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02/06/2005 7:42 AM

This rp will be based on two things. 1) the new metal gear game , snake eater. as it is set in a jungle and you have to survive by eating and stuff and also 2) mmorpg ,it can have multiple charectors.

ATTENTION: I need ten players. So its on a first come first serve basis and i need a good bio for your charector.

This rp is set in 1970's ,in a off beat jungle some where and you are sent there as a mission to investigate a terroist threat. But you soon relise its a big cover up for a much bigger reason. You are on a remote island. It is massive and you have to survive. It is also known that others are on this island.
This rp plays as a big mmorpg where you the player have to survive with your own charector. You cannot make two. You have to be one and NOT use anyother persons charectors.

remember this is survival so anything can be food. You only start with a combat knife and a socom with a silenser and two full rounds. ofcourse you can get more but only time can tell..........

02/06/2005 7:55 AM

Age: 28
gender: male
blood: AB
Height: 7"10
weight: 210lbls
info: is top of his field of work. He is renknowned as a formidibble foe to many and is skilled in many including survival. He accepted this on the knwoledge of a terroist threat but relised that his enemies sent him here to die. He is know trying to stay alive.

Snake dived off the helicopter into the sea surrounding the huge island. He knew that it would take some time to get to the shore but it didnt bother him. As the sea gentley moved all around him snake kept getting closer and closer to the island. He knew it would take him a hour or so to get there but he would make sure he had a plan. About an hour later he reached the warm sandy shore of the island. he took the breathing mask off and got out a packet of cigeretes. He then sat on a fallen palm tree to watch the sun go down for dusk. He knew he would have to camp here for now. But looked around for a better place to stay.

He saw a palm tree that looked easy to climb. But it looked high enough to be not seen. He jumped up, pulled him self up and sat against the bent tree he then watched as the sky turned to night.

02/07/2005 5:27 PM

Tengu was sitting in the back of a transport ship doing the last check of his equipment. He was suited up from head to toe, every inch of skin covered to keep it from instantly freezing when he made his jump. Suddenly over the headset he heard the pilots voice, "Approaching destination in 3 minutes."

Standing up Tengu stretched a bit before going to the back of the plane, leaning against the wall he waited for his countdown to jump. His mission was clear to him, he was to get in, assassinate the terrorist leader and get out. In two days at 0600 hours a navy vessel would be waiting a mile of shore, north of the island. "One minute!" Came the pilots voice.

Turning his looked into the cockpit at the pilot and his commander. "Remember, if you are caught..." His commander started to say, for the... well Tengu had lost count how many times he had said it.

"I know, I'm on my own. No support, no rescue. I've gotten the point," he told the commander through his mouthpiece. Finishing his stretches he turned and held on to a pole to keep from being sucked out the back of the plane as his jump door opened.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!" The pilot counted down. At one Tengu let go of the pole and dove out the back of the plane. Doing a few flips as he was caught up in the wake of the jet, he quickly straightened out and spread his limbs to control his fall. This was one of the first high altitude, low opening jumps ever made, and Tengu hoped that his superiors had calculated the right altitude in which he was supposed to open his parachute. Pulling his left hand in he watched the numbers roll by on the altimeter on his wrist. By the rate that the numbers were going he still had near half a minute before he had to open his chute.

Near twenty seconds later he again looked at his wrist, watching the numbers roll by he grabbed his release cord with his right hand and waited about five seconds more before giving the cord a pull. He was abruptly jerked to what seemed a stop, and he slowly floated downwards.

Coming through the cloud layer he wiped the beads of water from his goggles. Looking down on the island below he pictured the map he had examined back on the plane. He did not want to land to close to the terrorist installation, in fear of being found by any guards that were posted. Instead he decided on a small ravine, a few miles south of the complex.

In was not too long before Tengu touched down in the ravine, pleased that the HALO jump had worked he quickly stripped out of the protective gear he had to wear. Underneath he wore dark green camouflage, suited for the forest and night. Quickly he balled his parachute up and placed it underneath the water, along with all the other gear that he wouldn't be needing anymore. Laying stones on it so it wouldn't float away, he set his mind on other things. Pulling his hunting knife from it's sheath in his lower back. Scrapping it along the rock wall he made sure the rock didn't touch the blade, only scratch the surface so light wouldn't reflect off of it and give away his position. Silently he sheathed the knife again and examined the wall.

After finding a good spot to begin his climb he slowly crept his way up the rock wall, making sure each hand and foothold would hold his weight. It was slow going, but the night had just began.

02/09/2005 12:16 PM

Snake cheacked his suit out. " he signalled in his advanced radio" He punched in the frequincy an bingo away he was. BEEP BEEP " fzzzzzzt .colnel, this is snake. I need a quick breifing on the suit i have. Over fzzzzt" The radio had a 1 minute delay and during that period was just pure crackling. " fzzzzzzt . Snake the suit that you are wearing is top of the line in stealth work. It is made of a speacial material that makes it ultra tough. You also can notice the design should fit with the surroundings for stealth work. No enemy should spot you. The next thing you also may of notice is that it has several pockets. This is good for storage which you'll need to save time when quickley needing to move around. Is there anymore questions snake? over fzzzzt." Snake fought. " fzzzzt. Not for the time being. over Fzzzzzzzt" THe colnel then replied more quickley ." remember, find the terroist threat and get off this island. If your spotted your on your own. And snake....Good luck. Over and out. FZZZZZZZT "

Snake cheacked his pockets. He found a compass , one ration and ofcourse the ciggs. " Standard preceedure, heh." Snake opened them , took one smell and put one in his mouth. He just remembered one thing. " Damn no lighter, guess they really did mean COMPLETE SURVIVAL SKILLS REQUIRED." Snake but the cigg back and went to sleep. Tomorow will be a loong day.

02/11/2005 4:52 PM

It took nearly an hour to climb the cliff. Finally his head slowly rose above the ground, face darkened with cosmetics he examined the area in which he had climbed to. In the darkness it was hard to tell if any guards were patrolling the area so he listened for the tell-tale cracking of twigs or rustling of leaves. After about five minutes of silence Tengu pulled himself up and stood.

Still not a sound, either there where no guards in the area, or they had not heard him. Turning parallel with the ravine he headed south at a fast walk. On the go he pulled the knife from its sheath. Holding it so the blade was pressed against his forearm so he would have it in case he stumbled upon a guard they he did not detect early enough.

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