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01/31/2005 2:10 PM

The Traveler’s Rest is a large tavern run by Murat, a mild-mannered, broad-shouldered man with strong hands and refined features, deep, mournful brown eyes, and long raven hair, tied into a pony-tail. He is a retired mercenary, but he keeps this a secret from all but his closest friends, openly using his skills only in the direst of emergencies. It is rumored that he is immune to spells and has yet to find his match in a swordfight.

Murat (as he's known to all) commands an inside staff of almost twenty cooks, footmen, chambermaids, and two chatelaines (working in shifts, greeting guests and managing the staff). He has an outside staff of two groundskeepers and two stable-hands. The groundskeepers do all the gardening and mud-raking necessary to keep the inn grounds looking sharp. A carpenter is also part of the staff, just like the blacksmith located next to the stables. This to ensure the fullest of comfort to his guests.


The Inn is a building in stone, made of three buildings in total, the first three stories high, the second two stories and a single floor to connect the two. The interior is covered with engraved wooden paneling and heavy duty, polished, oaken stairs lead to the floors above. The rooms are rated in two classes, luxurious rooms for the more wealthy and standard rooms for the less fortunate in life.


The baths are one of the features that have been added to the Inn in the later stages, like the smithy and the carpenter, who share a workspace. A private part of the Inn is reserved for the staff and a part for the owner himself. The kitchen is above standard, serving dishes from various regions and exquisitely seasoned, some of the herbs you will not find elsewhere.


The two chatelaines, Amara and Maegra are almost legendary in Arcania for the cutting yet never crude facility of speech they have in governing staff, passersby, and even guests with a velvet-edged, but iron-firm demeanor. These two have been with Murat since before he bought and reconstructed the two buildings, into one of the finest Inns on this world. A stay in the Traveler’s Rest is not the cheapest you’ll find, but certainly one of the most comfortable, that gives the traveler their value for the money they spend inside.

In the gardens outside the Inn, one finds a beautiful arrangement of plants, with in it’s center a marble circle that lies below an intricately carved granite arch. (a portal through which visitors arrive from other planes)

(Characters from all gamesystems are welcome inside the inn, those making trouble will be removed)

02/02/2005 12:49 PM

Murat made his usual round of his Inn, during the hour overlap between the day and night shift. This was the only hour that all his staffmembers were present. He was content to see that Amara and Maegra had a firm grip on his staff and the few incidents that she could not handle, were immediately reported to either himself, or his bouncer. He had done well for a former mercenary, which could be said about his two chatelaines as well. Now running this fine establishment, with a couple of his old trusted group within his service. With a slight smile, he wandered around the common room, occasionally stopping to palaver to one of his patrons, or having a friendly chat with one of his employees.

The chatelaines were an exception to this, as they had invested into this project with him, each of them chipping in 20% after he had explained what he was about to do. The construction had been something to be proud of, coming up with the details and planning it all, but it had all the comforts that they had seen during their travels in other taverns and more to add to it. As he strolled further and in the direction of the bar, where most of his staff were talking at this moment to make the transfer from day to night shift run smoothly. Soon the busiest time would come, dinner and the guests dripping in for the night.

Murat stopped at the bar and smiled at those present. "Evening all, how are things running at the moment? Amara, Maegra, how are the supplies doing, is there anything else we need?" The supplies was what Murat handled himself, arranging the shipments from the far edges of the known world, some of which from beyond this world. He had shown to be a master in dealing with traders, just as good as he had been laeding a mercenary group. Kind to his staff, but tough as nails when it came to bartering.

He looked around, his 6'5" muscled frame making quite an impression on the guests, his arms even impressed the blacksmith as he hired him. Clad in a simple way, with a wide shirt, leather breeches, slightly scuffed boots, a broad leather belt, steel bracers and his long hair tied back into a ponytail. His grin was a genuine one and the reflection of the lights made his eyes sparkle. This is what he had longed to do, despite being awkwardly good at killing people, but he had never enjoyed it. It had been a necessary thing in the trade they had been in and the ladies knew it.

02/02/2005 8:34 PM

Arella unconsciously held her breath as she opened her eyes to take in her surroundings. She had seen many others step through the portal over the years, but was forbidden to do so herself while at the orphanage. She knew the responsible thing for her to do was to head into the city to find work and a place to live, but her insatiable curiosity sometimes outweighed her sense of responsibility. "What harm could come from a quick trip through the portal?" she had thought to herself. "I'll just take a quick peek and then head back to town."

Having a sudden image of another person trying to walk through the portal while she stood there was enough to cause her to leap from the marble circle without looking where she was going. She tumbled into a large bush, and yelped when she felt something sharp poke into her hand. She noticed a large thorn sticking out of her palm, and couldn't help but laugh at herself as she gingerly pulled it out. "Good grief," she thought, "been on my own for five minutes and I'm already in need of a medic." Not one to be easily discouraged, she pulled herself up from the ground, and was relieved to see that no one else had noticed her eloquent entrance. She brushed herself off, tossed her Traveler's Sack over her shoulder and looked around.

She then noticed the stone building with a sign that read The Traveler's Rest. "Well, a girl's gotta eat" she muttered to herself. "Then after I've had a meal, I'll head back through the portal. I mean, I'm here, so why not look around a little more?" Quick to adapt to most circumstances, Arella strode confidentally to the entrance of the Inn and walked through the doors.

02/03/2005 9:31 AM

Maegra glanced over at Murat through her white hair. She shook her head at him and smiled.

"I think we're fine on supplies,” she said. “Although we might need some tampons and the like. You’d really have to ask Am about all that though.”

Maegra grabbed a rag and wiped the bar down. She looked down at the bar top, and satisfied that she could see her own reflection, walked out from behind the counter. She took a walk around the common room, making sure everything was in order for their first guests.

Her soft deerskin leggings made a soft whisper as she went about the room. The tunic she wore tonight was tied about her waist with a simple leather cord, and her road worn boots made no sound with each step she took. Tonight, she wore her hair loosely about her.

She was in the middle of her inspection when the door opened, and a young woman entered the building. The woman didn’t look as if her journey had been long and hard, but that didn’t mean anything in a place like this. Maegra walked up to the woman, and noticed her hand was injured.

“Welcome to The Traveler’s Rest,” Maegra said, bowing. “Come inside, and let us take care of your wound. Then, once we’ve got that out of the way, we can feed you, and perhaps find you a bed for the night.”

02/03/2005 10:31 AM

Arella had only a brief moment to look around the room before she noticed the white haired woman walking towards her. She'd always had a keen sense of intuitive judgement when she met strangers (Sister Margaret had told her she had the gift of seeing into the souls of others, but Arella thought that was a bit far-fetched). Although she couldn't always understand the sensations she experienced when meeting another, she did know enough to pay attention to them - even if it was simply to file the observations away for future reference.

Her sense of the woman walking towards her was that she was more than she seemed. She didn't feel threatened by that in the least, but was curious to note that she could almost see the blurred image of another person below the surface of the woman who was now standing before her. She shook her head slightly to clear her vision, and smiled at the woman in response to her bow.

She felt her skin flush a little from embarrassment at this woman noticing her wound right away, but felt as though it was an authentic offer of aid. She heard Sister Margaret's voice echo in her mind, "Never allow your pride to prevent you from receiving an act of kindness from another, you never know what doors might open for both of you because of it."

"Thank you," Arella said to the woman. She then leaned in and whispered, "I'm afraid my encounter with the bush outside didn't go very well." She found herself smiling in spite of her embarrassment, and felt her curiosity piqued by all that was around her.

02/03/2005 1:33 PM

Murat grinned as he came closer as well, while making a comment to Maegra. "Remind me to ask the groundskeeper to to replace that thorny brush. We cannot have our garden damage our guests, now can we? Can you make sure that her wound gets cleaned and dressed, before we serve her?" Despite his rather massive posture, the former mercenary was kind in his choice of words and moved with the grace of a cat.

"Now then, young lady, this is Maegra, the chatelaine of this establishment and I am Murat, sometimes referred to as the owner. How can we help you? His smile was warm and the extended hand that he moved to offer was rather big.

02/03/2005 3:52 PM

Arella observed the brief exchange between Murat and Maegra, and took note of their apparent familiarity with one another. There also appeared to be an air of respect between them - which said a lot for the type of owner and employer Murat was. Although he was physically intimidating, his warm smile put her at ease. She smiled in return and reached out with her unwounded hand to shake his offered one.

As their hands clasped, Arella felt as though a bolt of lightning had suddenly struck her. Screams. She heard the agnonized screams of countless souls in the very core of this man's being. Her vision turned blood red for a single moment, and then cleared. As the sound of the screams died down, she heard one lone wail above them all - and felt something in her heart wrench when she realized the deep wailing was his own. As usual, the sensations came and left quickly. These were too overwhelming to try and sort out now, but she found herself feeling a measure of sorrow for this massive man.

Hoping neither of them had noticed her brief pause, she responded, "My name is Arella. It's a pleasure to meet the both of you." As she dropped her hand back to her side, she smiled sheepishly and said, "sorry about your thorn bush - I think I put a pretty big dent in it for you." She took a moment to look around the room and the patrons that were present. It seemed to be a safe enough place, so she looked back to her hosts and said, "I'd love to try a food I've never had before." Her diet at the orphanage had been pretty generic, and she was looking forward to discovering a whole new array of tastes and textures. "Not too spicy, mind you," she continued, "but something with a little bit of a kick might be in order."

02/04/2005 6:40 AM

Maegra nodded and went to find something to clean and bandage Arella's hand. She took her time, trying to sort out her thoughts. Their guest was different, but not because she didn't see to be from around here. There was something else.

"Here we go," she said, coming back into the common room with a basin of hot water and some clean clothes to wrap the injured hand in. "Put your hand in that, and we'll get you cleaned up and taken care of."

Maegra looked over at Murat, and motioned for him to follow her.

02/04/2005 2:19 PM

Murat followed Maegra without asking another question. In the years he had learned that she sometimes had a grasp of things that he did not and came to trust her completely in that regard. He lowered his otherwise booming voice and spoke softly. "What is it, Maegra? I know that pondering look of yours, it tells me that you have an idea about something, which has saved our necks a good couple of times. What's the surprise this time?" The look in his eyes was enough for Maegra to know that he was aware that she had something on her chest.

02/04/2005 4:29 PM

Sitting in the chair by the table where Maegra had placed the basin, Arella shifted herself so her back could be to the wall. From that vantage point, she was able to see the entrance to the Inn as well as the bar, and a hallway which she assumed led to the kitchen. She would have liked to talk a little more with her hosts, but reminded herself they had a business to run and had more important things to do that entertain the questions of an 18 year old girl. Woman she corrected herself. No longer in the safe haven of the orphanage, she needed to remember that not everyone would be as kind to her as the Sisters had been. She was in the real world now, and needed to view herself as others would.

Feeling a bit self-conscious, Arella tried to lean into the shadows as she gingerly placed her wounded hand in the basin provided for her. The water was very warm, and soothing to the tender place on her hand where the thorn had entered. She observed Maegra and Murat speaking together, and assumed they were discussing business matters which shouldn't be overheard by their customers. She wondered briefly what kind of lives they'd led, what kind of stories they carried - but she knew that everyone had a story to tell that was unique to their own life experience. I wonder what kind of stories I'll have to tell? she thought to herself. Sitting as though she were still observing her surroundings, Arella let her mind wander through the possibilities.

02/04/2005 10:17 PM

Skrat was having a boring day. The biggest thing he had done was refit one of the local pack animals for shoes. He was busy shaping a chunk of metal into meaningless shapes. Ordinarily he wouldnt have dared to do this, but there wasnt a single person around to require metalworking. He sighed and stuck the cooling metal into a bucket of water so it could cool before he tossed it into the extra metal bin.

In the corner of his workplace was a bench cluttered with small tools and mostly covered by a small forge. About the size of a small pail, and relatively cool. Skrat settled infront of this and began chipping away at a delicate gold ring he was making for anyone who wished to buy it. He had inset a small silver nugget into it, putting a finishing touch to it and was now just buffing it to a mirror shine. That done, he took it to the front of his workplace and put it on a rack littered with other such trinkets. He leaned over the counter and blew out forcefully. He was bored and wanted something to do.

02/05/2005 10:00 AM

Amara decended the stairs from her room. Dressed in a linen tunic and leather trousers, she was finishing lacing a bracer on her left arm, while she decended the stairs without even watching her steps. Her feet moved of their own accord as if she had no need to see where she was going.

Pulling the lace tight with her right hand and teeth, she tied it off and tucked it under the bracer itself, only then did she look up. "Sorry I'm late..." She mumbled when she saw Murat and Maegra talking off in the corner, and a young woman soaking her hand in water.

Having treated many of her own wounds in battle, she made her way to the girl without further greeting to her partners.

"I can help that more than with just simple water if you like?" She fumbled wtih one of the pouches at her waist, and found a small jar, filled with a sharp smelling ointment.

02/05/2005 2:45 PM

The sound of Amara's voice caused Arella to jump a little in her seat. "Oh," she said, as she looked up at the woman fumbling through her pouch, "Sorry, I didn't even hear you come up to me - my body may be here," she said with a chuckle, "but sometimes my mind ventures out on its own."

As Arella's eyes met Amara's, she felt her own eyes widen a bit. A jumble of images flashed before her - chaotic yet purposeful - a large snarling tiger with blood covered teeth, an ancient warrior, a wandering shadow, a little girl with eyes that appear longing and lost, a woman of stature and confidence. Blinking twice to clear her vision, and silently berating herself for not being able to control the onslaught of sensations, Arella responded, "Anything you have would be greatly appreciated." She pulled out her wounded hand from the warm water, and extended it to Amara.

02/05/2005 8:34 PM

Amara offered her a ghost of a smile and reached for Arella's hand. She began to murmmur softly as she worked the ointment into the wound. Knowing that the ointment combined with the chant was numbing any pain that Arella was feeling.

"There we go... that should help." Amara said as she began to wrap it with the clean linen strips that Maegra had left.

02/05/2005 8:52 PM

Arella closed her eyes as Amara worked the ointment into her hand. She noticed the dull throb she'd been feeling had begun to lessen, and some of the tension she'd been carrying in her neck and shoulders began to melt away. "I wonder if this is what it would have been like to have a mother care for me? she thought to herself. She didn't understand what Amara was muttering, but it was soothing to her somehow.

When she felt the linens being wrapped around her hand, she opened her eyes again. She noticed how deftly Amara wrapped her, and knew she'd had experience with treating wounds before. "Thank you," Arella said to her as she finished. "It really does feel better." She opened her mouth to ask a question, but hesitated, unsure as to whether this was the time or place to ask it. She placed her hand back in her lap, and smiled in thanks for Amara's kindness.

02/05/2005 9:09 PM

"It's our guest. Didn't you notice the way she blanked out when she touched you?" Maegra asked.

She looked over at Arella, and watched as Amara emerged from upstairs and went to help the young woman. Maegra felt a little bit bad that someone else was taking over what she felt had been her duty, but it was also her duty to report her feelings to Murat. She'd relied on intuition for most of her life, and she wasn't going to stop relying on it now.

02/06/2005 1:17 PM

Murat pondered briefly, allowing his memory to pas by him again and then nodded to Maegra. "Now that you mention it. Something we need to keep an eye on, or perhaps even something that can be useful? What do you think it is, Maegra? Think on it and we'll have to see what we can find out about it. If this alerts your senses, then it should be looked after. I assume that Darkness is around somewhere? Try and keep him away from her for now, for if she happens to have the gift of second sight, we would not like to see her go over the edge on her first visit, now would we?" His hint towards the guardian was fairly obvious, but one to keep in mind.

The former mercenary grinned, knowing that Darkness could just about give anyone the creeps, much less what would happen if such a gifted person would touch him. The overflow of ages of memories would probably cause great damage. He shivered slightly at the thought, but not enough to be noticed.

02/06/2005 2:15 PM

Amara noted the questioning look in Arella's eyes, and her blue gaze narrowed a bit before she spoke.

"I'm glad that it helps. Is there something else bothering you? Anything I can do to help?" Amara asked. At first she was surprised at her own actions, but she had learned long ago to trust her impulses, even if they went against most of her own deeply ingrained instincts.

02/06/2005 9:58 PM

Arella tilted her head slightly as she looked up at Amara, trying to determine if she could be trusted with her vulnerability. She wished she could see more deeply into her, but the sensations she experienced when encountering another only occurred during the first meeting. Sister Margaret had told her if she'd only work with her gift, she could control it better and have access to it more often, but she'd brushed aside the topic whenever the Sister had brought it up. She now found herself wishing she'd listened to the Sister over the years, and wondered what other bits of advice she'd ignored that she'd later come to regret.

