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07/17/2000 6:14 PM

~sign outside says~

Greetings Travelers!

Warriors, Clerics, Mages, and Misfits all Welcome!

Food, Wine & Spirits, Lodgings, Stables


~inside the tavern~

*three barmaids sit drinking in a smokey corner*

Autumn frowns deeply at this behavior, "We open today WENCHES and you must EARN your keep," she hisses, "And if I hadn't lost that bet and acquired this DUMP, I wouldn't have to deal with the three of you!"

*places bowls of peanuts on the tables as she heads to the door, sword clanking at her hip*

Opens the door a peers outside, "Looky looky," she laughs, "Here comes our first customer."

*pours herself a drinky poo and sits behind the bar, big smile on her face*

05/15/2000 5:58 PM

*a knight clad in shining plate armour enters the bar*

"What a dump!!!"

*he goes around inspecting everything. he walks up to the propriotor and shakes his head*

"The owner is just as bad as the bar. Sheesh!"

05/15/2000 6:21 PM

Smiles brightly, "Welcome to my tavern, Knight!" she chimes sweetly," downs her drink, "I know just what you'd like, handsome."

*puts her fingers to her lips and whistles. one of the drunken barmaids stomps over clumbsily and stands before the knight and grins down at him with a mouth full of decay*

"Enjoy your stay!" Autumn laughs loudly, slaps the knight on his back, then pours him a mug of dwarf spirits, "This one's on me."

05/15/2000 6:33 PM

A large minotaur, ducking to fit in the doorway, enters the tavern. A large axe is strapped to his back. A broadsword is sheathed on his belt. Three dagger hilts can be seen on his belt also. The large warrior moves to a seat near the fire. Staring suspiciously at the knight and the proprieter, the minotaur sits silently until one of the barmaids approaches him.

"What'll you have sir?"

The minotaur looks around in disgust before turning back to the waitress.

"A gallon of your strongest ale. And quick. I've got business to attend to."

The waitress moves of, returning minutes later with a pitcher of thick pungent alcohol.

"A gallon of Drunk Monkey. It's put many a stout dwarf under with only a pint. Have fun."

The barmaid walks away. The minotaur snorts derisively in her direction.

Finally, pouring himself a cup of Drunk Monkey, the warrior downs it in one sip. Three shots later the minotaur gets up.

Stumbling over to where the knight and the owner are chatting aimlessly, the minotaur minotaur sighs.


The owner looks at the minotaur. "Can I help you?"

The minotaur belches and passes out at her feet.

05/15/2000 9:33 PM

*reacts quickly to the minotaur's belch and captures the foul gas in a tiny jar and tucks it beneath the bar*

Winks at the Knight, "A little dark magic trick I learned...will come in handy someday, I assure you."

Leans over the bar and pours a pitcher of water on the min's beastly face, "Up with you!" jumps across the bar and digs thru his pouch searching for payment of his drink and damage to the floor he created as his enormous bulk hit the wooden floor...finds nothing*


05/16/2000 5:01 AM

*Hooded reads the sign on the tavern wall.*
"Well... I'm not any of those." Hooded says conversationally to his dagger. "But what the hey."
*Entering the tavern, Hooded takes the largest table in the centre of the room. Enjoying the fact that several seats will remain unused because of his presence.*
"Leg-spreader, a mug of dwarf spirits. Make it snappy." Hooded says insultingly to the barmaids in general.

05/16/2000 7:22 AM

Looks around wildly, "Is it just me, or did any of you see a tall elven warrior run in and out?"

*shakes her head and looks into her empty mug*

05/16/2000 9:39 AM

*an elven warrior walks inside with some tools and some boards in his hands. He then rips up the floor and rebuilds it. He then walks over to the tables and chairs and throws them outside and then comes back inside with brand new ones. He then goes to work on the walls and tries to give the place a better look.*

That looks a little better.

*he admires his work. He then walks outside and looks at the outside of the building and smiles as he walks back in.*

Much better.

*he then goes and sits in the cornor.*

05/16/2000 10:22 AM

*watches the elf and is NOT amused*

Stomps over to his table, "And I suppose you think I am going to PAY for this?!" motions to the repairs, "WELL! You got another thing coming, BUCKO!"

Fetches him a plate of fruit and bread and slams it down on his table. Pours him a goblet of wine, "I know you ELVES like this Qualinesti crap!" stands there tapping her booted toe, staring at him for what seems like hours.

*finally she is able to pry her eyes from his strong elven features*

She glances at the door and to the outside, then back to Pyranthas, "What? What's so funny? Awwww...What you do out there?" she whines.

Stomps toward the door, dropping off a plate of roasted venison and hands The Hooded One a vial of anti-bacterial ointment, "Here you go...looks like you're gonna need it," she laughs and points to the 'leg-spreader' behind the bar who is eyeing Hooded up and down with her one eyeball.

05/16/2000 10:27 AM

I was doing the repairs for free. I noticed how much of a dump this place is and decided to fix it up.

05/16/2000 10:32 AM

*turns on her heel before she reaches the door, and regards the elf suspiciously*

"Well, you are a charitable elven warrior then," she smiles, sighs, then pours herself a tall one and downs it quickly.

"Do you require lodgings, Elf?" she asks almost politely.

05/16/2000 10:43 AM

No, I have a small apartment on the out skirts of town. Have a seat.

*he waves his hand and she sits down.*

05/16/2000 10:54 AM

*sits with an OOPH!*

"Did you just magick me, elf?" looks at him with amused expression on her face, "Well, nevermind. What can I do for you warrior?"

*she picks at his bread and pops a few grapes in her mouth*

05/16/2000 5:26 PM

Just then a mage enters the bar, he saunters over to the bar and orders a large mug of a bitter brown ale, he then views the woman he recognizes, then with out warning, starts throwing cashews in her direction!!

"Remember me foul peanut temptress!! You drunk my wine!! So I repay you for that!" Jax throws more cashews in her direction.

"But seeings is we're well aquainted, here...." Jax hands Autumn some more wine, "Let's get wasted!!!"


05/16/2000 7:24 PM

"ACK!" bats the cashews like gnats.

*takes Jax's wine graciously and downs it*

Turns to Pyranthas, "One moment please."

Turns to Jax and beans him in the forehead with a grape and it goes SPLAT, "HA HA! Good of you to come Wizard!"

*she whistles loudly and the third bar wench crawls over and rests her bald and scabby head on Jax's feet and smiles up at him*

05/16/2000 9:22 PM

*a drunken White Robe walks into the inn. He has a black eye and trickles from a corner of his mouth*

*slurring tremendously* "Barrrmaid. Git me a drink...And urry up bout id....

*fireworks shoot from his fingers as he mumbles some quiet words*


~To accept Death is to live a better Life~

05/16/2000 9:41 PM

A strange pink colored creature appears at the doorway. It has big round eyes and a small puffy tuff of hair on its forehead. It jumps on the bar and started singing, "Pufffffff.....Jiggleeeeeee....Jiggleee...Puffffff"


05/17/2000 4:29 AM

*looks at the pink thingy on the bar, then looks at her empty bottle of wine, then looks at Jax suspiciously*


Gets up and walks to the white robe Llewyn and scowls, "Watch it with that stuff, MAGE," drags him by his neck hair to a chair before he tips over, "And yes, it was very pretty, now SIT DOWN!"

Goes back to the table she shares with Pyranthas, "So, ELF, what brings YOU here?" finishes off his bread.

05/17/2000 9:34 AM

*he eyes the pink thing and then extends his hand and lightning flares from his finger tips and he watches it fly off the bar and bounce on the floor. He then lifts his hand and flings the creature out the door.*

Well, I am here because I am here and that is it.

05/17/2000 9:55 AM

"Ahhhhhhhhh..." she says quietly in response to Pyranthas's response to her question of why he is here.

*turns away from him and rolls her eyes then turns back to face him with a dull smile*


Gets up to go tend bar, "Oh," nods to the door, "Nice trick. Thanks for bouncing out that abomination."

