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02/09/2005 9:36 AM

See the Recruitment Thread FIRST!!

02/14/2005 6:49 AM

Dwarfed by the massive structure of Deep Space 9, the Millenium looked small as the Akira class warship lay nestled against the docking coupling. Unlike the larger exploration vessels, the Millenium was less opulent, more spartan and utalitarian as would expect of a war-vessel. Sleek and powerful in her design, the Akira class represented the best of the new line of Perimeter Defense Vessels Starfleet had added to the lines.

Aboard the Millenium's bridge, the Andorian chief of security watched as one of the crew exited the bridge, his blue antennae, which protruded from amongst the colorless pale hair of his head and matched his blued skin, tracked the young officer until she disappeared from view into the turbolift.

He slowly craned his head back to regard the Cardassian built station Deep Space 9 through the bridges view screen balefully with his purple colored eyes. To the Andorian, the Cardassian-built station represented the last Major war of the Federation, the War with the enigmatic Founders of the Dominion. Lieutenant Commander Ly’Celtar of the Nhe’Vanyir clan almost sneered at the memory of the shape-shifters and their sniveling vorta lackeys though his rigorous Starfleet training had taught him to conceal the hot-blooded side of his people beneath a mask of calm composure. Instead, the male andorian clenched his jaw tightly, the only sign of his displeasure the minute twitching of a muscle at the base of his jaw-line beneath his left ear.

Placing his hands behind his back and clasping them together, he walked from his tactical station to the centre point of the bridge where he stood impassively, his eyes watching the view screen ahead but his senses aware of the movements of the bridge crew around him. Ly’Celtar would not sit in the Captain’s Chair, to him the traditions of his clan forbade such arrogance as to claim the position of honor garnered someone higher.

“Ensign contact Operations aboard Deep Space 9 and request any information on unusual activities or ships in the region over the last four months, no matter how small or trivial they may seem and have them transferred to my station. Also find out when the last of our new personnel and supplies are scheduled to arrive and inform Captain Noble on the Station the moment we are ready to leave Stardock.” He ordered the young human in his measured deep-toned voice.

The andorian was thorough and he hated to be surprised, hated to be bested in his chosen field. Like most of his kind Ly’Celtar was a warrior who had seen his baptism by fire against the Romulans, served in the Cardassian War, engaged the Borg at both Wolf 359 and Sector Zero and finally served with distinction amongst some of the heaviest fighting seen in the Dominion War and had survived to fight another day...

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02/14/2005 1:43 PM

The ensign reported back within two minutes. "Sir, we have a message from DS9, Commander Worf asks if we have a Lieutenant Murat Shuval on our crew manifest. The lieutenant seems to be in their sickbay, Sir. The commander called it an injury sustained in training."

Within the sickbay, Dr Bashir was at work on patching up the lieutenant, who merely sat and grinned to Commander Worf, who was sending a message to the USS Milennium. Murat had gotten injured during a Bat'leth training with the Commander, breaking an arm in the process of trying to cleave the latter. A couple of minutes later the arm was set in place and the bone as good as new. Bashir warned him that the arm might be a little stiff in the coming days, but Murat had simply waved away the comment. "It'll remind me to make sure that I will be a little faster next time. Just a fraction of a second faster and the Commander would have been your patient, instead of me. Damn good move, Worf, next time I visit DS9 you will have to teach me a little more." He grinned to the Commander.

Murat had been on DS9 for nearly a week now, after being dropped off early by the Oberon, where he was stationed after his transfer off the US Yorktown. He had swiftly made friends with the crew of DS9, but mainly with the Klingon.

02/14/2005 3:11 PM

Katie Riverty, or "River" as the rest of her classmates called her, entered through DS9's docking port and made her way up to the bridge. She was smiling and couldn't stop all the way there. Her first posting on a warship, this was going to be great. She had studied all of the evasive manuver patterns again on her way to DS9. Her sunburst, blue-green eyes scanned the corridoors and hallways as she passed through them. She smiled at anyone she happened to pass by, waving to the others she had met earlier.

River stepped through the doors of the turbo lift and onto the bridge. She stared wide eyed in wonder. This was a beautiful bridge, the most beautiful she had seen in real life. She shook her head and walked down to her post, at the helm. Her strong hands affectionately stroked her helm control consol. Katie sat down in her chair and went over all the protocals in her mind as she looked the panel over. She was going to enjoy flying this ship. She sat back after a while and started playing with her bronze hair as she gazed absently out the viewport. Her thoughts were running over and over all the procedures of flying an Akira class.

After running through that a few times her thoughts turned toward the rest of the crew, would she like the crew as much as the ship? What is the captain like? Who would she befriend?

02/15/2005 2:29 AM

…Ly’Celtar nodded to the Operations Ensign as he relayed the information about Liuetenant Shuval, the andorian security officer’s mind casting back to the recent dominion war and the time served aboard the Yorktown, as his jaw clenched and the muscle twitched again in irritation. Klingons and Andorians shared a similar somewhat bloodthirsty history but unlike the Klingons, the Andorians chose to hold their battle-lust behind a calmer composure.


The andorian shook his head to clear himself from his reverie as he noticed that the previously vacant Helm was now occupied by a young ensign. Ly’Celtar strode quickly over to the new recruit and regarded her with his dark purple eyes as his antennae swiveled of their own accord scenting the new recruit and filing her distinctive ‘scent’ away in the back of his mind.

