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01/29/2005 9:15 AM

Black one stood on the roof of the building, his hair blowing out behind him. He heard the sounds of war below him and couldnt help but smile. His heat vision showed hundreds of humans running from- he switched to electric- aliens.

"We chose a good time"

He spoke to the others behind him. All eager to hunt. But first the ship had to be locked down. He hit some buttons on his wrist computer and the ship dissapeared. He walked to the wall, his grievers retracting all the way, to not interfere with his climbing, and began to descend the wall towards the mayhem in the streets. He shimmered and dissapeared as he did so. The others wer climbing down above him. It was a short climb and the risks of the war were worth it.

01/31/2005 6:10 PM

Black turned around and snarled. This jungle was the ultimate jungle.

"We meet at the top in ten weeks to leave. Dont get cockey. The humans are incredibly rescourceful and the serpes(aliens in predator speak) are even more lethal. Take your trophies but do not violate the rules. Go hunt some skulls."

Black loaded up his shoulder cannon program and began running through the deserted streets. He switched directly into electrical vision and spotted a few motion signals. They werent showing on silicone so he bosted up to thermal. Aaaah the humans. Black analyzed them as heavily armed and advanced into firing range. Suddenly the Human was jerked off its feet. Black growled and dropped to electrical again. He locked onto the aliens carrier signal and fired a bolt, saving the other humans life. The alien dodged at the last moment, losing an arm and fleeing. Black leapt over the surviving human and persued the alien, his grievers extending and his cannon firing like crazy.

01/31/2005 8:00 PM

Lance climbed down the wall, his thermal vision on. His commands were clear, but at the same time vague. This did not bother him, however. He was used to it. Go, kill, return in time or be left. He loved this time, the time of battle.

His feet hit the battle-scarred land as Black gave him his final orders and left. Lance would have smiled if he had lips, but instead let out a satisfying grunt. He clicked on his thermal vision and watched Black go in persuit of the serpe. He would have no trouble. Lance turned and went the other way, his cloaking device flickering on. He moved smoothly through the barren streets, keeping high alert of his surroundings. He was constantly in danger now, and would be for ten weeks.

He caught a slight movement from the corner of his vision field, a smudge. He switched to electronic vision and caught a glimpse of the enemy. "Ugly thing, it is," he mumbled as his plasma cannon targeted the figure. Had it seen him? No matter, it would be dead in a....

A sound from behind. Without hesitation Lance pulled his staff from its holster, turned, and switched it open in one fluid motion. It met the torso of another serpe. Lance rolled with the momentum and used it to sling the alien from his staff. He continued the roll until he was on his feet. He turned and realized both were in pursuit of him, which was not an ideal situation. He turned and began to run, needing cover before he could stand a chance....

02/01/2005 7:26 PM

Black threw the bladed smart disc which cut through the alien, halving it. It dropped to the ground and began crawling towards black. Black shot an energy charge into its face when it came in range of his arm dart. He broke off its finger before climbing the building next to him. He carved a tick into his mask with the finger and threw it over the edge before turning to face the city. He switched to predtech. Already some of the hunters were in trouble, but they were good hunters. They would survive. Black dropped to electrical and spotted an alien hounding more humans. It crumpled as one emptied a rifle into it and screamed with rage. Black targeted the human on thermal with his shoulder cannon and began advancing across building tops towards it.

02/01/2005 7:37 PM

Lance found his way quickly into a building, at least what was left of the building. He ran hastily deep into it, finally turning his back to a wall beside a hallway and pulling up his plasma rifle. Though it was dangerous at close range, he knew hand-to-hand, or hand-to-claw/tail combat was not ideal. The first chance he'd get he'd blow one into a million pieces. His breath fell low and unnormally slow and quite, a technique he had taught himself.

He heard the scratching of claws down the hall and prepared hismelf. He knew that because they were working in pairs his best bet would be to go the way this one was coming in order to avoid the second's surprise. He closed his eyes, too a deep breath, and turned the corner, unleashing a hellstorm of plasma energy blasts into the hall, nearly incenerating the hallway. He roared in victory as he jumped over a collapsing floor area and landed beside the fallen beast, picking up a remaining.... something, but it did not matter. He could still use it. As he ran he slopily placed the mark of victory on his helmet and threw the attrocious remains to the side.

He made his way out of the building and found a brick wall to lean on; the other could not be far behind. He listened intently, awaiting the slightest sound or movement. His rifle proved effective if he was accurate. He'd have to be accurate, he had no other choice.

02/02/2005 12:29 PM

Aaron quickly reloaded his assault rifle, seems like those things had taken a break. Whatever they are, they single handedly had taken out his entire platoon. "Track! Get over here!" Sargent Johanson screamed in a panicky voice. The Sargent he had orginally come in with was disembowled within the first 30 seconds of fighting. Offically, that left him in charge, but personally, Aaron had no trouble believing himself a more compident leader than Johanson. The only reason the idiot had survived was so that he kept on sacricing his own men. He saw the weasel do it too, sliced the artieries of one of his fellows and left him for the aliens. This man was going to die.

Suddenly, a splash of greenish fluid drenched Johanson's head. Aaron grimaced and turned the other way. This was getting bad. Not an hour into the fight and already HQ was thinking about pulling out. Kneeling, Aaron put a three round burst of ammo into the chest of another xenomorph. And another. And another, until he ran out again. Slinging his assault rifle with one hand, he pulled his jungle eagle out of the holster with the other. The Jungle eagle had the extended clip in it, so Aaron pulled the trigger and let the death spray in all directions. Aaron pulled the empty magazine out of the gun and as fast as he could slid another mag into the gun. Looking up, he saw the eyeless face of the alien, and threw himself to the left.

He landed hard on his shoulder, but fortunatly nothing was broken, thanks to the standard body armor for USMC. With a flick of his thumb he turned to semi-auto mode and pumped one armor-piercing round dead though the beast's skull. Speedly gaining his composture, Track flicked a rock shiv into another one's chest. As soon as the shiv left his hand, Aaron had the pistol filled with non-armor piercing rounds (the only reason the armor ones were out was because the marine was in a hurry) and unloaded another clip into the horde. Turning around, Aaron sprinted from the hastly constructed sandbag barrier and leaped to the nearest building. Retreaving a incidiary grenade, Aaron tossed it behind him and heard the whump of about 25 aliens going up in flames.

If Aaron was right, the building he was heading to had a sniper in it. Hopefully, he had a radio to call an evac from.

02/02/2005 7:28 PM

Lance blinked a couple of times, but other than this he did not move. The sounds around him were that of war, not of a sly enemy sneaking up on him. He began to start up his plasma cannon and put away his rifle, for now. He kept his staff at close proximity, however. He knew his reaction him, and knew how long it'd take him to grab it and for it to activate. He had to realize the danger in time to perform all of this.

