resistance. She hoped the spell wouldn't be necessary, but she learned long ago that it was better to be over-prepared than caught unaware.

03/29/2005 11:51 PM

Laucian was angry at being interrupted, but he thought that it would be better that way. The cloud was probably nothing. The ship instantly became busy with people moving around, either to actually help, or just to find out what was happening. Laucian watched as a flag of Waterdeep, which depicted a shield and within it, a crescent moon rising from the sea, was raised. Shortly the other ship, which he assumed was the Wave Dancer, moved closer to The Justice. Laucian took a seat on the deck. He knew it would be a while for the captains to present themselves and such formalities.

Laucian had caught a glimpse of the imag in Garandos' crystal ball, and he had seen a woman. For a second, he thought to have seen the same person on the deck of the other ship...

03/30/2005 10:51 AM

Kylar tried to remain obscure as she observed the happenings on the deck. In the distance, she saw a ship approaching and recognized the flag of Waterdeep fluttering in the wind. Relying upon her keen Elven vision, she carefully scanned the inhabitants of the approaching ship. Her eyebrows furrowed as her vision lingered a bit longer on a gentleman seated on the deck - he seemed quite unconcerned with the details of whatever might happen next. She found that to be a bit curious, but knew she had other matters to attend do, so she filed away the observation for further refection.

Looking around the men on the Wave Dancer, Kylar could sense their increasing agitation and anticipation for a possible encounter with another vessel. She began to rethink her plan to leave Randall in the cells - if they needed to get out quickly, she needed to have him near her. Nodding to herself, she headed down from the deck to the place where she new Randall was being held.

As she entered the holding area, she breathed a thanks to Corellon that the two guards posted at the door were fast asleep. As she leaned in closer to examine them, the stench of alcohol was enough to make her reel back and cover her nose - which seemed to always have a keen sense of smell. Seeing a ring of large keys on the belt of the larger guard, Kylar gingerly reached forward and removed them from his belt. Her movements were deft, and the guard didn't even shift at her touch. Not wanting to press her luck, Kylar invoked Corellon's Grace upon herself, which would allow her to remain unnoticed as long as she didn't engage in any hostile actions.

Quietly unlocking and opening the door, Kylar entered into the cell. Though it was dark, her Elven vision permitted her to see Randall's life-force. She unlocked the cell and knelt down next to the young knight. She shook his shoulder gently and whispered his name urgently, "Randall." She paused a moment. "Randall!" she whispered a little more loudly, "wake up - we need to get out of here quickly."

03/30/2005 6:49 PM

Randall was awoken by a gentle shaking as he slept in his holding cell. The fair voice whispered to him as he thought it must have been an angel. The cell was still dark and he was unable to see anything.

"Eh? If you say so," Randall replied, rising to his feet to greet the figure. "Oh, is that you Kylar? I thought my ears had decieved me when I heard your fair voice as I slept alone in this dark cell. Indeed, we should be on the move. However, may I ask where we are heading to, seeing as how we are in the middle of the Sea of Swords," he jested with the elven cleric, a thin smile on his face although it could not be seen in the darkness. The young man chuckled to himself, for it sounded like a naive plan he once held. To escape the darkness of his past and his life.

03/31/2005 8:12 PM

Kylar felt her own mouth twitch in amusement at the young knight's response. "Well," she said to him in jest, "I see your time here hasn't done much to reign in that tongue of yours! Maybe I should leave you here a few more hours and see what that does for you." She knew he couldn't see her smile, but she squeezed his shoulder as she spoke, so he'd sense her playful intent. He is stronger than perhaps I've given him credit for she thought to herself.

Linking her arm within Randall's as they walked out of the cell, she continued "I have a spell of Corellon's Grace covering us. This will allow us to walk out of here unnoticed, but you need to be aware of the limitations of this spell. If I engage in any hostile actions, we will both become visible. While covered in Corellon's Grace, we won't leave any tracks behind us, and are immune to a Detect Invisibility spell. However, anyone who casts a spell of True Seeing will be able to see us quite clearly."

