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01/24/2005 10:05 AM

The form lay motionless upon the soft damp earth. The smell of decay and the scent of rebirth slowly fading as a flicker of thought flittered through her head. New sounds were greeting her as she staggered to consciousness. Suddenly a rustle in the underbrush brought a new emotion – one that she had never experienced.

Panic-stricken and confused the form sat up, supporting herself on wobbly arms. The blood thundering in her throat as beads of sweat danced on her brow. Adrenaline flooding her senses as the fight or flight instinct took over…that scent…..

Eyes scanning, searching, assessing the situation, pleading…Pleading? “Not here, not now” the whispers called.

Steadying herself she filled her lungs with the cool moist air…then it hit. Pictures, thoughts, memories racing and assaulting her mind like a shark in a feeding frenzy – forceful, violent and final… And there was that voice. She dreaded hearing it and those words again… EXILED – CAST OUT. “Not here, Not now” the whispers called to her again. Forever shamed to walk among this pathetic lower class...

The pictures and memories started to subside – but those words remained… “Exiled…Shamed…LOWER CLASS…” a low growl escaped her lips. “Them” she said softly, her voice thin and weak – yet drenched in hatred. "NOT here, NOT now” the whispers stressed again…”NOT NOW”…with a sigh she conceded “not now”, her voice gaining strength with every use. She was stubborn and would have normally stood her ground but perhaps they were right – just this once.

The pictures and memories had faded by now but her thoughts still remained. How could she have been tricked so easily? It was their fault. Why was she held accountable? A long auburn tendril fell down into her eye, bringing her back out of her thoughts and with a resigned growl she stretched her arms over her head and cleared her thoughts. She shivered as the first experience with cold hit her.

01/24/2005 1:45 PM

...The rain rapped loudly against the window pane, its drone a thousand small invisible hands drumming against the cheap cracked glass of the small apartment. In the darkness of the room something moved, a slight movement, more sensed than seen in the darkness as a sudden spark of light lit a pale angular face from above a flickering light.

The figure bent its pale face slowly towards the flame, igniting a cigarette with a sharp intake of breath its brief life heralded by the sharp glow of the cigarette's tip. After a moment that hung like an eternity, the figure exhaled a long plume of smoke which was swallowed quickly by the darkness of the room. His eyes, so brilliantly blue, locked upon the flickering flame before him as his mind sought out memories of another time, of another life.

Something stirred deep within the figure shaking him violently from his reverie with the past. Something he had felt only twice before in millenia of life, a discord in the resonance of all things that was. A sharp ring of a single note out of harmony with the Chorus that surrounded everything if one was quiet enough to hear its harmony in the silence.

He took another long drag on the cigarette and sat in thought, lifting a hand to run his fingers though his long ebon hair that cascaded from his scalp like a waterfall of shadow, impossibly blue eyes still fixed upon the flickering flame of the lighter.

It is time...once again it is time...

Suddenly the light winked out with the sharp click of the lighter snapping closed and the figure rose in the darkness, moving swiftlywith purpose towards the door to the apartment framed in sickly waning light from the hallway outside.

01/24/2005 2:45 PM

"Snidely! Get your slithery ass back here!"

Mae grabbed her snake, Snidely, and placed him around her neck again. That was the second time this week he had gotten out. Little pest was more trouble than he was worth.

"You know, I really ought to turn you into a purse or something," the woman muttered.

You wouldn't do that to me, and you know it Mistress

Mae glared at the snake, and pulled a pillow case out of her back pocket. Without a word, she grabbed the snake with her free hand, and shoved him into the sack. She hoped that would teach him not to talk back to her. She started to walk back home, and stopped.

It sounded like there was someone else out in the night, someone lost. She turned around, and took a step forward.

"Hello?" she called. She crept forward a little more. "Is there someone there?"

01/25/2005 8:37 PM

For centuries people had recorded sights and sounds in the desert. Some had called it the Kingdom of John, a legendary place filled with immortals and gold. Others claimed that the kingdom was the location of the fountain of youth. It had never been proven to exist. Steps had been taken to ensure that no human would ever stumble upon this town. The beings who had built it knew what they were doing.