Arella remembered again Sister Margaret's belief that kindness often opened up unexpected doors, so she decided to risk it with this woman who had been so gentle with her. "Well," she sighed as she allowed the smallness she felt creep into her voice, "my name is Arella, and I've just come through the portal for the first time. I'm not sure why I'm here, or where I'm supposed to be, or..." she looked at the floor and whispered quietly, "...or even who I am." Realizing she'd probably said too much, but not sure what else to say, Arella looked cautiously back up to Amara, unsure of what kind of expression or reaction she would receive in return.

02/08/2005 12:07 PM

Maegra smiled darkly. Darkness took time getting used to, but until you got to know him, you wouldn't want to be around him. If what she felt about the girl was true, then they definitely didn't want their strange bouncer anywhere near her. Yet.

"I'll keep an eye out for him, and let him know what's going on," she promised. "As for what may be wrong with her, I have no idea. Maybe she'll spill her guts to Am."

Maegra raised her eyebrows at Murat, smiled, and left to go prepare their guests room.

02/08/2005 1:55 PM

Murat was still grinning after his conversation with Maegra, as he approached the bar again. He stood about a few feet from Amara and Arella, leaning with his back against the counter and looking inside the common room. One of the maids apparantly took the last of the Ale out of one of the barrels, judging by the sound of it and the former mercenary came into motion. He plugged the barrel and took it off the rack, then walked into the storeroom with it. A few moments later, he came out again, holding another barrel with both hands and his face slightly reddened by the excertion.

With the use of almost pure strength, he lifted the barrel up and slid it into the spot of the empty one, lodged tightly inside the rack, then picked up a mallad and hit the tap straight into the barrel with a single blow. He smiled and placed the mallad back behind the counter and nodded at Amara. "You're ready for tonight, dear, the other two barrels were replaced last night, thus should be half full, plus this new barrel should be enough for the remainder of the evening.

Murat enjoyed the occasions where he could use his strength, as they were rare and these days that meant he wasn't trying to use that brute force to cleave a man's skull. A genuine smile crossed his face, as he went back to the spot where he had stood before. The trained eye of Amara could tell that the man didn't even need to catch his breath. Seemingly it had cost him no effort, although they both knew that this was due to years of heavy lifting and experiences gathered on the field of battle.

02/09/2005 5:25 PM

Marrin stumbled out of the portal, dazed and confused. Magic portals always screwed up his sense of direction. So lo and behold, what does he trip and fall face first into? Why, a thorn patch! What fun!

Marrin lay there for a second recovering from the transplane jump. With other people, it was usually easy. But not for Marrin, oh no. Always the hard way.

When Marrin finally got up, he brushed himself off and checked for damage. Nothing much, a few thorns in the face (easily removed without much blood), bruised sholdier, and a hurt pride. He quickly looked around to see if anyone had seen him. Right now, the town's streets were more or less empty, and it seemed no one had time to pay attention to a appearently crazy man. Good, the last thing he needed now was insult upon injury.

Quickly looking around, he spotted the inn. As he walked to it, he thought about how messed up these past few months had become.

First, those monks. He enjoyed his line of work, helping the downtrodden and aiding in helpint the holy order strive and grow. However, Marrin did have a problem with some of his superiors. One of the first lessons he had been taught by Sir Grahin the Brilliant, (and he was, very high up in the holy order at one point, and always a high ranking paladin) was that arrogance bred stupidity. The instant you think you are better than everyone else for no real pyhsical reason is the instant you lose the assistance of The Light. Not everyone thought that way, however, but at least most of his peers did.

These monks could have hired an army. Marrin understood why they only had one paladin accompany them- most of the others were busy fighting the unholy beings such as orcs and the necromancer tribes out of the civilized world. But still, just because you can only get a paladin that can fight doesn't mean you should stop there. They had sufficent funds to get a mercinary army Marrin could control and help guard them. Still, believing thier mission was holy they would automatically gain free pass to the castle. Still, they must have forgotten The Light test as well as gives. Marrin was often outnumbered, and had to use his cunning to fight his way out.

And then this portal... Ugh. It was going to be a hard respite in duty for Marrin. Still, a hard vacation is still better than a easy assignment. Marrin walked into the place and saw a few people inside. The first thing he noticed were the exits, not enough. Should something happen- ah, why was he still thinking like that!? Marrin stated to no one inpiticular "I need to take more breaks." He saw the new pation in the corner. Judging from the look on her face, she was new in freedom. Young, too. Judging from her mixed emotions, raised by people of the holy order of some sort.

After that, he noticed the other figures. Large man, must be a mercenary. Next, a few assistants, or part-owners, and felt the precinse of some type of guard. Marrin stood still, this was his first time here, he didn't know what to do. Should he wait for assistance? Or just go seat himself? He decided on the latter and angled toward one of the empty tables.

02/09/2005 8:02 PM

While awaiting Amara's response, Arella couldn't help but notice Murat handling a barrel on his own. She felt her jaw drop as she realized the barrel was full of ale. Thinking back to the screams she'd heard when their hands touched, Arella shuddered to the core of her very being. She could only imagine what a man of such brute strength could do to another living being. She suddenly began to wonder if she might have gotten in over her head by coming here alone. What do I really know about these people? she thought to herself. As she played back the various images and sensations she experienced with each of them, she found herself looking back at the door, wondering if any of them would stop her if she tried to bolt out of the room.

At that moment, the doorway was filled with the outline of another patron. Although Arella wasn't close enough to him to experience any sensations, it was obvious that he too was a fighter. Good grief she thought to herself suddenly, did I wander into some sort of cosmic biker bar?!? Snickering under her breath at the thought of such a thing, Arella took a few moments to observe the new patron. There was a certain familiarity about the way he carried himself, reminiscent of the Sisters and Father O'Flannigan. People who were associated with religious orders tended to have a certain air about themselves - Arella learned at an early age to recognize who the sincere faith holders were, as well as those who were using religion for their own personal gain. She thought the man looked conflicted - and not simply because he seemed unsure of his surroundings. Something else was stirring deep within him. Her eyes followed him as he walked toward one of the unoccupied tables in the common room.

02/10/2005 5:00 AM

(One of Amara's abilities is known as Flow of Aura...)

Amara listened to Arella and offered the girl a smile. "Well If you ask me, you're here because you're meant to be, one way or another. as for who you are... Sometimes finding out your past isn't always a good thing... sometimes it's best to let it go and find out who you are now.. not who you were."

the girl's distress increased and Amara turned to see another person enter. Amara studied Arella carefully. "Is there anything else I can do for you?" She asked, wondering if the girl would continue or not.

02/10/2005 1:39 PM

Arella considered Amara's words for a moment, and thought there was probably some significant truth to them. "You're probably right" she said as her face brightened a bit, "even if I don't have all the answers, it doesn't mean I won't be able to find them. Maybe I've just been looking in the wrong place for them."

She paused for a moment, and nodded her head slightly, as if coming to an internal decision. She looked back at Amara and said, "As for anything else you can do, I'm absolutely famished. Does your cook have a favorite dish he or she likes to serve?"

02/10/2005 6:41 PM

Skrat arrived in time to see murat wrestle the keg in and nodded. While skrat as a requirement was physically stronger and barely, he wouldnt want to fight murat. His way was with the hammer, not the sword. He walked over to the bar.

"Hey boss, we're running out of steel down there, is there anychance we could get some more by the day after tommorow? if someone comes in and orders a sword theres gonna be a sizeable backorder."

He was dressed in clean clothes as he was supposed to be when in the inn proper. It was frowned upon when scruffy staff memebers mingled with the common folk.

02/11/2005 6:45 AM

"You're probably going to have to wait on that," Maegra told Skrat as she returned to the room. "Unless we can get some through that portal."

She went up to Amara and Arella, staying out of immediate reach from their guest. Until she was certain as to what the young woman's deal was, the former mercenary wasn't going to take any chances. She bowed slightly to their guest and smiled.

"Your room is ready for you," she said. "You should be able to find it, seeing as how it's the only door with a sign on the handle right now."

02/11/2005 7:28 PM

Skrat sighed.

"Well, at least there arent any orders for claymores."

He sighed, took a glance at the time device and smiled.

"Well, Its closing time anyways. See you lot later."

Skrat returtned to his work place, threw a bucket of water on both forges, and laid down on the cot in the back of the shop. He disliked that room in the inn building, it made him feel like an ant.

02/11/2005 9:17 PM

As the blacksmith spoke of his material needs to Murat, Arella realized Murat had more of a financial investment in the inn than she'd originally thought. She wondered what other businesses Murat had chosen to invest in along the way.

When Maegra came toward her, Arella was surprised at the announcement of her room being ready. She hadn't planned to stay the evening - she only wanted to have a meal and then get back home. Home she repeated to herself. The word just didn't feel the same to her anymore. Since the hour was getting late, and she didn't have anywhere to stay in her world, Arella decided a good meal and a good night's sleep sounded like a pretty good idea. It's not like I have to figure everything out right now she thought to herself, maybe I'll be able to think more clearly in the morning. It's been a rather long day, afterall.

Arella smiled at Maegra and responded, "thank you, Maegra. I'll find my way to the room after I've had a bite to eat." She wondered how many times she had to make a request for dinner before someone offered her one, but didn't think it would be prudent to ponder that out loud. She was curious to see what her room would look like, but was wary of leaving her belongings unattended there. Besides, she thought as she looked around the room, I think there things yet to happen here that I would very much like to see.

02/14/2005 12:41 PM

Murat glanced at Arella, then grinned and motioned towards the backroom. "How about you join me, as I was about to eat myself? There's a good choice of food from our kitchen and some of our dishes are quite exotic, but we also serve an excellent venison, or roast, or even chicken. A little conversation during dinner might do us both some good, don't you think?" His eyes rested upon her and his lips curled into a smile, both expressing a genuine warmth.

02/14/2005 1:58 PM

Arella considered the massive man as he made his offer to dine together. She still felt a little intimidated by him, but her curiosity won out, as it usually did. "I would love to join you, Murat," she said cheerily. "I'm sure there will be something in your kitchen that I will find simply delightful!" Standing up from the table, she grabbed her Traveler's Sack and waited for Murat to lead the way. Although she was curious as to what she could learn about this man, the offer of a mundane activity of food and conversation was also quite appealing to her.

02/14/2005 2:31 PM

"Amara, can you ask the cook to whip up something for us and bring me a small flask of wine, plus whatever she is drinking?" Murat stated as he pointed at Arella, then proceeded her to the backroom, where he took the table in the far corner and sat with his back to the wall, after he slid back a chair for Arella. "Dinner should be here in a little bit, please have a seat and make yourself comfortable. In this corner we are seasonably safe from prying ears, so I suggest a little game: I ask you a question, you reply and ask me one, which in turn I will answer. Only answer the question if you give an honest reply, if a question is not to your liking, you simply say 'pass'. Deal?" He smiled and waited for the girl to reply.

02/14/2005 4:01 PM

Arella heard her stomach rumble, as if in anticipation of the meal that was to come. Seeing they were heading for a corner table, Arella was glad to see she'd be able to view the entrance to the room out of the corner of her eye. Smiling and muttering a thanks as Murat pulled out the chair for her, Arella placed her Traveler's Sack on the floor next to her, within easy reach.

As Murat spoke of the little game he wanted to play, Arella couldn't help but smile in return. She'd stayed up many nights playing Truth or Lie with the girls in the orphanage. She'd become quite adept at telling whether someone was being truthful, as well as being able to answer truthfully without revealing too much. She wanted to believe Murat would honor his own rules and answer honestly, but was glad to have an advantage in the game he would not be aware of. Meeting his gaze squarely, Arella's eyes sparkled as she responded, "Deal. And since this game was your suggestion, you have the right to the first question." Leaning back comfortably in her chair, Arella awaited Murat's response - she would learn much about this mysterious man by the first question he chose to ask her.

02/15/2005 9:08 AM

Murat smiled and decided to start with a few easier questions, while they waited for the food to arrive. His eyes reflected the light of the candles, that were used in abundance. "Where were you raised?" He asked, while pondering upon what had happened about an hour ago. He would start asking questions about that later, yet did not want to begin with the difficult explanations, so that she had a little time to adjust herself and feel more at ease. He had picked this table on purpose, as it was situated in such way that they could speak relatively freely, without being overheard if they kept their voices down a little.

02/15/2005 9:29 AM

So this is how we're going to play Arella thought to herself. She would have been surprised if he'd started with a blunt or threatening question, and felt a bit more confident that she had indeed judged him correctly.

"I was raised at The Sisters of Mercy Orphanage." Arella responded. "On Earth" she amended, reminding herself that she was indeed in a foreign land. She could have elaborated, but chose not to, since it was so early in the game. "My question to you, Murat" she paused, looking up at the ceiling as if searching her mind for something to ask. She looked back at him again, "how long has The Traveler's Rest been here?"

02/15/2005 9:56 AM

Murat smiled and began to reply, starting with the current facts. "The traveler's Rest in it's current state has been built by me. Formerly, this was more then one building, which I had connected to eachother, to increase the room. The old Inn that stood here was situated in the part we are seated now and has been here for a couple of centuries, as far as I have been told. So is that portal in the garden."

He had spoken freely and kept to the facts, smiling as he told them to Arella. Now it was time for his second question and he had one in mind almost immediately. "So you wee raised in an orphanage. Did the Sisters teach you a trade or craft, which you can use to get by in life?" He purposefully refrained from asking about parents or such, as most would have forgotten them by now. No need in bringing up a question about that, for she will either not know, or it will be a painful memory.

As he had spoken, two large plates were set onto the table, each containing a fairly big piece of venison and some assorted vegetables. A small wicker basket with bread was set down as well, plus two goblets, a karaf of wine and one filled with water. The maid that brought it, removed herself from the table again as soon as everything was set down.

02/15/2005 12:38 PM

Noting that Murat made no mention of how long he'd been associated with the Inn, Arella wondered how she'd get around to finding out more about the sensations she experienced when meeting him. As she interacted with Murat more, she found those sensations hard to match with the man who sat across from her. People do change she thought to herself, but sometimes change is really a matter of that nature lying dormant, waiting for the right moment to resurface.

"I wonder how that portal came to be?" she pondered aloud. "Ah, but that's not your question, Murat" she said with a twinkle in her eye. She eyed the plate of venison and inhaled the aroma deeply, commenting "Mmmm, that smells good." She saw the carafe of wine, and fought off the temptation to have some. She'd only had Communion Wine at the orphanage, and wondered what a full goblet would taste like. Letting wisdom outrank her curiosity, she reached for the carafe of water as she spoke. "To answer your question, I have interests more than a trade." Girls at the orphanage were rarely there long enough to need to learn one, as many were adopted out at such a young age. Arella felt her familiar pang of loneliness wrench in her heart again. "I am fascinated by people, and love books, but I'm not sure how those interests could help me earn a living." She shrugged, as if it were an issue that didn't need resolution at the moment.

"And now for your question," she said as she pierced a piece of meat with her fork. "Why did you decide to invest in this Inn, seeing as it had already been around for such a long time?" She place the savory piece of meat in her mouth and chewed it gently as she awaited his reply.

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02/15/2005 1:15 PM

Murat smiled and took a few bites to eat, as he listened to her answer to his question. After he was done chewing his meat, he swallowed and took a small sip of wine. He did however catch the hesitation, as her eyes rested upon the carafe of wine, then switched back to the carafe of water. With content he watched as she decided upon the water and a hint of a smile appeared on his face. As she had stated her question, the former mercenary nodded and began to reply. "Well, I bought the two buildings a few years ago, with a little investment by my chatelaines, to get out of the line of work I had been in for about ten years. I was good at it, but it wasn't truely to my liking."

Murat's eyes clouded for an instant, then returned to normal, while he pointed towards one of the windows. "The portal was already there when we bought the place and it took some effort to convince the guardian of it, to allow us it's use." He had a good idea what question were to follow, but held off on giving out that information in his reply.

"You said you were fascinated by people, which is basically what we work with every day. People come and go here every day, some offer to sell stuff, others are looking to buy. We provide the means to both and serve them drinks, food and a decent night's rest. So if people are your interest, why not stay a while? I assume you know how to dust a room and make a bed?" His eyes locked onto Arella and shook his head slightly. "No, that is not your question, but you can answer it later. As for your question: how well can you read people? I noticed you seem to have 'read' me and so far you haven't asked about what you saw."

02/15/2005 4:12 PM

Arella's mind worked at a furious pace to take in all the information Murat was providing for her. She could well imagine what his 'line of work' had been before he invested in the Inn, but didn't want to reveal her knowledge of that to him. As she thought through the strategy of their game, she knew the average person would ask about that line of work, but she did not want to give him the power of directing her next question - for that would quickly back her into a corner she would not easily get out of. When he spoke of the portal and the guardian, she had to squelch her curiosity about that, lest she follow that rabbit trail. Yes, she wanted to know all those things, but she was here to learn about Murat, not just the history of the surrounding area. She could get that information from some of the locals. No, she definitely would not waste a question on that.

