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02/01/2005 1:36 PM

It is the year 2579. The destruction of all HALO units has slowed the Covenant because of their great interest in them. Earth was saved, for the time being. The Covenant still progresses at the Inner collonies, however. UNSC has become more efficient in fighting them off, however their technology still eludes the human race. Even after the confusion over the HALO units the covenant was able to regroup and continue their devout campaign against the human race.

A new generation of SPARTANS has been raised, and their feats match those of the originals. UNSC could not have asked for a better group. There was a higher success rate at their transformation than the originals due to advance in technology, and they work like one like the originals. Their abilities, however, are about to be tested to their limit....

They were all called in from the battlefronts to attend an important military meeting. In the meeting they found that a group of colonies in the Sigma Octanus system had been invaded by ground, and civilians were running from the onslaught. They are sent in transports to the system and land on Sigma Octanus II, in the middle of a dead wasteland of war....

SPARTAN # 312 jumped from the Pelican transport, its engines still wailing and awaiting their command to fire the ship back towards the carrier in space above. He looked in all directions, seeing the massive wake of destruction that had hit the area. None seemed to have been left alive on either side. Blue and red pools littered the pavement and the bodies of Covenant and humans alike were scattered throughout the plane.

"Green squad, ready your weapons. This could turn back into the battlefield easily," he said across Green's comm. He felt the job of cleaning this mess up would take more than a handful of SPARTANS and a few squads of marines, but he had to work with what he had. He awaited the acknowledgement lights to flicker in his view screen to let him know his squad was ready to move out.

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02/02/2005 7:36 PM

All three acknowledgement lights flickered in his screen. "Good," he said, turning to his squad. "Lets go through the rundown. The enemy has taken this planet for the most part. We have word that they may have set up base somewhere. Green's job is to secure the area the base is believed to be in while taking out any and all hostilities. Blue and Red will take care of civilians and reinforcements for us, so keep your minds on the task at hand." Why had he said that last part? That was what they had been trained to do, was it not?

"We move out now. I'll take the lead. We need to travel in a scattered manner so we are not all so easy targets. Any sign of Covenant activity is grounds for firing on sight. Well head south from here, the base is supposed to be a couple of kilometers from here, so expect fireworks to begin." His team was as ready as they could be. No need to wait any longer. He turned and started south, leading the way. They would fall in into the fassion he had requested, they always did. He only hoped their training would succeed in a frontal attack at this scale.

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02/05/2005 12:59 PM

274, leader of red squad, looked at 683 and whispered "Take aim." 683 was a sharpshooter, and she could remove the wings from a fly with her S2 AM custom sniper rifle. Behind 274, 591 put the M19 SSM rocket laucher on his sholder. 274 looked though his scope on his battle rifle, and picked a blue elite. He winked the fire at will light, and instantly a pack of grunts, elites, and jackals lit up into flames, a blue elite fell, and the commanding gold elitelay dead-his brain matter spattered against the other ruling elites, instantly intilling fear and forcing them to flee. This lauched the other troops into sheer chaos, and everyone was running about.

Suddenly, a large shadow moved out into the open from the command post. It was a huge primate like creature, and weilding a nasty-looking gun. In addition, it looked pissed. As if it had night vision, it spoted the three team of spartans and roared at them, and as if a cold splash of water had drenched all of the covenant, they came charging at the stunned humans. "Well, looks like this little monkey's got some balls" 591 remarked, being the comedian of the group.

"He's dead." 683 remarked, as if the monkey had personally insulted her. A loud shot resounded though the forest behind them, and the ape-like creature lay dead upon the blood soaked ground. Another rocket boom sounded behind 274, and a group of the charging covenant were blown to bloody chunks splattered all around. The covanant didn't stop however, until 274 put a clip into the silver elite taking charge of the assault. The rest of the charge was thrown into chaos, and 683 spotted a large group of jackals heading for the herded and pinned civilans. "274, look!" She shouted, obviously rattled. She should be, after all, especially after the remains of the Centarius 31 humans they stumbled upon. The super soldiers had given them the unbritled fury after they discovered the left overs.

"Take care of the assault, I'll stop them." And with that, 274 leaped over to the jackals. "Fire on my mark, 591" The green acknolgement light winked on 274's head's up display, or HUD. He was almost there, and with his enhansed sight, he could see the civilans panicked faces. "And...now!" Suddenly, half of the 16 or so jackals were blown up or seriously injured, the other's dazed at what just happened. 274 smashed the butt of his battle rifle into a jackals head, killing it, and launched a 3 burst blast into another's skull. He cut another in half with a superhuman kick, used his elbow to break another's spine, upper cut two others, breaking their necks, and took care of the rest with carefully placed bullets and grenades.