The town was as a circle, built with high walls. Many smaller circles lied just inside the outer wall. Then the next layer repeated this, a wall with smaller sections inside. The areas without buildings, just outside the circles, were filled with many parks. This continued to the innermost layer, in which a temple was constructed. It was a small replica of a heavenly city, but constructed on earth. The only part of the city that lacked beauty was the outer wall. It was made of dark sandstone to camouflage the city in the sands.

Any traveler would find this city mesmerizing. The buildings were made of white marble and gold. Murals made of Gems told the story of the heavenly history, placed here and there upon houses. It was a city of wealth, but a city with no gates. The walls surrounded the town totally. It was a city with a dark history.

….For your crimes against the father, you and all who were apart of the rebellion shall forever be condemned. Until the end of the Earth, you shall know not heaven and be forbidden to enter. All who follow and all who join shall know this life, cursed away from the face of god…

Forbidden from seeing the light of god. There was no worse punishment to give to an angel. Many had killed themselves over the severity of this punishment. Those who had wished to live free had gathered here in this town. It was their home, the home of the fallen angels. Here they had made a new life for themselves, away from the humans, away from the burdens of their own kind.

Upon a balcony in the inner layer of the city, an angel stared up at the heavens. It was a peaceful night of calm, although not as peaceful as heaven. The cold air made him shiver, but it was a good feeling. The fact he could feel anything at all was wonderful. In heaven there was no difference in life, no difference in day and night, and no difference in weather. It always, it always is, and always would be the same.

As he stood there watching, a quiver ran through the sky. A star shifted across the heavens into a new position. For a second he wasn’t sure if he had seen this or not. Other stars soon followed, rearranging a few constellations. It wasn’t much of an effect, but it was visible to those who looked close, or knew what they were looking for.

Liam knew something must be terribly wrong with the Dominions, if they had altered the heavens even slightly. Then he heard it… the ‘twitch’ in the heavenly aura. It was very rare he heard this. He could only remember a few select occasions that he had encountered this ‘sound’. All these occasions had preempted some great cataclysm. Something or someone had brought chaos to order and shattered the normal continuity of the universe.

The chaos he felt was very strong. It seemed to radiate from the same continent, but it was distant. It worried him, because normally the angels would balance that sort of thing out before it grew this large. He didn’t sense that the disruption was ceasing. A very disturbing thought struck his mind. One that shook him to the point of a whisper…

“…It is time…”

With this whisper, he leapt from the balcony and into the air. It was as if a new star had bloomed close to the earth, streaking across the sky toward the source of the chaos. Anyone who looked upon him this high in the sky would think him to be a meteor or perhaps some other object. Only those who could sense angelic energy would know what he truly was.

01/27/2005 3:15 PM

Celestine sat on a parapice against one of the tallest buildings in this bustling city. Her long black hair flowed around her shoulders, writhing like a living creature in the wind that tore at her.

If anyone had seen her standing there on this narrow, trecherous strip of stone, would have immediately informed the police of a possible jumper... for when her wings closed, they were invisible to human sight. She was garbed as any normal human, stone-washed denim jeans, and an off the shoulder slinky shirt that made her seem as one of the crowd. She surveyed the city around her with mild interest.

She hadn't been cast out of heaven... She had already been on earth when the revolt took place... however her return had been barred. She wasn't happy about it, but she didn't dwell on it like some of the other fallen ones she had come across. But then she wasn't any ordinary, run of the mill angel.

She was born in heaven, a creature born of a black-winged angel of death, and a white winged seraphim... and she was the result of the union of these two souls.

She stared skywards, and stared into the depths of the stars... and while she wasn't always fond of heaven... she longed for home. It was then that she realized that something was building in power... something that would forever shatter this world that she watched, and perhaps heaven as well if allowed to build.

Closing her blue gray eyes, her wings were willed into existance, one pure as snow... the other blacker than any void. This mis-matched pair stretched out and Celestine spread her arms, falling forward like all of those crazy humans who trusted their lives to a thin cord of elastic... and like all humans who have ever dreamed... She flew.

01/28/2005 11:18 AM

When the woman’s voice caught Ardarael’s ears she froze... Adrenaline pumping furiously again – but this time it was a sweeter experience. her senses becoming more alive and awakened by this chemical reaction flowing through her...a wave of power pulsated through her veins as she poised herself to strike if needed...."this must be how HE feels" a quiet laughed escaped as she drank in the addiction...