Feeling confident in her ability to stay ahead of his stragetic efforts, Arella was dumbfounded by his next move. His offer for her to stay caught her so off-guard, she allowed her mind to wrap around that possibility. And because her mind was distracted, she was unable to control her external response to his actual question.

As his final words lingered in the air, Arella felt her eyes widen, and she actually dropped her fork on her plate. Her eyes fell on the carafe of wine again, and she was suddenly wishing she'd taken some afterall. Looking back into Murat's eyes, Arella tried to search deeply within them. He obviously knew she had some gift for reading others, but did he know the extent? How could she explain something she didn't really understand herself? And of course she heard Sister Margaret's warning voice, People will not understand your gift, Arella. They will fear it, and fear you. Do not let others know what you see, for what others fear, they hate. And what they hate, they seek to destroy. Would this man seek to destroy her? That he had the ability to was obvious - but would he seek to? She studied him for long moments before she answered.

Taking a drink from her water goblet, she placed it gingerly back on the table. Looking back at him she said, "I know I have the right to pass, and I may evoke that right in the middle of my answer, but what I will say will be truthful." She took a deep breath and exhaled deeply. Leaning closer to him over the table, she lowered her voice as she spoke. "Yes, I do have the ability to read others. And yes, I did read you." She thought again about the images that played before her, and wondered if she should risk exposure with a man who could be so violent. Remembering the lone wail that was within him, Arella decided his soul was good, and trustworthy. At least, she hoped it was.

"It's not really a reading," she corrected herself, "but I receive sensations when meeting another - whether they be images, feelings, words, whatever. Quite frankly, the sensations I experience are usually a mystery to me. It's only after I come to know a person that I understand what they mean. Just as I am coming to understand what I saw in you." She looked at him with great compassion, silently wondering if anyone else knew the extent of grief he carried in his own soul.

Knowing that was more than she should have volunteered from a strategic standpoint, Arella felt some relief at having her secret out in the open. She wasn't sure how Murat would react to all that, but since he'd asked in the first place, maybe he wouldn't be as against it as Sister Margaret had suggested. "Now," she continued, "your question." She began to speak, and then changed her question mid-breath. "Do you fear me?" She was surprised that she asked such a thing, but for some reason it was important for her to know how this man felt about her. She maintained eye contact with him, taking in his every move, reaction, and non-verbal cues.

02/15/2005 5:52 PM

Marrin removed a small leaf from a pouch at his belt. The leaf would help delay his hunger for the time being, and right now he needed to be left alone. Best to scope an area out before going headfirst into a battle. Plus, that Murat fellow seemed exceptionally strong, and he didn't know the man's line of work before the inn.

But after a little while, Marrin finally sensed it was safe to be noticed. A trick he picked up after his years of being a warrior was to dissapear by appearing normal, and it was a usefull talent at missions where intelligence was needed over brute strength. Good muscles are a dime a dozen, but a smart man is an invaluable asset on the battlefield. another quote from good old Sir Grahin. hearing the conversation, Marrin decided this lady was some type of farseer, or mind reader. Unfortunatly, the only types of people like that he had run into were the order of the necrid, white eyes, pointy teeth, and a fetish for human flesh. Nasty bunch.

However, Marrin highly doubted the Holy order she had spoken of would allow such beast inside their place of worship. Another thing he was sure of beyond a doubt- she was just out of her home. Anyone with battle experience would know to never challenge an unknown outside of thier home territory and expertise. or she could possibly be trusting, and not as awfully cynical as you are. His inner demanded, and Marrin slowly tried to get someone's attention by looking around.

02/16/2005 6:44 AM

Maegra left Murrat to his "hosting" duties. She was sure that he would fill in her, Amara, and the rest of the staff on what he learned from the strange woman. Thinking of Amara, Maegra looked over at her fellow former mercenary, and nodded her head towards her in greeting. The other woman had things behind the bar in well control most nights, and Maegra had no doubt that tonight wouldn't be any different.

As she walked around to check things out, she noticed a man playing with a leaf, and walking around as if to attract attention to himself. Maegra walked up to him slowly, watching him the entire time, wondering if he would try to do something...stupid.

Damn, where is that bouncer of ours when we need him?

"Hello," she said, stopping well away from the man, "what can we do to help you?"

02/16/2005 12:00 PM

"Ah, hello!" Marrin remarked as the woman stepped into view. Good thing, that leaf was wearing off. "I wonder if I could have something to eat? And hot water, too. Don't worry, i have tea leaves." gesturing to the pouch on the table. Then he noticed how far away she was. "It's ok, I don't bite." Marrin stated akwardly, letting out a diffusing smile. Apparently she thought he was dangerous.

To further his appearence of the holy warrior, he took off his cloak to reveal his white armor and sheathed sword. He placed his helmet next to the pouch filled with leaves on the table.

"Ah, yes, and a room to stay if you do not mind." Marrin said, he had almost forgot he hoped to stay here for at least a few days.

02/16/2005 12:31 PM

Murat shook his head, then began to smile, his eyes reflecting the enjoyment of her honesty. "I am glad you told me this, Arella, but sorry too that I had to ask. What you have is no threat to me, thus I do not fear you. You have a gift which is seldom, but less rare then you may think." He kept his gaze locked onto hers and the smile continued to play around his lips as he continued to speak. "There are some races capable of the same gift you possess, which live on remote worlds that are accessible through that portal outside. In fact, some can even pry a secret from you, just by a single touch."

He took another sip of wine, then poured some into her goblet. Hereby he revealed that he had seen her eyes wander in the direction of the carafe and had deducted her thought from there. "Many humans fear what they do not comprehend, that is why you probably asked the question you just gave me, and what they fear they will either destroy or chase away. That is human nature, i'm afraid. You can relax here however, for none will do either to you, you have my word on it." He handed her the goblet and nodded towards the young woman. "Have some, I think you can use a little."

"I actually anticipated a different question to come, but I think I caught you of guard, which made you steer away from your line of questioning." He motioned to the window and shook his head. "I wasn't referring to the portal either, but you would have gotten there eventually. If I hadn't asked the question I did, you had probably asked me what line of work I had been in, am I correct?" Murat looked at her reaction and continued to speak to her in his soft tone of voice.

"I used to live by the sword, first as a soldier of a powerful lord, later hiring out my sword to others, after the lord had been killed. A number of my staff belonged to the group I have gathered around me since then. I did what I had to do, to ensure their wellfare and keep them from ending the way our lord did. I am quite good at it, but never enjoyed to do such." He raised his hands and held them in front of her, palms up. "These hands have killed more men then I care to remember, little one, and the strength within them were enough to cleave a man and his shield if needed. That is how I lived for ten years, while amassing enough gold to start this tavern. When I announced that I would stop, those that were closest to me came with me and some even invested in my idea."

He took a deep breath and looked around for a second, but there had been nobody to overhear what he had told Arella. With a sigh he exhaled and locked his gaze onto hers again. "Now you know what you wanted to ask in the first place, but allow me to give you a last question. Would you consider taking the position I offered you, knowing that here you can learn to use that gift of yours in safety? Your other questions will be answered during that time, I am sure." He removed one hand and merely turned his right hand a little, so that it was extended to her, ready to grasp if she agreed.

02/16/2005 1:24 PM

Arella was surprised to realize she'd been holding her breath while awaiting Murat's response. She exhaled deeply at his gentle reply, and found herself warming up to this kind man. She felt her eyebrows raise in surprise at his revelation about others having her gift. She'd always felt like such an outcast, an anomaly, with her talents. She'd spent a lifetime feeling ashamed of who she was. If there are truly others like me, she thought to herself, then perhaps I am not an accident afterall. She found herself longing to speak with someone that could explain to her where her gift came from, what its purpose was, how to manage it, and a million other questions that seemed to bombard her at once. She shivered at the thought of someone using their gift to pry a secret from another. She felt like the memories and thoughts of others should be private, and felt a measure of guilt at the way her gift intruded into the secrets of others.

Arella tilted her head down shyly and smiled as Murat poured wine into her goblet. Had she been that obvious? Nodding her thanks to him, she took the goblet from him and drank deeply from it. It took all of her self-restraint to keep from coughing and spitting the stuff back out. This sure isn't your average Communion Wine! she thought to herself! Determined to NOT embarras herself in front of Murat, she bit the inside of her cheek as she placed the goblet back on the table. She decided she'd just sip from it for the rest of their meal.

As Murat spoke of the question he'd expected back from her, Arella smiled and said "well, the thought had crossed my mind to ask you about your work, but that would have been a poor strategic move on my part." She laughed easily with him, feeling as though the tension from their game had disipated. She much preferred this authentic interaction with him.

While he confessed to her his line of work, Arella felt her eyes moisten in response. "Thank you, dear Murat, for trusting me with your pain. I know your history haunts you, but I also believe it will be redeemed. You are a good man at heart, and we all find ourselves in circumstances we'd rather not be in at one time or another." Yes, she really did find herself drawn to the gentleness that resided within this man. Although he could be fierce, she knew in the core of her being that he would never use that against her. To protect her, yes, but against her - never.

As he reached out his massive hand toward her, Arella reached out to clasp it without hesitation. Her hand felt so small in his, but she herself did not feel small with him. It was as if she'd begun to rise to the heights of who she really was. "I would be delighted to stay here for a while, Murat. You are an unexpected gift of grace to me, given at a time when I had begun to despair. Thank you." She held tightly to his hand a moment longer, trying to communicate to him what her words would never be able to express.

02/16/2005 2:04 PM

Murat smiled as she took his hand and made no effort at all to withdraw it, instead he gently squeezed it, being careful not to hurt her, to indicate that he was glad that she made the choice she did. He started to reply, but the words came more difficult then they had before. "I can only hope that what I have built up here will take away some of the images that haunt my sleep. One of my chatelaines can perhaps get you better acquainted with that gift of yours, as they both have some experience with these things. For now however, you are part of the staff of the Inn and I'll make sure you will get your own quarters on the third floor. I have to give you a little warning however, Arella. There's a man here by the name of darkness, who is our bouncer. Until you learn to control that gift of yours, do not touch him. It is by touch that this gift of yours works, isn't it?"

He stared straight into her eyes, which now held an uncompromising air of seriousness within them. His voice had been soft yet held a decisive but concerned tone. "Are there other things you wish to know? I will give you a small tour of the entire operation after dinner, so you can see what goes on around here." He took another bite from his dinner and a sip of wine. "If there's ever a time you need to talk to me and i'm not inside the inn, my quarters are behind the storeroom, which in turn is located behind the bar. Or you can always ask the way to one of the chatelaines. You have met them both."

02/16/2005 2:28 PM

Arella sighed as she said (more to herself than Murat, but she knew he could hear her), "It's nice to finally belong somewhere." Looking back at Murat, she tried to offer some measure of comfort, "your efforts to redeem your past will not be in vain, Murat. This much I know to be true." As he spoke of the bouncer named Darkness, Arella went through her memory of the patrons in the common room and could not remember seeing anyone out of the ordinary. "Well," she responded, "my gift is a bit unpredictable. People have to be close to me in order to perceive anything, but I don't always have to touch them. I'm not sure what makes the difference in people, but it was as if you were resistant to my vision until I physically touched you. With most others, I can experience sensations when they are a little more than an arm's length away. Perhaps one of your chatelaines could explain that to me."

She felt a bit unnerved by his stare which seemed so serious. "No," she replied after some thought, "I don't have any other pressing questions to ask. Yes, I did see things in other people, but it should be their choice to share with me what those things meant. I don't wish to take advantage of anyone with my gift. I pray I never use it to harm another." Her eyes seemed to glaze over, as if recalling a distant memory. A few moments later, she refocused her gaze on Murat. "A tour would be wonderful. And thank you for making yourself available to me. I hope the others I encounter here will be as kind." Finishing the last bit of venison on her plate, Arella looked up at Murat hopefully. "Do you think they'll bring dessert soon?" she asked with girlish anticipation.

02/16/2005 3:26 PM

Murat listened closely to what she had to say, then nodded before he started his answer. "We'll have to do that soon then, maybe they know of a way to have your gift act less irratic and more controlled. Perhaps it also depends on the resistance someone has to it, or how deep it is locked away within the person." He calmly rose, afer he had finished the last of his own meal, then gestured with a finger for her to rise as well.

"Dessert will be served in the kitchen, during the tour. I have a small remark as far as your gift goes though. Do not pray never having to use it to harm another, but more never being forced to use it in such fashion. Situations may arise where someone does something to force you to use a gift, in a way that you do not like. Like me, I never liked killing, but hated even more to wind up dead. Catch my drift here?"

Calmly he offered her an arm. "How does a small bowl of assorted fruit sound? We have a variety from several worlds."

02/16/2005 3:53 PM

Arella listened carefully as Murat spoke of the ways she might need to use her gift. "I do catch your drift" she responded after a short pause. "But I also hope it's a situation I will not find myself in anytime soon." She shivered at the thought of harming someone in that way - it would feel like a form of mind rape to her. She began to flash back to that time in her past, but stopped herself from going there again. My answers are not found in my past she reminded herself, but in what lies ahead.

As Murat offered his arm to her, she reached out and linked her arm in his. She caught sight of her Traveler's Sack on the ground and asked him, "is there somewhere I can store that before we take our tour and delve into those desserts?"

02/17/2005 1:43 PM

Murat nodded and picked up the sack, then grinned at arella. "Aye, of course there is somewhere where we can put that. I put them in my quarters for now, as we will have to talk about what you'll be earning, after the tour of the house." Calmly walking, he lead her towards the bar and looked at his present members of staff. "People, this is Arella, she will be working here as of tomorrow. Amara, Maegra, can I have a word with the two of you, either tomorrow or later tonight, in regards of our new member of staff?" He swiftly walked into the storeroom and set down the sack just inside his own quarters, then returned to meet Arella. Patiently he resumed his position beside her and held out his arm again, then awaited the reactions.

02/17/2005 2:14 PM

Arella smiled at everyone again when Murat introduced her. But she felt her stomach drop when he told Amara and Maegra that he wanted to talk to them about her. He said they'd be able to help her and would be understanding of her gift - but she was so pre-conditioned to be ashamed of it, it would take her a while to adjust to the idea of others not feeling threatened by her. He knows them well she said to herself, you've entrusted him with your secret, so you must also trust those he believes are trustworthy. Still, she couldn't shake the uneasiness in the pit of her stomach.

As he returned from the storeroom, Arella had put her smile firmly back in place, and reached out her arm to take his. "I'm looking forward to working with each of you" she said to those around her. Then looking back at Murat she said "let's start that tour now, so I don't spent my first night here getting lost!"

02/21/2005 1:58 PM

Bryan emerged from the forest, his green cloak gliding after him as he ran towards the three-storied, stone building. It had been years since he last talked to a human, though in truth that had been his decision. He slid to a stop at the door, a few leaves clung to his brown hair as he stepped forward. Raising a wary hand, he began to softly beat on the wooden portal, then picked up the intensity as he became anxious.

02/23/2005 8:33 AM

Maegra stayed where she was, and nodded at the man. Even if he wasn't dangerous, she was going to stay cautious of him...especially since he had been eating a leaf, and no matter how hungry you were, eating leaves was just weird.

"We have plenty of rooms available," she said. "If you are hungry, or if you are in need of a drink, simply go talk to Amara at the bar."

Maegra made a short, curt bow to their new guest, and then went over to talk to Murrat. She stopped short when she heard the announcement that they had a new employee there.

"Murr, are you sure that's a good idea?" she asked. "I mean, we don't really know-"

Her words were cut off by the sound of pounding from their main entrance. Frowning, Maegra turned away from Murrat & Arella, and went to see what was going on. She opened the door to find yet another man, standing outside, and looking rather weary.

"Welcome to Travelers Rest, can I help you?"

02/23/2005 1:42 PM

"Nice house you have," Bryan said as the door opened, then immediately pushed his way in. Inside, there appeared to be some sort of celebration, of which Bryan thought was held in his occasion. He quickly paced around the room, greeting each person in turn, then came to a halt near the door and bowed low, his green cloak flying over his head. He straightened up, absently sending the cloak back over his shoulder and regarding the gathering with open arms and a warm smile.

"It seems I was expected," he called to the gathering, a crooked smile slowly forming on his face. "Though I am sorry to inform everyone that my birthday was yesterday," he said through a chuckle, then became very serious.

"I do suppose it is better late than never," he mumbled to himself, a frown tugging at the once upraised corners of his mouth.

02/23/2005 2:03 PM

When the door opened, Marrin was already on his feet and his hand on the hilt of his sword. After a second of indecision, he finally decided to relax, it was probably just another guest.

Another guest, maybe, but this man was appearently out of his mind!

A ranger or scout, perhaps, Marrin would even strech to say he was a druid the way the man was dressed, but with that entrance... Nevertheless, Marrin wanted some type of company to the bar. Even if this man was way out of his keep.

