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02/10/2005 4:50 PM

The whurhh of a helicopter overhead woke the sleeping U.S. Guard as leaned againts the cool wall. The night air was fresh as he took alook around. The sound of helicopter roaters got louder, the guard reached for his radio.
"Um Bob...this is Murry. I think there's a helicopter around here, better check it out." Murry finsihed and just as he did search lights went on and searched the air. He relaxed a bit when his radio broke out in to screams for back up.
"Anyone!! We're are being infiltrated, I require back up. I reapeat I require back up."
Murry stumbled as he reachedfor his M4 and ran towards the alarm. Hereached it and hit the dullred button...
"What the hell?....?!?!" He said as a bullet entered and left his skull.
A dark figure holding a gun muttred into a radio unit. "Check point clear, moving out." Within in a few hours more will meet Murrys fate. The facility he was guarding is a the holding area for the production of the new Metal Gear...In the Jungles of south America.

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