“And you would be?” he asked in his somber voice, his blue skinned face emotionless, though slightly tilted to the right as he waited for the Ensign’s answer…

02/15/2005 7:53 AM

Captain Noble watched out of the bridge's viewscreen as the wormhole opened up to allow the Titan to exit. The flash of color left Raven speachless. She smiled and could almost feel the Captain of the Titan, Riker, smile as well.

"Nervous?" He asked

"Pardon?" She startled, and turned to face him. Riker stood and gestured towards the distant figure of DS9.

"Nervous about your first command?" He clarified. Raven struggled to hide the flush that spread across her cheeks as she nodded. Riker chuckled and rested a hand on her shoulder.

"You're one of the youngest members of Starfleet to gain a command since the days of James Kirk. If they think you're ready... Trust me, you are." He turned and sat back down. "Lets get a better look at the Millenium shall we?"

Raven nodded and stood beside his chair.

DS9 acknowledged the Titans' approach and it manuvered smoothly to dock accross from the Millenium. She gazed in wonder at the warship, even though through images and specs, she knew every detail of the heavily modified Akira class warship, it was quite different seeing it in person.

She breathed out audibly, and Riker smiled.

"I'd have said the same thing." He laughed and stood again, preceeding her to the port turbolift.

"Shall we?"

Raven nodded, still somewhat speechless. She followed Riker to the turbolift and was still quite silent as they decended to the air-lock. Once there, Riker turned towards her again.

"I have been told that your Navigation Pilot, a Liutenant K'Rune will be meeting you to take you to the Millenium. Good Luck to you Captain Noble... and to quote an old aquaintance, 'Take care of your ship, and she'll take care of you... she'll always bring you home again.'" Riker took her hand in a firm grip and then turned towards the ensign manning the air-lock. The doors hissed open...

02/15/2005 8:59 AM

Eshana W'Neta stared at the tall round glass sitting on the table in front of her, looking at it, but not really seeing it. The blue concoction had become one of her favorite beverages, but she simply wasn't in the mood to drink it. She'd agreed to meet Elisiya at Quark's so they could report for duty together, but knew the Ferengi wouldn't take kindly to someone taking up one of his tables without ordering anything. She smiled when she thought of her Trill friend, and remembered the first time they'd met. She hoped the history of their meeting wasn't known by anyone on the ship - she didn't want anyone to think of THAT whenever they saw her! Smiling and shaking her head, Eshana was glad that Elisiya would be with her on her first assignment. Having grown up on various Starfleet ships, Eshana was comfortable with the culture and environment, but being on board as an officer put a different twist on things.

She pulled out her electronic notebook, and viewed the ship's roster again. She'd already memorized the information on her fellow officers, and began reviewing again the information for the crew. Being the ship's Counselor, she needed to have as much information as possible in order to perform her duties well. But she also knew that there was more to a person than their Starfleet record, and was never one to make a pre-judgement on someone before she'd actually met them herself. As she glanced through the information, she kept part of her attention on the entrance to Quark's so she could flag down Elisiya when she arrived.

02/15/2005 9:38 AM

After being discharged by Bashir, Murat said his goodbye's to his newly found friend. "Worf, watch your back and if you cannot, we'll meet again in stovolkor." The klingon merely nodded and handed him the bat'leth he had been using for the last few days. "Use it well, you have earned to keep it." Murat nodded and took the weapon, then struck his own chest with his fist. "I am honored, Commander." They shook hands and Murat went his way to the upper pilon, where the Milennium had been docked.

The schematics of the ship and engineroom had been engraved in his memory, having studied the details of them vigorously over the last two weeks. From the moment that he had been told of his new assignment. A grin curled around his face, which seemed more klingon then human, when he had read the crew manifest. I see that my Andorian friend survived the battles he's been in. One might call it a small miracle.

A few minutes later he reported himself on the bridge of the Milennium. "Lieutenant Shuval reporting for duty, Sir." He glanced around and smiled at the Andorian, while still holding the Bat'leth in his left hand, meanwhle saluting with the other.

02/15/2005 9:42 AM

With a calm and confident stride, Elisiya sauntered into Quark's, her deep midnight blue eyes scanning the patrons for a familiar face. Nerves tied knots in her stomach when she remembered that Here she was, on her first assignment all of a sudden she felt a bit small and insignificant in comparison to the grandeur of the ship. "And this is just the bar!" she told herself...clearing her throat and nervously figiting with her auburn locks she spotted Eshana, a feeling of peace enveloped her as memories from the Academy flooded back...causing a genuine smile to grace her delicate features.

"Look at her" she thought..."she still hasn't listened to my advice and relaxed" a soft laugh escaped at the irony as she walked over to Eshana's table.....

"You do know water-girl, that no matter how long you look at that thing the information stays the same. right?" the warmth in her own voice helped to soothe Elisiya's nerves. Water-girl was a nickname the changling had been given back at the Dorm. The two had gotten into a bit of innocent mischief up until the time Elisiya had been given the symbiote... ahhhh responsibility it tends to change a person... but theirs was a friendship that would defy time and they couldn't believe their luck when they were assigned to the same ship.

"So.... any good information about the crew that the CMO should know about?" a huge grin appeared across her face, Elisiya was proud of her new title and wasn't afraid to let it show. "Who all is aboard? i have yet to see a complete roster list." Elisiya noticed the blue liquid in front of Eshana and reached for it..."mind if i tried this?" she lifted the glass to her lips and paused for a moment.. "Wait, this isn't a relative or anything is it?" Elisiya winked at the changling and smiled.