Approching the man cautiously, Marrin had just heard the man mutter a bit above Marrin's hearing range, and knew what he would get himself into. Without a doubt, the owner of this establishment would deal with him- right now Marrin didn't want to pick fights, or start something by accident, this man might be very strict about his culture and backround no matter how strange he may appear. He was still new and that would get him off to a bad start, to say the least.

Walking caually to the bar, Marrin took a seat in one of the seats. "Hello?" he asked, looking around.

02/23/2005 2:34 PM

Amara greeted the newcomer with only a riased eyebrow and a shake of her head. She glanced quickly out past him, and her brow furrowed with worry at the sight of the reddening sky... Sunset.

She cast Murat a questioning glance, knowing he would understand the glance immediately... she had no desire to scare their patrons to death...she would normally act as a guard, or a pet when in her feline form, but at sunset, she was forced to transform, no matter where she was, or what she was doing. Though she could easily revert back to this human form, she prefered not to scare anyone unless she had to.

02/23/2005 3:58 PM

"Eh?" Bryan muttered aloud as he heard the man near him call out. The ranger turned his head around, crooning his neck, to distinguish the source. "You okay," the ranger asked aloud, projecting his voice towards the man that had seated himself nearby. Bryan's eyebrow furrowed as he regarded the man, he had to be a bit “loopy“, who else would randomly call out a hello?

02/23/2005 5:41 PM

Marrin looked around and thought to himself there was no going back after this. "Um, hello, stranger, would you like a drink? I can pay your tab if you don't have much in the way of currency." There. That was a nice way to say hello. Why, if Marrin walked into a bar and someone asked to pay his tab for him, he would be very thankful. Then again... In some cultures it was known as great disrespect to give and recieve help, especially amongst the warrior classes, not him, of course, but others who gave honor more than religion. Marrin sat there quietly and prayed to the light that this man was not one of them.

02/23/2005 5:53 PM

"A drink?" The ranger replied inquisitively, raising an eyebrow at the man beside him. "Let me think on it a moment," he finally stated, turning his back to the man. Bryan's arms pumped rapidly up and down as he had a conversation with himself, would he take the drink or no? He quickly spun back around, his green cloak trailing behind him. He looked the man in the eyes, could there be any deceit behind his intentions?

"Yes, I would like a drink," he calmly said, which contrasted strongly with the gleeful, almost ecstatic look on his face and wild, wide open eyes.

02/24/2005 9:30 AM

There may be hope for this man. Sure, he was crazy, without a doubt, but he was still human. And he liked to drink, that had to be a plus. He turned to the bar, and asked "Hello?" Again to the bar this time, hoping to garner the attention of the bar's service. Whoever handled this place will get here eventually Marrin thought to himself. Anyway, he could busy himself with figuring this man out.

"So, ah, where do you come from?" Marrin asked neviously; He still didn't know much about this man, and some people could find offense with your nicest tone if they were spoiling for a fight. This fellow didn't seem like that type of person, but worrying was one of Marrin's favorite hobbies, even if he didn't admit it to himself.

02/24/2005 1:20 PM

"I come from..." the man trailed off, scrunching his brow and squinting his eyes. He remained silent a few moments, staring blankly at the wall, then shrugged his shoulders at the question.

"Where do you come from?" He asked with a childish tone and boyish grin, thinking he had successfully dodged the question.

02/25/2005 12:05 PM

This man was certainly more fun to be around then any of the monks Marrin smiled to himself. "I'm a Paladin. I come from far away from these parts, and I help those who follow the order of the light. I was raised in a castle, to be a lord but find more comfort in the way of the light. So instead I decided to join a very important Paladin, Sir Grahin, and follow his ways."

"Anyway," Marrin turned back to this stranger, "You still have not answered my question. Now, where do you come from?"

02/25/2005 6:25 PM

"I come from..." Bryan trailed off again as he pondered the question. His eyes quickly darted from one corner of the room to another, searching desperately for any sort of escape. He slowly rose to his feet, feigning to stretch, then immediately sprinted off towards the window and dived head first as he approached the windowpane.

The glass shattered all around him as he gracefully touched down, tucking his legs into his chest and front rolling to come back to his feet. A wave of disorientation washed over him as he stumbled towards the woods, occasionally putting an arm down to keep from falling over.

02/26/2005 9:24 AM

Marrin watched as his mouth became very tight. After the stranger jumped though the window, his eye twitched, and he looked back at the bar. "Whats your strongest drink? Whatever it is, give me two!" Good light, if the vacation continues like this...

I think I had an easier time with those monks! Marrin's voice in his head exploded. Maybe a good night's sleep would help clear his mind...

04/28/2005 1:30 PM

"I come from..." Bryan trailed off again as he pondered the question. His eyes quickly darted from one corner of the room to another, searching desperately for any sort of escape. He slowly rose to his feet, feigning to stretch, then immediately sprinted off towards the window and dived head first as he approached the windowpane.

The glass shattered all around him as he gracefully touched down, tucking his legs into his chest and front rolling to come back to his feet. A wave of disorientation washed over him as he stumbled towards the woods, occasionally putting an arm down to keep from falling over.

As he lept out, he accidentally bumped into Aisha. She fell to the ground, barely even seeing who it was. By the time she realized what happened, he was gone. She barged into the building, slamming the door behind her.

"Did anyone else see that jerk?! He just ran straight into me! God, I hate idiots..."

She continued to fume as she went over to the counter.

"Gimmie a bottle of scotch and a glass." She dropped a silver coin onto the table and sat, arms crossed, staring at the counter. She had a large pout on her face.

04/29/2005 3:47 PM

Arella jumped at the sound of the slamming door. She watched the newest patron walk into the bar and practically march over to the counter and plop into a chair. Looking around the tavern for the others, Arella realized that she was the only employee present. Where did everyone scamper off to? she thought to herself. Deciding that she might as well make herself useful, she made her way behind the counter, keeping enough distance from the newcomer to prevent the intrusion of any visions or other sensations.

Arella looked at the silver coin on the table, having no idea if that was enough for what she ordered. She shrugged her shoulders and figured someone would be back soon who could straighten everything out. She pulled out a glass from the shelf above the counter and set it down in front of the stranger. She thought she'd try to get her talking while she searched under the counter for some scotch. She thought she remembered what color it was, but wasn't certain. Arella offered the new patron a smile and said sympathetically, "Rough day?"

04/30/2005 8:41 PM

"Rough day?"

Hmph. First, I ran into a tree while backing up from a game animal that happened to be in a bad mood, then, I cut my leg while chopping wood for a friend who was disabled at the time, after that I...

She continued on with a large list of random, yet petty problems for the next few minutes. All the while, she never even looked at who she was talking to. After she was finished, she asked simply...

"How 'bout you?"

05/01/2005 11:23 AM

Since the patron wasn't looking at her, Arella was able to search for the Scotch under the counter while the newcomer continued to rattle on about her day. Finally locating a bottle that was half-full, she reached down to pull it from its resting place and set it down in front of the customer.

"Wow, you've had a busy day. I hope this drink well help to take the edge off it for you." Removing the stopper to the bottle, she poured some Scotch into the glass, filling it to the half-way mark. She re-stopped the bottle and continued, "I arrived here today myself, and have decided to stick around for a while, working for Murat." She glanced around the room for the large man, but didn't seen him anywhere. "He's the owner of this establishment, and seems to keep everything running smoothly. His staff helps to keep everyone in line, so it's a restful place for everyone to come." Arella said that last part more for her benefit that the patron's. She herself had been through an eventful day and needed to feel like she was making the right choice to stay at the Inn for a time.

Feeling a bit awkward talking about herself, Arella looked back to the woman. "Have you been here before, or are you a first timer too? My name is Arella, by the way."

05/01/2005 4:25 PM

Aisha took a sip of the scotch and felt the smooth drink slide down her throat. She sat there for a moment, thinking about whether or not she really wanted to get into a conversation with this girl. Finally, she resolved to answer.

" My name is Aisha, pleased to meet you... and yeah, I come here once a month to rest up, stock up, and get myself together. Other than that, I'm out on the open road, looking for stuff to do. Say, do you have any rooms for rent for a few nights?"

She pulled out her bag of money, and shoved her hand into it, searching for some coins.

05/01/2005 9:14 PM

"Well met, Aisha" Arella said in a conversational tone. She wondered what it would be like to live out on the open road, not really having a specific place to go or regular responsibilities to attend to. She thought it would be freeing and frightening at the same time. Growing up, she always thought of herself as a bit of a wanderer - but she'd only left the orphanage this very morning, and had already found steady employment. Even if it is in a foreign land she thought to herself.

In response to her question regarding the room, Arella thought for a moment. She didn't recall anyone saying the all the rooms were taken, so she took a gamble and said "I do believe we have a few available. What kind of accommidations would you like?" Since she was a regular at the Inn, she should have a preference. At least, I hope she does she thought to herself. Murat never got around to giving me that tour, so I haven't a clue what any of our rooms look like! She shook her head and laughed a little at herself - how did she always seem to manage to get herself into these kinds of situations?

05/02/2005 7:14 PM

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"I think I will have the presidential suite. I got a "raise" you could say. I came here to celebrate. So, how long have you been working here? I don't think I saw your face before..."

She finished looking through her bag and pulled out a small, round, crystal disc. She placed it on the table.

"It's a jewel, custom cut. Tell your bossman it should pay off my tab as well. If not, he should know how to find me."

With that, she gathered her things and stood up, watching to see if the bartender would lead her to her room.

05/02/2005 9:01 PM

(OOC: Ha, thanks - it's kinda like watching the odometer change on your car, and hoping you don't ram into someone while you're staring at the numbers instead of the road. ;) )

We have a presidential suite? Arella thought to herself. Finally realizing she couldn't bluff her way through this much longer, Arella sighed and leaned in a bit closer to Aisha. "Well, when I said I'd arrived today, I really meant that - and I've arrived for the first time." She looked around the room briefly then returned her gaze to Aisha. "I left my homeland this morning, came through the portal out of curiosity. And now, several hours later I find myself serving Scotch to, well, someone not quite human, in an Inn that I said I'd work in for a while - though I haven't been shown where anything is." Using her fingertips to massage her temples, Arella sighed once again.

Reaching out to take the disc Aisha left on the table, Arella was surprised by the weight of it. It felt heavier than it appeared to be. She dismissed the thought, saying to herself it was one of the many random ones she'd had today. Seeing Aisha was gathering up her things, Arella knew what was expected. "Well," she said with a laugh, "I guess I'll get the tour afterall. I know the rooms are upstairs, but I'm not sure where the suite is you've referred to. How about if we just take the stairs up until we find the one you like?" Arella would normally have not been so open about herself or her circumstances with a stranger, but something within her told her that beneath Aisha's distracted exterier was someone who was observant, trustworthy, and perhaps even kind. Murat would not allow any trouble makers to return to the Inn - so the simple fact that she was a regular said a lot about her. Arella headed to the bottom of the stairs and looked over her shoulder to see if Aisha would follow.

05/04/2005 3:49 PM

(OOC: Sounds like fun.)

(I'm just going to assume that Arella is walking with Aisha.)

Aisha walked over to the stairs by Arella and started up them. She walked back a few of the uglier looking doors to one that was a little more beautiful. Made of rare black ash, it had gold encrusted leaves adorning it, and a very intricate door knob handle. Aisha jiggled the handle a little, and, finding that it was locked, turned to Arella.

"I guess this is the place, but I don't have a key. How about you?"

05/04/2005 7:44 PM

Arella followed Aisha's lead, taking in the rooms as she passed them, trying to remember what she was seeing. When Aisha stopped at the nicer looking door, Arella wasn't prepared for the sudden halt and nearly rammed into her. She stopped herself just before they collided into each other, but she had now become close enough to have her senses stirred.

Feeling her eyes glaze over, Arella saw several images flash in front of her. Dark leather-like wings, shadows that hid things, three figures seeming to fight for the occupancy of a single space - human, demon, and some taller creature with pointed ears. And in the midst of the shadow, she sensed a void. A void of longing? Something within that void was in desperate need of something.

As she heard Aisha's question about the key, Arella shook her head slightly and refocused her vision. "Key?" she said rather absently. "Um, no. I don't have a key. But I did see some keys around here." She paused for a moment, "OH! I remember! I'll be right back - sit tight." When Arella reached the bottom of the stairs, she headed to the supply room. Against the wall behind a lockbox of sorts, she saw several keys. One of them seemed more elaborate than the others, so she assumed that was the one she wanted. She quickly grabbed it and made her way back up the stairs.

Seeing Aisha waiting there caused her to wonder what all those images were about, but she knew they wouldn't intrude again, since those sensations typically only occurred during a first meeting. Forcing a smile on her face, she said "here we go - let's give this a try." She put the key into the door handle, and heard the click of the latch unlocking. "Seems, to be right!" she said enthusiastically. She opened the door and motioned for Aisha to head in first.

05/09/2005 1:08 PM

Aisha walked in and set her stuff down on the bed. The room was beautiful. Actually, she had been expecting something a little less elaborate than this. She walked around, observing things and making note of where everything was. She turned and looked back at Arella. "Thank you. I will be having some friends up here, so let us know if we get too loud for the other people who are staying here. She gave Arella a tip of three gold coins. She gave Arella an odd look, as if she was trying to figure something out. Then, she shut the door and began to unpack her few belongings.

A few minutes later, a couple of women, looking much like Aisha walked in, followed by a man. The man had a purplish tint to his skin, and was covered in a black, runic - like tatooes. He had a blindfold on, but somehow, could still see, or at least sense, everything around him. He carried a blade in each hand. The weapons had the handle at the center, with the actual blades curving away from it. The blades themselves had the same runic engravings and looked to be extremely sharp. He wore a tattered shirt and pants. They, like his hair, were jet black.

The group walked upstairs and searched for Aisha's room, paying no heed to anyone in their path, simply pushing them aside. They knocked on her door, and were let in.

05/11/2005 5:23 PM

Arella watched Aisha's reaction to the room and let out a small sigh of relief. She seems pleased she thought to herself. As Aisha held out her hand toward her, Arella opened her palm below hers to accept what she was being handed. She heard the clink of metal and pulled the three gold coins closer to herself to get a better look. She had a feeling the tip was quite generous, but not knowing anything about this world's currency, she wasn't sure how generous it was. "Thank you, Aisha" she responded a bit shyly, "It's certainly not necessary, but it is appreciated." Especially being new in this strange world and not having a penny - or whatever they call it - to my name. she thought.

She sensed Aisha's odd look, and stood impassively under her gaze. After a moment she responded, "if there's anything else you require, I'll be downstairs." Nodding to her with a smile, Arella backed out of the room and closed the door behind her.

Walking back down the stairs, Arella looked again for Murat and the rest of the staff. "Where in the world did they go?" she said quietly. "Oh well," she muttered, "might as well go back behind the bar & make myself useful again." She stood behind the counter, taking in the room again, and waiting to see if anyone would need her services.

Using a wet rag to wipe down the bar, Arella heard the sound of the door opening and looked up. She stopped mid-swipe with her rag as she took in the new arrivals. A couple of women and a man with - purple skin?? What, pray tell, have I gotten myself into? she thought with a twinge of fear. She was initially concerned at seeing his blindfold, but then realized that he seemed to be with the women willingly. She had no idea if these people were in the current world or had come through the portal, but she decided at that moment she would attend to whomever walked through those doors.

Continuing to wipe down the bar, Arella watched out of the corner of her eye as the group headed upstairs. "Must be Aisha's friends" she muttered. Shrugging her shoulders, she went back to the task at hand, trying to wipe out the traces of a wet glass ring that was stubbornly sticking to the counter.

05/16/2005 3:16 PM

A girl dressed in as a Shinto priest carrying a simple looking staff lept out of the porthole. She paused to catch her breath and survey her surroundings. Unlike the training grounds, they were 100% monkey free. She noted the inn before her. 'Good location,' she noted.

A bit on the tattered and battered from the experiment that had become the monkey fiasco, she stumbled inside and sat at a table. She needed food drink and some time to fix that monkey control driver.

She cycled her augmented eyes through several portions of the electomagnetic spectum not available to the standard human eye and cataloged the conscealed weapons and anomalous energy patterns coming from the people present. She hoped they were peaceful, she didn't feel like dealing with anymore fiascos right now.

05/16/2005 8:29 PM

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Satisfied that the bar was in proper order, Arella looked up just as the main door had opened. Seeing the newest patron come in, Arella didn't even bother to look around for the rest of the staff. She'd managed so far on her own, so figured she might as well keep enduring this trial-by-fire. Snickering to herself she thought, I just hope I don't manage to burn this place down in the process!

Waiting until the new patron had settled into a seat at a nearby table, Arella wiped her hands clean on the dish cloth she'd found under the bar. Placing it back under the bar, she made her way over to the newcomer.

