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01/23/2005 1:29 PM

Only a handfull of Jedi remain after the fall of the three Sith Lords. At the Telos academy, the Jedi historian has forsaken the Jedi and has become a neutral in the war to come. The handmaidens still serve her faithfully. There are rumors of Sith gathering on Korriban, and on Dantoine the settlement has begun to finally prosper, expanding and becoming a major star port. The other few planets of our system have conitnued on their same course, though Tarsis has become nothing but a desolate wasteland, the only remaining life on the planet is the Tarsis Academy of the Jedi Historian.

The few remaining Jedi have gathered on Dantooine, where they now hold a council concerning Revan and the Exile. Only two Jedi masters remains, Bastilla and an unknown, who has only recently revealed himself. The rest of the Jedi masters were slain in the recent war with the Sith. Now the Jedi Order consists mostly of padawans and young Jedi Knights who know nothing of the strife and exile the Jedi have had to recently endure.

(OOC, sorry for it being so random. I made it up as I went along. :P Introduce your characters here. I will play a few NPC's in the start to get the background and story going.)

01/23/2005 2:14 PM

he stood in the back of the room looking at the new Jedi council. The old one that had exiled him and many other jedi had died long ago. Why would they want me here.. he thought

01/23/2005 3:41 PM

Ravin Tropid stood near the front of the room, being one of the last two jedi masters was unnerving, would the new council stand strong? Or would it crumble like the last? Only time would tell...Ravin stood attentive, surveying the people around him he saw the exiled jedi, and nodded at Bastila to begin.

01/23/2005 3:44 PM

Dontan had felt the presence of the Jedi through the Force. They had called out to him, and like-wise all remaining Jedi, to return to Dantooine, to the ruined Jedi Enclave that he had been trained at. He had arrived on the now prospering planet a few days earlier, taking up residence in one of the many temporary residential modules.

Now he found himself in the meeting chamber of Dantooine's government, surrounded by only a handful of the Jedi that had answered the call, or perhaps the only surviving Jedi in the galaxy. His red eyes flashed to attention as a familiar face walked up to address the crowd, her long brown hair had been partially pulled up, revealing her beautiful face and passionate blue eyes.

(OOC, I will play the other Jedi in the beggining since I already have something set up.)

01/23/2005 3:58 PM

"It has been a long while since all of the Jedi have gathered. Though in those times, I believe it was more than a handful," Bastilla stated to the crowd, a resound sigh escaping he thin mouth. "It has been only a short year since the Exile defeated the Sith Lords. Now we are able to once again gather without fear of death. You may be wondering why I have called for the meeting," she looked to the crowd, brushing the stray hairs out of her face. She noticed a few familiar faces; particularly an exile, zabrak, and Jedi Master.

"I will be quick about this. The existence of the Jedi teachings hinge in the balance. While the Sith Lords were defeated, their purge of the Jedi have severely wounded the Force. They hunted us to the brink of extinction, only by hiding were we able to survive. I did not agree with this at first, though I quickly conceded the point. It appeared that our enemies had some sort of hidden power, and in truth, they did. Now we have discovered the source of their power, the Sith. The true Sith," a mixture of anger and fear crossed over her face as she revealed the grim news.

"I believe that Revan and the Exile found out about this, and went off in search of the Sith. Though their reason is unknown to everyone except themselves." She looked over towards the Jedi Master, motioning for him to join her.

01/23/2005 4:08 PM

Ravin nodded and stepped forward to stand beside Bastila, with a grim look on his face. Ravin knew no more than what Bastila did on this matter so he decided to only say a few words.

"Hello young jedi! I am Ravin Tropid, the only jedi master still living, besides Bastila of course..."

Ravin looked toward Bastila and nodded.

"Continue please"

01/23/2005 4:29 PM

The young zabrak looked up at Bastilla, he could tell that she was somewhat sorrowfull at the mention of Revan's name. Then she had mentioned the Sith, not the followers of the Sith way but the true Sith. He quickly scanned the room to make sure he wasn't hearing things, and noticed the same looks on the faces of the gathered Jedi that Bastilla wore. Dontan stepped foward towards the two Jedi Masters.

"Excuse me," he called out. "Perhaps you two remember me, perhaps not. I am Dontan Morzon, I was here before the destruction of the academy. I was training," he looked directly at Ravin as he said this. Then turned to regard Bastilla again.

"Though that is not the reason I have spoken up. You say that Revan and the Exile have left to seek out these Sith? So I ask you, why have you called us together, there is nothing we can do!"

01/23/2005 5:19 PM

Bastilla looked down at Dontan, she searched through her memories until she came back to this very academy. Dontan had arrived at the Enclave when she had recieved her lightsaber. She remembered his face, the way he spoke and it matched. He was only a child then, she looked at the Zabrak again. She felt a bit of anger at this outburst. However she quickly composed herself, remembering the pain and sorrow of falling to Malak and the Dark Side.

"That may be what you believe, though if we stand aside and watch the galaxy pass us by, we will surly regret it. The Jedi have sat aside and watched too many times in the past. As the ruling member of the council I urge you to action. If we idly sit by again, it could mean our destruction. What if the Sith come back, led by Revan himself. I do not believe we could defeat such a foe. Revan was like none other, and the Exile.... that one remains unclear to me," she replied after a long pause, staring hard at Dontan.

"I have too many duties to do this task myself, so I have called the Jedi together. We must take action against them or risk all. Dontan, you are young and unexperienced and can not understand the weight of this news," she calmy explained to Dontan, all the while looking around the room and meeting the gaze of all the present Jedi. Then she noticed a face she had not seen in many, many years. It was another exiled Jedi.

"I did not think you could hear the Force any more," she calmly stated to the exile.