He slowly walked away from the wall, scanning his surroundings. He flicked on his motion tracking view for a slip second, enough to catch a glimpse of anything going on within a hundered meters. Many were still there, and many were fighting. He would have a hard time sneaking past any serpes and getting to the humans, at least at this moment. He switched back over, realizing the serpe who had been pursuing him had found a group of humans to hound.

He climbed to the top of a three story building and made his way to a point where he'd be able to see the thermal readings, then went back to electrical. Because there was a charge in humans he could still "see" them, they just weren't as easy to pick out from normal interference. His plasma cannon aimed through a window which he could see the serpe through and opened fire. It screamed as blasts made contact and cut the creature in two halves. The bottom half kicked wildly as the top one dragged itself across the floor towards the humans, who were firing at it. Lance jumped the gap and landed in the window, his arrival going unnoticed by the humans; they were too busy firing at the serpe's upper half.

Lance stepped down into the room, confident of his clocking field. He realized it was still on, which was a good thing. He would have forgotten it in the small amount of time he had. His cannon aimed at the group of humans, three of them. Lance opened his smart disk, knowing two shots without a shot fired at him would be close, but 3 would be nearly impossible. He hurled the disk as the cannon's first shot was fired. The second followed only 30 milloseconds after the first. The disk sliced through one of the humans' torsos, the first shot sliced into another's chest, and the second cannon shot tore the last human's arm off as it raised to open returning fire, stopping that idea.

Lance walked over to the injured human, raising him to his feet by his jaw. He examined the man's features, and grunted with approval. He axtended one of the three claws on his free hand and cleanly took the human's head from its neck, then did the same with the others. He took the trophies to the top of the building, where he'd clean them and hide them until he returned before his journey home; carrying them would make him too sloppy.

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02/02/2005 7:50 PM

Black jumped from two stories up, landing behind a group of humans using sand bags to fight off the hoard. His cloak was off, as the serpes could see him regardless, and the humans were busy fighting. He clicked his tusks then began firing energy darts at the aliens. Most of the humans were down to inefective small arms fire. Useless against him. He extended his spear in his free hand and prepared to kill any humans who fired on him. One turned and didnt even get to pull the trigger before one of the sepres ripped him from the line. His shoulder cannon was un-engaged. It was useless to use dual energy weapons. He wouldnt have energy left for about an hour as it was. Another human saw him and screamed. He was in the part of the blockade that wasnt being over run. There was a flash of light and a small bellet impacted black's armor. There was a spacking sound and enough pain to let black know there would be a bruise, but not much more. He hissed and left the humans to fend them off themselves. He began climbing the wall. He would finish the winner. On the way up he encountered a few serpes descending the wall. Two were dissintegrated by full charge plasma bursts from his now dead energy supply. The third he impaled with his spear. After he gained the roof, he reached down and pulled his spear out of the wall, bringing the serpe with it. He plucked its head off and cleaned it. The skull that was left was ivory white and reflected the setting sun. Black broke the jaw off and used a talon based adhesive to fix the brain plate onto his leg as armor and trophy combined. He looked over the wall, switching to predtech as the light became inefective. He would be operating on his disc, spear, grievers until the morning.

02/03/2005 12:10 PM

After about an hour of fighting those...aliens, Aaron had finally made it to the building. He never thoght three blocks could be so far. He rushed up the stairs to the fifth floor, he burst open the door and saw a sight that would haunt him for the rest of his life. It looked like more than one of the marines had made it, but there were none left now. One had been cut in half, the other's dismembered. None of the three were alive, and from the looks of it, they had put up one helluva fight. About 20 carcasses of the aliens surrounded them, and the acid blood was everywhere.

Then, Track thought to himself, why were the humans bodies still here? In all other cases, the marines had been taken away, or dicinegrated, or whatever... And why were thier heads gone? He had never seen a alien decapitate a human body? Breathing shallowly, Aaron leaned in close. The marks on the back of the wall were clearly made from two symmetrical blades...Far to many to be an alien. Getting up, Aaron shuddered and got the sensation someone was watching him.

Out of thin air, Aaron heard the words "Ooman" and heard the feet flying at speeds he thought were impossible. He retreaved a special shiv from his left thigh pocket.

This shiv was made from the aliens carcass. He had made it when he got a moment of peace, inside a broken house on Cypress street. Not only was it lethally destructive against anything but an alien, but the shiv was covered in a loose sheath, allowing the alien blood to be stored with the shiv, making it even more effective. Spinning, Track used his momentum to help the blade fly faster to it's destined target. He released the homemade dagger at what appeared to be a heat wave, and after about a millisecond Aaron thought: By god why did I do that? But thankfully remembered that it was a cool night, and there were no fires nearby.

The dagger flew straight and true, dead at it's target. It hit it in the center, and the thing released a scream that was such Track new it could never come from this planet.

02/03/2005 7:51 PM

Black heard a scream and leaned over the building. He had heard one of his fellow hunters killing below, and hadnt cared. He was plugged in to a strange energy source he had scoped out with his tech vision. His field charge wasnt rising very fast, but it was better then nothing. He was alos on electrical view. A human couldnt get up here, but a serpes could. His right griever was stuck into an electrical outlet and his left hung by his side. Then he heard a scream. He knew a few of them would die, but so soon. He continued charging.

02/03/2005 8:10 PM

Lance heard a scream very close to him. He looked in the direction it came from, and realized after switching to thermal that one of his bretheren had been injured, if not worse. A human was close. This was not called for, it could not go unpunished. Lance leapt across allies between buildings, making his way towards the scene, his cloaking device still active. He pulled his plasma rifle back out, aiming it as the side of the building the human was in. He unleashed a rain of fire onto the side, hoping to at least expose the human.

He then ducked and put the gun away, seeing his energy become on the lower end of its spectrum per say. He pulled out his smart disk, activating it. Serpes may be capable of dodging it, but unless the human was more resourceful or crafty than most he'd be as good as dead when the disk left Lance's hands. He awaited a reaction, steadily watching for other threats.

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02/03/2005 8:29 PM

Black spotted motion on his visual scale and growled as he locked onto the disc. A human was not to be taken lightly, ganging up on them was still unfair and against the rules. He fired an energy dart into the disc, deflecting it back towards its thrower. He switched to predtech and was sure Lance would have done the same. He shook his head and made a negative gesture. The council didnt like that kind of thing and it was his job to ensure the survivors stuck to the rules like glue. He continued charging and finnaly hit full. He rose to his full height and sprinted through the window, leaping to the building across from him, clinging to the wall and scrabbling to the top. He roared his challenge to the night, raising his spear in the air and displaying his lack of fear to the stone corridors. The serpes would come to him, and he would take them all willingly to their next life or whatever passed for alien hell. He switched back to electrical and waited. Soon small white signiatures appeared down the road from this building. He screamed another taunt to them, waiting for them to come close enough to kill.