Being certain to remain far enough away to prevent the intrusion of any sights or sensations, Arella made sure the newcomer could tell she was addressing her. "Welcome to the Traveler's Rest Inn" she spoke with a cherry voice. "How may we be of service to you this eve?" She waited to see what the newest addition to the Inn would be in need of.

05/17/2005 4:33 PM

"I am Priestess Nisemono," she replied holding out her hand. "I'm pleased to meet you. I need a dark German bier, a room for the night, and some information if you have it. I'm looking for Cyberpunk activity. Have you seen any?

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05/17/2005 6:57 PM

The man with purple skin stood up straight and sniffed. He walked towards the door, still sniffing at the air.

"What is it?" asked Aisha.

"Someones here... I caught her scent, and I don't like it..." He replied. He opened the door and walked out.

Aisha followed him out, staying about ten feet behind him. What could the problem be? The man, whos name turned out to be Raine, went down the stairs and turned the corner. He sat down at a table casually and glanced over in the direction of the newcomer. Aisha sat down near him, also watching the girl.

05/17/2005 7:30 PM

Leo stood at crest of a hill overlooking a town he had yet to occupy. He smiled at the possibilty for a comfortable bed and a strong drink. He sat for a moment and stared at the layout of the town until it was imprinted on his memory, one never knew when that kind of knowledge might not only come in handy but be vital. He stood and marked the position of what appeared to be a inn of good size. He started the short journey down the hill at a slight jog.

After a short while Leo neared the main intrance of the inn. He checked his surroundings as he approached the sturdy door. He noticed an odd looking pair leaving but payed little heed to them other then to keep one eye upon them. The yard of the building seemed well kept...except for one rather molested looking thorn bush. He stopped before entering and removed the leather and steal headband for a moment to attempt to tame his slightly dishevled shoulder lenght auburn hair. He slid the headband back on and readjusted his sword. He pushed open the door and walked in, stopping in the entryway for a moment to gauge his surroundings with one hand resting lightly on the hilt of his sword. He breathed in deeply inhaling the inns aroma. It smelt and looked rather comfortable. He walked slowly but purposefully towards the bar. He sat down and looked around for service.

05/17/2005 8:50 PM

"I am Priestess Nisemono," she replied holding out her hand. "I'm pleased to meet you. I need a dark German bier, a room for the night, and some information if you have it. I'm looking for Cyberpunk activity. Have you seen any?

Arella instinctively began to reach out her hand to the Priestess, but then pulled it back inward before they touched. She cursed herself silently, knowing she was soon going to have to work out some way to control her sensations, or keep from having contact with anyone without somehow offending them. She waited until the patron had finished speaking before she spoke in return.

"Sorry for not returning the hand-shake" she said quietly as she held both hands behind her back, "I'm afraid they're a little greasy from the kitchen." She hoped the priestess wouldn't sense the untruth in her statement, and felt the same kind of guilt she experienced whenever she'd lied to one of the Sisters at the orphanage. Smiling in a way that communicated warmth, Arella continued, "I'm not sure if we have German beer here, but I can bring you a strong dark ale that should suffice. We do have rooms available, I can show you one after you've had a moment to rest."

Arella paused for a moment, then continued, "as for the information you seek - I'm afraid I'm rather new to these parts myself, so I can't tell you much about the area. You might be able to pick up on something if you listen to the conversation in the room." Arella shrugged her shoulders and said, "I'll be right back with your ale, Priestess." She then turned from the table and headed straight for the bar.

05/17/2005 9:12 PM

The man with purple skin stood up straight and sniffed. He walked towards the door, still sniffing at the air.

"What is it?" asked Aisha.

"Someones here... I caught her scent, and I don't like it..." He replied. He opened the door and walked out.

Aisha followed him out, staying about ten feet behind him. What could the problem be? The man, whos name turned out to be Raine, went down the stairs and turned the corner. He sat down at a table casually and glanced over in the direction of the newcomer. Aisha sat down near him, also watching the girl.

As Arella made her way back to the bar to fetch the Priestess' ale, she nearly rammed right into the tall man with purple skin. "OH!" She gasped just before they made contact. "My apologies, sir, I was so intent upon my destination, I wasn't watching where I was going." Seeing Aisha coming down the steps right behind him, Arella breathed a sign of relief. She stepped out of the way as they both went to sit down at the table, nodding silently to Aisha as she walked by. She knew Aisha would motion to her if she needed anything.

Continuing her mission to find ale, Arella stepped behind the bar and began looking at the barrels against the wall. Not sure which one would be ale, she grabbed a clean mug from under the counter, and pressed down on the lever connected to the middle barrel. A dark foamy liquid came out, so Arella continued to fill the mug. When it was full, she pulled it to her nose and gingerly sniffed it. "Whew" she said quietly, "smells pretty strong to me." Hoping the Priestess would accept the mug, she turned around to make her way back to the patron's table.

Before she got very far, she noticed another patron had entered the Inn. Drat! she thought to herself, did someone put a revolving door on this place?? She paused a moment to observe the newcomer. Her eyes slid down to his hand which rested on the hilt of his sword, but she did not feel threatened by that action. Looking around the main room, Arella laughed to herself, I'd want to be armed around this motley crew too! As he walked toward the bar and seated himself, Arella smiled in a warm and welcoming way. "Be with you in just a moment sir, after I have served the lady." She nodded to him slightly as she made her way to the Priestess' table.

Setting down the mug gently, she said "here you are. I'm not sure if it's German, but it should certainly qualify as strong." She waited a moment to see if the Priestess would take a taste of the dark liquid in her mug.

05/17/2005 9:13 PM

“I never get lost...” Khalad mumbled to no one. “Aphrael? This is your fault. I don’t know how exactly, but I am sure that this is some how your doing.” He took a long swig from his last skin of water, and looked down the dusty, grass covered hill. At the bottom of the path he was following, a building, that looked to be an Inn. He looked back the way he had come. Not a single hoof print to show that he and his horse had stood in any other spot than the one he occupied at this moment. It was as if he and his horse had suddenly appeared in that place between one blink and the next.

Off to what he guessed was the west, the sun was setting quickly… the night fast approaching. He knew the Child-Goddess Aphrael was fond of tricks, but he never thought she would magic him off to some corner of .. somewhere, without directions. He looked past the Inn, where a dense forest began. It was obvious that there were trails which lead into the wood, but he could see to that the wood appeared dense, overgrown with underbrush. The woods were not likely going to be a good bet in the dark. With the stars beginning to appear, and his rations nearly depleted, Khalad shrugged. “No help for it I suppose.” He touched his heels to Faranson’s flanks, and the horse obediently began to walk down towards the building.

“You know… I didn’t ask for this. I just told Sparhawk that things were a little slow right now. I wasn’t asking to be sent on an errand Aphrael.” In the breeze, Khalad thought he could hear a mocking little trill on the familiar pipes. He ignored the bait and continued on.

In about a quarter of an hour, he reached the building, which hadn’t seemed as large as it suddenly did. He spotted the stables immediately, but no groom or stable boy. Picking an empty stall, he lead Faranson inside, unsaddled his massive war horse, and put a bag of feed over the horse’s nose. Throwing his pack and axe over his left shoulder, Khalad found what seemed to be the door. When he reached towards it, the door seemed to vanish. From inside the now open doorway, he could hear various bits of conversation, the crackle of a fire, and familiar smells of good food.

He stepped through the door.

05/18/2005 6:32 AM

Setting down the mug gently, she said "here you are. I'm not sure if it's German, but it should certainly qualify as strong." She waited a moment to see if the Priestess would take a taste of the dark liquid in her mug.

Nisemono took a sip.

"Mmm, strong enough flavor to knock over a horse, dark enough to eat your soul, and almost thick enough for chopsticks. I approve," she said smiling to the girl.

She looked over at the man entering the room. 'Dayum that's a big Smurf!' she thought to herself. She switched her eyes to the non visible spectrum. There were interesting things to see, but she didn't have a clue what they meant. That was the problem with being a prototype

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05/18/2005 2:16 PM

Leo sat at the bar examining his surroundings while he waited for the serving girl to get to him. He watched her as she carried away a glass of dark ale and his mouth instantly felt dry. He turned and examined the patrons, they certainly were a diverse bunch.

Leo smiled as he noticed the girl approaching the bar once more, The warmth in the simple expression seemed to light his face up and made him look more his age.

"Good Evening" Leo spoke cheerfully to the approaching servent.

05/18/2005 5:59 PM

Nisemono took a sip.

"Mmm, strong enough flavor to knock over a horse, dark enough to eat your soul, and almost thick enough for chopsticks. I approve," she said smiling to the girl.

She looked over at the man entering the room. 'Dayum that's a big Smurf!' she thought to herself. She switched her eyes to the non visible spectrum. There were interesting things to see, but she didn't have a clue what they meant. That was the problem with being a prototype

Arella laughed whole-heartedly at the Priestess' comment about the ale. "I'm glad it meets with your approval, my lady. I just hope it doesn't gobble up all of your soul!" Still smiling, she followed the Priestess' glance to the man with the purple skin. She couldn't help but notice that they seemed to be watching one another. I hope there will be no trouble here Arella thought to herself. She looked around again briefly for Murat or the bouncer she'd heard of, but didn't see either of them. Shrugging mentally, she thought to herself, this place has a reputation of not tolerating trouble - so I'm going to have to depend on that reputation to enforce good behavior for everyone. Smiling again at Nisemono, Arella spoke softly, "if you need anything else, just wave me down. We've had a few more patrons come in, so I need to tend to their needs." She gave a final smile and turned back toward the bar.

Leo sat at the bar examining his surroundings while he waited for the serving girl to get to him. He watched her as she carried away a glass of dark ale and his mouth instantly felt dry. He turned and examined the patrons, they certainly were a diverse bunch.

Leo smiled as he noticed the girl approaching the bar once more, The warmth in the simple expression seemed to light his face up and made him look more his age.

"Good Evening" Leo spoke cheerfully to the approaching servent.

"Good eve to you, sir" Arella responded kindly. It's evening already? she thought, where has the time gone? Maintaining eye contact, she continued "Welcome to the Traveler's Rest Inn. Have you been here before, or is this your first time?"

As she awaited the gentleman's response, she saw out of the corner of her eye someone step into the main room from the stable entrance. He seemed to be taking in his surroundings, so she chose not to acknowledge him while she waited for the man before her to respond. She did however, make sure to be aware of his presence, since no one else had entered in that way thus far. Better to err on the side of caution than misplaced trust she thought to herself.

05/18/2005 7:42 PM

He stepped through the door.

Khalad looked around the common room and took in the sights and smells. A tiny itch started on the back of his neck. Someone was looking at him in an odd fashion. Not threatening, he could always tell when someone was considering doing violence on him. Not.. not violent. Sizing up he guessed. Well, it’s an inn he thought to himself. Bound to have some of that. He shrugged off the feeling and continued looking around the common room.

His eyes took in the crowd and the layout. He spotted an empty table near the corner and started towards it. As he stepped through the portal and it sealed behind him. When he turned and looked, there didn’t seem to be a door of any kind. The wall was smooth, unbroken plaster. He wondered silently if Aphrael could do that trick, and could he get her to do it to his farm house. Khalad noted a young-looking woman who seemed to be the serving girl. Not only did he want food and something to drink, but he was going to be needing a room for the night.

“Her hair… “ he marveled quietly. Moving to the table he had selected, Khalad sat down, put his pack on the floor near his feet. She was busy. There were a lot of people in the room, and he didn’t want to impose. Khalad withdrew the bottle of oil and a cloth from his pack, and laid them on the table. He took a sharpening stone from the pack as well, undid his axe, and began to hone he blade. When he had gotten the tiny nicks out of the blade, he daubed some oil on the cloth and polished the metal. Replacing the items, he then removed a map case from his pack, took out several, and laid them on the table before him and studying them intently.

Unable to find any corresponding points on any of maps that matched his current location, he sighed heavily and looked up. Khalad watched as the blond girl moved quickly between the patrons. He noted that she very carefully wasn’t touching anyone. Each time the possibility of contact arose, she avoided it. Interesting. He would have to remember that when she came to his table, not to touch her.

05/19/2005 2:32 AM

The man, whos name turned out to be Raine, went down the stairs and turned the corner. He sat down at a table casually and glanced over in the direction of the newcomer. Aisha sat down near him, also watching the girl.

Nisemono watched the purple guy and a girl sit in the corner and pretend to not watch her. 'The guy is clearly slightly agitated,' she thought to herself, 'but as long as they are content to only watch, I may as well look into that monkey control driver.'

A screen juxtaposed itself in her vision and she had it display the code. To the world it appeared she was staring into space and sipping on her ale.

05/19/2005 1:43 PM

Leo's smile broadened.
"This is my first time here..." he trailed off gazing into the eyes of the attractive girl.
"My name is Leo, and yours?" He asked holding out his hand. He gave her his most charming smile as he did so and once more the apparent age appeared to melt away revealing his true youth.

05/20/2005 10:32 AM

Leo's smile broadened.
"This is my first time here..." he trailed off gazing into the eyes of the attractive girl.
"My name is Leo, and yours?" He asked holding out his hand. He gave her his most charming smile as he did so and once more the apparent age appeared to melt away revealing his true youth.

Arella maintained eye contact with Leo as he introduced himself. She tilted her head slightly as he seemed to grow younger somehow. She wasn't sure if it was actually happening, or if it was simply one of her visions. Seeing his outstretched hand, Arella looked down at hers and said, "Sorry - I'm afraid it's sticky with ale. Wouldn't wanna get any of that on you!" She laughed gently as she reached for a towel from under the bar and wiped her hands on it, hoping Leo would pull his hand back. "I'm Arella" she continued. "Are you here for a drink and meal, or will you be needing a room for the night as well?"

As they were exchanging pleasantries, Arella noticed the man who had entered from the stables had made his way to a corner table. She thought she felt his eyes linger upon her a bit longer than necessary, but dismissed the thought quickly, assuming it was simply because he was wanting to determine who would be serving him. As he pulled out his axe, she felt her eyes widen slightly, but then she realized he only meant to sharpen it. Seeing the other items he had with him, she sighed to herself just another traveller - which is just the kind of person this establishment serves.

05/20/2005 10:44 AM

Leo turned his hand up and looked at it with a slightly confused expression at his hand to see if anything was on it...it looked fine to him, but then why had it seemed to him that she'd given it an odd look, no matter.

"Well...Its a fine pleasure to make your aquaintence Arella. I b'lieve Ill be starting with a pint and than see where it goes from there."

05/20/2005 1:43 PM

Arella winced slightly as she saw Leo examine his hand. I've really got to find a way to get around this! she said to herself, feeling exasperated. She smiled at him again, allowing the warmth of her smile to be seen in her eyes. She hoped he was able to feel that warmth from her somehow.

At his request for a pint, Arella nodded. "I've got just the thing for you." She grabbed a mug and turned around to the middle barrel behind her. Filling it carefully with the dark fluid, she turned back around and placed it before Leo. "Word around here is that this stuff is dark enough to gobble a bit of your soul away. I hope it's to your liking. Now if you'll pardon me, I need to make the rounds. But if you need anything else, just wave me down and I'll get to you as soon as I can." Nodding her head to him in farewell, Arella stepped out from behind the bar and headed toward the newest arrival.

As she approached the table, she took in his appearance, his belongings, and wondered what journey he was on that would have him studying his maps so intently. Not sure if he'd sensed her approach, she spoke softly in an effort to avoid startling him. "Good eve to you sir, my apologies for the wait. We seem to be a bit short-handed right now." Offering a polite smile, she continued, "What is it that you require?"

05/20/2005 10:53 PM

Leo gratefully accepted the mug from Arella with a wide smile in response to the warm one she had given him
"Thank you" He replied and then as she walked away he couldnt help but laugh to the mug. "As if there is anything of it left for you to take" He said in a self damning voice as he took a deep swallow.

05/21/2005 10:29 AM

As she approached the table, she took in his appearance, his belongings, and wondered what journey he was on that would have him studying his maps so intently. Not sure if he'd sensed her approach, she spoke softly in an effort to avoid startling him. "Good eve to you sir, my apologies for the wait. We seem to be a bit short-handed right now." Offering a polite smile, she continued, "What is it that you require?"

Khalad looked up as the girl with the beautiful voice spoke to him. "I am sure you can tell I'm not from around here. Actually I am not exactly sure where "here" is. I was on the road to my Chapterhouse in Elenia. And then, suddenly, the surroundings began change. No matter which way I turned, I ended up at the top of the hill, where the road leads down to here. I have a feeling that I am the brunt of a Heavenly joke."

As he spoke, Khalad began to wrap up his maps, and return them to their case. As he did so, he noted that this girl seemed quite harried, and if maybe she could use some help around here.

