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01/31/2005 3:14 PM

Ello everyone, just joined as you can see and I'm looking for a few pointers on how to get started. I'm not all that new to the roleplaying thing, I've been roleplaying by boards for almost a year now, perhaps longer. ( Have bad memory ^^; )

But I'm afriad I have never had the oportunity to roleplay in a site such as this so I'm just looking for some friendly faces and perhaps some kicks the right direction.

o.O; And do forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong box or something, I'm really not all that sure where to begin.

So yeah, anyways ello again!


01/31/2005 4:43 PM

Hello and welcome to the forums Tranzista! If you need any help at any time, feel free to email me via RpgC Intramail or by general email. Don't worry too much about mistakes in here, most of us give constructive critisism, we try not to get too viscious with our remarks. :D

Anyway, as far as pointers go, you've seen that our forums are pretty diverse, so if you know anything about Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, World Of Darkness games, Star Wars or Star Trek, feel free to look around there, or brouse the freelance General RP.

Basic rules are as follows for basic roleplay

1. Never control another players' character without pior permission.

2. try to make it a habit to ask the current 'story teller' or 'thread master' permission to enter an already running story thread.

and above all ;) try to have fun :D


01/31/2005 5:04 PM

Well sounds like the basic rules of the other sites I've roleplayed on. That's good to know, and thank you for the welcome and the heads up on the constructive critisism. I have known several roleplayers or just onliners that tend to 'flame' anyone that seems out of sorts.


01/31/2005 5:22 PM

*FLAME NUKES* nah i wouldnt... do...... that... HAHAHAHAHA

04/26/2005 2:48 PM

Just a quick tip. This may not be for everyone, but one of my friends is on here, and he posts in the dragonlance forums. He has never read the books, nor had he heard about it until he started rping here. He just sorta jumped in. To begin with, it was a bit over his head, but with help from others, he quickly learned the rules and is still posting. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you are having problems, usually anyone would be more than happy to help. Just be sure to ask someone experienced, such as kalia or dream knight.

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