05/17/2000 1:07 PM

Baz, the great sleeping giant, awakes on the floor.

Stumbling to his feet Baz calls for another round all around. "That was some good ale."

The many patrons of the bar are excited to taste the ale that put under a full grown minotaur.

As most of them lapse off to sleep Baz loots the bodies. He feels a rough hand on his shoulder. Turning around he sees no one.

"Hey, oaf! Down here."

Staring down the minotaur sees a rough-looking dwarf. The dwarf holds a mug of Drunk Monkey in one hand and the propieter's money purse in the other.

"We made out like bandits, let's go!"

Leaving the patrons of the bar drunk out of their skulls and mostly passed out the dwarf and Baz stumble out of the tavern.

"This is gonna be one hell of a hangover", the dwarf says as he stumbles through the door.

05/17/2000 1:42 PM

*He smiles at her* Well anyway, could I have a glass of red wine please?

05/17/2000 2:06 PM

*Autumn goes to the basement of the bar and the patrons hear much barking and howling*

*moments later, 150 dogs of different shapes, sizes and breeds, but mostly really hungry rottweilers, surge up the stairs, run threw the bar room and out the door*

"Good puppy," one of the dogs returns licking his chomps and carrying her money purse.

*goes and pours Pyranthas a goblet of red elven wine and tucks her money into her belt and wipes dog slobber from her fingers and onto Hooded One's robes*

"Ewwww...sorry 'bout that big fella!"

05/17/2000 2:26 PM

*he smirks as he sees the dogs race up and he thanks the bartender for his wine. He takes a sip and smiles.*

Elvish wine... there is nothing quite like it.

*he reaches into his pocket and tosses her a few gold coins.*

05/17/2000 4:39 PM

*catches the coins and tucks them in her money purse*

"Come here baaabbby," a large, ugly, breed-unidentifiable dog comes to her. She whisper's in it's ear and it goes to lay at the feet of Pyranthas, sniffing everyone's crotch first along it's way.

05/17/2000 5:04 PM

*looks at the dog*

Oh boy just what I need a dog guarding my feet.

*he looks over at Autumn and smile and shakes his head.*

05/17/2000 5:40 PM

*walks over to the table Pyranthas and Autumn are at. sits down and kicks the stupid dog away from his crotch*

"What kind of sick puppies do you have here, Autumn?"

05/17/2000 8:40 PM

Regards the knight, "How DARE YOU insult this fine establishment and it's distinguished patronage!"

*looks around the bar room*

"BAAHHHHH!" she sobs and bangs her head on the table, "It's simply AWFUL, ain't it?!"

Looks up and smiles, "HAHA! Fooled ya!" stands, pats the ugly doggy, and fetches more bottles of wine and passes them around the room.

05/17/2000 8:51 PM

*kicks the dog again for good measure as he gets a glass of wine*

"The place is a little trashy, but the wine is good."

05/17/2000 9:03 PM

"Ok. Whose the dumb mule who burnt my Jigglypuff?"

Everyone was startled by the voice of a young boy, probably ten years old, at the door. He has a red jacket and wears a white and red cap. He pulls out a multicolored ball out of his pocket and says.

"I'm gonna make you all pay for what you did to jigglypuff! Charizard, I choose you!"

At this the boy throws the ball at the floor and a huge dragon appeared out of nowhere.
It takes a look at Hooded and takes a look Autumn. It then turns to the boy.

The yellow dragon then burns the boy and his jigglypuff into crispy fries.

The dragon then walks over the bar, orders a martini, takes a few shots, and slumps down on seat near atable by the window.

"I hate that Ash Ketchum kid. Now he's just plain ash...."

The dragon begins laughing at this and quiets down. He then continues drinking his martini.

05/18/2000 4:27 AM

*the elf looks at the charizard and then draws his sword. He jumps at the creatureand hacks the creature to pieces within a few moves.*

You call that a dragon? I've fought drunk hobgoblins with more fire than that thing.

(ooc this is a dragonlance rpg forum not a pokemon forum.)

05/18/2000 4:50 PM

*downs another goblet of wine*

"Thay, Gunthar!" she hollars at the knight, "Ungawrd!" wags her sword in the air threateningly, almost trips over her ugly dog, but catches herself by digging her sword into the floor.

*drunkenly struggles to remove it*

05/18/2000 6:19 PM

*Pyranthas looks at the human woman and smiles. He then ways his hand and says "Sit down," and she goes and sits down in the chair. He ways it again and says "Go to sleep," and she falls fast asleep. He smiles and then takes her goblet and puts it on the bar and sets the wine behind the bar. He then lifts her up and carries her to one of her rooms and then shuts the door and goes and sits down at his table.*

05/18/2000 9:04 PM

(OOC: I would like to request all of you to look at my Farewell posting. I might be a little redundant but this is the only way I can post to you all. Please, it would do me a lot if you could at least read my Farewell...
from Mertonius)

05/19/2000 4:37 AM

*after a long sleep she re-enters the bar and walks lazily over to Pyranthas's table and sits down. elbow on the table, head leaning on her hand, she smiles sweetly at him*

"That was a very caring gesture, Elf, watching over me like that," she breathes in deeply, "Thing is...that wasn't MY ROOM!!!! You put me in bed with a friggin' GULLEY DWARF!! I was sleepin' ALL NITE next to that smelly creature!"


"And now I STINK!!" runs to the kitchen to wash up.

05/19/2000 5:11 AM

*shakes his head as he takes a sip of wine*

"Children children. You could be some of the least mature group of people I've ever seen. Keep up the good work!"

*he finishes his goblet of wine and gets up. he walks over to the kitchen to assist autumn, but as he enters the doorway, he turns around and flushes a deep deep red*

"Mind you children, you aren't supposed to see that, not just yet anyway."

05/19/2000 5:36 AM

I didnt know which room was your. I just put you in the first room I saw.

05/19/2000 7:06 AM

*behind the kitchen door, there is a loud commotion. the patrons hear much shouting and laughing and clattering and the thunder of booted feet*

*the door suddenly swings open and Autumn enters the bar room and you can see standing behind her, the knight Gunthar with a pot of beans turned over on his head*

She wipes her hands on a towel and turns back to him, "Thanks for helping, knight!"

Walks to Pyranthas, "I will take that as an apology, Elf," she kinda smiles at him, pours him another goblet of wine, then goes to tend bar, "Help me think of a name for that nasty beastly thing," points to her ugly dog.

*insulted, her ugly dog goes over to Gunthar and starts licking the beans from his boots*

05/19/2000 7:14 AM

How about Gunthar? *smiles and laughs* Gunthar seems to like him quite a bit so why not mane him after him.

05/19/2000 10:00 AM

*the knight stares at pyranthas and his snyde remark*

"Me like this?!!?!?!"

*he kicks the dog halfway across the room. he marches over to the table pyranthas and autumn are sitting at and plops down on a chair*

"I will have nothing to do with such a miserable flea bitten mongrel!"

*starts wiping beans off onto the floor and kicking them at the stupid dog*

05/19/2000 10:14 AM


*watches as Gunthar limps up to Gunthar and sits at attention like good doggie*

"Sorry, knight, but he sure likes you," watches as the dog licks beans off of the knight's arm, "Takes a kicking and keeps on licking."

05/19/2000 10:33 AM

*he chuckles*

So do you think that is a good enough name?

05/19/2000 10:48 AM


Looks at the dog, "Well, Gunthar seems to like it."

*looks at the knight and sees in his eyes a teeny weeny little amount of torture and death and other things that could cause her serious pain*

Grimmaces at Pyranthas, "Er, maybe we should think of another name," scoots her chair out of Gunthar's kicking range and smiles at him and pours him some more wine.

05/19/2000 10:58 AM

Well it's the thought that counts.

05/19/2000 10:58 AM

"Yes......another name.....that would be in order....."

*looks at it to think of a name for it*

"How about Roody-Poo?"

(OOC-just testing somethingseeing if it works)

05/19/2000 5:01 PM

"hmmmmmm...I kinda like Skampers, or maybe, Fluffy, or how about..." looks at the ugly dog and sizes it up.

