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01/23/2005 7:29 PM

The crowd cheers as the gladiator drives his sword into the convicts chest, sending it bursting out of his back and blood soaking the ground. The gladiator lifts his arms up in triumph, blood running down his sword arm. The crowd slowly begins to chant his name as the Emperor rises to his feet at applauds the gladiators triumph.

Slowly, the crowd exits the Coliseum and the Emperor returns to his palace. Another day of the gladiator tournament had passed by.

01/24/2005 2:16 PM

Crassus Began to sharpen his axe in the gladiator training room.He was an ex centurion tried and convicted of false treason towards the emperor.His goal is to win the gladitorial tournaments and return to his family.The other gladiators respected Crassus because they knew his skill and ability was far above theirs.He sat in silence waiting for his name to be called.

01/24/2005 3:19 PM

"Next," the guard near the gate called out to the ex-centurion. The guard had been looking out of the small peep hole to the fighting in the arena when he saw the combatant go down, throat turn open by the claws of a lion, and quickly called out to the next in line.

"Give them a good show and the gods be with you," he said as Crassus passed by him.

02/14/2005 10:06 AM

There was a roar and one last pathetic scream. Lucius closed his eyes and let his head rest upon the wooden door of the colesium. The death of the convicted criminal by the cruel weapons of the lion marked the end of the first event. Traditionally the killing of the criminal would be followed by a battle of beasts, usually a bear and a lion. But it appeared that for one reason or another Lucius was to fight. The Gladiatores Meridiane was really only considered a break to the audience. One man with no weapons or armour was to fight a fully armed man, the last one standing would move on to later fights. Usually the event didn't last for all too long. Lucius felt panic as the faceless gaurd opened the door. Lucius wondered how this could happen to him. He had been brought here when it had been discovered that his mother had followed a pagan religion. The preatorians know that blood runs thick, and even the son of one who commited such a crime could be put to death. Lucius's panic quickly jarred him from these thoughts as he was thrust into the collesium. He watched as the cool sand blew lightly over his sandaled feet. His head raised and he looked to the other end of the collesium as he saw his opponent emerge. Just then Lucius's panic turned to rage and he began jogging towards his opponent, weaponless, and alone...

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02/15/2005 6:08 PM

Aurulies emerged from the Coliseum underworks, thrust into the arena and the cheering of thousands of fanatic citizens, each screaming for blood. Aurulies raised his iron broadsword to the heavens, calling on the Gods of Olympus for support in the upcoming battle. Across the way, he saw the near naked man running towards him, rage contorting his face. Aurulies charged at the unarmed man, striking out with his shield and following the attack with a wide slash of his broadsword.

02/16/2005 6:21 PM

Lucius' anger melted away and the collesium spun as he was smitten by the hulking Aurulies' sheild. The world seemed to slow as Lucius fell to the ground, his gaze passing over the serpant engraved sheild. A glint caught Lucius' eye as he fell, a blade closing in towards his body. Lucius was dead, he felt warmth trickle down his right shoulder. He lay in the sand for a moment and his head fell towards his wound. Lucius looked lifelessy at the wound, saw the red of the blood and felt that something was not right. Lucius felt his fingers move, life was in him still. Aurulies had made only a slight wound so to preserve the entertainment. Lucius scrambled quickly to his feet, the buzz of pain from his shoulder finally registering. Aurulies was not new to the games however, and had seen too many gladiators lose an eye or take a scar from being careless in the Gladiatores Meridiane to divert his attention off of his opponent. Lucius'mind raced but something held him back from running to the corner and dishonoring himself in front of the crowd. Instead Lucius grabbed a handful of dust thrusting it towards the gladiators helmet and charged at his sheild throwing himself at it with all of his might.

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02/20/2005 7:55 PM

Aurulies lifted his shield high into the air, beating the serpent engraving with his iron broadsword, taking in the crowd’s joyous roar. Aurulies turned back towards the bare combatant, fully aware that he was not dead. As his body slowly turned towards the man, he was greeted with a handful of sand that quickly blinded the him. He stumbled backwards, throwing off his helmet and trying in vain to get the sand out of his eyes. His eyes were tightly shut as an unseen force slammed into his shield, rendering the arm momentarily numb from the collision, and sending him flying to the ground. Aurulies instinctively dropped the shield and sent his sword up above him, ready to thwart off any attacks through his blurred vision, his free hand desperatly trying to rake the sand out.

