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01/27/2005 6:50 AM

Far out in a seemingly endless expanse of woodland, swishing about slowly in the gentle breeze that swept by. The movement of the forest was not unlike that of the ocean. On top of a temple, made of stone, stood a young girl and a cat. The young girl was no older than 16 years old and her long black hair was swept about in the wind. On her back was two empty sheaths for the twin swords she clutched in her hands. The girl was Saraneth, and her companion was Corrigan the talking cat. Corrigan sat beside her, staring out at the woods like a watch dog. Not that Corrigan had any power to stop Saraneth from falling into harm's way, but he could warn her if there is any threat so she could either run or fight. He could sense a threat alright, and so could Saraneth... But she wasn't planning on running from this one.

She closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. Corrigan stood up and trotted away from Saraneth, knowing almost exactly what was going to do...

There was a low growl from behind the last step to the top of the temple. Suddenly, a large gorrilla-like monster lumbered up. It looked at Saraneth and snarled, showing rows of lethal fangs. Saraneth stood her ground, not even bothering to look at the huge monster. She tightened her grip on her swords, Kazi and Kirrith. The symbols on them glowed a fiery white, which spread through the blades rendering them invincible. The monster roared viciously, cleary intent on harming this young girl. It then ran at her at an alarming speed for one of its size. The huge monster swung one its boulder-sized fists at Saraneth. With lightning speed, Saraneth leaped out of the way, spinning in the air as she did so and brought one of her swords down to cut through the flesh and bone of the monster's wrist. The sword went through like a knife through hard butter. The monster roared in both pain and anger as its hand was cut off. Seconds later, blood spurted from the stump that was now his forearm.

But that provoked it into even more of a frenzy. Saraneth was not quick enough to stop the monster from grabbing her, squeezing her arms against her side. She was lifted up off her feet and brought up level with the monster's hideous face. If she was up against a much skillfull foe, she would have used nothing less than total concentration for the fight. But this monster didn't seem clever enough to realise the powerful magic Saraneth could use. It snarled in anger and squeezed its hand tighter on Saraneth. However, while the monster was taking its time in trying to give Saraneth a slow and painful death, she had called upon the powers of the fire element. She summoned a great tower of flame that shot down like a lightning bolt. The flames drilled into the monster with tremendous force, slamming it to the ground. The monster was forced to release Saraneth, and she immediately thrust both blades into the monsters back and through its heart before it had a chance to recover from the attack.

The monster died without a sound as the tower of flame dispersed and then vanished from sight altogether. Saraneth knew that this wasn't the only being that wanted a fight. She sensed another being, with much greater power than the monster she had just slain. This new opponent would prove to be the greatest challenge of Saraneth's life, and she was willing to meet it and do anything within her power to destroy it...

She swung both her swords outward, flicking the blood off them so they were once again spotlessly clean. She then sheathed them and sat down, closing her eyes and completely focusing on the task ahead. "Come on... Show yourself so that I can look upon your face before I defeat you..." she thought as she waited for her opponent to show up.

02/04/2005 4:56 PM

OOC: I'm new to the boards and not sure on a few things. Is there guidelines in which my character must follow?

IC: Ejiro had been wandering through the woodlands for a few hours now, his craving for a good fight had led him in search of prey to fall victem of his broadsword. Gliding through the woodland the dead leaves and dry twigs were silent in his passing. His black cloak making him one with the shadows of the forest.

As he glided along something snapped him out of his hunt, looking up from the ground he focused on what had broke his concentration. A being of considerable power was out there in this woodland. Perfect to settle his craving. Changing direction he sped up in the direction that the power was.

It was not long before the sound of battle reached his ears, the enraged noises of one of the woodland beasts. Again he sped up, not wanting the beast to finish off his prey, when a column of fire shot from the sky. The noises ceased a moment later, and he still sensed the power, the being he hunted had been victorious.

Coming to the edge of the forest he waited for a moment, hiden in the shadows as he surveyed the seen. A large temple was in the clearing, near the top lay the corpse of a gorilla-like beast, near the beast was a girl. He watched as she flicked the blood from her blades and sheathed them.