02/15/2005 10:12 AM

Eshana looked up at the sound of Elisiya's voice, snickering in spite of herself at the Trill's approach. "Nice of you to get your butt out of bed to join the rest of Starfleet, Spotty Face" Eshana said to her friend. She knew they'd be professional in their interactions with others, but was thankful to have her dear friend with her. Entering into their typical banter was enough to soothe her nerves a bit.

Sliding the roster across the table to Elisiya, Eshana smiled and said, "drink up - if it's a relative, you'll find out soon enough. As for telling you about the crew, Chief Medical Officer," she said with a mock half-bow, "I'd have though you'd outgrown our Acadamy habit of me feeding you all the answers. Maybe you should add 'thanks to Eshana' to your title."

Eshana looked around the bar one last time, as if trying to capture the details of the place to plant them firmly in her memory. She didn't know if she would return here again or not, and found herself surprised at the the thought of actually missing the station.

02/15/2005 10:47 AM

It's time.

Tulin Parn opened her eyes, and stared at the picture in her shrine. It was time for her to go. Her new captain would be arriving on deck soon, and the vulcan needed to make sure everyone was ready. She stood, and closed the doors to her shrine, closing it to whomever might see it. She didn't want someone seeing it and getting the wrong impression.

Tulin left the room, and made her way down the corridor leading to the bridge. Various crew members nodded to her, said hello, but she paid no attention to them. After all, she had something that needed to get done, and it would be illogical to stop and say hello to everyone who saw her.

She entered the bridge, the doors hissing open and closed as she entered the room. The vulan examined everything before her. It looked as if everyone was in their places, doing their jobs. Except for an ensign, who was playing with her hair, and another member who was saluting their Cheif of Security.

"The captain should be arriving within moments," Tulin announced. "Lt. Commander Ly'Celtar, is everything secure?"

02/15/2005 10:51 AM

"Spotty Face???" Elisiya laughed heartily..."that is a new one. and as for me getting up out of bed" she slanted her eyes towards Eshana and smirked a mischievous lop-sided grin at the Changeling..."i couldn't sleep! i was up all night. Nerves were getting the best of me. i am just too damn excited. we are really here you know." Elisiya lifted the glass back up to her lips and drank deeply. the cool liquid hit her empty stomach like a brick, reminding her that she hadn't even eaten the night before due to focusing on the following days events. "Relative or not, that is good. i'll say one thing, Quark can make an awesome drink. As for you and your saving my arse in class... just remember who saved yours on a few occasions as well, or do you not recall the time with the Testing Ship's auto-pilot fiasco? hmmmm?" Elisiya laughed at the memory, "Silly Water-girl!"

her voice went soft and serious for a moment as she cast her eyes down to the table "i want to thank you for helping during the time i was joined with the Symbiote. i couldn't have made it through without you and i appreciate it."

Elisiya cleared her throat again and composed herself once more as she looked up and glanced around the bar. Species of all types were sitting around tables, never had she seen such a variety in so small of a place. it was expected at the Academy, but this was a bar - despite the immense size, it was still just a bar.

"When are we supposed to report to the bridge?" she asked as she took hold of the notebook. Deep blue eyes studied the list of names and positions. "Andorian, Klingon, Vulcan, Cardassian, Human, Bajoren...and US. looks like i am going to have an interesting time studying and learning about each crew member. i get to hit the books again...will it ever end?" she laughed as she lifted the glass up to her lips again and sipped on the refreshing blue liquid.

02/15/2005 11:54 AM

…Ly’celtar glanced from the ensign to the half-klingon, his expression changing little on his solemn blue face. His purple eyes took in the new Chief engineer critically before he returned the salute.

“You do realize Liuetenant that close combat blades are not part of regulation Starfleet uniforms, I suggest you stow that weapon in your quarters before you head to engineering to familiarize yourself with the new posting. You will find that an Akira class vessel like the Millenium is a far cry from the Yorktown.”he added sternly as he stood before the taller officer, his hands clasped impassively behind his back.

“And Lieutenant, it is good to see you made it through the war.” He added, the closest thing to emotion that had flickered across his face in some time crossed his purple eyes but was gone again in a heartbeat replaced by the andorian’s solemn mask.

"The captain should be arriving within moments," Tulin announced. "Lt. Commander Ly'Celtar, is everything secure?"

Moving away from Lieutenant Shuval, Ly’Celtar strode across to stand beside the Vulcan first officer and glanced out the viewport at the image of the Space Station again clasping his hands behind his back.

“Everything is well in order Commander, this is our new Chief Engineer Murat Shuval and our new Conn Officer Katie Riverty. He said pointing his chin slightly in the direction of the two new crew members as he named them.

We are still waiting for our Chief Medical and Science officers and also the Ship’s Counselor but I believe they are all currently on the Station and shall be boarding soon. Ly’Celtar listed his head to one side as one of the Operations ensigns announced the Captain had entered the airlock and glanced around the bridge with a final critical purple eye…

02/15/2005 12:05 PM

Eshana felt her skin flush a little at the mention of the Testing Ship ordeal. Fiasco was actually quite an understatement, and she was fortunate Elisiya had been there to bail her out. The two of them had always managed to cover for the other one, and she had been anxious at the thought of being assigned somewhere without her. While she knew they were both very capable officers, it helped her confidence level to have her dear friend nearby. Many of their fellow students were uncomfortable with her as a Changeling, so it was hard for her to make friends. Oh they were respectful toward her, but she secretly wondered if any of them had really liked her. Elisiya had been different from the beginning though, and she felt a kinship with her that she'd never felt with another - even with her parents, though they had been very good to her.