She paused for a moment, wondering if Randall would find it odd that she was suddenly talking so openly about her magic. Anticipating his line of questioning, she said, "While in my cabin, I was contacted by Garandos, a wizard from a ship whom we are about to meet. He seemed to think we were in danger of an attack, and I had no reason to believe that his words were untrue." Pausing just outside the guard's cell, Kylar stopped speaking and placed her index finger over Randall's lips to indicate he should remain silent as well. Together they stepped through the open door and closed it quietly. Re-locking the door before replacing the ring of keys on the still-snoring guard's belt, Kylar felt it would be a while before anyone noticed Randall was gone.

As they ascended the steps toward the deck, Kylar whispered to Randall, "I suggest we wait quietly here and see what happens when the two ships finally meet. If it seems like the ship bearing Waterdeep's flag is a safer place to be, then we'll need to be ready to exit quickly." Kylar noticed that her arm was still locked with Randall's and was surprised at how comfortable it felt to her. She realized in that moment that this young knight had become more than a traveling companion to her - in her heart, she considered him a friend. Smiling to herself, she left her arm locked with his, and waited to see what would unfold on the deck around them.

04/01/2005 12:52 PM

Randall stared straight ahead at the approaching vessel. However, his mind was elsewhere as he stood beside Kylar, there arms intertwined. He had never had anyone this close to him and felt a bit uncomfortable by the experience. While he welcomed the support he also wished to push it away. His entire life he had built a wall separating himself from the emotions of the outside world. In that moment, he considered where this event would lead him down the road then considered where his life had been. He left his arm alone for the moment.

The crew had erupted into a flurry of activity as the other ship drew near. Already, the [i]Wave Dancer's[/i] Captain was standing at the rail, awaiting the other ship to get within shouting distance.

04/03/2005 3:01 PM

(OOC: Don't worry about something so trivial as ship etiquette. It won't affect the characters or conflicts. XP )

Laucian watched as the wooden plank was placed to connect the two ships. He kept a look on every sailor, as they all kept their hands on their hilts. The captain and a few sailors got up on the plank. Laucian noticed Garandos hiding behind a sail, spell ready to attack the other ship. The captain of the Wave Dancer along with a few of his crew got on the plank. They presented themselves, and everybody seemed to relax as they shook hands.

Laucian stood up slowly and then walked over towards where the "meeting" was being held. He suddenly looked up. He had forgotten completely about the strange cloud he had seen, until then, when it started to block out the moon. Out of curiosity, and a feeling in the pit of his stomach, he pulled out his guitar, and sang a spell of true seeing...

04/08/2005 9:49 PM

Kylar unconsciously held her breath as the captains approached one another on the plank. Garandos' words were ringing in her mind about his concern of a possible attack, but it seemed the crews were wary of each other more than vengeful. However, Kylar had been upon the seas long enough to know how quickly tempers can flare and situations change - so she remained on guard against the unexpected.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Randall taking in the surroundings. I wonder what he's thinking about all this? she pondered to herself. What memories are being stirred beneath his own surface, many of which he is not even aware of their awakening? She shrugged her shoulders internally, as if to remind herself that Randall's battles would come to light in their own timing, or in your timing, Corellon Larethian she said to her god as she looked toward the moon. Or rather, to where the moon had been.

Squinting her eyes to examine the unexpected cloud which covered much of the moon's light, Kylar instinctively searched the rest of the sky. No other cloud was similar to this one. Cursing under her breath in her Elven tongue, Kylar berated herself for assuming Garandos' attack would be from another pirate ship. She hadn't even considered the possibility of magic. Silently berating herself for not thinking clearly, she opened her mouth to explain to Randall that their danger may remain unseen.