“Could it really be one of Them?” she thought as that wicked smile crossed her face. She had longed for this moment – face to face with a human… "those LOWER CLASS vile creatures" she seethed, the words driping like venom from a viper...but there was something different about this one… she didn’t smell right…

more than a little intrigued she called out to the stranger in a false voice thin and weak, despite the fact that by now she started to regain some of her strength... but you never let the prey know the full extent of the predator’s skill nor vulnerability...a soft disarming smile, sweeter than the coo of a child, graced her lips “Over here, could you please help?” …Green eyes flashing like lightning over the ocean scanned the direction of the woman’s voice…

as she approached, Ardarael sensed that this one was beyond human – yet not divine…”what manner of creature is this?” she wondered as her curiosity beat out the disappointment of not getting a “hunt”… “And who is she loyal to? She communes with a serpent…could that mean?” a shiver ran through her body as the moist cold air caressed her bare skin as the rain started to fall once more…

01/29/2005 7:08 AM

Mae walked towards the voice, unsure of what to expect. If it was one thing she learned on this planet, it was to trust nothing until you were sure of what was going on. The voice sounded human. But sounds, as in looks, could be decieving.

Perhaps she's a vampire...or something else, Mistress, came Snidely's muffled voice into her mind.

"If it's a vamp, it'll be a dead one," Mae muttered. "Now shut up! I put you in there for a reason, you know."

The snake fell silent once more, making Mae momentarily pleased. She neared the place where she had heard the voice coming from. Crossing through the brush, she saw a naked woman, with startling green eyes. Mae paused, looking at the woman. One didn't ordinarily see naked people out in the open, but that wasn't what made her pause. There was something about the look in the woman's eyes. Something...not quite normal.

"Hey, are you alright?" she said, as a light rain started to come down upon them. "Aw, shit! Just what we need right now."

You can say that again.

Mae shook the sack in exasperation, and sighed. She was getting wet, and so was the other woman.

"Alright, I don't know who you are, or why you're naked, but we need to get out of this. Unfortunately, we also need you clothed," Mae mused. "I got it. I hope you can fit into these."

Mae stripped out of her clothing, and handed them to the mysterious woman. She then got on all fours and smiled.

"Don't worry, I don't need them. Listen, follow me, I'll take you to my place, and we can get to know each other better there...where it's dry."

Without saying anything more, Mae shifted into a black lab, grabbed the sack with her mouth, and started off at a slow pace. She was sure the stranger would be able to catch up with her.

01/31/2005 11:10 AM

Like a blazing star he approached the human city, though he hardly enjoyed gracing it with his presence. This was the source of the disturbance, the source of the chaos. Here he might find the answer as to who dared upset the cosmos.

The light that had been in the sky vanished, leaving a humanoid form descending toward the earth in the darkness. He had returned to his human-like form. Only the vaguest of shapes could be seen of him as he entered the halo of city lights. Liam glided toward what appeared to him to be a park…

How many centuries had it been? The last time this chaos had filled the world… It worried him, but excited him at the same time… He knew good things could come out of this for their kind. That is, if the old prophecies came true.. As the power of the disturbance passed through him, he shuddered.

“And the heavens shall take new order as the beast descends. So shall the eyes of heaven be deceived as to think the true intentions just… The innocent shall fall with the blood of the guilty, and earth suffer a great sorrow…”

Those words echoed into his mind as he touched the earth. The trees had made it impossible for him to get a good landing inside of the park. Liam would need to walk, for a short distance anyway. He moved from the street into the treeline, his wings vanishing behind him. Without those he would appear to be an oddly dressed human. Nothing more…

02/01/2005 4:19 AM

...The black muscle car hugged the roadway, a snarling shadow with the throaty growl of a v8 engine which almost seemed to have a malevolent life of its own. The car sped through the darkened streets, streetlights flashing to a blurring rapid staccato of light and darkness.

Eyes scanned the roadway ahead of him over gloved hands that gripped the steering wheel, pale blue orbs that seemed to burn with their own light even in the confines of the darkened car's interior. The stereo blared ''Sympathy for the Devil by some obscure heavy metal band which would more than likely burn for their sins in purgatory, and the driver could not help but allow himself a wry smile. The irony of the song or perhaps the insightful truth behind the lyrics always brought a smile and a certain strange sense of amusement to him. In response he applied pressure to the accelerator and the car growled in response, urging itself to greater speeds.