At Elisiya's question of when they were supposed to report, Eshana looked at her chronometer. "We should probably leave shortly, at least, if we want to arrive before the Captain. I'd like some extra time to get settled in my quarters before reporting for duty. As for hitting the books - I think we'll find that some of the things we encounter out there will be things we've never read about." She felt intimidated and excited at that prospect. Watching her friend finish her beverage, she stood and said, "are you about through with that, or would you like to lick the glass before we go?"

02/15/2005 12:40 PM

K'rune couldn't help his mild figiting, even though Kira gave him several stern looks. He tugged restlessly at his collar till he heard the air-lock open. He straightened to attention and then realized that he had fogotten to remove his earring.

Unable to do anything about it now, he swallowed hard and took in his first impression of his new captain. A human woman with long dark hair and dusky skin. She had bright blue eyes that were startling for her coloring, and then he saw something that surprised him even more. A tribal tattoo mark that arched across her left cheekbone and then down along her jaw.

The first thing that Raven noticed about K'Rune was his obvious worry about the earring that he and Kira both wore... it was fine for the Bajoran Military, but not for Starfleet... Not that she really cared one way or another. The tattoo that she refused to have removed proved that much.

"welcome aboard DS9, Captain Noble" Kira said in welcome, extending her hand. Noble took it and measured the other woman with a critical eye. She nodded and then turned towards K'Rune.

He offered her a smile and extended his own hand. "Pleasure to serve under you Sir." He said.

"At ease Liutenant before you break in two. And disperse with that 'Sir' nonsense... Captain will do just fine."

K'Rune nodded and Kira smiled. "Well I'll leave you in K'Rune's capable hands, I believe you're set to leave dock at 0630. Have yourself a pleasurable stay here at DS9." Kira said and went on her way.

K'Rune gestured for Noble to follow. "Would you prefer to proceed to the ship or would you like a tour of the Promenade?" He asked.

"I think that I should head for the ship, there are a few things I should tend to before we depart. Lead the way Lieutenant." K'Rune nodded and preceeded her along the corridor.

02/15/2005 1:06 PM

For the third time in a week, Garm found himself outside the security office in DS9. It wasn't because he had committed a crime, but rather someone had committed a crime against him. He was Cardassian, if only in body. Some Bajorans on the station had not taken kindly to having one of his kind around.

Even though he dressed in a Starfleet Uniform and wore the traditional earring of a Bajoran of the faith, people still hated him just for his race. Some made death threats, some tried to carry those threats out. Though this time things were different. He would soon be away from these people who hated him and serving on a purely Starfleet vessel.

Garm walked the promenade, idly passing the time. His bags had already been transported to the Millennium. All he had to do now was present himself to the Captain. As he walked by one of the windows, he caught a breathtaking view of Bajor. For a second he felt his heart skip... This mission could run longer than any he had been on thus far... Would he ever see his home again?

“Bajor... Be safe while I am gone... May the Prophets bless and protect...”

With those words he bowed his head and turned to leave. He left the Promenade and gave nods of greeting to the few people he knew on the station. Soon he found himself entering the airlock to board the Millennium. It was such a wonder to be here, to be going on a great assignment; to have such a career ahead; to serve on one of the most advanced ships in Starfleet.. Now it was just a matter of waiting for the other shoe to drop... Always expect the best, but remember experience to be prepared for the worst.

No sooner than he had boarded the ship was he amazed. Even though it were a military vessel, the Millennium represented much research and development. From its warp drive to its computers, he knew he was stepping aboard the bleeding edge in Starship design. From the airlock corridor, he headed to the nearest turbolift. Once inside he called out “Bridge” and waited for the lift to carry him to meet his new commanding officers.

02/15/2005 1:42 PM

Murat nodded to Ly'Celtar at the slight reprimande. "Will do, Sir. I hadn't expected to bring this on board, but Commander Worf gave it to me just before I came aboard. Good to see you here too, Lt Commander." The half-klingon smiled to the Andorian, then turned to salute the Commander.

"Lieutenant Shuval reporting for duty, Sir. I aimed to be here sooner, but had a small training accident which caused a slight delay. In my assignment it was not mentioned where I could find my quarters, Sir, though the instructions where I would find engineering and the technical manual of the innovations were quite clear." Murat put his hands behind his back, holding the bat'leth reasonably out of sight. "permission to assume my station?"

02/15/2005 3:08 PM

Elisiya looked at Eshana in horror, her eyes wide as a pit welled up in her throat.... "Water-girl, you read that wrong! we have to go.... NOW!" Elisiya quickly grabbed her things and tossed some money onto the table. "How long has it been and we have YET to be on time? what a grand impression we will make! we have but only a few minutes to arrive and not be counted negatively." Elisiya has a very easy-going nature about her normally, but this was the first day. They had to make a good impression or else the stories from the Academy would convince otherwise. The two of them could be very dependable and responsible....and even serious on the off occasion. The two girls stood and quickly ran out of Quark's Fortunately the Promenade wasn't that crowded so the girls weren't caught in a sea of bodies trying to make it to the Transporter in OPS. "Hurry Water-girl we still have a few minutes. It isn't standard proceedure, but we should make it to the Bridge in enough time if we use this." The two girls appeared outside the Turbo-lift entrance within a matter of moments, just in enough time to see the Cardassian enter the Turbo-lift. "Wait" Elisiya and Eshana ducked inside just prior to the doors closing. laughing hysterically, Elisiya tried to catch her breath as she extended a hand to the Cardassian. "Good Morning, I am Elisiya, Cheif Medical Officer. and you are....?"

