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06/27/2000 12:39 PM

Removes her gloves and tosses them at his face, "You have NOT drinken all of my WHISKEY!" looks in the cart, "Oh...well, you have, BUT!" kicks off her boots and they fly thru a window, "I still have THIS!" holds up a bottle that has a skull and crossbones drawn on the label.

Stomps barefoot over to Pyranthas, "Bottoms up, big fella!" downs half the bottle, wobbles, then falls face first onto Pyranthas, "I'm FLLYYYYYING..."

06/27/2000 12:47 PM

Jesus Autumn! That's poisons.

*he pulls the bottle from her hands and then pulls a blue potion from his jacket.*

Come on drink up.

*he pours the antidote into her mouth, and then closes her mouth to make sure she swallows it. He places the potion back into his jacket and then lifts her up and carries her to her room.*


*he walks back and grabs her other stuff and even goes to get her boot and brings it back to her room. He quietly sneaks out of her room and then goes back to his table. He then pulls a small pouch with various small jewels in it and then gets back up and walks back to her room and places it by her pillow and then sneaks back out of her room and back to his table in the cornor of the tavern.*

06/27/2000 1:01 PM

Sucks her thumb and mumbles in her sleep, "thank you daddy, you so nice to Auty, yes you are...me sleepy now...me go nitey nite now..." her hand instictively wraps itself around the pouch by her pillow and she sleeps for long time.

06/27/2000 4:39 PM

Yawns and stretches, "What's this?" looks at the pouch clutched in her hand and then peers inside, "Oh MY! How pretty!"

*looks around and wonders what happened and how she got in her bed*

"Oh, by the gods! I made an ass of myself again!" sees her chainmail and gloves and combat boots and grimmaces, "OH NO! What did I do this time?"

*leaps from the bed to see if her sword is bloody and is happy to see that it is not*

*dresses in only her black leather and heads to the tavern and sneaks in the door sheepishly and goes to hide behind the bar, sitting on the floor*

06/27/2000 4:49 PM

*Standing behind the bar is Pyranthas with order forms.*

Hello Autumn, it is good to see that you're back to your sences. While you were passed out, I too the liberty of ordering you more whiskey and bourbon. I also ordered you some Qualinesti wine.

06/27/2000 5:58 PM

"Huh?" looks up at him then leaps to her feet grabbing her head, "Oh yes. Well, thank you," is embarrassed.

Shows him the pouch of tiny jewels, "This yours?"

*looks to the door as a clan of kender come strolling in*

06/27/2000 6:23 PM

Guiding the kender in is a black-robed young mage, her black eyes blazing as she fights an internecine war to keep them orderly and together. Exasperated, she turns to Autumn.

"Gods help me, i need a room for fifteen kender...and somebody kinda whiskey or something. hey, do you have any sleeping pills? maybe some...tran-"she slaps a kender away who is under her skirts and God knows what else,"-quilizers or something? See, i have- to - take them- to Solace! for a- HEY! give that back, Mr. Furrboot!for a...oh, never mind. can you help me?"

06/27/2000 6:41 PM

*Lor and Cal who have been very very silent in all the happenings look at the kender approaching them*

"Go AWAY!!!" Lor yells and the kender who are normally immune to fear back off on a general intuition that they would be in trouble if they approached any furher. "Good."

*Lor takes a sip from her water as a very bold kender tugs at her robes. the instant it pulls Lor waves her hand at the kender and it is engulfed in flames. she reaches down and picks up a pouch and puts it back in her robes*

"You will only have to room fourteen of those imbeciles now.""Two minus one leaves none."

06/27/2000 7:09 PM

Aestas, after all the munchkins are sedated with many potent drinks, goes over to Lor.
"Excuse me. I hate to be rude, but when you engulfed my youngest charge in flames a few hours earlier... well, could i ask you, how do you do that?"

06/27/2000 8:24 PM

*Pyranthas walks by Autumn.*

Im going to get some rest something I have got in a few weeks. Do you mind if I use your room?

06/27/2000 9:23 PM

"Go right ahead, Pyranthas, make yourself at home," slaps him hard on the ass as he passes.

*tucks the bag of jewels deep in her jacket*

"Hmmmmmmmm?" looks at the blackrobed mage Aestas, "That lovelorn looking fella over there," points to Hooded, "Is our resident pharmacist if you need anything else along those lines. Oh, and it is 3 gold a room, by the way," grimmaces at the sedate kender, "And welcome to my tavern and inn. I just adore magic tricks by the way!"

Giggles and leaps across the bar and lands on Gunthar, "Dammit man! You are always making me land on you or knock you down or something!" grabs a plate of fried taters and places before him, "Enjoy!"

*sits next to the Dark Lady and pours out her new jewels and admires them, showing them off*

~in the background, delivery dwarves are restocking the booze and wine Pyranthas ordered up~

*thinks rest well warrior*

*contines playing with the jewels and listens to those around her*

06/27/2000 9:43 PM

(OOC:I think Mikhal really sucked in impersonating me. He doesn't know the real Mertonius mentality. Mertonius usually does something like this...)

Mertonius appears and grabs a bar patron. Without any remorse he raise the man above his head and wrings his neck. Blood pours from the man's mouth and a pool of blood forms on the floor. Mertonius then pulls out a summoner (mummified hand) and traces a figure of a woman with the blood. Intoning in a mysterious language unlike that of magic, the form coalesenced into a naked, ravishing woman. He then shoves the woman on to the lap of another bar patron.

06/27/2000 10:22 PM

*looks at Gunthar and the nakey lady on his lap*

"PYRANTHAS!" she screams for no particular reason at all and grabs a fancy koffi and honeybun for herself and the Dark Lady, "More stickybuns on the bar for all who want 'em," chows down.

06/28/2000 7:52 AM

*Gunthar looks at the neud woman sitting on him*

"Excuse me, but may I ask what you're doing?" he says.

*Lor looks at Aestas and smiles slightly*

"All you have to do is know the right spells. That one was called inferno. Gets rid of pesky twerps like him in a jiffy." she takes a sip on her water. "And not having much of a concious helps too. It really makes the killing much more enjoyable."

*Cal looks at the bar and all the sticky buns and leaps up and runs for them. Gunthar sees this and rudely shoves the lady off of him and onto Hooded and runs to beat Cal to the bar. the two get there at about the same time and start digging in and eating as many sticky buns as fast as they can. as far as anyone can tell they are equally matched, stuffing one whole sticky bun in their mouths at a rate of one every other second. it must be a miracle that neither of them weigh over 2 tons*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/28/2000 8:35 AM

*Pyranthas is out like a light as soon as he hits Autumn's bed. Her bed is soft, kind of like most elvish bed. Her bed must be elven he thinks to himself as he sleeps. He hears someone yell "PYRANTHAS," but he ignores it. He needs his sleep and sleep he does.*

06/28/2000 11:44 AM

*sees the gaggle of kender begin to stir and tucks her pouch of tiny jewels away and locks up the silver*

"Hey Gunthar! You rejected this lovely wench," stamps across the floor and points at the nekkid lady on the floor.

*puts a steel-toed boot to the summoned-up nekkid lady's head and it shatters like a melon*

"You weren't real anyhow," she is in kinda pissed off mood.

06/28/2000 11:59 AM

*two days later, Pyranthas wakes up with his hair all a mess. He runs his hands through it to try and get the tangles out of it.*

Man I need a comb or a hair cut. Sheesh!

*looks around Autumn room and finds one and combs his hair. Once he gets his hair back to normal he walks out of the room with his long blond hair flowing behind him. He walks over towards his table but finds kenders at it.*

Alright you kenders, get up and away from my table.

*they look at him.*

We were here first.

*Pyranthas grumbles and then walks over to the bar and then hands Autumn two platuim pieces.*

This is for the use of your room for those two days I've been asleep and why are there kenders at my table?

06/28/2000 12:29 PM

"Thank you for paying Pyranthas," gives the others in the room a dirty look, "Was the room to your liking?" grins, "And my, but doesn't your hair look spectacular today. Here," passes him a honeybun, "Have a sticky roll."

*puts the platinum coins in her pocket*

"Still more sticky buns!" she reminds the room.

06/28/2000 1:50 PM

"heyHEYhey! Whoop-get offa that!" Aestas slaps the kender around as they begin to get rowdy, nods to Lor, and goes over to Hooded...

"Hey, do you know of any good potions for these brats? I need them alive, but just barely..."

06/28/2000 3:39 PM

*eats the sticky bun and then cracks his knuckles*

You wat them out? I can take care of that. Kenders! Want to see a magic show?

YEAH!!!! *they all yell*

Sit right in front of me ok now watch my hand.

*the all rush to sit infront of him*

Now, sleep.

*he waves his hand in front of them and their heads go limp.*

There you go.

*waltz over to his table.*

I have reclaimed my table!

*he boldly proclaims and then sits down.*

06/28/2000 4:11 PM

*Hooded regards Aestas.*

"Well... I don't give out such potions willy-nilly. You would have to make it worth my while of course." Hooded says. Ready to negotiate.

*Feeling the buzz of magic, Hooded looks at the sleeping kender.*

"Hmm, it seems you won't be needing my services afterall. The elfmaiden with the pretty hair took care of the situation." Hooded looks at the 'elfmaiden'. "Ohh hang on. That's the interior decorating specialist Py. It seems he has a talent at hairdressing as well."

06/28/2000 4:28 PM

*glares at hooded and he then says to hooded in his head If you do not want me to control your mind again, I would watch you mouth dragon. You are luck I gave you that Ring of Polymorphing. I felt bad for the humans who have to put up with that ugly mug of yours. Makes hooded one hit himself in the head then goes back to just sitting in his chair.*

06/28/2000 5:06 PM

"You look a little wasted away, Hooded fella. Catch!" tosses a sticky bun at Hooded and it sticks to the side of his hood.