"My circumstances being what they are, I wonder if I can even offer payment for a night's lodging, and food, for myself and my horse. Is gold worth anything here? If not, I would be willing to take a turn at the forge, or in the stables. " A slight smile played at his lips, pretty much the friendliest gesture that he felt he could offer at this point. He was seriously out of his element, which always put him at odds.

"So, while I have fairly meager belongings in the pack here, I can offer a variety of services in trade for what i mentioned."

He left it hanging there, waiting, hoping that she might be able to pass on a clue as to why Aphrael pretty much dumped on the doorstep here.

05/22/2005 11:31 AM

Arella tilted her head slightly as the new patron spoke to her. She had no idea where Elenia was, but could certainly identify with his feelings of disorientation. Of course, she thought to herself, I could simply walk through the portal and go back to Earth, but it seems that he does not have that option. She also understood what it felt like to be a pawn in someone else's grand game of life.

At his suggestion to offer his service in exchange for food and lodging, Arella stepped a bit closer to him. Not close enough to be overcome with her sensations, but she found she could often sense whether the words spoken by others were truthful. That talent had its drawbacks, since she had no way of knowing what part of a person's story was untrue when she sensed a lie - but it at least let her know how honest a person was being with her. As she opened herself to the energy surrounding him, she did indeed sense the truth and sureness of his words. She decided it would probably be okay to take a bit of a risk with him.

"Well," she spoke softly so others wouldn't overhear, "I've only come to the Traveler's Rest Inn this day myself." She sighed for a moment and muttered to herself, "and it's been a very long day." Looking back to him, she continued "I don't know if I have the authority to hire another person, but for right now, I'm the only staff member present. We have started getting busy - so I would feel better if someone with your, ah, talents could help me keep an eye on this place." As she spoke the last words, she took in his weapons and appearance, assuming the gist of her point would get across to him.

Arella paused for a moment and then offered, "how about we get you fed, and quench your thirst, and then I can show you a room in the servant's area you can have for the night. Perhaps by morning, someone else from staff will have returned. And if not, well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there."

05/22/2005 12:53 PM

The news that she was also not from around here took him by surprise. She had moved around the Inn, and dealt with each patron as if she had already been doing the job for years. Something about her pulled at him slightly. She seemed harried, underneath the calm exterior, the graceful moves between customers in the Inn, and he wanted to help her.

Khalad marveled again over her hair, and the voice that matched its luxuriant length and color. He wondered where she had come from, and what it might be that was causing her to restrain from touching others. He knew there were many people who had compulsions about being clean, or fears about what others might do to them thus causing them to avoid casual contact, but she seemed a well balanced individual. Maybe its my imagination, he pondered silently. He let the thought slide away from him, and on to the business at hand.

He smiled a bit more at her offer of food and drink, and the opportunity to work in trade for what he needed. He knew she was busy, but it had been a long ride and day for him as well, and the idea of eating was very appealing to him. But he didn’t want to add to her workload. He thought for a second, and came up with a compromise, that eased both his mind and stomach.

“May I make a suggestion? Why don’t I help out for awhile, and when you decide it’s time for you to have some supper, then I will too. I can carry in the various barrels of whatever you need for the bar, and then try and look menacing for anyone who gets a little rowdy. What do you think?”

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05/22/2005 3:13 PM

Arella knew her relief at his offer probably showed upon her face - but she didn't mind. Until that moment, she actually hadn't realized how strained she'd felt. Smiling and nodding in agreement, she said "I think that's a grand idea. Let me show you to the supply storeroom towards the back - your things will be safely kept there until we can get you settled into a room. Once we've done that, I think we'll need to get another barrel of the dark ale out. It seems to be rather popular here tonight." She half-smiled at that, knowing it was party her doing, since that was what she served to those who didn't ask for a specific beverage. But, the patrons seemed to enjoy the ale, so she figured everyone was happy in the end.

Motioning for him to follow her, she turned and headed toward the storeroom where Murat had first had her place her own things. Seeing that people's mugs were beginning to get low on fluid, she quickened her pace a bit. Looking over her shoulder as she walked, she said to him, "My name is Arella, by the way. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

05/22/2005 8:27 PM

“I am called Khalad, my Lady, “ he replied as he picked up his pack and hefted his axe to his shoulder. “ And it’s also my pleasure, to make your acquaintance.”

He followed her to a back room behind the bar. In the middle of the store room, there were many rows of barrels that he assumed were filled with whatever ale-like substance the Inn was serving. On another wall, he noticed racks of what looked to be bottles of wine, some of which were covered in thick layers of dust. On the wall opposite the wines, he could see various bottles of different shapes. Knowing many people favored harder drinks, he guessed that those bottles contained distilled varieties of liquids.

Just inside the doorway, there was a bench, and what seemed like someone’s belongings, Khalad decided they belonged to Arella. He put his down, and stood his axe near the doorway so that he could get to it in a hurry.

“Nice variety of drinks, “ the former squire, now Knight of the Pandion Order commented. “I’ll set my things down here,” he motioned, “and bring out some kegs. Then I’ll try and refill the other bottles behind the bar. After that, I’ll find the kitchen, and see if I can garner some clean mugs for you.” He smiled broadly at her, stood up to his full height and squared his shoulders.

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05/22/2005 8:54 PM

Arella observed Khalad as he took in the appearance of the store room. He seemed to be categorizing what was where - which she supposed was a good sign. And something I didn't bother to do myself she thought wryly.

At his suggestion for restocking the bar and then finding the kitchen, Arella smiled and nodded. "Sounds like a good plan, Khalad. Let's hope we can keep this place running without burning it down." She laughed as she spoke, a gentle laugh that was genuine and not forced. "The kitchen is behind the bar - I have actually been there once today. But perhaps once it quiets down, we can at least grab a little something to eat. In the meantime, I'll head back out to the main room and tend to the patrons. I'm sure several of them have gotten thirsty again." She paused for a moment, eyeing the large man, with an unreadable look on her face. She then turned and headed back out to the main room.

She took a few moments to take in the surroundings - it didn't appear that anyone new had arrived. She made her way back behind the bar, and grabbed the towel from underneath to wipe the counter dry again. She made sure she could see everyone in the tavern, in the event someone needed her services.

05/23/2005 3:02 PM

Leo finished his pint quickly and was looking around for Arella, he hadnt seen where she had gone. He readjusted his sword and stretched as he waited. Then he seen her comming out of a back room. He stood up and approached her.

"'Ello again Arella," He started, "How about another pint?" he asked taking out a coin purse and laying several gold coins on the bar. "Keep the change...tis good luck to tip such a pretty waitress as yourself." He told her with a smile.

05/23/2005 7:44 PM

As Leo approached Arella, she greeted him with a simple smile. She was about to ask him if he wanted a pint of the same ale when he laid the gold coins upon the counter. Her mouth still open, she just stared at them, and felt her eyes widen in surprise.

Trying to recover quickly, she said "master Leo, I assure you such generosity isn't necessary." She tried to think of a graceful way to decline the offer, but she couldn't deny her need for the coins. She still didn't know the currency value of this place, and the only money she had to her name was that which had been given to her by generous customers. Feeling her cheeks flush a bit at the awkwardness of the moment, she did reach forward and slowly take the coins from the counter. As she tucked them away in her belt pouch, she looked up at him, her green eyes seeming to pierce directly through his eyes and into his soul. "May the angels guide you and keep you safe upon your journies, and may the kindness you've shown to a stranger be returned to you tenfold." As she finished speaking, she noticed a stillness in the air - a sense that something had been sealed upon and around him.

Shaking her head a bit to help refocus upon her duties, she went back behind the bar and motioned for Leo to sit back down. "Would you like more of the same? Or perhaps something different? Have you eaten this eve?"

05/23/2005 8:02 PM

Leo smiled but for some reason felt guilty inside...the money he had given her was blood money of sorts...part of the small fortune taken in spoils during his long quest for vengence. It seemed wrong that he should be bestowed such a kind blessing from this benevolent young girl.

"How about...another pint but of something different...surprise me." He told her with a warm charming smile. Then for no reason known to him he held his hand out once more.
"So that we may no longer be strangers" He told her...but he was not exactly why he had just said this..

05/23/2005 8:42 PM

Khalad took a quick look out the door of the store room, and spotted the "ale" barrel. Although he was sure that it wasn't ale as he knew the drink, he had decided that it was likely simpler to just call it ale, than actually ask what it was in reality. He spotted the keg, fixed the details of it in his head, and then turned back to where the barrels were in the room he was in.

He quickly located a group of similar barrels about a third of the way back in the room. Not seeing a barrel cart, he decided he would just have to roll the keg, and shake the contents. He grabbed the ridge, and slowly tilted then lowered it to the ground on its side, rolled it through the door, and up righted it under the bar near the others. Khalad quickly located an unused tap, and hammered it in place with the wooden mallet laying near the pile of bar rags. He grabbed hold of the empty, picked it up and took it the stores area, and left it with the other empty barrels. He repeated the process with another barrel, but since the next keg was still half full, he left it.

Smiling at Arella, and noting the slightly tipsy person at the bar chatting with her, spotted the door into the kitchen. He through it, and was astounded by the number of people working back there. They were all working furiously, preparing foods of every kind. He tried to get someone's attention.

"Excuse me, " he asked a girl as she passed with hands full of bread dough. The girl stopped and looked at him, almost crossly. "Can you point me to the clean mugs? I'm fetching some for Arella." With an almost imperious toss of her head, she pointed Khalad over a few aisles and back a ways, towards what looked like a bank of misty fog. He could hear pots and pans banging together. As he approached, the bank parted somewhat, and he peered inside. Stacks of dishes, both clean and dirty piled on both sides of the largest sink Khalad had ever seen filled his fog-framed vision. In the middle, a small man, who looked vaguely like a Tamul, stood dripping water. The man spoke to Khalad in some language he couldn't understand at all, and seemed irritated with Khalad for intruding. Not flustered or deterred, Khalad replied "I need some clean mugs for the bar." The little man pointed towards the clean pile, from which Khalad got a platter, and then stacked as many mugs on it as he could manage. Turning from the little dish-washer fellow, he navigated his way back to the door into the bar, and deposited the mugs near where Arella was standing.

"There you are. Now for some of those bottles." He looked again to make sure Arella was alright with her chatty patron, and then headed back into the store room.

05/23/2005 9:00 PM

Leo smiled but for some reason felt guilty inside...the money he had given her was blood money of sorts...part of the small fortune taken in spoils during his long quest for vengence. It seemed wrong that he should be bestowed such a kind blessing from this benevolent young girl.

"How about...another pint but of something different...surprise me." He told her with a warm charming smile. Then for no reason known to him he held his hand out once more.
"So that we may no longer be strangers" He told her...but he was not exactly why he had just said this..

Arella thought she sensed a bit of tension from Leo, but it was gone so quickly, she simply dismissed the thought. He seemed comfortable when he suggested she surprise him with a different drink, but she was taken aback at his comment when he held out his hand. Does he know? she thought to herself. Sister Margaret said not everyone would be receptive to my talents and that I should guard them carefully. She looked again into Leo's eyes, and sensed no malice there. Well she thought again, how can I learn about this gift unless I begin to use it more often?

She reached out both of her hands, and clasped them around his outstretched one. Her grip was firm yet gentle, seeking to know what was buried deeply within the soul of this stranger who had been so kind. As she gazed into his eyes, she thought for a moment they appeared haunted - ruled by an odd mixture of determination and fear. It was as if they fed off one another, and eventually came to rule the man who wielded them.

Suddenly there was a succession of images before her - an older boy who appeared not much younger than she herself was now - screaming in terror, rage, fear, hatred, and bathed in agony. An agony of physical, mental, and emotional pain - and agony that seared into the very depths of his soul. She saw images of a man wielding a sword, screaming as a beserker, and then a very old man hunched over a cane, beaten down and wearied by the burden placed upon his back. The final image was of the older boy she'd seen at first, only now he appeared to have a lost look within his eyes.

And as quickly as the images and feelings had come, they were gone. Arella realized that her grip had tightened upon Leo's hand, almost to the point that his fingers had turned white. She loosened her grip quickly, and then held his hand a moment longer before releasing it.

She remained silent for a moment, then said gently to him, "Master Leo, you became what you needed to for a time - to answer a call you had not asked for. But you are not bound to remaining the man you have become. Somewhere deep within you is your true self, and he is only awaiting the proper time to be discovered."

She softened the look in her eyes, and then pointed back to the seat he'd occupied. "Now, let's see what kind of beverage we can surprise you with." She turned to look at the barrels behind her and couldn't help but laugh. She turned back to Leo and said "I haven't a clue what's in any of them - save the middle one. How about we just start at one end and work our way to the other? Then you'll get a variety of surprises and I'll be able to learn what beverage is kept where!"

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05/23/2005 9:21 PM

Turning from the little dish-washer fellow, he navigated his way back to the door into the bar, and deposited the mugs near where Arella was standing.

"There you are. Now for some of those bottles." He looked again to make sure Arella was alright with her chatty patron, and then headed back into the store room.

Khalad had approached just after Arella's suggestion that Leo try something out of each of the barrels. As he set down the clean mugs, Arella spoke loudly enough so other patrons could overhear, "thank you, Khalad. It seems we have a thirsty crowd tonight, and I think we'll put those mugs and bottles to good use!" She knew that Leo wouldn't be a problem, but she didn't want any other patrons thinking the Inn might be an easy target with her there working alone. Seeing the large bulk of Khalad moving in and out of the storeroom should be enough to give any potentional trouble maker second thoughts regarding any plans being made. She smiled again toward the storeroom, thankful that she wasn't going to have to manage the crowd alone.

She then turned back to Leo, waiting to see if he was open to the idea of taste-testing the contents of each of the barrels.

05/24/2005 3:46 PM

Leo was taken aback for a moment, his eyes widened in sudden shock and a bit of fear that he might be discovered for the monster he was. Then at Arella's kind words his facial features returned to normal.
"Tha..thank you...you've given me alot....alot to think about..." he said earnestly. Then lighter
"Id be more then happy to taste test a bit for you." He said with a wide grin.

05/25/2005 3:55 PM

Arella gave Leo a few moments to recover from her statements - it wasn't often that she shared with others what she sensed from them. But I suppose I wouldn't want anyone seeing into the depths of my soul either she thought wryly.

"Well," she said cheerfully as she reached for two clean mugs, "let's try these first two barrels and see what we get!" She placed the mug under the first barrel, and a light yellow liquid came out. Peering into the glass, she didn't see much of a white fizz on top, nor did it seem to have a very strong odor. Holding both mugs in her left hand by their handles, she pushed on the tap in the second barrel for the next mug. Something more of a lighter brown came out - and it had somewhat of a bitter smell to it.

Turning around with a bit of a smirk on her face, she said "Well, Leo, you're braver than I am. Take a swig of these two and tell me what they taste like, and what you think they might be." She set the mugs before him and waited to see what his verdict would be.

05/25/2005 4:25 PM

The man with purple skin watched as the girl stared into space. He sniffed the air again, without moving his head at all. He closed his eyes for a moment, barely even breathing. After about a minute, he opened them again and looked at the girl.

"Aisha, I think she's the someone we're looking for. Go try to figure it out."

Aisha seemed to have read his mind in regards to what he wanted her to do. She stood up and walked over to the counter.

"Hey Arella, I noticed you were having some trouble. I guess they left you without any instructions, huh? You want some help?"

05/25/2005 7:01 PM

Leo sipped the first mug and set it down thoughtfully
"Tastes like....a weak beer." Then the second..." Ale....light ale but not bad at all." He said draining the rest of the mug. He glanced at the woman who had approached Arella and, reflexively, slowly and discreetly set a light hand upon the hilt of his bastard sword.

05/26/2005 10:24 AM

Leo sipped the first mug and set it down thoughtfully
"Tastes like....a weak beer." Then the second..." Ale....light ale but not bad at all." He said draining the rest of the mug.

"Weak beer, light ale. Got it. But if the one next to the light ale is the dark stuff, I wonder what's in those other two barrels? I can't imagine anything darker than the stuff that's supposed to nibble at your soul!" She laughed as she finished speaking, and then turned when she noticed Aisha walking toward her.

"Hey Arella, I noticed you were having some trouble. I guess they left you without any instructions, huh? You want some help?"

Arella regarded Aisha as she spoke. Good grief she thought to herself it won't be long before every patron here is helping out instead of just being a customer. But, so far the people I've talked to have seemed trustworthy - so why not keep risking a bit more?

Smiling, she said to Aisha, "Truth be told, I do feel a little abandoned here. Seeing as you've been here before, anything you could offer would be much appreciated." She motioned to Leo and said, "This is Leo and he's helping me to figure out what's in each of these barrels. I'd be easier if they were labeled, but I guess the staff knows what beverage is where."

Looking back to Leo, Arella noticed he had moved his hand to the hilt of his sword. Hoping not to draw attention to that fact, she continued, "Leo, this is Aisha."

