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06/02/2000 7:32 PM

*loks at the dark lady*

Well, I sometimes find humans a little on the repulsive side. So I come up here when I want to get away from them.

06/02/2000 7:35 PM

*Hooded order a mellochino. Picking out the marshmellows and eating them. Seeing a dog approach and whimper for a marshmellow, Hooded aims a kick in the vague direction of the dog.*
"Begone. Hound."
*Hooded eats a marshmellow for emphisis. Happy when the dog whimpers for one.*
"Sooooo tasty." Hooded tells the dog.
*Hooded closes his eyes, as if utterly filled with ecstasy.*
"This marshmellow is sooooooooo delicious." Hooded continues to the begging dog.

06/02/2000 9:07 PM

Marcus (I think he's the messenger) has definitely reached coffee cloud nine. Balancing a tiny cup in his hand he started singing.

(Sing to the tune of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen)

Coffee, just like the drink
Poured a cup for my mom
Took a sip and now it's gone

Coffee, my favorite drink
Mix me a drink
take a sip and all of it
Not a slip and nothing left of it

Mix a cup just for me
for me! For me!

I like my coffee, just a sip
just for me

(Everyone near him)
He likes his coffee, just a sip
just for him
Mix him a coffee, from the beans
not the roots, spare him from the atrocity

Easy mix, easy drink, will you make me one?

(But mister)

I want coffee!
(But there is no more beans)
(:::Everyone starts pulling the coffee cup:::)
I want coffee!
(but there is no more beans)

Oh want do you think.
That I can't take instant coffee?
Oh you think that I will never drink?

Oh I will drink my babe!!

Oh I will drink my babe!!

For this coffee is for me!

For me!! For me!!!

Nothing really matters 'cept
my coffee...

Nothing really matters...

Nothing really matters...

To me.... Except my Coffeeeeee...

06/02/2000 11:13 PM

*Looks around wondering why her bar has become so unpopular*

'Autumn may i speak with you when you have a moment?'

06/03/2000 12:06 AM

Hearing Pyranthas's comment about humans, she does this, "BLEH!" then agrees with him inwardly that we humans are all a bunch of pigs, not as nearly refined and SNOOTY as elves.

*looks up at Pyranthas and politely nods in agreement*

*sips on her 4th mocha latte with lotsa foam, listens to the messenger's serenade, and watches as Hooded torments a dog with the ever-seductive marshmellow taunt*

Sees an old acquiantance approach her, "Nadja? Is that you?" snaps her fingers a an ugly barmaid brings a teeny tiny cup of 'koffi' for the elf maiden.

"Yes Nadja," smiles at the fellow barkeep, "How can I be of service?"

06/03/2000 4:24 AM

*Hooded signals over a barmaid and casts a shield spell so the revolting barmaid can not enter a two pace radius around Hooded.*

"Barwench, another of those little koffi's. But put it in a large cup. Snap snap."

06/03/2000 5:14 PM

*the revolting barmaid brings Hooded what he asked for, and then some. She bats her eye at him and places the cup on the floor, then purposely staggers into the magic shield he placed around his table and starts to quiver and spasm quite repulsively, making gurgling sounds*

Poking her head in the door from the patio out front, "I think she likes you," Autumn points out, "Why fight it?"

*grimmaces at the barmaid*

"Quit convulsing like that! It's disgusting!"

"HEY! Eltanin!"

*sits back and waits for Nadja to answer. gives wiggly hello fingers to the Dark Lady and Pyranthas up on the roof*

"Beautiful evening, Dontcha agree?" finishes her mocha latte with a shakey hand.

06/03/2000 6:30 PM

*Somehow managing to concentrate, despite the heinous sight in front of him. Hooded mutters arcane syllables and casts a telekinesis spell on the revolting barmaid. Sending her to the top of the roof. A sigh of relief is breathed when Hooded notes the success of his spell, taking a long swig of dwarf spirits with a shaking hand, obviously traumatized by the barmaids performance.*

06/03/2000 8:28 PM

*Pyranthas sees this horrible wench and then draws his blade.*

You disguesting wench! Get away!

*the then charges at the bar wench and lops off her head. He then does a flips off the building and lands on his feet. He then marches inside and looks at Hooded One.*

Your problem with the Bar Wench has been solved my friend.

*he then walks over to his normal cornor and sits down.*

06/04/2000 10:38 AM

*the ugly barmaid's head rolls off the roof and into her lap*

"ACK!! Oh icky!!" stands up and lets the head fall to the ground, then kicks it across the courtyard.

"Hey you!" grabs another revolting barmaid, "Get that body off the roof. Bad for business, ya know."

Enters the tavern, "How ya feeling Gunthar?"

Looks over at Pyranthas in the corner, "You owe me a bar wench," tosses him an apron, "But you'll do for now. Just kiddin!"

*cackles madly and goes to the kitchen and returns with 6 roasted rabbits on a spit*

"Soups on!"

06/04/2000 12:25 PM

*runs circles around autumn as she serves some food*


*he grabs a roast rabbit and stuffs it down his throat*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/04/2000 1:30 PM

"Well, alrighty then," sticks out a foot and trips Gunthar, "There, there, now. I think you should switch to something a little more mellow. Say, water?"

06/04/2000 6:41 PM

~She throws her koffi into the bushes nearly missing Hooded. Then she calls for a barmaid to bring her a red wine quietly saying that the koffi gets old quickly. When she gets her wine she leans back and thinks~ Why is it that no man knows how to treat a lady? ~She mutters under her breath but just loud enough for people to hear.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/04/2000 7:41 PM

*plops down in a chair*

"G'night, again." he was barely able to mutter before he falls fast asleep from overexertion. he has sweat so much (being in that heavy plate armour and running about so!) that he now smells like a goblin that has just rolled in a mud pit with pigs."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/04/2000 7:51 PM

After his 20th cup of coffee, Marcus made his way out back muttering about going to take a leak. After a few minutes he returns.

"Man, that was sure good." He walks over Hooded and sits down ignoring the shield spells.

"Hey, did you know this place has an awesome privy? I think it was made of gold or something. It was real cool. It has a tendency to fall though. It has a rounded bottom..."

Marcus thought for a moment, struggling hard not to hurt his head after drinking too much coffee. A thought finally came through and he gave a gasp of surprise.

"OOPS. I think I have just pissed into someone's tuba or saxaphone."

06/04/2000 10:11 PM

*Sighing in relief at the death of the revolting barmaid, Hooded scratches his chin thoughtfully as Gunthar runs around in some hyperactive fit. Speculating whether or not the knight has gnomish blood in his veins. Seeing a cup of koffi narrowly miss his head, Hooded looks in the direction it came from irritably. Hooded walks over to confront the female. Hearing her comments about 'treating a lady'. Hooded regards her with an amused expression.*

"I know how to treat a chick Baby. Treat'm mean, keep'm keen."

*Hooded snaps his fingers, his dagger appears immediately into a tight grip. Hooded spins his dagger in a few complicated manauvres at the female dark mage, throws a few stinging insults at her and walks back to his seat. Acknowledging several congratulatory winks from the male patrons on his way. Arriving at his table, Hooded exchanges a high five with Marcus and sits down.*

"You can get out of my area now Marcus." Hooded says and pulls out a long pole, which just happened to be under his table and uses it to push the mages chair out of his two pace radius.

06/05/2000 12:52 AM

Marcus stands up and suddenly proclaims that
he will summon a fearsome demon from the place
beyond the abyss. A demon so revolting that no
one in his right mind would associate with it.
A demon so fearsome that people like the Hooded
One and Pyranthas would not dare come near to
for fear of contamination of a dread illness.

Going over to the middle of the room, Marcus draws
a mysterious looking circle and pokes up some
garishly red and blue candles. He started chanting
in a strange language...

"Nommus Creati Yracs Ylgu Nomanu Dlouw Emoc Raen

A bubbling smoke suddenly gushed forth from the
middle of the circle of power. A freaky type of
light emanated from the middle of the circle.
Strange, fearsome demons flew out of the circle
screaming in horror from the presence of that
thing that is trying to pass the rift.

Then the light diminished, the demons have all
died from being too near the beast, the king of
the realm of demons. Smoke, brimstone ash suddenly
took over the smell of the tavern...

The Beast has Appeared.....

"Uhuh...Uhuh.... Hi. I'm Barney and I want to be
your friend!"

The strange purplish lizard demon came over to the
place where Gunthar was and hugs him, possesing
him with the disgusting malevolence born from
the Purple Dinosaur.

Gunthar started skipping around the room singing
the deadly, disgusting song of the demon...

"I love You, You love me! I love You, You love Me."

All the bar patrons (and I mean ALL) ran for the
door but was blocked by Gunthar (apparently still
possessed by the vile Barney the Purple Dinosaur)
and started hugging anyone who came to close...

"Arghhhh! Alas!!! There is no way for us to kill
the accursed demon!!! Anything or anyone who comes
to contact with that fell beast becomes possessed
by the vile powers of the Purple Dinosaur!!!!"

06/05/2000 4:41 AM

(ooc I think I speak for all when I say this do not play our roles for us. It defeats the purpose. Besides, Templar are immune to fear like Kenders, but they dont get a werid feeling around death knights.)

*the elf sits in the cornor and watches the Purple Dinosaur. He look at the creature and opens his hand and lightning flies from his fingers striking the creature. He then stands up with his sword drawn and runs at the creature and it's head then lays on the floor. He slashes it's body to pieces and then turns to Marcus.*

You have seen what I did to your 'demon' would you like to be next?

06/05/2000 5:17 AM

*sits sipping on an enormous goblet of wine, watching the goings on. claps when Pyranthas obliterates the 'demon'*

"I feel the same way about men, Hooded One," snickers and sits at the bar, swinging her legs lazily.

06/05/2000 5:24 AM

*he places his sword back in his scabbard and then walks over towards his table after giving Marcus an eye that could make a kender cringe.*

Autumn, may I have a glass of wine please? Oh wait...

*he grabs then apron she threw to him and then grabs his own wine and then takes it off and sits back down in his corner table. He hums himself an elvish sailing tune. He is missing the seas and missing Qualinost.*


06/05/2000 9:30 AM

*Autumn finishes her large goblet of wine and goes outside*

*comes back in moments later with a young male kender. whispers something in his ear and nods in the direction of Pyranthas. slides a gold coin in the kender's small hand*

*with an emormous smile on his face, the kender skips on over to the elf and sits down right next to him*

The kender looks up at the big elven warrior and takes a deep breath, "My, what an interesting tune you are whistling, is it elven? I've never been to the elven lands, perhaps you can tell me about what it's like! Are you Qualinesti elven, or Silvanesti? I bet your Qualinesti. My! You sure do have a lot of knives and stuff! Autumn says that you like to sail the seas. Are you an evil pirate who will take me prisoner and do all sorts of horrible and unspeakable and interesting things to me? Cause, I've never been captured by a pirate before and think it would be quite an adventure! How come you don't have an eye patch? Can you tell me a sailing story, please? I love stories, I know lots of them! Wanna hear a story about the time I was turned into a snail by a nasty wizard with a bad temper? You know, being a snail is not as interesting as you think it would be, trust me on that one..."