02/15/2005 3:16 PM

River jumped up at the andoirans demand for her to name herself. "Ensign Katie Riverty, Sir" she waited,standing until he turned away and then sat down in her post this time not going off and day dreaming. Silently she berated herself for doing such a silly thing. She scanned her blue gray eyes over the helm controls again, trying to memorize it now.

Katie kept herself stiffly straight, concentrating on not letting her mind wander again. She turned her head this way and taht, examining the bridge, trying to get a better look than just the glance from earlier. Getting to know the bridge was ok, wasnt it? She was going to spen a lot of time here, so might as well learn it throughly.

02/16/2005 9:10 AM

Everything happened so quickly, it felt like such a blur to Eshana. She felt herself being tugged by Elisiya out of Quark's and the next thing she knew, she was being yanked into a turbo lift. Just like old times she thought to herself. Joining Elisiya in her laughter, she stopped up short when she nearly rammed into the tall Cardassian in the lift. Gaining her composure quickly, Eshana recognized the Cardassian from the ship's roster.

"This is Garm Kulas, our Chief Science Officer" Eshana said as she looked up to the Cardassian's face. "I'm Eshana W'Neta, Ship's Counselor. I'm pleased to meet you." The Changeling didn't know what the Cardassian's reaction to her would be, but she hoped the uniform they had in common would bridge any cultural and historical grudges between them.

02/16/2005 2:18 PM

Noble followed K'Rune and again caught sight of the Millenium through one of the transparasteel windows. She found herself admiring its sleek shape and design. Again she found herself catalouging the Millenium's specifications.

Dual warp cores, one in the saucer, the other in the battle section, making the ship really two in one. The prototype for the metaphasic sheilding only worked when the ship was in one piece, or it only protected the battle section. The same thing worked with the Borg-Armor. It either protected the whole ship or only the battle section when apart. The Millenium was one of the most heavily armored and armed ship in the fleet.

Raven paused as K'rune touched the keypad that allowed them entry to the airlock. The second hatch opened with a soft hiss, and Captain Noble stepped aboard the Millenium.

02/16/2005 10:03 PM

…Ly’Celtar moved to his tactical station and began to view the information received from the Operations Centre on DS9, his eyes narrowed to purple slits as he skimmed the information. A sudden slight beep from his console caused the andorian security officer to rap the stations surface in response before he looked up to Commander Parn.

“Sir, the new Captain is on her way here with Lieutenant K’Rune. Our three errant officers are also enroute and should be arriving shortly. Everything seems ready for our designated departure.” He said with a level voice…

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02/17/2005 2:13 AM

No sooner than he had spoken his command to the computer did he notice the two enter… Garm nearly leapt out of his neckbones! He would have sworn by Bajor itself no one had been in the corridor with him. These two had seemingly come out of mid air! Though he flinched from nearly having Eshana run into him, Garm smiled as soon as his heart stopped pounding in his ears. He reached for Elisiya’s hand and warmly shook it.

“Ahh, yes… Doctor Elisiya and… Counselor W’Neta. I fear your crew listings did not do you justice! Why just moments ago I would have sworn I was the only person in that corridor. With stealth skills such as that you two should consider a career in security!“ he replied, keeping his tone friendly.

His smile was the same to the both of them. If Eshana’s race bothered him at all he didn’t of show it. All were equal to him. Being a Bajoran at heart in a Cardassian’s body had taught him more tolerance than most people would learn in their lives. Most of his life on Bajor had been spent dealing with some kind of prejudice or another.

After letting Elisiya’s hand go, he extended his hand to Eshana. Garm smiled again. “I wish I had more time to speak with you two, but I’m in a bit of a mess… Certain… affairs… detained me on the station and I did not keep track of the time… When you two arrived I had been on my way to go report for duty. With this being my first major assignment I do not wish to start off on the wrong foot by being late. “

Everything he said had honesty to it that was rare to find in a Cardassian. He seemed like a rather open, comfortable person. His mentality defied everything anyone would expect from one of his race. Maybe they’d all get along well afterall, regardless of what other people thought about them.

02/17/2005 9:43 AM

"Everyone, report to your stations," Tulin told everyone aboard the bridge. "Remember, we are all professionals, and should remain as such."

Even if we are getting a new captain, the Vulcan added silently.

02/17/2005 10:39 AM

"Doctor?" Elisiya's voice held a bit of shock and wonderment. the rush of activites that had brought her to the Turbo-lift, combined with the lack of sleep the night before, nerves and the mysterious blue "relative" concoction she drank at Quark's had her in a bit of a loop..."Forgive me Garm" she smiled and shook her head gently...."I am just not used to hearing that title yet. It is still so sudden and amazing that i made it through the Academy." she playfully nudged Eshana, a way of saying that she knew Water-girl helped her out and appreciated it.

Elisiya ran her hands quickly down the front of her slacks, and adjusted her uniform jacket with one snap of the wrist in a tugging motion. "We shouldn't be late, last time i checked we still had a bit of time. but we are definitely cutting it close" she laughed when memories of the Academy entered her mind. the young doctor turned to Eshana with a wicked smile on her face..."yet, we had a habit of cutting things too close in the past haven't we Water-girl??" Elisiya was having a difficult time surpressing the giggles as the Turbo-lift came to a stop. "Already?" the sudden halt of motion jolted her back to reality and out of her memories. with deft movements her fingers toyed with the mop of auburn tresses that were neatly pinned up, with a final giggle just as the doors opened a transformation swept over her. the giddy graduate was left abandoned in the Tubo-lift as the calm and collected Cheif Medical Office waltzed out with gaited strides. a confident smile graced her features as her eyes sparkled from the lights.