"Gotta be quicker than that!"

*pays the delivery dwarves and offers them a couple rooms and some ale which they gladly take*

Puts a basket full of breads and wine and cheese and fruits and hard candies and cigarettes on each table, "Compliments of the house."

Takes a similar basket to Pyranthas's table, sans cigs. Lays across the table, head hanging over the edge, and looks at him upside down, "Wanna fight?"

06/28/2000 5:26 PM

You want to fight me? I'm not really into fight without reason and normally most people don't ask me if I want to fight. When they do they normally walk out with many broken bones.

06/28/2000 7:19 PM

*Elts watches amusedly while the two make threats, stifling her laughter at Hooded's remark and raising her eyebrows at Py's replies*

06/28/2000 8:08 PM

*Hooded grabs a pack of cigs. Turning to Autumn.*

"Nice throw Autumn. Just like a man. That must be
why Pyranthus finds you so attractive."

06/28/2000 9:16 PM

*Takes control of Hooded's mind and makes him sing Im a little tea pot.*

06/28/2000 11:00 PM

Marcus enters the room as soon as Hooded started singing 'I'm a little Tea Pot'. He laughs so hard that he collapes on a bunch of kender, suffocating the little twerps.

"Oh, sorry about that... He he ha ha ha ha ha!!!"

He turns to Py and shouts, "Hey, why don't you make him climb the walls and sing 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' ?"

Marcus collapese again into a mound of laughing muscle and crawls out down to the wine cellar where he usually spend his time.

"Hey, anyone for cotton candy? I think my cotton candy machine is ready. I'll bring it up later."

He was about to go down when he turned and said, "How about the flavor? Who wants rum flavored cotton candy? How about wine flavored cotton candy? I'll think about it..."

Marcus tromps down the stairs to the cellar.

06/28/2000 11:28 PM

As I watched Marcus make his way down the cellar I stood up and shouted, "Where the hell did my wife go?"

Noting some disparity to what the Hooded one was doing and what Pyranthas was ordering, I started laughing hard again. I stood up again from my seat and made my way to the one they call Autumn...

"Do you know were I can find my wife Nadja? She seems to have disappeared on me again..."

I pulled up my long braided hair (which reached to the floor, since it flowed down from my back) and tied it to my waist to keep it from snagging.

"You should really keep the floor clean here. A man may get sick from lying on it too often."

I then made my way to a table near the window, waiting for my wife, who is missing, as usual.

06/29/2000 5:21 AM

*I pop into the bar and sit on my husbands lap. I turn to give him a huge kiss.*

"Love I am right here. Don't worry Love I am always here. I Love you don't forget that."

*I turn and snuggle closer to her husband trying to hide from all of her fears and the Hooded_One in his clothes.*

"Dear I have but two requests. Protect Jana and I from the Hooded_One. And please love us forever."

*I look deep into his eyes loving him all the more with each passing second.*Love concurs all

06/29/2000 7:33 AM

*Gunthar and Cal finish eating all the sticky buns on the bar. they then turn to look at each other and laugh at the other's appearance. they go to a nearby table and start conversing and laughing. Lor reguards the two with disgust, then turns to the married couple and has to quickly turn her head to keep herself from vomiting. she gets up and sits next to The Dark Lady*

"Perhaps you are the only sane person in the entire room, excepting me of course.""Two minus one leaves none."

06/29/2000 7:49 AM

"Margarita flavored cotton candy for me, you wacky mad scientist!"

Sits up and pouts at Pyranthas, "You don't wanna play with Autumn..." slithers off the table and slinks away.

"Sticks and stones, Hooded, sticks and stones," snaps his cig in two as she passes.

*goes behind the bar and lines up on the counter many scary and pointy and sharp lookin' tools...and a potato. nails a sign to the wall that says Piercings by Autumn*

*cracks her knuckles and grins menacingly at the room*

06/29/2000 8:58 AM

*Is laughing so hard tears stream down her face*

*Then seeing Autumns other source of income by her new sign, her grin broadens and she joins autumn there*

"Looks like you'll need someone to hold em down!"

06/29/2000 9:02 AM

*Walks back where it says piercings and orders one for her tounge.*

"I just hope my Dear Husband doesn't get mad at me. I would so hate for him to be mad at me."

Love concurs all

06/29/2000 9:42 AM

*He feels sickened by Nadja.*

Well, Autumn, what were you planing on playing get the crap beat out of you by a Templar? By the most powerful, and deadly Templar? By the last Templar? If you want me to, I can beat you up, but your bar may not still be here when I am finished. NADJA! Get me a glass of wine please. As long as you work here, you serve me when I tell you to you whinny little baby. Don't make me sick Hooded on you. You never got me my whiskey last time so it looks like you're going to have to repent thyself. Now, get me my wine. The Qualinesti stuff I ordered and make it snappy.

06/29/2000 1:13 PM

Shoots daggers at Pyranthas with her eyes, "I just wanna feel the power, sugar," she hisses then bursts out laughing.

*winks at Pyranthas then turns her attention to her piercing*

"Pin her down, Eltanin!" takes a large needle and holds it over a candle flame, "This won't hurt a bit Nadja! Now stick out your tongue!"

*pierces the barmaids tongue and sticks a silver stud in the hole*

"Stay away from salt and citrus for a very long time."


06/29/2000 1:52 PM

If you say so Autumn.

*Walks over to her and by her hair and then flings her across the room. He walks over to wher and then beats the living daylights out of her. Afterwards he returns to his seat as he looks to her body lying on the ground.*

I told you you wouldn't be in good shape afterwards.

*He walks back over and lifts her up and then sits her at the table with him, trying to pretnd she in fine. He uses his mind to semi animate her body. He finds a healing potion and then dumps it into her mouth and lets it do it's work. Once she is all fixed up, then releases his mind's control over her body.*

06/29/2000 2:05 PM

"Okayyyyyyyyy," Aestas moves away from Autumn's body and sits with Lor and the Dark Lady.
"....so we're all black robes. where'd you study?" she asks Lor as she mixes a drink.

06/29/2000 2:09 PM

Blinks her eyes recalling every last detail of what just happened, "You're one twisted fella, Pyranthas," snickers, "I like that in a man," snaps her teeth at him and returns to her piercing, limping slightly.

06/29/2000 2:10 PM

*looks around the bar to see people staring at him.*

Oh, she'll be fine. I fixed her up again.

*He watches her hobble over to her piercing booth and sit down.*

Autumn, need a hand in sedating people?

*He pounds his fist into his hand and smiles.*

06/29/2000 2:24 PM

*finishes giving a squirming kender 12 dozen ear piercings, then takes his payment and shoves him aside*

Grins up at Pyranthas, "You are just so sweet. Here," reaches for and grabs another kender and holds him out to Py, "Nitey nite kenderkin!"

06/29/2000 2:32 PM

*takes his fist and punches the kender in the face and knocks it out cold.*

Anyothers? Aren't I always sweet to you? I redesigned your bar for free. I may be an interior decorator but I'm damn talented. Well, I had my fun. I need my wine. WHERE THE HELL IS NADJA! I told her to get my wine.

*he looks around and then reaches inside his jacket for his sword and begins to pull it out, but then pushes it back. He doesnt want her "husband" after him. He would probably be doing him a favor and be taking care of her nagging and whining.*

06/29/2000 3:10 PM

OOC-what a sick relationship you two have - lol!

Elts watches this with intrest. Autumn certainly didnt seem to want any help.......much to her disappointment!

As she gets used to pinning down squirming patients, she looks around and shakes her head at Pyranthas

06/29/2000 3:32 PM

(ooc - what relationship were just friends.)

*Punches kender after kender to help Autumn out.*

Ok I've had enough and where the Hell is my wine?

06/29/2000 4:31 PM

*finishes branding all the kender then takes a shot of bourbon and slides a red hot needle thru her own left nostril. then inserts one of the jewels (a diamond planted on a post) given to her in that pouch by who knows who, into the hole*

Holds up the still flaming needle, "Want one?" she asks Eltanin and Py, then looks over at Gunthar and gets wicked thoughts, "heh heh heh. Hey! Knight!" wags the needle at Gunthar.

06/29/2000 4:36 PM

*Pyranthas backs away*

Now thank you Autumn, and where is my wine?

06/29/2000 5:24 PM

"Here," pours him a glass and slams bottle down on the bar, "Nadja must be admiring her tongue."

06/29/2000 7:14 PM

Well I gave her a second chance to repent herself, I guess it is time for her to die.

*Draws his sword and looks around the bar.*


06/29/2000 8:07 PM

*Pops in and sticks her tounge out at Py*

"I QUIT!!! BUH BYE!!!!!"

Love concurs all

06/29/2000 9:58 PM

OHHHHH!!!! Oh well, I didn't want her blood on my sword anyway. Paladine would not forgive me for it. I got to get home sometime soon or I am going to go crazy. I'm changing and I don't want to change my old ways. I need to meditate. Autumn! I shall return. When I return, I shall be the old Pyranthas you once knew!

*walks outside and then disappears down the road. A week later he comes back into the ar. and sts in his cornor seat.*

06/29/2000 10:02 PM

*Walks over to Py and kisses his cheeck then hits him in the jaw.*

"That is for threating to kill me."

Love concurs all

06/29/2000 10:06 PM

Please do not touch or ever kiss me again. Even if did feel as if you were tickling me, don't ever do that again. Autumn, may I have a glass of wine please and this is from before.

*tosses Autumn a platium piece. Pulls out a flute and begins to pipe some notes.*

06/29/2000 10:09 PM

I don't care you have hurt me before. I don't care what you say if you want to Kill me go ahead it isn't as if I would be missed.

*walks up to him and dares him to do something.*

Love concurs all

06/29/2000 10:15 PM

I have hurt you before? When?