274 looked around. All around him, fires sprung, bodies lay, scattered covenant were mowed down, and blood seeped though the ground. The jackal with the broken back was struggling to bolth turned on his shield and launch a plasma blast into the spartan. 274 thought serves you right, and crushed the still breathing alien's head in. They wanted to fight us, and they were not going to win. No mercy. No regret.

591 was busy setting C4 carges around the base while 683 was calling in Evac for the civilans. The plan was to meet up with blue and green teams to take on the remaining covenant. If all went according to plan, they should be able to get off this planet by daybreak. If the covenant didn't torch it, the humans had a win to boost morale. If not, it was another small loss amonst bigger defeats. Like Reach. he heard the pelicans before he saw them zoom over the tree tops. After this was over, 274 thought, he was going to give his squad a well diserved R&R.

02/05/2005 6:58 PM

Clytemnestra swivelled in her chair and opened a side panel in the Pelican's cockpit. With a wide grin she withdrew a chocolate flavoured ration bar.

"Oh yes," she said, a chinese accent in her soft voice, "this is what going to war is all about."

She slip her fingers across the console beside her, turning up the volume on the heavy metal music she was listening too. The notes ripped through her skull, wailing on her ears. This was what life was all about. Sure she wasn't running her father's company right now but carting around those walking tin cans was a hell of a lot safer then combat flying in a longsword. The average life of a combat pilot was less then half a battle it was said. If it wasn't for the tin cans that's where she'd be, risking her neck against Covenant Seraph fighters and they had all the advantages. She'd seen the footage. She didn't even think those pilots even felt high g-forces. Luckily, someone higher up in the chain decided that the Spartans needed the best of the best pilots. She may have been new, straight out of training, but the truth was humanity was getting its ass handed to them when it came to space combat. Pilots died quickly and couldn't be replaced fast enough.

She was tempted to call in to her team, see what was happening but knew better to break radio silence even if the ships above were already broadcasting victory. The Spartans liked to take extra time to mop things up properly. They were first in and last to leave so they might still be engaged somewhere.

02/05/2005 7:12 PM

Dylan Reed and Blue squad has checked in with the SPARTANS. They had then split into 5 man fire teams. Dylan's team had the squad’s sniper and was moving to high ground to get a view of the city. From there they could give Intel to the other squads and provide limited fire support.

The fire team had reached the building they wanted to get into. The Cpl. ordered Dylan in the door first. As he went in as point he was scanning open rooms. There was a terrace on the sixth floor and most buildings around here went above two, it was perfect. He ducked into the stair well. He quickly scanned the stairs. He gave a signal to the rest of the team it was clear. The Cpl signaled him to fall back in the line.

The six floors was a decent climb but now they were at the terrace. The Cpl. the sniper and his spotter and of course a marine with a rocket launcher were setting up. They had spotted the covenant base about half a block away from them. The Cpl. radioed the other squads, “Covenant sighted in a plaza half a block south of our current location over."

The corporal then turned to Dylan and another marine, "Reed, go cover the stairs I don't want the covenant getting the drop on us." Dylan went out to the landing and covered the lower levels.

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02/05/2005 8:35 PM

312's ears began to ring as a laser blast flew with by his head, leaving a high zipping sound ringing in the air. He instantly ducked and rolled behind a large rock. "Snipers!" he called out to his team. He squinted in the direction the shot had come from, but even his enhanced vision could not tell the shot's source. "Stay low and crawl slowly," he told his team. "Those shots only take one to penetrate our shields, the second shot is fatal." A bead of sweat formed on his brow under his helmet. This was going to be more dangerous than he had thought.

"Second thought, on my mark scatter and run. Meet back at this rock once all snipers are found and taken out. You have half an hour." He took a deep breath. Was this a good idea? He couldn't second-guess himself again. "Mark." They all took off in different directions, running furiously. Lucky for them, the area in front of them was jungle. "Motion sensors are going crazy, stay sharp." He heard a roar in front of him; an Elite. He readied his SMG and ducked behind a tree, paying close attention to his motion sensor.

"Come a bit closer," he mumbled. A plasma blast hit the tree beside him. "Maybe not." He turned from behind the tree and unleashed the rounds in his gun, emptying one magazine before ducking behind another tree. As he reloaded he watched his sensor closely. He either got some or they were hiding, but most of the reading were still there. "Stupid Grunts," he mumbled. He only had one grenade; if he survived this he'd see what he could scavenge from the remains. He activated it and threw it in the direction of the mass of Covenant coming his way. It exploded, however the explosion could not drown out the screams of Grunts as their suits decompressed from their breaching. An Elite's cry was also heard; he'd have to act if he was going to get to it before its shields had time to recharge.