*the ugly dog is quite large, wider in the middle than in the front or the back. it's bald head is far to small for it's body and it has a severe overbite and only one ear. it's mop water colored fur is long and scraggly and there are things matted to it like dirty napkins and twigs and other smaller animals*

Grimmaces, "Yucky," she says aloud.

05/19/2000 6:42 PM


*shoves the dog away from him with his metal boot*

"I say it should be named after some famous dirty thing...how about Satan."

05/19/2000 6:54 PM

Looks at Gunthar cross-eyed, "Satan? hmmmmm....interesting name, sounds dirty and foul...I like it!"

Picks up a napkin and polishes the knight's breastplate, clearing away the beans, "He's yours then! Love him, hug him, hold him!"

Regards the knight then turns to Pyranthas, "All shiney and new, ain't he?"

*kicks Satan under the table and smiles*

05/19/2000 7:02 PM

*stares unblinking at autumn for a looooong time*

"mine......" he finally mutters. "mine......why......why must i bear this miserable mutt...."

*the knight slumps back in his chair, unconcious at this dire news. Satan goes up to him and proceeds to lick his face to revive him, which he recieves an immediate response of being knocked across the table and into Pyranthas's lap*

05/19/2000 7:36 PM

*pyranthas lifts the dog up and tosses it on o Gunthar.*

Take your foul dog back.

05/19/2000 9:08 PM

In the door walks an odd and mangle creature.Dressed in black robes.Threw the dark robes he seems almost human, but they couldn't be sure.His voice crackles as he speaks"Mistress of the bar.How much are you askig for this black dog that I see before me?"

05/20/2000 7:07 AM

*stands and regards the newcomer in black robes suspiciously, then pats Satan's head*

"Ewwww" shakes off her hand and wipes it on Jax's robes.

"And why would you be wanting this ugly mutt?"

Tries to get a better look at the person (?), "Have a seat, let me get you something to wet your whistle."

*brings him a goblet of wine and looks to the others and shrugs*

05/20/2000 5:14 PM

*looks at the newcomer and picks the dog up by the neck*

"You want it, you can have it."

*throws the dog at his(?) feet*

05/20/2000 6:09 PM

*Hooded snaps out of his contemplative thought and looks around.*
"Who drank my ale? Barwench ale."
*Hooded waits for the revolting barmaid to bring his ale over, holding his dagger under the table. Just in case the one eye/tooth barmaid should try any romantic manauvre. On second thought, Hooded decides to kill the barmaid regardless.*

05/20/2000 9:59 PM

OOC--hey everyone!! im back!! (i know u care)

*The door bursts open and Eltanin walks in, with Tarakona at her side (of COURSE, why WOULDN'T he be!!)*

*She glances at Hooded and sighs, thinking something along the lines of 'why does he ALWAYS hava to get places BEFORE me' and 'oh, yea, he'll be gettin somethin from those wenches over there, theyll sleep with ANYTHING...'*

*Plopping herself not-so-gracefully into a booth somewheres, she waves to Autumn, gives Py the Finger **(if u wanna know why im like this, read my last post at the Nerfus adventure. itll ALL make sense then. If not then just be confused!!)**, and smiles crookedly at Gunthar*

"WELL, here i am," she says, half in another world. People there wonder if she smoked the wrong pipe!!
"Here YOU are. what a funny coincedence!!"

*Patting Tarakona on the head, her forehead meets the table with a SMACK! and she appears to be dreaming....of fighting....avant-gardly in a kilt in an arena wearing black sunglasses*

05/21/2000 12:26 AM

*gets up and stomps over to Eltanin, dust rising from the floorboards around her boots*

"Don't mind me," she says plainly to the onlookers.

*she grabs Eltanin by the shoulders and bangs her head repeatedly on the table*

"WAKE UP!! What in the NAME of the ABYSS took you so long?!?"

*lets her head fall back to the table, points Satan out to Tarakona, and takes a seat at the table across from the woman*

05/21/2000 2:12 AM

*Hooded throws a bag of some green herb over to Eltanin.*

"I stole it off some elven monks who grew this in the forbidden forests of Silvanesti."

*Hooded pulls out a dwarven made pipe and stacks some of the green herb into it. Lighting it with a wicker stick, Hooded takes a long pull of the pipe. Opening bloodshot eyes.*

"Want some?" Hooded says offering the pipe around, all of a sudden a lot more mellow and lot more laid back.

05/21/2000 7:27 AM

*the room becomes very smokey*

"I'm hungry," stands and goes outside.

*much shouting can be heard. minutes later she enters with an enormous roasted pig and a big bowl of tubular orange-colored thingies in what looks to be a cheesey sauce*

"Neighbors were have a feast," she slices and serves to the room, "Who wants the head?"

05/21/2000 9:04 AM

"I'll take the entire chest....if no one else wants it."

*he gets up and cuts a large (about as big as he is) portion out of the pig and drops it on his table and begins to dig in*

05/21/2000 3:12 PM

OOC - well hello to you to jimmy!!!

*Suddenly fully awake and distantly wondering why her head was hurting so bad, she smiles weirdly and picks up the bag*

"Well, Autumn," she began with a quavery voice
"It's a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong, probably very boring story for you to hear..so I'll give you the gist of it.............." she looks up and her eyes cross in thought
"Well, there aint any gist right now that i can think of, but ill let you know when there is one......" she breaks off and looks like shes about to go smack again, but obviously remembers the pain and thinks the better of it. Nodding to autumn and she seemed to mouth some letters, three of them, a vowel and two consonants*

*Plunking her nose into the bag, she sneezes and her eyes water*

"Whoa man!" she looks at Hooded
"And ya got this frem ELF guys? Heh heh heh, i always knew they werent as pure and innocent as they make 'emselves out to be!! Heh heh heh, elves..."

*Lookin over to the big pig-on-a-spit, she grins and helps herself to a leg*

05/21/2000 4:40 PM

"How be the ribs, Gunthar?" she watches him naw away and grimmaces.

Then nods at Eltanin, "You got that right, sister, ELVES!" rips a hunk of burnt skin from the pig, piles some meat onto that and rolls it up and shoves it in her mouth.

Looks around for the elven warrior Pyranthas, and notices that he's been gone for a while, "Mysteriously disappeared. Interesting fella, that ELF."

*goes to the bar and fetches more wine and pours around*

05/21/2000 5:03 PM

"These be some good eatin now!"

*he stuffs his mouth full (which is about two fists) and chews vigrously, juices dribbling down his chin and making a pool on the table*

"Hish ee huh hoog huff ere!!" he manages to say around his chewing. he notices everyone looking at him. "wha? wha?"

*he swallows what was in his mouth and wipes his chin with the back of his hand*

"Haven't you people ever seen a hungry man before?"

05/22/2000 3:05 AM

"Yeahhhh, them elves man..." Hooded says philosophically and walks over to the pig and grabs a few chunks of pig. Hooded stares at the meat for a while, apparently finding something interesting in the seemingly normal meat. Biting into it, Hooded looks around at the knight stuffing huge quantities into his mouth.

"Like hey man, you have like low etiquette for a knight Gunthar man..."

05/22/2000 10:15 AM


*watches the feast unblinking*

05/22/2000 1:49 PM

*looks at the hooded one*

"I am hungry, so like chill man."

*once again returns to his voracious eating*

05/22/2000 2:00 PM

*blinks once and giggles*

"Look what I can do!" stares wide-eyed at the others then her head hits the table with a THUMP.

05/22/2000 2:13 PM

"Wow....you can make a sickening hollow thump with your head. Amazing, I could never do that, because I have a brain."

05/22/2000 6:43 PM

OOC-good one jimmy!!

*In her 'elevated' state, Elts starts to laugh hysterically at all that was going on. Doubling over, tears stream down her cheeks*

*Tarakona looks incredibly embarassed and slinks under the table*

"Yep. Elves. Huh. Wheres Py?" when she could finall speak, this was all she could muster

"like i care!!" she screams and starts laughing hysterically again!!