01/24/2005 2:39 AM

"I didn't think I could do a lot of things" he said as he looked calmly at Bastlila. I didn't think i could fly my raggidy ass ship from Nar Shada to here but I did it
"And now you ask us to hunt down the Sith... thats not like you"

01/24/2005 1:53 PM

"Nor is it like you to come to the aid of the Jedi," Bastila said calmly to the exile, a bit of anger edged her voice. "What you see before you, here in the meeting chamber of the Dantooine government, is all that remains of the Jedi Order. And here you stand, prosecuting my decisions of what I believe we should do. Perhaps you forget your place, exile," her voice rising as she continued her speech to the exile, then turned back to the crowd.

"I have called for the Jedi because I believe that to persevere through this difficult time, we must seek the initiative! Tell me, what do you think the Sith would do if they should return in numbers?. Look at the Jedi, we are too few to stand against them! Do you believe we would unite and defeat this foe? I do not. Perhaps we would be swept away in the current of the Force, our teachings vanishing with us. I do not wish this to happen," she solemnly spoke to the few remaining Jedi, then turned again to the exile.

"As you know, I helped capture Revan, then watched as he regained himself through the force. I watched Revan with content as he so masterfully controlled the force, and I was jealous. Where do you think this path led me, exile? Perhaps our fates were not so different," she reverted her eyes to the floor at that last statement, her features pained by the memory.

"We Jedi represent what is good, so I can not force you to go exile. That is your own decision, as well as the decisions every one of us must now make. Do we stand aside and watch, hoping that the Sith do not seek us out again. Or do we follow Revan and the Exile into the outskirts of our galaxy to identify our would be assassins?"

01/24/2005 5:41 PM

he stared at Bastila and thought what were his options... go back to Nar Shada and work for that slug of a hut or have some fun chasing down the sith. "Fine i'm in but i have to be a Jedi knight or higher no padawon i'v went through that once... not again"

01/24/2005 5:46 PM

"Are you demanding to be a Jedi Knight. Apparently you have been away from the Force to long, exile. I can not simply re-enstate you into your knighthood, you will have to regain your connection through the Force," she replied a little harshly to the exile before stepping down to stand beside him.

"Here," she said as she connected with the exile through the Force. "That should help some, though I can only do so much. As I said before, you will have to regain your connection on your journey," she whispered to the exile before turning her attention to the gathering.

"Who will follow the exile?"

01/24/2005 8:03 PM

Ravin nodded his head slowly

"You know I am in already Bastila...What of you other jedi?"

There was a hesitated pause in the room

"Come' on now, with a show of hands"

A few young but talented jedi slowly raised their hands, and like a tidal wave the rest of the jed's hands when up...

"Good. Now you all know this is certainly not a blue-milk run, are you sure your all prepared?"

01/24/2005 8:08 PM

Dontan stepped forward, a rush of excitement on his face.

"I wish to accompany the exile," he called out above the quite murmur that had erupted through the room.

(OOC, sorry for short post, couldn't think of anything. Nightmarish, please take the podium....)

01/25/2005 2:34 AM

the exile looked at Dontan "Thats one plus the four in my crew any others" he said as he looked throught the room
A tweleck girl ran into the room covered in oil stains "Sir the ship is ready"
"I'll be there soon" he said as he waved her goodbuy

01/25/2005 4:38 PM

(OOC: Right....)

Ravin smiled, he didn't expect the outcome of followers to be so great. Ravin looked at Bastila and noticed the grim look on her face, and his smile curled downwards....

"Good, so I assume everyones ready?"

Ravin didn't wait for an answer, he took two fingers and waved them indicating for the crowd to make room for him and Bastila. The crowd parted and as Ravin stepped out of the door he motioned for everyone to follow...

"To the ship!"

01/25/2005 5:33 PM

Bastila silently followed Ravin and the few Jedi to the exile's ship, she wasn't sure of what was to happen and what part they would all play. As of now, the Force had given her little insight into this matter, and seemed that it would not reveal its wishes to her. All she could do was obediently follow what she knew in her heart to be true.


They arrived at the exile's ship, the gathering forming a semi-circle around the two Jedi Masters. Bastila slowly breathed to herself, then turned her gaze to Ravin. The old Jedi Master smiled at her in re-assurance, Bastila stepped forward.

"It seems that we will not all be able to accompany the Jedi on this mission. I for one must stay here, in Dantooine, and continue my search for the remaining Jedi. I will need help in this mission, though I believe it pales in comparison to the exile's," she looked at the exile and smiled at him. She was unsure of his intentions for undertaking the quest. She was unsure about allot of things lately. She turned her attention back to the Jedi.

"I do not believe that I can spare more than two Jedi to go with the exile. I sorrowfully regret that the rest of us must stay back, but we must all accept our place, wherever the Force sees fit," she solemnly looked at each of the gathered Jedi, studying each in turn.

"Dontan and Ravin, I believe that you two must go with the exile. Dontan, please step forward," she motioned to the Zabrak, and he in turn stepped forward. "Dontan, I know that you are very inexperienced but I believe your race alone will help you when you leave our galaxy. You must resist the allure of the Dark Side, use what few lessons you have been taught to help the exile as best you can. Your double-bladed light saber will no doubt come in handy," she added with a wink while Dontan visibly blushed.

"As for you Ravin, you must act as guide to each of these men. The Force flows strong in your old body, I can feel its presence simply by standing beside you. Instruct the Zabrak and exile in the ways of the Force, and warn them of the temptation of the Dark Side. Help them guard against this, for I fear that once you leave our galaxy its allure will indeed gain in intensity," she said to the Jedi Master, bowing after her speech.

"And exile, I believe you know your place. You have fallen once, I fear the consequences if you should fall again," a look of regret crossing her face as she told the exile.

