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06/20/2000 4:18 PM

*Pyranthas comes back,without his jacket and his sword drawn. He sees the T.E.D. and then slices the thing in to many pieces. He sees Marcus and begins swinging his sword back and forth*

You have a sick mind pup and you need to be put to sleep.

*he caresses the blade of his sword and then spins it over his head and it makes a high pitched screaming that makes the rust monsters runs outside. Once they run out there, they all scream in agony when they find 30 minotaurs killing them all. He looks back at Marcus. a 14 foor minotaur walks inside.*

Autumn, meet Mingaz. Mingaz is my first mate on my ship. It's a good thing your roof is very high.

(ooc I do not come to this tavern to fight monsters. I come here to relax and to talk with my friends. If I wanted to kill monsters I would be on an adventure. I think I speak the same for everyone in this tavern. Now if you want to go on an adventure then leave. If you want to be here to have a good time, drink, laugh, be merry, or in Hooded and Dark Lady's case have a romance then fine but this is not the place to have an adventure. I've been coming to this forum since Feburary and I cant take it anymore. I may have been Khellendros, but it was still me.)

06/20/2000 6:07 PM

*Pyranthas puts his sword away. and then points over Marcus and the huge minotaur walks over and makes two huge fists and walks over to Marcus and begins beating him down with his great strength*

Thank you Mingaz. Hope this will tach you a lesson Marcus. Never mess with sailors.

06/20/2000 6:13 PM

*Pyranthas goes over and sits next to hooded and occasionally looks over to see Mingaz pounding on Marcus. He then looks at hooded and then Hooded feels an overwhelling throbing in his head and he can hear Pyranthas speaking to him form inside his head.*

Hooded I know who and what you are and I am fine with that but I shall let you know I am the keper of the Crown of Dragon Control. If I have to use to to make you admit your true feelings for Dark Lady I shall.

(ooc this is the one that was infused into my platnium circlet the one i got from the ship)

06/20/2000 6:22 PM

~Dark Lady looks questioningly at Pyranthas but gets up and walks to the bar.~ I would like a red wine please. ~She stands at the bar for a minute talking to the barkeep about something. Then the barkeep says something she does not like and reaches over and slits her throat.~ Sorry Autumn but you should tell them to watch what they say.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/20/2000 6:49 PM

Wipes bloody leaves from her body, "Poor, poor T.E.D.!" grinds a stem beneath her boot.

"Thank you Py, for returning...OH MY!" notices he is partially without attire, his jacket being missing, "Nice bod warrior!" giggles and staggers over to the Dark Lady.

"Cleanly sliced m'lady," glances at the dead bartender then back at the Dark Lady, "Here...Can you fix this for me?" hands her a broken watch and grins and sniffs the air, "This place stinks a tad."

*goes outside and yanks a rose bush from the ground. drags the bush inside, dropping blood red roses everywhere, on the floor, on the tables, on people, and on chairs*

"There!" plops rose bush on bar, "Better," looks over at the Dark Lady's chair and giggles silently.

06/20/2000 6:53 PM

*Pyranthas looks over at Autumn and smiles.*

Oh yeah... I forgot my jacket on my ship.

06/20/2000 6:55 PM

~She takes the watch in her hand and waves her other hand over the watch. She puts the watch up to her ear and listens for the ticking which can be silently heard. She picks her wine up from the bar and walks to Autumn. She hands her the watch.~ Here you are works better than ever. ~She then walks back to her seat to find a rose without thorns lying perfectly in her chair. She picks it up and smells it then looks at Hooded while she sits down.~ This is your doing isn't it?

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/20/2000 6:58 PM

He did it! I saw him!

*hooded hears in his head as Pyranthas's circlet glows. You shall say this. I put that rose in the chair.

06/20/2000 9:18 PM

"That's it, no more Mr. Nice Guy! Prepare to become beef stew Horn Boy!"

A surge of power suddenly gives Marc the strength of a giant. He bodily wrestles the Minotaur to the ground and grips a specific part at the back of the neck of the minotaur. Succesfully cutting of the supply of aerated blood to the minotaur's brain by using his naked stranglehold move, the creature falls unconscious. He then proceeded to carry the minotaur out to the others outside.

His naked upper body was glistening with sweat, blood comming up to his elbows from his fist, when he entered the tavern. Fortunately, the blood was not his.

"That is quite invigorating. And no casualties to boot." He started wiping the blood dripping from his fist using a rag he snatched from one of the bar maids.

"I believe, my friend Pyranthas, that you shall have need to acquire a new crew for your ship. Your minotaurs, with the exception to your first mate, would be requiring medical attention for more than one month."

A strange gleem came from Marc's eyes. His body was quite different in size, standing more than 2.65 meters in height and muscle bulging from his torso and huge, trunk like arms. Heavily muscled legs are about to rip his pants at the seams. His dark hair reaching to the back. But his smile was that of a different person.

"I'm sorry for that my friend, it was only a while back that I managed to regain control of this body."

He turns to Autumn. He bows to her as gentlemanly as he could.

"Do you have, per chance, a set of clothes that may match my girth? I lose my magicks after every transformation and it would only return after a day's rest..."

The real Marcus, the Wanderer, has returned.

06/20/2000 11:28 PM

*Pyranthas eyes him*

You bastard! You killed my best friend.

*He draws his vorpal sword know as the Grandmaster Templar Sword. It can only be weild by a grandmaster swordsman that is the highest level of templar. The blade shines with a bright silver. The elf starts shaking violently and his eyes turn the brightest green possible. He then pulls out a ring and flings in at Marcus. It lands on his finger at the will of Pyranthas. The elf then walks over to him and lops off his head. The head then grows back and he then grabs the ring and sheith his sword ans he walks back to his seat.*

06/21/2000 3:01 AM

OOC: I must take this moment to bow in respect to the devious messages posted.

*Ignoring the dagger at his throat held by Dark Lady. Hooded sips from his mug of dwarf spirits. Seeing the Dark Lady eventually give up and walk to the bar for a red wine. Hooded sits back and watches the T.E.D get cut to ribbons by Pyranthus. Finishing his mug of dwarf spirits, Hooded waves over a barmaid and gets a glass of ergothian whiskey. Sipping at it with a confused expression as Autumn skips around the tavern and scatters roses. Hearing Pyranthus' mind voice talk about the Crown of Dragon Control. Hooded grips his glass of whiskey so tightly it shatters in his hand. A wave of hatred and fear courses through Hooded's body as he feel's the power of the magical crown lingering.*

I will not forget this Elf.

*Hearing Dark Lady ask him if the rose was his doing, Hooded starts to say 'No' but the magical force of the ancient crown instead makes him say in a rasping voice.*


06/21/2000 3:08 AM

A smile crosses Marcus face and gives Pyranthas a
friendly pat at the back (which, unfortunately,
due to his impressively inhuman strength, sends
the elf hurtling to the far end of the tavern, but
disaster was averted when he suddenly appeared,
though he only moved fast enough to be unseen, and
caught Pyranthas.)

"Ha ha ha ha. And why would I kill the minotaur
who saved my life before? I only put him to sleep
by preventing oxygenated blood flowing into his
brain. He will regain consciousness later."

He pulls Pyranthas up and shoves him (using only
his finger so not to throw him out again) properly
back to his chair.

"Too much adventure is going through your head
Pyranthas, old boy. You should relax. Talk to
Autumn here. Have a drink. I'll handle the
recruitment of new sailors for your ship."

He then goes back to the chair where he set Mingaz
(Who was now definitely snoring and frightening
some of the customers.) and carried him up by the
shoulder to the second floor of the tavern.

"I'll be back down after I find a new set of
clothes to fit me."