02/04/2005 8:51 AM

Aaron had about a second to wonder what that thing is before some type of shots started hitting the other side of the wall right next to him. Aaron froze, either one of this guy's buddies was shooting at him, or the aliens had gotten guns. Things were going downhill, fast. He thought he heard a whirling noise, but thank god it didn't get any closer.

A few seconds later, he heard another scream. Track had a hunch this was not a death cry, but it was trying to do...*aw no* Aaron thought to himself. That thing was calling the aliens TO him, and to get to that predator, the aliens had to go right though this building. His situation was deteriorating.

Fortunatly, Track had used enough ammo to throw in a extra magazine of sniper rounds, reload his missing pistol and rifle mags, and picked up the sniper rifle with his right hand. Track was a lefty by nature, and he had decided to carry his pistol just in case. He would drop the sniper rifle as soon as he thought it was safe, the extra weight and it's cumbersome handling -not to mention his shortage of room for any more things- meant it would be useless in enclosed enviorments and in urban fighting. However, if that thing was still out there on the top of that building, it would come in handy.

Suddenly, something landed out behind Track. Aaron ran faster than he thought physically possible to the door.

Hearing the footsteps behind him, he knew he wasn't going to make it. He spun on his heels and using one hand razed the rifle to his sholder. He felt giddy relief at it being one of the aliens.. Then two, then three, they were all pouring into his floor. Suddenly, a huge resounding crash came in right behind the aliens, and thier attention deviated, Aaron lept out the door, and sprinted down the stairs. As soon as he made it out the building, he threw the sniper rifle out to his right, he wasn't going to be needing this.

Everything he had faught, except for the last one. *Who was probably as blind as a bat* Aaron stated to himself, chuckling and thinking of the previous encounter, when all he did was shoot at the side of the building...

Track slowed down. Something didn't make sense, if he was over there, and the shout had come from....That meant there was more than one.

Aaron always had good luck, and a pretty good smarts. So when he started sprinting, the plasma shots were right behind him, intead of on him. Track dove into a window just in time-another shot would have fried him for sure. "Luck: don't leave home without it." Track whispered to himself, confident the second species of alien would never hear him. He looked for his exit, now sorry he had discarded his sniper rifle. He would keep the rounds, however, just in case something bad happened-maybe he can convert the heavy duty rounds into his rifle.

02/04/2005 10:43 PM

Black dropped through a hole in the roof infront of track and swatted him out of the way. He walked past him and entered the room full of aliens. He saw the vent casing he had forced through in the room and then an alien came after him. His grievers were acid proof as were all his weapons, so he didnt worry about that. He decapitated the first alien that came too him, roaring with triumph as it bubbled through the floor. His energy dart began blazing, punching holes into aliens as he fired it. There were too many. He bagan backing up, firing into the writhing mass of limbs as he retreated towards the window. He shot a full charge from his shoulder cannon, dispatching three of the serpes and backing into the window. He prepared to push through when motion hit on his left. The human had found a hall. Black fired again then followed, shooting over his shoulder as needed.

02/07/2005 12:13 PM

Aaron struggled to get up. He had recieved a massive blow to the ribs, probably broken. On the way down he smashed his head hard enough to recieve a mild concussion. Wehn he woke up a few seconds later, he was dazed and disoriented. All Track new is that he had to get out of there. In incredible pain, he worked his way slowly towards the door, moving as fast as his crippled body could manage. He almost blacked out at a few moments, but he kept struggling to reach a hallway, where he could crawl into and recover and sort all the toughts in his head.

There were many high pitched noises outside, however, these things were trivial, as if Aaron was inside a bubble and they were poking it from the outside. he had his own concerns without worrying about anyone else. Suddenly, a slow thought popped into Track's head. What happened that pushed him against the wall... An alien... This made Aaron move faster. Pushing himself well past his physical limits. Still ,he needed to get out. There, a hole! It looked like a ventilation duct, so he quickly pulled himself to the cover the ventilation shaft had to offer. Hot air was pouring out, hardly a deterrent, but Track couldn't fit inside with his pack. shrugging the heavy backpack off his shoulders, Track ducked in.

He pulled part of his pack in after him, he had a felling he might need it. He quickly passed out, exhausted from the trip and gently carresed by the warm air as it nudged it's way into the corridor past Track

02/07/2005 6:15 PM

Black ignored the human. He had to get out of the building period. He span at the vent and fired his shoulder cannon down the hall way, completely decloaked. There were splashes of acid and squeals. Blacks energy was beginning to drop again and he didnt like hand to hand combat in tight places. He looked behind him and saw the window. With a roar, he turned and crashed through it, dropping to the street below and rolling with the impact. He used the roll's momentum to jump into the ground floor of the building infront of him. The aliens boiled out, not even detecting the human as they were locked on to Black's trail.

02/09/2005 12:34 PM

Aaron slowly gained consciousness. When he did open his eyes, he saw one of those old nightmares in front of him. He screamed and punched, knocking the decapitated head back a foot, and realized he wasn't in immediate danger. But why? He had two of the aliens to worry about, why was he spared?

Suddenly, he realized he was in a steam shaft. The 97 degree white air must have been pouring over him, confusing him with the smoke and temperature. But surely that other predator must have been waiting to kill him? Maybe these things weren't all on the same sides, and Track thought he could use that to his advantage.

He kicked his back into the corridor Aaron had managed to struggle dazedly into, and crawled out, Jungle eagle poking it's barrel in front of him. He picked up the pack and ran out into the street. He heard gunfire about 3 blocks away, to his left. Track turned and sprinted down to meet up with whatever humans had remained.

As he ran, he felt this city had been turned into a ghost town, in more ways then one. First, just about all the humans were gone. Next, the aliens had managed to become spiteful ghost after the end of all humans to incur thier suffering with them. And that hunter thing, after all who else had decapitated the bodies, angels of death dealing out swift justice in the name of revenge to aid those who followed.

Whatever happened, Track was going to get out of this town-turned-nercropolis, if it took everything he had and more.

02/10/2005 6:25 PM

Black was on the run. The aliens had really ganged up on him. He turned and fired his disc off, the little bladed helicopter decapitated and alien and returned to black, then continued running across the roof. He came to the edge and leapt, barely landing on the other building. The aliens were better at jumping and landed infront of him. There were about ten now. Black's Grievers slid down and his spear extended. With a roar he jumped backwards, sticking the blade of his spear into the wall as well as a griever. His slide down was terribly fast and at the bottom, his knees took a heavy impact slowing him. He looked up to see the biggest alien he had ever seen descending on him. Blaze dug a huge gouge in the wall then turned and fled. The hive was nearby. Preatorians didnt stray far from the nest. He ran through a window and out another, right into a human patrol. He didnt stop to think, he jumped over them, roaring in anticipary pain. When none came, He ran through another window and out of sight. His recording loop picked up a line of speech.