"May the Force be with you all," she slowly added before turning to leave for the Jedi Enclave, leaving the three circumstantial companions alone together for the first time in their lives.

01/25/2005 6:37 PM

Ravin bowed at Bastila's leaving, and pondered quickly on the situation. He gripped the hilt of his lightsaber, like a baby sucking his thumb. It was a habit Ravin picked up over his many years as a jedi.

"Well, I would like to have a few words with you before we board. A large part of the fate of all jedi rely on us, we must regard this mission with the utmost importance. We must be prepared to give our very lives for the galaxy, along the way we will come upon obstacles, some easy, some hard....I have nothing else to say, may the force be with us."

Ravin climbed the ramp up to the ship, and closed it back up when the exile and the zabrak boarded.

"We head to Korriban, i'm sure you've all heard the rumors of sith gatherings there, unless anyone has any objections we'll be off now. Exile since it is your ship, why don't you pilot?"

01/25/2005 7:12 PM

"I agree," Dontan said as the Jedi Master suggested Korriban. "It would seem if we were to find out about our enemies, we would first confront them. I believe we should start our search there, even if it fails we will at least have felt the presence of the Sith and the corruption of the Dark Side. It will undoubtedly test our resolve, something we should work on keeping," he said to the two standing before him, a look of pure confidence on his face.

01/26/2005 2:31 PM

"I'll go set the auto pilot for koriban then" The Exiole said as he walked into the control room. In the control room the twelek was sitting in the pilots chair.
"Were are we going boss" she asked
"Set the coardinates for korriban" The Exile said as he walked into the room were all the jedi were standing "You can choose a room one belongs to me and my mechanic other than that you can choose any one you want"

01/26/2005 3:01 PM

"I will take the quarters near the med-bay," Dontan replied quickly, he had already seen the area and decided he would fit perfectly there. He glanced at the Jedi Master, awaiting his decision.

01/26/2005 6:44 PM

"I will take the guest quarters, if you don't mind."

Ravin bowed quickly.

"I'll be in there if you need me...May the force be with you."

Ravin walked down the hall, without waiting for a reply from either of them. He turned to the guest quarters and picked out a bed and sat, stroking his lightsaber while it was still in his belt. He pulled it out and waved it around, the purple light still mesmerized him, even now. Ravin sighed and layed down, stroking the intricate design on the hilt, it still comforted him in his darkest times........

Ravin remembered Jeanna, the Twi'lek girl he met in his jedi training... A lone tear trickled down his face... He missed her so...

01/26/2005 8:08 PM

"Please do not disturb me until we reach Korriban," Dontan said to the exile after Ravin had retreated to the guest quarters. He had picked out the room beside the med-bay for a specific reason, it was quiet.

Upon his arrival, Dontan walked around the room, trying to get a feel for it. He walked to the center of the room and used to Force to turn the few lights off.

Slowly, he went down to his knees and pulled the lightsaber from his belt. He could feel the energy inside of the tool, for that is what it is, a tool for those strong in the Force. He tranquilly slipped off into unconsciousness, becoming one with the Force, seeking and in return feeling its presence. A wave of ecstasy crossed over Dontan as he felt the Force reaching out to him, he knew that somehow it had chosen him, no, it had chosen them. Though in the background he could feel the gentle currents of the Force, and knew very soon it would likely turn into a raging river. He had to be ready.

01/27/2005 2:37 AM

The Exile walked into the control "How are we doing?"
"We'll be there within the hour" The tweleck girl said
"Alright you should sleep i'll take it from here" he said
"Alright boss"
Korriban, i havn't been there in a long time. He though as he took out his lightsabers and put them on the ground. He used the force the unleash the blade and lift them up into the air.

01/27/2005 10:17 AM

Ravin felt a strong flow of the force, but not from himself. He used the force to see the other rooms and saw the Zabrak using the force. It flowed very strongly within Dontan, if he learned to use the force properly he would be a great ally against the Sith, unless of course.....he proved to the Sith a great ally against the Jedi. But that was almost out of the question, Ravin would try his best to lure them back to the light side, if they fell. Ravin knew all too well the taint of the dark side, for he had fallen once himself..........

01/27/2005 2:05 PM

Dontan awoke from his meditative trance, it felt as if they were nearing their destination. His body tingled as he thought of the quest to come, anticipation was an understatement to what the Zabrak now felt. He had waited for so long to test his skills, it seemed he had just gained his knight hood, and in truth he had.

Ithoria, he remembered his home planet so well. The last few years of his life had been spent there, training under an old Jedi Knight after the Jedi Enclave was evacuated. Now he was on a mission for the Jedi, his brothers, that would likely determine the fate of the galaxy. Dontan pushed these thoughts aside as he exited his room, heading for the cock-pit.


"Exile, I feel as if we near our destination," he called from behind the pilot seat. "This planet is polluted, can you not feel it. The Force cries out to me, inviting me to succumb to my primal instincts," Dontan said, his face a bit contorted. "Perhaps it is warning us, for that is all it could possibly be to those strong in the Force. I will be with the Jedi Master, when we arrive, fetch us quickly," he said as he left for the Ravin's room.


"Master Ravin, I sensed a disturbance in the Force. It seemed to only be a small stream, though it felt as if it was running opposite the Force, pushing against the current. I must admit the answer evades me, what could it mean?" Dontan pleadingly looked to Ravin, hoping he knew the answer.

01/27/2005 3:26 PM

Ravin placed his hand on Dontan's shoulder

"Yes Dontan, I felt it too. The answer evades all pf us, but it is something we as jedi have to deal with. I think we should be on our guard, even though we as jedi can't always tell what these signs mean, it is never a good omen."