(OOC: Mingaz saved Marcus's life way back during
one of his sea faring adventures. A bolt of
lighting was about to hit Marc and the minotaur
shoved him to safety. I forgot what posting it was
though I remmember I cast a Globe of Inv. to
protect the ship after that incident. Where did I
do that again? I forgot it already...)

06/21/2000 5:52 AM

(ooc -- ohhhhhh, i have a headache.....)

*the door opens and a trio of violinists enter and prance around Dark Lady and Hooded's table*

Autumn chuckles at this and goes to sit near Pyranthas, "Nice pecs," pours him a goblet of wine, "So, ya gonna rough him up again when he returns?"

Hears heavy footsteps, "Oh! Hello Mingaz! Join us...I have a little plate of beef ribs for you and Py here," points to another table where lies an enormous side of beef, "There's more for everyone on the bar!"

*tosses Gunthar a napkin*

06/21/2000 7:36 AM

*Gunthar grabs the napkin in mid flight and looks at it*

"Not big enough."

*he returns the napkin to Autumn and takes a tablecloth and tucks it in for a napkin. he walks over to the table with the 'enourmous side of beef' and almost starts to drool*

"Good food. Thanks Autumn!"

*he starts digging in much to the displeasure of those around him, for strange noises can be heard while hes eating and small portions of meat go flying each time he takes a bite*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/21/2000 7:45 AM

(ooc-Take Alieve Autumn it works best. Hooded-What devious messages?? ;))

~Dark Lady looks at the violinists and then at Autumn and gives her an "HaHa you are very funny" look. Then looks to Hooded.~ So by this rose you are admiting to your love for me? Are you finally confessing your deep burning desire for me?

~She catches a napkin that Autumn gives to her.~ No thanks Autumn. I am vegetarian.
Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/21/2000 8:06 AM

*Pyranthas looks at Autumn and passes on the ribs. He walks to Mingaz to make sure he's ok. The minotaur's muscles ripple as he walks over and sits on the floor. He doesnt dare sit in a chair knoing his great weight would shatter it.*

Captain, calm down. Everything shall be fine. I am ok m'lord.

*the minotaur talking in a surprising soft and sothing voice with much intelligence and wisdom in it.*

Your right my friend your right. Everything shall be fine.

*He looks at Autumn again.*

Ummm... thank you Autumn for the compliment.

*he sences something out side much commotion.*

Whats going on out there.

*someone runs in.*

There's a green ship burning in the harbor!


*Pyranthas jumps up and bolts for the door and charges for the ship. He runs abord the ship and grabs his jacket and throws it on. He then does what he can to try and save it, but then a burning timber hits him in the head. He manages to get up and stagger to the deck. He heals what he can of his wound and then walks through the crowd and watches it sink. He slowly walks to the bar. He walks in and looks around. He then goes over and sits with Mingaz and Autumn.*

06/21/2000 10:24 AM

(I took Tylenol 3. WHOOPEE!)

"Enjoy the cow Gunthar," grimmaces.

Watches nosily the Dark Lady and Hooded out of the corner of her eye, "Pyranthas. I am very sorry about your ship!" they can smell burning lumber in the tavern, "What will you do now?"

*fetches the elven warrior a pitcher of water and shovels more ribs infront of Mingaz...he and Gunthar appear to be rivaling each other's appetite, although the minotaur is much quieter an eater*

06/21/2000 10:34 AM

I dont know. I no longer have a home. I sold my home in Qualinost a long time ago when my wife died. I then started traveling the world and became a treasure hunter. I then got that ship and sailed many places and called it my home. Now... I have no home.

06/21/2000 10:59 AM

*feels awful at this poor guy's loss*

"How terrible. You are very good at construction, perhaps you can build yourself a new ship and a new home!"

Thinks, "Or maybe, you should find yourself a dragon! A nice big shiney dragon! That'd be fun for you..." nods like she knows what she's talking about.

Slams a hand down on the table, "I got it! I know just what will cheer you up!" goes into the kitchen and after the usual yelling and explosions and flames and smoke, she returns with a giant strawberry cream pie, about 4 feet long, 2 feet wide, 6 inches thick -- in the shape of a ship.

"Pretty neat, huh?" she is very proud and scoops out a big hunk for him then sets the remainder on the bar, "Desert! Come and get it!"

06/21/2000 3:44 PM

*No longer feeling the power of the crown binding him. Hooded goes utterly feral. Standing up, Hooded rushes over to the minotaur first mate. Grabs a horn in each hand and snaps the minotaurs neck. Dragging the minotaur outside, Hooded throws the heavy corpse at Pyranthus' ship in the harbour with a flick of his wrist. The minotaur corpse crashes through the hull, just above the waterline. Walking back inside. Hooded kicks a leg out of Dark Lady's chair, sending her to the ground. Sitting back down, Hooded calls over a barmaid.*

"Barwench, stand still." Hooded says and stabs the barmaid in a crucial artery at the neck. Pleased with the amount of blood which spurts out to mess up the tavern.

06/21/2000 6:47 PM

~She gets up off the floor quickly and makes her way to here Hooded is seated. First she kicks the leg out from his chair which sends him to the floor. While he is laying on the floor she kicks him in the side and just stands there with her foot on his chest.~ I do not suggest you try hurting me again. ~She quickly moves her foot from his chest so he cannot grad it and make her fall. She walks off to find Satan and to sit at a new table.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/21/2000 6:57 PM


~back at the burning ship, a band of clerics in town at a cleric convention dive into the water and retrieve Mingaz and begin administering to him on the dock~

06/21/2000 7:03 PM

*Lying on his back, Hooded kicks his legs and lands
on his feet in one swift movement. Running up to
Dark Lady from behind, Hooded grabs her wrist with
one hand and her elbow with the other. Expertly
positioning the arm to a painful position.*

"Personal shields don't protect the user from arm
bars. If you so much as breath I'll snap every bone
from your wrist to your elbow. Admit your obsession
is one sided on your part and I'll let you go."

06/21/2000 7:18 PM

~She stands there a moment then she decides what she is going to do.~ Hooded yes I do have an obsession for you. Now let me go.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/21/2000 7:41 PM

*Hooded lets go of Dark Lady's arm.*

"Okay then," Hooded replies lamely.

*Returning to his seat, Hooded waves over a barmaid.*

"Barmaid, dwarf spirits. A large one." Hooded says
absently. Obviously thinking of other things.

06/21/2000 7:49 PM

~She walks to the table where he is sitting and stands before him. She looks down at him with fire in her cold eyes.~ But that obsession is of hatred not of love. I could never love someone who says the things you do and physically hurts me like you do. ~She goes back to her seat and starts petting Satan who laid his head on her lap.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/21/2000 8:09 PM

*the elf runs at Hooded and slams his shoulder into his gut. He the slams his head into the floor continously and sends charges of electricity through his hands electricuting him.*

You killed him! You killed my first mate and my best friend!

*His eyes flare to a green so extreme, the give off light. His circlet flares along with his eyes and Pyranthas has power over Hooded once again. He commands him to not move.*

If you ever so breathe I shall kill you.

06/21/2000 8:09 PM

*Hooded shakes his head at Dark Lady's words.*

"Lie, lie, lie. Whatever, just keep on your side
of the tavern. Stop staring at me and don't talk
to me."

06/21/2000 8:15 PM

*Hooded feels the power of the crown overwhelm
him. Thoughts of hatred move through him as he looks
at the elf with the crown. Hooded tries desperately
to move, but is held motionless in his chair. The
crown's power taunting his mind.*

06/21/2000 8:15 PM

My words are not lies they are the truth which you do not want to accept because you want me to love you. ~She gets up and Satan promptly follows her. She takes a seat at Hooded's table intentionally doing the opposite of what he told her to do.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/21/2000 8:25 PM

*Unable to move, Hooded concentrates and talks to
Dark Lady telepathically.*

Get away from my table.