05/23/2000 2:55 AM

"Yeah, sweet... sweet..." Hooded explains.

*Looking around the tavern, Hooded sees Tarakona slinking under the table and holds out the dwarven crafted pipe to the four legged beast.*

05/23/2000 4:35 AM

*the elf stands at the door and looks in and then decides not to enter cause it seems like he is not wanted there. So he walks down the road to his apartment and then grabs his belongins and then leaves town heading to the next one.*

05/23/2000 4:35 AM

Raises her head, which is surprisingly light, "Like, I heard that man." THUNK, hits the table again.

05/23/2000 4:43 AM

Lifts her head again, "Don't leave ELF!"

05/23/2000 4:55 AM

*its too late he's already gone and on the way out.*

05/23/2000 5:05 AM

"Fine. Be that way man," gets sentimental, "Whatever happened to peace, love, and understanding," she sings groggily.


05/23/2000 5:52 AM

*he looks back at the little bar and then keeps walking.*

05/23/2000 6:47 AM

"Like, I thought we were friends, man," she grumbles to herself then lets out a wail, "BAAAAHHHH!!!! No one likes me! BAAHHHH!!"

*grabs and downs another bottle of wine and wallows in her self-pity like a pig in you-know-what*

*thinking of pigs, she grabs a leg from the spit and decides to eat herself into oblivion*

05/23/2000 9:27 AM

*he walks back into the bar and and sits by himself in the cornor.*

05/23/2000 9:36 AM

*his eyes closed and he shakes his head. Wonding what is wrong with everyone there, smoking that strange plant from Silvanesti. He can see what it can do to humans, but it doesnt effect him. Could be be because he is elven? or is it because he is different from most elves. He is a Templar and has a much higher resistance to things than most elves. He looks at them all making fools of themselves. He sits and keeps to himself.*

05/23/2000 10:00 AM

"He returns!" she stands and points at Pyranthas, "Look everybody! Look who's come back! It's the ELF!"

*grabs a bottle of wine and goes to pour him a gobletful*

*grabs him the last leg off the piggy, drops it on the floor, retrieves it and picks stuff off of it and places it in his hands*

"There. You ALLLLLLLL set now," stands back, tilts her head, then smiles at him proudly.

*she trips over a loose floorboard on her way back to the bar and just lays there*

05/23/2000 1:54 PM

*laughs at all the things going on around him*

"Am I the only sane one around here?"

*walks over and helps autumn up*

"You should be more careful to guard the air in that head of yours. It might be the only clean air in this tavern."

*sits back at his chair and continues to stuff his face*

05/23/2000 3:26 PM

Ah... no thank you. I would appreciate it if I was not refered to as ELF, It seems to me everyone here is prejudice against me so I think I will be leaving.

*gets up and walks out and sits outside.*

05/23/2000 3:47 PM

"Thank you Gunthar," walks to the door, "WAIT ONE MINUTE! I resent that remark, Knight!" shakes her head and they hear rattling.

*steps outside and offers Pyranthas her hand. seeing that he refuses to take it, she sits down next to him*


*stands up and goes back inside*

"Like, listen up all you crazy cats. Pyranthas would like to be treated with a little respect, dig it?"

Sticks her head out the door, "Come back in when you feel like it. Autumn will fix you up something nice."

*goes to the kitchen and those in the bar room hear pots and pans and small explosions*

05/23/2000 3:55 PM

*he looks at his medallion around his neck. The sign on the Platnium Dragon. He shakes his head and then sighs and walks and stands in the door. He thinks of all of the thinks he has been called in the past by those who didn't understand his special gift, his powers. He had been called freak and he had been called witch and a few even worse. He hakes his head and just stands in the door and looks around.*

05/23/2000 4:05 PM

*comes out of the kitchen with a steaming platter of roast venison and a bottle of the finest elven wine*

*sets these on a table and pats the chair*

"Come on in...we may be a little rough around the edges, Pyranthas, but we are all friends here," looks around, "I think."

05/23/2000 4:10 PM

*he slowly walks in and sits down. Watching the others. He pours himself a glass of wine and picks up his fork and nice and slices the venison and puts a small piece into his mouth. He chews it and swallows and then takes a sip of the wine. He eats a little more, leaving half of what is left and finishes his wine.*

I am sorry if I can not finish this right now. We elves do not eat quite as much as humans.

05/23/2000 4:23 PM

Laughs heartily and slaps him on the back, "Touche! Touche!"

"Geez, Gunthar, maybe you should apply for ambassadorship to Qualinesti."

05/23/2000 4:31 PM

I was stating a simple fact. My people do not eat as big of a portion as humans or any other race for that matter.
*he looks at her with a stern face.*

05/23/2000 4:39 PM

*at Pyranthas's words, feels heat rising from her chest, up her neck, and to her face. she hears snickers from those in the bar*

"What is happening to me?" the sensation of blushing being foriegn to her, "Perhaps I have a fever? Oh, I hope I'm not dying!"

"Cleric! I need a cleric!" looks worriedly around the room.

*takes a seat and begins to fan herself*

05/24/2000 2:49 AM

*Hooded looks at Pyranthus' paranoia and insecurity.*
"Not affected, huh? Everyone says that the first time."
*Hooded withdraws his face deep inside his hood. Hiding an amused expression.*

05/24/2000 9:10 AM

Nods at Hooded, then teases Pyranthas, "The Mellow One speaks the truth," winks then takes the left over venison and sets it on the floor.

Satan, who is apparently still around, (unfortunately for Gunthar)eats the roast then goes to the the knight and drools on his leg, wags his tail, and looks up at him lovingly.

Stands and watches the black robed woman in a fit of hysterics, "ELTANIN! Chill sister."

Pours wine all around and sits at a table with Pyranthas, "How many fingers am I holding up?" she giggles.

05/24/2000 9:40 AM

*he eyes everyone and stands up. He walks outside to vent, but he keeps walking. When he thinks he's out of site, he levitate upto a roof and sits there. Humans... they can be such foolish creatures.*

05/24/2000 2:50 PM

*laughs as he finishes off his portion that he took*

"That was good, but I'm stuffed."

*stretches and walks outside to get some fresh air*

05/24/2000 4:25 PM

Sees Pyranthas leave, "Oh Geez! Not again," she grumbles.

Gets up and follows the knight out the door, "Going for an after dinner walk, there, Gunthar?" she giggles.

*finds a trellis and scales on up, breaking each and every rung as she goes, and cursing like a sailor*

Goes to sit next to Pyranthas, knees curled up to her chest, "Listen, man, take it easy," as she scoots on closer to him, she leans too far toward the slope of the roof, loses her equalibrium, and rolls down and off in the tucked position.

*AHHHH!!" PUMPH she hits the ground, still grasping her knees and laying on her back, "Mommy."

05/24/2000 6:20 PM

As jessamine walks into the bar she sees autumn lying on her back on the ground. taking it for an aftershock of dwarf spirits or some such, she hides a smile and walks inside.

05/24/2000 7:10 PM

*looks over his shoulder at the fallen autumn and laughs*

"Hmph, it must be fall already...but I don't see any other leaves falling??"

05/24/2000 7:53 PM

*he watches her fall and frowns and then stares towards the road*

05/24/2000 9:30 PM

*Hooded takes a quick toke and walks outside,
looks at Pyranthus and rolls his eyes then walks
back inside. Turns around and walks outside again.*

"Everyone look at Pyranthus."

*Walks inside again and restacks his pipe.*

05/24/2000 10:14 PM

"Very FUNNY Gunthar!" she manages to holler despite her agony.

*looks up at Pyranthas and grins*

"No mercy," she moans and rolls to her side then stumbles to her feet, "Don't move," she says to the elven warrior then limps into the bar.

"Gimme some of that action," she demands of Hooded.

Notices the newcomer Jessamine, "Hey lady, what brings you to my tavern?" looks around, "It's a dump, but if you look closely you can find beauty here...somewhere...aw sheesh, who am I foolin?"