Time aga...A time of blood, of sin and certainly of the lasting embrace of death. A time of blood, seas of blood, enough to drown a world...

He reached down idly plucking his cigarette from where it rested in the ash-tray and drew a long nicotine laden breath, holding it inside and admiring the strange sensation of smoke as it wound its way though the lungs of this mortal vessel. His mind thinking back to the last time he had felt such a disturbance, but then of course the distubance was a chorus of its own, a second choir singing a different tune completely in disharmony to the rapturous song of Heaven.


The figure forced his thoughts from the painful memories that were conjured by that place. The sins committed that day were burned in his soul, a shadow darker than the abyss that no matter what he did he could never illuminate. The shook his head and angrily flicked his cigarette out the window and forced himself to focus on the darkened street ahead.

Never Again...

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02/01/2005 5:43 PM

It had been another long, exaustive, boring day. Correction: long, exaustive, and boring right up until the bizarre disturbance in the sky. And now, for the time being, it was over.

Dave Wickenburg sighed, and went over the nights events in his mind. He had been doing his usual job: getting coffee, getting food, picking up after the older men he worked for, and, occasionally, doing some real work. Dave sometimes wondered why the group he worked for had hired him. A bunch of old astronomers, hiring someone who not only studied astronomy in college, but had been the best student in his class.

Dave had just finished getting Professor Stewart (he refused to call them Dr. So-n-So, even to their faces) his dinner, and was getting back to his "work station". Calling it that was a laugh. All he really had was a desk out on the enclosed deck of the building the group worked in. He was supposed to be writing another letter to the government, trying to get them to understand why it should acknowledge the motley bunch of astronomers as a legit group, and give them funding for their studies.

Instead, he studied the sky. He studied it every night, making notes on planets that were showing to the naked eye, how the stars were aligned, hoping that some day he'd find something that would earn him the respect he felt he deserved. As he was watching the sky, he saw a star burn brightly, start to head towards Earth, and then disappear completely. He frowned. It hadn't been a meteor. He was fairly certain that particular star had always been in the sky.

Grabbing a star map that he had been making, he ran into the main room, and, comparing his map with that of the other astronomers, he found that he was right. That star had alway been there. Until now. Dave ran to find Professor Stewart, wanting to tell the old man of his discovery. However, when he did find the professor, he was waved away.

"Dave, you have been seeing things," Stewart said. "Stars don't fall out of position and then disappear."

"But sir, I know what I saw," Dave protested. "Why don't you believe me?"

"Dave," Stewart sighed, "you are obviously tired. Go home, get some rest. Come back tomorrow, when you're feeling better."

And with that, Professor Stewart turned and walked away from the young man. Dave, frustrated and confused, stormed off to his desk, and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. He wrote a note to the group, and, grabbing what few personal belongings he had there, he left.

The note he had left upon his desk read:

Dear Gentlemen,
I am tired of being your lap dog. You never give me any
real work to do. I'm constantly cleaning up your personal messes,
getting your coffee or food, or writing letters to a government that
obviously doesn't care one bit about the work you try to do.
Not only that, but whenever I make a discovery, one of
always shrugs it off as being unimportant. That is, until you yourself
makes the same "discovery". Get yourselves another bitch boy.

I quit.

Dave Wickenburg

Now Dave was sitting in his apartment, watching the rain come down. It was strange. The skies had been clear up until almost 15 minutes ago. Sighing, the young man turned away from his window, and went to find something to eat.

02/03/2005 5:12 PM

Flipping the sign on the door to CLOSED, Arella firmly shut the door in front of her and locked the deadbolt. She pulled down the blinds, and sighed as she looked at the pile of children's books scattered on the floor. Surveying the mess left for her to clean up, Arella ran her hands through her hair and thought to herself, [i] "well, they aren't going to put themselves back on the shelves, I guess I'd better get to it." [/i] She genuinely enjoyed the many interactions she had with strangers at her bookstore, [i] The Avid Reader [/i] but sometimes wondered how customers would feel if she went into [i] their [/i] homes and made such a mess.