Ravin sat down on his bed and invited Dontan to take a seat also

"What we do here will likely be in history books, if we succeed.... We will be heroes. This is my point, do not think of glory, leave this emotion aside along with others such thoughts can lead an honest man to the dark side. I know, Dontan, you have heard all this before... But no one can tell you how real the threat is until you experience it yourself, trust me."

Ravin walked out, not looking back to see if Dontan followed. He took a seat beside the exile, in the cockpit.

"I feel we are close, exile. Is all coming along well?"

01/27/2005 3:56 PM

Dontan watched the man depart, knowing the Jedi Master spoke truthfully. The young Zabrak would need to be on his guard for such raw emotion. Somehow he felt as if it was Korriban's tremendous power reaching out to him through the force, urging him down the road of death and destruction, luring him to the path of the Dark Side. He sat on Ravin's bed a few more moments, thinking to himself.

Slowly, he got to his feet and walked back to his room. Dontan's light saber was still on the floor, how foolish of him to leave it behind! He willed it into his hand, using the Force to send it flying from the floor and into his out-stretched grasp. He stared hard at the weapon, pondering of how he may have to use it in the days to come. Dontan slowly crept over to his bed and lay down, falling asleep almost immediately.

01/27/2005 4:23 PM

Two hours latter there was a thud, as they landed on in a stashion.
"Strange last time i was here this place was destroted" He said as he walked out of the cockpit. "You guys stay here i'll take care of the docking fee" he said as he walked out of the hatch.
"Sir there is a fee" The man said
"I know, but i don't need to pay the fee" he said as he waved his hand in front of the mans face
"Alright heres you docking pass go ahead" Korriban the exile thought why has fate brought me here again. Horrible memories of death and slaughter lie on this planet. He grabbed his lightsaber he scenced that there was something on this station, something strong.

01/29/2005 10:15 AM

Ravin saw the Exile's use of the force, and walked quickly out of the ship.

"That is exactly why you were exiled! Never use the force for personal gain, we had plenty of credits for the fee, you are a perfect candidate for the dark side! Now I don't want to see you do that again, the purpose of this mission if to protect the galaxy, not to save a few credits...."

Ravin's temper faltered but he said nothing more as he saw Dontan walk out of the ship.

01/29/2005 1:52 PM

He pondered what he said and if he were to take the road to recovery then he would have to stop doing things like that. he looked at the Zabrak "Tell the master i'm going to the cantina and i'm sorry"
Joe walked into the cantina, and up to the bar "Jumma juice please" he said as he scanded the area with his eyes looking for anyone familiar.
"Heres your drink sir" the bartender said as he handed him the glass. Joe took a drink as somebody walked the energy in the room took a shift from the light to the dark. He looked over and saw three people in sith robes, one looked odly familiar.
"I better tell go back to the ship and tell the master aboat this" The exile said as he walked out.

01/29/2005 6:34 PM

Dontan awoke panting, he had felt a strong disturbance in the Force. He quickly clothed himself and made his way to the cockpit, it appeared no one was on the ship. Dontan reflexively reached for his light saber, then called out.

"Anyone there?" After a short pause and no answer ensuing, he made his way to the docking bay, and promptly exited the ship. As he descended the steps, he noticed the exile walking away from Ravin, each wore a grim visage. Dontan walked to the Jedi Master, and stood beside him.

"Master, where does the exile go? I sense a bit of anger in that one," he stated to Ravin, turning to regard the departing Jedi exile. "Master, I was woken by a disturbance. I feel that we will not be welcomed with open arms," he said to Ravin, then extinct dropped his hand to his light saber, the touch of it seemed to calm him.

01/29/2005 6:44 PM

Ravin looked at Dontan

"I think he was headed towards the Cantina. I caught him using the force to get by without paying the docking fee, I warned him that using the force in such ways could lead to the dark side, and then he left. Maybe I was too hard on him."

Ravin felt a strong disturbance in the force.

"Yes Dontan, I feel it too, I think we should go find the exile."

Ravin motioned for Dontan to follow him, and ran towards the Cantina.

01/29/2005 7:26 PM

The exile started to leave the cantina then he heard a womans voice say "That wouldn't be smart" A hand touched his shoulder, suddenly he felt weak. "What you don't remember me"
"I remember all to well "He said as he reached for his lightsaber. "I also remember how much you relie on you draining" he grabed his lightsaber and then turned around. He pushed her to the ground and drew his other lightsaber.
"Going strait to Fighting, not your smartest move" she said. she was wering a sith assassin cloak her hair was blood red and her eyes were the same. She looked to the sith next to her "Take him alive hes worth quite a few credits to the master" she said as the sith drew their lightsabers.
"Master if i need you its now" the exile said to himself as he peried the first attack and blocked the next.

01/29/2005 7:38 PM

Ravin and Dontan had almost arrived at the Cantina when they each felt it, a slight tremor in the Force. Dontan turned his head down a nearby alley to discover the source, two Sith calmly walked towards Ravin and Dontan. The young Zabrak reached for his light saber and skillfully drew the double-bladed weapon out. The blade flashed to life as the silver light pierced through the darkness of the alleyway.

"Master, I feel that the exile needs us. For both of us to tarry could mean his demise," he said calmly, the Force beginning to flow strongly through him. "I will take these two, you must get to the exile," he called back, already halfway down the alley.

01/30/2005 11:26 AM

Ravin nodded and ran into the Cantina, he saw a sith woman and the Exile fighting. Ravin used the force to push the woman on her back and held his lightsaber to her neck.

"Your gonna give us some information..."

Ravin used the force to knock her unconscience.

"Come Exile, help me take her to the ship."