"what was that?"

02/10/2005 9:59 PM

Zalya was firing her Jungle Eagle rapidly at the oncoming aliens. Her patients that were awake and strong enough to hold a weapon were firing also. The aliens had stumbled upon the makeshift hospital she had set up for the humans, and were advancing quickly. She had downed two of them from afar but the other two were advancing rapidly. Soon she would have to use the Predator staff, which she had used pretty effectively for all her slight looks. Suddenly something ran by, not really taking notice of the flying bullets and slashing claws it ran through. The only thing she heard was a roar and felt a gust of wind as the thing rushed by.

"What was that?" she spoke more to herself than to the others, since one really couldnt hear over the sound of raging guns. The aliens started slowing down, they had alot of lead pumped into them and were starting to bleed in their weak spots. She holstered her Jungle Eagle and drew out her stolen staff and starts swinging rapidly at the alien with a cry of rage and adrenaline. She sliced though its head and it fell to the blood-acid dreneched ground. The others had downed the other alien and they had a chance to breathe, for the moment.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" AVP

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02/10/2005 10:08 PM

Black leaned around the window, zooming in on the human who had used a staff. His mask locked on to her face and took an internal photograph of the bone structure, muscle structure and all over structure at the same time. Black made the typical predator clicking noise. And stepped into the open. He pointed at her, marking her and sent the 'graphs to the rest of his troop. Before there was any reaction time, he was gone. Dissapeared into the building and running for a power source.

02/11/2005 9:28 PM

Zalya readied her staff as soon as she had heard the crunch of splintering wood. Her reaction time had gotten much better since she had joined the war effort. "What is that thing doing?" Whatever it did made her very nervous, just those things made her very nervous. But the sick slimey acid filled aliens made her even more nervous. She didnt like anything un-human looking at her, let alone pointing and clicking at her.

She went into the makeshift hospital and went back to tending the wounded. Her skin was crawling as she tended their wounds with only half her mind on the job. What had that thing pointed at her for?? And, if it knew we were here...why did it run elsewhere instead of taking us out?? She was chilled to the core just thinking about possible reasons.

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02/11/2005 9:39 PM

Black scaled the wall, achievcing the top and turning to view the city. It was strangely beutiful despite the ugliness of human architecture. It was all square, far from the pleasing angles and curves his forebears had brought to this world. He turned and switched to tech view. There were no sources of power nearby. The closest one was about twenty blocks away. He began leaping across the gaps between the buildings, until he came to a huge freeway. He looked down and saw a small convoy of human vehicles getting seiged by, Preatorians. He just couldnt seem to get away from the hive. He would have to go around. That fight was over.

02/13/2005 7:50 PM

Once the humans were all tended to she went outside and scanned the area for any more aliens. The only ones she saw were dead, but she was still disconcerned by that...Predator alien doing what it did. She sat outside the door being a guard, but lost in her thoughts. She took her IR helmet off and untied her long, thick, black waves. She could go for a long hot bubble bath right now. Her grey-green eyes scanned the stained ground, not really seeing it. She was too lost in scared thoughts to see it.

Right about now a friendly face would stop the worst of her nightmarish thoughts. She was almost to lost to see someone approaching. It jerked her awake but as soon as she saw it she relaxed and stood up to greet him. Whoever he was.

02/15/2005 6:20 PM

oh thank god, another human outpost! Aaron shouted gleefully to himself. It would be nice to be in the company of other humans. THen he noticed the red cross, and realized it was a hospital. Aaron hoped it wasin't empty, and sprinted to the crude barricades. Yes! someone was there, and she was definatly human. A medic, too! He slowed down when he noticed the spear she seemed to know how to wield, but jumped over the barricade anyway to greet the unknown lady.

"PFC Aaron Track, Ma'am!" He shouted, lifting his arm in a salute. It was hardly practical on a battlefield, but it was a quiet moment, showing respect and courtesy was not above and beyond the Private. plus, being a leutenant no matter the branch was not a good idea. If they survived.

02/15/2005 7:01 PM

Black studied the small machine on the roof. It was odd. There were cables running into the building from it, and the exaust was born of fossil feul. Black noted the battery conected to a coolant line and put a griever on the contact point. With a spark, the current shifted to run up into his power supply. This thing had some heavy output to it for the level rose fairly fast. He shifted view to predtech and studied the sign.


an armory. Great. Black turned and began making his way towards the hospital he had run across earlier. He had some buisiness there. Mainly identifiying the spear. If it came from his clan there would be blood, if not, he might look into hunting the spears weilder.

02/16/2005 3:10 PM

Zalya smiled and gave Track a jaunty salute back. "Zalya Stitch, Im currently head medic of this 'facility'. Good to see some soilders out and about." she noticed the way he stood, as if his side ached. Her green gray eyes glistened as she took on her 'doctor command'. "Lets get you fixed up...We cant have soilders running around with broken ribs now can we."

Zalya took him by the arm and would have dragged him inside if need be. She sat him down on an unoccpied bunk and went over to where her med pack was. She got out the neccasary gauze, ointment and the like. "Ok..since your ribs are injured...your going to have to set your pack down and take the shirt off so i can bandage you." her voice held no room for argument and she expected to be obeyed. She held the items in hand waiting for her patient to obey.

02/16/2005 3:24 PM

Now that she mentioned it, his ribs were a little sore. Sitting down, he took off his pack and removed his shirt. Seems like she was the only one here. A bit depressing, he was kind of hoping for an army... Of blonde ladies rich from inheritance who found him facinating and hansome. one wish at a time Track snickered to himself. he wasn't a sexist, in fact most of the women he had the pleasure of knowing could probably win in just about any competion out there, but a man can dream can't he?

"So, what company were you in? Mine was wiped out as soon as we made landfall. Everyone i've found has been dead, or at least the humans." Aaron shuttered. "And how did you survive alone for so long? Most people I know would have died within minutes."

02/16/2005 9:13 PM

Black jumped from one storie up, landing with a thud outside and immediately locking onto the spear. He didnt recognize the eblem but he recognized the humans. He clicked then turned on his laser, running it up track's shirt to get their attention. He roared when they saw him, just to let them know he was still alive, before making a threatening gesture with his griever. The point was clear. Your mine. He began walking slowly towards the tent, his vision facing away from the alien sneaking up behind him.

02/16/2005 9:58 PM

Zalya let a sardonic laugh slipped past her lips as she started wrapping Tracks ribs up. Her hands were strong, and gentle at the same time. "I was in the third company, but i got separated when we were moving to another location by a building that collapsed because an alien and a predator were fighting near an unstable wall. They killed each other, before they noticed me, so i made a few handy tools, and took the staff from the dead predator. I found my way out by digging through where a window had once been and found an encampment. Most there were wounded, so i treated them. We had to move here, away from most of the fighting so they patients could rest in semi-peace.