"So, i assume this is the Bridge" her voice was low as she addressed Eshana...the smile never left her lips as she waited for the answer.

02/17/2005 11:50 AM

As the turbolift doors opened, the thought crossed Eshana's mind that they must be a sight for the bridge crew to see - she hid her amusement at the thought that it was the beginning of a bad joke... A Changeling, Trill, and Cardassian walked onto the bridge of a ship... Hearing Elisiya's low voiced question, Eshana responded quietly without appearing to move her lips, "It's showtime."

As Eshana stepped out of the turbolift, she quickly glanced around the bridge, making note of those she recognized from the ship's roster. Tulin Parn, Ly’Celtar, Murat Shuval, Katie Riverty - yes, she remembered reading something of each of them. She was relieved to see that their Captain had not yet arrived. Announcing her arrival to all, but her gaze finally resting on the Vulcan, she stated, "Eshana W'Neta, Ship's Counselor, reporting for duty, sir." She knew some females preferred "ma'am" to "sir" but always erred on the side of tradition when addressing someone new.

02/17/2005 12:08 PM

Elisiya smiled that warm smile as she heard the word "showtime". that was a code word the two of them used when normally they were going to have to 'explain things', but fortunately this time was not one of those moments. taking her cue from the shape-shifter, Elisiya made her introduction. "Doctor Elisiya Zir, sir. Glad to be aboard"

02/17/2005 1:43 PM

The turbolift doors hissed open and K'rune slipped ahead of Noble, resuming his post. "Glad to see we're all getting along..." Noble stated upon surveying the scene of the bridge.

K'Rune cleared his throat. "Captain on deck..." He stated abiet belatedly.

02/17/2005 2:10 PM

Murat grinned at the belated message, though saluted to the captain as soon as he set eyes upon her. "Welcome aboard, Sir." His eyes slowly glanced from one face to the other, widening as he skimmed the room with his gaze. A cardassian, a changeling, a trill, an andorian, a half klingon, a bajoran, what will be next, a borg? Meanwhile he was still trying to hide the bat'leth behind his back.

02/17/2005 3:53 PM

Katie stood at attention when she heard the Captain was here. She couldn't help but smile at their crew. Look at all the diversity, this is going to be an interesting crew. She didn't care about a persons race, her mind didnt work in the way of bigotry, she had to know the person before she made a decision about them. Her head didnt move from facing the captain, but her eyes darted all over the bridge crew.

River waited with her gaze settling on the captain and awaiting orders, or a welcome speech, or...whatever the Captain chose to do. She was eager to be underway and smiled eagerly, unable to contain herself.

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02/18/2005 6:53 AM

Tulin turned and faced the captain. She first bowed and then saluted, keeping any and all emotion she might have had in check.

"Welcome aboard, Captain," the vulcan said. "I am Exec. Commander, Tulin Parn. I am pleased to see you are well."

The vulcan stood where she was, awaiting her captains orders. She thought that Noble looked familiar, and then placed where she had seen the other woman before. It was at the academy. They had shared a few classes together, nothing more. Not that Tulin was going to let anyone else know that. People tended to be nosey when they were curious, and she liked her privacy.

Whatever happened though, it was bound to be interesting.

02/18/2005 4:10 PM

...Security Chief Ly’Celtar stood impassively behind his station, his blue hands clasped firmly behind his back and his features blank as he studied the new captain. His antennae swiveled on their own accord struggling to take in the new scents of the crew members.

Suddenly his antennae stopped their erratic movements, as they sought out the scent of the new counselor, her scent was strangely devoid of any pheromone characteristics common to other races but he idly surmised it had something to do with her unique physiology. A changeling. He couldn’t help but study the beings features almost human features, for it was the face of the enemy, a face that could change in a moment. He idly wondered why Starfleet would have let such a creature into their ranks but then the Federation had always been far too trusting in Ly’Celtar’s opinion.

His eyes wandered amongst the other personnel hunting for anything of note and finding the Cardassian Science officer. The andorian’s purple eyes narrowed as he saw the Bajoran earpiece that rested in his ear, the same kind of earpiece that K’Rune wore. He studied the two for a moment searching for any animosity between the former foes before he glanced over the trill medical officer, his purple gaze finally falling once again on Captain Noble as he awaited the Captain’s orders…

02/18/2005 8:05 PM

As Eshana took a moment to look around the bridge, she felt the eyes of the Andorian upon her. She was accustomed to the initial mistrust of others, and learned long ago to not take that mistrust personally. She would not apologize for who she was, but neither would she fault others for releasing their feelings toward her race upon her. At least, not initially.

Unsure of the protocol at this point, Eshana made her way to the traditional Counselor's chair, to the left of the Captain's chair. Passing by the Captain, Eshana stopped to face her directly. Although she was certain the Captain had also studied the ship's roster, she did not want to appear rude by not introducing herself. "Sir," she begain "Eshana W'Neta, Ships Counselor. I'm pleased to be aboard."

02/21/2005 5:42 AM

Garm followed the other two onto the bridge and turned to face the Captain when she arrived. He stood straight, keeping his hands behind his back. So stiff was his position that he resembled one of the drawings in an Officer’s training manual. No wonder. He couldn’t remember -ever- being this tense. Idly he remembered someone on the station saying something about the first moments being the hardest. Now he wished he had listened more carefully.

When the lightheaded feeling of excitement left him, he found himself looking over the Captain and her Companion. Part of him wanted to relax since a ’fellow Bajoran’ was on the ship too, but he had no way to know how K’Rune would view him. Some Bajorans got along well with him, while others would consider him an insult to their religion.