*Too furious at his immobility. Hooded sits still
and furious.*

06/21/2000 8:43 PM

*The elf grabs hooded own dagger and drives it repeatedly into his chest and into his heart. He then dices his throat so it looks about like chopped liver. He then stands up and breathes hard. He then takes the dagger and flings it into his chest and stares at his dead form.*

06/21/2000 8:53 PM

*awakens and screams wildly at the goings on*

Pulls Pyranthas and puts him in a seat, "I'll be right back."

*leaps on her black stallion with another larger horse towed behind her and returns later with Mingaz sagging in the saddle of the other horse and a band of good, neutral, and dark clerics -- all chitter chattering with one another and thirsty for drink*

*they all enter the tavern together*

Autumn brings Mingaz up to a room, "Marcus! Watch over him and see he is ok. And, you look splendid in that house dress you found. A little tight, tho."

06/21/2000 8:57 PM

*If Hooded could roll his eyes he would. His dagger
relating the illusion it was casting in Pyranthus
mind. A moment later, Hooded's dagger obediantly
returns to his boot. Struggling against the paralysis
of the crown, Hooded winks at Pyranthus.*

OOC: Pyranthus, I like the storyline about being
controlled by the crown, but if you want to take
actions for people. Do it with someone else.

06/21/2000 9:08 PM

(ooc well you fucked with my NPC and killed him. Also Pyranthas's mind is two strong to be fooled with minor illusions. Also I made plans with Dark Lady to ring you back to life.)

06/21/2000 9:16 PM

*Pyranthas is dragged away from hooded's body and then he runs outside and runs down towards the woods, not looking back. He runs and runs until he gets to a spot in the woods andthen plops down and leans against a tree and begins to pray*

06/21/2000 9:22 PM

*Hooded looks at the door in his paralysed form.
The minotaur first mate walks through. Hooded tries
to furrow his eyebrows in confusion, but can't move.
Considering the situation, Hooded realizes he must have
killed a similar looking minotaur. Forgetting about
the minotaur, Hooded engages Dark Lady telepathically.

I gather a mage of your power would be interested
in gaining a powerful magical crown? If you listen
to me, it could be yours.

*Even in his current powerless position. Several
vengeful plots race through Hooded's mind.*

06/21/2000 9:25 PM

(OOC -- what ever happened to good ole fashioned bar room brawls? OH YEAH! this is DL...i forgot. well, anyhow.....kill me, and i will regenerate. kill another char, i will regenerate them. kill an NPC, same thingy. mess up each other all you want, get good and bloody. it's the nature of the game...but, remember that we are supposed to be having fun here. BTW, kill as many barmaids and houseplants that you want...i'll make more! ;)

Autumn stomps into the tavern and begins mopping up the blood and gore, "I love my job, I love my job, I love my job," starts giggling hysterically.

"How's your meal Gunthar?"

*drops the mop as Pyranthas rushes by and then sits on the floor and pulls her hair*

06/21/2000 10:35 PM

Marcus and Mingaz went down to the bar again, sharing some jokes they heard during their travels.

"I have this ship made from enchanted ironwood trees. If you need one you could always ask for me my friend." Marc giving the minotaur a friendly pat.

He eyes the others, staring at him in surprise.

"Hell, I don't know why he's up and running again. He just suddenly stood up and started commenting about this barely fitting toga I made from the bed covers..."

Mingaz rushed out to find his friend while Marcus was left contemplating about the sanity of the Hooded One.

Eyeing that Hooded is paralyzed he pulls out a syringe filled with extracts from the Psilocybe mushroom (MESCALINE)and gives Hooded a shot.

"I think he needs something to slow his brain process for a while."

He then pulls out another syringe and gives Gunthar a dose of Mescaline too. He then started going around and giving the bar maids and the patrons some of the hallucinogenic extracts.

06/22/2000 1:20 AM

*Hooded's eyes droop momentarily as the visual, narcotic kicks in. Hooded's mug of dwarf spirits suddenly morphs into a silver dragon. Flying around and around his head... the silver dragon flies up to Hooded's ears and whispers... a plan.*

06/22/2000 6:40 AM

*Gunthar nearly swoons as the effects of the narcotic sets in. he looks down at his plate where there used to be beef, but now theres a bunch of little cows running around kicking each other. Gunthar stands up and looks at Autumn who now looks as if she hed just smoked up a storm*

"Jeez, I thought you gave up smoking."

*he swayed over to Autumn and sat down next to her and starts coughing at the illusionary smoke*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/22/2000 6:59 AM

*A young elven woman walks in and stands in the corner. She is dressed in all black. She seems to be searching for someone. Perhaps he is here.*

OOC) TK if you are reading this. come to grimspear.)

06/22/2000 7:08 AM

"Touch me with that needle, Marcus, and well, you don't want to know what I'd do."

Regards Gunthar, "Huh? You're not gonna get sick all over me are ya?" looks around the room and notices that she, Gunthar, and Hooded are all sitting or lying around on the floor.

*shrugs. lays back and then curls into a ball and starts sucking her thumb, making whimpering noises*

06/22/2000 8:07 AM

~Dark Lady walks over to Hooded and bends down at his side. Then she goes to one of the dark clerics that just walked into the bar and tells her something. They both walk back to Hooded and they each bend down on one side. The dark cleric puts her hands over Hooded's spinal cord and begins chanting. She removes her hands and Dark Lady helps Hooded sit up. She gives him a drink of his dwarf spirits and in a couple of minutes he is able to stand. She mumbles something about him oweing her and then she goes back to her table and sits down with Satan sitting beside her and his head in her lap. When Marcus tried to inject her with the narcotic she gave him such a cold look that he backed away and left her alone.~
Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/22/2000 12:32 PM

*The elven woman goes to the door and looks out. The night is silent and dark. Just the way she likes it. She puts her hands out in the direction of The_Hooded_One. Fire leaps from her hands and hits him. She then runs out of the place muttering something about her children and disappears into the darkness.*

06/22/2000 2:39 PM

*Nadja runs into Pyranthas and falls to the ground. He walks past her towards the tavern, but then jumps onto the roof. He crosses his legs and begins to meditate. A globe of light emits around him it flashes brightly and then lightning starts striking it. The energy is absorbed into the globe and into Pyranthas. Thousands of lightning bolts strike his globe and then he shuts it down. The elf's eyes glow and then fade back to their normal color. He then lays on the roof and looks towards the sea.*

06/22/2000 7:54 PM

Kit walks into the tavern naked.

"I'm looking for my client" she says suggestively.

06/22/2000 8:08 PM

*removes thumb from her mouth at the sound of lightening and stuff on the roof*

Looks the nakey Kit over, "He's over there," points to Gunthar hallucinating on the floor.

*heads up to the roof with a blankie and a jug of tea*

"You ok PYeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyyyeeeeeyeyeeeeeyyye!" tumbles from the roof again, but not before tossing him the stuff she brought up.

Moans from beneath the rose bushes, "Thhhheeeeeere issssss straaaaawberrrrrie piiiiie lefffft, ohhhhhhh..." picks thorns from her ass.

06/22/2000 8:16 PM

*kit smiles*

"Phwoar! I think hes been with someone else!"

*kneels and kisses him full on the mouth*

06/22/2000 8:17 PM

*he stands up and then swings a staff down to Autumn*

Grab on and I'll pull you up.

06/22/2000 8:23 PM

*cringes then realizes that Pyranthas is not meaning to bash her head in*

Grins up at him and grasps the staff, "Thanks, yank me up big guy!"

06/22/2000 8:27 PM

*pulls her up with one arm and sets her down. He then grabs hold of her shoulder and helps her walk up on the roof.. The Staff contracts to a small rod and he places it in his jacket.*

Sit down.

*he looks up at the sky.*

The sky is beautiful tonight.