*stops playing his flute.*

06/29/2000 10:19 PM

OOC-You know i don't care who you are now though

*Picks up his sword and shoves it through her midsection. She doubles over dieing slowly.*
Love concurs all

06/29/2000 10:23 PM

~Dark Lady looks to Lor.~ I do believe that we are the only sane people . . . ~nods toward Hoody.~ I know that he is not included into this sane group he cannot even admit to his obsession. ~Gives Hoody an evil eye.~ Which I do believe he should admit to. ~Looks back to Lor.~ How can you stand being around those two? ~Nods to Gunthar and Cal.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/29/2000 10:26 PM

(ooc well considering you wouldnt be able to get to my sword you would be dead miss Nadja.)

*Pyranthas place a ring of regeneration on Nadja's finger and as soon as he pulls the blade from her the wound heals. The then pulls out a rare artifact and presses it to her and she comes back to life.*

One more time it will work...

*goes back to playing his flute.*

06/29/2000 10:30 PM

(ooc I don't care py you always were an ass to me and to Thorne.)

*I cast an death spell on myself and die quickly. I gasp out one last thing.*

"Not even you can save me n..."
Love concurs all

06/29/2000 10:37 PM

*looks down again, and then closes his eyes and begins to play a tune. The tune so beautiful, that people stop from the street to hear it. The bar is soon filled with people and Pyranthas plays on and on and Nadja's body glows and then dissappears. When then stops.*

Rest in the hands of E'li.

06/29/2000 10:49 PM

*Pyranthas loks around and then puts his flute away. The crowd has already left, and during the even, Autumn picked up a few extra bucks.*

06/30/2000 2:16 AM

*Hooded returns to his seat but leaves his seat again to perform a standing ovation when Nadja kills herself. Sitting back down, Hooded boos loudly when she is revived. Then cheers again when she dies. Turning to Dark Lady.*

"Never. Only in your obsessed dreams."

*Noticing Eltanin again, Hooded regards her with a quick sneer and goes back to drinking dwarf spirits.*

06/30/2000 5:20 AM

*finishes piercing her own naval and slides in a ruby barbell. feeling no pain, the calming flute working like a pain reliever*

"Here's your wine, Pyranthas, thanks!" accepts the platinum piece.

OOC -- I'm gonna be ill. I can't remain silent on this one, although I am sure that I will end up wishing I had.

Khell was not an ass to Nadja or Thorne. He was The Storm Over Krynn and played that character true to form. In that old storyline, Thorne turned traitor and what do you supposed Skie would do? Keep him as his righthand man? No! Skie would remove him.

That said...have fun dang it, and try to get along!

(Don't know if anyone saw it, but I had a 2nd ooc comment here which I deleted because it broke my own rules for personal conduct on the boards :P

06/30/2000 10:08 AM

*desides to play another tune on his flute, so he brings it to his lips but only after he thanks Autumn for his wine. He plays a soft melody that has that calming feeling to it. Once he is finished, he tucks it away in his jacket.*

06/30/2000 10:16 AM

*Lor looks to The Dark Lady and slightly laughs*

"I put up with only Cal because there are times when my spells just won't cut it, and he's docile enough to not get on my nerves too much. But, as for that hard-headed knight, I won't take a step next to him. He's too much of a goody-two shoes."

*she takes another sip of her water and then turns to Aestas*

"I study on my own time. I have no mentor, magic is a natural talent for me. I spend most of my time writing in my diary on how to further my magical abilities.""Two minus one leaves none."

06/30/2000 2:32 PM

~Dark Lady turns to Hoody and rolls her eyes.~ Do not tell me that you are still denying your obsession? Please admit it and make things easier on you.

~Turns to Lor and looks to Gunthar.~ I fully understand. He seems like he is I do not think that I could take a step next to him either.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/30/2000 5:08 PM

"Don't fool yourself. Sheesh, you are so sad with your obsession." Hooded says and sips his dwarf spirits.

06/30/2000 5:32 PM

*closes up piercing booth temporarily and goes into the kitchen. comes back out an hour later, covered from head to toe in flour and smelling like sugar. wears silly grin on her face*

Walks over to two kender males, "You're hired," slaps aprons on them both, "Now, get to work!" the barkenders hustle around the tavern, serving the patrons and making busy with other's belongings.

*goes outside and stokes up the bar b que*

"Who wants weiners?!" plops some corn on the cob onto the flames.

06/30/2000 6:33 PM

OOC- Autumn i am sorry if i have caused any trouble. I am sorry if you need anyhelp email me or post in my Bed and breakfast.
Love concurs all

06/30/2000 9:20 PM

All of a sudden, Marcus barges out of the cellar carrying armfulls of cotton candy (Both Margarita Flavored and Choco-Madness, along with his personal favorite, Jelly-Peanut with Vanilla and Pistachios).

"Sorry for being a tad bit late. The stupid cotton candy machine broke down. Took me the whole day to have it up and running..."

He goes over to Autumn and hands her the tasty margarita flavored cotton candy she wants. He then started handing cotton candy to everyone.
(OOC:Except to his ever annoying cousin who locked up his computer, thus preventing him from posting...)

06/30/2000 10:08 PM

OOC: I'm really hurt cuz. Oh well.

After succesfully pulling the keyboard away from his cousin Marc, Mikhal started postin again...
oOps, sorry about that, I forgot to place an ooc:..

I went down and kneeled beside my wife who was acting like a real actress. I smiled for a moment then shook her up to wake her again. With a gesture I sent her back to our inn.

I notice my cousin ignoring me again (as usual) as he made his cotton candy delivery rounds.

Checking the place, I found my quarry. There sat the Hooded One.

Removing the Guardian pin that held my hair I ordered two of my braids to capture the Hooded One in their adamantine grip.

"This is why I am called Silverhair..."

One of the hooked ends of my sentient braids wrapped itself around tmy foes throat, choking the air out of him. I watched with wicked delight as his eyes made popping sounds as they fell to the floor. I nonchalantly stepped on them.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Was that yours?"

Another of my braids made its way through the cavernous expanse of his eye socket and made its way into one of his cranial canal. I delightfully ordered it to massage his spine and watched as his limbs started convulsing in the most peculiar fashion.

Tired from the boring torture I'm inflicting upon the sorry carcass known as the Hooded One, I ordered my silver braids to throw him into the air. My hair stiffened as he fell and, like the rending jaws and claws of some malevolent beast, my braids started ripping him apart, slowly... Very slowly... Is left leg went first, his bloody stump sending forth great gushes of crimson blood. I mangled his right leg, reducing it to nothing more than a pulp. Next, his right arm went, and like some nightmarish dream from the Abyss, my braids toyed with it a while, waving it around the room like a sword before throwing it outside the window. His left arm, well, I left intact except that I stripped it off open leaving only bones and sinew. I glanced down to the mass of revolting flesh before me...

He is still alive...

Not content of what I did to him I stood near his head. I opened the buttons of the fly my pants and (making sure that no female was looking) I pissed on the Hooded One. I jerked off once, then twice, then buttoned my fly again.

"AHHH... That was good. I better go now. My wife is waiting for me..."

I clip my hair again with my Guardian Pin (not a drop of gore can stick to my hair) and with an elegant bow to the hostess of this fine tavern, I teleported out and returned home.

06/30/2000 11:34 PM

*Hooded spikes Mikhal's drink with a mild amphetamine he purchased from the alchemist's guild in Palanthas. Seeing Mikhal walking about hallucinating, Hooded cheers and takes the man to the piercing booth. Ignoring the narcotically longwinded monologue. Hooded flips a kender a silver piece and throws Mikhal up on the table.*

"Five piercings on each testacle please, Kenderkin." Hooded asks politely.

"Sure." Replies a beaming kender. With hands so quick they appeared to be teleporting. The kender expertly punches five holes in Mikhal's testacles.

*Sick of the ramblings, Hooded drags Mikhal outside and with a flick of his wrist throws him across town back to his struggling heap he is stupid enough to consider a 'bed & breakfast'. Watching through a magical mirror, Hooded sees Mikhal land outside his shit heap building. Landing on his arse and breaking his tailbone so severely it would never heal. From that day on, everyone called Mikhal, 'The Broken Arse Eunuch'.
Hooded walks back to his table and sips his dwarf spirits.*

07/01/2000 7:22 AM

(OCC -- ouchy)

Thank you Marcus, "Crams the cotton candy in her mouth and licks her sticky fingers.

*goes outside and collects the weiners and corn on the cob and places them on the buffet table*

"Soups on!"

*goes into the kitchen and comes back out pushing a giant cake, chocolate with white frosting. pushes it over to Gunthar and whistles*

Satan comes springing forth from the top of the cake, big red bow on his matted head, and lands on the knight's lap, smoothering him with green goo doggy slobber*

"Happy birthday Gunthar...hope you like the cake!"

Satasfied, she grabs a couple plates and loads them up with food and goes to sit with Pyranthas, "Eat," pushes a plate to him, "Are you sure you don't want your naval pierce?" looks at with totally serious and butters her corn.

07/01/2000 9:15 AM

I am sure I do not want my naval pierced. I have one piercing in my ear and that is enough for me.

*he eats a little and then is finished. Leaving some food on his plate. He finishes his wine and then sits back.*

07/02/2000 1:28 PM

Jax wakes up, "Eh?! oh! yes! Sorry, I dozed off there for awhile! A battle story, well if it's a battle story you want, it's a battle story you'll get. It all started when I was making my way back from the nith layer of Hell, when I thought I had seen every daemon and devil in existance, then there cam the enourmous nut. It was like no ordinary nut, no...this was HUGE! 14 feet tall 7 feet wide, dripping, venomous fangs, sharp teeth that could cut through stone! It was the biggest nut I have ever laid eyes on. To make it worse, my friends..........