*Autumn turns back to the bar, a little smile on her face*

06/05/2000 9:44 AM

*he looks over at the kender and then motions with a finger and it floats into the air. He then floats it to Autumn's lap.*

She like you little kender.

06/05/2000 10:35 AM

Thorne turns his helmed face towards Tarakona as he sits beside him, giving no thought to the slight film of frost that begins to form on his chair. He looks over to Eltanin and says quietly..

"I..have been better. But I thank you for asking. As you can see, I have gone thru a few changes..some for the better, one might think."

06/05/2000 10:46 AM

"Hello," the kender smiles up at Autumn, "Guess the evil pirate didn't want to talk to me," shrugs, "Oh well, I did have a magnificent float on over to you. Maybe he'd do it again if I asked him real nice like. What is that?" points at the koffi maker, "That sure smells different. May I have some?"

Autumn, "No."

Kender continues, "That's too bad because I love to try new things, you know. Maybe I can tell you about the time I once tried to eat honey straight from a bee hive...the bees were not at all pleased...

*Autumn stands and the kender slips from her lap to the floor*

*the kender shrugs happily and leaves the bar, admiring the cool dagger that has mysteriously made it's way into one of his pouches*

06/05/2000 10:59 AM

*a cup of koffi mysteriously floats to the kender and the dagger floats over to Pyranthas and he sets in into his belt. The kender drinks the koffi*

06/05/2000 12:39 PM

*Gunthar walks over and shakes the hand of the kender who starts drinking the koffi. he then also becomes overly happy and starts going all around giving everyone kisses and hugs (even the hooded one). the plague of the demon barney has become rampant as people start feeling happy (and yes, even some feel 'gay')*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/05/2000 1:00 PM

*Pyranthas walks over to Gunthar and the drives his fist into Gunthar's face, knocking him on the floor. He then walks over to his seat and sits down.*

Don't ever kiss me again.

06/05/2000 1:46 PM

*feels the love in the room and groans*

"Oh boy," she sighs and gets up to start prying people off of each other with a broomstick.

"Don't touch me," she warns Eltanin, then bursts out laughing.

06/05/2000 4:12 PM

*Hooded watches irritably as people walk in and out of his protection shield at will. Noting he is unaffected by the love bug, Hooded walks to the bar to get a drink. Exitting the shield, Hooded is suddenly hit with feelings of kindness and generosity. Falling to the ground in pain, Hooded clutches his head tightly and begins crawling back to the safety of his shield. Only to feel a hand grip his ankle and drag him back.*

06/05/2000 6:38 PM

~Looks at Hooded with a disapproving look on her face.~ Number one don't call me baby and number two being able to throw knives may impress the boys and I do mean BOYS but it doesn't impress the women. Anyway . . . . ~She casts a spell and his knife magically appears in her hands. She performs even more complicated knife manavures than he had. All the while she had an evil smirk on her face~ it isn't that hard. And if you think that women wanted to be treated mean you may want to reconsider.
Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/06/2000 12:49 AM

*turns in time to see the barmaid full of tooth decay grasping at Hooded's ankle. knowing this is is the same wench who was initially taken with Gunthar upon the opening of this cruddy tavern, she shares a silent giggle with herself*

*Autumn is about to turn away from this unpleasantness when the Dark Lady begins scolding Hooded. very interested, she forgets what she is doing and takes at seat to watch*

Sits down and the chair doesn't feel normal, "ACK!" jumps up and looks at the chair and sees Pyranthas sitting there, "Fresh!" pokes him in the eye and stomps to the bar chuckling all the way, having secretly known he had been sitting there the entire time...she thinks she's so sneaky.

From behind the bar she hollars, "Last Call!" stays silent for a bit, "Just kiddin!" starts pouring out yet again and lays fresh muffins upon the bar (the abundance and variety of food in this crappy tavern is more of a mystery to Autumn than anyone else...seeing as no one hardly ever PAYS!) heh heh heh ;)

06/06/2000 1:55 AM

A scream suddenly went up as another figure appeared and attacked Marcus.

"Prepare to die, Wanderer of the Planes!"

But a quick energy barrier went up to protect the wanderer from the attack. Shifting his existence from this to the next, Marcus apported outside to prevent 'collateral damage' to the bar.

"So, you've finally found me Cha'Os. And what do you want of me, Mad God?"

He pulled his twin swords, Rage and Havoc, from the shifting planes to bear against his foe.

The one called Cha'Os, the Mad God, licked his lips and slid his blade across his palm. An insane look contorted his features and with a grin screamed, "Your head!"

Rushing forward, the Mad God's blade struck the Wanderer's left hand sword. Parrying the blow and twisting back, the Wanderer's right hand blade came up and struck out but it was in turn blocked by the Mad God's blade. The Wanderer took to the air and started lashing out with powerful blasts of plasma that were blocked by an Ybarra's Mystic Shield spell cast by the Mad One. Launching himself into the air, the Mad God attacked with a powerful Wither Fist attack that was deflected by the Wanderer. The deflected spell hit a couple of townsmen, aging them until they died. The Mad God lashed out with his Mangar's Mallet spell and an errant blast destroyed the upper portion of the inn. Knowing that continuing to battle the Mad God in this plane would destroy it, the Wanderer shifted himself out and was immediately followed by his nemesis.

(OOC: I need to go for a while so a good fight would be a good thing. If your wondering why my character was that powerful enough to handle a Mad God I used my old Bard's Tale part 3 Geomancer who is roughly level 235 and has about 14000+ HP and well over 7000+ SP. Believe me, even that level was not enough to take out Tarjan who can cast a devastating Earth Maw spell that could swallow a large number of enemies... What's an Earth Maw spell? Imagine a spell that causes the earth to open up and swallow things...)


06/06/2000 2:27 AM

*Hooded uses every ounce of will power and claws himself back into his shield. Regarding the revolting barmaid with disgust as she continually lurches herself against his 2 pace radius protective shield. Turning to the Dark Lady.*

"I rest my case Baby. Look at her," Hooded waves a hand at the barmaid. "She's writhing for me."

*Hooded pulls out his blowpipe. Loads it with a poison dart and fires it at the disgusting barmaid, who eventually dies after clawing her eyeballs out with pain.*

"I thought I'd kill her Baby. Before you went into some jealous rage over the whole incident. Anyway, can't talk now. I've got a sporting match to watch."

*Hooded grabs a bowl of pretzels and a mug of beer from his table and watches the fight outside, cheering vigourously the whole time. Everything else forgotten.*

06/06/2000 4:53 AM

*the elf looks at Autumn*

Your just so sneaky Autumn *she hears in her head.*

*he then sits back and sips his wine.*

06/06/2000 5:02 AM

Looks around wildly, "Who said that?"

*peers into the bottom of her empty goblet*

"I really must quit drinking," takes a muffin and stuffs half of it in her mouth, "Mmmmm...buberry."

"Catch!" starts tossing muffins to her grateful partrons.

06/06/2000 5:15 AM

*muffins all float in the air and one floats over to him and he takes it in his hand and takes a bite out of it. A few silver pieces float over to her and he floats a few more muffins over to himself. He hasn't eaten food in a while, especially with Gunthar around.*

06/06/2000 6:18 AM

A kender, whistling happily, etnters the tavern with a typical
kenderish gleam in he's eyes. He stumbles when he's taken two
steps inside, but rises quickly, continuing the whistling, and
starts to collect some stuff that fell from his numerous pouches.
No bothered at all he walks to the bar.

"Hiya guys, and, uh, ladies! What a nice tavern this seems to be!
Gee, I must tell all my friends about this place!" He stomps his
hoopak accindentally on a wench's foot.
"I-I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose! I swear! Oh? Are these your
coins? You must've dropped them so I picked them up. Here you can have
them back." The kender mutters, while turning away from the tavern wench
and pushing the coins into his pockets.

"Yeow!" The kender screams as the wench pinches him at the neck. "Oh yes,
yes, the coins. Here." he hands the coins back. "Strange. I could've sworn
that I gave them to you."

"Hey, bartender! A mug of cider!" The kender calls out. "What? Of course
I've got something to pay my bill" He digs his pockets, pulling out a few
maps, and wwoden coins. "See?"

06/06/2000 7:08 AM

Nods at Pyranthas and drops the the coins in her money bag secured to her belt, "Enjoy!"

Turns and stares at the Elaith the kender. Stares and stares and stares and stares. Finally she speaks, "Wanna job?" slams a mug of cider down infront of the kender, "You work that off, or you don't leave here healthy," smiles sweetly and pats the kender on the head and walks away.

*goes to the body of the second dead barmaid...that leaves only one barmaid to help around the tavern. she hefts the body up and drags it outside and props it up against the tavern wall. nails a sign to the barmaid's forehead that reads Help Wanted*

"That outa have 'em lined up around the block."

06/06/2000 7:25 AM

*Pyranthas stands up and heads out side and walks past Autumn. He heads down the road and boards a emerald green ship. He yells a few orders and the ship sets sail.*

To Qualinesti!

06/06/2000 7:30 AM

*gets up and rubs his head where Py hit him, finally out of the trance the demon had put on him*

"Geez, ungrateful wretch. Besides, it was the stupid kender who kissed the fool, not me."

*shakes his head in disapproval and goes over to sit by himself and props his head on his arms, thinking about things and nothing at the same time*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/06/2000 7:34 AM

Watches Pyranthas leave, "Bye."

06/06/2000 5:08 PM

In comes a red robed mage, ragged an very weary, looking like he just came from an enourmous battle.

Greetings Innkeeper! I am weary from my travels, may I stay awhile in your quaint little inn? What be the fee? Also, I would like to have a glass of amber honey mead for my thirst! Please.

Jax readies his bag of Salted Cashews for another round of nut throwing between himself and Autumn.

06/06/2000 7:38 PM

*an elf walks in pushing a large barrel in with him and he carries a flask over his shoulder*

Autumn! I'm back! I brought you a keg of real wine. Elvish wine... and myself... feywine.

06/06/2000 7:45 PM

A crash went up as a figure dropped from a wormhole.

"Damn, thats the last time I'll use that spell if I can help it," muttered Marcus.

He looks around for a while and then snatches a bottle of Silvanesti wine from a rack and goes towards Hooded.