06/22/2000 8:36 PM

"pyranthus... are YOU my client?"

*grins, walks up to him*

"You could be if you wanted to, sugar"

06/22/2000 8:36 PM

Wraps her arms around her knees and looks at a the darkening sunset...so purple and deep blue with tinges of reds on the horizon, "I see now why you like it up here."

06/22/2000 8:39 PM

"Hey. Autumn. Easy there big fellow... He's my client!!"

*Slaps her and smiles at Pyranthus*

06/22/2000 8:40 PM

*he looks at Kitiara and then a lightning bolt shoots from his fingers. He then leans his head on Autumns shoulder unknowingly.*

Hey! How the hell did you get up here on my roof. Get the hell away from me. Leave this place you whore! Yeah, it's really nice up here. I like the breeze and I like the view of the sea.

06/22/2000 8:51 PM

"Yes...it's gorgeous," watches as Kit tumbles off the roof and into a pile of manure.

06/22/2000 8:54 PM


* Kit starts crying*

"I wish Raistlin hadnt sent me on this stupid quest"

06/22/2000 8:57 PM

"if only he didnt have such an important message for Pyranthus..."

*Kit licks her fingers.*


06/22/2000 8:58 PM

*Pyranthas lifts his head from Autumn's shoulder and smirks.*

That should teach you to get on my roof.

*Places his head back on Autumns shoulder unconicously*

06/22/2000 9:01 PM

Don't you know your susposed to be dead! This is the Age of Mortals! Raistlin is gone!

06/22/2000 9:03 PM

Thats what you think.
im sorry i was so slutty but i had to find you to tell you...

Ummm, I dont know how to say this...

06/22/2000 9:07 PM

*he looks at her.*

Why dont you get some clothes on and then maybe I will talk to you, but for now get away from my roof.

06/22/2000 9:10 PM

~From nowhere smoke forms beside Autumn and the smoke takes the shape of a Lady. Soon the smoke is the form of Dark Lady. She looks to Autumn.~ Ohh looks like you are having fun torturing the whore. May I join? ~Just then she shoots lightening bolts from her fingers at the ground around Kitiara and she watches her dance around trying to dodge them with a wicked grin on her face.~ Well I have had enough fun for one day I am going back inside. She goes and sits at Hooded's table.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/22/2000 9:12 PM

Why is everyone getting on my roof! I don't mind one at visitor at a time, but it gets rather crowded up here.

06/22/2000 9:17 PM

Kit runs inside, gets clothes on. Comes back outside.
"Hah. You think im good, Dark Lady?? Im working for Rastlin You FOOL!"
looks up at Pyranthas
"Now will you talk to me?"

06/22/2000 9:19 PM

I am not an Agent of Darkness, but of Light. What does he want with me?

*he shouts from his roof*

06/22/2000 9:24 PM

Raist is my brother and my one time lover. i know he is not good or pure but he does have a nice side and he sent me to warn you...
your life is in danger.

*Kit suddenly sees something no-one else can see*

Yes, Raist I promise, but please, please dont hurt me!

*She collapses as if shes been struck by some invisible hand.*

06/22/2000 9:27 PM

My life in danger? If it was I would have know about it. I have the gift to see the future. Now leave me you wreched whore.

*he watches her body fall like it was struck. He sences nothing.*

06/22/2000 9:29 PM

*Sees Kitiara fall and rushes to her aide.*

'Are you ok? I hope so I can't cast my healing spell for another ten mins. Oh I hope your not hurt.'

06/22/2000 9:33 PM


*Falls back into unconsciousness. Bruises appear on her forehead*

06/22/2000 9:38 PM

*pushes Nadja halfway across the courtyard*

"Scuse me."

Grinds a boot into Kit's throat and spits in her face, "Slap ME?! Call me NAMES?!" grinds boot deeper and lightening sparks around Autumn's head.

*releases her and gives her a good swift kick in the ribs and unsheathes her sword and wags it at her*

"I don't think so sister," she hisses and walks away.

06/22/2000 9:39 PM

*He finally sences something. Pyranthas stands up and then places his legs firmy on the roof and he begings to power up. His energy level soars light surrounds his body and he then places a ring of magic resistance on his finger. His power level continues to surge up and it appears as if wind is making his long blond hair blow. His hair turns snow white and his eyes a very bright green. He draws his vorpal sword. Wind dies down and he stands up on his roof waiting for the attack*

Prepare to die!

06/22/2000 9:45 PM

*Rushes back to her. And with her last ounce of strength casts the Heal spell then falls to the ground.*

'I had to help her it is just my way.'

06/22/2000 9:45 PM

*Kit groans in agony*
Raist has found me. Autumn, I had nothing against you, up until that last mssage, you..."
*voice trails off as air around Pyranthas shimmers and engulfs him*
*Kit screams*
"You wont take another life, Raistlin, not if I can help it! Pyranthas! Scream his name aloud! Scream!
*She collapses again, a long, deep cut marring her forehead*

06/22/2000 9:51 PM


Marcus trudges out of the inn accompanied by a veritable troop of white robed clerics. A white wagon suddenly comes up from the road and rolls to a stop in front of the inn.


One of the clerics walks toward the crying, naked woman and lays a hand on her, using a spell of soothing. He nods to a pair of clerics holding a strange white robe with long sleeves.

The two clerics made the woman wear the long sleeved robe and tied it behind her back and strapped it.

Another cleric came and cast a spell of sleep on her and helped carry her to the white wagon.

The head cleric turned to Pyranthas and said, "Forgive us sir. She managed to escape us and fled here. We are thankful that you manage to stand up to her babbling..."

He bows reverently to Pyranthas and signals the wagon driver to head out. The clerics of Paladine made their way out of the vicinity of the inn. That is when the people saw the inscriptions on the side of the wagon saying, "MENTAL INSTITUTION OF PALADINE."

06/22/2000 9:52 PM

*Blue cloud also engulfs nadja*
*Blue cloud reluctantly dissipates from around nadjas body

06/22/2000 9:52 PM

So is it you Raistlin? I will take great joy killing you. Oh don't mind me. I'm just your normal everyday templar.

*he gets into a defensive position and then begins to power up again. His energy level shoots up like a rocket. His muscles bulge a little more and energy travels over his body as he boosts his power level.*

Yes Raistlin, I am not your normal everyday elf. I am a Templar, an anchient Race of elven warriors who were given great powers of their mind by Paladine. Do you still wish to challenge me? Do you RAISTLIN!?

06/22/2000 9:55 PM

Form of raistlin shimmers into sight


From wagon kit cries; "Pyranthas! Save me! AHHHHH"

06/22/2000 9:56 PM

*Moans in pain wishing someone would throw cold water on her body.*

'MOANS someone help me'

06/22/2000 9:59 PM

*kit would if she could but some mindless fool has stuck her in a stupid wagon.*
*Starts sobbing*
"I love you, Pyranthas!"

06/22/2000 10:01 PM

*The elf puts his blade away and then pulls his arms back and then an energy ball forms at his hands. It grows to the size of a basket ball and then he shoots it at the archmage and it strikes him in the chest, blowing him back 25 feet.*

06/22/2000 10:06 PM

Raist cackles


Shoots blue flame at Pyranthas, blowing him back 26 feet


Kit suddenly is heard: RAISTLIN MAJERE BEGONE!

Raistlin disappears

Kit: Pyranthas! Help!!!! No, First Help Nadja!!!!!

06/22/2000 10:10 PM

*Moans louder as the pain worsens.*

'S...ome...one h.h..help mmmmeeee.'

06/22/2000 10:11 PM

*Pyranthas gets up not effected by the blast. He looks around.*

Where'd he go? I was hoping to teach a lesson.