Before she could speak a word, something in the air around her shifted. It was as if a rhythm was somehow resonating from the depths of her bones to the upper layers of her skin and inbetween the time and space between herself and Randall. Shaking Randall's arm, she whispered intently, "Someone has cast a spell of True Seeing. I'm not aware of anyone on our ship with this ability, so it must be from the other ship. Perhaps it's only Garandos, but perhaps not. Keep your eyes open, Knight, we may need to guard against the unseen rather than the visible." Kylar had barely moved her lips as she spoke, but she knew their meaning was clear. Using her Elven vision, she scanned the other ship, hoping to find something - anything - that would explain someone wanting her to be found.

04/09/2005 10:16 PM

Laucian plucked one last note of his spell, and looked up, ready to see anything in the direction of the cloud. However, he saw nothing more than darkness. The cloud was real. Unconvinced, Laucian sat there, waiting for something to happen or appear. Nothing.

He sighed and turned his mind back to the captains' affairs. The captains were now safely discussing things on the deck of the Wavedancer. Laucian let out a chuckle as he saw Garandos, out of his hiding place, arms crossed. Paranoid as ever. Then, he noticed them.

They were both standing together in a corner of the deck. "Could have sworn they weren't there before..." whispered Laucian to himself. After a few seconds of close examination, he recognized the elven cleric. She's not half bad, he mused to himself. A moment later, he recognized his old friend. How he had changed! Without believieng his eyes, Laucian strolled casually towards the plank. He paid no attention to the number of hands travelling to their hilts.

"Randall, is that you? You've got to be f***ing me!"

Heads turned. Confusion rose. Swords were drawn.

04/10/2005 10:47 AM

Randall's mouth almost fell to the deck as he regarded Laucian, an old friend of his from his service with the Purple Dragons of Cormyr. Suddenly, his face was covered with a large smile as he walked towards Laucian.

"What in the abyss are you doing on the Sea of Swords? I never imagined you being a sailor," Randall replied with a suspicious look. "And the last time I checked, that was your sister that I was f***ing," he added with a sly wink.

As the crews regarded the two men, they immediately relaxed. That is until they realized Randall was not in his holding cell…

04/13/2005 9:28 PM

At the sound of Randall's name being called, Kylar quicly dropped the spell of Corellon's Grace. She hoped that those around here had been distracted by the meeting of the captains that they hadn't noticed them seeming to appear out of nowhere.

With her Elven eyes searching quickly and thoroughly in the direction of the voice she'd heard, she spied the elf, no - the half-elf coming directly toward them. She couldn't tell by his greeting whether Randall was friend or foe, so her mind began to prepare for the latter. It was only Randall's large smile and sudden movement toward him that assured her they were on friendly terms. With that immediate danger passed, Kylar noticed the rest of her surroundings.

She was surprised by the appearance of various men with their swords drawn, and the confused look of the crew when they realized Randall shouldn't have been in their midst. Stepping in front of the two men, Kylar faced the crowd around them and stated in a commanding yet persuasive tone, "I released my Knight from his holding cell, since I was uncertain of the approaching ship's intentions with us. I thought it wise to have an armed and well-trained fighter standing among you - not that you couldn't hold your own, for you all CERTAINLY have a reputation of sorts....." She paused while the sailors snickered and elbowed one another. "But whenever you run the risk of encountering the unknown, you're better off to be over-prepared that caught unaware." She paused again, making eye contact with every man listening to her. "Wouldn't you agree with the wisdom in that?" She smiled in a way that could be interperted to mean many things, depeding on the mindset of the one watching - the smile of a mother, a sister, a wife, a lover, or whatever woman that would be a source of trust and assurance for them. They slowly began to nod and mutter "yes, yes, very wise, we were probably hasty with locking him up anyway, I mean, he did come up here to protect us." The group seemed to speak as a single voice, and they in turn, agreed that they had no unresolved issue with Randall, which meant it would not be spoken of again.

Sighing within herself, she turned back to face the men behind her. "Well Randall" Kylar said as she looked directly at the half-elf, "aren't you going to introduce me to your friend? Or are you still not on speaking terms after your indescretion with his sister?" She felt a half-smirk come across her face, knowing Randall would feel a bit embarrassed at her having overhead his remark.

04/15/2005 2:22 PM

Randall blushed before stuttering out an odd response.