It was a macadamia nut!! The fiercest warrior type nut there is, but I did not know I was to run into one on this fateful day. We battled and battle, I threw every spell I had in my book at him, I used every kind of attack I had, but when all was exhausted. When all I believed was lost. I had one last attempt to make.....

That is when I pulled out the peanut butter, I smeared the peanut butter all over the beast, it roared and thrashed, it flailed and screamed a scream I had never heard before in my life. A bloodcurdling scream so foul, so deafening, I could not bear the pain I was enduring.

Then I shot my last fireball at it, and roasted it into a ball of hard peanut butter, smashed it with my quarterstaff into a million pieces and called it a day.

That is when I came here....Can I get a bed to rest my weary bones on? Please?!" Throws Autumn a large diamond, about 5 pounds in weight.

07/02/2000 2:21 PM

"Well, good morning Jax! What an unbelievable battle story!" munches on a peanut then thinks maybe she's enjoying someone's child or grandmother, "ACK!"

Pulls out a room key and hands it to him, "The bed's a bit lumpy, and there is a hole in the floor that leads to the labatory beneath this fine establishment, but it is comfy just the same."

*nibbles on Pyranthas's leftover corn on the cob*


*teeters from her chair as the enormous diamond hits her smack in the head*

"Hello mommy," eyes roll back and she slumps to the floor with a goofy grin on her face.

07/02/2000 2:58 PM

*the diamond flies to Py's hand and it disappears into his jacket.*

What are you talking about Autumn. Your mother is here.?

07/02/2000 3:07 PM

*rubs her forehead*


07/02/2000 3:13 PM

What's wrong Autumn?

07/02/2000 3:32 PM

"Huh? Daddy? Is that you?" rubs the spot the diamond hit her and giggles and crawls under the table.

"Lalalalalalala" plays with people's feet under the table.

07/02/2000 3:49 PM

*The new diamond flies also to Pyranthas's hand and he places it in his jacket.*

07/02/2000 11:41 PM

Marc makes his way to Hooded and whispers...

"Nice job but you forgot something. Mikhal also knows how to create automatons. He is a skilled artificer, taught me all about making those humunculi who just looks like him."

The Mikhal figure started to dissolve into nothingness.

"Damn. And that was fun too... Oh well, you can't have everything..."

He then gives his pal Hooded a dose of Demerol to relieve the pain that was caused by Pyranthas' manipulation.

"Here, you can have some of this to relieve pain. Just don't give it to any elves. They become addicted to it quite fast... Gives them what we humans call a 'POWER TRIP'." He jerks his thumb back to a bunch of snooty Silvanesti elves who seem to be quite intoxicated and talking about getting rid of all scum on Krynn. They didn't realize that the roaming kenders have already pilfered their pouches.

07/03/2000 12:12 AM

OOC-Mertoinus I am getting tired of you badmouthing Mikhal. He hasn't done anything to you.

*I get up and punch Mert in the stomach. I hope he withers in pain.*

Love concurs all

07/03/2000 3:07 AM

*Listens to Mertonius and pulls out a mirror of seeing.*

"Yup, the automaton is the one I didn't get. Look in this mirror." Hooded says, showing Marcus the real time image of the Broken Arse Eunuch in pain, rolled up into a kind of phoetal position.

*Turning to Nadja.*

"Hey. I thought you were dead. Anyway, you better go home and look after your boltless crossbow husband."

07/03/2000 3:24 AM

Oops sorry, bad aim. I'll rest my weary bones in a minute, I just want to see something. Jax, being a mage of endless wealth and power, grabs a handful of 1-3 pound diamonds and throws them in the air. For evryone to have, a gift from Lord Jax, come see me at my home if you wish for more baubles or trinkets. Jax proceeds to go upstairs to bed.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlight from the oncoming train.

07/03/2000 8:45 AM

Rubs her head again and crawls to her seat. There is a lump the size of walnut on her head, "Barkender! Some koffi and sweep the floor and scrub the biffy!" snatches a diamond from Jax, "You are very generous, wizard, enjoy your rest."

Looks at Py, "Well, it would seem as we are one big disfunctional family again," she giggles and leaves for the kitchen and returns with about 300 strips of bacon and puts it on the buffet and helps herself to about 20 strips.

07/03/2000 11:42 AM

*Autumn never gets to touch because the diamonds are constantly going into Pyranthas's hand even the one in Autumns hand disappears into Pyranthas's jacket. He sits back and waits for more Gems to be thrown.*

07/03/2000 4:03 PM

*Hooded quickly grabs a stray diamond and sends it telekenesis style to a massive treasure hoard.*

07/03/2000 4:10 PM

OOC: Nadja, why are you married to him if he's a Eunich? doesn't make them *sort* of impotent? For your birthday, would you like a vibrator? or maybe for your next baby shower...

07/03/2000 4:36 PM

*Pyranthas chuckles in the cornor as Autumn will never get the chance to get one of the valuable gems*

07/03/2000 5:05 PM

"That's a neat magic trick, Pyranthas."

Gets up and removes the dinner plates from the table, "I'm so happy to have served you this bar b que," turns and stomps away, "Good nite."

*gives the barkender directions, telling them she will have their heads for a snack if they screw up, then goes to sit on the roof, tying herself to the chimney lest she slip*

"The stars are billiant tonite," she sighs and takes a swig of koffi from a canister.

07/03/2000 5:09 PM

*Pyranthas gets up and walks out side. He floats up to the roof and sits next to Autumn*

Yes, that is some sky, and that wasn't a magic trick. I am no mage. I am a simple Templar.

*he hands her a platnium piece for the food.*

You know you make quite a bit from me. I am the only who pays you, and if he wanted you to have the diamonds he wouldn't have thrown them. You know I am a lover of Jewels.

*he smiles*

07/03/2000 5:25 PM

Takes the platinum piece, "Thank you. And I give you your treasure hunting rights in my tavern."

Unties herself, "But the first diamond, the one that KNOCKED ME SENSELESS," she yells so the wizard can hear, "Was meant as payment to me for the wizard's lodgings. You stole from me, therefore you shall die," stands and unsheathes her sword and loses her footing and falls to the ground.


07/03/2000 5:29 PM

*Pyranthas runs and leaps off the roof and lands on his feet and looks down at Autumn. He steps on her blade and looks at her.*

Not a good choice to do. You should not do anything like that to a grandmaster swordsman.

07/03/2000 5:34 PM

"Theif! Theif!" hollars and points at Pyranthas.

*town guards hear Autumn's cry, chuckle, and go back to their poker playing*

"Let go of my weapon, Pyranthas."

07/03/2000 9:36 PM

(OOC: Sorry Guys but I have to stop Bad-mouthing my cousin. He threatened to revoke my computer use. He owns the damn thing and I'm only using it. I have to start defending him at this point. I can't argue with a guy who is 6 years senior to me since I'm only 16 years old IRL.)

Mertonius shakes his head and points out a major discrepancy.

"You forgot something. Mikhal can create multiple copies of him. Anyway lets drop the gags about him already. I'm getting tired."

He stands up and was about to leave the room when Marc comes up to him and asks him a personal question. They then shake hands and Mertonius disappears.

"Hey guys! Guess what I found after completing the clean up of the wine cellar."

He pulls out several copies scrolls with detailed pictures.

Pictures of Autumn...


"Hey! I didn't know that you posed centerfold for the PlayMage monthly 2 years ago."

07/03/2000 10:06 PM

OOC -- thanks. that was real nice Mertonius, or whoever you are.

07/03/2000 10:33 PM

OOC: I would like to apologize for the actions of my cousin. He actually had the nerve to use my character. I was out of town the last few days and have just arrived this morning from a trip to Cebu. Anyway, he procurred my character Mikhal and used him against Hooded. Did you remember the message that Hooded posted about me being a better writer than Marc? We'll he took it badly and actually made me took up a recourse of action quite different than what I would have done. MIKHAL is a pacifist and would prefer peaceful methods of resolving a conflict (ranging from flattery, bribery, and other non-violent means). My cousin acted out in impulse and thus made me look like a no good SOB by acting against a person who defended me. Sorry for the actions that Mikhal did previously to the Hooded One. If you want to decapitate or in any way emasculate or mutilate somebody, that person should be my cousin. Of course, since he already apologize, it would be wrong to act out against him. I suggest that we forget about the matter. I have threatened him with severe sanctions if he used my character again.
Michael(aka Mikhal)

07/03/2000 11:06 PM

OOC -- yeah...

07/04/2000 1:42 AM

OOC: For starters. Less ooc and more ic. To Mikhal/Mertonius, my ooc was an implication that I thought and still think you guys are in fact one person. I don't really care. Just remember an ip ban will stop both characters coming to this board. Anyway. It's already forgotten, so let's get on with rp.


*Hooded sips his dwarf spirits.*

07/04/2000 8:27 AM

Looks up at Pyranthas from the ground, "Oh yeah, I forgot," lets go of her sword and scrambles back onto the roof and watches the sunrise.

07/04/2000 9:51 AM

*Pyranthas picks up her sword and then leaps onto the roof and hands Autumn her weapon, and then sits down with her.*

07/04/2000 10:44 AM

"Thank you. Now, about that diamond," gives him a nudge.

07/04/2000 11:04 AM

What diamond are you talking about?

*looks at her with a blank face*

07/04/2000 3:34 PM

*chuckles and sticks her tongue out at him*

"What diamond are you talking about?" she mimicks him and looks at him blankly.

Just then, a robed guy dressed like the killer in Scream enters the tavern and sits next to The Hooded One, "Hello."

07/04/2000 4:22 PM

Jax comes down from his upstairs resting place, seeing the other waiting for more diamond to fall out of the sky, he chuckles to himself and walks over to Autumn, Thank you, kind lady for the hospitality. Therefore I have whipped up a little something for you and only you. Jax utters a few incantations, moves his hands about in gestures nobody has ever seen before and all of a sudden, a thunderous crash is heard next door.