*he walks over to Nadja and touches her gently and heals her slightly. He then looks around for Marcus.*

Hey buddy, did you notice the archmage around here? I think he tried to hurt me. It kind of tickled. I'm going back on my roof. You might want to do something about her.

*Floats to his roof and sits down and then points to Kit in the wagon.*

06/22/2000 10:12 PM

Suddenly a crowd rushes out of the inn and they start laying bets on who will win.

"I say Pyranthas would win. And I bet my ship!" Yelled a trader from Kalaman.

"I say the Dark One would win!" Said another," I bet 2 chests of steel!"

Marcus sits back and watched the fight, "Naw, I say that this will end with the a draw. Pyranthas has the advantage of being on this plane of existence but he lacks the strength and power of Fistandantilus and Raistlin combined. But Raistlin his encumbered by his lack of connection to this world. I say the match is even. They can continue this fight to their doom or they may end it in a draw."


06/22/2000 10:12 PM




06/22/2000 10:15 PM


06/22/2000 10:16 PM

*Pyranthas powers down and his hair changes back to normal.*

Everyone please go back inside there is nothing to see here. I would like to be on my roof top alone thank you very much.

06/22/2000 10:16 PM

*Fades to where she is no longer breathing and has barely any life left.*

06/22/2000 10:17 PM

"Water?" considers kicking a trough of horse water onto Nadja, then decides that would be inpolite, "Mingaz! Please big fella, take the elf to the labatory in the basement."

*Waves bye bye to Kit*

"Woman!" Autumn hollars, "If you had nothing against me, why did you slap me and insult me when I had done nothing to YOU but direct you to Gunther??!!"

*kicks dirt at the paddy wagon as it goes away*

06/22/2000 10:18 PM

*Kit desperately wishes Pyranthus would save her... she still has to pass on that stupid message*

06/22/2000 10:19 PM

Kit is very very sorry. has gift for you, Autumn.

06/22/2000 10:20 PM

*Teleports without knowing it into a large room.*

(ooc autumn why are you being mean to me?)

06/22/2000 10:23 PM

*She's mean to every1. i still need saving... AHHHHHHHHHHH*

06/22/2000 10:24 PM

*Pyranthas leans back on his roof and looks at the sky. He then looks back that the sea.*

06/22/2000 10:25 PM





06/22/2000 10:28 PM

your forgivin i want to know what all this is about all i did was try to hell Kit out

06/22/2000 10:30 PM

I agree, marcus, but i was still having fun. Please put me back.

06/22/2000 10:32 PM

*Seeming to have healed enough she gets out of the room and walks to a secluded part of the woods and lights a cig.*

06/22/2000 10:33 PM

Nadja, you are so right. all you were doing was helping me. thankyou but now i need to get out of this damn wagon and straightjacket.

06/22/2000 10:36 PM

*Teleports her out of the wagon.*

'There now behave.'

06/22/2000 10:38 PM

Marcus walked to the rapidly moving wagon and stops it. (He moves so fast that no one can see he move at all)

He consults with the cleric and after a heated discussion the cleric pulls out some papers, of which Marcus signs. Removing his cloak he wrapped Kit in it after the clerics removed her restraining jacket. He then lifted Kit out of the wagon and slowly trudged towards his home across the street. His cook, an aged matronly woman appears and opens the door for him.

"Greetings sir, it seems you have a guest. The room is ready sir."

Marc made his way to the spacious guestroom. He lays Kit on a large bed and opened a cabinet and pulled out a soft velvet robe. He made Kit wear it and assured her that nothing bad is going to happen to her and will not let anyone hurt her ever again.

06/22/2000 10:39 PM

Oh, thankyou soso much

*Gives Nadja a magical healing ring*

You can use this any time. it will never run out. If you ever need a friend, im at the tower of high sorcery in wayreth.

06/22/2000 10:40 PM

*Takes the ring and slips it on*

'Thanks do you know where I can get a room and some food?'

06/22/2000 10:40 PM

*Pyranthas sits on his roof top and looks at the sea. He crosses his legs and begins to meditate. He sences the crazy one in free from her cart.*

Great. I better go inside.

*jumps from the roof and then runs inside.*

06/22/2000 10:41 PM

by the way, same goes for marcus, only i also offer him a kiss... unless you want one too, nadja

06/22/2000 10:42 PM

*No thanks I only kiss TK. So do you know where a room and some food is?'

06/22/2000 10:43 PM

nadja, come to marcus' house with me. im sure such a nice guy wont mind.

06/22/2000 10:43 PM

(OOC -- thank you Mertonius *bows*.

Kit, my char greeted your naked body by showing you to Gunthar...your char retaliated by slapping and insulting my char therefore I dumped you in manure and stepped on your throat. if you read my posts at all, you will know that autumn the warrior/barkeep is funny and a can be a real bitch. Nad, all i did was be Autumn and push you out of the way. THIS IS RPING FOLKS!!!!! don't make it personal)

06/22/2000 10:45 PM


sorry, autumn...

By the way, you really should update your registry thing... or are you really only 7?

06/22/2000 10:46 PM

*refuses Kit's offer. and looks at Autumn*

'I am sorry I am just not myself today can we call it an end?'

*Goes to Autumn and puts out her hand*


06/22/2000 10:48 PM

*Kit bursts into tears*

"Is everyone rejecting me today?"

*Takes out a knife and prepares to slit her wrists*

06/22/2000 10:50 PM

Marc looks at both Nadja and Kit and says, "You two may stay here in my place. But promise you musn't open the door at the second hallway to your left from the great hall. If you do, something bad will happen to you."

He carries Kit to the bed and makes her lie down, then he covers her with the soft cotton sheets and whispers to her, "You should rest." His lips brushing the side of her ear.

He then straightens up and walks out.

06/22/2000 10:52 PM

(ooc Please cut the shit. I've seen enough. I know all of you love me, but you can't have me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.)

06/22/2000 10:52 PM

"Can I... Can I rest with You?"
*Sobs, quietly, expecting rejection, as usual*

06/22/2000 10:54 PM

(ooc what the hell is going on here this is suposed to be the misfits not Marcus's house of Love!)

06/22/2000 10:54 PM

(occ are u sure ure a good guy, pyranthas???)

06/22/2000 10:56 PM

'Kit I AM NOT rejecting you I just need to talk to Autumn and what's his name the guy on the roof? That is all. Please smile!!! :P'

06/22/2000 10:56 PM

"Dammit elf," she huffs at Nadja, "Come into the tavern and sit and have a freaking ale or wine or cig or koffi or something!" shakes Nad's hand and stomps into the bar.

"Music, please!" the band of clerics strikes up and plays a soulful tune.

(Kit...I turned 8 last week. hehehehehehe)

06/22/2000 10:56 PM

(ooc I sure am. I healed Nadja. None of you noticed. Besides if you read what was going on before all of this you would know that Pyranthas just lost his home and almost everything else.)

06/22/2000 10:56 PM



06/22/2000 11:00 PM

'Hey P. I can't spell your name without looking but I know how you feel. Just trust me on that. I thank you for healing me. It is just that I used to much magic at once. Autumn I will have a HUGE glass of ale if you don't mind.'

*With that she gets up grabs P. and starts dancing.*

'Don't worry be happy :D'

06/22/2000 11:03 PM

I'm sorry. I'll have to pass. I'm not in the mood for dancing.

06/22/2000 11:05 PM

Feeling sorry for his friend, Marc made his way to the dockside. Removing his toga (revealing his totally masculine body that made some of the female clerics blush and almost forget their vows of chastity) he dove into the murky depths.

A great splash went up as he emerged from the water, bearing upon his broad shoulders Pyranthas's ship.

"It seems that it only burned to the waterline!" He shouted.

"I think we could be able to reconstruct the ship since the important superstructure of the ship remains intact. All we need is some wood and supplies and some workers and we can get cracking."