He accidently trips on the barmaids corpse sending wine all over those across him.

06/06/2000 7:51 PM

*he sees Marcus grab the silvenesti wine and then try.*

Serve you right for grabing Silvanesti wine!

*takes a long haul on his flask of feywine. He feel giddy and looks around and then ploops down on his cornor table*

06/06/2000 8:12 PM

"Welcome back Pyranthas," sniffs the barrel, "And thank you...you eat for free," tosses him a roasted rabbit and taps the barrel and piles goblets atop it, offering it to all.

Greets the Red Robed Mage and pulls him a mug of honey mead, "Good of you to choose my quaint Tavern and Inn over the others," chuckles, "Look everyone! He looks ragged from battle! Regale us with a story!" pours herself a goblet of wine.

"I shall have the remaining barmaid prepare a room for you," snickers and nods to the one-legged wonder hopping about aimlessly in the corner, "2 gold shall suit me handsomely seeing as the elf over there is the only one who ever paaaaazzzz," she hisses.

*giggles and goes behind the bar, digging furiously for the peanuts*

"Where's my sling-shot dammit?!"

06/06/2000 9:09 PM

~Very angry for calling her baby and presuming that someone would actually WANT him she begins to cast a spell. Suddenly Hooded is pushed into the fight that he is watching so intently and since he is caught so offguard he is hit square in the mouth.~ Serves you right for calling me baby. ~She mutters~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/06/2000 9:25 PM

Marcus stands up rapidly to avoid getting peppered by random flying peanuts.

"KEWL. UFP, Unidentified Flying Peanuts!"

Using his dimensional magic he pulls out a few Snoopy and Woodstock dolls from the thin air and starts throwing them at everyone he saw.


A Snoopy doll connects Autumn at the back and a flying Snoopy doll with air goggles connects Jax and another flying Woodstock hits the mumbling Hooded One.

06/07/2000 2:36 AM

The kender, an unusually bad drinker, had taken the mug and gulped it down
without taking breath, wanting to show everybody what he's capable of.
Now, though, the kender thinks that ~Hey, maybe Fizram, no no... It was
Fisham. Yes that was him! Maybe he cast a spell on me!~ After all, he does
see all this funny stars, and everybody do seem to be divided into two.
~Gee, I wonder if uncle Tasslehoff ever saw this.~

Belching loudly, the kender sees the red robed mage. "Heya Fisham! Nice spell
this is!" He jumps to grap the sleeves of his robe. "Show me more!"

06/07/2000 4:13 AM

*Hooded gets up and walks back into the bar with a cut lip. Returning to his seat he regards The Dark Lady with an amused expression.*

"Never knew ya had such a romantic streak in ya Baby. I'll even think up a new pet name for ya sometime. Right after I slap ya silly of course."

*Hooded waves over the one leg wonder barmaid and explains to her about showing the woman who's boss. The one leg wonder nods in agreement and hops off to fetch a mug of ale.*

06/07/2000 9:20 AM

~She controls her anger very well. She walks up to Hooded and regards him with her cold crystal clear blue eyes.~ You may be able to charm the ugly barwenches with your talk but it doesn't affect me. And why do you insist on calling me baby? ~With that she starts to walk away but turns back around.~ Let me give you some advice. Don't slap me nor call me baby again.
Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/07/2000 3:53 PM

"Hey hey. I said I'd think up a new pet name for ya. I'm just using baby in the interim. Look Baby. I know you're all jealous about the barmaids being the ones who wait on me hand on foot, just try and keep them hormones under control will ya."

06/07/2000 4:29 PM

*Pyranthas chuckles in the cornor and drinks down his Feywine. He looks at Autumn and walks over to her and puts his arm around her shoulder and smiles and winks at her*

Hi there... how are you?

06/07/2000 4:51 PM

*looks at her shoulder and Pyranthas's arm resting there, then up at him*

"Wanna see my blister?" giggles uncontrollably.

06/07/2000 4:59 PM

Why are you so insistant at calling me baby? I would not wait on you if you were the last man on Krynn. Are you always this full of yourself? What makes you think I would even want you?

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/07/2000 5:00 PM

Sure! Where is? I can heal it for you too!

*finishes his feywine and then pats he on the butt.*

06/07/2000 5:24 PM

Gives him a funny look, "You can administer to me anyday, hot stuff!" she giggles like school girl.

*motions for the one-legged barmaid to draw Pyranthas a cold bath*

06/07/2000 5:31 PM

*flashes his arm outwards towards the wench and she falls into the bath water with a dagger in her throat*

How bout you an me go in one of those rooms and fool around a little?

06/07/2000 5:33 PM

~Looks to Autumn with a questioning look.~ Looks like you two may want to get a room.

Looks like somebody thinks they are going to get some.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/07/2000 7:46 PM

Marcus raises an eyebrow and looks at Pyranthas, "Hey PY, are you sure that Barney Demon didn't get you or anything?"

He looks inside the bottle of elven wine he snatched.

"OK, who's been putting aphrodesiacs in these things?"

06/08/2000 12:08 AM

Looks at the dead barmaid, "Well, ain't that just dandy! Who will help me tend to this tavern now, huh?!"

Grabs an apron and ties it tightly around Pyranthas's waist, "Bow down before the one you serve," grins and clicks her teeth at him and slaps HIM in the arse.

Snickers at the Dark Lady and whispers to her, "The beds have fleas...pass it on."


06/08/2000 12:22 AM

A Red/Silver dragon shows his face on the door of the inn and loks at all.

"damn be these wretched humans! always puking anddrinking like there is no tomorrow...by the by, can I have a keg of ale please?"

06/08/2000 12:40 AM

*pinches Pyranthas*

Sees a great head appear in the door, "Greetings majestic one. And yes, I only serve clientel of the highest class," snaps her fingers and hollars, "Keg of ale for the dragon!" thinks dragons got treasure, dragons got richy thingies and snickers.

*waits. waits. waits. looks around*

"Dammit!" goes to fetch a keg herself and places it on the patio out front.

"Hungry?" points to the two dead barmaids.

06/08/2000 1:10 AM

The Dragon snaps at the bodies and starts crunching them on his jaw, bones, flesh, all it besing consumed. In a matter of seconds, the bodies dissapear, clothes and all.

The Dragon then starts drinking the keg.

06/08/2000 2:55 AM

*Hooded watches the dragon crunching through the barmaids bodies. Happy to see them go. Hearing the Dark Lady address him, Hooded turns to reply.*

"I can see that stare you give me Baby. Every time you look at me you start undressing me with those blue eyes of yours. I see ya sitting at your table fantasizing about me, pffft. Talking to Autumn about rooms! I've never heard such a blatant hint in my life. Although hint is too weak word for it. Sheesh, that was practically a demand."

06/08/2000 6:26 AM

Marcus bowled over the other people towards his
friend (ok, just a comrade) Hooded. He pulls him
up and started slapping some sense into him.

"Hooded ! Get a grip on your self! You don't have
feelings like that! The only thing you really like
is splitting people's throats!"

He continues slapping some sense into Hooded.

"I think he drank to much of that aphrodesiac wine
or he's been watching 'The Spy Who Shagged Me' too
many times!!!"

06/08/2000 7:33 AM

*Gunthar gets up and walks behind the bar and curls up behind the bar and goes to sleep once again*

"Mumsy..." he mutters as he has pleasant dreams.

"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/08/2000 7:35 AM

*Gunthar gets up and walks behind the bar and curls up behind the bar and goes to sleep once again*

"Mumsy..." he mutters as he has pleasant dreams.

"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/08/2000 8:41 AM

~She turns around again and walks right up to him and stares at him as if staring right through his eyes to his soul. Then in her cold voice she says~ Even if I undressed people with my eyes it certainly would not be you. If you consider what I said to Pyranthas a hint then you are a very confused boy.

~She then looks to Mertonius~ I must just bring it out in him. ~She said with a sarcastic sound in her voice.~
Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/08/2000 10:48 AM

*Pyranthas looks at the appron and then looks over at Marcus. He snaps out of the effects of his feywine.*

What are you talking about Marcus? They Barney deamon had nothing to do with it. If you are wondering about it, it all had to do with that flask of wine I had. It is call feywine. It is something you can only get in elven lands and we will not allow other races to have it becuase of what it can do to humans, dwarves, and any other race. You the other races tend to loose their sence of themselve for quite sometime, while we elves can turn the effect of the wine off. Now! Autumn, now that I have gotten rid of those wenches, I have brought three elven ladies to serve you. I am also paying for repairs on this place. New furniture will be put in the room and you shall have quite the establishment.

*goes over to the door and yells something in elven and three beautiful elven ladies walk inside.*

Ladies, meet your new boss.

*goes over and sits in his cornor once again.*

06/08/2000 1:05 PM

Grins over at Pyranthas, "Gee, this is an unexpected surprise," struggles for what seems like an eternity then finally manages, "Thank you."

Looks the elven ladies over and tosses them each an apron, "Hop to it ladies!" snaps her fingers.

"DRAGON!" drags the body of the last barmaid outside, "Lunch!" pats the dragon on his snout.

06/08/2000 1:35 PM

A girl walks in with brown eyes& hair.She has a broadsword at her belt, and a bow strapped onto her back along with a quiver of arrows.She starts to walk in, and sees a dragon. She starts to look uneasy. "How did a dragon fit in here?" She asks. She nervously sits down at the bar far away from the dragon.

06/08/2000 4:41 PM

Goes behind the bar and stands on Gunthar as he sleeps. Places an empty glass before the well-armed newcomer Kaelyn, "Greetings. What can I getcha? A meal? lodgings?"

Studies this girl, "You're not from around here. You have business in this cruddy little town?" eyes her sword, "Nice sword."

06/08/2000 5:56 PM

*the tall elf walks in with a bunch of 2x4 and makes about a dozen of these trips. He then starts dragging in matrices and beds and other ods and ends.*

There! Just got all of this stuff of my ship. I'll head to work now.

*he goes to the first room and does his work. He comes out of the last room six hours later finishing putting on the new door on the room. He walks to Autunm with the new keys and hands them to her.*

There you go. All fixed. Go take a look at them if you want. Now... to redecorate this place and make this place homier and not so much like a dump. I'll be back. Got to go to the ship.

*he heads outside towards the ship.*

06/08/2000 6:30 PM

*Hooded sees Dark Lady walk right up to him and
rolls his eyes. She obviously wants a chance to
get near me, thinks Hooded.*

"You've had ya fun Baby, you finally got the chance
to get near me. Time to go Baby."