Jax runs outside and says, Yes, that's the ticket! perfect. Is this more than enough for payment? I'd like to return if I am ever in the area again. This diamond, The diamond was about 100 feet in height and 75 feet in width, crushing Autumn's competition next door to her inn, This is YOURS AND ONLY YOURS!, Jax shouts so the others hear, anyone else touches it, the y will be set on fire, have maggot chew at their eyeballs, become impotent, and their brains will explode.

Jax etches Autmns name in the ungodly enourmous diamond, then conjures up a spell and the others who are inside are buried in a pile of gems. I must leave now good lady, I am sure you can use the proceeds to renovate this establishment, I await my return to see the changes! Jax then disappears in a puff of smoke.

07/04/2000 4:59 PM

Waves tata to Jax, "Thank you. Anytime wizard!"

Looks smuggly at Pyranthas, "I'd like to see you try and put THAT in your pocket!"

*pats the warrior's knee and watches along with him what is now the sunset*

07/04/2000 7:56 PM

You do? Ok...

*Pyranthas breathes in deeply and then closes his eyes. His body shimmers and his blond hair turns white. His energy level soars higher and higher. It becomes so high that he floats into the air and then spreads his fingers and concentrates on the diamond. The diamond begins to shrink in size. He then is pulled to Pyranthas's hand. There is a flash from Pyranthas's ring as the curse in the gem is destroyed. He then places it into the one of the many pockets thousands of pockets in his Templar jacket. He then floats down and lands on the roof. He is a little exhausted, but he can stay away.*

Only a Templar Master can do that...

07/04/2000 9:08 PM

*looks at him grimly then rolls off the roof and goes into the tavern and reopens her piercing booth*

With a shakey hand she holds up a needle and asks the room, "Who's next? C'mon! I need the MONEY!"

07/04/2000 9:53 PM

*Pyranthas hears Autumn inside mention about her financial problem. He then floats into the air and flies away. An hour later, he comes back with a chest made of solid gold. It is covered with jewels. Inside is a never ending supply of gold. He walks inside the bar and walks up to Autumn. and hands her a key.*

Here this trunk is for you. To open it you need that key and the command word.

*he tells her the command word in through her mind.*

Open it. You shall never have to worry about money again after this as long as there is one gold piece in this, it shall fill it as soon as it is closed. It is something I found in another plane, when I went plane walking once. Enjoy Autumn.

07/04/2000 10:07 PM

Drops her piercing needle, "I..um...well..I..thank you. Why?"

*uses the command word she was given and peeks into the chest*

"Oh my!" shuts the chest and glances around the tavern paranoid-like and hurries it away to her secret hiding place.

Comes back, "Let me get you something to eat and drink warrior," grins at him, "You have been a great help, as always."

07/05/2000 10:13 PM

*brings Py and big piece of pie that will taste like whatever type of pie he is in the mood for at the time. and a glass of milk*

"Well hello there!" saunters on over to Scream and sits on his lap, "I want a wagon and a dolly and a big big sword all sharp and shiney," grins at Scream.

07/06/2000 3:03 AM

"This is YOURS AND ONLY YOURS!, Jax shouts so the others hear, anyone else touches it, they will be set on fire, have maggot chew at their eyeballs, become impotent, and their brains will explode. "

Those were the words uttered by the wizards before he left, he feels a wave of energy flow throught him, someone has just touched the diamond etched with Autumn's name. So they must be on fire right now with maggot chewing out their eyes and boy, hope they don't have a missus at home!!! X-P

07/06/2000 6:04 AM

"Hey guys, I have this really swell idea. How about some of you guys go over to my cousin's beach resort? I have to go now. Bye!"

Marcus then runs out of the doorway wearing cool Hawaiin pants and dark sun glasses carrying a pair of rubber inflatables.

Out of nowhere, Hooded deflates one of the inflatable inner tubes and sends Marc sailing out of the inn door.

(Sorry about that Hooded. The idea of me flying out like some weird animaniac style cartoon seemed to me as really fun :) )


07/06/2000 9:30 AM

*Jax hears a voice in his head. I watched and heard you create that diamond, and I destroied the curse on it. My ring of magic resistance protects me from all harmful magic.*

Thank you Autumn for the pie.

*he looks at Autumn*

I wuv wu.

*he then start cracking up*

07/06/2000 10:53 AM

Chuckles and looks cross-eyed at the big elven warrior Pyranthas, "And wu are a wittle diamond wobbing crwazy warriwa," snickers and slides off of Scream's lap and walks casually over to Pyranthas, "Now, have you been dipping into that Feywine again?" looks down at his plate, "I'm glad you like the pie, Py, and what flavor is the pie, Py?" grins at him, happy with her little joke.

*just then Scream impales and eats a barkender*

"Dang it, Scream!" looks around and clears her throat, "He's an old friend of mine," she apologizes to the room, "Scream, you must control your urge to slice and dice!"

*Scream shakes his head "No"*

07/06/2000 1:40 PM

*Pyranthas throws a dagger and it inplants itself inbetween Scream's eyes, and he then drops the the ground. Pyranthas walks over and pulls the dagger from Scream's head and then walks back over and sits at his seat.*

07/06/2000 6:32 PM

*gets up and drags Scream to the firepit outside and lites it up*

07/06/2000 6:37 PM

Sorry about that Autumn, but your friend looked at me funny, and no I haven't been in the feywine. I have t get back to Qualinesti sometime to get it. Maybe I'll steal the recipe sometime from the royal winemakers cookbook.

07/07/2000 3:06 AM

*Hooded watches Scream die and get dragged to fire outside. Sipping his dwarf spirits. Hooded sees someone else walk in. Wearing the exact same clothes as the last Scream.*

"Hi. I'm Scream 2." Says Scream 2, cracks open a bottle of wine and sits down,

07/07/2000 8:15 AM

She enters after Scream 2 and sits by Pyranthas, "His brother. Their mommy and daddy liked the first Scream so much they made a second Scream, only this one isn't quite so scary as the first," she says matter of factly, "Sticky bun, Py?" waves the last barkender over with a platter of gooey goodness.

07/07/2000 7:40 PM

~She looks at Scream 2 and then at Hoody.~ You were about to admit to your admiration so continue please. ~She then grins at him.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

07/07/2000 9:21 PM

*Throws his dagger at screm 2 and the blade lands between his eyes also. Py runs over and pulls the dagger out of his head before he hit the floor.*

He too looked at me funny.

*goes over and then sits down next to Autumn.*

07/08/2000 1:17 AM

Marcus pops in again in his swim shorts.

"It seems that I forgot something..."

He goes into a backroom and drags out a large inflatable rubber ducky. After dragging the device out he goes in again gets his scuba gear.

"Sheesh, anyone here wants to help me? This thing is heavieeeeeeeee"

Marc drags the one ton scuba gear made from the densest material ever known to mankind.
Saddam Hussein.

07/08/2000 3:40 AM

*Hooded turns to Dark Lady.*

"There is no admiration to admit to." Snaps Hooded. "You're the obsessed one."

*Hooded watches Scream 2 die. As soon as the carcass hits the ground. A third scream-like figure walks in. Kills a barkender, steals a ciggo out of someone's mouth, grabs a mug of ale and sits lazily into a chair.*

"Hi. I'm Scream 3." Says Scream 3.

07/08/2000 8:49 PM

If there is another Scream... I'm going to get a little angry.

*Pyranthas points his finger at Scream and begins charging up. His energy levels quickly and he then releases a blast of energy that blows through Scream's head. Scream falls to the floor.*

07/09/2000 2:00 AM

*As Scream 3 dies. Another scream-like figure walks into the tavern. Stands on a chair and sings a song, then pulls out a hip-flask of vodka and sits down.*

"Hi. I'm Scream 4." Says Scream 4.

07/09/2000 9:09 AM

"What the?!" spills her glass of wine on Pyranthas as she stands in shock, "Oops! There I go again, Py, sorry!" stomps into the kitchen to investigate a noise.

From the kitchen, "Ack! Oh my...GROSS! Oh the HORROR!" stumbles out of the kitchen with a towel clutched to her mouth and nose, "Oh, it's just AWFUL!"

*the kitchen door stands ajar and Satan limps out followed by 13 of the ugliest puppies, all covered in gooey afterbirth*

*one puppy has two heads, one has 6 legs, another has no head but two rearends, and another has 7 tails that look like tenticles. all 13 are freaks of nature*

*Satan goes to the Dark Lady and rests what is apprantly her head on the woman's lap*

Scream 4 picks up a puppy that has one big eye and a tongue like a worm, and holds the little monstrosity to his chest and hugs it and coos, "I wanna hold him and love him and pet him and love him and hold him..."

*one puppy with teeth like a human being begins nibbling on Hooded's boot, another with no fur and wings like a dragonfly floats on over to Pyranthas and licks his face*

"AHHHH!!!" Autumn hastily makes a sign and nails it to the outside of the building.

Horrible Mistakes for Sale! Two steel a piece, or best offer!

07/09/2000 11:02 AM

~Dark Lady looks down at Satan with an amused expression on her face.~ Is there something I should know Satan? ~She laughs and pets the dog and looks to Scream 4.~ And how many of you are there? ~Looks to Hoody and gives him a cold stare.~ Poor dog does not know what he is doing. And neither do you. You need to admit to this foolishness.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

07/09/2000 5:53 PM

*Pyranthas looks at the thing that licked him and then releases an energy blast that it and watches it get blown to pieces.*

What an ugly monstrosity and how many screams are there?

07/09/2000 6:28 PM

A Scream-like figure pokes his head in the window behind Pyranthas, "We are many. Hi, I'm Scream 5," holds his hand thru the window and at Pyranthas in a gesture of greeting.

07/09/2000 8:38 PM

I would like all the Screams to come into this building.