05/26/2005 2:20 PM

"Good 'ay Aisha as you may have just picked up I am Leo." He said cheerily holding out the hand that had previously been on his sword hilt.

05/29/2005 12:12 PM

Khalad looked around the back room. At the end of the wall lined with bottles of fine wines, he found a wooden crate. He picked it up and began to liberally grab some of the bottles off the racks, not really caring if they were dust-covered or not, and not bothering to read the labels. He went from back to front, picking the bottles that first caught his eye as he walked.

With the box full of bottles, he turned and carried it back out towards the doorway into the common room, careful not to clink the bottles to much. Perfumed by fermented grape drink was not how he wanted to spend his evening.

As he approached the doorway, he could see that a new female had joined the patron and Arella at the bar. Noticing that the woman had a halberd in her hands, he became slightly wary. He deftly sidestepped Arella as she chatted with the patrons, and began to stock the shelves behind her with bottles of wine.

Khalad took his time arranging the bottles he had taken from the back. He examined each in turn, and arranged them on the shelves according to color

Not noticing any menace in the new comer to the bar, he took the now empty box back into the store room and over towards the side with the bottles which he thought contained the stronger drink.

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05/29/2005 8:06 PM

Aisha looked at the man. Pleased to meet you. If you'll excuse me, though, I believe I have some work to do now.

She walked off, after setting her halbred back at her table. She searched the room for people wanting more to drink. She came around to the table that her subject of interest was sitting at. She bowed slightly, and spoke softly.

"Care for another round? I have a more potent ale in the back that might be strong enough for your tastes.

06/03/2005 1:24 PM

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Arella breathed a sigh of relief as Leo and Aisha met one another. For the briefest of moments, she was unsure as to how that encounter would go. And where did Khalad get off too? she wondered. As if answer to her unspoke thoughts, he appeared from the store room carrying a box full of bottles. She smiled at him briefly before turning back to Leo and Aisha, feeling a bit relieved that he had return. The clanking of bottles behind her told her he was restocking the shelves.

She opened her mouth to speak to Alisha, but stopped as the woman had already whisked herself away to take care of some of the customers. She looked around the room briefly, her eyes lingering a bit longer on the man with the purple skin. She thought for a moment he had been staring at her, but then realized he'd probably been watching Aisha. Stop being so paranoid Arella! she berated herself, everyone here has been friendly so far.

She looked back to Leo and said, "Well, it seems we have some new arrivals. Let me take a moment to get a good look at them. Maybe we'll find something else to try." She smiled warmly, and then turned to peer over Khalad's shoulder, wondering if there was a method to his madness of placing the bottles in a certain order.

06/05/2005 11:40 PM

The front door of the tavern swung open and Conrad Greycloak strode into the common room. His armour consisted of a rather shabby-looking patchwork of leather, chain and plate, clearly scrounged from various battlefields, and a sabre and a light crossbow hung from his belt. He shut the door behind him, paused, and did a double-take at the purple-skinned man sitting at a nearby table. He approached cautiously, raised a finger as if to prod the man's oddly-tinted skin, hesitated, thought better of it, and turned away. Spotting Arella, he hastily (and without success) attempted to smooth out his rather unruly mustache, and then smooth down the extraordinarily ugly fur vest he wore.

"Dear lady," he said, "I was on my way to the town of Syndar, but I seem to have, erm, temporarily misplaced myself." He fumbled in his coin purse. "I have a few silvers, but not much else. Business has been slow I'm afraid, mostly charity work." He winked at her in a manner he no doubt intended to be charming, but although he seemed a thoroughly affable fellow, he was not anything like what one could call handsome, even discounting the prominent scar across his forehead.

"Any chance of an ale, my dear? Can the damsel aid an adventurer in distress?"

06/06/2005 9:25 AM

Aisha looked up, thourghly frustrated at being distracted from her task. She hadn't taken this job up to be friendly, she needed to test the woman who had been staring into empty space. In any case, she couldn't blow her cover, so she forced a very genuine looking smile and spoke.

"And what kind of ale would you like? We have anything from something that's basically water all the way to a drink that's like a punch in the face" She giggled slightly after hearing herself say this, and waited for his response.

06/06/2005 11:26 AM

Conrad paused for thought, oblivious to the woman's frustration, still gazing rather forlonly into his slack coin purse as if expecting some gold to spontaneously materialize amidst the few pieces of copper and silver. He sighed. "Looks like the watery stuff is all I can afford, my dear. Pale ale." He drifted over to a table in the corner, and automatically sat with his back to the wall. He wondered if the rooms were cheap here, or whether he would end up sleeping in the stable, like last inn he was at.

06/06/2005 6:02 PM

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As Arella was watching Khalad stock the merchandise, she heard the inn of the door open up. She turned to look over her shoulder, and eyed the newest patron who had entered. He looks rather weary she thought to herself. As he headed over to the table with the purple skinned man, Arella thought for a moment he was one of Aisha's late arriving companions. But when he reached out to him and then turned away without saying a word, she realized he was just perhaps curious about him. Glancing sideways at the oddly colored man, she admitted I'm rather curious about him myself.

As he walked to the counter, Arella turned around more completely to face him. She felt a bit put-off by his wink to her, but couldn't really say why. She was about to respond to him when Aisha spoke up. Where'd she come from? she wondered. She shook her head lightly and smiled, thinking that she was glad Aisha was around - she seemed rather quick to get matters taken care of. She snickered at the comment of a drink being like a punch in the face.

Since it appeared Aisha had this customer taken care of, she turned back to those at the bar. She did keep an eye on the new arrival though, noting where he sat and the somewhat despondent look upon his face.

06/07/2005 7:45 PM

Khalad stepped along the wall opposite the wines, and began to pick bottles. He took slightly more time this go around, however, glancing at labels, and trying to determine how the bottles were arranged. Most, he couldn’t read, printed in languages he did not understand. However, this didn’t stop him from picking some of those bottles. Right away, Khalad had noticed that each bottle had a mark, or series of marks on it. And that the shelves were arranged so that from the back to the front, each rack of shelves had bottles with an increasingly larger number of marks on them. He took two from each shelf unit, up to the bottles with three on them, and then took only one bottle that had five. The last bottle he picked, “The Fiver” he quickly named it, was made of glass, and colored a purple so dark that it was almost black. It twinkled oddly when it caught the sparse light of the stock area, and it felt strangely warm for so cool a room. He put down his box, and removed the stopper from the bottle and he peaked inside.

Miraculously, the liquid itself was sparkling. Not the way water does when light hits it, but as if there were stars in the drink, whose light would fade and then quickly surge back to life. He took a whiff of the bottle. It had absolutely no aroma whatsoever, other than the musty smell of dust coating the bottle. He wondered what it would taste like. Khalad upended the bottle slightly, but a sudden spike of “good sense” told him this might not be a good idea. He put back the stopper, and tucked in among the other drinks.

He could hear the conversation Aisha was having with the new patron, but he was far enough back in the stores room, that he couldn’t see the newcomer. Arella was right, it was a busy night.

Khalad looked at the bottle with 5 marks on it, and he wondered lightly if this was the “punch in the face” drink Aisha had mentioned. He tucked it into his tote box, and headed for the main room.

As he entered, he gave Arella a smile, and put the new bottles in the same area as he had the wines, but with the labels facing away from customers view. His grin quickly became mischievous as he hid the labels from view. He wanted to see if someone would buy a glass of The Fiver.

Turning to Arella, Khalad winked and tucked his tote box underneath the bar. As he straightened, he asked “So how are you doing? Getting hungry yet?”

06/08/2005 2:16 PM

Arella smiled at Khalad in return, thankful that he'd managed to re-stock the bar so quickly. She knew she couldn't have handled it herself while trying to take care of all the patrons. A quick glance around the Inn told her that everyone's needs had been attended to. Aisha seemed very much at ease around the customers and able to keep up with the frenzied pace. She was thankful for her sudden appearance as well; What would I have done without the kindness of strangers? she thought to herself. Sister Margaret had warned her that not all people she met would be friendly, and to even be somewhat wary of those who seemed overly so - but so far she found the people she'd met to be genuine and trustworthy. She hoped it would remain that way, at least for a little while longer.

At Khalad's question about being hungry, Arella flushed a little as she heard her stomach rumble in response. "It would seem I do need to eat something fairly soon" she conceded. "Let me check around before we try to get something out of the kitchen." She paused for a moment, realizing there was no need for Khalad to wait for her; "or you can go back now, see what kinds of interesting things you find, and I'll join you in a moment." As she waited for his acknowledgement, she eyed the room again, looking to see if anyone was trying to get her attention or in need of her services.

06/08/2005 6:31 PM

Conrad's heart sank as he cast his gaze around the inn. There seemed to be more staff here than patrons, and most of the employees looked heavily armed. This [i]had[/i] to be an expensive place. Nevertheless, it couldn't hurt to ask.

He approached Arella, nodding respectfully to the large armoured man at her side. "Pardon me ma'am," he said (a little politeness never hurt anyone - maybe she would take pity on him and lower the price), "can you tell me the cost of a room for the night?"

06/08/2005 9:16 PM

Arella turned from Khalad when she saw the approach of the newest patron. She made eye contact with him, and greeted him with a friendly smile. At his question of the cost of a room, Arella tried to repress a sigh. How should I know? she wanted to say, I've only just arrived here, and it seems the rest of the regular staff has just vanished! She smiled at herself, realizing that she could probably choose a better response.

She looked over the arrival carefully - taking note that his clothes seemed worn, his hair a bit disheveled, and the weariness that seemed to surround him. She felt a pang of compassion for this man - he had such a sense of lostness about him. Nodding to herself, she leaned a bit closer to him, so that no one else would be able to overhear what she was saying. "Actually, we have a number of openings in the Inn tonight, so instead of charging a flat rate, we're letting the late arrivals offer an amount they deem fair for a room and a hot meal. What can you offer?"

06/08/2005 11:48 PM

Conrad raised his eyebrows with surprise at Arella's response. He had never heard of an inn run like this before. How on earth could it stay in business, especially with this many employees? [i]Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, you fool[/i] he told himself. [i]Answer quickly before she changes her mind.[/i]

"Erm..." Conrad hesitated, embarrassed. "Three silvers?" He half expected to be directed to the stables for offering such a small amount, but he couldn't possibly offer more.

06/12/2005 7:26 PM

Arella sensed the patron's discomfort, nodding to herself slightly as that most likely indicated he was an honest man. She was about to speak, when a thought crossed her mind. What if I use my gifts to determine who is authentic, and who might pose a danger? She pondered that possibility for a moment, but dismissed it when she realized how undeveloped her gift was. She recalled briefly the sensations she'd received from Murat - wondering if she would have thought him dangerous had she not taken the time to speak with him.

Still, Arella felt like she might as well use the talents she had to her advantage - even if it only provided the opportunity to know the patrons better. Smiling at the patron, Arella leaned forward slowly and gently laid her hand upon his right shoulder.

The room seemed to fill with shadows, which surrounded the both of them. She saw the image of a young boy, striving to be enough, but never achieving what he felt was required of him. A cloud of silent desperateness surrounded him as he aged, and she saw a youth standing before the gallows, watching a figure swaying in the wind. His heart darkened then, and but a tiny ember remained - so tiny that even he was unaware of its existance. He took on a covering that was not his own, yet he still felt obligated to wear. Arella sensed the passage of time, and a sense of discovering the spark within his heart - and yet, he was still haunted by the shadows of his past, never completely able to shake them or the dark things they whisper to him in the dead of night.

Suddenly, light filled the room, and Arella was staring at the man in front of her as he had initially appeared. She tilted her head slightly, wondering to herself, Does everyone here have something to hide from? Will I one day have something to hide from too? She determined that she would offer this man an evening of rest, for he seemed to be carrying burdens that were not of his choosing - yet somehow unable to release himself from them.

She pulled away her hand, but still remained close enough so only he could hear her. "Three silvers will be fine, sir. We have a smaller room that is rather simple in appearance, but I think it will meet your needs this eve." She paused for a moment, eyeing him again. Standing back a bit more of a professional distance, she said "I don't believe we've been officially introduced. I am Arella. What name may I call you by?"

06/13/2005 11:24 PM

Conrad tensed momentarily as the blond woman laid her hand on his shoulder. He had hardly been touched by a woman since the last time he had gone whoring more than two years ago, before his conversion to Pelor. In those days he had had no morals, no purpose, and money to burn. All thoughts of whores flew from his mind, however, as he gazed into the young woman's wise green eyes. He felt vaguely ashamed, but wasn't sure why. After all, she couldn't know anything about his past.

Could she?

She pulled away her hand, but still remained close enough so only he could hear her. "Three silvers will be fine, sir. We have a smaller room that is rather simple in appearance, but I think it will meet your needs this eve." She paused for a moment, eyeing him again. Standing back a bit more of a professional distance, she said "I don't believe we've been officially introduced. I am Arella. What name may I call you by?"

[i]Enough ill thoughts[/i], Conrad thought to himself. [i]Now behave like the knight you're supposed to be. What would Sir Gaius of Pelor do?[/i]

Conrad swept off an imaginary hat (he had lost his real one three days before when he fell through a rotten old bridge into a river) and bowed in a manner that he hoped looked noble. "My name is Conrad Greycloak, good Lady Arella. I am a knight of Pelor." He hesitated. "Sort of."

06/14/2005 7:33 PM

Khalad, smilingly nodded his acknowledgement to Arella, and turned back to the kitchens, hoping someone would buy the odd drink he had left on the shelf behind the bar. He turned his body slightly, and walked back into the amazing smells he remembered from the last trip he had made back this way.

Up and down the kitchen, there were two long rows of counters, where various cooks worked to make the wonderful smelling food. Some worked on breads, others prepared vegetable dishes. Some were working with various meats, and still others were busily creating desserts that made his mouth water just to see them.

Along the wall to Khalad's left was a long row of the largest stoves he had ever seen. Several cooks worked on dishes, and occasionally, the cooking fires would roar their pleasure when a cook would artfully spill some of the dish in their cooking pans, almost as if the stove were getting a taste of what the cooks were creating.

Just past where the stoves were, Khalad could see a large fire burning in a hearth, and some animal's carcass spitted and turning over the fire. It was dripping sizzling juices into the fireplace and turning that dark brown color which always signified "done". His mouth began to salivate even more than the desserts had.

Next to the fire place, was a pair of doors, and Khalad assumed that these were ovens, in which the pastries were being baked, and the breads turned from the pasty white color to the golden brown, and light fluffiness of fresh bread.

"I wonder what I can order here, " He mused aloud.

"Anything you want, " one of the cooks replied as he passed by Khalad, "As long as you do it quick and get out of the way!"

Khalad began to think about the foods he had eaten, and the places he had eaten them in, and in his mind began to create a list of what he would like.

"I wonder if I should order for Arella?"

06/15/2005 7:52 PM

Conrad swept off an imaginary hat (he had lost his real one three days before when he fell through a rotten old bridge into a river) and bowed in a manner that he hoped looked noble. "My name is Conrad Greycloak, good Lady Arella. I am a knight of Pelor." He hesitated. "Sort of."

Arella grinned at his imaginary hat motion, and felt some relief that he had a sense of humor. Shadows were a hard thing to fight without at least having some.

She nodded in return to his bow, speaking kindly "Well met, good Knight. Though I think I shall call you Conrad, since you seem a bit more comfortable with that name." She took a moment to look around the Inn, and saw that things had seemed to settle down a bit, and no one else was in need of her services.

"Have a seat at a table which makes you feel comfortable, Conrad. Or you can sit at the bar if you'd like - though most find they want to keep an eye on the door for some reason. I'll head back to the kitchen to see about bringing you a warm meal." She smiled assuringly to him, and turned to head to the kitchen.

Arella stood in the doorway for a bit, watching Khalad work his way around the kitchen. Or rather, stay out of the way in the kitchen she thought to herself with a wry smile. She began to move toward him when she heard him ponder aloud:

"I wonder if I should order for Arella?"

She smiled as she headed toward him and stopped about a foot away, "And what would you order for me, Khalad?"

06/18/2005 11:14 PM

Aishas mind went blank for a moment, her thoughts turning elsewhere. She looked around the room, having forgotten about the past few moments as an effect of the purple man. She walked over to him and sat down. He raised a finger, which glowed for a second. A few moments later, the other two girls who looked like Aisha walked down the stairs. The two who had been sitting stood up, and they all walked towards a table more towards the back of the bar.

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06/20/2005 12:08 AM

"Have a seat at a table which makes you feel comfortable, Conrad. Or you can sit at the bar if you'd like - though most find they want to keep an eye on the door for some reason. I'll head back to the kitchen to see about bringing you a warm meal." She smiled assuringly to him, and turned to head to the kitchen.