He turned from the tree and this time made a direct path towards the mark on his sensor. He opened fire on the figure he saw through the smoke, hearing the Elite roar a battle cry. It then opened fire; plasma rifle. 312 ducked out of the way, but not in time to dodge all the shots. A few pelted his shield, lowering past half. Lucky for him the Elite's weapon had overheated. He jumped at the beast and forced the butt of his SMG into the creature's chest, only to recieve a punch in the head. 312 fell backwards, gripping his gun tightly. He landed on his back, but knew well enough to open fire at the creature before it lept onto him. The Elite's shields died, and the monstosity fell to the ground, having recieved a quarter of a round in the stomache area.

312 stood and quickly grabbed the plasma rifle, checking the core signature; roughly seventy shots left. Good enough for now. He ducked back into the trees, hoping he had not drawn too much attention to himself. He hoped the others were having as much success as he was. 'Well,' he thought as he watched his shield guage rise again. 'Hopefully more.'

02/05/2005 8:49 PM

It’s been total hell for Marine sniper Max Looper for over the past day or so in this war filled city. Nothing ever seemed to go right starting straight from the drop point. Once they land Looper and his team was ordered to eliminate all of Covenant in the area and set up a command center for the time being. The bad news was that the Covenant forces in the area were stronger been predicted. Half the day was fierce battle between the Marines and Covenant troops which ended with many lives of the Marines being lost. Luckily Command dropped off a Scorpion tank which made the battle a little easier.

Soon enough by night fall they managed to set up a decent command center for the time being but knowing the Covenant they will be back with more troops in no time. Between evacuating any citizens in the area and fight off anymore small cells of Covenant Max was ordered to go with a small group of Marines and head back into the battlefield to meet up with the SPARTANS team with reinforcements which they just got word that they were coming.

Max wasn’t too thrilled about heading back into the cities battle zone but if the SPARTANS were coming they had better chance of wining this war yet. Out on the city street about five blocks from the command center the five man Marine group were making good progress so far. The Sergeant took point as they made there was down street using the night for cover as best they could. They soon came to an intersection and quickly took cover behind a burned out bus in the middle of the street.

“We got company.” Said the Scout man in the group as he leaned around the bus and scanned the area with his night vision binoculars. “We got a small Covenant group moving in about half a block away.”

“Damn, ok here’s the plain.” The Sergeant said as he checked his rifle in hand. “Private Looper I need you and Private Jenkins to get to higher around above the intersection. Once they get close announced open fire on them. That should give us enough time to flank them. Go now.”

Max just nodded and took off ran toward one of the buildings with Private Jenkins carrying as rocker larger over shoulder hurrying behind. He needed to hurry, if he didn’t get into position soon the Sergeant and the rest would be wiped out by the incoming Covenant.”

02/05/2005 11:03 PM

400 fired a burst into a running grunt, dropping it. Little bugger finnaly broke cover and all he had was a plasma pistol. Oh well, his rifle was just fine. He heard a roar from ehind the rock and the biggest covenant 400 had everseen stepped into view, firing a needler. 400 ducked behind the tree and heard the rapid thockthockthockthockthock as the bolts struck. Then exploded. 400 span around the stump and emptied twenty rounds into the beast, dropping it to his knees. 400 plucked his handgun off his belt and pegged it aside, scooping the needler off the ground and slinging it over his shoulder. There was a sissling noise and a laser bolt ripped up the covenants face. 400 shot up to a boulder and began firing into the covenant front, what little of it he could see. He detected 312 or 313 off to his right, he couldnt tell. With a burst another grunt dropped, sprawling across the dirt.

02/06/2005 7:31 AM

Dylan, who was still covering the stairs, heard the cry ‘snipers’ over his radio. Next he heard ‘got em’ from his own squad. And then the shooting started. Dylan didn’t see any of it but he heard it. The last sound to drift from the terrace was a rocket launcher firing.
The Cpl came over the radio next, ”Snipers clear, Reed stay frosty we may have company soon.”

02/06/2005 10:22 AM

400 poked his head up over his cover and suddenly plasma began smashing into it. He poked a mirror up over the rock and saw about ten covenant brutes with plasma weapons shooting at him. The mirror suddenly blew up as it was struck. Christ they were mean. He spoke into his com.

"This is unit 400, I'm pinned down by about 10 covenent brutes, all armed heavily. I only have about ten rounds left and two spare mags. That wont be enough. I need backup over."

He stuck his needler up over the rock and began firing at the brutes with the tracking bolts. He might get two this way.

02/06/2005 10:36 AM

"Damn," Clytemnestra groaned as she listened to the com chatter. It was total chaos out there. Everone had split up and was doing their own thing. If things went bad now there was no way she could perform an evacuation. Any one man couldn't clear a landing zone of enemies long enough to get everyone aboard. That could only be accomplished by a team effort.