He lowers the ship into a dry dock and whistled. A number of minotaurs and Ergothians appeared from the side of 'Marc's Muscle Gym' and went to their boss.

"Hey, you guys. Help me set this up."

He turns to Pyranthas and shouts, "Can you get us some wood from Qualinesti and some shipwright supplies. And we will need your help and Mingaz for this."

06/22/2000 11:09 PM

Mingaz, help them out my friend. You know where to get the best wood for ships. Tell them where to get it.

*sits in his chair and stairs tat the floor.*

06/22/2000 11:09 PM

*pouts* 'Didn't want to dance anyways. :o)'

*Starts to sway to the beat of the music*

(OOC p. will you join me in a unoccupied chat channel i need to talk to you privately Autumn you also)

06/22/2000 11:18 PM

Marcus and the shipwrights started hammering and cutting and building way into the morning. He carried rolls of light but durable ironwood logs on his shoulders and hauled them from the mountains in the space of one minute by using his prodigious strength and speed. By dawn, the shipwrights have fully repaired the upper half of the waterline and are now starting on the important upper decks and posts.

"This would be a real beauty."

The fast clipper/frigate is an advancement in ship design on Ansalon. Two square sails and a lateen bow sail gives the ship an impressive 21 knots on calm waters (ooc: the fastest possible for a clipper or wood constructed frigate).

06/23/2000 1:55 AM

*Wakes up from the hallucinegenic drug.*

"That was some good shit."

*Sips dwarf spirits.*

06/23/2000 3:04 AM

A giggling elf barmaid (who is still high) came up to Hooded and showed him a syringe. It was filled with Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD). She then pumps Hooded with it and drags him to an empty room at the back of the inn.

06/23/2000 6:07 AM

*goes into the kitchen and after the usual explosions and cussing returns to the bar room with a platter of hotcakes and bacon*



"Hey Py!" gives him the wiggly hello fingers and tosses a hotcake at him like a frisbe and lays on the bar, waiting for the others to wakey wakey.

"Marcus...got any asprin in that medicine bag of yours?"

06/23/2000 7:16 AM

*walks into the bar and waves hello at everone.*

'Could you turn down the lights I had a hard night.'

*Blushes as she remembers.*

06/23/2000 8:01 AM

~She sits in her dark cold corner slowly petting Satan. She rolls her eyes at the interactions with Kitiara and Nadja. Silently wishing that they would calm down. She looks at Hooded as he is carried off and says to him.~ Looks like I have one the argument. I was right. ~She grins at her victory.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/23/2000 8:19 AM

Hi Autumn.

*he says in a quiet voice as he looks up from a book he is writing in a book. There are many numbers in it, and he then shuts the book as he finishes totaling everything up.*

Could I have something to eat? I could use a blueberry muffin.

06/23/2000 8:35 AM

"Nadja...I would turn off the sun if I could, but I cannot," chuckles, "But I will pray for an eclipse. That'll cost ya though...I don't pray for free."

*brings Pyranthas an enormous blueberry muffin with the crunchy sugar on top. pours him a cup of black koffi and eyes the book he was writing in*

"Looks like ole Hooded there is down for the count, eh m'lady," grins at the Dark Lady and pours her a cup as well.

06/23/2000 8:40 AM

*He takes a sip of the koffi and then a bit of his muffin. He then pulls out a few silver and gives it to Autumn*

Thank you Autumn. Have a seat. You look like you need to get off your feet. Makes a motion with his hand and the koffi pot floats over to the table and then a mug comes over and Pyranthas pours Autumn on. He then Motions for the cream and sugar to come over for her and then gets a blue berry muffin to come over to her.*

There, its on the house.

*he smiles*

06/23/2000 8:44 AM

~Looks toward Autumn.~ Yes he is. It is just to obvious that he is in love with me. He cannot argue with me eiter considering he is in that back room knocked out from some drug. ~She takes the koffi and just sips at it.~ I am glad we are getting some peace from the craziness for the moment.

~She gets up from the table and walks to the back room. She finds Hooded back there and tries to wake him up. She reaches into the folds of her robes and retrives a vile. She uncorks it and waves it in front of his nose. He sits up quickly.~ Looks like I won the argument. ~She sits beside him on the floor while he is regaining his composure.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/23/2000 9:01 AM

"Thank you Py, you are kind," sighs and drinks her coffee.

*snaps her fingers and the elf barmaid who was with Hooded comes over to the table*

"Go to your room, little girl, and straighten up!"

06/23/2000 9:06 AM

What happened to them. They were such nice girls and now... look at them.

06/23/2000 12:07 PM

*sees that Hooded is as good as he's gonna get right now*

"And you're too kind," she smirks at the Dark Lady.

"Py, those barmaids are young and impressionable. I'll straighten them back up. Except for the dead one, she's out back poor thing."

06/23/2000 1:03 PM

*Looks at Autumn.*

'I will help serve drinks if you want...Remember I have done it before.'

06/23/2000 1:04 PM

~She looks toward Autumn and gives her a "whatever" look.~ I should hardly think that "nice" is hardly the word to describe me. I must have someone to argue with.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/23/2000 3:15 PM

*Just waking up, Hooded rubs aching temples. Hearing Dark Lady's words.*

"No. I won the argument. Remember what I first said to you. 'Treat'm mean, keep'm keen.' Seems I was right after all. Don't be too upset, you can't beat the best." Hooded says and pushes Dark Lady.

06/23/2000 5:04 PM

~Hooded pushes him back.~ You are in debt to me so do not push me. Of course I cannot beat the best when I am the best. It would be hard to beat myself but I could always try. Anyway, I was talking then of how to treat a lady meaning a guy's lady. I am hardly your lady. You owe me, just remember that.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/23/2000 6:00 PM

*nods at the Dark Lady*

Looks at Nadja and chuckles, "Hmmmmmm....You may want to rethink that offer...you see, I had 3 barmaids, real beeeeuuuatiful ole gals...weren't they fellas? And they died gruesome deaths. Then Py here was kind enough to replace them with three elfen girls...well," snakes her head toward Hooded and speaks, "Now I only have 2 of them."

Finishes her koffi and her muffin, "It is a dangerous job, no doubt."

Comes to a realization and stands on her chair, "EHEM! Why is Pyranthas here the only one who ever PAYS ME?!" stomps a foot then waits for her patrons to throw money at her.

06/23/2000 6:24 PM

*Hooded grabs a mug of dwarf spirits and takes a few sips. Looking at Dark Lady.*

"You can't change what you said, now. You said it, you meant it. Game, set, match. I win. I admit I owe ya one. The fact remains, I win the argument. Better luck next time." Hooded says and takes a few more sips of his dwarf spirits. With a sly look at Autumn, obviously not intending to pay for the large quantities of drink he consumed.

06/23/2000 7:01 PM

*Throws a bag of gold towards Autumn*

'Here I can pay for a room food and ale I will still work here I am very aware of the danger it poses towards me. That is why I want to do it.'

06/23/2000 7:37 PM

~Closes her eyes in fustration.~ I am not changing what I said, I am just clarifying it for you because obviously did not understand it. You did not win there is still the problem of you being in love with me. ~She looks around the small back room where Hooded was knocked out at.~ You do realize that we are in this back room sitting on the floor by ourselves right? You set this up did you not? You wanted to get me alone with you back here.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/23/2000 8:32 PM

*looks around and notices that he is the only one who pays. He stands up.*


*Sits down.*

06/23/2000 11:26 PM

*looks at Pyranthas*


06/24/2000 1:50 AM

*Kit appears*

"Has ne1 seen marcus...?


*grins sheepishly*

06/24/2000 2:07 AM

*Hooded regards Dark Lady with a sneer.*

"I won the argument and that's that. No more discussion on the the issue."