She finished with the gauze and set it down and stood up, looking him over for any other wounds when she saw the tri-light beam on his shirt. She turned to the window and almost screamed as she saw the same predator that had pointed at her earlier standing in the window. "We have to get out of here now!!!"Stitch reached for her staff, even though she was backing away from the window and yelling orders to get the hell out of here.

02/17/2005 11:47 AM

"So, Zayla, for starters, do you mind if I call you that?" Smiling and wincing at the same time. Aaron didn't realize how bad he had hurt his ribs. "I don't know if that thing-" And then he saw Stitch's stunned face and noticed the preditor. "Well, speak of the devil." he whispered under his breath, and pulled out his Jungle Eagle. It was too far for a clear hit, and his rifle was in his bag.

Track heard Zayla's evac scream and got up. "Listen, I really don't think that's possible. Wounded don't run that fast." Gesturing toward his own bandaged wounds. "And if that's the guy i spotted awhile a go, he managed to follow me here. Were not safe anywhere." He threw his pack to her. "But wounded can fight. My men fell a few blocks away from here. I might be gone for a little bit, but if I can get those weapons and come back in time we might have a better chance."

He then let loose another grin. "If that's ok with you, leutenant?"

02/17/2005 4:12 PM

"Hey, we've kept this camp alive by evac especially when one of those is here..... and were aren't all that badly injured that we cant go out the back way"she caught his pack deftly and helped the stragglers going out the back exits. She saw them sneaking off into the shadows, with the less wounded carring the unconscious in makeshift litters.

Zalya returned to the room Aaron was in and extended the staff holding it one hand and threw his pack over hershoulder as well as her own. She pulled a gun from her pack and started aiming for the Predator. "It doesnt look like we have much choice now do we? You ran the way here...grab your shirt and go quick...I'll try to keep ...him distracted. You can go out the back way"

02/18/2005 8:29 AM

"Yes, ma'am." Track sighed discouaged. Everyone was going to die if she kept up like this. This city was dangerous enough for a comptent, stable minded and well armed marine, evacing the wounded would not be easy.

But then, you're not going to leave, are you? Track's inner voice snickered. If he could get some of those aliens, and make them go after the hunter alien, they might be able to kill that guy. It wasn't a foolproof plan, but it was better than nothing. The way the aliens had attacked these guys before indicates that the guys with the guns were the hunters, and the aliens were thier prey. Aaron looked around and spotted a flame grenade, a nice big one. If he could light up the target, he might be able to atract the bugs straight to thier big friend

Pulling out his desert eagle, he realized to his dismay he only had one clip; the extras were in his pack. It proably didn't matter, but just in case... Track reholstered his weapon. He would just have to conserve his ammo.

02/18/2005 5:07 PM

Black saw the gun and reacted mostly to that. He raised his own smallbore weapon, his arm dart, and clciked it on. Black's eyes flashed red as he jumped to tech. The gun was strong enough to punch through his armor but only a lucky shot would get an essesntial organ. He advanced on the human, when there was a loud screech in his ear. He simply reversed his griever, piercing the serpes heart. These things were relentless. Black began firing loosely at the human, he knew her gun was inacurate too and this would mostly be fought up close. His hand rested on his spear. The darts smacked into the window frame and through it in a couple of places bu the shots were not sniper variety. Black would be surprised if he hit.

02/19/2005 10:34 AM

Zayla ducked behind this and that, trying not to get hit. When the screech came, shivers went down her spine and made her hair stand on end. Just the distraction we needed, now...where'd Track go? She looked over towards where she last saw him for a quick look. She didn't see if he had moved or stayed there.

"Track, I think we should get out of here now, that thing will be busy with its friends" Stitch darted towards the exit farthest from the alien's scream and called out to Aaron again. "Hey this way, c'mon I know where the back up base is now get over here!"

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02/19/2005 4:47 PM

Track sped as fast as he could to the front of the hospital. He was out of ammo and had about a dozen or so of the things following him. He had managed to leave around the back entrance and just like that two of the critters were on him in seconds. He killed them out of sheer panic, and instantly another three were on him. He had ran around the building just in time to hear Stitch's shout. He looked back to see the xenomorph's numbers had at least doubled, and was increasing at an unbelevable rate. This was insane.

god I hope this works Aaron muttered as he chucked the flame grenade toward the now dead alien. Using the force from his lower body, Track crashed though an unbroken window. And fell face first into Zayla. "Um... Hi." He wheezed- somehow he had managed to hit his injured ribs on the way in knocking the wind out of him and shoot a million needles of pain up his rib cage.

Part one of his plan was finished- now, they had to get to that other camp.

02/19/2005 8:29 PM

Zayla tumbled over with Aaron into a couch, that was still in place amazingly. If this weren't such a tense moment she would have laughed. She helped him stand up and statrted for the exit in the direction of the camp. The aliens were getting closer, she could hear them, would they go after that humaoid alien or us? Suddenly a pair burst through the wall, causing dust and debris to go flying everywhere. She drew out her staff and started swinging wildly at them, not having much accuracy because of the extra pack she carried.

02/20/2005 5:32 PM

Aaron threw a rock shiv straight though one's torso, causing it to scream, but not stop.

Ignoring the pain from his damaged ribs, he did a full roundhouse kick into it's eyeless head, knocking it over. He finished his work with a knife slash though the throat, but the thing's blood had washed over his knife, boiling the aluminum away. Stunned, Track stared at the blade for as second, stunned at how fast the acid had destroyed his precious new age knife. Thank god he had managed to save his WWII vintage bowie knife.

He felt claws on his back and was shoved headfirst into a wall and was knocked unconscious.

02/20/2005 6:47 PM

Black bashed through the wall and blinked as all the aliens turned. Damn. Black waded in with his spear and grievers, both of which were acid resistant. He wanted those humans. An alien landed on one of the humans before promptly being smashed into the wall with enough force to crush its skull. Black managed to hack past the human And then the aliens began pushing harder. Black realized he would die. He grabbed the human by the scruff of his neck and began dragging him. This was his prey. He slung the human over his shoulder and quickly scaled a wall. He began fleeing, heading towards two of his kin. They would help.

02/20/2005 7:50 PM

Zayla was almost to busy at slicing the aliens to notice that Aaron had been taken off. Almost. She tried chasing after the Predator with Aaron slung over his shoulder, but he was up and away before she could even take three steps. She had to get out of here and away from these bugs.... She swung the staff at each oncoming alien trying to make a path out of the middle of them.

Stitch found a gap and ran through it, she kept on running out of the building, towards the predetermined relocation camp. She didnt look behind her, fearing that she would see those ugly creatures chasing her. Zayla shoved her IR helmet on even with her long black tresses down. It was better than no helmet at all.

02/22/2005 1:36 PM

(OOC: Kitties?)