“Chief Science Officer Garm Kulas reporting for duty and awaiting orders, sir!“ he called, trying to keep his voice from bursting out with his eagerness. The feeling of disbelief struck him hard. Here he stood, in the middle of a bridge on one of the most advanced Starships every designed by the Federation . To top it off the bridge crew had more diversity than you would normally find in an entire Starship itself.

It wasn’t just the beginning of a bad joke; it was the beginning of a great, totally mind shattering experience.

02/23/2005 12:34 PM

Elisiya heard the announcement of the captain and noticed the Andorian's inspection a smirk played upon her features when she thought of the Security Officer...."I wonder what heis thinking" she thought as she started towards the captain. Stopping a few feet away from the Captain, Elisiya smiled warmly and introduced herself. "Welcome aboard Captain. I am Doctor Elisiya Zir and glad to be aboard."

02/23/2005 2:18 PM

Murat, following his klingon temperament, had in the meantime walked over to the master systems display and took a long stare at it. After only a brief amount of time, he had located his engineering room and his office only a few feet removed from it. Logical, as the vulcan would say, practically next door to Engineering. Having taken his bearing, he started to look at some of the schematics on the display. One could say that it takes an engineer to 'get lost' in the surroundings of the new technologies aboard the vessel in such short time.

In his mind he thought about the test report of the 'shake down run', in which the vessel had performed admirably, despite the fact that it had blown a conduit on deck five. He would be keeping an eye on that conduit and set up an emergency rerouting for the energy flow, just in case this would happen again. Calmly he leaned slightly on the bat'leth, as his eyes went from point to point, pressing a few buttons to get the schematics for the energy relais, then shaking his head only a couple of seconds later.

"No wonder." He muttered. "No isolinear chip would be able to contain the overflow of the warpnacelles. He made a few calculations on his pad and smirked as he saw the result of it. In his head he made the necessary adjustments. Put another isolinear chip parallel to the one already present, then split the current of energy through two of them, instead of just the one. Splitting the current before they reach the chip, then bring the current back together behind the chip. Simple, effective and it will not blow that conduit again, due to a backfeed of the nacelles. Someone must have overlooked that this can happen.

02/23/2005 2:21 PM

Captain Noble nodded briefly in response to each officer as they presented themselves, and for the thousandth time wished that Admiral Paris hadn’t promoted her. Standing before all these highly qualified and obviously competent officers, Raven felt suddenly inadequate. She didn’t hesitate however, knowing that to do so would not look good upon her future relationship with her crew.

“Thank you for the welcome, every one of you. We have been assigned to find the remains of the USS Hood, an Excelsior Class that was reported lost in the Badlands. We are unsure of the condition of the Hood, or if any have survived, Sickbay has been outfitted with as much advanced equipment and an array of medical staff ready and waiting to see what it is we find. We’re to take stock and rescue everything and everyone we can. We need to link the Millennium’s computer to the Hood’s and gather all the data we can on what happened.”

Noble paused, her blue eyes searching the bridge crew for reactions. “We will depart at 0630, so continue shifts till then, Commander, you have the bridge, I’ll be in my quarters.” Raven nodded, and turned on her heel, a brisk stride carried her to the turbo-lift in three steps. Once the doors hissed closed she sagged against the wall, her heart pounding…

02/23/2005 2:51 PM

Murat picked up his bat'leth and held his notes in the other hand, as he moved towards the Commander, stopping just short of the person. "Commander, if I may borrow just a second of yout time, I think we may have a problem." He held out his pad to the vulcan female, which now presented the report on the blown conduit and the calculations of his solution. The schematic he had drawn up 'on the fly' would be easy to read for anyone and his calculations appeared to be fully correct. "Sir, I can have the ship ready for departure inside an hour, but not with this loose end. The resonance of the ionstorms in the badlands can cause enough of an energy surge to blow a hole into the hull, when the conduit on deck 5, jefferies tube 12 blows again. Permission to make the adjustment?"

Calmly he waited for the Vulcan to read the summary report of his findings, while he leaded on the bat'leth again. "I'll need at least 6 hours to complete the work, then a level 3 diagnostic to be run to check the energy flow." He stated briefly.

02/23/2005 4:29 PM

Tulin sighed, an uncustomary thing for her, and read the report. Indeed, a problem of this magnitude needed to be fixed, and right away. Nodding to herself, she handed the pad back to Murat.

"I'll have to inform the captain of this," she said. "But asides from that, I see no reason why we should leave with the ship in such condition. Fix the problem as swiftly as possible."

Tulin turned away from Murat, eyeing the rest of the crew.

"I've been informed our departure is to be delayed," she told everyone. "We have a problem that needs to be fixed. Everyone, make sure your stations are in good order, and look for any other problems we may have."

It's better to be safe than sorry after all.

The vulcan exited the bridge, intending to find the captain. She did not expect to see Raven right outside the doors. Tulin saluted her new captain, acknowledging her status before speaking to her higher up.

"Captain, I need to inform you of a small problem that has been detected on the ship," Tulin said. She proceeded to inform the captain of what Murat had told her, and the schematic she had seen. "Overall, it should take no more than 6 hours. I have already told Murat to fix the problem. It's only logical to fix a problem right when you find it, rather than wait and make it worse."

Tulin waited for her captains reply, not daring to ask why her captain looked so ashen and afraid. If anything, Raven should have looked confidant, and sure of herself, just as she had when they had attended the academy. Perhaps Raven would need to talk to the counselor, but Tulin was certain that once things got underway, the other woman would calm down. Until something happened though, the vulcan felt she should be prepared for anything.