"Laucien... Joke... Friend," he replied with a beaming smile on his face. He looked at his long lost friend once more before clasping him around the shoulder. Turning back to regard Kylar, he burst into laughter.

"That was utterly amazing what you did with the crew, and not to mention me," he added with another of his infamous sly smirks.

04/16/2005 3:40 PM

The crew seemed calmed, but still, Laucian placed his hands so that he would be able to draw up to four knives in but a few moments. Pretending to take his mind off any conflicts with the sailors, he faced his friend and his companion. His mind raced with questions: Why was Randall here? What would he think of his exile? Had he been exiled too?

Laucian bowed, still keeping his hands close to his hidden weapons. "I am Laucian the Bard. I hold no alliances to any, except to my captain." He introduced himself, hoping to give Randall some clue of his current situation.

"Out of all the places in the Realms, we meet again in the Sea of Swords! Well, friend, it's been too long. Let us talk." If Randall was still a Knight, Laucian would have to...

Suddenly, Laucian felt a pull on his arm. He turned around to find a quite nervous Garandos. Laucian arched an eyebrow, "So, you have decided to come out of hiding. This is my friend..."

"Yes, Yes. Very nice to meet you," interrupted Garandos hastily, "Laucian, there's something wrong. See that?" Garandos pointed straight up, where the moon should have been. The dark cloud.

"Oh. No worries old man. I already checked it. It's just a simple cloud."

"No. You don't understand, there's something else up there. Something powerful."

04/18/2005 9:16 AM

Kylar smiled at Randall's comment and winked at him. She realized it was the first time she had heard him laugh freely, and she knew that his friendship with Laucian must run deep for him to react in such a way.

Half-bowing in return to Laucian, she responded, "I am Kylar, servant of Corellon Larethian, currently traveling to Waterdeep with Randall." She caught a sense of urgency in Laucian's request to speak with Randall, and was about to excuse herself when another stranger approached their party.

As he spoke, Kylar recognized Garandos' voice. She was about to comment on his presence when he made note of the cloud above them. Looking to the direction he was pointing, Kylar pondered the dark mass that hid the light of the moon from her. Frowning slightly, she turned back to Garandos and asked rather bluntly, "What have you seen, Wizard?"

04/19/2005 6:48 PM

"A wizard sees not only with his eyes," said Garandos in a typical mage remark. "Hello again. Up in the cloud, i sense something magical - no, many things magical."

Laucian rolled his eyes. "There is nothing up there!" he exclaimed, annoyed at having to "take care" of the problem twice. Unwillinh to waste any more time on the subject, he started singing a violent tune. The spell of Gust of Wind emmanated from his outstretched hand and made the sails of the ships shake. The cloud must have been floating low on the sky, because it didn't take long to reach it. As the black cloud started to dissipate, Laucian was reading to say "There, happy?" but was left voiceless at the sight revealed.

A large wooden ship sailed across the sky. It's sails spread wide, and from it's deck sprouted strings which were connected to great bags which seemed to keep it afloat in mid-air. The ship reflected the moonlight, leaving all those below with gaping mouths. Laucian heard Garandos whisper something. The word Halruaa told him everything he needed to know. He shivered in fear.

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04/20/2005 1:35 PM

Even from the coastline, the unbalance was noticable. It made the old sea dogs put down their ale, the young sailors trembled, and it made Thoven's lute cease all noise. The firelight seemed to grow dimmer as utter silence fell over the Rusted Cutlass. Thoven left the tavern and made haste for the docks.

Once there, everything was brought into light. The dockhands were frozen, all staring out at the ocean. From the immediate group one young street urchin broke away, running for the city. Thoven followed the dockhands' gaze and saw what they were staring at. A large could be seen on the horizon. The strange thing was that the ship was *floating*! Thoven had heard of such things before, but he hoped that the rumors weren't true. The ship's direction couldn't be calculated for sure, but it looked as though it could be headed this way. Thoven immidiately turned and sprinted off heading for the government district. He had to find out if any artifacts had been discovered recently.