"Aren't you Spartans supposed to work together as a team?" she asked the empty Pelican as she heard one of the Spartans calling for help as he'd become pinned down. At this rate the tide was going to turn against them and a rout would follow. Routs were messy things and in the age of modern warfare usually meant a loss of all soldiers.

"Who the hell is in command down there?"

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02/06/2005 1:17 PM

274 sprinted in the jungle. 683 had no trouble keeping up with him, even if 591 was panting, he was keeping pace. From the frenzied battle reports, it seemed as if everything was going to downhill in the attack base. "591, use the rocket launcher to clear out a EVAC zone. Make sure it's clear enough, should things go bad, we could need one. 683, get to sniper and cover 312's team. Try to get the pelican to stay right outsize the LZ. I'm gunna link up and help green team. 591, you help red. Understand?" he got three acknolegement winks. They were coming up onto the covenant base.

Using the rocket launcher, 591 took down two adjurning buildings, opening up a landing zone, and then split off to find red's squad. 683 detached right outside the clearing, to find a sniper position. 274 took it straight down the center, in hope to follow the gunshots to green squad.

02/06/2005 2:41 PM

400 realized he wasnt getting help and used his grenade. He threw it backwards over the rock and threw his empty needler off to the side. He shot up and killed the last surviving Covenant.

"This is 400, disregard that. I got em."

A grunt fired a plasma rifle at him but 400 was busy reloading. He stood up and dropped the little jerk before crouching again. Damn it was a jungle out here.

02/07/2005 7:16 PM

312 heard an explosion close to him. His attention was spread for a split second, just a split second. In that split second, however, he saw from the corner of his eye the flash of energy, then realized his shield lost charge. He jumped behind a large rock, landing on his back and pointing the plasma rifle up, just waiting for a Covenant unit to be dumb enough to check it out. He had been shot by the sniper, no doubt, and his shield was now barely registering.

He breathed calmly as he awaited its recharge, then sighed with relief as it did so. At least he knew the direction of the sniper now. He pulled his SMG out and held it in his right hand, the plasma rifle in his left, then crawled out from the rock. "Green, I found located the area the sniper is hiding in. Pull back out to our fallback point and wait for me there." He slid across the ground towards the direction the shot had come from, listening carefully for activity. If anything moved it would be shot down before it took his last breath, he promised himself that.

02/07/2005 9:08 PM

400 saw 312 moving up and blinked.

"312, Are you nuts? Theres gotta be like 30 covenant between you and that sniper. Your screwed if he sees you."

He rose and began sawing the forest line. Growls and roars of pain erupted and blasts of plasma shot out at 400, who ducked and scuttered back towards the fallback point.

"Your funeral pal."

02/08/2005 1:11 PM

274 heard the comm and chuckled. Somehow, his team had managed to end up on the other side of the base, and appearently the covenant weren't expecting them.

Appearently, 683 also heard the message, and chimed in, "No good, can't spot the sniper. Got a good sight on the covenant standing between 312's way though." 274 hadn't heard from red squad, so he thought they must have had difficuties. So he changed his plan.

"Alright, 519, you come with me to green. 683, open up a path for 312 to get to that sniper. After you're done, try to get that pelican on, tell her to wait a minute and stand clear, things might get messy." And with that, joined 519 and ran to the other side of the clearing, hearing rifle rounds eminating from the forest behind him.

274 just hoped he wouldn't be too late.

02/11/2005 9:09 PM

Private Looper aimed his sniper rifle at the oncoming Covenant forces which were no more then a half block away from their position. Private Jenkins stood next to him with his rocket launcher over his shoulder as he leaned in over the balcony. On the seven floor of the apartment complex they had a good view of the intersection. At the bottom street level the rest of the Marines waited patiently for Looper first shot.

“So, you want me to talk the first shot or you want to make some noise?” Asked Looper as he zoomed in on a Elite that was casually walking down the street behind a group of six or so grunts.

“Take out the first Elite then I’ll take the rest.” Private Jenkins said with a big grin.

Looper didn’t waste time as he fired his first round from his sniper rifle which quickly slammed into the Elite soldier. The bullet practically disintegrated the shield that protected him. Stunned the Elite looked around trying to pinpoint were the shot came from, but they then another bullet ripped thought his skull kill him instantly. The grunts confused started too scattered as they saw the Elite collapsed to the ground dead.

“You’re up.”

“On it” Said Jenkins as he aimed his rocket launcher and fired. A cloud of smoke shot out across the sky and soon exploded in the middle of the street taking out half of the grunts in the process. Soon gun fire form the rest of the Marines could on bottom level.

The battle had just begun.

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