Conrad couldn't believe his luck. A room and a warm meal for merely three silvers? As Arella headed towards the kitchen, he turned back towards his seat, just in time to see the purple man he had eyed so curiously earlier raise a finger, which glowed for a moment. Conrad stiffened. He knew magic when he saw it.

Conrad strolled as casually as he could back to his corner table, keeping one hand resting on the hilt of his sabre, just in case.

06/20/2005 4:39 PM

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06/22/2005 1:39 AM

Roman took a seat in a secluded corner discretely patting his robe to release some dust. He then started scanning the faces assembled at the Inn, chuckling softly as he did so. A couple of patrons were getting distinctly uncomfortable. The source of their unease was not hard to find. Magic, courtesy a very purple looking man. Magic seemed to have that effect on a lot of people. He wondered if he could pull a trick like the one the purple man was effecting. The smile on his face was soon replaced by a scowl. Showoff he thought to himself as he headed to the bar.

06/23/2005 1:13 PM

**Warning/Disclaimer: This post contains some graphic descriptions of blood and ass kickery**

(OOC: 2 things selvanus: first, nice name. I love warcraft. second, great post, that helps me out a lot.)

The purple man, whos name it turns out is Illidan, began to glow red, ever so slightly, around the outline of his body. He looked at his hand, and then over at Roman. He snapped something in a foreign language at Aisha before jumping to his feet. Aisha and the other two girls did the same. As soon as they were standing, however, the man had spun around, using his curved blades to slit their throats, and sending a pool of scarlet blood pouring down their chest and arms. They both fell to the gound, lifeless, blood pooling around them immediately. Aisha was luckier, however. She had anticipated his move, and had jumped back. He jumped into the air and onto the table. He threw one blade at her, catching her leg near the ankle. She faltered, but only for a minute. She recovered quickly, and knocked her bow, letting the arrow fly into his chest. He still stood, though, becoming more furiated every moment. He threw his free hand into the air, darkness seeming to seep into his body. He soon was completely black, void of all color or definate shape. The only things that could be seen now were two giant wings, two legs with sharp looking talons, two hands, and a demonic head, with two large, slightly curving horns protruding from his forehead. He was now about ten feet tall, and had dropped his blade. He stepped off of the table with a loud "thud" and walked towards Aisha. She stepped back in fear, before turning, trying to get away. She only got a few steps though, before he caught hold of her foot, and pulled her up, dangling her in the air upside down. He laughed an evil laugh, and threw her against the wall, knocking her out. He then made his way towards the man who had just walked in.

"You... Vile scum." He said, pointing at Roman. "How dare you try to steal my ancient magic?!"

The demon raised a hand, which began to twist in shape. It soon had taken the form of a large, double sided axe. The demon walked towards Roman, flinging chairs and tables out of the way with his other hand, as if they were mere playtoys.

06/25/2005 3:39 AM

OOC: That's an interesting twist. And now I know how the newborn felt right after it was thrown into the water :D

Roman’s mind was flooded with conflicting emotions. On one hand, he felt an exhilaration at the sight of the power he was witnessing. On the other hand, he – perhaps for the first time ever – feared for his life. It was obvious that this was no crazy mage trying to exhibit his bag of tricks. One look at the arrow sticking out of the demon’s chest was enough to tell him that his magical arrows and missiles would do naught. He knew that he could, on a good day, kill the living with a touch of a finger and an incantation. But what do I touch here? A shroud of black nothingness, he thought. Quickly lad, he told himself.

He ran to one corner of the room, waving vaguely to the other patrons to indicate that they should get in and do ... something. He then injected all his strength into his voice and spoke, “Hear me out. If you can sense the magic in me, then you can also sense my emotions ... if you are as powerful as you’d like us to think, anyway”. He rushed to a second corner of the room to buy some time. He gave Aisha and a couple of other patrons a hopeful glance before continuing, “I have journeyed far in search of power such as yours. I am a seeker of knowledge, not a hunter or rival. We could do grand things together!”

As he moved to yet another corner of the room, he was thinking, If this fiend sets his mind on being silly, I can still protect myself. I can always go ... poof, good day or otherwise.

06/25/2005 6:23 AM

From the kitchen, Khalad could hear the sound tables and chairs smashing, and then the sound of a body hitting the tavern wall. He spun on his heels and dashed from the kitchen back into the bar. The sight greeting his eyes made his flesh creep and stunned him momentarily.

Tables and chairs were in a multitude of disarrayed states. Slumped against one wall on, obviously unconcious, a twisted form he recognized as Aisha. He could see that her chest still rose and fell, but beyond that could see no obvious injuries. Standing near her, stalking towards a person Khalad hadn't seen before, was an impossibility that his mind shrank from. I seemed as if a smaller form of Klael had appeared in the Inn and was bent on killing the unknown patron.

A creature, an impossiblity ripped from who knew what hell, made entirely of what looked to be shadow, wings protruding from it's back, taloned feet, a horned head, and an arm which ended in an axe. Khalad grabbed a torch from the wall next to him, and dashed to the bar, He grabbed the odd looking drink he had sniffed earlier and hurled it at the axe-handed creature. Hoping the liquid inside was as flammable as he suspected, and that the bottle would break, he tossed the torch at the creature as well.

His hands empty, he dashed into the store room and grabbed his axe, turned, and rushed back to rejoin the fray and see if his idea had worked.

06/25/2005 12:51 PM

The demon didn't have enough time to react to the attack. He simply saw a glass coming at him, followed shortly by a torch. They both flew right at him, and right through him. They landed a foot away, the torch landing just far enough away that it would not ignite the alcohol. He turned to look at the foolish being who had run into the bar, but only caught a glimpse of him. Seeing this as a threat no more, he turned to face his prior target.

"Join you? For power?" The demon spoke in a low, demonic voice. Almost as if it were not one voice, but actually three trying to sync up, but each just barely off.

The demon thought for a moment, never taking his eyes off of Roman. After a few minutes, he stepped towards him, not even taking care to avoid the spilled beer. He took a few more steps and looked deep into the eyes of the man.

"A trick! I will never fall for these foolish agreements!" The demon rose his normal hand, which became a large hammer, much like paladins often use, if they do not have a sword. It raised both hands, and took another step towards the man. It flung its arms down right towards his head.

Right before he hit, however, he had taken another step. This time, it was a bit too close to the flame. The liquid vapors had been carried along with his foot, which ignited in a small explosion. With a bright flash, it blew the demon forward, causing him to miss in his attack. He leaned against the wall. Part of his leg was now just a big cloud of mist, unable to support him.

He stood there for a few minutes, before his leg finally began to reform, and gained back its former shape. The demon stood up, enraged at this point. He changed his hands back to their normal shape, and stepped into the middle of the room. He glared around looking for the man who had thrown the torch. Seeing him at the bar with an axe, he smiled an evil smile.

"So, you wish to fight me? Well then, so be it." The demon raised his right hand, which formed into a rather simple sword, about five feet in length. His other hand formed into a shield which was solid save a small area in the center. The shape of a double crecent had been taken out of the center, so that you could see right through it.

"Anyone else wish to die? Or am I to fight this simple man alone?" He laughed slightly, and shook his head. In that short moment, his two horns had shaped into one - a very sharp, coned shaped horn protruding straight out.

06/25/2005 1:26 PM

Khalad watched briefly, sick with revulsion, as the demon reformed, and turned towards him. It’s odd guttural voice making his skin creep, he took his axe in both hands, and raised them over his head bending back slightly as he did so.

“Try this then Spawn of Hell!” and with that he threw his battle axe in a giant over hand cast, aiming for the creatures head. As the axe left his hands, Khalad recovered quickly, took two steps, leapt on top of the bar, but didn’t stop. He dove forward off the bar, flew threw the air, past the monstrosity, and rolled as he hit the ground. He quickly came to his feet, and ran towards the fallen form of Aisha.

As he reached her, he noticed Aisha’s arm was twisted at an odd angle, and he knew that it was likely broken, or dislocated. Not having time to inspect her for serious wounds, and knew that he had to move her before trying to deal with the demon. Behind him, the beast roared, nearly deafening Khalad. He stood, pulled her upright, and quickly threw Aisha’s unconscious body over his shoulder. He turned towards the far wall, the one he had entered the tavern from the stables through, and away from the demon form now grimly stalking his way. He took off at as close to a run as he could, yelling “OPEN” as he did so, hoping the door would appear and he could get the unconscious Aisha to the stables. If it didn’t, this would be an extremely short fight for him. He really wished Sparhawk was here, right about now, and even more, he wished he could contact Aphrael.

06/25/2005 4:11 PM

Conrad stood frozen with horror. Usually fear drove him to action, but this fear was different, pressing down on him heavily, holding him immoble. Fighting men was one thing, but this... It had to be some kind of demon. Conrad knew that an earthly blade could only end his life, but could this creature endanger his soul? What if it dragged him down to whatever foul pit of hell it had come from, away from the light of Pelor forever?

Beneath the fear, however, a thin, reedy voice trickled up from his memory. Years ago, before he had found his faith, he remembered spending the night in a tavern in the northlands. A old bard, voice faded with age, sang of the exploits of Sir Gaius, greatest of the champions of Pelor. The climax of the tale came with Sir Gaius' battle with the Demothrax, the fierce she-demon that promised to drag his soul down to hell. Try as she might, however, the light of Pelor drove her back, before Sir Gaius finally banished her from this world.

Suddenly, Conrad found that he could move again. His sabre had leapt into his hand, almost of its own volition. The interior of the tavern seemed somehow brighter to his eyes, and his thoughts were clear and focused. Even if he died this night, he knew, he was safe in the arms of Pelor.

He saw the large fighter who had hurled his axe carrying the wounded woman towards the stables while the demon, blacker than a thunderhead, pursued him. Conrad began to recite the Hymn of Pelor as he strode boldly towards the demon, sabre raised, ready to fight or die.

"Now shall we praise the heavenly kingdom's Guardian..."

06/26/2005 11:19 PM

The demon transformed his left hand into a whip, and his right hand back into its normal shape. He flung the whip at the man who was carrying Aisha out the doors, just barely missing his right cheek. Instead, however, he wrapped the whip of evil around Aisha's body, pulling him right out of her saviors arms. He held her high in the air, as if taunting the man, when he heard those ever familiar words.

"Now shall we praise the heavenly kingdom's Guardian..."

Illidan turned to face the man. He had heard this song before. As soon as its melodic notes, he whipped around, facing the man. He glared at Conrad, anger raging within him. A man of years past had said this, banishing his mother to the bowels of hell forever. It had been an eternity since anyone in his family had seen the light of day, and he was not going to let some puny mortal destroy his chances of living on the surface. He snapped his right wrist, sending a black mark flying across the room. It landed on Conrad's mouth, sealing his lips.he then flung his left hand around, knocking down more chairs, tables, and people. He stared straight at his previous enemy, ready to do battle.

06/28/2005 11:33 PM

All Conrad saw was a black flicker between himself and the demon and suddenly he choked on his prayer as something sealed itself over his lips. Losing his composure, he staggered backwards against one of the inn tables, dropping his sabre and clawing frantically at his mouth. Although the thing didn't hurt, he could sense the evil and corruption radiating from it, blocking his prayer to Pelor. Despite his efforts it clung to his face like some hideous parasite. He tore at it viciously, until he felt a trickle of blood run down his chin.

Just as abruptly as he had lost control, Conrad regained it. Once again, the room came into sharp focus, and he resumed his recitation of the hymn in his mind. Not content to rely on an unspoken prayer, he simultaneously slid the dagger out of his left boot and flicked his wrist, sending the blade flashing end-over-end at the beast's back.

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06/29/2005 6:46 AM

The demon had been caught off guard this time. He turned to see it coming, and jumped out of the way, but this time it caught his leg, and when he landed, it was on his side. He slid a little ways across the room, the dagger having caused his entire leg to dissappate into that odd mist again. He lay there for a moment, concentrating. In a few moments, he would have his leg back to normal. He picked up one arm - the one that was a whip - and flung it at Conrad's back.

07/06/2005 4:47 AM

The demon had been caught off guard this time. He turned to see it coming, and jumped out of the way, but this time it caught his leg, and when he landed, it was on his side. He slid a little ways across the room, the dagger having caused his entire leg to dissappate into that odd mist again. He lay there for a moment, concentrating. In a few moments, he would have his leg back to normal. He picked up one arm - the one that was a whip - and flung it at Conrad's back.

But strangely the whip stopped, halted by an unseen force....
In a haze of black gas Thain appeared just infront of Conrad, his dark black robe fluttering lightly revealing glimpses of his black interlocking armour, the hood of his robe casting a shadow over his face blanketing his identity.
Turning slightly towards Conrad, Thain nodded lightly...

The demon during this time had stood still and looked at the strange newcomer with mix of confusion and anger...
"how...DARE YOU!" the creature screamed, its voice echoing off the walls of the Inn and within moments the whip flew back towards Thain who simply rose his arm, allowing the whip to wrap around it....
Thain then grabbed the whip with his free hand, grinning as he did so, bracing himself Thain pulled the whip causing the large demon to fall forward.

Quickly turning around Thain pulled a strange looking leaf out of his pocket and waved it under where his nose should be, as if pretending to smell it, he then handed the strange leaf to Conrad and pointed to the seal on Conrad's mouth that had prevented him from continuing his hymn.

Looking towards the fallen demon Thain estimated he still had a few seconds before the demon would stand back up, returning his gaze to Conrad Thain seemed somewhat impatient...

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07/07/2005 1:18 PM

(OOC: I'm gonna let it slide this time, since it wasn't that big of a problem, but from now on, do NOT control other people's characters. Some of them will get angry and bite your toes.)

IC: The demon sat there for a moment, grinning. He had expected another opponent, but not one that would be this easy.

"Foolish human! Do you not know who I am? I am Illidan! I control all things evil and corrupt. I do not simply toy with this power though, I have concentrated on it, and honed it, so much so that one who has even the smallest bit of hatred in him can become my tool. I can use these tools to spawn many things. Things that spawn from places of darkness... just like your armor"

He squinted his eyes, causing them to turn black as well, and suddenly, something terrible began to happen. A creature actually started to come out of Thain's armor. It was small, just a little gremlin, but it looked viscous. It had a rather rectangular body, with a spiky head. It had four thin arms and legs, the legs becoming feet with long talons, the arms simply ending in a point. It had two small wings coming out the back, and a long tail with an arrow head shaped point at the end. It jumped off of his armor and landed next to him. It flew into the air, just above thains head, and, while doing a quick divebomb to steal the leaf, whipped its tail at Thain's head, in an attempt to knock him out.

The demon, meanwhile, had turned both hands back to normal, and was concentrating completely on his leg, which now was nearly whole again.

07/08/2005 8:42 PM

The wall before him opened, and Khalad ran through the portal. He found an empty stall with fresh looking hay lining it. He carefully laid the unconscious form of Aisha on the hay, and turned back to the portal as it closed. He took a deep breath and calmed his nerves and stopped to think about what his next action should be.

“Well, “ he thought aloud to himself, “the creature did seem to have an issue with fire.” He looked around the stables, and saw a torch. Upon further investigation however, there didn’t seem to be any other flammable items in the area. He went to his horse, and hanging from a saddle bag was his broad sword. It had been given to him with his commission, by Sparhawk, the Interim Preceptor of his order. He quickly strapped it to his waist and turned back to the wall where the portal in to the Inn was.

He stepped up to it and it opened with out any sound or means he could see. He was momentarily stunned however to discover the demon right at the wall, but with his back to him. Khalad could see that the demon’s arms and hands had returned to normal, and that it was taunting some one new to the Inn.

Khalad quietly moved with arms length of the demon. He held the torch to the demon’s back, and watched, hoping the demon’s torso would catch fire, and it would spread to the rest of his body. With his free hand, Khalad quietly loosed his sword, in anticipation of the scheme failing.

08/08/2005 7:11 PM

Illidan felt the extreme heat of the fire on his back. He whipped around, only to spread the fire faster. It caught each of the tiny beads of mist aflame, and, almost instantaneously, the black mist was gone. The flames, however, were not. They had moved onto the original demon's physical body, setting his clothes, and then his skin aflame. He fell to the floor, screaming in agonizing pain. His skin began to melt and fuse with his clothes, and soon, he was entirely caught up in flames, blocking any view from the horrors that were taking place amid the blaze. All that could be heard were screams of terror, and the thumping of his body as he flipped about, trying to put them out. Soon, even that sound was gone, and all that was left was a black lump on the floor, disfigured, lifeless. The two swords had melted into puddles of molten steel. All was silent for the moments following the terrible scene.

Then, suddenly, the figure shot out an extension - probably an arm, though it was too burnt to tell - towards Khalad. It grabbed ahold of him.

"By the powers of Hell, I curse you till the ends of the earth! You shall never escape my wrath! NEVER!"

He laughed manically, before coughing once, twice, three times, and then going limp, his hand falling to the floor again. His body exploded into a cloud of ash, which then was blown outside by the wind.

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