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04/24/2005 5:46 PM

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The massive ship was the size of The Wave Dancer, The Justice, and at least two more ships. Laucian let out a shuddering breath. He had already wasted one of his Gust of Wind spells. They weren't too far from the shore, but there was no way both ships could get away from the ship. Cries of battle broke out. Many moved around the decks, drawing weapons that would do little damage to the floating ship. He saw Marie climbing up the stairs to a higher part of the deck, where archers had a good view of other ships. Garandos beside him, was muttering a spell, concentrating fully on the vessel above. Suddenly, a figure was seen levitating up from the Wave Dancer. A man shouted, "Tis' Claw; that traitor!"

Marie had started to shoot arrow after arrow, most of them hitting the hull of the ship, or falling short. Garandos finnished his spell, and a few seconds later, there came a rain of arrows and bolts. They bounced against Garandos' magical wall, and splashed on the water floating harmlessly. Laucian ran back in the direction of The Justice. The plank was still there. He ran towards the stairs to help his lover. The arrows had stopped falling. As he got to the higher platform of the deck, Laucian almost fell backwards in surprise.

Shuddering, he approached Marie's bloodied figure. Garandos' shield hadn't protected both ships completely. He kneeled beside her. None of the arrows had struck vital points, but there were enough of them in Marie's body to finnish her: two in her leg, one scratched her side, and one through her shoulder. Laucian lowered his lips her ear. Softly, he whispered the only healing spell he had knew. She stirred. He dared not touch the arrows that had pierced her limbs, so he kept singing. He payed no attention to the screams and spells that filled the air.

When he gathered enough courage and anger, Laucian stood up and used his sleeve to dry his eyes. "Johnathan!" he called for the healer of the ship. As soon as the man peered up at the platform and saw Marie, he ran desperate to heal the daughter of his captain. Laucian had picked up Marie's bow, and was testing it out. Looking through a pile of arrows, he found the one he had been looking for. An arrow perfectly balanced with red marks on the perfect wood and a blunt rounded tip. Marie's Fireball arrow.


Many sailors laughed as they hurled projectiles and spells down upon the two ships. The Halruaan leaders had commanded the sailors to stay as far as possible from the center of the deck, where two circles of magic had been marked. The most powerful mages stood around it, ready to cast. "Claw" levitated upon the deck of the ship, and let his spell fade away as he dropped onto the wooden floor.

"Everything ready, I suppose. Are there any down there who might prove to be trouble?" asked one of the powerful mages. The cowl of his cloak was down so low that his face was no more than darkness.

"Aye master; everything is ready. There's a weak mage, an elven cleric lass, and a bard. All else know nothing arcane," replied "Claw" as he rid himself of the illusionary appearance he had used to fit in with the crew. His master did something like a nod, then all the mages gathered around the two circles. "Claw" leaned against a wooden post as he watched. The mages pronounced every syllable at the same time, moved every finger in co-ordination. Runes started to glow, and the sailors stopped their attacks to watch the mages cast the synchronized Telekinesis spell. Slowly, but surely, the two ships would lift off the water.

05/01/2005 8:56 AM

Randall ran around the deck, trying to issue commands to the few sailors who would listen. Above him, he saw the disappearing form of Claw, and noticed where he was heading, upwards towards the flying ship.

"Traitorous bastard," he said under his breath before resuming his frantic attempts to form some sort of defense. Frustrated, he went off in search of Kylar.

05/11/2005 1:21 AM

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Garandos had as many ideas of what to do as anyone else, yet as the sailors passed by, they gave him a look that pleaded for help against the Mages. He was growing quite annoyed when he remembered the very reason he was in the ship. "Prioritize!" he told himself. He ran back across the platform trying to think of a spell he could use in the hopeless situation. And where in the Abyss was Laucian?!

He spotted not Laucian, but his friend, the knight. He seemed to be looking for someone in between commands to the frantic sailors. The wizard approached the man a bit unsure.
"Sir knight, have you seen Laucian? It's of uttermost importance that I get him out of the ship," he mumbled, not quite caring if he was revealing too much of his intentions.