*grabs a bottle of the 'finest elven wine' and pours the lady a goblet*

"C'mon here baby," Satan the dog strolls over, fur matted with debris and other smaller dead animals, "Want him?" she asks Jessamine.

05/25/2000 2:59 PM

*takes a deep breath and walks in the bar. he takes another breath and chokes on the putrid air*

"I think I'll stay outside a little longer."

*walks back outside and looks at Py sitting on the top of the building*

"What are you doing all the way up there? I would join you, but I know that the weight of my armour would be far too much for this rickety old shack."

05/25/2000 5:29 PM

*goes behind the bar and finds a rope. ties it around Satan's neck and puts the loose end in Jessamine's hand*

"He's on the house," hands her a menu, "Look that over and one of the barmaids will be with you shortly," the dog pants and rubs up against Jessamine, looking at her sadly with his one eye.

Stops and regards the lady, "The food is quite good here, I assure you," laughs and walks outside.

"Get down here this INSTANT warrior!" she starts pelting Pyranthas with pebbles.

05/25/2000 5:53 PM

*he looks at her and then stands up and jumps off from the roof and lands on another roof and then sits on that one.*

05/26/2000 2:41 AM

A man came walking up the road and turned to the inn. Reading the sign he ponders something for a while. He turns to face the proprietor and removed the hood of his elven cloak. With black hair with a slight tint of blue and the well formed features of an elf marked him as comely looking in the standards of most women. But it was the eyes that caught Autumn's attention. The eyes were both shut as if something burned them in place...

"I was searching for a person called Jessamine. It was said that he knew my father. I am called, Llylgamyn Half-Elven, son of Mertonius the Archmage."

05/26/2000 2:54 AM

*Hooded sits down almost accurately into a chair and waves a barmaid over.*

"Ale barwench. You know the drill, make it snappy."

*Hooded watches the newcomers with interest. Eavesdropping on their conversations from his table.*

05/26/2000 5:43 AM

*the elven warrior then lays down on the roof and looks up at the sky. it begins to rain and then begins to pour on him. Great and I'm wearing leather. He starts to stand up, but then golf ball sized hail stones start pelting him in the head. Great! Now it's hailing, which means its going to... He gets struck by lightning.*


*he falls to one knee and grits his teeth from the pain of the lightning striking his body. He stands slowly to his feet and then looses his balance and falls forward and tumbles off the roof. He grabs hold of the roof and barely catches himself. He looks down and then lets go and slowly levitates himself to the ground. He leans up against the building and breaths hard. He walks forward and to the bar. He walks inside and then stumbles forward inside and falls on the floor.*

05/26/2000 7:08 AM

"Greetings, Llylgamyn Half-Elven," shows him to Hooded's table and pours him a goblet of wine and wonders to herself why she's being polite all of the sudden.

Mouths to The Hooded One, 'a little company for ya'.

Hollers to the bar room, "Anyone named Jessamine here?"

"ACK!" jumps as she hears the thunder and sees the lightening.

*sniff sniff*

"Oh GAWD!" stomps over to Pyranthas, "You're smokin' now big fella."

*fetches some orange-colored water, rolls him over, and administers clumbsy medical aid to the elven warrior*

"There there now," pinches him repeatedly on the face attempting to revive him, "Cleric! I need a cleric here!"

*a gulley dwarf shuffles over and starts wagging a dead rat over Pyranthas's head. Autumn picks the little bottomfeeder up and tosses him out the window*

05/26/2000 1:41 PM

*the knight walks back in, soaking wet and looks at Pyranthas*

"Nothing major, just severe burning and shock. I'll fix him up in a jiffy."

*he closes his eyes and murmurs something unrecognizable to any but him. Pyranthas's wounds heal over and he wakes up*

"There, nothing a little druidic magic can't heal."

*walks back outside in the pourning rain, not minding that he's wearing plate armour*

05/26/2000 2:05 PM

*smiles at Pyranthas and helps him to his feet*

"Sit down," she commands and goes to get him something to wet his whistle.

*walking away, she scratches her head wondering why she's being so nice. has she lost her edge?*

*kicks Satan the dog and feels better*

05/26/2000 7:23 PM

Thank you. Both of you.
*he walks over to a seat and sits down.*

05/26/2000 7:54 PM

*Yawning, Eltanin stretches and seems much better. Woozy...and...glassy-eyed......she stumbles over to the loo*

*Coming back after a minute or so, she sits down in her chair with a 'bump'. Now fully sober, she looks around the room alertly, listening in on conversations and gathering info on those around her*

*Looking at Satan and glancing at Tarakona with a warning look, she leans back and lays her fingers on his broad head*

05/26/2000 11:53 PM

*Satan drags his sorry ass on over to Tarakona and rolls over on his back, gazing at the great beast affectionately*

05/26/2000 11:58 PM

"Breakfast is served!" she comes jetting from the kitchen with jugs of fermented nectar, a platter of leftover ham, rolling papers, and eggs.

"Here," tosses Pyranthas a hard boiled egg, "In your dilerium you said 'I love hard boiled eggs...they're my favorite snack', so...my treat to you! Enjoy!"

Smiles at Eltanin, "See, the solemn one is opening up. Don't ya love it?!" satasfied with her act of kindness and generousity, she seats herself at the woman's table and begins tossing hard boiled eggs around the room.

05/27/2000 5:27 AM

*Hooded catches an egg heading straight for his head irritably.*

"Thanks. I think I'll save that for later." Hooded says flatly as he places the egg in a far corner of the table.

*Hooded returns to his eavesdropping.*

05/27/2000 5:12 PM

*he looks at the egg* YUCK!

05/27/2000 5:28 PM

*sits down and begins to peel hard boiled eggs and pops them in her mouth one after another*

"Ummy! Ers da alt?" she says through a mouthful.

05/27/2000 9:02 PM

As if making a motion of looking around, the blind magus Llylgamyn walks over to a table.
Pulling out an orb etched with dark arcane symbols, he presses it against his forehead.

"Yes, grandfather. I will find her grandfather. Their is little time left and I know what I must do. You need not worry for me."

To the surprise of those around him, the orb shrinks to a size no bigger than a large marble.
Prying open one of his eyelids it reveals his empty eyesockets with only flesh therein. Inserting the orb as if it was an eyeball and blinking once it changed into a an eye ringed with red and formed with a black pupil reminscent of the great Eye of Krynn.

05/27/2000 10:25 PM

"Who are looking for?" Hooded says mimicking a high pitched voice, so no one will know it was him who asked the question.

*Hooded looks around startled, as if looking for the owner of the voice and watches Llylgamyn out the corner of his eye.*

05/27/2000 10:55 PM

Watches as the blind magus shoves an orb in his eye socket, "Icky."

(ooc...gawd Hood u funny...hahahahaha)

05/28/2000 8:47 AM

*the knight looks up at the great blue sky as the rain passes. he sees a grand rainbow and smiles. he stays outside to enjoy the wondour of nature*

05/28/2000 4:03 PM

*Tarakona eyes the scrawny little beast coming over and looks away irritably as it instantly accepts his leadership*

*Smiling slightly at the sight she lets them be, reaches out, and plucks an egg out of the air*

*Holding it in her hand she eyes the orb/eye the little mage had over there interestedly, then turns quickly away from it. Peeling the shell off of the egg she balances it on Tarakona's nose, much to his irritation. Folding her arms she laughs with Autumn as she chucks the egg at Hooded*

05/28/2000 5:09 PM

*the elf looks at the wizard and gets an uneasy feeling about him. He places his hand on the hilt of his sword and eyes the character.*

Who... and what are you?

05/28/2000 5:09 PM

*snickers and stands. goes to the door and beans Gunthar on the back of his head with an egg as he swoons over the natural beauty which surrounds him*

"OOPS! That one wasn't cooked," slinks back in.

"So. Pyranthas..." sees his hand on the hilt of his sword, "Er, nevermind," sits back down with Eltanin and absent mindedly reaches down to pat Satan, "EWWW!" she wipes some unidentifiable ooze from her hand.

