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01/31/2005 5:55 PM

Blaze had been travelling hard and the deserted castle had been music to his eyes. He had burnt a hole strait through the outer wall and climbed to the highest tower. The chamber was far from comfortable, but it was better then sleeping on the ground. He was just settling down when there was a noise from the hall way. He was up and ready to fight before the echo had died. Was he condemned to never sleep again?

"Who or what are you and what do you want?"

The maranova hissed as he swung it around, gashing the wall with it and decapitating an unfortunate chair.

02/02/2005 9:25 AM

Saraneth entered the building. Her faithful companion, Corrigan the talking cat, was stood on her shoulder. Saraneth could sense some great power here, and she wanted to destroy it because she didn't like the feel of it one little bit. Upon entering the building, she saw a huge hole in the wall. On closer inspection, Saraneth saw that it had been burnt there. Whoever she was about to go up against seemed to have some powerful fire magic. (I don't usually look at bios until I suspect cheating, so I don't exactly know what abilities you got yet, though I may actually have a look some time though, but not right now.) She stepped through the hole and climbed the spiralling staircase.

She came out in a hallway and Corrigan hissed. The noise echoed down the hallway, and under other circumstances, Saraneth would have cursed at Corrigan for making such a noise. However, she wasn't planning on being stealthy here. She was going to directly challenge the being who possessed this great power. "Who or what are you and what do you want?" shouted a voice.

The voice was suddenly followed by a loud smashing noise. Clearly, whoever was in the room ahead was very irritated about something. Either that or he was always sounding as though he's in a bad temper. Saraneth's shoulder suddenly felt light as Corrigan disappeared. "The question is who," replied Saraneth. "I am Saraneth, and I wish to challenge you to a duel."

On saying that, Saraneth drew out both her swords, Kazi and Kirrith and they immediately errupted in a fiery white glow. (This doesn't increase damage or anything. It just renders the swords unbreakable.) She went into a defensive stance, awaiting her opponent's reply and on her guard for any surprise attacks.

02/02/2005 8:15 PM

(OOC: Its an extremely good idea to know what your fighting before you go in. just a tip)

Blaze advanced into the hallway. His eyes flashed red quickly and settled.

"Huh, your like what? ten?"

He shifted into a hugely wide stance that seemed to offer no benefit to him at all.

"Very well, if you wish. Come and get me Seraneth."

He was holding the sword by his waist, making it seem as if it was sheathed.

02/03/2005 1:38 AM

OOC: I used to do that a lot, but for some reason I find it better not exactly knowing what to expect from my opponent. It's more of a skillful thing that we do quite a lot at my forum. :D I mean, sometimes we just have battles with no magic, etc and it's just a test of skill. Great way of getting better. :)

IC: Saraneth smirked at her opponent's first remark. "First glances can be deceiving," she said simply.

She then closed her eyes and just stood there, clearing all of her senses so that she was just focused on the battle ahead. Her eyes snapped open suddenly and she leaped forward towards her opponent. She seemed to glide through the air, closing the gap between her and her opponent. As she got closer, she thrust herself forward more, holding both swords out in front of her as though she's about to try and stab her opponent through the chest. However, at the last second she suddenly twisted about, swinging both swords in a deadly windmill attack, aimed at both her opponent's head and abdomen. After doing that, she would duck down and twirl to the side, bringing both swords at her opponent's waist, intending on actually hitting.

After that, she would back away and allow her opponent to make his next move.

02/03/2005 8:07 PM

Blaze pushed backwards with his front foot and brought it to his rear, shooting a jet of fire from each heel,pushing himself backwards and melting grooves in the floor. When the child landed, he reversed and swung at her with the maranova. He was encased in fire now, his hair was blazing orange and his eyes were jetting sparks like a baby dragon.

02/04/2005 2:55 AM

As Saraneth watched her opponent back away, she laughed a little. "Let's fight fire with fire, shall we?" she asked, more to herself that to her opponent.

Upon saying that, both her swords errupted in a mass of flames that danced along the blades and crackled loudly. She looked as her opponent came back towards her, swinging his sword at her. She raised her swords to meet the attack and the blades crashed together with a loud 'CLANG!'. Sparks flew everywhere, but both were not affected by them.

Saraneth would then move one of her swords swiftly while still pushing back against her opponent with the other. She brought her sword in a stabbing motion towards her opponent's abdomen in an attempt to cut him open. It didn't seem as though her opponent would feel the heat from the flames, and if he did it wouldn't bother him since he was also good in using fire magic. This battle was already getting very interesting, and it would be a great chance for Saraneth to improve on her fighting skills. She backed away and stared at her opponent. "You still haven't told me who you are," she said.