05/11/2005 7:01 PM

Kylar emerged from the lower deck, with Khalil perched on her shoulder and carrying hers and Randall's few belongings. Seeing Randall standing next to Garandos, the elven cleric made her way quickly through the chaos to both of them.

She arrived just as Garandos was asking about Laucian. At his mention of wanting to remove him from the ship, Kylar put herself between Randall and the wizard. Looking intently at him, she spoke in a level voice, "Why is it that you have an urgent need to remove him from this ship?" As she spoke, Khalil's large eyes seemed to whirl with greater intensity, and he too appeared to look beyond the surface of Garandos and into the very core of his being.

05/14/2005 10:04 AM

Garandos stepped back, unnerved by the looks he was receiving. For a moment, he was convinced that the cleric and her pet knew who he worked for, and for a moment thought of telling them. But if the told Laucian, he would find no humor in it. Garandos let out a slight smirk. The lass was smart.

He looked to the side to see a man in the higher deck holding up a bow.


Laucian brought back the bowstring. Tears blurred his vision. Tears of grief. Tears of anger. Tears of death.

He brought up a hand to clear his eyes, fitting in the red arrow, and pulled back the string in one motion. He held the string until he managed to calculate in his mind which way the arrow would travel. Then he pulled back the arrow further, bending the bow almost to its limits. He saw Marie from the corner of his eye, the healer worked frentically to no avail. Laucian brought the arrow even further back with a grunt and then let it fly.

Many stopped to watch the strange arrow fly through the air. It started loosing its momentum as it neared the flying ship. Then, the arrow could be seen barely hitting the hull.


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05/23/2005 6:22 PM

Thoven stopped dead in his tracks as the flying vessel went up in flames. Gasps let out from the masses. Women huddled their children close to them, men Took of their hats, and the whole crowd was somber, save one young pirate. Thoven let out a sigh of relief. He still needed to seek the council of the city, but he knew this would at least make things less urgent, for the time being at least...

06/06/2005 12:45 AM

(OOC: End of school & exams! For every birth there is a death.)

Garandos watched, mouth gaping, as the ship was swallowed by rolling fire. The screams of unfortune sailors could be heard from the ships below. Not too far away, a smile of satisfaction appeared on Laucian's grim face. After a small amount of smoke cleared. The ship reappeared, floating intact. It was to be expected that such a ship would have magical protections. Even so, a burnt body or two dropped from high above into the calm waters, and little would Garandos realize that Laucian had thankfully stopped the spell meant to lift the two ships.

Breathing heavily, Garandos looked around for an answer to his problems. An idea forming in his mind, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a scroll. He quickly chanted the spell and placed the portal not far from Laucian.

"In the portal now!" he yelled at the two travellers.

06/12/2005 6:06 PM

Randall looked at the wizard, at first questioning the reasoning for the need of their departure. The man shrugged it off as he gave his friends one last look before plunging headfirst into the portal.

His body felt odd, as if floating and yet being pulled in many directions at once before it abruptly stopped and Randall landed on something hard. He raised his head and spit out the dirt that had found its way into his mouth. Slowly, he stood up. Waves of disorientation rolled over him as he fought to stay upright. The world seemed to heave like the deck of a ship before he made his way over to the wall to steady himself.

06/12/2005 7:38 PM

Kylar watched as the ship above them was engulfed in flames. She allowed herself to be mesmerized by the power and horrific beauty of those flames, and felt herself frown slightly as the ship emerged from the fire, unscathed except for a few unfortunate sailors.

Her gaze turned suddenly to Garandos as she began to feel waves of magic around her. Watching as he chanted, Kylar saw a portal appear in front of them. She hesitated at his command to enter it, still uncertain as to whether this wizard could be trusted. She turned to speak to Randall, and saw him dive into the portal. "Oh for the love of Corellon!" she shouted to no one inparticular, and jumped in after him, with Khalil still firmly grasping her shoulder.

