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01/30/2005 9:47 PM

Hello to all....

I'm Stalker_Dan and as you can tell I'm new to the fourm, but I'm not knew to RPing. I've been RPing for about 3 years now....I think... lost track of time. Anyway I've RPed in mostly survivor horror games based on Resdient Evil in the past two years...

But I think now I need to open up my options more when it comes to RPing. Lucky I have found this Fourm and I must say I'm impressed (I'm not assing up....Really..)

Anyway....I type to much....Just stoped to say Hi and thats about it....


01/31/2005 1:56 AM


01/31/2005 6:54 AM

Hey, welcome aboard. We have many different areas for you to rp in. Check 'em out, and find one you are comfortable with. Don't worry, no one will bite or slap you with a fish unless you deserve it.

01/31/2005 2:07 PM

Hey there Stalker_Dan,

Yeah, I was impress too when I first came to this website. I guess it had something to do with the many unique denizen posting here. The lady with the herring is one of them.

Wait till you meet the rest... ;-)

Welcome aboard and have fun!


01/31/2005 5:25 PM

ROAR! *throws herring* welcome to rpgc. have fun.

01/31/2005 5:44 PM

*Ducks as herring flies over head*

Um...Thanks for the warm welcome guys....I think...

02/01/2005 12:25 PM

Thank you for the compliment, Blackness. Now, onto business.

Alright, you squirrly freak, get your furred ass over here! I need to bury you in herring! How many times do I have to tell people to leave my herring alone?

02/01/2005 7:11 PM

yes ma'm.

02/02/2005 6:35 AM

Dammit, it's not nearly as fun when the victim comes meekly and willingly. You're off the hook, squirrel-boy.

02/02/2005 1:06 PM

*Sneaks up on Mae with a trout and slaps her with it* Hey, pick on someone your own size. :p

Welcome to the fun, Dan. :) Should you have questions, feel free to use the IM system to send them to me. :) (Or just ask them here ;) )

02/02/2005 7:15 PM

*climbs tree and starts throwing pine cones* when your strategy is to run like a squirel....

02/03/2005 9:34 AM

Alright, what's the big deal? Two people ganging up on a pregnant mother like that...it's not right!

02/03/2005 1:57 PM

Good point, Mae, I forgot that for a moment. *uses the trout to hit the pinecones back at the squirrel*

02/03/2005 8:21 PM

*starts juggling deflected pinecones*

02/06/2005 11:14 AM


Welcome aboard, Stalker_Dan! Don't mind the locals, we're all insane to varying degrees;) Enjoy your stay, always good to have more RPers around!
*eyes Stalker_Dan's avatar*
That looks really familiar.....from the show Hellsing?

*starts juggling deflected pinecones*

Don't make me have to go blue-guitar bashing on your squirrely head.

02/06/2005 2:10 PM

yoink *starts playing paint it black*

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