*Hooded puts his booted foot on the Dark Lady's
forehead and pushes her across the floor, she
eventually lands in the original seat she was
sitting in at her table.*

06/08/2000 6:41 PM

~She walks up to him once again and slaps him across the face as hard as she can. Then she rubs a ring on her finger and his lips began sealing up and his hands are tied behind his back with invisible chains. No matter how hard he tries to get rid of the chains they still bind him. Then she pushes him to the floor and goes to sit down at her seat. She casts lightening bolts at his body and she laughs an evil laugh getting so much enjoyment from his suffering.~ That should teach you to mess with me. I would not even waste my time with your puny self.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/08/2000 6:58 PM

"I can't believe she fell for that." An astonished
Hooded says.

*As the Dark Lady goes to sit down again. Hooded
waves a hand. Her seat moves one foot to the left
and the Dark Lady falls to the ground breaking her
tailbone. With a second wave of his hand, Hooded
cancels the illusion that Dark Lady believed to be

"That was an illusion Baby. Didn't they teach you
that at mage school?"

*Hooded walks back to his seat and takes a swig of
ale, shaking his head in disgust at the lack of
adequate training for mages these days.*

06/08/2000 7:15 PM

~She stands up with no broken bones. Her constant protective shield around her keeps her from being hurt by such insolent fools.~ See Hooded the thing that gets you is that you want me very badly but you cannot get me so you settle for schoolboy picking to get close to me~ She had a sarcastic sad look on her face and it quickly changed into an evil smile. When he sits down his chair is levitated off the ground and through the window then it is sat outside~ There maybe that will occupy him for a while.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/08/2000 8:02 PM

*Hooded feels his chair lift about a foot off the
ground and then it drops back to its original spot.

"Bad luck Baby."

*Hooded takes another swig of ale. Feeling a bit sick,
Hooded vomits and casts a spell which makes the
stinking puke land all over Dark Lady.*

"There ya go Baby. Seeing as ya so obsessed by me
and all." Hooded says watching the vomit ooze
down her face bit by bit.

06/08/2000 8:17 PM

~The vomit hits her invisible protective sheild which fits around her so tightly that it looks as if it hit her so the vomit just slides down it never touching her.~ Nice try but I did say that my protective shield protects me from insolent fools such as you. This really is not the way to impress a girl you really should learn manners.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/08/2000 10:35 PM

Suddenly, the Arch-Nemesis of Marcus appears and stabs Marcus deep into his gut. Blood gurgled from Marcus's lips as his life essence gushed from the fatal wound and he falls to the floor. Blood started to pool around him.

"You are NOTHING! You can never defeat me, The Mad God!!!"

At this, Cha'Os returns to the dark realm of oblivion.

06/09/2000 3:00 AM

"Alright Baby, you can return to your knitting now. I've got drinking to do." Hooded says, snapping his fingers at one of the brand new barmaids.

"Barwench, get me a mount nevermind cocktail. An extra pinch of salt, two lemons and an extra shot of brandy. Make it snappy."

*Hooded sits back and watches the still developing fight next to him.*

"Should've stabbed a little bit to the right. Then you would've got his intestinal tract." Hooded says critically to The Mad God.

06/09/2000 6:24 AM

The Mad God suddenly reappears and turns to The
Hooded. Grinning, he then slugs the Hooded One
right on the kisser, his fist passing through
the mundane shielding spell and connecting with
bone and teeth with a satisfying crunch knocking
Hooded down on his back.

"That's for your impudence mortal..."

He then leaves and returns to his Dark Realm of

06/09/2000 7:32 AM

~Begins laughing at the sight of The Mad God returning just to punch Hooded.~ Could not have done it better myself. I am guessing that that since you are leaving me alone I was to much for you and you could not handle me?? Well isn't that sad. ~Has her lip stuck out in a sarcastic pout but it quickly changed to an evil grin.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/09/2000 8:11 AM

*a big man throws open the door, nearly throwing it off its hinges. he walks in strongly with a small mage trailing behind him. the two take a table in the far corner and order some ale for the warrior and some water for the mage*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/09/2000 8:33 AM

*claps for Pyranthas's repairs*

"You spoil me!" she giggles.

*casually watches the fight and begins to pick favorites*

"I know who you're routing for m'lady," she snickers to the Dark Lady.

"Greetings," to the big man and the little mage.

06/09/2000 9:24 AM

~Looks to Autumn and smiles~ And who would that be Autumn?? ~sarcasticly~ I would not want Hooded to get hurt.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/09/2000 4:29 PM

"Get a grip Baby. I know you enjoy to focus on me exclusively, coz you've got an obsessed infatuation with me. I happen to have other things to do."

*Hooded stands up and wipes the blood from his mouth and sees the mad god disappear. Not being able to attempt revenge. Hooded kicks Marcus in the exact spot he was stabbed earlier, walks back to his seat and sips at his mount nevermind cocktail.*

06/09/2000 5:23 PM

~Laughing at how obsessed he is with himself.~ If I actually had an infatuation with you then it would be different but as much as I hate to break it to you I do not. Try not to be to upset but if you cannot help it then I understand.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/09/2000 9:32 PM

The ten year old version of Marcus suddenly pops out of the winecellar door.

"Darn, my flesh automaton just kicked the bucket."

He goes over to the now dissolving ooze that was the exact copy of Marcus. He sees his 'Uncle Hoody' and runs up to him.

"Hey look uncle! I found this really weird beetle swimming in a wine barrel downstairs."

He walks to the wine cellar door and peers into the darkness.

"There are strange things growing down there. I swear I heard the mushrooms talking. They said that the next person who orders dwarf spirits gonna get his ass used in a pickup game of football."

06/09/2000 9:47 PM

*Hooded sips at his top quality cocktail, swirling the liquor in his mouth critically. Turning to Dark Lady.*

"Deny, deny... deny. Say it enough times, you just might believe it. Try and rip your eyes off of me for a few seconds so I can enjoy my drinking Baby."

06/09/2000 10:02 PM

"Well little one. Go and eat as many of those mushrooms as you can. Then drink a large mug of dwarf spirits." Hooded says to the ten year old child.

06/10/2000 7:41 AM

BA BOOM! *explosion from the kitchen*

*Autumn exits the kitchen flanked by her 3 elven barmaids, each carrying an enormous platter of hotcakes and sausages. they lay them out on the bar*

"I love cooking," wipes soot and batter from her face.

"Breakfast is served!"

Smiles down at the ten year old child, "Do as 'uncle Hooded' says now child," grabs a cup of koffi and nibbles on a link.

*looks out the window to see if Pyranthas the Handyman has returned with her new furnishings yet. quivers with anticipation*

Goes to sit at the table with the big man and his little mage companion, "Hi," leans back to enjoy the fine conversation, comraderie, and overall friendly goodtimes that this tavern has to offer.

06/10/2000 10:34 AM

~She rolls her eyes at Hooded suprised at how much he loves himself~ Autumn do you think that I am "head over heels" for Hooded?? Hooded you really should get your head out from between your legs so you can see things better and then maybe you would realize that I am not in love with you. ~Laughs at her comeback and how true it is.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/10/2000 4:21 PM

*Hooded pulls out a pouch of tobacco and rolls up a few perfectly cylindrical cigarettes. Lighting one up for himself and offers Autumn and the small child a cigarette also. Turning to Dark Lady.*

"You are so Baby. It's so obvious. You can hardly contain yourself, you're so excited at being near me. Everyone can see Baby, don't try and deny it." Hooded remarks, blowing smoke rings into the air at the same time.

06/10/2000 5:18 PM

Hooded you should not try to convince me to like you when it is you that like me. You say these things to me in hopes that I will begin to believe that I do indeed like you. Let me assure you I don't like you and you are not going to be able to convince me.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/10/2000 6:07 PM

Looks at the Dark Lady and smirks, "No, M'lady. I think that his Hoodedness has taken a liking to you. Loves the chase, know what I mean?" chuckles.

*drools at the cigarette Hooded offers*

"No thank you, Hooded fella, I quit," begins carving deep scratches into the table at high speed, hands shaking, "Yeah...I quit, that's right, I quit!"

*leaps up, knocking down tables and chairs and patrons and darts across the bar and snatches a cig from Hooded. lites it and inhales deeply until the only thing left is ash*

"Yummy," takes another cig and stuffs it into the child's mouth and lites it, "Go on. It's good for you...like vitamins."

06/10/2000 6:41 PM

~Looks at Autumn and silently thanks her for realizing the truth and not giving in to Hoodeds' denial~ I agree the chase intrigues him. The fact that he 'thinks' that he might get me, which is very doubtful, keeps him at it.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/10/2000 7:02 PM

"Whatever... typical chix. Banding together like a pack of wolves. Obsessed. Everyone of ya. Obsessed. Can't help yaselves. From now on, talk to the hand."

*Hooded holds up his hand, blocking the line of sight between himself and Dark Lady and Autumn.*

No, not that way." Hooded says to the child who is looking in confusion at the cigarette. "Inhale... deeply inhale. That's the way. When you've finished, stub the butt out on one of them chix over there."

06/10/2000 9:32 PM

~Looks to Hooded and laughs at him~ To begin with she is just acknowledging that you are obsessed with me and that you deny it. And second I would like to thank you for putting your hand up that way I don't have to look at you.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/10/2000 9:47 PM

The younger Marcus swipes away the cigar and puts
it out.

"I hate cigars. They make your smell bad and gives
you lung problems."

He then proceeds to skip towards the Dark Lady and
stops before her.

"HI! Hello! Ohaio Gozaimasu" (OOC: It was Morning)

He then skips away far to the other end of the
room and shouts.

"Bye! Sayonara! Ciao! Paalam!"

He then proceeds to skip away humming a sailor
tune and skipping.

Swinging his arms around he clothes himself in an
oversized lab coat, pants and shirt and sneakers.
He pulls out a special aging capsule and downs it.
After a few moments he becomes his original age

06/10/2000 11:45 PM

*feels woozy, nicotine flooding her bloodstream after a long respite*

Focuses on the Dark Lady, "I have to freshen up. In true banded-chix fashion, wanna run to the can together? That way we can brag about our boyfriends, bitch about other chix, and share lipstick and hairspray."

*snaps her teeth at Hooded and grins*

"Men. They are so repulsed, yet intrigued, by us women," she giggles wickedly.

06/11/2000 3:50 AM

"#$*% ya %$#&%*%..."
*Hooded snorts defiantly. Too angry say more. Waving over a barmaid.*

"Barwench, dwarf spirits. A large one and keep'm coming."