A moment later he stepped out from the shadows. He stood at six foot five inches, and was a stalky man. A black cloak hid his body from view, and a wide brimmed hat cast shadows over his face. On his back a broadsword was strapped, over his claok for easy access. Tilting his head back to look at the girl he politly said, "Good day, good work on this foul beast." As he talked he started to make his way up the temple stairs. "Might I interest you in another match? After you are sufficiently rested of course."

02/04/2005 5:43 PM

IC: Saraneth looked at the man who had just arrived smiled. "I was just warming up," she said simply.

Saraneth could feel some immense power from this man, and she didn't relish the thought of being in the way of that broadsword of his. But none the less, she was up for the challenge. She didn't plan on killing him because this man wasn't like all those other people she had first fought who were just plain evil.

She drew out her twin swords yet again and went into a crouching stance and held her swords, one in front of her horizontally and the other behind her, almost vertically. She stared at her opponent, trying to look into his tactics. She was confident in her ability to meet any attack he might throw at her and possibly come out of the battle better off than her opponent. However, she wasn't very confident and she wasn't planning on taking any risks. But she wasn't planning on showing her full potential in this battle, despite whether or not Eijiro had seen one of the more powerful attacks in her arsenal.

She stared at her opponent for what seemed a long time, without making a move. Finally, she spoke. "Take your best shot," she said with a smirk.

As she said this, the blades suddenly errupted in a mass of a white, fiery glow that rendered her weapons indestructible. Now she was ready for battle, and it seemed that this was going to be a great fight.

OOC: May the best man win! :D

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02/06/2005 1:03 PM

Ejiro stopped to watch Saraneth slide into her stance. He stood in the spot and examined her, her two katanas were faster then his broadsword, but did not pack the power his sword did. But if he were to block one the other katana may just be able to find an opening in which to wound him. Though from what he knew, katanas were two handed weapons, so neither of her swords would have full control.

Taking his hat off he set it on the step next to him and prepared for the fight. Unclasping his cloak at his waist he let it flap behind him in the light breeze. Now if he needed to draw his second sword nothing would be there to hinder him. Reaching up with his right arm he drew the broadsword from his back and let it rest by his side.

Now ready for battle he looked the girl in the eyes. Raising his left arm he made a provacative gesture as if inviting her to go first. Keeping his eyes on hers so that she wouldn't notice the real meaning of his gesture. Three fist sized stones raised up from the temple behind the girl. Closing his hand he sent the stones hurling foreward towards her back, he was not trying to kill her, it was more of a joke. At the same time as the stones were coming at her Ejiro leaped foreward into a run, his sword coming up in a slash from below.

02/07/2005 2:47 AM

Saraneth stayed where she was as the stones hurtled towards her, closely followed by her new opponent. At the last second, she swung one of her blades and knocked all the stones aside. That movement was swiftly followed up with a graceful jump, just about getting Saraneth out of the way of her opponent's blade. She rolled as she leaped over her opponent and then when she was behind him, she thrust one of her blades towards his waist.

(Sorry it's short, I'm in college right now so I don't have that much time. :\)

02/07/2005 6:53 AM

Ejiro's slash did not have much force behind it thus he easily pulled it back as she landed behind him, swinging his sword wide as he turned he knocked her katana away from his waist. Stepping back out of immediate reach he pulled his broadsword back holding it with both hands.

"I must admit that was pretty impressive, though if I had put force behind my swing my blade could have reached you as you jumped over me," Ejiro told the girl. "If your putting on a show it was a nice way to go, but you could have easily just stepped to one side," Ejiro mockingly taught her, as he if were her better.

Bending his knees, he balanced on the balls of his feet. Bringing his broadsword up in front of him he grinned, "Now lets see your attack."

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02/07/2005 9:13 AM

Saraneth smirked a little. Her attack hadn't been effective, but that was to be expected since she was using next to no power at all in this fight. Eijiro taunted her, but she didn't give the slightest hint of anger from it. Years of training and praying had taught her to lock away her emotions when in battle. This had proven to be very useful since taunting seemed to be a trend amongst a lot of warriors these days. She watched as her opponent went into a defensive stance, expecting her to attack and no doubt had some form of trap if she tried to attack at close range. But Saraneth didn't have to attack at close range. Instead, she took her time to channel a mix of her fire and ice magic. She drew a symbol in the air, and it consisted of fire. She then drew two other symbols either side of it which were made of a blue fog-like substance.