*pours around sweet and potent nectar*


*eyes Pyranthas with and 'easy boy' expression*

05/28/2000 5:19 PM

*he stares at the black robe with intense eyes as if they are looking right through him. HE grits his teeth a little and smells the air for foulness.*

05/28/2000 5:29 PM

*falls down and just lies there after autumn hit him with a raw egg*

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh." he moans.

*falls asleep in the middle ofs the road and gets run over by a cart which wakes him up. he grabs the cart in one hand and throws it halfway across the town with the flick of a wrist*

"Can't you see there's a PERSON in the road?"

05/28/2000 11:27 PM

Looks out the window at Gunthar and points, "Ha Ha!"

"WARRIOR!" turns her pointing finger to Pyranthas, "Behave big guy," snickers knowing he won't then pours around some more potent nectar, "Yummy. Drink up! Troubles a brewin'!"

*starts pointing and hollering at everyone in the bar, one after another, just for the heck of it*

05/29/2000 3:26 AM

*Hooded makes a grab for the egg zooming towards his head but misses. The hard boiled egg crashes into his face just below his right ear. Obviously quite irritated, Hooded searches through his pouches and finds an old rag. Hooded wipes it on Satan, covering the rag in goo, then throws the goo covered rag at Eltanin. Keen to gain revenge.*

05/29/2000 6:00 AM

Another person arrives at the inn. He's as strangely clad as enyone. Wearing a black leather jacket and darkened glasses he walks over to Llylgamyn. The one eyed mage suddenly rose and shot a blast of energy that made a hole in the man's chest. The man was not really a man but a machine with flesh! The automaton rushed Llylgamyn but the mage has suddenly disappeared.
The thing then turned against all of the people around him (OOC: Think Your Up Against The Terminator. Something that could take tons of damage at still keep on comming)

05/29/2000 7:57 AM

*hearing something in the bar he re-enters the room and finds some manner of man with a huge hole in his chest*

"By the gods!!"

*draws his weapon and charges the thing from the back, chopping one of its arms off. he turns around expecting it to be wallowing in pain, but it punches him with its remaining arm and sends him flying across the bar, landing squarely on top of autumn. he shakes his head and stands up, but then suddenly a rag full of goo hits him on his sword arm. he looks at it and nearly faints from disgust. he grabs it and looks in the direction from whence it came. he sees only the hooded one and thinks of some sort of revenge for this, but first the abomination that is still just standing there with one arm and a huge gaping hole in its chest*

"What sort of a man are you?!!?!?!?!""And you will pay for that, hooded one." he says over his shoulder as he nears the beast once more.

05/29/2000 10:19 AM

"BAAHHHHHH!" for no real good reason at all she leaps off the bar and lands on Gunthar's back and hangs on there, hands wrapped around his head, yelling at the top of her lungs as he stumbles around.

*drops to the floor, unsheathes her sword and lops another arm off of the strange thingy in her bar*

"What IS that strange thingy?!"

*starts running around the bar in an uncontrolled frenzy, slips in dog slobber, gets back up and begins running around again*

05/29/2000 10:27 AM

*laughs at autumn as she slips in Satan's drool*

"Serves you right for unbalancing me!"

*looks at the mechanation in front of him and decides on a new strategy. he takes the cloth that hooded threw on him and throws it in turn in the face of the abomination that now rampages uncontrollable around the bar, trying futiley to get its new mask off. it crushes tables, rams through the bar and trips over autumn*

05/29/2000 1:13 PM

*he runs towards this device and draws his sword and spins around and the thing is in half on the groud.*

What the hell was that?!

05/29/2000 3:39 PM

"ACK!!" scurries across the floor as upper torso of the automation crawls toward her, "Back! Back Damn You!" whaps it repeatedly with a wooden spoon.

*looks up in time to see the lower torso go to sit on Eltanin's lap*

05/29/2000 3:50 PM

*steps on the upper part of the thing and then touches it with his hand and sends an electric surge into its body and finally shutting it down. The legs fall out of Eltanin's lap.* What was that thing!

05/29/2000 3:57 PM

"What was that thing?" mutters someone else.

"What was that thing?" another says.

"Do you know what that thing was?" and another.

*mummers of 'what was that thing', and variations of the same, flow like a wave throughout the bar*

Autumn picks up the lower torso of the automation, "My new toy," giggles and heads to the kitchen, "I need a gnome. NOW!"

05/29/2000 4:12 PM

Are you sure? A Gnome would blow it up.

05/29/2000 4:12 PM

~The door to the Inn and a black cloaked figure walks in. You are able to tell that the figure is a woman by the way the robe lays on her figure. All you can see of her face is saphire eyes gleaming from under the dark hood. Slivers of silver hair can also be seen. She walks to a corner and takes a seat. A barmaid walks up and she orders a red wine. The barmaid returns with the wine and then the woman sits back and observes the patrions of the Inn.~

05/29/2000 4:34 PM

Returns from the kitchen and places lower torso of automation on Pyranthas, "Perhaps you're right."

Walks over to the newcomer with the silver hair and sits down, "Hi."

05/29/2000 4:56 PM

~Looks up from her drink at Autumn with her piercing blue eyes.~ Hello.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

05/29/2000 5:15 PM

Eyes not wavering from this mysterious woman's gaze Autumn finally speaks, "Errrrrr..ummmmm...wanna dog?" points to Satan who stumbles over and rests his head on the Dark Lady's lap, "or perhaps it is lodging you seek...BELIEVE ME," she nods, "I have PLENTY!"

*laughs and looks around at the others and sees them staring at her with eyes that say 'you are making a fool out of yourself again'*

05/29/2000 7:23 PM

*goes over and sits down by eltanin*

"I really need to retire, that thing nearly got me."

*calls a bar maid and orders some white wine*

"I need to relax now."

*leans back in his chair as he waits for his wine*

05/29/2000 7:33 PM

~She looks at the dog as if communicating with it.~ I like the dog. I shall keep it if that is ok with you. ~Smiling with a smile that sends shivers down her back she goes back to petting the dog and drinking her wine.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

05/29/2000 9:21 PM

Wiggles the chill from her spine, "Well. Alrighty then," goes to pat Satan, then recoils with a grimmace, "He's yours madam. Enjoy your wine, and if there's anything else, just give a shout."

*peers thru a dirty window and sees a rambling bunch of gulley dwarves heading this way*

"Lock the doors!" she leaps to her feet and as she reaches the enterance to the tavern she is trampled to the ground by the hungry, smelly little guys.

05/29/2000 10:37 PM

Llylgamyn pops out of nowhere behind Autumn startling her. As she drops to the floor he catches her.

"Uh, sorry for involving you and you tavern in my troubles milady. It was wrong for me to stay here when I knew that hunter stalker was after me."

He silently stared into Autumn's eyes with his emerald eye as he pressed her against himself.

"Oh, I'm sorry for imposing myself on you. Forgive me." He steadies her up and bows deeply. He then silently crossed over to the automaton and lighlt pressed his palm on its chest. The thing momentarily whirled into life frightening everyone in the room and it suddenly died down. It then crumbled into dust as the one eyed mage completed his disintegration spell.

05/30/2000 2:09 AM

*Watching the automatom disintegrate.*

"What was that thing?"

*Seeing the tavern being invaded by a gaggle of gully dwarves, Hooded pulls out his dagger. Seeing one of the filthy creatures near him, Hooded stabs it in the throat with his knife. Hooded watches the gully dwarf gasping for air appreciatively, having slit the gully dwarves throat so it would take several minutes for it to painfully die.*

05/30/2000 4:21 AM

*blinks at Llylgamyn. blinks some more*

"Quite all right."

Frowns at Hooded, "Awwwwwwwww...just look at the mess you made!" starts chasing gulley dwarves around the bar with a broom.

05/30/2000 5:10 AM

*the door flies open and Pyranthas then motions with his hands and ten of the little buggers get flung out of the bar. He motions has hand again and some more fly out. He does this until they are all gone. The door shuts.*

There, they are gone.