02/21/2005 10:57 AM

Lucius' veins pumped with adrenaline, and a faint glimmer of hope sparked in him as his opponent dropped his sheild. As soon as Lucius had disarmed the gladiator of his sheild the blinded foe thrust his sword upward and sliced at the air, Lucius stumbled over the hulking mass in an effort to get away. His opponent sliced once more missing, lifting the sword back into the air it grazed Lucius' shoulder, a shallow wound but no doubt a painful one. Lucius screamed with pain and fear. Hitting the dust, he clenched his teeth and glimpsed at the sheild on the coliseum. Lucius crawled to the glittering savior taking possesion of it and rose unsteadily to his feet. The larger gladiator's eyes were now flickering, and Lucius knew that he must take action quickly. Setting the sheild as a battering ram Lucius charged his opponent, wary of the sword that was now stained with his own blood.

02/23/2005 5:16 PM

*Crassus made his way to the coliseum gate from the underworks.People began to chant Crassus for they recognized him from the previous events.Crassus led a group of gladiators to victory against the Emperor's own personal guard.An embarassment to the emperor for sure.Crassus was clad in gladiator armor instead of Imperial.His large weighted axe clung onto his muscular back.His arms glistened with sweat as he moved forward and the guard saluted Crassus."Honor to you centurion..." *The guard said as he opened the gate leading into the coliseum.* "I have no honor..." *Crassus said coldly as he continued into the coliseum itself.The crowd erupted into a chant and Crassus took up his axe he burst into a sprint towards the already fighting combatants.Crassus surveyed the already engaged combatants with experianced eyes.He saw that one was already wounded and had the other combatants shield.The other seemed to be blinded.Crassus began to move faster as the crowds roaring chants grew louder.The combatants grew closer every second.

02/23/2005 6:11 PM

Aurulies had finally gotten all of the sand out of his eyes, although they were still a bit raw. He noticed the oncoming shield almost too late, barely able to send one of his legs flying up to kick away the large shield. Aurulies moved to stand, hoping he had deterred his opponent long enough to regain his footing.

Suddenly, the crowd roared as they never had before. Aurulies basked in the glory, then quickly realized it was not him they had been cheering for. His eyes quickly darted around the arena, and for the first time noticed the charging combatant, donned in gladiator armor and carrying a menacing axe. Aurulies felt his knees swoon as he quickly realized who the charging combatant was.

02/23/2005 7:18 PM

*Crassus let out a primal yell as he grew closer to Aurulies.He drew his axe back for a fatal blow.He felt the sun beating down on his back scorching his already tanned skin.For a few seconds the crowd was quiet as they waited for Crassus to engage the two other combatants.At last Crassus swung his weighted axe downwards towards Aurulies's skull. He let out a vicious yell as he threw all his strength and weight into the swing.The crowd erupted into chants all of the citizens chanting Crassus's name louder than ever before.*

02/24/2005 1:52 PM

Aurulies saw the oncoming charge, his eyes growing in fear. He quickly brought his sword up to fend off the attack, hoping to deflect the blow. The gladiator's axe came down hard, making Aurulies sword tip dive into the ground under the sheer strength of the gladiator.

Aurulies' breathed a sigh of relief as he felt his sword vibrate rapidly from the contact. The sound of clanging metal reverberated throughout the arena, the crowd had all gasped as one as the axe came down. Unfortunatly, the attack left Aurulies' sword arm in a precarious position, pinned against his back.

02/25/2005 8:19 PM

Lucius watched as the two giant men fought, his head half hidden behind his sheild, for the moment he had been forgotten and he looked around in hope. It seemed as though someone had wanted to make this match interesting. Seeing the newly arrived opponent almost deal a mortal blow to Aurulies Lucius decided his only hope to see the next day would be to first gang up on him. Lucius set his sheild and charged the man's back.

03/04/2005 1:31 PM

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Pain erupted down Aurulius' spine as he was hit squarely with a shield. The force sent him flying forward to land face down in the sand. He quickly rolled over and bit his lip, the pain was almost unbearable. His face tightened into a grimace as he tried to rise. The crowd erupted into chaotic cheering as the man's imminent death approached.

03/07/2005 6:27 PM

augustus could never decide if he like his occupation. not that it mattered, he was chosen to fight. his hands rested rust from the iron portcullis that seperated him from another display of fatal brutality. an inch of steel from someones death. he often found it easier to weep on those he killed as a legionnare and gladiator than the loss of his company and family. the outcome of each fight was trivial at best, but that never stopped him from effortlessly killing anyone that would raise a weapon to him. the next fight would be no exception

03/07/2005 6:44 PM

The guard near the gate watched the fight with a withdrawn demeanor. He slowly turned his head to regard the approaching man and stared him down. When it appeared he had caught the man’s attention, he gave him a wink and knowing smile. As the guard laughed to himself, he slowly began turning the lever that would open the portcullis.

"How about for a little excitement," he laughed again as he regarded Augustus.

03/11/2005 8:35 AM

Watching the lions emerge from the gate, Lojal couldn't stand it any longer. He never liked the colosium. People killing people for anothers entertainment. Lojal leaped from the crowded audiance drawing his sword and shield in the air. then he landed on one of the lions, killing it.

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