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01/25/2005 2:27 AM

A lean, slender figure moved gracefully from among the ruined architecture that lay across the green forested landscape as a reminder of the once mighty castle that stood as a barrier to the orc's from the east.

The sound of the wind as it hurtled up the hillside and dispursed among the ancient granite blocks as they lay prone to the elements was harrowing. Its ambient sound echoed around the surrounding countryside.

The mysterious cloaked bipedal stalked silently, their objective or reasoning unknown to any possible onlooker as the strangers covered head appeared to casualy roam, looking at his surroundings as if soaking in the grandour of the once inpenetrable castle, stopping momentarily as if to reminisce about past exploits or better times spent here.

Tensing slightly the cloaked figure could feel the presence of someone else as he appeared deep in memories and the past............

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01/26/2005 12:34 PM

Cautious was the sea elf as the silent figure traveresed here ruined homeland. She never liked visitors, especially ones as mysterous as the figure in front of her. She glided over the wrekage on the ground casually, and was nearing the dark figure when he suddenly tensed. The sea elf, moved back into the ruins and ducked under a large broken column. For long moments she crouched there pondering what to do.

Her silent voice whispered though the winds as she prepeared to cast her spell, witch would create a violent wave to strike down or perhaps wound the figure. She finished casting her spell and a large sliver of silver escaped from her open palm. It headed for the figure, and slowly morphed into a tall wave. The sea elf felt the figure tense again.

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01/27/2005 3:39 AM

Oddly loud the noise of the wind rose sharply as if a wave of air were crashing through the shattered building.

As the cloaked figure turned he saw a horrific sight, a huge wave of water and not air bearing down on his small frame. He turned quickly attempting to find cover behind the ancient remains he had been casually negotiating, he leapt over a large fallen pillar and huddled behind its immense size to allow the wave to sweep by.

01/27/2005 1:02 PM

"Damn" kith swore lightly under here breath. She didnt really like fighting, and this mage seemed skilful. She focused here eyes on the ruins the figure had ducked under, the sea elf thinking about what he was. She decided it was best to first determine who it was she was fighting, then strike its weakness. She began to cast a simple spell, a spell that would examine her opponent. She crept further forward towards the wrekage.

She prepeared her spell when she realised she was missing a very important spell component. She cursed under here breath. She then decicded to engage in hand to hand combat, or she hoped. She snuck up to a few metres infront of the ruin in witch he was under, and prepeared to cast another spell, this time summoning an enraged water elemental. Slowley she spoke the words, and summoned its hulking mass to her side. She then ordered it to attack, and watched as a wave of water fly over the ruins.

01/29/2005 2:52 AM

Fazed, the cloaked creature allowed his focus to return before venturing a look above the ancient granite pillar that lay on its side offering cover.

Before his eye's stood the creature created of water and behind the law defying entity stood the creator, assumed the hooded figure.

He stood from his prone position but deftly leapt onto the stone which he had used as protection. Allowing his cloak to loosen and fall to the damp ground, standing for the Sea Elf to view was a dark clad Elf with black hair tied high in a neat knot as to keep the long flowing locks out of the wearers eyes.

His right arm rose before he could blink in his grasp a small black crossbow was fired, the large explosive tip on the bolt made only small distances viable to cover.......

01/31/2005 8:53 PM

The sea elf was somewhat shocked at her opponents move. She did not expect her elemental to blow up in front o here eyes. She quickley ducked under a fallen column, but, although quick, she still got hit by the blast. Her wound stung painfully, but was minor, so she payed no attention to it. She quickly leap back onto her feet and prepeared to charge down her opponent. She hesitated, wondring if that was a good idea, she had already been surprised by the crossbow, so she wondered if she should defend. But, her fears were soon banished as she made up her mind and dived at the figure. She avoided the crossbow, leapt round to the side of him (or her) and thrusted out a sword, intending to strike his side.

02/01/2005 1:46 AM

The controlled rage of the Assassin flowed through his veins, his trained aim was true as he witnessed the elemental explode.

The superficial damage left the Sea Elf with little hindrance as she freely moved past his unloaded crossbow.

Under his left arm she struck with her blade, its surgicaly sharp edge shredding the leather that the mercenary wore beneath his overcloak but the strike hit steel of the chainmail beneath splitting the rings.


Dull pain rose in his left oblique as he felt the bruising deep in his side, turning to the left as the Sea Elf avoided him his gloved right hand went within the depths of his leather tunic and as he spun his arm darted out.

Through the air at the retreating Sea Elf flew four diamond throwing knives. Leaping off the fallen architecture the Assassin drew his long sword as he landed in close to the powerful Sea Elf.

02/01/2005 7:30 PM

The sea elf had no time to move to defelct the 3 blades spinning toward her, but she managed to dodge to of them but one struck her and emmbedded itself in her leathery hide. She bit her lip in pain.

"How dare you challenge me" she Bellowed, flaunting her musculer body, "Never mind, im sure it wont happen again"

With her last statement she cast an ice spell, tenticles of ice flowing from her body and reaching out to her opposing figure, who had now revealed himself somewhat. As the tenticles lunged foward, so did she herself, planning to overpower the sly figure with he huge body.

02/02/2005 1:17 AM

As the Assassin moved in close he was taken aback by the show of magic displayed by the Sea Elf.

His resolve hardened, his elven style longsword deflected the left tenticle but the speed of the Sea Elf was blistering as her right tenticle smashed into his torso. The excruciating cold burned his body as he was slung of the granite pillar like the doll of a young child from there cot.

Hitting the lush green ground awkwardly he rolled a few times before coming to a halt. He harnessed his physical endurance and rose slowly to his feet. Dazed, his ribs cracked and bruised he felt instantly fatigued.

Shaking off the inactiveness the paid murderer moved with trained and inherent agility and sure footedness to the Sea Elf. Pushing through the pain he leapt with his right foot angled flat and held close to his hip, the leg extended in a brutal sidekick that smashed into the Aquatic creatures chest.

He landed slightly of balance because of his injury but was quick enough to scoop up his sword from the ground.............

02/02/2005 10:53 AM

The sea elf easly manuverd her body away from the kick but was not so lucky with the sword. It struck her full force in her arm, amputating it. She felt dizzy, but with a curse she cast a spell that would heal here wound, but not replace her arm. She felt nausiated and stumbled for a few econds, indulging in her pain just for a few seconds.

She then made a lunge again at the figure, however here dizzyness caused her to miscalculate her blow. She swung to his side, where she landed, titching, waiting for the final blow.

02/03/2005 1:23 AM

The Sea Elves blood dripped from his blade as her arm lay detached from the powerful magic-users body.

The Grey Elven assassin stood as the pain from his broken ribs made him stagger, slowly retrieving a perisian silk sash he wiped the crimson from his sword. He resheathed his weapon an knelt by the disabled elf, grabbing the removed arm he lifted it to the bloodied stump before removing a small paraphit from his belt.

The dark onyx stone glowed as did the edges of the wound when he removed his hand the arm was reattached.

Stepping gracefully back from the Sea Elf the Assassin bowed and walked away, his thick overcloak pulled back into place as the rain began to fall................

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