Kneeling on the floor, she ran her slender fingers along the titles of several of the books. She wondered what it would have been like to have her mother read to her as a child, or to hear her father's booming voice as he played the part of the villian in an adventure story. She felt particularly melancholy this evening, and wasn't quite sure why. Sometimes she felt the ache in her sole more keenly than others, and tonight was one of those nights. As she lifted the first book to place it back in it's proper place on the shelf, she suddenly reeled backwards and felt as though her head had been split in two. A blinding white flash filled her vision, and something deep within her shifted out of place. As darkness began to overtake her, she stole a glance at the door behind her, puzzled that it was still tightly locked, and felt herself fade into oblivion.

02/08/2005 9:03 AM

Ardarael regarded the woman with deep interest as Mae stepped into view. “yes I seem to be alright, although I am not quite sure as to where I am” her voice was soft and melodic now as she cast a disarming smile over the woman. She ran delicate hands through her long auburn tresses and tossed them about to shake off the shimmering crystalline droplets that had gently fallen.

“I am Ardarael… are you sure you don’t need these? ... Very well, Thank you” Ardarael adjusted her weight and supported herself as she stood up. The combination of the falling moisture and the moonlight cast her skin in a glistening blanket of diamonds. She started towards the woman and took the clothing that was offered.

Quickly slipping the clothing over her skin, Ardarael watched with sheer fascination, the process of shape-shifting, her shape contorting and twisting as she took the form of a canine. With a wicked devilish glee Ardarael was impressed, “she is no human at all, but something a bit more extraordinary….how convenient” the thoughts raced through her mind as she trailed behind the lab. “How much longer, I wonder?” she whispered softly into the night as she gazed up at the stars.

02/17/2005 9:32 AM

Mae sniffed the air, making sure that the stranger was following her. Keeping to the shadows, the shape shifter made her way home, careful to avoid any unwanted human contact.

How are you going to explain yourself to her? Snidely asked.

Hopefully, I won't. She doesn't seem entirely human herself, or hadn't you noticed?

Mae stopped outside a simple one story house, and ran around to the back. She was simutaneously glad and pissed off at herself that she had thought to install a dog door last week. Glad, because now she could get inside without worrying about people seeing her naked, but pissed off, because now she had made it that much easier for Snidely to escape.

She entered the house carefully, not wanting to hurt the snake too much, and ran to the living room, where she kept his cage. She changed back to her normal human form, and dumped him inside the cage.

"You're grounded," she told him, as she closed and secured the top. "And no, I'm not joking around this time."

Mistress, what will you ever do if I get my true form back?

Mae ignored the snake, and grabbed a blanket off her couch. Wrapping it around her body, she went to the back door, unlocked and opened it for her guest.

"Welcome to my humble abode."

03/08/2005 2:11 PM

Haste was important… He felt her presence slipping into the human city, deeper into the pits of corruption. Had the being he sensed fled his presence, or had she wandered off on her own? He could only guess what had happened to her, but he knew the cost of having the ‘humans’ find her would be high. It could destroy their cover.

As Liam walked through the park, he eventually came to the streets, He looked at the dirty gutters, the smog greased buildings, the general decay of things. This was the civilization they had built for themselves, so fitting for their kind… Good intentions fallen into disrepair… Had they not warned the heavenly host of what these beings would do?

“Please, father, do not do this! These beings are made in your image, but have no wisdom. They hide themselves inside and harbor hidden desires! If left to their own whims they will end up killing each other and destroying what you created so generously for them!”

Ignored… He remembered that conversation back in those days. Of course it had been part of ‘His’ plan, but he half wondered if god had turned a blind eye to the world. Maybe all creation was just that, a big cosmic failure. They all had been naïve back then, believing in ‘Good’ that existed in the father.

Of course walking through the streets like he did, that deep in thought, would be in view of anyone who happened to walk by or drive by. Maybe even the angel who had fallen would feel him approaching - ever so steadily drawing nearer.

03/09/2005 8:07 AM

Dave kicked his fridge in frustration. He had forgotten to go shopping earlier this week, and as a result, the fridge was now empty. Sighing, he left the room, and went to find his coat an umbrella. Even if it had stopped raining for the moment, he wanted the umbrella with him. Never knew what sort of craziness would happen on a night like this.

He left his apartment, deep in his own thoughts. He wasn't sure what he'd do now. He had what money he had saved up in the bank, and that would hold him for awhile, but after that, then what? He couldn't go back to his family for help, and he certainly couldn't ask the bank for a loan either.

Dave was so very deep in his thoughts, that he never noticed that he was about to collide with another man, who also seemed to be deep in his own thoughts.

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