05/30/2000 10:54 AM

*looks around and fels under appreciated, so he walks to the door and leaves the bar and climbs onto the roof again and falls asleep.*

05/30/2000 11:11 AM

(ooc -- that's weird Py...i responded to you saying Nice job big fella! and it never posted. awwwww....)

"HEY!" runs out the door and peers up on the roof and spies Pyranthas's feet, "Wakey Wakey! I have something for you!"

*grabs some moldy vines that snake across the entire building and climbs to the roof...this takes several minutes and several tumbles back down to the ground*

"Here!" hands him a parchment, "That's a certificate for free drinks for a month! For all the help you've been to me," smiles, satasfied with herself.

*turns on her heel, pinwheels her arms, and plummets to the ground*

"Ohhhhhh..." lays in the mud.

05/30/2000 3:41 PM

~looks from the dog to Autumn~ Thank you. I like the name it is very fitting. ~She then looks back at the dog as if talking to him once again. Realizing that she is out of wine she orders another and something to eat for Satan. She looks to see where Pyranthas went recalling that they were once great friends before . . . . .~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

05/30/2000 3:46 PM

*walks outside and kicks some more mud on autumn*

"C'mon you weakling, get up! You have patrons waiting!"

05/30/2000 4:06 PM

~whispers a spell and teutonicknight is lifted up off the ground. She motions her finger toward her and he is brought to her in midair. She gently sits him down and looks at him as if looking through his soul with her clear cold blue eyes~ ALWAYS treat a lady with the respect they deserve. Even if they have wronged you. ~Then she goes back to her wine, petting her new dog, and observing the Inn.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

05/30/2000 4:13 PM

"Bleh! What she said!" Rubs the big bump on her head and is feeling dizzy from her tumble and giggles, "She called me a lady. She's nice lady."

"Ok people!" claps her hands for attention, spraying the patrons with mud, "New house rules. No dancing!"

*having said this, leaving those present wondering why she said this, she goes behind the bar and stuffs her pockets with peanuts and pours a jug of dwarf spirits over her head, then goes to sit on the floor in the middle of the room*

"I don't feel good, mommy," she whimpers and lays down.

05/30/2000 4:34 PM

~She gets up and tells Satan to stay there and that she will be right back. The air around her is cold and it moves with her as she moves instilling an unrecognizable fear in anyone that comes in contact with it. She goes to Autumn and gives her a vial with a cloudy fluid in it.~ Here drink this and you will feel better. ~She goes back to Satan and sits down. Her cold crystal eyes scanning the inn.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

05/30/2000 4:56 PM

"Yummy," drinks what the Dark Lady brought her, "Thanks mommy," she stands and feels better immediately.

Looks at the woman, "Oh, I'm sorry," is a little flustered, "Thank you for your assistance m'lady," refills the woman's glass.

Walks back behind the bar, "Did I say 'mommy'? Sheesh, am I a weird one!"

05/30/2000 5:05 PM

~Looks at Autumn and smirks though no one could see it~ It is quite all right; I understand.

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

05/30/2000 5:06 PM

he writes a little note and flings a dagger into the dor of the bar. It reads: I am going off treasure hunting. Maybe you shall see me again, maybe not. I shall hope to return. Pyranthas Bronzeblade.

05/30/2000 5:19 PM

Hears the THUD of a dagger hitting wood, "Oh geez! Not the woodwork!" laughs, "Like it matters in this dump!"

*removes the dagger, admires it and sticks it in her belt*

"Treasure hunting? Hmmmmmm.." puts the note on the bar, "Come back soon, handyman."

*goes into the kitchen and then makes up little buffet on the bar of warm bread, cheese, olives, and some unidentifible meat-like substance. places sign near the food that reads GRUB*

05/30/2000 6:53 PM

A dark cloaked individual appears in a corner of the room out of the shadows. A cold gust of wind blows in through a nearby window as this form makes its way towards Autumn..it holds out a gauntleted hand, the metal worn and scraped, its luster lost.

"You have called to me Autumn..and I have returned..."

05/30/2000 6:55 PM

"No dancing?"

*Hooded walks over to Autumn at the buffet table.*

"Wanna cut a rug?" Hooded asks politely and grabs
a bit of bread.

"Just kidding, I only said that to get your hopes

*Hooded bites into his bread, silently congratulating
himself. I'll have to buy myself something nice
as a reward for executing that cruel joke, Hooded
thinks to himself happily.*

05/30/2000 7:02 PM

*shrugs his shoulders at all that is going on around him*

"Nap time."

*he leans back in his chair and falls over backwards and quickly starts snoring very loudly*

05/30/2000 9:20 PM

*beans Hooded in the back of the head with an olive as he walks away, leaving her heartbroken and daydreamy*

"At least we'll always have the dungeons at Neraka," she sighs loudly then bursts out laughing and skips across the bar and spins Hooded One around, grabs him, dips him, then drops him to the floor.

*mutters something about two left feet. steps over Gunthar, knocking him in the head with the toe of her boot by 'accident'*

"Hmmmmmm?" looks at the gauntlet-handed one who just entered the bar amidst a chilly breeze, "Oh, yes. Good of you to come. I did summon you. Thank you for coming late. Here," guides him to a mop and bucket, "The floor is filthy, please clean it up."

(ooc -- Hi Thorne!)

05/30/2000 11:59 PM

Llylgamyn made his way back and ordered for some ale. He sniffed for a while then wrinkled his nose.

"Hey, bartender! This smells as if something died in it!"

He pours the slop over and orders for some wine instead.

05/31/2000 3:32 AM

"Neraka..." Hooded mumbles.

*Walking back to his table, Hooded is skillfully dipped and dropped onto the ground. Picking himself up and feeling rather insulted, Hooded brushes the filth from the floor off his cloak and sits down. Regarding Autumn through narrow slitted eyelids. A plan of revenge already forming in his mind.*

05/31/2000 7:36 AM

Peers into Llylgamyn cup, "Something did die in there," pulls out a decaying mouse, "Enjoy your wine. Anything else?" she grins at him.

*looks over at Hooded and gets chills*

05/31/2000 9:50 AM

*disturbed by autumn, the knight mumbles something along the lines of 'stop that wench'. he then just rolls over and falls back asleep*

05/31/2000 3:05 PM

Looking at Autumn, the "knight" takes the bucket, the water inside freezing over..

"Autumn..I am now above such menial tasks...thanks anyway..."
The armor clad man lays the mop and bucket aside, and heads over to an empty table in the darkest part of the tavern and sits quietly..

05/31/2000 3:30 PM

(OOC- well, isn't this GREAT, i leave and its at 14 and now we've got 17 pages - lucky me!! PS hey thorne!!)

*Watching all this she sighs and puts her hand on the great head of Tarakona; sipping her drink she watches all the goes on*

05/31/2000 3:45 PM

*Hooded puts his vengeful thinking on hold and calls one of the disgusting barmaids over.*

"Barwench, dwarf spirits."

*The barmaid hurries off and comes back with a mug of dwarf spirits, Hooded's nose crinkles in distaste at the barmaids foul appearance. Seeing Eltanin return out of her daydream Hooded casts potency spell on her drink, making the drink extremely narcotic.*

05/31/2000 4:06 PM

*brings Thorne a REALLY hot cup of tea laced with brandy*

"So, how ya been?" snickers waiting to here his story thinking it must be a REALLY good one.

05/31/2000 4:23 PM

*he looks at the warm brew from behind his closed helm..frost growing underneath his gauntleted hands, the steam from the tea cooling off considerably*

"were it that i could enjoy this brew, I would, fair Autumn...but..circumstances of some time ago have proven otherwise..."

*he sits back and for a little while is lost in thought*

**hiya Eltanin..miss me? :)**

05/31/2000 4:50 PM

"Alrightly then!" turns and rolls her eyes to the others in the room then looks at him, "Your regular lodgings out back are prepared for you if you wish to stay."

Gets up and starts to walk away then realization comes to her and she spins around and faces him, "You're DEAD! Aren't cha? Death Knight! Death Knight in the house!" runs around in circles, then stops, "Exactly whatcha do to deserve this fate?"