Black turned, took a quick scope of his persuers and began charging hjis shoulder cannon. The thing at full charge could kill about four tightly grouped life forms, but Black would need help. The two Predators turned and began firing at the aliens. One had a spear rifle, that nailed the aliens to walls, and the other was using a slightly more primitive version thereof. It was a smaller weapon that shot forklike projectiles. They killed the aliens well enough. Black jumped across an alley and landed between the two hunters, turning and firing his own weapon. He dropped the human behind him, roaring as he saw the multitude of aliens coming towards him.

02/23/2005 2:27 PM

Aaron shook his head trying to clear it of the ache and dull pain. Then he heard the thousand screams right below his feet. Before he knew what he was doing, Track pulled out his Jungle Eagle and shot his last bullet. All he needed to do was to stop the thousand enemies, and then- Track's world became black again as something impacted hard with his ribs, and hissed.

By some lucky fluke, the alien Aaron had killed let it's momentum slam into the soldier, and while knocking him unconscious must have appeared dead the the bloodthirsty xenomorphs.

02/23/2005 8:14 PM

Black grabbed an alien with his free hand, throwing it's corpse at the other ones. The predator with the fork rifle suddenly fell backwards with a screeching alien perched on it's chest. There was a splash of green blood and the predator's life signs dissapeared. Black beheaded the alien with his disc, which didnt have the chance to lock on at this range, and turned back to the rest of the swarm. Hi shoulder cannon was on the verg of overheating so he switched to arrm dart. The aliens fell as they got close enough for the weapon to be accurate, and they seemed to be dwindling. Black heard a gunshot and growled, but there were no more. He saw the dead alien beside him and dragged it infront of him, just in case. The human must have gotten one.

02/25/2005 4:11 PM

Zayla headed for the secondary camp, hiding in the cracks in the walls, avoiding signs of both alien types when she could. Damnit...why had that predator taken Track?? She checked the wounds on the campers and set up a defense guard of the less fiercly wounded ones. They would watch for incoming aliens, and signs of other humans around.

Who knew what was happening to Aaron now... We cant afford to lose people like this... The soliders were almost all off fighting, or presumably dead....but the humans need to stick together. Zayla removed the IR helmet and both bags, and started pacing up and down the length of the room. Her tan face wore a look of deep thought and her green gray eyes glittered dangerously.

02/26/2005 4:39 PM

Black scooped his human hunt up.

"Hows hunting friend."

The predator was from a different hunting group, and a different clan. But Black didnt care.

"Well, although these serpes are far more violent then any I've met."

"Its the city, the denizens are particularily violent."

"You've been here before?"

"No but I've heard tell in the local guild."

"Ah, well, I must attend to my brother. Good hunting."

"May you have yours as well."

Black turned away and began jumping across roads again. The predator turned and scooped his friend up. Black headed back towards that armory. He would leave the human in the ground floor and hunt his way down towards him.

03/13/2005 8:56 PM

Zayla knew she couldnt chase after Track...it would be foolish. But she wanted to do something to help him. He was hurt, most likely had a concussion....and was taken off by a Predator....How was she going to help? *Think damnit think.....*

Someone called for her, but she was too deep in thought to hear them at first. The had to yell to get her attention. Turning her green-grey eyes to them she walked over and listened to them half-heartedly. From there on she was being kept busy by the wounded, so she lost track of her thought about rescuing Track, Aaron.

03/14/2005 4:45 PM

blackness... drifting... a total absence of light... Track drifted in and out of consciousness, not aware of who are where he was. Slowly, he began to wake up.

Somehow, he had managed to end up at the bottom of a building, and by the markings it was a armory. Probably held explosives and weapons by the looks of the cabinets and barrels. Maybe an armory?

Suddenly, everything came back to Arron. Leaping up, he threw open a large cabinet and found ammo for his pistol. Upon closer inspection, he discovered an assault rifle and clips. After getting everything he thought he might need, Track left the room and started to look for some body armor, and a pack. Hopefully, someone had left something behind...

03/14/2005 5:05 PM

Black broke through the top floor window of the CEO's office. He threw the man through the window, listenning to the splat as he hit the ground. He turned to the door and kicked it open, cloaking as he did. Humans were running, screaming, everywhich way. Black gunned down the security guard who came around the corner with a hand gun. He began walking down the hallway, killing anyone who intervened.

04/07/2005 8:44 PM

Zayla heard the sentries outside yelling in commotion, and ran into the makeshift hospital. She listened as their story of incoming aliens. She ordered for another move about and one of the sentries to take them patients as far away and as quickly and quietly as possible. The defenders would have to distract the terrible creature long enough to either kill them, or get the wounded away.

Zayla readied her Jungle Eagle, and started to aim at the first serpent she saw. She fired at it rapidly, and had to empty and replace quickly. She continued firing on the closest serpent, whichever one it happened to be. The other defenders had taken out a total of 5 and there were three left. Soon she would switch to her stolen staff and kill these ugly MF's (heh heh movie quote).

04/07/2005 8:51 PM

(OOC: Its alive!)

Black had caused a big enough commotion for the humans to figure out what was up. They had brought out the bigger guns that could pierce his armour. Black wasn't worried about being shot, bullets were easy to remove. Grenades on the other hand.... There was one now. A human leaned around a corner with a pulse rifle prototype and began firing on Black. Black had no cover but the gun wasn't very accurate and only one of the slugs hit him, punching into his arm. He screamed and fired a charged shot from his plasma caster into the human. That had hurt.

04/08/2005 9:18 AM

HI?!Can u accually play rpgs on this site?

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04/09/2005 6:46 PM

Track headed upstairs with a fully loaded rifle, a Jungle Eagle, two grenades and one magaizine for each weapon. The rifle was in his hand, and everything else was in his carrying belt, which he had found in the basement. he was heading up to where he heard shots, and suddenly a dead body fell down the stairs.

Yanking down his IV googles, which were on his head, he turned to the nearest door and fell in it, slamming it closed with his foot.

04/09/2005 10:21 PM

Black saw Track fall into a room and roared loudly. He grabbed a human with a combat knife and snapped his back in half. The splintering noise was quite loud. Black looked up the hallway and into the twin barrels of a skeeter rocket launcher.

"Oh you arent about to do that."

Black turned and ran back up the stairs, barely escaping the blast of the first shell. He slammed into a storage room that was bisected by a conveyor belt. Black jumped onto the belt and unwittingly entered the room Track was holed up in. He had forgotten about the human and was more interested in neutrilizing the rocket launcher.

04/13/2005 1:00 PM

(View OOC. Ha ha, sorry to hear that BP!)

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04/13/2005 5:57 PM

(OOC: And guess what just hit the market? Thats right, Predator Concrete Jungle is now out for PS2 and XBOX. Of course I happen to be broke :()

04/14/2005 11:33 AM

Track had heard the conveyor belt moving, but was too intent on the noises coming from outside. One had sounded like a back breaking, and the other was a large explosion. Suddenly, something large had fallen onto the conveyor belt, and made the moving parts rub against the still ones.