*Hooded takes the large mug of dwarf spirits and mutters a few words, casting a doubly powerful two pace radius shield.*

06/11/2000 9:09 AM

~She looks to Autumn and laughs~ Well since we are looked upon as banded chix then we might as well be just that. ~She runs off with Autumn to the bathroom gossiping the whole way. Just then Hooded looks down to discover that his dagger is missing.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/11/2000 9:50 AM

Kaelyn smiles "Thanks. Just passing through is all. I'm supposed to meet someone in a town near here." ~sips water~

06/11/2000 11:32 AM

*after several long minutes, returns from the can with the Dark Lady, snickering*

"Oh, Hooded, don't be so sensitive," she pleads and tosses him a sausage link which vaporizes instantly once it makes contact with his magical shield.

To Kaelyn, "Hmmmm...meeting up with another, eh? Well, enjoy your stay and let me or one of the barmaids know if you need anything," grins, "Hot cake?" points to the platter.

*looks around for Gunthar and Eltanin*

06/11/2000 11:59 AM

~Walking back to the common room she looks over at Hooded then back at Autumn and they both burst out laughing~ Yeah I haven't noticed that before but he is like that. ~They continue laughing then she becomes very serious and looks to Hooded~ Missing something??

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/11/2000 12:44 PM

*Pyranthas returns with the new furishings and looks around and sees the room is filled with smoke. He frowns. Great now everything I just got is going to smell. He sees Autumn with a ciggy in her mouth. He frowns a little more. He drops everything in front of the door and goes and sits in his cornor away from all of the smoke.*

06/11/2000 4:35 PM

Kaelyn looks around and is bored.She thinks'I have to stay here all night before I leave tommorrow? This is so boring!' She takes out her bow and goes into a corner where no one is and starts shooting at a mark on the wall, hitting every single time.

06/11/2000 6:51 PM

As Kaelyn is just about to shout her last arrow at the target she hears a soft knock on the door. She goes to answer it and finds a mage lying on the floor. He is dressed in fairly nice white robes except there are traces of blod on his left sleeve adn a huge patch of blood on his stomach. The mage appears to be around the age of 20 and he has drak chestnut brown eyes and hair to match. The mage looks very tired.
He trys to stand up but he can't.
He mutters, "PLease... Help me, I need..," before he passes out again

06/11/2000 7:33 PM

*Gunthar gets up from behind the bar and stretches*

"Ahhhhhhhhh, nice nap." he mutters as he walks around the bar.

*he looks at the door and sees a young man lying on the ground bleeding to death. he rushes over and picks him up and sets him down at a table. he concentrates and the mans wounds start to heal*

"There, he should be fine. Just needs some rest, that's all." he says.

"Should have just let him dye there, like the little worthless worm he is." the black robed woman said as she casually sipped on her water.

"Just let him DIE?!?!" Gunthar yelled as he stormed over to the table the two were sitting at. The large man got up and stepped in his way before he could reach the woman.

"Stay thy distance." the man said as he put a hand on Gunthar's chest to keep him from going any further.

*Gunthar beamed at the two persons before him and stood there angrily*"The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/11/2000 8:09 PM

Nods and smiles at the Dark Lady, "Oh yeah!"

Grins at Kaelyn, "Yes, it is rather dull here with all the beating and blood-letting and death and drug use and koffi-addiction and flirting and people sitting on the roof and out-of-place beings popping up from out of no where," takes a breath and grasps the girls shoulder, "I'm so glad you arrived and brought some life to this dump," takes the arrows from the wall and snaps them in one gloved hand and lets them drop to the floor.

"WAIT! It's not a DUMP anymore!" spritzes perfume on herself to rid the smell of smoke and skips over to the elven warrior Pyranthas, "Thank you, and here," snaps her fingers and a barmaid brings him a muffin and a cup of black koffi, straight up, "You may have wine, if you prefer," smiles appreciatively at him and orders the barmaids to hual out the old, and bring in the new.

*soon the tavern looks ship-shape...literally*

"Dammit!' notices the young mage bleeding all over her new floor.

*eyes the ones Gunthar is confronting and shivers*

06/12/2000 12:49 AM


Marcus strokes his chin and pulls out a strange device from his dimensional pocket. The device looks like a small box with weird buttons and knobs. He walks over to a corner and pushes one of the buttons and turns a knob. Music suddenly plays from the device. He then goes over to the Dark Lady, bows down and smiles.

"May I have this dance milady?"

06/12/2000 2:05 AM

*Hooded hears Dark Lady say something to him about missing something. Looking down, Hooded notes his dagger not in its usual position at the top of his boot. Rolling his eyes, Hooded turns to Dark Lady.*

"That's real sad Baby. Taking your obsession to new heights, huh. Staring at me all day not enough for you now?" Hooded says and then snaps his fingers. His dagger returns immediately into a tight grip. The blade, blunt in another's hand. Returns to vicious sharpness on return to its master. Hooded then makes an overly dramatic display of cleaning his dagger and then re-sheathes it.*

06/12/2000 5:03 AM

Marcus stands up and goes over to his music device. He takes a strange shiny circular object from his pocket and inserts it into the mout of the device. The music changed. He takes a strange looking rod with a rounded end and starts talking into it. His voice resounded in the entire inn.


He then started singing to the tune...

"Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely... I have no body!! Of My own... Ohhhhhhh!!"

06/12/2000 2:14 PM

Kaelyn glares at Autumn for breaking her arrows. She goes outside, and comes back in within seconds with a whole new quiver. She smiles sarcastically sweet at Autumn. "I always keep extras in my saddle bags on my horse" she says. She continues shooting the wall.

06/12/2000 3:20 PM

Autumn casts an annoyed glance at Kaelyn for shooting arrows in her wall, "Listen dear, I would appreciate it if you would not do that. If you are bored, perhaps you and Marcus there can perform a duet."

"Gunthar," turns her attention back to the knight and the two belligerent newcomers, "Is there going to be trouble here?" places her hand on the hilt of her sword.

06/12/2000 3:24 PM

*Pyranthas looks at Autumn.*

Wine please. I saw you smoking so there is no need in trying to hide it. I can smell it over your perfume.

06/12/2000 3:41 PM

Snaps her fingers and a barmaid comes over and places a bottle of wine on Pyranthas's table, "Remove the koffi, maiden," looks at Py and smiles, "I vow never to smoke again," crosses her fingers.

06/12/2000 3:58 PM

*Hooded sips at his dwarf spirits. Watching Autumn's face cringe with every arrow thud. Standing up, Hooded dissolves his two pace radius shield and walks over to the Gambling Booth in the corner. After placing several bets on possible fight outcomes, Hooded returns to his seat.*

06/12/2000 6:35 PM

*the female mage looks on as hooded makes bets. she gets up and goes over to the same table he did*

"I put ten gold on myself over that over confident infidel that calls himself The Hooded One."

*she walks back to her table and motions for her warrior friend to sit down. he does with much grunting displeasure*

*Gunthar then takes a seat across from them, keeping an eye on the evil duo and wondering what the female meant by her winning over hooded*

*the female mage glares at hooded with vile intentions in her eyes. she thinks about splitting the mage's torso in half. of ripping his limbs off. of cutting his (censored)*

"You really need to learn how to treat a lady, vile wizard." she finally hisses to hooded."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/12/2000 10:18 PM

Marcus stops from his singing when a group of kender took the mic from him. The kenders then started singing like the "Backstreet Boys."

This infuriated Marcus and he started chasing the kenders around the bar. He slices the one who says that he was "Kevin" with his deadly dimensional blade. He then proceeds to hack up all the kenders who were playing as the "Backstreet Boys."

Wiping the sweat from his forehead he sat down again and muttered, "That is the last time I'll allow one of my devices to fall into the hands of kender."

He turns to a nearby elf maiden, ignoring the bloody kender mess underfoot and the kender innards that litter the area. His sticks to the floor for a moment.

"Ewwww, Kender liver."

He proceeds to wipe the thing off his boots as if he stepped on poo.

"Why don't you join me milady. I'm going to teach you something...."

The elf maiden and Marcus goes to the kitchen and he locks the door with all the conceivable lock spells and counter spells. He started locking it up in chains and huge locks. He then layers the door and the entire kitchen with many layers of protective spells. The others can only hear what the Elf maiden and Marcus were talking about.

"You start by taking this off..."Said Marc.

"Don't take that off. Please, don't." Said the maiden.

"But we must, we cannot continue if this is not off..." said Marc.

" Very well then, but can I keep this?" asked the maiden.

"Of course, you might get hurt you know..." answered Marc.

"Here, let me do this for you. You hold the two mounds like this and start kneading it like this..." Explained Marc.

The elf maiden ooohed and ahhhhed at what Marcus was doing and occasional groaned from whatever he was doing.

"I think I need my rod for this..." said Marcus.

"Isn't that too big?" gasped the elf maiden in surprise.

"Naw it is just the right size..."excused Marc.

"Wouldn't it need protection?" cried the elf maiden.

"No need for protection. Let's start." explained Marc.

Everyone hear grunting and heaving noise from the other side. Everyone are anticipating something. Several bar attendants were sweating, including some of the regulars. "What were they doing in there?" was the commonly asked question.

"I'm finish!" shouted Marc.

"But you got it all over me!!!" Cried the elf maiden.

"Just wait. I'm not yet finish. Help me to put it inside." Soothed Marc.

"No, I will not. It wont fit." Said the elf maiden.

"I told you, it will fit!" exclaimed Marc.

More pushing and heaving this time. Several of the bar patrons have collapsed already and Autumn was running about trying to explain what was happening. Several of the people have their ears to the door.

More heaving and grunting.

"There, it is in." Exclaimed Marc.

"Are you sure? It doesn't feel right." Said the elf maiden.

"I am sure. Come on, Quit worrying. Nothings gonna happen..." Soothed Marcus.

Then the door opened and everyone who were listening stumbled in.

The entire place was a mess, tomato sauce and and cheese all over the place and on both Marcus and the maiden. Dough littered the table and large rounded ones dotted one side, sauce covering them.

Marcus lifted a newly made pizza and offers it to everyone.

"Hey! Pizza Anyone?"

06/13/2000 8:54 AM

~Looks to Marcus and smiles~ I am very sorry for my delay but I had been called elsewhere. I will accept your proposal to dance if you are still giving it.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/13/2000 9:04 AM

"MARCUS!" storms over to him, lightening crackling about her head, "How is anyone suppose to EAT with kender GUTS all over the tavern FLOOOOOOOOORRRRRR!!!!!!" she screams, several glasses on the bar burst into a zillion pieces.

Takes a deep breath and calms and looks at the 'pizza', "Interesting. Looks kinda like THAT!" points to a pile of kender remains.

*stomps over to Pyranthas's table, sits hard and drinks from his wine*

"Thanks. More," waits, her eyes scanning the room, for him to refill his glass.