02/04/2005 10:55 PM

Blaze span on an invisible axis, dodging the stab (although barely) and windin up at a casual defensive stance.

"I am Blaze Shruikan, High templar of the Burnous and scourge of the high councils. Satisfied?"

With a whipcrack a tentacle of fire lashed out from him, trying to encircle the girl's legs and rip them out from under her. He leapt and shot down at her sword first.

02/05/2005 10:36 AM

OOC: Sorry for not posting in awhile. Been kinda busy sorting out this upcoming inter-forum battle tournament. Glad to see you're interested in it. :D

IC: Saraneth's eyes widened as her opponent lashed out and a tentacle of fire came at her. She tried to step back, but it had managed to wrap itself around her. Due to her extremely high resistance to fire, it didn't hurt her at all, atleast for the time being. She could already feel the heat from the flames seeming to get hotter around her ankle. Her opponent yanked the tentacle back and pulled Saraneth forward so that she was doing the splits. She looked up at her opponent to see him coming down at her, holding his sword point first towards her. She had to act quickly, so she switched to using her ice magic. One swift stroke of her sword, which were now engulfed in light blue flames, froze the fire tentacle and broke it.

She then twirled about on the floor and just about got out of the way of her opponent's attack, narrowly missing any serious harm. However, the blade had cut her cheek a little. She wiped away the blood that trickled down from the small cut. Saraneth smirked and looked at her opponent. "You have great potential as a warrior, Blaze Shruikan," she said.

The blue fire on her blades got even more fierce and the floor around Saraneth slowly began to freeze. The ice spread up the walls and along the floor towards and beneath her opponent. No doubt he would end up melting it, but right now Saraneth was going to play the arena by her own rules. She raised both her swords up swiftly and a spike made of ice shot up towards her opponent. She would then swing her swords, as though she was slashing at her opponent. However, jets of blue flame would fly off the blade and towards her opponent, turning into sharp icicles as they did so.

02/05/2005 10:17 PM

Blaze felt the floor shift and leapt into the air. His cape shot underneath him, melting the spik, then it shot around infront of him melting the flying icicles.

"Tsk, Tsk, little child. You must not live in a cold climate. Maybe if that had been water. But Ice? Please, I've had harder fights from goblins."

He landed, driving his sword into the middle of the melted icicle. The blade dug into the stone, driving a wave of fire out from the gash. It moved with incredible speed, not only melting the ice but pitting the stone. The wave of fire shot up the walls and onto the roof as well as strait down the corridor in both dirrections.

"And potential as a warrior? I have like three hundred someodd years on you kid, wathc who you disrespect."

He pointed at the roof above Seraneth, shooting a tentacle of fire into it and melting a brick. It dripped out of the roof, questing for the young girl under it.

02/06/2005 2:47 AM

Saraneth smirked. Her opponent had shown a lot more of his power than she had first expected from that attack. Then her opponent taunted her, and it seemed as though he thought she was giving her all. But Saraneth was about to prove him wrong, and she would soon show him what true power is...

Her opponent had melted the ice by creating a wall of fire that spread out in both directions within the corridor. Saraneth raised her swords to create a temporary barrier around her with her ice. That melted, but it had stopped her from being damaged at all by the intense heat from the flames, which would have damaged her more than she would have liked. "And potential as a warrior?" her opponent asked, continueing with what he had first said. "I have like three hundred someodd years on you kid, watch who you disrespect."

Saraneth laughed. "So what? It's not as though age really matters here in this battle. I have the powers of the gods of fire and ice in my hands, and I think that is sufficient enough to defeat you," she retorted.

On saying that, Saraneth swung both swords outwards and they once again became engulfed in a mass of flames that roared and crackled loudly. Her opponent yet again lashed out with a tentacle of fire, but not intending to hit her. Instead he hit one of the bricks above Saraneth. Saraneth immediately stepped back and the now molten stone dripped to the floor, making a loud hissing noise. Saraneth looked at it and then at her opponent. She'd have to be careful with this one.

She just stood where she was, holding her swords out either side of her. "Come on, attack me..." she said.

02/06/2005 8:42 AM

Blaze chuckled. She seemed to think she could outmatch him. His entire Life was lived by the sword. His cap was about an inch shorter then when the battle had commenced, which was fine. Blaze didnt intend to use heavy fire power.

"As you wish."

Blaze moved like a snake, flying at her so fast his cape stretched out behind him. He whirled at the last second, bringing the three foot katana strait at the childs midsection and growing an identical blade in his free hand. This blade was made of fire, but it would still cut easily. He brought this around behind his main sword at chest level. He finsihed this by jumping back then shooting forwards with both swords aimed at Sereneth's face.