Making sure his IV goggles were on right, for the room was pitch black, he pulled out his rifle and aimed it at the belt. While his attention was focused on the belt, something else had slipped into the room.

Aaron had heard the door squeak close and had flipped around, forgetting about the conveyor belt for just a second. Something leaped at him from one of the darker parts of the room.

04/14/2005 8:24 PM

Black rose to see an alien come at Track from a corner, these guys were getting bold. He let out a roar to attract the alien. Given the option, Black would surely be found as the bigger and healthier host. Meaning a bigger and stronger drone. The alien however continued at Track. The conveyor belt was too loud. Oh well, this would be interesting anyways.

04/15/2005 1:02 PM

Track saw the drone stop and turn to the strange scream. Taking this as an opportunity, Aaron bolted out the door. Apparently, the drone decided to stay and fight, and give Track a chance to get out.

Bolting for the lobby, Aaron heard all sorts of hisses emanating behind him. Glancing over his shoulder, he could see at least two dozen of the xenomorphs taking after him, their speed and agility blinding.

Moving faster than Track thought possible, he made it to the main doors and burst though, cutting a short left and jumping. It seemed like the right thing to do as human gunfire opened up and sliced the air Aaron had been standing in moments before. He heard the alien’s anguished cries as they were ripped to shreds in the one-sided fight.

About two made it out alive, injured, and one hurled itself at Track as the other one disappeared. However, Aaron was a bit more concerned with the one flying at him with its claw’s extended. Suddenly, its head exploded in a mass of green acidic blood as bullets ripped though it. The body was still carried to Track, who used his boot to fling it behind him.

04/16/2005 5:30 PM

Zayla could hear gun shots in the distace, familiar gunshots. From terran weopons. That meant humans in the vicinity. She let one of the healthier in charge, and went off to investigate the gunshots. Hopefully, whoever had fired them was still alive...

She crept through the desolate landscae silently, watching out for signs of the serpents or of the Predators. She peeked out past a broken wall, to see a human kicking alien corpses. She jumped out from behind the wall and went to stand beside the human. She goggled in disbelief at who it was. Aaron Track! She had thought him for dead.

"Track!! You're alive! Come on...We should get out of here..."she kicked the alien corpse once, and looked at Track.

04/17/2005 9:19 PM

Black grabbed the alien's neck as it flew towards him. He used it's momentum to re-direct it into a wall. He turned, tracking it with his wrist dart and put a few holes in it's skull. He heard bullets and walked to the door. After a short breath, he kicked it open, firing with all his ranged weapons at the human squad, dispatching all but one. The one dived behind a pillar, evading a storm of plasma. Black advanced towards the hiding human, not noticing Track or Zayla.

04/18/2005 7:44 AM

(OOC: I'm back!)

IC: As black walked towards the wall, an alien spotted him. The alien was behind the predator, giving him the advantage. He climbed up a nearby wall and ran towards Black, looking for the perfect opportunity to pounce. It jumped high into the air, letting loose its battle cry. It flew towards the predator, and landed on his back, slashing wildly.


Meanwhile, the injured alien that had run off was tending to its wounds when it heard footsteps. Too light to be an predator and too heavy to be an alien. It crept over and looked at the two humans. It climbed up a wall and began to follow them. It was too weak to fight, but if it could find out where they were going, it could get some reinforcements.


Back at the second medical base, several aliens circled the building. They were out of firing range, and they were simply taunting the injured humans. Sure, they could charge in and destroy the humans while suffering only a few of their own casualties, but that wouldn't be as much fun.

04/18/2005 6:42 PM

Black turned and slammed himself against the wall with his back to the Alien, sandwiching it. He gabbed the alien,s leg and pulled it off, smashing it to the floor. His grievers extended and he prepared for melee combat with the xenomorph.

04/19/2005 12:36 PM

"Shit! C'mon!" Aaron shouted as he grabbed Zayla by the arm and forced her along. he could hear the rest of his rescue being ripped to shreds by that invisible beast. They probably would have been better off if they had just dropped everything and ran. The rest of the trip was a nightmare.

Track kept on hearing hisses and howls from the aftermath of the battles, tripping over broken concrete and other debris; somehow he had managed to lose his googles in the fight. In addition, he kept on thinking he heard hissing and snarling, but whenever he turned around there was just some hanging paper or other floating things attaching whatever it was to another pipe or piece of building. he couldn't turn around too long, either, for fear of losing Zayla in the disorienting broken city.

screw this, were not getting out of here unless we call an evac Aaron thought. And that's when he started thinking about getting out seriously. Things were getting worse every second we're still in combat, if I was the president I'd hit the place with enough conventional arms to leave-"----aan----deci----bom-----12 hund---" suddenly brought Track back to reality. It was a garbled radio transmission.

"Zayla! hold on! I'll be right-" Aaron started to shout as he turned left. He felt something wet slap against his cheek and turned to see what it was, and found himself face to face with a hanging slab of skinned red meat. After a second of confusion, he figured out it was human.

04/19/2005 6:55 PM

Black turned and slammed himself against the wall with his back to the Alien, sandwiching it. He gabbed the alien,s leg and pulled it off, smashing it to the floor. His grievers extended and he prepared for melee combat with the xenomorph.

The beast screamed in pain, the air filling with the sound of a high pitched screech. It stood on its arms, clumsily, though getting better with each movement. It began to swing violently in all directions with its tail, too blinded with pain. Occasionally it would hit something. A rock, a wall, it wasn't sure what. It's eyes went red with range, and it flung some of its acidic blood at Black.

04/19/2005 7:02 PM

(O0c: I'm assuming he turned around eventually, so im skipping to there. If zayla says something in between, just quote him and we can recognize it as going before my post.)

"Zayla! hold on! I'll be right-" Aaron started to shout as he turned left. He felt something wet slap against his cheek and turned to see what it was, and found himself face to face with a hanging slab of skinned red meat. After a second of confusion, he figured out it was human.

As Aaron turned around, he came face to face with a long, black, hard face. Saliva driped from its fangs onto his shoulders. He could feel its breath on his face. The beast opened its mouth, and the inner mouth extended. The little mouth sensed that he was human and immediately retracted. The beast stood to its full height and raised its claw. It swung its claws down at an unimaginable speed. Then a sound was heard. Faint, as if off in the distance. It was a scream. The beast stopped its hand immediately, just inches from Aarons face, not moving. It snorted, turned, and ran in the direction of the scream, eventually jumping onto a builing and dissappearing into the metropolis.