06/13/2000 9:11 AM

~Looks to Hooded with an evil grin and a sarcastic tone in her voice~ Hoody someone is taking my attention away from you. Do you think that you will be able to handle that?? Do not be too heart broken. Maybe you will regain my attention soon.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/13/2000 12:14 PM

A girl walks in holding a golden staff with a garnet at the top.She looks too young to be a mage, but the staff she holds is real.She has really really long brown hair, almost down to the floor. She has a gold belt with a garnet for a clasp, and a pinkish red skirt. She also has on a pinkish red shirt with a golden ring around the neck. She sits down,smiling big. "Ohhhh,pizza!" she says, looking at Marcus' pizza. "Can I have some?" she asks.

06/13/2000 4:38 PM

*the Qualinesti looks around to room and then at Autumn*

My brand new furnishing! Ruined! MARCUS!!!!

*goes stomping into the kitchen and grabs Marcus. He then walks out with him tied up and then hangs him on the wall.*

Waitress, bring another glass of wine please for myself and fill my other one for Autumn. She looks a bit thristy.

06/13/2000 7:08 PM

*Lor gets up from her table and walks over to Marcus. She acts as if she is about to take him down, but she instead shocks him*

"Hehehehe, I looooove torturing people!""The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/13/2000 8:51 PM


Marcus struggles for a moment and then falls to the floor landing on Lor. He stands up and brushes the things that were stuck to him that came from Lor.

He made his way back to the pile of Kender goo and waved a hand. His Magic Mic appeared in his hands and started singing "Bye Bye Bye" from N'Sync. The kender goo suddenly disappeared and he continued dancing and singing along with the music.

"I know that I can't take no more. And it ain't no lie. I want you out that door...."

The tables started reforming and the windows started glistening with colored panels. Expensive looking mantel pieces started appearing on the tables. His magical song continued to refurbish the entire place to make it look like one of those chic and expensive looking bars.

"And it aint no lie.... Bye Bye Bye..."

Marcus looks around for a moment at the newly refurbished place. He turns around and faces Autumn.

"How about that? Now, can I continue making some pizza. I haven't finished instructing that elf maiden yet. He pulls out his rod and started waving it at Autumn's face. (that was a rolling pin, you green minded dolts.)"

"I even think that extra large super pepperoni cheese mushroom pineapple veggie delight family size is ready. See you later guys."

Marcus drags his newly acquired Pizza apprentice and makes his way back to the kitchen.

06/14/2000 2:01 AM

*Hooded turns to Dark Lady.*
"Why are you asking for my permission Baby? By all means go ahead. Just stop staring at me the whole time."
*Hooded turns to his dagger.*
"I've heard of obsessions before, but she takes the cake." Hooded says to his dagger. The dagger nods in agreement.

06/14/2000 7:06 AM

~Looks to Hooded and he can see the fire that is unable to warm her very cold eyes.~ Hooded why do you not give in to the denial and admit that you have a schoolboy crush on me?? It would be for the best. You could admit it then we could continue our lives. Are you ever going to stop calling me "Baby"???

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/14/2000 7:45 AM

*as Marcus dissapears into the kitchen, Lor smiles sligtly. there is a sudden sound of immense fire and a scream. the elf maiden comes running back in covered in soot*

"The oven suddenly erupted in flame and the pizza was lost!" she cried, not mentioning that Marcus was severly burned by the 'accident'."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/14/2000 9:40 AM

"Nicely done, Pyranthas," smiles at him in gratitude and takes another sip of wine.

"You too, Lor...you like to inflict pain, I see," looks whistful and thinks a little too long about this.

Shakes her head and turns to the kitchen, "Damn, I was looking forward to those pineapple chunks, too," frowns and looks at the barmaid, "Scrape the burnt flesh from Marcus and bandage him up. Then, perhaps you can make a heart-shaped 'pizza' for the love birds over here," nods to Hooded and the Dark Lady.

06/14/2000 12:04 PM

*the elf sits back and sips on his wine and watches everything that goes on.* Damn... now I have to rebuild the kitchen too.

06/14/2000 12:07 PM

Then Jay frowns. "Does that mean no pizza?" she asks.

06/14/2000 2:27 PM

~Looks to Autumn~ You need to help me convince him that he is in denial and that he needs to admit that he is in love with me. You know they say that many relationships start with the people hating each other. ~Smiles~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/14/2000 3:50 PM

*Hooded looks at Dark Lady.*

"So the Ice Maiden smiles. Dreaming about me again obviously."

*Hooded feels a hot burning against his leg and looks down to see his dagger glaring at him furiously.*

"Don't get so jealous." Hooded says to his dagger comfortingly.

06/14/2000 4:07 PM

~Laughs~ You only wish that I am dreaming about you because that would show that I have an infatuation with you at which I do not. Sorry did not mean to get your hopes up.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/14/2000 4:18 PM

Tosses Jay a muffin, "Try this, tastes just like chicken!"

"M'lady," she speaks softly to the Dark Lady, "When a boy and a girl on the playground like each other, what do they do? Beat each other to a pulp!" glances at Hooded and decides he's probably never been on a playground for anything other than lunch, "You're playing hard to get, Hooded fella. I know these things. Men, they're always running away from me and I know it's cause they love me sooo much they're just acting timid," looks whistful.

06/14/2000 4:42 PM

~Thinks about Autumn's reasoning~ Yes I do believe that he is playing hard to get but his efforts are for nothing when I am not chasing after him. He likes the idea of the chase though even if he knows that he will never win. Don't you just feel so sorry for guys sometimes?

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/14/2000 5:10 PM

Nods, "Yes. Poor dears."

*hears violins*

"They need pampering," looks around the room at the guys then snaps her fingers and the 3 lovely elf maidens begin offering neck massages to the men. ONLY neck massages.

06/14/2000 5:17 PM

*thinks about it then gets ups and walks outside.*

I'll be on the roof you yall need me.

06/14/2000 10:55 PM

Marcus walks in all bandaged up. Stiffly walking towards the Dark Lady, he collapses onto her lap, his face (though a bit sooty, was unmarred) on her warm chest, feeling the warmness therein infuse to his being.

"Only you could soothe the pain I suffer milady..."

He then passed out, his head resting on the Dark Lady's chest.

06/14/2000 11:14 PM

Suddenly, out of nowhere, The Mad God pops into existence beside Lor.


The Mad God started ripping the clothes of Lor, enjoying her screams and cries of outrage. He then carries her over to the staircase to the next floor. But before that he stops near Autumn. The Mad God pulls out a diamond the size of a coconut and hands it over to her.


Carrying her to one of the rooms at the second level, everyone hears her screams of outrage and pain as The Mad God started doing things too horrible to her, to mention in this forum. Time passed slowly in the room at the rate of 1 day per 1 min in the world. The Mad God emmerges from after two hours in our world (120 days) carrying a battered Lor on his shoulders.

The Mad God calls forth a magical dumpster and dumps Lor into it. With a flick of his hand, The Mad God returns to his realm.

("YEAH! TAKE THAT YA MALIGNANT BITCH!" whispered Marcus in his mind.)

06/15/2000 1:52 AM

*Hooded snorts in disgust at Autumn and Dark Lady's conversation.*

"Don't encourage her Autumn, it'll only make her obsession worse." Hooded says, giving Dark Lady a disgusted sneer.

*Hooded sips his mug of dwarf spirits and watches the Mad God go upstairs. After sipping at his drink for 120 days. Hooded watches the Mad God come back down the stairs and disappear.*

06/15/2000 7:02 AM

*Gunthar laughs as Cal runs over to the dumpster and pulls out the form of Lor. he gets her out and starts crying*

"She's dead..." he cries as he bends over, holding the battered and filthy corpse next to him.

*the door opens and in walks a black robed female*

"Cal, are you seriously dumb enough to think that I'd allow some 'god' to do that?"

"Lor! You're alive!" he then looks at the 'corpse' he has in his arms. "But, what's this?"

"That's just a 'dummy', kinda like you." she said as she sat down at her table once more."Two minus one leaves none."

06/15/2000 7:18 AM

"My gods in the heavens, this is a looney bin!" chuckles madly.

*eyes glimmer down at the huge diamond*

Goes outside and scrambles up on the roof, "Look Py! Look!" holds up the emormous diamond for him to see, "Whoaoaoaoaoa!!!" loses her balance and falls from the roof, again, tossing the diamond in Pyranthas's lap.

THUMP! SPLASH! *lands in a horse trough*


06/15/2000 8:13 AM

~Looks down at Marcus in confusion~ May I ask what you are doing with your head on my chest? That is not the way to treat a lady.

~Looks at Hooded~ Do not get to jealous Hoody. Men just cannot help but be attracted to me so it is quite all right if you would just admit to your denial.

~Goes out to the stables and looks down at the trough~ Autumn may I ask what you are doing in a horse trough. It would not be conducive to good health I would imagine. Here let me help you. ~She casts a spell and Autumn is lifted from the trough and sat on the ground. Then Autumn's clothes begin to dry and are once again clean.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/15/2000 8:43 AM

*Pyranthas looks at the diamond and then puts it in his jacket. He pulls out a diamond the size of a Basketball that is perfectly round and then shoves it back into his jacket. He then looks down at Autumn and smiles. He stands up and then flps off the roof and lands on his feet. He walks in and sits next to Hooded.*

Hood, why dont you buy the lady you refer to as "Baby" a glass of wine and show her how much of a gentle man you really are. I know your trying to impress her and all, but sometimes all of that showing off doesn't work. Now... where did I stick that shape shifting ring... I know it is in my jacket somewhere...

*stands up and walks off and looking for his ring.*

AH HA! Found it.

*he tosses it to Hooded.*

Dont do anything too evil with it Hooded.

*walks over to his seat and sits down.*

06/15/2000 10:23 AM

Grins at the Dark Lady, "You are so helpful, once again. Thank you...rest of the millenium's drinks are on the house, sister!" skips to the bar, "I should learn to stay off of rooftops.."

"Pyranthas Brozenblade!" points at his corner table, "Thanks for helping me up, mister man!" grumbles, "And gimme my diamond back before I pitch a fit."

*jumps up and sits on the bar*

06/15/2000 11:20 AM

Diamond? What Diamond. I have no idea what you are talking about.

*she hears a voice in her head You will forget about the diamond. You know nothing about it. He then waves his hand infront of her face.*

06/15/2000 1:34 PM

*waves her hand infront of his face*

"No I won't. Now gimme the DIAMOND!"

06/15/2000 5:36 PM

*Satan gets up from a long nap, licks the Dark Lady's hand, then stumbles on over to the bar and sucks on the ale tap, making slopping and slurping noises*

*finishes up then goes and rests his head on Gunthar's lap*

"I miss you. Love me?" Satan mouths then commences with the drooling.