05/31/2000 6:45 PM

*at the sound of 'death knight', Gunthar jolts up, instantly ready for battle*

"Who, what, when, where, why, how?"

06/01/2000 1:30 AM

"Are you really dead?" A high pitched voice is heard.

*Hooded walks to the window.*

"Be off kender!"

*Hooded walks back to his seat and sits down, peering at Thorne out the corner of his eye.*

06/01/2000 4:02 AM

Smacks the one-eyed barmaid, "Go keep Thorne company. See if you can get anymore information from him," pours herself a stiff one.

*looks out the door and down the street for the warrior elf*

"He better bring me back somethin' nice."

06/01/2000 4:43 AM

*a tall figure moves past Autumn in a heavy black cloak. He walks past her into the bar and sits down in the cornor.*

06/01/2000 5:07 AM

"Mmmmmm...." follows the cloaked one and tries to get a look at his face, "What can I get ya, fella?"

06/01/2000 5:38 AM

Nothing please.

*the voice sounds somewhat familiar, yet it is muffled by the cloak. There is a hint of an accent in his voice, and a few strands of blond hair can be seen.*

06/01/2000 6:12 AM

The newcomer seems strangely familiar, "Nothin? You sure? *shrugs* OK...I leave you to your thoughts then," takes a step away and turns back with a perplexed look on her face, "Have we met?" swats at a fly.

06/01/2000 6:43 AM


*he pushes hack his hood to reveal his fine elven features and emerald eyes. He smiles at her.*

Miss me?

06/01/2000 6:52 AM

"Pyranthas! You've returned! Again."

*claps and jumps up and down*

"Did you get me anything?! Huh? Huh?"

*hands him back the dagger he had left stuck in her woodwork*

06/01/2000 7:17 AM

Thank you.

*he pulls out a pair of leather gloves and hands them to her.*

There you go, for you.

06/01/2000 7:51 AM

"Awwwwww...ain't he thoughtful?" looks around the room at the others then examines the gloves, "Thanks big guy."

*not finding any jewels or something else richy hidden away inside the gloves, she shrugs and pulls them on*

06/01/2000 9:25 AM

*he smiles*

They are enchanted with powerful magic. I figured they may be good for you where you do not have a bouncer here at your bar. Well not it you don't mind I am going... to... go... on... the... roof... I sence great evil in here.

*he looks towards Thorne and hisses.*

Death knight...

*his sword comes out and he places a very powerful ring of magic resistance on his finger.*

06/01/2000 9:47 AM

"COOL!" makes a fist then punches the wall, creating a hole clean thru to the outside, "Thanks!"

*walks across bar to opposite wall, takes a framed piece of art off that wall, carries to the wall with the hole in it and covers the hole*

"Well, I'm not exactly certain that Thorne is a death knight cause he don't talk much, but I have a pretty strong hunch that he is one seeing that he's all moody and hidden behind that helm and all frosty and stuff," takes a breath and regards Thorne, "Yeah. He's a death knight alright, either that or he has a really slow metabolism."

06/01/2000 12:24 PM

*he slowly walks over to the knght.*

What are you doing here death knight?

06/01/2000 6:51 PM

*sits back in his chair*

"You need not question me...my reasons for being here are simple, and do not involve the likes of you. I am here for Autumn. That is..im here to greet and..old friend. I have a long memory and there are two people who seem to dominate them. Although, I am unsure as to how one of them will fell when they see me again."

06/01/2000 6:55 PM

Sorry I asked

*walks outside and climbs on his room*

06/01/2000 7:10 PM

*Her eyes widening at the sight of her old friend Thorne, she exclaims*

"Thorne, my friend!! Good to see you back again!!! How have things been?"

*Tarakona, a statue since they arrived, stood up and slowly walked his great massive form over to Thorne's chair and sits beside him, his simple way of an affectionate greeting, apparently*

06/01/2000 7:38 PM

~The woman stands up and gathers her robes around her. She then lets them go and they fall around her perfectly. She then looks at Satan as if telling him to follow her. She walks to the door and Satan follows her. She walks up to the door and instead of opening it she walks through it and Satan does the same without hesitating. She looks up on the roof when she gets outside and sees Pyranthas. She is levitated onto the roof and then Satan follows her. She sits down beside him. Makes a motion with her hand and her wine appears beside her.~ Forgot my wine. ~Satan sits beside her and lays his head on her leg looking at her.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/01/2000 10:02 PM

"Animals," she mutters and starts mopping up dog hair and other beastly things.

*picks up mop and pounds handle on the ceiling. still wearing the gloves Pyranthas gave to her, the handle goes clear through to the roof*

"OOPS! Well, be quiet up there you talkative two!" she giggles and brushes ceiling dust from her eyes.

06/02/2000 5:27 AM

A figure pops out of nowhere and wispers to
Llylgamyn. After a moment or two the mage
teleports out to another realm. The messenger
just stood there watching everyone as Llylgamyn
leave. The figure walked over the bar and ordered
for some expresso. This startled the barmaid and
she indicated that they do not have this strange
drink called 'expresso'. The figure immediately
stood up and shouted , "NO EXPRESSO? WANT KIND
The man immediately stalked towards Autumn
planning to instruct her in the fine art of coffee

06/02/2000 8:52 AM

*he looks over and sees the dark lady sitting next to him.*

Why hello, what bring you up here to my little hang out?

06/02/2000 10:35 AM

Grins at the messenger, "Please, teach me oh wise coffee maker man," takes a seat and learns it all.

*gets up and goes in the kitchen and returns with teeny cups full of the black brew. She is also wearing dark glasses now and smoking a cigar*

06/02/2000 10:49 AM

*looks at autumn with a confused look*


06/02/2000 12:50 PM

Looks at Gunthar, "Straight from Southern Ergoth, big guy," hands him a teeny weeny little cup that looks ridiculously dainty in his hands, "Try it, you'll like it. But bewares....it's incredibly potent."

Starts talking faster and heads outside with two more cups of 'Koffi', "Want some?" she hollars up at the two on the roof, "It's really really really really good!" starts twitching.

06/02/2000 2:47 PM

*shrugs and downs the little cup of 'Koffi'. he instantly feels the effects of it on his body. he starts running all over the place*

"Hello how are you?" he says to everyone running around like a little gnome. He starts sounding like one too.

"I'veneverseensomeonequiteaslookingasyouare.Whatbethynamefairone?" he carries on and on and on and on and on and on...."The same thing we do every night, Cal. Steal, plunder, and be just plain evil." said Lor.

06/02/2000 3:04 PM

~She looks over to Pyranthas while petting Satan~ Company I suppose and you looked quite lonely up here by yourself.

~She takes the cup of expresso from Autumn, sipping it carefully~ Thank you, Autum.

~Looks to Gunthar running around like a mad man.~ Looks like you should learn of moderation. ~She says as she continues sipping.~

Good cannot out-think evil because evil thinks of things good cannot think of.

06/02/2000 3:17 PM

*points at Gunthar and laughs*

"Your welcome, m'lady," she nods twenty times to the Dark Lady.

Turns and sees a townsfolk and grabs him, "Do something funny!" she waits and he just stands there gaping at her, "Your NOT funny!" she pushes him with her gloved hand and he goes flying clear to the otherside of the courtyard.

Looks at Pyranthas, "Go on! Try the 'koffi'!"

06/02/2000 3:38 PM

*Her eyes widening at the 'koffi' abundance, she grins and orders a White Mocachino*

"These ae the BEST," she murmurs and sips her drink, eyeing TeutonicKnight as he passes*

06/02/2000 4:36 PM

*runs down the road and returns with a cartfull of quaint crates for chairs and quaint waterbarrels for tables. sets up litte patio out front of the tavern complete with candles and games of chance*

"Shoot the dice or toss the bones!"

*sits and sips on her Mocha Latte, heavy on foam, lite on sugar, and puffs on her stogie*

"Cool man, cool."

*the ugly barmaids are busy inside, serving up the 'koffi'*

06/02/2000 7:27 PM

No thank you Autumn. I will have to pass.

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