*Hooded leans against the wall and sips his dwarf spirits.*

"As you know, I was unconscious and you followed me in here. Obviously another one of your plans to get close to me. You can't even breath properly you're so excited to be near me."

06/24/2000 3:02 AM

*to hooded*

"who are you? Im intrigued"

*Kit frowns*

"When were you unconscious?"

06/24/2000 4:11 AM

*Turns to Kitiara.*

"Don't window-shop for items you can't afford Wench."

06/24/2000 4:16 AM

"Look mate I was this close to OWNING the world. I can afford ANYTHING."

*Kit looks offended*

"I was going to offer to sell you some very valuable magic items... such as the Staff of Magius, acquird via my dear undead brother"

06/24/2000 4:21 AM

"Oh really. How can you offer a staff you don't have?"

06/24/2000 4:26 AM

"I can't. But I can offer a staff I DO have. Never mind, I'm sure you're not interested anyway."

*Kit turns to barkeep*

"One ale please?*

06/24/2000 4:31 AM

"You're right. I'm not interested. So what's your real name?"

06/24/2000 4:33 AM

A bio is a general description of yourself.

06/24/2000 4:35 AM

WHY? (Its a freak name: I never got on well with my mum)

06/24/2000 4:38 AM

OOC - I've seen ya bio. Don't believe ya. Who r u really?

06/24/2000 4:41 AM

You dont know me. I can be my bio, But at the moment Im a bit depressed and I feel like being just me, which is pretty damn freaky...

06/24/2000 4:46 AM

Tell me what your other id is.

06/24/2000 4:49 AM

ok, come into my bar first: THE DEAD DWARF

06/24/2000 5:52 AM

"Sorry guys, had a very rough night."

Marcus enters the room and sits down and orders a mug of hot choco. He turns to Pyranthas.

"Your ships finish Pyranthas. I made it into a fast frigate with three sails. The only one onf Krynn."

06/24/2000 6:23 PM

"Oh, alright then, but it's your neck," she agrees to Nadja's offer to wait tables, "And keep your gold....consider it your pay for today."

*finishes her koffi and switches to wine*

06/24/2000 6:49 PM

*Hooded waves an irritated hand at Nadja.*

"Barwench, a mug of dwarf spirits and make it snappy. Go staraight to the bar and fetch it for me. No detours to the barn on the way Harlot."

06/24/2000 8:39 PM

A sudden chill wind blows into the bar. A darkness formed near the doorway, a darkness that is warm and palpable. The form shimmered into being, eyes blazing with the flames of an inner fire.

"I am Mertonius, Creator of the Orb of Fate and the Heart of Darkness..."

His gaze falls upon those within the inn, searching for a familiar face. Then, eyes blazing, it falls upon Marcus.

"Greetings my son..."

These words sent a wave of horror through Marcus as he stared into the eyes of the being before him.

"Yes... I am your father..."

Marcus grabbed a chair for support, his face drained of color from the chill that gripped his heart.


Mertonius continued gazing upon Marc.

"Admit it Marcus, you're my son. Don't you feel it inside you. Join me in the Dark side..."


Mertonius's gaze held Marc's, fire flickering within them.

"It was wise for Obgyne Ven Shinobi to hide your identity my son. But if you will not join me in the Dark side..."

The eyes of the dark renegade flashed.

"Maybe your sister will..."

Another look supplants the horror that marred Marc's face. A look of utter surprise.

"Yes, you have a sister... The Emperor said that if you did not join us, maybe your sister will..."

Mertonius eyes falls upon the Dark Lady.

"Won't you my daughter..."


06/24/2000 8:52 PM

(ooc YEAH! staw wars heehe)

*Pyranthas sits back sipping his koffi and watches the show. He looks around and sees an insturment. He walks over to it and picks it up and then sits down with it. He tunes it up and strums the strings a little.*

06/24/2000 11:27 PM

*brings the hooded one his drink.*

There happy?

06/25/2000 5:50 AM

*makes popcorn*

Raises an eyebrow at Pyranthas, "Oh goody. Play me a song."

06/25/2000 12:41 PM

~She raises an eyebrow at Mertonius.~ I know that I am not your daughter and I do not want to join you. ~She begins casting a spell and lightening bolts jump from her fingers and hit him in the chest. Then she throws her dagger at him and it hit him in the chest in the exact spot the lightening bolts hit him. He falls to the floor dead and she walks over to him and retrieves her dagger from his chest but not before turning it in a circle hitting the heart. She goes back to sit beside Hoody with an accomplished look on her face.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/25/2000 6:39 PM

*Hooded drums his fingers.*

"That was quick Nad. Good job." Hooded says and pats
Nadja's butt as she walks off.

*Sharing several snickers with other patrons, Hooded
leans back and watches Dark Lady dispatch the latest
Marcus automaton. Raising his mug in appreciation.*

06/25/2000 8:09 PM

~Watches Hoody as he pats Nadja's butt. And smirks at him.~ Trying to get you some from her because you finally realized you could not get any from me? ~She looks at her work still laying on the floor.~ Pretty nice work eh?

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/25/2000 8:33 PM

*Pyranthas looks at Autumn and smiles. He then begins struming it a little more, and speeds up to get the tunes he wants for his song and then begins to sing.*

Affirmative may be justified take from one give to another
The goal is to be unified take my hand be my brother
The payment silenced the masses sanctified by oppression
Unity took a back seat sliding further in regression
One, oh one the only way is one
One, oh one the only way is one
I feel angry I feel helpless, want to change the world yeah
I feel violent I feel alone, don't try and change my mind no
Society blind by color why hold down one to raise another
Discrimination now on both sides seeds of hate blossom further
The world is heading for mutiny, when all we want is unity
We may rise and fall, but in the end we meet our fate together
One, oh one the only way is one
One, oh one the only way is one
I feel angry I feel helpless, want to change the world yeah
I feel violent I feel alone, don't try and change my mind no
I feel angry I feel helpless, want to change the world yeah
I feel violent I feel alone, don't try and change my mind no
Ohhhhh ohh yeah yeah
I feel angry I feel helpless, want to change the world yeah
I feel violent I feel alone, don't try and change my mind no
I feel angry I feel helpless, want to change the world yeah
I feel violent I feel alone, don't try and change my mind

*finishes with his song. (ooc this is "One" sung by Creed. think of it as an accoustic version)*

06/25/2000 10:52 PM

Marcus was happily munching on some popcorn when The Dark Lady spoiled the automaton movie.

"That was really stupid Dark Lady. You spoiled the action when it was going to happen. Oh well, we might as well watch 'Idygestion Jones and the Last Maalox'..."

He stared into the new pop up automaton show and happily munched on some twinkie pops and drank cool rootbeer from Autumn's cellar. He then turns and tosses some french fries for her.

"And keep it quiet, I'm watching a movie here..."

The room darknes and this weird fat guy in a fedora with a whip strolls. He cracks his whip and a strange romping adventure tune fills the air.

"Yeah, that's cool. I wish I can whip it sometime..."

Suddenly, a bunch of guys wearing upturned orange pots suddenly pop into view. They started singing..

"I say whip it!"
"Whip it good!"
"Whip it good!"

Then they disappear again.

Marcus looks at his mug of rootbeer and stares back at where the singing guys popped out.

"I should really cut down my caffeine intake..."

06/26/2000 2:13 AM

*Hooded looks at Dark Lady smirking.*

"Now we all know that's untrue. If I snapped my fingers, you'd be in my hands quicker than my dagger."

*Hooded sips at his dwarf spirits appreciatively and makes a mental note to raid the dwarven settlement it came from some time.*

06/26/2000 8:39 AM

*The elf looks around and then tosses the guitar away from him. He mutters something in elvish and then walks over to Marcus.*

Thank you my friend for fixing my ship. Please take this as a gift.