06/15/2000 5:48 PM

~The Dark Lady calls Satan over and when he gets there she gives him the meat that she had not eaten from her supper (considering she is a vegetarian). Satan quickly eats the meat and looks for more. She calls over a barmaid and asks for the scraps that they are not going to use. The barmaid quickly runs off to get the meat and when she returns Satan eats the meat before she can sit it down on the table. Then he sits beside her as if guarding her.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/15/2000 5:56 PM

"Thank thee lady, I know not what I would have to do with that mutt..." Gunthar says as he eyes the dog that looks back at him lovingly. "EEEWWWW""Two minus one leaves none."

06/16/2000 5:11 AM

*Hooded waves a hand of dismissal at Dark Lady's comment. Too disgusted by the suggestion to even reply. Listening to Pyranthus, Hooded shakes his head in a mixture of apathy and disapproval of elvish custom. Grabbing the ring, Hooded secretes it into a hidden pocket in his cloak, for later inspection. Slightly irritated at Pyranthus advice/accusation, Hooded grabs a passing elf barmaid tightly.*

"Next one to suggest that gets it." Hooded says and stabs the elfmaid for emphasis, pushing the blade of his dagger in deeply, piercing the left lobe of the barmaid's lung. The barmaid falls to the ground coughing and retching up blood. Hooded then kicks the barmaid's head, spinning her onto her back. Hooded then performs his favourite manauvre, a booted heal placed heavily on the helpless victim's throat. Hearing a satisfying crunch,Hooded sits back down. Giving Dark Lady a brief but hateful glare.*

06/16/2000 6:25 AM

"Scuse me a second," she says to Pyranthas.

"Dammit! Hooded, just look at the mess you made!" shakes a finger in his face, "Now, I will not stand for this type of tomfoolery, do you understand me?" starts cleaning up the mess and notices the other two barmaids sobbing and cowering in the corner.

"You both have the remainder of the day off...go shopping or something, that will make you feel better."

*mumbles under her breath and casts Hooded the occasional annoyed glance as she cleans up his mess*

06/16/2000 8:13 AM

*he stares at the Hooded One.

Damn it! Do you know how hard it was to get her to come here to work! I had to talk to her father and make promises and other stuff!

06/16/2000 4:15 PM

~Looks at Hooded, rolls her eyes and laughs~ You are so good at finding ways to stare at me. Giving me the hateful look is just a coverup for being able to stare and drool over me. Such a pity you cannot admit it and let me continue my life.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/16/2000 4:39 PM

Finishes her foul work and stands holding bloody towel and bucket, "Yeah, Hooded...and other stuff! You should really consider other's situations before you go 'round killing people...you could cause them embarrassment and inconvenience."

Nods and smiles at Pyranthas, then sits with the Dark Lady, "Wanna peanut?" digs into bowl of peanuts.

06/16/2000 4:53 PM

~Looks at Autumn's peanuts~ Yea I am hungry. ~She eats some and tosses them to Satan which he catches in his mouth.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/16/2000 6:11 PM

*Hooded waves an uncaring hand at Autumn's chiding.*

"I did you a favor Autumn. All these refurbishments make the place look like a gay bar. A little blood and guts gives the joint a more inviting atmosphere."

*Turning to Dark Lady.*

"Keep dreaming. Your obsession for me is obviously so intense that you have managed convince yourself I share the same feelings as you. Which of course, I do not."

06/16/2000 6:22 PM

Deny, deny, deny. That is all you ever do, can you even do anything else like umm admit?? You have denied your affection so much that it is obvious that you have an affection for me. If you had shrugged it off from the beginning and not even cared then it would be obvious that you have no feeling for me but since you defend yourself like you to it is just more evidence that deep down you are infatuated with me whether you wish to admit it or not.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/16/2000 6:51 PM

Giggles at the Dark Lady and Hooded's flirtations, "The love here is so thick you could cut it with a knife! But, please...don't."

"Py!" pats seat next to her and the Dark Lady, "Come here! I wanna argue with you!"

*while waiting for his response to her invitation, she pulls from beneath a floorboard a green piniata shaped like turtle. stands and hangs it from a ceiling beam and places a big stick on the table*

"Take a whack at the turtle. There is a surprise inside!"

*sits back down and chuckles*

"Gunthar! You first," looks around for the knight.

06/16/2000 6:59 PM

"I don't think so. More like your the infatuated one and your saying all that to try and get me to admit to something I never will. I won't admit to something which isn't true." Hooded says to Dark Lady, sneering for emphasis.

06/16/2000 7:06 PM

But technically you would not be admiting to something that is not true because what you would be admiting to would be true. Your infatuation is true so when you admit to it you will be telling the truth. Do you not realize how easy it would make our lives if you would just admit to your obsession and get over it??

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/16/2000 8:56 PM

"I'm not saying something which isn't true. I know it would be a dream-come-true for you, if I said something like that. I'm not going to however because it is untrue."

*Hooded walks to the bar to get another mug of dwarf spirits. On the way back, Hooded picks up Autumn's pinicada stick and takes a swing. Deliberately missing the pinicada and aiming the blow at Dark Lady.*

06/16/2000 9:04 PM

~Dark Lady holds up her hand and the stick stops mid-swing and turns red hot. Hooded drops it quickly for fear of it burning his hand.~ I would not try that if I were you and just tell the truth you are in love with me.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/16/2000 9:26 PM

Marcus runs back inside, apparently all his wounds are healed and has just finnished adding new things to the inn.

"Hey, guess what? I added a new innovation to this inn. I added 8 of my new structures at the back. They are small pools with warm and bubbling water. I call my invention the 'Jacuzzi'!"

He walks over to The Dark Lady. He smiles for a moment then grins.

"You wouldn't mind to try it milady? Of course, you won't mind if we both test it out? It would be relaxing and far more ENGAGING than your current company (he then raises an eyebrow at the direction of Hooded)."

He then makes a further announcement.

"Anyone want's to try out my invention ,the Jacuzzi, at back?"

He looks at both Pyranthas and Autumn. He smiles for a moment for a silent joke that was playing in his mind.

"You two are working so hard! Try relaxing for a moment! Try my jacuzzi!!!"

06/16/2000 10:18 PM

~Looks at Marcus with a very angry and insulted look.~ To begin with would you please inform me as to why I would want to get into a jacuzzi with you?? I do not want to go sit in hot water half-naked and get all sweaty. I am sorry but that is not my idea of a good time I had rather aruge with Hoody. ~She turns back around in her seat and Hoody and her begin arguing once again.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/17/2000 4:41 AM

*Gay bar... he murmers to himself. He can feel his anger boiling up inside of him. He clenches his fists and doesnt even hear Autumn or anyone else for that matter. He focuses on Hooded. The air around Pyranthas becomes electrically charged and his eyes glow a very bright green and his hair turns to white, and the electricity around him begins to spark outwards as he stares at Hooded.*

06/17/2000 8:20 AM

"Uh Oh! Everyone! Duck and cover!" peeks up at Pyranthas from under a table, "Easy there big fella! Hooded can't help it if he has poor taste in furnishings...can you Hooded?"

"Here," offers Py the piniata stick, "Take it out on the turtle! There's a surprise inside!"

*sniffs the air* "GAD! You need a bath...shoo shoo..." pushes Satan away as he comes under the table to lick her face.

06/17/2000 7:26 PM

~Satan walks over to Dark Lady and looks up at her. She understands what Satan is pleading her and she casts the same spell on him that she cast on Autumn to clean her.~ There you go sweetie. ~Looks to Hooded with a sarcastic grin.~ Don't you wish that I would call you sweetie and love you like I do Satan? Well guess what! To bad but try not to be to heart broken. ~Turns her head back to Satan. She looks deep into his eyes as if they were carrying on a conversation. She looks at Hooded then back at Satan and shakes her head.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/17/2000 8:46 PM

*Hooded looks at Pyranthus and snaps his fingers, his dagger appears instantly into a tight grip. Remembering the ring he was given, Hooded reluctantly resheathes his dagger.*

"Peace, Elf."

*Turning to Dark Lady.*

"Not at all. For the first time in centuries I feel pity. How can that dog stand being around you? The poor animal."

06/17/2000 8:54 PM

~Satan lunges at Hooded but Dark Lady stops him just in time to keep Satan from hurting Hooded.~ You are lucky I stopped him. Next time you might not be so lucky. He chose to be with me so as you can see he is very protective. I would not try anything if I were you. You might regret it later. By your logic you must be a poor animal too because you stand being around me. ~Grins sarcastically.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/18/2000 2:12 AM

Marc suddenly pops in the engaging conversation.

"Hey, why don't we just call it quits and have a party. It would be a real blast! HA HA Ha Ha ha he..."The laughter dying on his lips.

He turns to the others, "Well, that sucked. I might as well practice my blast spells..."

Making his way back to the wine cellar turned laboratory he made his way down.

Suddenly, he was running back up and closed the door with a slam. He started pulling up boards and nailed them to the door. Something heavy slammed into the door. It shudders.


A large reddish-brown creature pop out of the room and another and another came out. More than eigth of the strange, insect like creatures started roaming around the room. They seem to be disinterest about the people but everytime they get near Pyranthas, Marcus, Autumn or Hooded they started to get excited. Marc stops in his tracks, not daring to move a muscle as the creatures sniffed him and started eating his belt buckle and his magic rings. His magical sword was not detected by the creatures since it is hidden in his magical scabbard.

"Don't bring out any metallic items or enchanted steel or anything as long as it is metallic. Nothing can escape the destruction ability of these rust monsters! Just wait for them to get full and they'll leave!"

One of the rust monster made its way into Autumn's steel and gold vault. It started munching on all her savings!!!

One of the barmaids attacked it but her magically enhance mace simply dissolved. The rust monster turned and started slurping up the remains of the magic mace.

Marcus turns to Autumn and screams, "It's not my fault! There was an underground passage beneath this place!!!"

(OOC: For fairness sake, don't attack the things with metal. I did this rust monster thing to make things far more fun. Especially it would make a good starting off point for Autumn for a new quest and she could start blaming me for losing her cash. It would be fun to have another quest were we have to fight using other types of weapon.
Since there is an underground passage beneath her Inn, that would be a good starting of point!)

06/18/2000 3:55 AM

*A strange noise blurts out of Hooded's mouth for the period of an eyeblink. Hooded's equivallent to mirthful laughter. Hooded walks outside for a few moments to compose himself and then walks back inside and sits in his usual seat. Regarding Dark Lady.*

"I'll keep that advice in mind. I wouldn't want your disease riddled dog to gum me to death. Or perhaps the valiant warrior-dog would open the pus filled boils on its head and squirt me." Hooded says shaking his head. Obviously enjoying his own rare attempt at humour.