01/30/2005 11:50 AM

(OOC :P)

Dontan worked his light saber ferociously in the close quarters, but the Sith had a clear advantage, their weapons were not as long as his and could be easily maneuvered in the tight alleyway. The Zabrak called on his Force Powers, granting himself added speed and agility. In a blur, he had parried the first attack and countered with an attack of his own, cutting off the Sith's free hand. The Sith howled in pain, clutching at it's hand as Dontan spun a 360 and hit the Sith in the face with a round-house, his light saber skillfully holding the remaining attacker at bay.

The injured Sith fell to the ground and quickly scrambled to his feet, turning away from the Zabrak and running away. Dontan smirked at the remaining Sith, waving his silver light saber in front of him menacingly. The Sith came on, his blade cutting horizontally through the air, aiming for Dontan's stomach. The Zabrak quickly side stepped the blade and came up behind his attacker, coming down hard with his light saber. However his Force power had run out, and he had not expected to return to normal speed so quickly.

As his light saber cut through the air, Dontan tumbled to the ground, off balance from the change in speed. The Sith was hounding him as soon as he hit the ground, Dontan worked his light saber furiously as the Sith continued the barrage. Dontan kicked out with his leg, catching the Sith in the back of the knee and sending him crashing to the ground. The Zabrak quickly rolled on top of the fallen Sith, holder his light saber to the Sith's throat.

"Run," he whispered into the Sith's ear as he slowly rose from the ground, still holding the light saber ominously at the Sith. The Sith skittishly rose, then bolted down the alley. Dontan nearly collapsed from exhaustion as the Sith rounded the corner, out of sight.

He made his way back to the ship, where he hoped Ravin and the Exile where.

01/30/2005 11:58 AM

Ravin and the Exile carried the sith woman back to the ship and layed her on a table.

"She's still unconscience Exile, when she awaked we'll find the reason behind the attack."

Ravin sighed

"I guess the sith have been a little lax on their training, this one didn't even try to resist my grip."

Ravin sat down on a stool by the table and drummed his fingers nervously on the hilt of his lightsaber, and gripped it hard.

"You shouldn't have ran in their like that you could have gotten hurt, even if this prisoner could help us in our mission."

Ravin stood up

"I'll expect you to be more careful in the future, tell me when she awakes."

Ravin walked back to his bed and layed down.

01/30/2005 12:53 PM

Dontan arrived to the ship, clutching his side and panting breathlessly, it seemed that he had been injured in the fight without knowing it. He straightened up and masked his pain before entering the ship. Slowly, he made his way to the med-bay, oblivious to what it now held.

He entered the med-bay to find the exile sitting beside the body of a Sith woman, it appeared she was only unconscious. Dontan slowly turned his head to regard the exile, a look of confusion crossing his face before he collapsed from exhaustion.

01/30/2005 1:15 PM

the exile stared at the sith woman, she looked familiar he looked to the young zabrack "Your hurt!" he said as he ran over staring at his wound he started to clean his wound then put his hand over it and healed it with the force.
The sith woman wokeas though layed there moshionless. The exile looked to Dotan "you tell the master shes awake i'll watch her"

01/30/2005 4:41 PM

Dontan slowly nodded his head, which was still spinning, as the exile told him to get the Master. The Zabrak groggily made his way through the ship until he came to Ravin's room. He stood outside the door and knocked lightly, then called out to the Jedi Master.

"Master, the Sith has awoken. The exile wishes you to join us immediatly," he spoke through the door. He heard a slit shuffling on the other side, and content that Ravin had heard him, made his way back to the med-bay to join the exile and Sith.

01/30/2005 5:56 PM

Ravin awoke and stood up rubbing his eyes. He then walked out to the sith woman and sat down near her table on a stool.

"Ah, I see your awake...maybe you can provide us with a few answers."

Ravin smiled and sent a warning jolt of force lightning through her body.

Ravin:"That's what happens when you answer something wrong. Now, why did your group attack us?"

Sith:"There's a price on the exile's head, we wanted the credits."

Ravin sent a strong jolt through her body.

Ravin:"Wrong. I know that the sith aren't concerned with mere credits, even if the sith didn't have enough to wipe their asses with...Now why did you attack us?"

The sith woman said nothing, and Ravin sent another strong jolt through her but she seemed indifferent to the pain.

Ravin:"It seems our friend doesn't want to talk"

Ravin placed his hands on her head

Ravin:"Now i'm creating a bond between us with the force, if you attempt to leave the ship or use the force against us I will know...You are to stay in the storage room until your lips loosen..."

Ravin led her to the storage closet, it's easy to get someone that's afraid of you to do what you want. Ravin locked the door, and turned his attention to the other two jedi.

"I know that seemed very cruel, but the importance of this mission is too high to make friends with the sith. Now does anyone have any ideas of our next move?

01/30/2005 6:25 PM

...A tall, lean figure emerged from the shadows of the docking port entrance, its charcoal coloured worn cloak rippling as the figure moved towards the ship. From the hood came plumes of breath rising steadily from the shadowed recesses of the cowl accompanied only by the sharp hiss the masks filtration system.

The sudden brush of air as a service droid on humming repulsorlift engines passed, washed open the raggedy cloak to reveal a figure clad in tight fitting durasteel combat armour lackered black but worn and nicked with age and use. From its utility belt openly hung the worn silvered hilt of a lightsaber, the shiny chrome plating a stark contrast to the otherwise black figure as it swayed in rythm to the figure's purposeful stride.

It moved towards the ship and passed under her belly, running a dark gloved hand across her underside, tracing the carbon worn surface as the cowl searched back and forth as if inspecting the hull in casual passing. It came around the starboard landing strut and approached the closed ramp lifting a hand towards the door controls in a smooth languid fashion.

After a moment, the sudden sound of the pneumatic door unlocking accompanied the figure's subtle use of the Force, and the Landing ramp slowly began to descend with a whir that could be felt throughout the transport ship. Without waiting for the ramp to fully lower, the cloaked figure stepped up onto the steel walkway and swept towards the interior of the vessel...