*he pulls a perfectly cut diamond the size of a catolope and hands it to him. He then goes over and sits down in his cornor seat.*

06/26/2000 11:06 AM

Claps for Pyranthas, "Beautifully sung. Your voice sends chills up and down my spine," munches on a fry, "Needs salt. Pass the salt Marcus."

"NADJA!" she hollars for the barmaid, "Fetch me a rootbeer as well! But freeze it and put it on a stick first!"

A mind-reading drawf enters the tavern and approaches Hooded, "I heard that scheming thought," wags an ax in Hooded's face.

Annoyed, Autumn gets up and stamps over to the dwarf, "You look familiar you horny little toad! And you're big head is blocking my view of the show!" swipes his ax away, "I thought I killed you once before, looks like I will have to do it again," plants the ax in the dwarf's head and he falls into Hooded's lap.

*sits back down and thinks that she hasn't slaughtered anyone in a long time, and how much she has missed that. unsheathes her sword and begins polishing it as she enjoys the program*

06/26/2000 12:46 PM

*he smiles from his corner and looks around. he frowns and feels a little home sick. He misses the sea, he misses Qualinost, and most of all he misses his dead wife.*

Waitress, a double shot of whiskey please.

*he pulls out two silver peices.*

06/26/2000 2:42 PM

*Gunthar gets up from his hallucinagenic sleep*

"Oi! I thought that some funkdefied girl came up and kissed me? What was that?"

*walks over and takes a seat at a table and orders some white wine*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/26/2000 3:54 PM

*Seeing the blood covered dwarf land in his lap. Hooded snorts in disgust.*

"This guy hasn't washed his hair in ages." Hooded says and pushes the dwarf off of him.

06/26/2000 9:18 PM

I enter the room and stared at the mysterious occupants, a collection of rabble with only a few worthwhile individuals to converse with. I notice an elf sitting by himself in a corner, his eyes expressing grief, a grief he masks with a stern demeanor. I made my way to the bar and waited for my wife.

06/26/2000 9:22 PM

Darling i am here.

*Rushes to him and kisses him passionatly.*

'Dear the hooded one hit me on the ass not to long ago and it hurt'


Love concurs all

06/26/2000 9:53 PM

(OOC: Oh I really want to hit you Michael, you have been using my character for so long. I would like to explain it to everyone that Mikhal (Michael) is my cousin in both IC and OOC. He is older than me and is less skilled in using the computer. He has been using Mertonius for the past 2 weeks or so since I went to Bangkok. Damn, I don't even know how my character Mertonius got into several quests here. I am quite sorry. Mikhal now has his own character so he won't be using mine again. From now on, Mertonius is Mertonius :) )

06/27/2000 3:08 AM

OOC: Your cousin did a good job considering all of your character profiles were posted in the past two weeks with perfect accuracy.

06/27/2000 4:36 AM

(OOC - gimme break)

06/27/2000 7:24 AM

(ooc- really? this is interesting.)

Damn it where is my whiskey!

*slams his fist into the table and he brakes it in two. He stands up and then tries to see if he can fix it.*

Sorry Autumn, I'll get you another one. Be right back.

*he runs out the door and then comes back ten minutes later with a new table and then sets it down.*

06/27/2000 7:36 AM

"My my, Pyranthas...you have an endless supply of furniture!" chuckles, "Here...you earned this," takes a seat and pours him a shot and one for herself then sets the bottle on the table.

"Salute!" slams her shot, "Ehhhhhhhhhhhh!"


Pours herself another and winks, "C'mon now big fella. Race ya!"

06/27/2000 7:41 AM

*Py grabs the bottle and downs it in a matter of a few seconds and then blinks not feeling any drunkardness. He opens his hands and two mote bottles fly to them. He sets one down and then downs the first one. He then uncorks the the other bottle and downs it also.*

Come on Autumn, let's see what you got. You not going to let an elf out drink you are you?

06/27/2000 7:50 AM

*grins at him and accepts his blatant challenge. snaps her fingers and a barmaid brings up 10 bottles of whiskey from Autumn's private stash and a basket full of shot glasses*

*pours a table full of shots...there's gotta be about 200 of em*

"Ready, set, go!" stands and slams about 40, then wobbles and sits down hard.

Focuses on two Pyranthases, "Tho, Pyyyy, how are yuth guys?" takes another shot, but sips this one daintily.

06/27/2000 7:53 AM

*drinks every all of the shots she didnt drink and the looks at her*

Are you down for the count? I can still go.... I'll be right back. I have to get to a bathroom.

*Stands up and runs to the bathroom. Comes back ten minutes later and then sees back down.*

You ready for more Autumn?

06/27/2000 8:04 AM

*picks her head up off the table and takes the pot of koffi being offered to her by a barmaid and drains the pot. the table is filled again with bottles of whiskey*

"Watch this!" pours a shot, filling the glass to the rim.

*she leans over the glass, plugging one nostril then inhales the whiskey thru the other. she clutches the table with her hands, digging groves into the wood with her nails*

Her eyes gush and as soon as she's able to speak she gasps, "no one," gasp, "try that.." slides off her chair. THUMP!

"Gimme 'nother," from the floor, fingers around the tabletop for a bottle, "Gotcha," pulls a bottle down to her.

06/27/2000 8:58 AM

*he laughs at her and downs another bottle. He looks down at her and then leans back into his chair and chuggs at his bottle.*

06/27/2000 9:00 AM

~Looks at the head lying on the floor and back up at Hooded.~ You know that having a dead dwarf's head in your lap is not the way to impress a girl. You might want to come up with something else to impress me.

~Looks at Autumn sitting on the floor.~ Is it comfortable down there or do you just like sitting down there? Here you go. ~She gives Autumn another pot of koffi.~ Drink this you have to beat Py.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/27/2000 10:02 AM

*He downs bottle after bottle. He drinks the whiskey as if its water. He'll drink until she's out of whiskey... then he'll move on to brandy!*

Come on Autumn. You can do better than that!

06/27/2000 10:29 AM

*sticks her tongue out at Py*

"Thankth," takes the koffi from the Dark Lady and crawls across the floor with it, moaning all the way, and crawls out the door and into her living quarters.

*disappears for about half an hour then the door to the tavern swings open and Autumn enters, fully sober and dressed head to toe in black leather and chainmail*

Wiggles a gloved finger at Pyranthas and crows, “Alright, Py. This is war! It is curtains for certain for you my friend!” takes a breath then saunters on over to him dragging behind her a cart of her finest booze, “Pick your poison! There’s more where this came from.”

Reaches deep into the cart and pulls out two bottles of bourbon and takes a seat, eyeing Pyranthas as she raises one bottle to her lips and chugalugs half of it, “Ahhhhhhhh…goes down smooth,” finishes the bottle and grins at him.

06/27/2000 11:15 AM

*he downs the bottle and looks at her. He then reaches for two bottles of Fire Water. He chuggs one into him and then looks at her waiting for her to drink her's.*

Come on, let's see yah do it.

*he reaches for a bottle of brandy.*

06/27/2000 11:40 AM

*swallows another bottle of burbon, then another. tosses the bottles in the corner*

Grins again at Pyranthas, "I could make at living at this."

Blinks at him several times and removes her chainmail vest and tosses it at him, "DAMN, but it's gettin' WARM in here! WHEEEW!" fans herself and giggles, "Let's have another round, goodlookin'!" reaches for more bourbon.

06/27/2000 12:24 PM

*tosses the chainmail asside and grabs another bottle and chugs it down.*

You know, I've already won this. I've already drank all of your whiskey so I'm quite a bit ahead of you. Plus my mind doesnt get effected by alcohol like your's does. We templar are not effected by the effects of alcohol.

*Pyranthas grins at her.*

But... if you wish to continue then so be it. I'll drink you out of product.

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