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02/09/2005 7:41 PM

I am sort of tired of RPing with a larger number of people, while it is fun, it has it's drawbacks. So, I was wondering if anyone would like to RP with me, preferably fantasy but I'm up for about anything.

02/09/2005 8:23 PM

Hey Exile - I'd be open to jumping into an adventure with ya (haha, if you're feeling daring, that is). ;) I love the energy that's in a larger group, but sometimes you do kinda wind up stuck in place if several people are out for a while. I'm definitely one who prefers the fantasy genre - and tend to prefer interaction over action. ;) If you're interested, drop me an e-mail (so the Mighty Chungmeister doesn't accuse us of chit-chatting!)

(Chung - do you actually think it's possible for any of us to post without chit-chatting?!?)

02/15/2005 10:45 AM

Hello shoppers, i am a little new to rping, but i am not new to writing. I love fantasy and sf, but i find rp's that are neither very interesting as well. I prefer to stick with a smaller group because i like more meaningful story lines, or at least ones with more complex interaction between the characters. I think it is great fun to be technical as well, ex: show off a battle scene. However, I do not refer to the mathematical operations of character systems or the like but rather in producing original ideas, worlds, characters etc. There is no doubt in my mind that the better we know eachother as writers the more fun we can have. I have plenty of time to write, so dont expect me to be away for extended periods of time. Drop me a lizine and hopefully we can start our creative engines, i am very flexible as to the subject matter and hope to get typing up a chinchilla-eating-dragon and the whatnot soon.

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