07/10/2000 5:53 PM

*Seeing that nobody apparently is listening to him, he walks out side and starts climbing up onto the tallest building. He gets the to roof and sits on a stone gargoyle and look over the town*

07/10/2000 11:33 PM

*all the Screams, apparently hearing Pyranthas's command that all Screams are to 'come into this building', follow him to the building upon which he is sitting and enter it or gather about on the streets and nearby farm fields*

From within the building Pyranthas can hear...

"Yeeesssssss Maaasssstter"

...the Screams sigh in unison. All 101,892 of them.

"What is your bidding?"

...the Screams cackle madly and butcher knives flash as they pass jugs of wine among themselves.

~In the tavern~
Autumn looks out the window, "Oh sheesh! This is BAD!" leaves the window and picks up the puppy with two rearends and pats it's ummm, it's ummmm....well pats it nervously, "YOU stay right here!" she commands Scream 4 and and 5 and then sets the puppy thingy down and watches it for a moment as is moves to and fro, bumping into table legs and people legs.

Unsheaths her sword and scans the room, "Looks like war folks!"

07/11/2000 9:27 AM

*a trumpet can be heard in the distance calling the charge of the... of the... of the??? of the Raving Dead Lunatic??? what's he fighing??? well, he comes up and dances on Screams' heads and crawls through their legs and even runs straight through one! he slouches before autumn so that they are at the same height*

"Mrs. Buggy Hair call?""Two minus one leaves none."

07/11/2000 11:06 AM

"WHEW!" waves a hand infront of her face, "A breath mint you need! And yes, summoned you Mrs. Buggy Hair has..." rolls her eyes, feeling it is best to humor The Raving Dead Lunitic.

"Now!" whaps him with a rolled up newspaper, "Collect the kender in this tavern, there are 9 still alive I think, and send them into the Screams...hopefully they will create confusion and turmoil and possibly relieve some Screams of their blades," reaches up and pats him on the head, "Good Boy. Then you may hang out here and entertain the patrons with your charming and sauve demeanor."

07/11/2000 2:28 PM

*Pyranthas can be hear flipping out on the roof at the sight of the Screams. He walks up to a tree and bangs his head into it until the tree is split where he had weaked the trunk and falls into the crowd of Screams, killing several.*

Ohhhhh boy... I have to get away from this place. Maybe I'll go on a crusie to the Dragon Isles.... yeah... that will work fine...

07/11/2000 8:34 PM

A large blimp comes sailing into view of Pyranthas, piloted by no other than Marcus, who is still in his swim shorts.

"Yo PY! Someone's looking for you at the Beach! I think it was your gal!"

He looks downa and sees the countless Screams mucking around the tavern.

"I know how to get rid of them!"

Pulling out a megaphone, Marc started shouting, "Hey! Everyone! Free beer at Mikhal and Nadja's place!!!"

Hearing this announcement, the Screams stampeded towards Mikhal and Nadja's Bar. 101,890 died as they hustled their way. The only survivors were Scream 50,366 and Scream 101. Not counting the Screams inside the Tavern.

07/13/2000 4:57 AM

*hears the commotion outdoors and watches as most of the Screams bite the dust. quickly collects an arm load of their butcher knives and stockpiles them away. the remaining Scream gather on the taverns patio and order up koffis, all around*

Sighs, "Good enough," waves to Marcus and motions for Pyranthas to get down off the damn building.

*goes into the kitchen and after the normal explosions and cussing, returns to the common room with a seafood buffet*

"Soup's on!"

07/13/2000 10:13 AM

*Pyranthas paces on the roof cussing in elven about all of the screams. Finally he sits down and looks at the sky.*

What a wonderful moon.

07/13/2000 1:39 PM

"Right Mrs Buggy Hair!"

*he leaps about doing his orders even after the matter had been taken care of. he grabs a few kender by the collars, even picks one up in his mouth. once he has 'captured' all nine kenders, he returns to Autumn and drops them all in front of her*

"Here go! Food!!!"

*he jumps into the platter of squid and pops up with one in his mouth with the tentacles hanging out of his mouth so that he looks similar to a mind flayer. he then sucked it down his throat, the tentacles seemingly slithering up into his mouth like a bunch of snakes*

"Mmmmm, nuammalicious!"

*he then jumps down and runs out of the tavern. he jumps up on the roof and walks over to Py*

"Hi! Me be Raving Dead Lunatic! You man strong! What be you?"

*he holds out his gangly hand in a gesture of greeting. one tentacle is still hanging out of his mouth as he smiles at him*"Two minus one leaves none."

07/13/2000 2:22 PM

*Pyranthas looks at the "Raving Dead Lunatic" and then uses an energy blast and launches it off the roof.*

This is my roof. Stay off.

*looks back at the sky.*

07/13/2000 5:25 PM

~Dark Lady looks at the seafood and almost throws up at the thought of actually eating it. Dark Lady calls over a barmaid and orders three cheese ravoli. She gives Autumn a couple of steel pieces for the food.~ Nothing against your cooking Autumn but being a vegetarian I would prefer not to eat that.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

07/13/2000 6:14 PM

*Raving Dead Lunatic gets up and brushes himself off*

"Mr Not Nice!"

*he saunters back into the tavern with the squid tentacle still dangling from his mouth. he jumps up on the bar then jumps up on the ceiling. he holds on and just 'hangs out'."Two minus one leaves none."

07/13/2000 7:08 PM

~Dark Lady looks up at Raving Dead Lunatic with a disgusted look.~ Would you please eat whatever is hanging from your mouth it is quite disgusing.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

07/14/2000 3:56 AM

*Hooded looks at Dark Lady.*

"A vegetarian. How disgusting."

*Hooded walks into the kitchen and walks back out with some raw meat. Standing about 2 paces away from Dark /lady. Hooded eats the raw meat.*

"Delicious, you want some?"


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07/14/2000 5:52 AM

~Dark Lady runs to the bathroom then after many long minutes she emerges from the bathroom and walks straight up to Hoody and slaps him.~ That is just disgusting and do not ever do that in front of me again. It is hardly delicious it just revolting. ~She then walks back to her seat, sits down, and eats her nice vegetarian meal.~
Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

07/14/2000 11:30 AM

*RDL grabs the tentacle hanging from his mouth and slips it down his throat*

"Mmm. Still nummalicious!"

*he then jumps into the kitchen and walks out with a big platter in his hands. he looks aobut very protectively and then jumps back to the ceiling and holds onto the dish as if it were his child*"Two minus one leaves none."

07/14/2000 12:23 PM

*The Thorn walks in, spots Dark Lady and heads towards her.
*He pulls his brown robes tight around his as he skirts past a dazed Hoody.
"May I dine with you fine lady?" the Thorn asks.

07/14/2000 3:41 PM

~Dark Lady looks at The Thorn then to Hoody and gives him an evil grin. She then turns back to The Thorn.~ It would be a pleasure.

~Dark Lady looks to Hoody.~ See, my point has evidence. I know that you cannot help yourself.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

07/14/2000 8:07 PM

*Hooded looks at Dark Lady amused as she slaps him. A triumphant smirk lighting his face. Saving the choicest morsel for last, Hooded picks up a tender sheep heart from his plate. Looking at Dark Lady, Hooded chews the raw heart and then swallows it. A trickle of blood lines his chin, dripping onto the floor.*

"Sooo, delicious."

*Seeing Thorn talk to Dark Lady and Dark Lady smiling evilly. Hooded gives Dark Lady a confused look and waves an uncaring hand.*

"Whatever, I've already dined tonight." Hooded says smacking his lips and patting his stomach. Fondly remembering the taste of raw heart meat.


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07/14/2000 8:15 PM

Plucks all the parsley from the seafood buffet and puts on a plate for the Dark Lady, "Ma'dam...your vegies," places the plate infront of her.

*makes a paper flying machine out of a bar tab to the tune of 119 gold pieces, and flies it at The Hooded One. it soars thru the air in slow mo and lands, wedging itself between Hooded's hood and his face*

Turns to the Thorne, "Welcome to my fine establishment," grins broadly and discreetly crushes a scurrying rat beneath her boot heel and kicks it under the table, "There are rooms available if you need one, and we have the finest spirits and cigars this side of..ummm...this side of...well, you get my drift."

"RDL!" looks up, "It's ok big fella," speaks soothingly like one would to a small child, "Take your numnum, no one will."

Fixes a platter full of crab legs and heads to the building nearby, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" she hollars up to Pyranthas and smiles and dances around a little, showing off the grub, "Mmm Mmm Good!"

07/14/2000 8:47 PM

*Pyranthas is curled up into a ball fast on the roof. He mutters something about shoe shining and then rolls off the roof and into a horse watering trough.*

Ahhhh.... Phewy! What what?

07/14/2000 11:52 PM

*Hooded grabs the bill and screws it up, then throws the screwed up bill. The ball flies through the air and bounces off Autumn's head into the rubbish bin.*

"What a shot." Hooded says, congratulating himself.


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07/15/2000 1:23 AM

~in the tavern~

*having been given instructions prior by Autumn, the remaining barkender runs on over and fetches Hooded's bill, plucks a curly red hair from it and straightens it out and nails it to the wall behind the bar*

Tosses Hooded his apron, "You earn your keep dark and spooky one. The mistress's orders."

Skips on over and sits on the table infront of the Dark Lady, "Hi! I'm Woody Willknot. My, what fasinating hair color you have. Tell me a story," the kender says excitedly and fingers the womans robes, "I bet you have lots of interesting things to say. Did you know that I was once almost eaten by a giant? It's true..." continues blabbering enthusiastically, exploring pockets.

07/15/2000 1:26 AM

~at the water trough~

"Pyranthas," Autumn shakes her head, "Have you learned nothing from me? Rooftops are dangerous!" sets the platter of crab legs down and offers him her hand.

