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02/08/2005 11:16 AM

'She sat in the cafe driking a coke she wore a black top overa skirt
in her right hand she carried a sliver sword she sta alone hopping some one will come

02/08/2005 7:29 PM

(OOC: Ok i'll bite. but im going to give you some tips along the way, because your going to get them guaranteed
1: DESCRIBE: Your settings a bore. noone knows what your cafe looks like or even your charchter. like yay.)

A middle aged man strolled into the cafe and ordered a coffee. He glanced around with eyes that were like chips of ice. Cold and deep. The clerk at the mock wooden bar handed him the large mug and he paid with a crisp five.

"Keep the change, you look underpaid."

He tossed his head to get his lengthening black hair out of his eyes, He needed a haircut although he was remarkably clean shaven, and noticed the girl with the coke. He ambled over, blowing on the coffee to cool it down or it would end up on his shirt. He didnt want that.

"Mind if I join you?"

His scratchy voice seemed almost out of proportion to his small build. It was deep, although really rough and accented. He butchered words, clipped sylables, and otherwise gutted the english language. Bu it still was understandable. He sipped his cooling drink as he waited for a reply.

02/08/2005 8:29 PM

((Five dollar bill, coke.. coffee... how is this even vaguely related to Middle-earth?))

02/08/2005 9:27 PM

(OOC:Go read a stephen king book called wizard and glass. thatll REALLY throw you off)

02/11/2005 10:47 AM

A young dark girl walks into the cafe. She is small with eccentric style, including the dark purple color hair she had on her head. She quickly took a seat at the back and waited patiently to be served. Finally after a few minutes a young waitress walks over to the table.

"What do you want?", she says curtly. The girl smiles and slowly answers trying to annoy the already aggitated waitress even more than she already seemed to be.
"Well, I guess I will just take a small glass of milk and something to eat. Whatever you feel like bringing me."

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