02/24/2005 6:07 AM

Raven straightened, though she didn't loose the ashen pallor to her face. She knew that Tulin had noticed her state when she entered the turbolift, and was slighlty ired that the other didn't just use the communicator to contact her. She swallowed her fear and nodded.

"You're absolutely right, Commander, no sense in letting it wait. We should still meet our normal depart schedule with only a small delay. Now if you'll excuse me Commander, I have a few things I have to take care of myself before we depart." She paused for a moment, about ready to command the computer to take her to deck two.

02/24/2005 1:43 PM

As soon as Commander Tulin gave him the go ahead for the repairs, Murat's hand slid to his communicator. "Lieutenant Shuval to Engineering." After a few seconds a male voice sounded through the comlink. "Ensign Waterman, sir. Can I help you?" Murat grinned and started giving a list of components, then stated where they should be meeting him to start the repairs. "Make sure you bring some help, Ensign, we have 6 hours to reroute that conduit and test it." The voice at the other end did not sound all too happy about the work ahead of them, but acknowledged the order in good fashion.

The half klingon smirked and shook his head and went on his way, bat'leth at hand. I'll have to get rid of the thing a little later, I guess.

He linked up with the two engineers just outside the jefferies tube and explained what he had in mind to the both of them. "Ensign, I want you to reroute the power and watch that nobody will engage those nacelles while we're at work in there. The moment anyone does, you immediately warn us, is that clear?"

The Ensign, who had payed attention to the explanation, nodded and recapped the order. "Understood, Lieutenant, reroute power and warn you immediately if the order is given to activate the nacelles, otherwise we'll need a new chief engineer."

Murat grinned and nodded his head to him. "If you stay this sharp, Ensign, then I think we'll get along just fine. Mess up on this and me and my bat'leth will come looking for you, provided I survive the backsurge." He smiled as he spoke and the other engineer grinned. "Now let's get to work gentlemen." Murat picked up the chest that the man had been carrying and dismissed the ensign, to go reroute the energy.

02/27/2005 2:57 PM

The engineers, under the guidance of Murat, worked relentlessly for the next few hours. Installing the extra isolinear chip and the splitters before and after the chip, they finish off the work in just under 5 hrs and test the new installation by running a level 3 diagnostic. The new power coupling holds within parameters and even with the power routed back to normal, the conduit runs smoothly. "Very good work, men. I'll inform the bridge that we're ready to go."

Murat moves his hand to his communicator and taps it. "Lieutenant Shuval to bridge. The new power coupling is holding under a level 3 diagnostic. We can go to warp now, but i'd like someone to monitor the conduit for the next few days, to be on the safe side." He stated. In fact, they had cleared the work in five and a half hours, which was at least an hour less then they had anticipated. Ensign Waterman had been of great help with realigning the coupling, which was one of his specialties.

Finally, the klingon was ready to go search his quarters. Engineering was on deck eight, with his own office situated right next to it, most likely his quarters not far from it. After a well earned shower, he would dive into the specs for the armoured plating and read up on cloaking devices. Before turning in, he'd pay a visit to the holosuite, to practise a little more with that bat'leth. The idea of this sounded good.

Calmly Murat and his men evacuated the jefferiestube and stood outside, awaiting the response from the bridge.

02/28/2005 4:57 AM

…The andorian heard the voice of Murat over the communicator, and tapped his comm badge with his left hand before returning it to the small of his back as he stood in the centre of the bridge with his hands clasped and his back straight, a silent ever-vigilant sentinel.

“Affirmative Lieutenant. I will have K’Rune and Ensign Riverty keep a vigil on the new components. I’ll notify the Commander of the Millenium’s readiness to leave spacedock. Good work Lieutenant, Bridge Out.” He intoned in his solemn voice as he tapped the comm badge to end the conversation.

He tapped his breast badge again as he strode purposefully to his Security station, his right hand skimming the surface of his console with familiar ease.

“Commander, Lieutenant Shuval has repaired the faulty coupling. We are ready to leave Deep Space 9 whenever the Captain gives the order…”

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03/08/2005 2:57 PM

The U.S.S Hood? Why had Star Fleet sent such an old fashioned vessel into such a dangerous area? His mind reeled with questions for the Captain about their mission, but he realized most of the information was probably classified. Need to know basis always reeked like that..

After greeting the Captain, Garm walked to the science station. It was time to get to work. He touched the control panel to bring up the main display. It was so fast! He barely had to wait any time at all for the Ship’s sensor data to be displayed.

“Computer, acknowledge Chief Science Officer Garm Kulas. Confirm transfer of personnel files and belongings from Deep Space Nine to the U.S.S Millennium.”

“Voiceprint acknowledged. All personnel files and belongings for Garm Kulas were transferred at 0600 hours. “

The reality sat in… The ship acknowledged him. Now he could start duty. How could he make himself useful here? Since they would be going into dangerous territory, he figured it to be best to familiarize himself with the badlands and the phenomena that occurred there.

“Computer, display all known files in ship’s databanks regarding the region of space known as the ‘badlands’.”

“Twenty-five-thousand-eight-hundred-and-sixty-six file references found.. Please narrow search parameters “

“Redefine search parameters. Primary search, most recent and relevant data of the dangers and phenomena that occur in the ‘Badlands’. Display the first hundred files on screen along with brief summary.”

“Affirmative. Search Parameters changed. Displaying requested file information. “

He had the feeling it would be a long day, but he was more than willing to do the work. Research like this always fascinated him.

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