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01/30/2005 7:06 PM

(OOC. Our ship, right?)

"It seems we have more pressing matters," Dontan replied. He had felt a slight tremor in the Force accompanied by the release of the Landing ramp. "I will see to this, you two stay here. If we were all to be ambushed at once, it could prove fatal. If I need any help I will contact you through the Force," he explained to his two comrades before leaving the med-bay to uncover the disturbance.

As he drew near the cargo hold, he silently wondered to himself if he had been too arrogant, he could feel the sheer power of whatever it was drawing near. Dontan stood in the middle of the main corridor, arms crossed over his chest and a calm visage displayed on his features, waiting for the intruder to arrive.

01/31/2005 3:02 AM

The exile thought aboat tbe young jedi out there. "Master should i go" he said as stood up. He took a moment to ponder how anyone realised they were on this ship, then he looked at the sith. "Who is in the ship?"
"I don't know" she said as she layed motionless "But if you relise me i can help you"
The exile knew this was a bad idea but it was up to the master he looked at him waiting for his answor.

01/31/2005 4:33 AM

...The figure emerged from the cargo hold stopping as soon as the zabrak was in sight. The darkened hood wandered from Dontan's feet to gaze at his face, as plumes of steaming breath accompanied the rasp of machine-amplified breathing. For a few moments the figure stood motionless as if studying the young zabrak.

"You are obviously not master Ravin." said the figure finally in a digitized voice, slightly muffled by the confines of the ship and the mask. "Take me to your master immediately." the voice added, raising a black gloved hand to wave the zabrak back towards the interior of the ship.

Without waiting, the figure began towards the interior of the ship, the hood fixed firmly on Dontan's face as it advanced down the corridor with slow almost liquid movements, gloved hands at its side but never straying far from the highly polished chrome hilt of its lightsaber...

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01/31/2005 8:26 PM

Ravin felt a very strong disturbance in the force

"No exile leave her be, she only speaks lies. Stay here I will help Dontan."

Ravin ran out towards Dontan and stood in front of him

"Dontan go back inside with the exile! You, what business do you have here?"

02/01/2005 3:57 AM

...The cowled head once again regarded a Jedi, this time the aging Jedi Master Ravin, taking him in from foot to head. The shadowed cowl finally coming to rest upon Ravin's face, plumes of breath spewing forth from the shodows in regular intervals.

"You are Master Ravin I take it?" the figure intoned, the digitized voice holding little in the way of emotion. "I honestly would have expected a little more Master, you have been on Korriban less than a few hours and already you have made your presence known to the Sith on a planet which they claim as there own." it added coldly as the dark gloved hands reached up into the shadowed mask unclasping the mask from where was fastened with a sharp snap-hiss.

The mask came away freely to reveal an honest face framed with dark ebony hair and intense silvered eyes that regarded the Jedi Master quizzically for a moment before idly tucking the faceplate under his arm and extending the gloved hand to Ravin.

"Master Ravin, I am Voren Qel-Drannon the Watchman of this system. Master Bastilla sent me a coded message to expect your arrival but to be honest I expected something a with a little more subtleness and less of an assualt feel. I am afraid that the little lightsaber display earlier may have tipped the enemy to your presence." he finished his hand held out for the Jedi and his strange silvered eyes reflecting Ravin's face in their mirrored surface as the ghost of a smile tugged at the corner of Voren's mouth...

02/01/2005 6:34 PM

"No Master, I will not leave you," Dontan replied calmly, stepping beside Ravin and putting his hands on his double-bladed light saber. The Zabrak watched the unknown figure cautiously, expecting an attack any moment.

The figure slowly reached up to his mask, unhooking it and slowly drawing it away. Dontan regarded the man a moment, his dark ebony hair and silvered eyes seemed resplendent against the his shiny armor. The man slowly extended his hand towards Ravin, an unthreatening gesture, then told Ravin of who he truly was.

Dontan burst out laughing at his own foolishness, and for the first time, it seemed the two men finally acknowledged his presence. The young Zabrak bowed low, and turned to leave for his chamber, his face a bit flushed.

02/01/2005 8:04 PM

"Hello sir watchman....Yes, I am aware that we have made our presence known, and it was intended. There is no follower of the sith that I cannot utterly destroy, and the real sith wouldn't be as stupid as to come out in the open..."

Ravin saw Dontan's embarassed look as he walked back in the ship

"Don't mind him...He's a great jedi, really, just a little too brave for his own good, Haha."

Ravin shook Voren's hand

"Please come in to our ship, I would like you to join us in a meal. Do you accept?"

02/02/2005 2:38 PM

...Voren regarded the Jedi Master for a moment, his mind questioning the logic of revealing themselves to the acolytes of the Sith on Korriban but he stilled his voice and cleared his mind, adjusting the mask he held in the crook of his left arm and glancing at the retreating back of the Zabrak, Dontan.

"I believe the now-gone Jedi council thought the same way of the Sith that you seem to Master Ravin. I mean no disrespect but the Sith, even their minions, should not be underestimated. I have watched Korriban for the past five years and have seen their dark intelligence first hand." Voren responded as he studied Ravin with his silvered eyes.

"You will have to excuse my ignorance on the subject, but from what little information Mistress Bastilla sent me, I believed we were not yet strong enough to gamble the handful of Jedi left to chance or pride." he said hesitantly before shrugging and allowing the flicker of a smile to tug lopsidedly at the corner of his mouth.

"But this is all another matter, Bastilla requested that I lend you my aid and I shall indeed. For now though a meal would be better than I can tell you Master Ravin. The food in this system is actually quite terrible and I look forward to eating something different...even if it is processed kaf and space rations." he finished smiling as he shook Ravin's hand...