07/15/2000 9:20 AM

*Pyranthas stands up and then falls back in the trough again. Finally he desides to float out of it and then stand on the ground. He takes the plate ad then floats to the roof and eats them.*

Thanks Autumn.

*Tosses her a platiumn piece.*

07/15/2000 8:30 PM

*Hooded screws up the apron and throws it back at the kender. The aprons hits the kender's back, richets and hits Autumn's head. Eventually bouncing into the rubbish.*

"Next time, I won't throw an apron at you barkender. I'll throw a knife." Hooded pauses. "Like this time."

*Hooded throws his dagger at the kender. The kender falls to the ground dead. Hooded's dagger quivering in the kender's small chest.*


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07/15/2000 8:58 PM

Looks at the coin Pyranthas tossed her, "Too much, I'll fetch you some change."


Sees the barkender with a knife in his chest, "Dammit, Hood!"

*pulls the knife from the barkender's body and hands him to an ugly barmaid*

*wipes blood from her hands and looks down at her boot to see one of Satan's pups, the one with the two rearends, laying on her shoe. picks the pup up and places it on Hooded's lap and it promptly empties both cavities upon the Hooded One's robes*

"Bummer!" Autumn chuckles and takes her place behind the bar, pouring and pouring and pouring some more to the delight of her patrons.

07/15/2000 9:24 PM

*Before the shit lands on him, Hooded waves a hand. Sending the dual stream of shit across the tavern into Autumn's face. Covering her face entirely. Especially her nose, mouth and ears. Hooded then snaps the double arse-holed puppy's neck. Walking around the tavern, Hooded stamps a booted foot on each and every one of the mutant puppies. Killing them all. Hooded then returns to his seat and sips dwarf spirits.*


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07/16/2000 9:16 AM

*after a long hot bath and the attention of many clerics, Autumn returns to the tavern smelling like a rose and looking more beautiful than ever*

Stands before Hooded, hands on her hips, stern look on her face, "That dog shit apparently had magical and healing qualities, and is excellent for the skin, by the way. The clerics tell me these now dead doggies are very special indeed."

*grabs the dead puppies and hands them off to the clerics who take them into the kitchen to grind them up, do clerical and mystical things to them, and bottle them in beautiful jars*

*meanwhile, Autumn nails a sign to a wall in the corner of the tavern that reads Autumn's Salon and Day Spa*

07/16/2000 4:13 PM

*RDL looks as the clerics take the puppies to the kitchen. he jumps off the ceiling, letting his plate of squid fall on hooded. he jumps into the kitchen where there are a few screams and slammings. he then saunters out of the kitchen followed by the thirteen puppies. they are all following him as if he were their dad. he sits on a table in the corner and all thirteen undead puppies jump on his lap at the same time*

"Good doggie."

*he picks one up and it pees on him*

"Smelli doggie.""Two minus one leaves none."

07/16/2000 4:51 PM

*Pyranthas sits on his roof and watches the moonlite sky as if he had nothing better to do. He pulls out a few daggers that had been stained from the blood of the Screams he killed and then begins polishing and shaping them. He hums an elven tune. Once he finishes, he pulls out his flute and begins to play a tune.*

07/16/2000 7:29 PM

~Watchs Hoody and Autumn fight.~ I wonder which one I should side with? ~Dark Lady then looks at Hoody.~ Nice try trying to act like you don't care.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

07/17/2000 2:17 AM

*Hooded scratches his chin as he watches Autumn return to the tavern with her new 'healing/complexion ointment' jars. Turning to look at Dark Lady.*

"I don't care." Hooded says to Dark Lady and gives her a charitable wink. "You're the obsessed one."

Hood's Hood

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07/17/2000 5:23 PM

*smiles in a motherly fashion at RDL, and pats the ghoul on the head*

"Have something for you, I do. Room of your own in the basement it is. Tunnels are many. Grime and dust is plenty. Bunkbeds you will have and toys for you to entertain yourself," chuckles and walks over to the Dark Lady.

"Ding Dong, Autumn calling," hands the Dark Lady a jar, "As my first customer, this tonic is free of charge. It is supposed to make your eyes change color to match your mood," turns to Hooded and hands him a jar as well, "This one is supposed to make you charming."

Goes to the door and hollars up to the building upon which Pyranthas sits, "Get your arse down here! I have something for you!"

07/17/2000 6:14 PM

*RDL jumps up all excitedly. he runs downstairs followed closely by the zoggies (zombie+dog). strange noises can be heard from underneath the tavern*"Two minus one leaves none."

07/31/2000 3:51 AM

A bloodied mage stumbles back into the tavern, after making it to the bar, he collapses from exhaustion. He lays on the floor, bloodied and dazed, unsure of where he is and how he got there. Where in the curses am I? How did I get to this place? I must defeat the Hag! With that, the mage grabs onto the end of the bar, slowly helps himself up to a stool, and nearly collapses onto the barstool. Barkeep. A drink please. Make it a double and stronger than any drink you have ever served in your life. The wizards' clothes are tattered and torn, he is bruised and bloodied, it looks like he has some broken bones and very deep gashes, fresh blood still trickling from a wound under his eye. Please have a room prepared for me at once, he motions to the owner, take these, he whispers, looks around, and places a bag in her hands, rolls her hands up and pushes them close to her. These are yours, lest the children decide they can suddenly get their hands upon them. It is a gem, worth thousands of gold, hide it, quickly. The mage sneers and coughs up some blood. I will be needing a cleric immediately, if not sooner. I am willing to pay double the price for healing. Now.....I must rest.
Jax ArchMage of
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07/31/2000 4:48 AM

Looks to see that Pyranthas is not yet coming down from his perch on the roof and rings the dindin bell, knowing that he'll soon come running, or floating, down, "Crabs legs and scallops, straight from the coast!"

*smiles warmly as RDL hurries to his room and sighs happily as the sounds of creation or something float up from the labatory*

Suddenly, as the battered mage collapses on the floor she grimmaces and shakes her head at the tale of the relentless HAG and hurries to secret away the bag with the jewel, "A cleric, my red-robed friend, or course," snaps her fingers and one of the clerics hiding in a corner begins administering to him, "The magical poopy kitten failed you, I take? Tsk tsk tsk," watches as his bruises and broken bones are healed and pays the cleric.

"Prepare his room...you, cleric, are hired as my personal assistant," she says to the cleric who healed Jax, not giving her the opportunity to decline.

Looks and smiles at the battered mage, "I always wanted my own cleric," helps him to a chair and brings him a drink strong enough where the aroma alone is enough to make one giggly.

07/31/2000 4:59 AM

Ah, thank you, thank you. The kitten!! I had forgotten about the kitten!
I must heal quickly, I must get back to the battle, maybe just maybe I have the strength in me to finish this once and for all! Jax sips his drink, then throws caution to the wind and downs the strong brew.
Jax ArchMage of Redwizards.com (http://www.redwizards.com)

07/31/2000 6:20 PM

*Pyranthas sits on the roof and stares out to sea. He pulls out his flute and plays a sad tune on it. The tune bring back a very saddening day to him...It would have been his and Autumn Half-elven's anniversary... if she was still alive their... 100 year marrage. He recalls a battle and he sees his wife fighting. He recalls using his healing ability on someone and then he remembers seeing Autumn getting stabbed in the chest by a draconian's sword. He couldnt save her and watched her die in his arms. He couldn't heal her cause he had already used his power to lay hands on the other person.

Py remembers spinning around and seeing the dragonman stabbing his wife in the heart with it's sword. Py then dispatched the draconian and then runs to his wife. He watches her die in his arms. He feels such fierce battle rage come on to him, killed every draconain by himself with his sword at his highest power level and is in hismost powerful templar form. After the battle, he falls to his knees and just started to cry. He lays next to her dead body and then he picks himself up and pulls out his flute and plays a long elvish tune and when he finished it her body disappeared.
He plays that same tune now... It was ther anniversary and the anniversary of her death.*

07/31/2000 11:32 PM

"Ayuh...that's the SPIRIT! Get it? Spiiirrrrits...boooze...." nudges Jax and winks as she gets high off the fumes of the potent drink, "To the Abyss with the Hag!"

"Barmaid! Some carbohydrates for the Red-robed one!" looks around and only sees the drying bones of barmaids gathering dust, "Oh for pete's sake!" grimmaces at Hooded gets up and gathers an armload of bread and uses her sword to slice it like butta. Sets it before Jax along with a lovely platter of crab legs and scallops.

"WHAT THE?" hears what to her untrained ears is an annoying sound outside.

*steps out the door and spies Pyranthas upon a rooftop still. listens and frowns. the sound of the flute floating down to her*

"That's actually kinda pretty in a sad way," she mutters to herself.

*grabs a blanket and a bottle of wine that just so happens to be laying around, and heads to the rooftop, not stumbling one bit*

"Warrior," she says to Pyranthas, "What be the problem with ya?" plops down next to him, "You are chilled," places the blanket clumbsily around his shoulders.

Looks to the stars in the sky and flicks a quick glance at Pyranthas, "Sky's purty tonite, yet again. Look at that one," points to an unusually bright star, "Looks almost like it's winking, don't it?"

08/01/2000 12:27 AM

Yes, that was a good one Autumn!! Thank you for the food and drink as well. My wounds seem to be healing and my spirits are definately lifted, thank you again! Jax throws Autumn a bag of gold coins.

Jax ArchMage of Redwizards.com (http://www.redwizards.com)

08/01/2000 3:23 PM

*Pyranthas finishes his looks down at the roof and then to Autumn.*

Today would have been my wedding anniversary... and it is also anniversary of the death of my wife. It would have been mine and Autumn's 100th year together.

*he relates his store to Autumn the barmaid and then finishes it with a tear in his eye. and tucks his flute away in his jacket.*

That was the tune I played after her death when her body disappeared and was carried away by Paladine.