*Turning suddenly, Hooded sees a strange creature salivating at the sight of his boot dagger. Standing up, Hooded kicks the creature powerfully into the wall. The metal eating creature bursts on impact.*

06/18/2000 12:03 PM

"Underground passage?!"

*cowers under the table for a moment, then sees the rusty creature thingy eating her coinage*

*pushes her sleeves up and stomps on over and punches the creature in the back of the head...at least a dozen times. the creature crumbles*

06/18/2000 1:22 PM

~Looks to Hooded.~ Did you just laugh?? ~She asks in amazement.~ My dog does not have a disease. If anyone or anything has a disease it would be you and the disease would be lovestruck, which fits perfectly because you are in love with me and do not try to deny it. My dog could hurt you without even lifting a paw so like I said do not try anything.

~She notices that a rust monster is coming to close for comfort. She closes her eyes and put out her hands in front of her with her fingers spread wide. When she opens her eyes lightening bolts can be seen jumping from her finger tips hitting the monster in the head. The monster promptly vanishes. She then turns back to Hooded.~ Anyway I am not in love with you because I know that will be the next words out of your mouth.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/18/2000 2:55 PM

*the stick which Autumn holds splinters. He looks over at the rust monsters and then releases a his energy and lightning strikes the creatures hundreds of times before they all die out and the before the elf becomes totally helpless from his energy drain. He falls to the ground and then staggers on one knee and then pushes himself up. He walks over to his table then the collaps in his chair. His hair and eyes change back to normal.*

Water... please...

*he then collaps and his head slams into the table with a thud and he falls to the floor.*

06/18/2000 10:53 PM

"Oh my!" the two elven barmaids exclaim in unison as they re-enter the bar, hands to their mouths is shock.

"MARCUS!" Autumn looks around for the troublemaker/cellar-keep, "Watch the bar a sec!"

*tosses the Dark Lady and Hooded a room key which lands on a table before them, and winks wickedly*

"Thank you," grabs Pyranthas and helps him to his chair.

*snaps her fingers and a pitcher of water is brought over by a barmaid. Autumn pours him a cup*

"Once again, I am indebted to you," considers this, "Keep the diamond."

(ooc -- congrats, PY, on your diploma!)

06/18/2000 11:08 PM

Marcus continued to sift the remains of most of the rust monsters since rust monsters also eat gem laden metal equipment and store the gems in a separate stomach compartment. He has found gems of various sizes and colors. The other rust monsters continued to roam the room making a pest of themselves. And a particularly large one the size of a huge Saint Bernard seems to like the presence of Pyranthas. It watched him and clicked its jaws contently as it watched him. Another was enjoying following Gunthar around the room and licking at his boots like a dog.

06/19/2000 3:11 AM

*Hooded rolls his eyes at Dark Lady's comments. Seeing the room key clank onto his table. Hooded picks them up and spins the keyring on his finger. Looking at Dark Lady suggestively, just long enough to build her hopes up and then tosses the room key to a rust monster who gobbles it up with a single gulp.*

"In ya dreams." Hooded says to Dark Lady.

*Irritated at the noises the rust monsters are making, Hooded pours his mug of dwarf spirits over one of the creatures. Taking a cigarette out of his pocket. Hooded lights it up, has a few drags and discards the burning cigarette on the rust moster. The metal eating creature runs around in circles in a fiery blaze for a while and then collapses. Hooded kicks the burning corpse outside and orders another mug of top shelf dwarf spirits.*

06/19/2000 8:13 AM

~Looks to Autumn.~ Good one Autumn to bad it did not work.

~Looks to Hooded.~ Do not get your hopes up. It was a joke that I had to make so I hope you are not to hurt. I would not want to go to a room with you anyway. I would be afraid of what you might try to do considering you are so in love with me but you cannot have me. You would take advantage of the moment and then I would have to hurt you.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/19/2000 10:12 AM

*Gunthar abrubptly stops and thinks to himself 'why am i running away from a rust monster?' he takes off his gauntlets and turns around to face the rust beast. he grabs it by its head and throws it out the door so hard that a few seconds later it comes crashing in the other side of the bar*


*walks over and picks it up again and discards it in the trash*"Two minus one leaves none."

06/19/2000 2:59 PM

*Pyranthas staggers up and then sees the rust monster come crashing through the wall. He jumps up and begins shouting.*


*he breathes hard and then sits down hard and bangs his head on the table.*

06/19/2000 4:01 PM

*Hooded glances over at the scheming Autumn. Looking back to Dark Lady.*

"No doubt you had a part in that room key plan. Your obsession is worse than even I imagined. Besides, your hollow insults cover nothing. Everyone can see your infatuation written all over your face." Hooded says, stamping his foot on a small rust monster at the same time.

"How many of these rust monsters are there anyway?" Hooded says, seeing a seemingly never ending supply walk up to the tavern from the basement.

06/19/2000 4:35 PM

*Pyranthas begins cussing in elvish and then storms out the door and comes back with a club. He starts clubbing all of the rust monsters as they come in. He then goes to find Marcus and beats him severely with it. He yells cusses at him in elven and slams the club into him over and over until his is lying on the ground and then goes into the basement and there is more cussing along with screams from the rust monsters and then a few other sounds and then the elf comes up breathing hard and stomps over to his seat and the sits down.*

That should take care of that rust monster problem! The little bastard was breeding them down there.

06/19/2000 9:45 PM

~Closes her eyes to overcome the anger burning inside her. When she opens them again she leans forward at the table. She looks innocent then she whips out a dagger and puts the tip up to his throat.~ I had nothing to do with the room key. That was all Autumn. She thought that you needed some help trying to get me because you are not doing a very good job at all. The only one with the infatuation at this table is you. Is that understood? ~She keeps the dagger in position waiting for him to reply.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/19/2000 10:23 PM

OOC--oh hell, too tired to post, i'll be back tomorrow *yawns and falls asleep on keyboarddddddddlgjj;j ljggaj'''iuuuuuagh h;;;aaa9rgiuilkj;lddddgh ;;;;;;;oooooooooghbg76tttttyuhgn bg

06/19/2000 11:12 PM

"Oh Pyranthas, I think you missed a few!" Called Marcus from the backyard. (Apparently Pyranthas beat up one of Autumn's regular customers, he didn't recognize him in his elven rage. :) )

Another swarm started waltzing into the bar room, with the sole intent of eating Autumn out of her house and home. The inn floor was as sticky as mucus from too much gore.

"Hey, it seems this place is overrun with a bug infestation problem. You better move out."

Suddenly, one of the Elven Barmaids walked out and pulled out the sign. She then proceeded to walk down across the second house to the street (A rather large and opulent one and clearly out of place in the district.) and proceeded to nail the sign over the door.

"Hey! What are you doing? That is my place!!!" Screamed Marc at the elf maiden.

06/20/2000 3:43 AM

*Hooded regards Dark Lady. If the dagger at Hooded's throat distressed him, he showed no sign of it.*

"The only job I have here is to drink. The only persuit of you which exists is in your imagination. Secondly, take that dagger away from my throat. I know you won't stab me."

*Seeing a rust montster approach out the corner of his eye. Hooded points a finger and shoots out a stream of acid. The rust monster squeals painfully for a while and eventually dissolves into the floor.*

06/20/2000 5:23 AM

(OOC-- *stretches* good morning!)

"Oh, I am not abandoning this tavern. I asked you to keep an eye on the place, not bring the place down!" punches Marcus in the head as she storms outside and jumps on a giant black stallion from the stables and rides off.

Is gone for a day and returns with 12 minotaurs, "Pyranthas. I hope you don't mind, but as you can see I paid a visit to your fine ship and have borrowed a few of your crew. Also," opens the door wider and waves in a red robed mage, "Who says you can't find a good exterminator these days?"

*the mage successfully cleanses the tavern of the rust monster infestation, placing a shield of protection from future infection over the tavern, and sending the rusty scourge to Marcus's house*

*the minotaurs immediately set to work repairing the damage, polishing the woodwork, replacing floorboards and resetting windows and doors, and placing exotic plants around the room...for that homey feel*

*Autumn goes outside and stokes up a fire pit and begins bar-b-queing 2 sides of beef, using a pitchfork to keep the farmer whom she stole from at bay*

*after a swift kick in the ass, the elven barmaid returns with the tavern's sign*

Autumn rolls in a fresh keg of ale and taps it and draws herself a mug, "Salute!"

Naws on a beef rib then tosses the bone to her new 16 foot tall meat-eating plant, "Meet Ted," she announces to the room.

06/20/2000 6:19 AM

*looks at the meat-eating plant*

"Ted, eh? What does that stand for? Terminal Eating Device?"Two minus one leaves none."

06/20/2000 7:39 AM

~She continues to lean across the table with the dagger still poised at his throat.~ You wish that your persuit was in my imagination. That is one thing that I will never wish or hope for. The only thing you could hope for would be that the persuit was real and that you were winning but infortunately for you it is not. How do you know that I will not stab you? ~The dagger is still at his throat.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/20/2000 11:58 AM

*The elf gets up and walks out of he bar and heads to his ship.*

06/20/2000 1:14 PM

"You coming back, Pyranthas?" she hollars as the elf leaves again, "He didn't say goodbye..." she whimpers and then hugs T.E.D. (Terminal Eating Device) who hugs her back, licking it's leafy chomps.

*waves a hand and the minotaurs leave for Py's ship*

06/20/2000 1:34 PM

*Gunthar gets up to inspect T.E.D. and gets quite a shock when it tries to bite his head off*

"Whoa! I guess it only likes its owner."

*walks back to his table and stops and leans over next to Hooded and Dark Lady*

"You know, it would be a lot easier if you both admitted that you are in love and that this is your childish way of expressing it. I know boys like girls and girls like boys, but we grown ups have a more sophisticated way of showing that love. Perhaps you should grow up and admit your deep love for each other?""Two minus one leaves none."

06/20/2000 2:53 PM

~Looks to Gunthar and laughs.~ I fully agree with your thoughts. Hooded should confess his deep burning love for me. It would make life much easier. He should be grown up about it and confess. ~Turns to Hooded.~ You do realize that more people are siding with me than with you?

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/20/2000 3:30 PM

"Yes. Admit it already you silly love bird!"

*releases T.E.D.*

"Ok, leggo," tries to get T.E.D. to release her, "That's enough jolly green giant, now leggo."

*T.E.D. opens his giant maw and an enormous black tongue covered with chlorophyl emerges and caresses Autumn's hair*

Dully, "Please stop that."

*T.E.D. hugs Autumn tighter and puts her head in it's mouth and makes yumyum sounds*

Muffled and slightly echoy, "Leggo."

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