04/19/2005 11:02 PM

Black felt the acid lash onto one of his shin plates and ignored it temporarily. He delivered a crushing blow to the alien's head as it brought it's tail around to strike Black. The barb clanged into Black's shoulder plate, numbing his arm. He quickly cut the shin plate off and rose to chase the humans.

04/20/2005 4:37 PM

The aliens around the medical base began to become more daring. They would move in and out of firing range, attacking the ground to fling dirt clods at the humans. Occasionally one would hit a human, but it wouldn't really do more than bother them. The aliens were getting impatient, but something told them to wait a little longer, so they obeyed their instinct, limiting themselves to simply taunting the humans.

04/21/2005 12:05 PM

Aaron just had what had to be one of the most harrowing experiences ever. First, the human, and then the alien thing. Turning around, slowly, he came face to face with Zayla. "Erm, know what's going on in here?" Aaron asked quizzicaly.

04/23/2005 1:02 PM

"I think the aliens may be having some sort of attack on their base... or nest..or whatever..but we should get back to the emergency hospital...to help with defenses...And maybe start a complete evac of L.A."Zayla started off towards the E.H. looking back to Aaron, to see if he was coming.

04/23/2005 1:34 PM

Some of those with weapons started to gather up all the seriously injured up and started trying to leave the compound with them, and the less injured formed an armed guard around them, slowly inching their way out, keeping wary eyes on the aliens.

04/24/2005 10:53 AM

The alien that had left Aaron arrived at the site where the predator had been after only a few minutes. He searched for only a few minutes before finding his dead comrade lying on the ground. He looked for Black, only to find that he had either left, or was hiding. In any case, he wasn't in the immediate area. The alien decided this had gone on long enough. It jumped up as high as it could, tested the wind, and began to run, hopping from building to building, actually going [i] away [/i] from the fight.

04/24/2005 3:53 PM

Aaron started after Zayla, matching her pace. "We have to get out of here now. I heard over the radio a garbled transmission from HQ, I could have misenterpited it, but it sounded like they were gunna try to take out the city." Track looked over his shoulder and began to feel the blood drain his face as the words finally took effect.

Sometime, he wasn't sure when, this place was going to be nothing but cosmic dust bites floating over the US, and if they didn't move, they would join the city.

04/26/2005 1:15 PM

(OOC: What's with the double posts?)

IC: The alien that had left the city arrived at the outskirts shortly after, only to meet a large pack of sleeping aliens. It screeched a high pitched scream, waking them all immediately. The beasts understood what was to happen, and they summoned their individual packs. The ones that had been sleeping were the "captains" of their squads, and had been waiting for the signal to attack. Now that it had come, they would finally get some real fun. They all assembled, about 40 in all, most of them very young with only a few experienced fighters, and began their way into the city.

04/26/2005 9:01 PM

"I'm planning on it... But we have to get back to defend the EH.....We can exit the city after we collect them...it isnt too far away...so lets hurry..."Zayla looked around her as she walked, almost jogging in her haste. She did want to get out of there..and now..but her first duty was to her patients.

04/28/2005 12:15 PM

(OOC: my bad. Dunno how that happened, sorry!)

IC: Keeping pace with Zayla, Track started to wonder of their chances of survival. With a unknown number of unreliables, and only two healthy military personel against unsurmountable odds was a pretty desperate situation.

"ALRIGHT TROOPS! HEAD'S UP!" The officer shouted, pacing in a circle. His arms stood behind his back, tall as if they wanted to do battle themselves. Leaning forward trying to impress his thoughts upon his pupils. He did a good job, unfortunately few lived to remember it. "Your best chance of Evac is your dropoff point, right near LAX. Now grab your gear and go!" And with that everyone jumped up and gave a stiff salute, right before turning into what would be the doom of almost everyone. Almost.

Trying to find the right volume, Aaron muttered, "The best chance of survival is to head to LAX. If were lucky, the army will be pulling out from there."

04/28/2005 1:02 PM

A few minutes after the aliens had swarmed into the city, all was quiet. No fighting, no screaming, nothing. The aliens had stopped the attack, at least, as far as anyone else could tell. Over near the EH, the troops were getting ready to leave, and Black was probably somewhere else, searching for aliens. All that remained was one lone alien, standing at the edge of a building, near the hospital. It was young, mabye only a few months, and it had just gotten its new body. It no longer looked like some squid thing, but a normal alien, simply smaller. It walked over to the hospital cautiously, sniffing every now and then at the air. It got within five feet of the hospital when it spotted a human. This was the first one it had seen, so, curiously, it got right next to the human, staying hidden behind the person's back. When it got close enough, it made a little squeal to get the soldiers attention.

05/02/2005 7:12 AM

Black tracked Track and Zayla by following across the roofs. His voice loop came up as Track spoke.


"Our best chance is LAX."

Black had a rough idea that the humans were trying to find an evacuation route. He would destroy the plane and keep these two excellent hunts here.

05/02/2005 6:48 PM

(OOC: Hoo boy, the humans are screwed now! :D:D)

05/14/2005 11:49 AM

Zayla almost stopped dead in her tracks as she heard Aarons words repeated strangely. She looked around, remembering the last time she had heard something like that....And that was when that damned Predator had pointed at her....So she was understandably scared. "Track...We're being followed...we better hurry..."She broke out into a full run, heading for the EH as fast as she could.

05/14/2005 12:38 PM

Black began jumping from roof top to roof top, barely keeping up with the humans. They had the advantage of an evenly flat surface. He had to jump onto other roofs and climb walls. He jumped over a gap and was nearly broadsided by a drop ship. He landed on the other side and snarled at the plane, which dropped a load of marines and buzzed off to pick up more. The marines began to set up a perimeter and prepare an LZ for further reinforcements.

05/16/2005 2:02 PM

Aaron heard the dropship before he saw it. The hum of it's motor was like the avenging cry of an angel trying to help save him. Picking his eyes up, still panting from the sprint, he saw an odd symbol on the side of the ship. Strangely enough, it looked like the symbol from that big company, that Wayand-something-or-rather. Aaron couldn't tell, what was going on, but he didn't like it. "Should we check it out?" Aaron asked Zayla nervously.

05/16/2005 4:24 PM

She stopped and looked up at the drop ship, panting heavily. She wanted to et away from that Predator, and get back to the EH, but he was following too quiickly for them to lose, so maybe they could get whatever the ship had dropped to take that thing out and bring them back to the EH afterwards...

"Yeah, but lets hurry, so we can avoid that Predator that's been following us..." Her voice was a little tired and shakey, from all the adrenaline running through her exhausted body, and the fact that the predator was still close by.

05/16/2005 6:22 PM

The small predator that had been following began to get a little closer. It was definately within firing range, and probably within melee range, if you jumped at it. It swayed its tail dangerously. It opened its mouth and cocked its head to the one side, saliva drooling out of the corner of its mouth slowly. It got a little closer, thought still out of range to be hit with a fist, unless you were to move towards it.

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