02/06/2005 12:38 PM

Saraneth smirked. Her opponent had fallen for the trap she had ready for her opponent. Blaze came at her at a great speed. A blue glow surrounded Saraneth and her blades still blazed with fire. Her opponent swung his Katana towards Saraneth's middle. She backed away, the blade merely cutting a little through her clothing. She backed away several steps and was now ready to put her plan into action. Her opponent had created a new weapons, made of fire. He came at her again and stabbed towards Saraneth's face. She ducked down and leaped back at the last possible, a seemingly impossible manouevre for a human. However, in her place was a frozen replica of herself. This would freeze whichever limb came into contact with it. This would distract her opponent enough for Saraneth to come back at him, swinging both swords at her opponent's arms.

The heat from her blades would sear any wounds shut, but it would still hurt a hell of a lot. She was hoping to disable the use of her opponent's arms either by badly wounding them or cutting them off. If any of her opponent's limbs were to be frozen by the doppleganger she had left, it would more than likely be his arms since they were aimed at her in the first place. After that attack, she would swing one of her swords towards her opponent's neck at an alarming speed, though not undodgeable.

Saraneth still had many abilities she could use, though she would only use them when they are truly needed...

02/06/2005 2:25 PM

Blaze's weapons passed throught he dopelganger but then he saw the two blades and literally screeched to a halt. The Blades melted a gash through BLaze's chainmail and opened the flesh of his biceps. The wounds werent bad and they had cauterized instantly.

"Nice trick."

Blaze jumped and kicked out at Seraneth's stomach with both feet. He landed hard on his upper back and used the momentum of his legs to slingshot his upper body At Seraneth's face. Head first.

02/07/2005 2:42 AM

Saraneth's doppleganger hadn't been very effective against her opponent, but it had proven to be a distraction. Her next attack had melted a gash through her opponent's armour and caused a minor wound. "Nice trick," said Blaze.

Saraneth smirked. "I got plenty more up my sleeve," she replied.

Her opponent suddenly leaped up and aimed a kick at Saraneth's stomach with both feet. Saraneth stepped back, taking most of the impact out of the kick but still allowing it to push her back a few steps. Her opponent then sprang back up at Saraneth, head first. Saraneth cartwheeled backwards and her opponent went over her. As he flew over her, Saraneth swung both swords upwards at her opponent's abdomen.

She would then cartwheel back again and face her opponent. She drew a symbol in the air with her swords and it just hovered there, blazing brightly. She waited for her opponent to make a move, and as soon as he did move, the symbol would disperse and then form together again only to form a huge fireball that would hurtle straight at her opponent at great speed.

02/07/2005 9:17 PM

Blaze felt a lance of pain across his stomach, but his momentum was still mostly upwards and it was another shallow wound. Well, maybe a stitches wound Blaze thought as he landed and span to face, a symbol in the air. Blaze Roze his free hand and questing tentacles of fire stretched from his palm and fingeres. These wove into an intricate net that suddenly expanded to fill the hallway. Blaze stood on the otherside of it and suddenly pushed his palm forwards. The net blasted down the hall, melting grooves in the walls floor and roof as it advanced on the girl. His cape shortened about three inches and dimmed slightly. That was always hard to do.

02/10/2005 10:10 AM

OOC: Sorry for not posting in awhile. Things have been really hectic for me lately.

IC: Saraneth's attack wasn't as successful as she had first thought. The spike of ice had only cause a cut across his stomach. It was fairly bad, but not bad enough to put him out of action. Her opponent thrust out a hand and once again, tentacles of flame shot out. This time they formed into a large net that exanded to the size of the hallway. Saraneth went down on one knee and suddenly a ball of fire was formed around her. This spread out incredibly fast, smashing into the net. Both the net and the fire Saraneth had formed were broken, and thick black clouds had formed, making it near impossible to see.

But Saraneth had a good enough estimate of where her opponent was and charged towards him. She leaped through the black smoke, thrusting both swords forward and then suddenly shooting forward at the speed of an arrow. As she did this, flames formed around her and would increase the damage she would have inflicted with just her swords a hell of a lot more.

If her opponent dodged, she would shoot by, out of harms way and far enough away from her opponent to get ready to meet his next attack.

02/10/2005 6:48 PM

Blaze saw a glowing spot in the fire and leapt against the wall, whipping a tentacle of fire at Sereneth's retreating back.

"Its getting crowded in here, Lets get more comfortable."

Blaze raised a palmtoo the roof, melting a huge hole in it and leaping straight up. He landed beside the hole, turning and bringing his sword down as the incredibly resourcefull child came after him.

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