She was allowing her opponent to guess what would happen next, that's why she was taking her time. She then stood behind the fire symbol she drew with her sword and took a few paces back. She then suddenly ran at it, bringing both swords together, pointing forward towards her opponent. As she did so, she leaped through the fire symbol and she suddenly seemed to be a huge jet of fire streaming towards her opponent. The blue symbols also shot forward, freezing as they did so and they traced a circular both around the jet of flame, winding its way along towards her opponent at an alarming speed.

Saraneth was a little away from the front of the jet of flame, mixed with the ice that would cut through flesh easily. It would be the fire and ice that would hit her opponent first with the force of a huge wave and then she would be there a few seconds later with her swords held out in front of her.

Despite the fire and ice around her, Saraneth could see her opponent clearly enough, and if he was to move out of the way of the fire and ice, she would summersault out of it and to wherever her opponent would dodge to and bring both swords down at both his shoulders, intending to disable the use of his arms. If her opponent had managed to block the attack, which would be possible if he possessed strong enough magic, he would have to somehow deal with Saraneth appearing there a second later to make her follow up attack which would involve attacking the most vulnerable place available with her swords.

Saraneth would then back away from her opponent and allow him to recover, aswell as giving herself time to catch her breath. The attack wouldn't have finished Eijiro off, but it would have dealt enough damage to put him out of action, if it had hit truly.

02/08/2005 9:13 AM

Standing like a statue Ejiro watched the girl perform her magic, not knowing what to expect. As he was growing impatient waiting for the girl, about to make a comment, he watched as a jet of flame shot foreward at him quickly joined with ice.

Leaping backwards to buy himself an extra few seconds, he let go of the broadsword with his left hand and quickly performed some simple magic. Raising his right arm to cover his face he made a geusture with his left. The stones at his feet seemed to come to life, raising to become a wall in from of him. The top of the jet managed to get over the wall and singe the sleeve of his claok.

On impact the wall groaned then was blasted apart, Ejiro was thrown backwards from the blast. Summersaulting in the air he landed softly on his feet, in time enough to block the blow that the girl followed up with. Using most of his strength he pushed back with his sword against hers in an attempt to throw her backwards.

Jumping backwards he let the broadsword rest by his side again. "Very good," he told her as he watched the last wisps of smoke rise from his sleeve. Raising his hand he traced a pair of runes in the air. It did not take him long, it was one of his most used spells and he was getting very quick at doing it. Suddenly the rocks in which they stood on became soft sand. The new ground made it harder to maneuver around, the second rune turned only the ground that laid under his feet, even if he moved, to stone.

Raising his hand again he traced a third rune, spikes of hard earth erupted from the ground, starting from about ten feet behind the girl and moving closer. The spikes were intended to push the girl forward, along with the fact that walking, let alone maneuvering was a great deal harder.

As the spikes closed in on the girl Ejiro leaped into a run, drawing his broadsword up in front of him, he was aiming a slash at her right shoulder, with the stregth he put into this blow, her arm would be taken from her body.

02/15/2005 3:03 AM

OOC: Sorry for the long absence. I haven't really had much time to post a lot.

IC: Saraneth's attack hadn't been very effective. Her opponent had raised a wall of earth infront of him to take most of the force from the attack. That soon smashed apart, sending her opponent flying. However, he landed on his feet lightly. Her opponent then raised his sword to block Saraneth's next attack. Ejiro's cloak was singed slightly, but apart from that there was no damaged what so ever inflicted upon him. Saraneth allowed herself to be forced back by her opponent.

She moved back further than her opponent would have forced her, and she waited for her opponent to make a move. Her opponent spoke. "Very good," he said.

After saying that, Ejiro drew a pair of runes in the air infront of him. It didn't take him very long, but Saraneth was fully recovered from making her last attack. Saraneth was startled slightly as her feet slid. The whole temple had been turned to a great mound of sand. She shifted her stance a little to gain better footing in the shifting sand. Another thing that happened was that the floor around her opponent's feet had turned to stone.