02/04/2005 1:45 PM

Dontan made his way back toward the center of the ship, searching for the exile. He found him in the surveillance room, peering into the many screens that relayed the ships areas.

"Seems we have a new crew member," Dontan called out to the exile. "Sent by Bastila herself," he added before the exile responded, hoping that the statement would end any ensuing argument.

02/04/2005 10:34 PM

Gareth Tref had a bad feeling he had only been on Korriban for a few hours. He was wondering what could be causing his nervousness. In an attempt to calm himself he tried to meditate in his corner of the cantina. He was just about to give up, as he looked up he saw him. He was a Trandoshan and he wore an all black robe. Unmistakably a light saber hung at his belt. This was the sith that had been chasing Gareth for the last six weeks. Gareth had almost been caught several times and he was determined not to be caught this time.

He calmly got up and moved behind the bar. However he did not move fast enough. He heard people being thrown against the walls, he also felt a shudder. He didn’t need to look to see what was going on. The Trandoshan had thrown everyone his way against the walls. Before the sith could catch up he was through the kitchen and out the back door, and off into the night. He had no idea were he was running too he just.

Before he knew it he was in a hanger with a medium size light freighter (you guys). The door he came through was the only one; he was trapped if he was followed. Almost on queue the foot falls came from behind him. He turned around to see his tormenter come into the hanger also.

“Silly young one,” he taunted as he came in, “you cannot run forever, and well now you have come to a dead end. Serve me or die.”

“No!” Gareth spat out as he pulled out his hold out blaster and unsheathed his training sword. He tried to shoot the Trandoshan but he easily drew his light saber and parried the shots in one smooth motion.

“Naughty young one,” the Trandoshan continued his taunts, “last chance, serve me or die.”

02/05/2005 10:03 AM

Ravin smiled, unaware of the Trandoshan nearby

"Well you are welcome in our ship, please, come in."

Ravin walked in with the newcomer following closely behind, he saw the exile and Dontan talking at a table

"Exile I would like you to meet someone, this is Voren. It seems Bastila has sent him to help us along our journey.... Why don't you make some dinner for our guest?"

02/05/2005 3:41 PM

The trandoshan lunged at Gareth with his light saber. Gareth barley had time to respond he parried the attack with his training sword. He did not have much more time between the first and second attack. He parried this one also but as he blocked the blow he was thrown against the wall. As Gareth hit the wall he saw the Trandoshan with is hand out in front of him, he had thrown Gareth against the wall. As he fell to the ground he was about to get up but once again the sith was ready, he next used the force to drag Gareth to him.

02/06/2005 3:12 AM

...Voren nodded to Dontan and the exile, his strange silvered eyes lingering on the latter, his expression questioning and thoughtful for a moment before his gaze passed on and a smile flickered to his lips.

"It is indeed an honor to make your aquaintance my fellow Jedi."he said respectfully with a solemn nod to the two individuals in the ship's galley. "I hope that you--" he suddenly stopped short his gaze taking a faraway cast as he felt a slight disturbance in the Force and sought out its source.

"I sense darkness nearby, acolytes of the Sith. One aboard this ship and the other very close, perhaps just outside the vessel." he added as his eyes refocused while he turned and moved gracefully through the vessel towards the cargo ramp, his hands brushing lightly against the chrome hilt of his lightsaber as he moved...

02/06/2005 6:55 AM

"I sense darkness nearby, acolytes of the Sith. One aboard this ship and the other very close, perhaps just outside the vessel." he added as his eyes refocused while he turned and moved gracefully through the vessel towards the cargo ramp, his hands brushing lightly against the chrome hilt of his lightsaber as he moved...

occ/thx was running out of ideas/occ

Gareth slid across the floor to the trandoshans feet. As Gareth came to a stop the trandoshan lifted his light saber high. As he was about to deliver his killing blow Gareth rolled of to his left. And made a half hearted attack at the sith. However the sith was not ready and as the sword hit it made a gash on his upper hip. Gareth then got to his feet, while the trandoshan was looking at his wound. He was exasperated almost, at least it seemed.

02/06/2005 12:29 PM

Dontan quickly followed after the new arrival, also feeling the presence of the sith. As he neared the cargo ramp, he caught up with the intriguing Jedi, who was now descending down into the hanger. Dontan reached for his double bladed lightsaber, plucking it from his belt and letting it hang menacingly from his grip. He slowly made his way down the cargo ramp, the disturbance growing stronger with every step.

02/06/2005 3:01 PM

As Gareth prepared for the next attack the trandoshan turned from him. Before Gareth could do anything however he was once again thrown by the sith. He hit the wall on his side, he heard a sick cracking just before his head hit and he blacked out.
* * *

Trosck (the Trandoshan sith) turned to face the Jedi just now coming out of the ship. Excellent he thought to himself, there was no way he could best both but that was expectable for now. He could still get what he wanted. As the jedi prepared to attack he pointed to were the human had landed and said, “Jedi, train him I’ll be back to take him and fix your poisonus teachings." With that Trosck ran at the wall and used the force to increase his jump. He easily cleared the wall.

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02/08/2005 2:12 AM

...Voren stepped down from the ramp his silver eyes following the Dark Trandoshan as it used the force to bound over the Starport wall, his mind thinking of the creature's words. He craned his head to regard the unconscious form of a young human that the Trandoshan's clawed finger had been referring to.

He frowned for a moment as he studied the new figure before turning to Dontan. "Do you know this one?" he inquired quietly as he crossed the distance and gently moved the young human's weapons beyond his reach before placing a pale hand to his brow and sensing his injuries with the Force, using his fine control to accelerated the healing of the scalp wound and minor concussion that had been sustained when his head slammed against the ship's hull.