06/13/2005 1:38 AM

The healer of the ship had turned his mind onto the fire surround the ship and then watched as a portal formed on the surface of the ship. At seeing this, Laucian, maddened by the futility of his attack yelled, "Focus fool, a'fore I rip off yer heart!"

Garandos watched this and the two companions enter the portal while trying to hold it open. Realizing that Laucian would never leave the ship without his love and knowing his magic could not carry Marie saw his only option. He ran straight at Laucian, knowing that it would take him, a wizard, all the strength he had to drive Laucian into the portal. It worked.

A few seconds later, four disoriented people tried to fight the queasiness that followed travelling by magic. Garandos began to explain, keeping his eyes closed as he kneeled by a wall, "Welcome to my abode. We're now in the Government District of Waterdeep."

Laucian looked wide-eyed at the floor in all fours, shaking his head in full denial of his current situation.

06/16/2005 1:28 PM

"Laucian, I suspect the ship will port in Waterdeep. Is it not its base of operations?" Randall tried to comfort his old friend before pulling up a chair and sitting down. His face was bruised from his fall and he touched it slightly, wincing at the pain. Already, the blood below the surface turned part of his face purple.

"Wizard. Will any one know we have arrived?" Randall asked his host. In truth, it did not matter if anyone was aware of their presence but he suspected that the authorities could question them on the matter of the floating ship. Hopefully, no one had been able to see the flying fireball, but he doubted it. That arrow had consumed the ship in flame and stood out like a beacon in the night sky. Randall leaned back in the chair and sighed. Running his hand through his hair he turned to regard his companion.

"Are you alright?"

06/16/2005 6:27 PM

Laucian's tears flowed, as he managed a, "They're not coming back," his voice cracking with every syllable.

Suddenly, the pieces of the puzzle fell together in Laucian's mind. The mere look that Laucian gave him, told the wizard he was in very serious trouble. Laucian jumped off the floor in one quick movement, holding Garandos against the wall with strength that could only be summoned so by ire.

After quite a few curses common in the mouths of the toughest sea dogs. He declared, "You son of a whore, you were working for my father the whole time!"

A dagger appeared as if by magic in Laucian's hand. Garandos kept as calm an expression as he could and concluded, "We both know you wouldn't." No, Laucian wouldn't be able to do so, but then the image of Marie's bloodied corpse entered his mind once again. He could feel his anger seep out in the form of the wizard's warm blood as the dagger cut swiftly, cleanly across flesh and arteries.

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06/30/2005 8:44 AM

Thoven felt it. He couldn't explain how, but he knew that something had shifted along the Arcane Weave in Waterdeep. He stopped and concentrated, and then began following where he believed the ripple to have come from, but try as he might he could not find its source. He did, however, find himself standing in front of a grand estate. "Well I'll be a son of a Sea Elf," he muttered, noticing which house he was standing in front of. All of a sudden, something felt very wrong...

06/30/2005 6:04 PM

Randall rushed towards Laucian and the wizard but it was too late. Laucian had opened Garandos' neck with his dagger. The wizard lay in his own pool of blood on the floor. Randall walked over to Laucian, who still clutched the dagger in his hand, and tried to comfort him. Randall clutched his friends shoulder and took the dagger from him. Not so long ago, Randall had found himself in almost the same position as his friend.

"We need to leave Waterdeep. This was the wizard's house and undoubtedly someone knows that we are here. I don't imagine the authorities will take too kindly to the murder of a well respected wizard." He looked at each of them, hoping that Laucian saw the logic in his words. Then he looked at the elf who’s company he had come to like the last few days. “If you do not wish to come with us, I understand.”

09/01/2005 12:02 AM

|~Stands near the pane of a window listening to the presence within, haunched low to the the ground, his hand on the hilt of his kodachi reathed at his side, he makes his way towards the edge of the door waiting, patiently. He pulls his hood over his head, covering his Crimson red, shoulder length hair, all but his eyes are sheilded by the cover of wich resides, he hears them approaching the door, he unsheaths his Kodachi with a loud Shing and prepares himself for advancment upon them....~|

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