08/01/2000 6:45 PM

*Pyranthas wipes his eyes and looks at down at the roof again.*

Bronzeblade Keep


08/01/2000 8:52 PM

Marc pops in a shouts, "YES ALL THE FORUMS ARE BACK!!!"

He grabs Autumn and Pyranthas and started swinging around doing a merry jig. He then pulls the Hooded One and Jax and The Dark Lady and RDL (AKA TK) and Everyone and started spinning around.

Oh, the Forum.
Oh, The Forum.
Oh My Darling Forum... ROOM.
You've been Lost but not forever.
Oh My darling Forum time!!!

Marc started doing his merry jig all over the place, skipping around and kicking stuff all over the place, swinging everyone in his arms.

"Yeah, the forum, yes the forum is back. No more worrying, no more boring... The Forum's Back!!!"

He started skipping all over the walls and up the ceiling with everyone in his arms. He stopped, standing upside down on the ceiling, with everyone in his arms.

" I Know I have no wall walking abilities... What the ..."

They all come crashing down the floor.

08/02/2000 3:10 AM

(ooc Im going to ignore that post because Im on the roof)

Bronzeblade Keep


08/03/2000 1:12 AM

*Hooded picks himself off the floor and goes back to his seat. Hooded thinks about the possible magical implications of being able to walk upside down when in the right mindset. Sipping his dwarf spirits, Hooded studies a fly on the wall through narrow slitted eyelids.*

Hood's Hood
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08/03/2000 4:39 PM

Looks at Pyranthas, "I am so sorry, warrior, she must have been a special woman. How odd we have the same name," wanting to take his mind off of it, "Listen, come on down off this roof and head back to the tavern...C'mon, I'll make ya something special," winks, pats him on the back, and heads down to the tavern turning to see if he will follow.

*enters the tavern and sees herself get up off the floor after falling from the ceiling. walks to herself and the two Autumn's meld together making one*

Looks around at the others, "I hate it when that happens!"

"Thanks, Jax, for the ample payment by the way. Help yourself to whatever you need," feels suddenly generous, "EVERYONE! Drinks are on the house this day!" flicks a look at Hooded that says 'yeah, even for you freeloader'.

*quickly makes a sign that reads Today's Specials: Oysta Stew, Clawm Chowda, Crown Pilot Crackers, and Toast with Lobsta Jelly*

08/03/2000 5:12 PM

*RDL wearily stands up. he staggers over to the bar and slams his head on it*


*he looks at Mert and smiles slightly. he walks over to him and opens his mouth, judging wether or not he can bite off his entire head in one bite...*

08/03/2000 9:24 PM

Marc pulls out a live chicken then stuffs it down RDL's throat and happily ran out of the bar shouting.

"Chicken! Chicken! Chicken!"

He pulls out a huge trout and slaps RDL around with it.

Marc started falling up the ceiling.

"Oh, wow, I'm falling up!"

08/03/2000 11:44 PM

"Hmm..." Hooded says interestedly as Marc falls up.
Hood's Hood
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08/05/2000 2:26 PM

*considers changing the name of this inn and tavern to Anti-Gravity Inn and Tavern as she busies herself nailing the chairs and tables to the floor*



V.P. of the Pandemoneous Rootbeer Popsicklus and Consort to the Man for Chaos Inc.

08/05/2000 3:34 PM

*Pyranthas stands and then finally walks to the edge of the roof and jumps down off from it with th grace of a cat. He walks in to the Inn and looks around. He slinks over to the darkest cornor and sits down.*

Bronzeblade Keep


08/05/2000 10:04 PM

*Hooded climbs up to the roof and looks at the normal looking roof. Trying to understand its appeal to the elf and then jumps back down and re-enters the tavern.*

Hood's Hood
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08/06/2000 4:48 AM

Jax enters the tavern once again, he looks around for Autumn, sees her, and starts to throw honey-roasted peanuts at her. "So, you think you can try and....wait, wrong battle, I think I wanted two houses down. Sorry!"

Jax stops throwing the peanuts and walks over to one of the bar wenches and slaps her behind, "Purty gurl, ain'tcha?! Dogbreath!" Jax then wheels around and sees the utter chaos that rears its' ugly head in here.

Jax takes a moment and sits down however, "Hmmm, maybe I might stay and watch though. I need to be amused!" Jax then leans back in his chair and tips over.

Being also a narcoleptic mage, he falls asleep in a puddle of goo on the floor.

JaxRedwizards.com (http://www.redwizards.com)

08/06/2000 2:49 PM

"Oh for cripes sake," huffs and puffs and pulls Pyranthas and his chair to a table in the light, then slaps down a plate of lobsta and a bowl of clawm chowda, "You're turning into a mole, my friend," fills his mug with wine.

*plucks a peanut from her red curls and regards the mage. goes to the sleeping fella and uprights his chair and his body slumps forward and his slumbering head goes THUMP as it hits the table*

"All right people, listen up," opens a red velvet curtain revealing a roulet wheel and a couple slot machines, "Time to lose your money, hunnies!" doesn't bother to reveal the trap doors beneath the gambling chair, or the hiden buckets of goo rigged and hung from the ceiling over each chair.

*cackles madly*



V.P. of the Pandemoneous Rootbeer Popsicklus and Consort to the Man for Chaos Inc.

08/06/2000 4:13 PM

Jax wakes up. "Huh? What the....." and falls asleep again.

JaxRedwizards.com (http://www.redwizards.com)

08/06/2000 7:37 PM

Guys...this topic is friggin' huge!

Don't you think it's time for you to create a new thread and continue the roleplaying there?

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08/07/2000 3:23 AM

(ooc why ever would we want to do that? *grins*)

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08/07/2000 4:46 PM

DISCLAIMER: I have considered abandoning this particular ship for sometime now. I am in no way persuaded to do so by the KofC. *waves to KofC* This thread is queen of the world, KofC, and with only a few regular posters!

I just wanna do it, is all. I think it's run it's course.

Inn and Tavern for FREE

Wanna dump? Want to keep company with misfits? This is the place for you!
Take ownership if you dare...I'm outa here!

I would like to thank the following people for playing with me in this freak of RP nature: The Dark Lady (keep it cool girly), The Hooded One (your wit never ceases to amaze), Teutonic Knight (LOL, is all I have to say), Jax (my legume-hurling pal), El Tanin (where'd you go to?), Mertonius (bless and curse your odd imagination), and Pyranthas (my favorite RP buddy, best friend, and soul mate)

We have all had some funny times here!

Meet me in whatever looney pit I conjure up next...or else!!!

*wipes a tear then grabs her big arse diamond, a pitcher of koffi, a doobie, and pack of smokes, a honeybun, and then splits*

(Special thanks goes to the animatrons, Satan, all the Screams, the elvish barmaids, the ugly barmaids, the barkender, Barney, Jiggly Puff and other Pokemon, mad gods, mutant puppies, and all the assorted ghouls, thingies and mutant-misfits to have graced our dump over the last couple months!)



V.P. of the Pandemoneous Rootbeer Popsicklus and Consort to the Man for Chaos Inc.

02/06/2001 2:08 PM

Pyranthas comes back to the inn, which has been dead for may years ever since it was closed. He walks inside and sits at his old table and relaxes for a minute. Rats run around on the floor. He closes his eyes and thinks about the old bar, now run down can closed for many years.

He gets up from his table and then walks outside and climbs up on the roof, but falls through it.

"Hmmm... roof is in need of serious patching..." he says as he stands up and looks around, "and the rats need to go. I got to get this place up and running again."

He then gets to work.

A few weeks later, he has a new roof on the building, the rats are gone, and everything is refurbished.

"There we go. Let's get this place moving again," He says as he sits back at his table. "If only Autumn and the others were only here again..."

Gets up and pours himself a glass of wine.

02/06/2001 2:26 PM

The broom closet creaks open and Autumn comes tumbling out, covered in cob webs.

Laying on the floor and looking up at Pyranthas, she offers him a friendly oath, "Well!! Slap my ass and call me Sally!! What in the name of the Abyss are YOU doing here?!"

Spits and sputters and pulls spidery things from her curly red hair._____________


02/06/2001 2:38 PM

"Autumn? I though you left this place years ago? well, anyways i came back cause I missed the place. I spent so much time here and it was like a second home to me. I was trying to do some repairs hoping maybe to get this place back running again.... but your hear now so we can have a regular party. It can be just like the old days now!" He says and then looks at Autumn and smiles. He looks over her curly red hair and her face and green eyes. It was as time didn't touch her. this was strange considering she was human. "I was hoping to see you here again, because there was something I wanted to tell you over all these years since the bar closed and you left..."

Pyranthas says as he thinks and then lowers his face, trying to hide the reddish hue to his light blue skin.

02/07/2001 11:39 AM

Dusts herself off and leaps upon the table Py is sitting at, "What? Wait one darn minute! Your face is BLUE!" giggles and uses the toe of her boot to raise his chin.

Something scurries across the bar room floor in a hurry and crawls onto the table and up Autumn's leg. Autumn smiles and pats the creature's head, "Like my monkey? Wanna touch it?"

Sniffs the air, "What's that smell?" then she turns to see Satan the dog wobbling thru the kitchen door, the usual collection of garbage, sticks, and small dead animals tangled in his matted fur. He carries a gulley dwarf in his dripping maw, "Oh, a gulley dwarf. Hate those smelly things. GOOD BOY SATAN!"_____________

Pet my monkey!

02/19/2001 4:01 PM

"I went through some changes... physical changes since the last time you say me," he puts what he was going to say to the back of his mind and then looks at satan. "Great.... that horrid dog. At least the Scream's aren't here. Nice monkey Autumn. I am not sure I would want to touch him though."

Pyranthas makes a few clicks and a bird flies in and sits on his shoulder.

"Like my falcon?"

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