"He should be alright but I do not envy the headache he shall have when he awakes. Perhaps Master Ravin can do more for him as my skills with the Force lie...elsewhere than the healing arts." he said as he grasped the young man by the wrist and hoisted the figure up and over his shoulder with a grunt.

"Which way to the med-bay?" he asked as he began his way back towards the cargo ramp...

02/08/2005 1:21 PM

"Never seen him before," Dontan said as he regarded the unconscious young man, a look of disappointment on his face at remembering the Sith Trandoshan retreated over the wall. Voren walked over to the young man, hoisting him onto his shoulders and turning for the ship.

"The med-bay is very close to my room," Dontan replied, catching up to the man. "Just follow me," he said as he lead the man through the ship and towards the med-bay. It seemed that the other Jedi were still in the mess hall, cooking supper. As they approached the med-bay, Dontan turned around and made his way towards the center of the ship. "I will inform Ravin," he explained as he departed. "The med-bay is on the left, you can't miss it."


Dontan arrived at the mess-hall, the smell in spicy food assaulting his sensitive nostrils. He spotted the exile and Ravin sitting at a table, conversing with each other, and made his way towards them.

"Ravin, a young man has been assaulted by a sith," he explained to the Jedi Master, his face contorted with anger and hatred. "Come, he is in the med-bay," the Zabrak said as he left the mess hall, again making his way towards the med-bay.

02/08/2005 1:32 PM

The exile stared at every body then remembered something he ooked to his mechanic. "GO buy an intersteller ticket" The exile looked at everyone "I'm sorry but i have to go to narshada" he said as he walked off the ship "You can borrow the ship"

02/09/2005 7:03 PM

Dontan stared at the exile, wondering if he was serious. As the exiled Jedi walked down the cargo ramp, never looking back, Dontan knew he was.

"This is grave news, I believe we should leave immediately. I will go set the auto-pilot to Coruscant, perhaps we will be able to hide in the large city while we re-group and re-plan," the Zabrak said to the two Jedi standing in front of him. "Tend to his wounds," he said before departing, indicating the unconscious padawan.

Dontan made his way through the ship until he reached the cockpit, which he was somewhat familiar with since he driven land speeders back on Ithoria. Dontan quickly located the galaxy map and set the auto-pilot to Coruscant. The Zabrak sat down in the pilots chair, regarding the many controls and inspecting the pressure systems. As the ship lifted off of the surface of Korriban, then broke through the planet's atmosphere, Dontan became content that they would arrive to the governmental seat of the galaxy safely.

02/10/2005 2:01 PM

Konig had his ship docked at one of the innumerable platforms all across Coruscant, he was working on the blaster ports, and the concussion-missile pylons in the large U shape the ship's hull made. A ship touched down about 10 meters away, slightly battered, (as his own was) but slightly smaller, theirs was a 20 meter ship while the Major's was a 30 meter light frieghter. Konig stood up and shielded his eyes for a second as the ship's hul gleamed a bit brightly. He wiped his hands on and old rag and hooked the sabers on his belt and walked up to greet the newcomers...

"I guess I'm first to welcome you to Coruscant, I am Jedi Knight Major Ulrich Konig, you may call me Major, or Konig," greeted Konig while he issued a smile.

(OOC:I have a hand drawn picture of my character and my ship if anyone's interested in seeing them)

03/21/2005 5:46 AM

Konig had his ship docked at one of the innumerable platforms all across Coruscant, he was working on the blaster ports, and the concussion-missile pylons in the large U shape the ship's hull made. A ship touched down about 10 meters away, slightly battered, (as his own was) but slightly smaller, theirs was a 20 meter ship while the Major's was a 30 meter light frieghter. Konig stood up and shielded his eyes for a second as the ship's hul gleamed a bit brightly. He wiped his hands on and old rag and hooked the sabers on his belt and walked up to greet the newcomers...

"I guess I'm first to welcome you to Coruscant, I am Jedi Knight Major Ulrich Konig, you may call me Major, or Konig," greeted Konig while he issued a smile.

Beside the major, the rest of the Coruscant welcoming committee was busily chatting amonst themselves, oblivious to them all. Rabacca the gay wookie ex-bounty hunter was busyy trying to chat up his nearest associate, Mheda the transvestite ewok interpreter. At the same time, G'thol the anorexic Hut tried to keep an aloof distance to both, attempting to maintain an air of dignity against such riffraff.

"Curses. These two annoy me so very much." The Hutt mumbled as it armed a small but deadly thalassian thermal detonator and shoved it up the Wookie's ass.

*Boom* went the Wookie, bits of bone shrapnel ricocheting off the walls, ceilings and a nearby guard droid which promptly wnet on alert.

"Warning! Hostile detected!" Said the droid as it peppered the surrounding area with blaster bolts, some of which entered through a conveniently opened doorway nearby that opened into one of the service tunnels.

By some freak stroke of luck, a stray bolt impacted a high voltage power regulator.

By another freak stroke of luck, the malfunctioning regulator sent an immense charge that burned through all the safeguards existing in Coruscant's power grid, fouling up systems and accidentally triggering the massive weather control stations to fire their beams at full auto at the ice shelfs that provided Coruscant's rain.

The resulting flash flood eradicated the inhabited portions of Corsucant, inundating the city world under a gajillion tons of water, and killing everyone.

The only consolation was the fact that the super secret underground base of the true Sith was also located on the bottommost level of Coruscant, solving all of Bastilla's problems.

And because of that, G'thol the anorexic Hutt was known for millenia to come as the legendary hero of the republic, and set the fashionable trend for sleeker, lighter Hutts for many years to come.

03/21/2005 8:06 AM

And the world rejoices.

The End

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