Saraneth suddenly heard a rumbling noise and turned to see spikes of rock poking out from the sand, all heading in her direction. She then turned back to face her opponent, who now ran at her, holding his sword infront of him ready for attack. Saraneth leaped in the direction of her opponent, she seemed to glide along, only pushing herself lightly along. When her opponent swung his sword at her, she twirled to the side, gracefully dodging the attack. As she did so, she thrust both her swords at her opponent's back, aiming to skewer him or atleast drive him forward into his own stone spikes.

If her opponent had dodged that, she would raise a spike of ice from in front of her opponent, aiming to take him through the middle. After making this attack, Saraneth would kneel on the ground and stab both her swords into the sand. She looked up at her opponent and smirked a little. "Sorry, but we play by my rules," she said as the sand around the blades started to freeze over.

The ice spread out in all directions from around Saraneth. It didn't cover as much ground as her opponent's earth magic did, but it covered enough. Now, if Saraneth wanted, she could fully manipulate all this ice to expand it, raise it, break it. She would be able to do anything with it, and her first attack was to raise up what seemed like a wave, about twice the height of Saraneth. The ice would head towards her opponent, making loud cracking and roaring noises. It would then collapse over her opponent, with enough force to crush him unless he done something about it. (Note: The wave is about 20 metres in length, just in case you wanted to know.)

02/15/2005 6:00 PM

[Sabriel was a CLASSIC! along with the 2nd and 3rd of course]

02/16/2005 6:23 PM

OOC: Not a problem about your absense. I don't mind waiting.

IC: Instead of impaling his opponent as Ejiro had planned she jumped over him and easily dodged his attack. As her katana came towards his back he halted in mid step and twisted to the side, causing her blade to miss. Turning he caught sight of the ice spike. Pulling his blade up he turned it so that the spike hit the flat of his blade and pushed him back instead of inflicting any wounds.

Turning he dove between a pair of earth spikes, once on the other side he quickly cut off the magic for the spikes and they quickly turned to loose sand and fell back down smooth. Turning he took a momnet to catch his breath before grinning. "Good job, you are doing much better then expected."

Watching as she plunged her swords into the sand he heard her comment about her rules then watched as his sand turned to ice. Awestruck as suddenly a collosal wave of ice sped towards him he did a bit of quick thinking, hurling his broadsword at the wave it stuck in about a foot. Ejiro wasn't far behind, using the hilt as a springboard he easily bounded over the wave.

In mid-air he pulled lose his wakizashi from it's hilt at his side. Though not as powerful as the broadsword he would be a lot quicker now and not as hindered as he was by the bigger blade. Swinging his smaller sword at the girl he really did not expect it to hit. In either case he did a few backflips away from the girl before comming to a halt.

"You may want to play by your rules... but your ice still rest's on my domain!" With those words he traced runes in the air, the earth under the frozen landscape began to shake. As the ice cracked from the shaking geysers of rock and sand burst through, creating a scene from hell. Once above the ice, Ejiro made the rock and sand target the girl. Stone after stone shot towards the girl.

02/19/2005 6:23 PM

A dark figure lurks on a tree branch watching the mortal struggle for supremcy.....waiting to challenge the survivor.....

02/24/2005 2:25 AM

A dark figure lurks on a tree branch watching the mortal struggle for supremcy.....waiting to challenge the survivor.....

Sammael, the Chaos Space marine hurtled through the chaos warp. apparently the Chaos gods want this place for their expansion of lands. he circled the place and observed his surrroundings until he saw an omminous figure hiding behind a tree. already his black corrupted soul hungerd for agony and torment. He raised his bolter and fired several rounds upon the person.

Race:Chaos Space MArine, World Eaters chapter
Height: Seven feet
Skills: Close combat, Markmanship, Torture
Chaos Marine Armor Sergeant Class
Deathmarch Targeting Sights(Equipped upon his reight eye)
Two Chainswords stuck upon his lower back
Bolter Rifle, and ammunition
The World Eaters Banner upon his back

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