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01/22/2005 8:59 PM

(OOC: Enter and leave the pub whenever you want. Come in, battle some half-orc and then feel free to leave and return for another brawl later. Good luck, play safe. Oh yeah, no blowing up the pub with fireballs.)

The large wooden tavern has its fame for holding the toughest in town and guarantees one barfight at least, each night. Join in, have a mug of dwarven ale, a glass of elven wine or simply a raw fight.

02/23/2005 9:45 AM

A mystrious figure walks into the bar. Dressed fully in black. He says, " I'm here for a fightand..... I'll be waiting"

02/24/2005 2:08 AM

Asmodai was flung forth from the chaos warp he entered forthwith. he fell face first unto the muddy gound as the rain poured. he rored in anger cursing the Blood god Khorne of this treachery. he was about to defeat full the chaos god with his might but was instead flung unto this space.

Being in a new dimension he was puzzled, and confused, he saw before him a wooden structure and resaolved himself to enter. when he did he found himself into a very medieval setting, the garments the people held reminded hif of the old earth. the people looked at him menacingly seeing his outlandish power armor and large chainsword. even his size gave them scares being seven feet in height.

he approached the bartender and asked, "What is this place." the bartedner was looking up to him and replied,"This is where people go to fight and earn respect." Asmodai was a space marine from the Dark Angels chapter, he has faced a thousand battles and is deemed both a psyker and force commander. to gain some leverage he would have to fight," Very well, call me if somen wants my might to reckon with."

he sat himself upon a small chair and found it to small so he was content to stand by a wall. wating for a worthy opponent.

Name: Asmodai
Height: Seven feet
Weight: 350 pounds, muscular
Bakground: genetically enhanced space marine under the Dark Angels chapter. Has Talented psychic abilities.
Armaments: Inquisitor Power armor, Power Gauntlets, and a Zweihander class chainsword.
extra items: Codex Astartes copy, and two standard chainswords upon his lower back.

02/24/2005 10:06 AM

name: Dozer
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 12 0lbs.
Background: Very agile, is under the command of Lloth at all times,
Main Weapon: Two Scimitars hilt on hips
Armor: Pwiwafi
Xtra items: a Drow hand-crossbow on belt with 50 drow poison darts, knows healing spells

I accept your challenge. Just one rule on my side though. The Lights go off. Or I'll make them go off.

02/25/2005 3:06 AM

OOC: cool if your talking to me here's my post

First off what do you mean by the lights go off.

Second, if you do not by now know, my charcter is a sci fi dark age knight. and a chainsword is a cross between a chainsaw and a sword.

Third, my char is a Psychic, a powerful one at that and by technicalities not a magickal thing,

Fourth who is Lloth?

Fifth, lets act like were alredy in da arena ok?

IC: His face was grim at the thought of fighting this strange being. he had never before seen this one, even though he has fought countless aliens. Swiftly he readied his armory and prepared to fight. Death or Life the emperor would be pleased at his action. For he had yet to know what to expect from this one.

He the moved closer to the adversary and haleted a meduim distance off. He unsheathed his Zweihander chainsword and said," Let my defeat or victory begin Warrior."

And with that the battle was struck in beginning.

02/25/2005 9:41 AM

OOC: Lloth is a god of the Drow. My character is from the underdark. The Underdark is in FR(the forgotten realms. By lights off I mean their are no light sources in the area. Drow live in complete darkness, they take a sight dedeuction if there is light. They see by heat. Not light/Dark.

What do you mean by Technically Psychic?

IC: He quickley smiled. He grabbed for his Scimitars. Unsheathed them both. He could see the heat reflecting off his opponent. Could see his every move. Dozer wasn't going to fail for Lloth. He would fight to the death.

He circled his opponent. Looking for any obvious weakness. He found none. He then thought " I won't show any emotion toward my adversary, Because To show emotion is to show weakness."

He took the scimitar in his left hand and swung it toward the head of his adversary. At all times he used hir right scimitar to use in order to block an attack from any angle.

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02/25/2005 4:57 PM

OOC: Then how am i supposed to see? .....Nah just kidding. My boy's a psychic from the Warhammer 40,000 AD universe. So he can sense you a mile away and he can use it to try and read minds, use psychic blasts, and the most powerful move is the Demon warding. He uses demon warding to destroy warp demons conjured by the Claos Sorcerers. I said he was technically psychic because i did not want you to treat it as a magic action.
By the way are you okay with the weapons my boy has

IC: "Emperor Protect Me!", he battle cried sensing his enemy's attack. He roared and triggered his chainsword's mechanism. He swung the Zweihander class chainsword upon the direction of his opponent. Its chainsaw mechanism whirring and deadly in its effect. He followwed his attack with a psychic blast to blow away the enemy and use the distance to attack more effectively.

02/28/2005 9:48 AM

OOC: K i understand the psychic thing.

IC: Dozer dodged the Chainsword that his opponent swung at him. However Dozer could not dodge the power and might in his adversarys psychic blast. Dozer's was thrown dirctley into the wall behind him, afterhitting a few tables and chairs. After getting back up Dozer screamed " May the Lloth grant me power to fend off his psychic attacks."

With all his might he ran behind his adversary and charged for his opponents back.

03/04/2005 4:43 AM

OOC: So what, his psyker abilities can no longer affect your kid? To bad.

Asmodai was puzzled at what his adversary screamed and enchanted. What he did was both blasphemous and discouraging, if it were true, how could his true talents now be invoked? He minded these thoughts no more and whirled to meet his opponent searching for an attack from behind. He drove his blade unto the ground facing the enemy and triggered the mechanisim. Sending large splinters and various fragments upon the enemy. Behind hi his other chain blades were unsheathed telepathically as he called upon his powers.

It may not affect his enemy, but it had its uses. Slowly he began to chant a small prayer requesting protection from the living god the Emperor. His blades swiftly unsheathed themselves and floated behind him.

03/04/2005 9:36 AM

OOC: Basically if you use a psyker ability too much. My Drow won't be affected by it.

IC: Dozer quickley reacted to the fragments and splinters being sent his way. He jumped onto the wall( missing the splinters and fragments) thensheathed his blades. He drew out his hand-bow and shot one poison arrow at his enemy. Hoping to stop his prayer. Then Dozer unsheathed his blades and got into a defensive stance. Then he started a little chant of his own.

03/08/2005 9:14 PM

OOC: Cool, okay. Besides my boy doesn't like use mind control cuz that would be blashphemous and heretical as said in the codex astartes. And one little peice of info that might help you would be this: The Emperor is a Human made immortal through technological means. He is a god because his psyker abilitis raival that of the Chaos gods, the prayer my boy said to him was like us praying to God for something, not a spell. They do not really believe in magic as you fantasy guys do. And my kid is now in another dimension, so there is no way the Emperor could assist him. You ar fighting a guy that came from a sci-fi story, hell or highwater he will fight. Even if you use magic.

IC: Asmodai halted the arrow with his telepathic ability and sent it back against his shadowy enemy. He then sent his two chainswords, whirring for blood, upon his enemy. He roared a battle cry and then swiftly followed charged upon the enemy. Readying his zweihander chainsword for any action.

03/09/2005 9:47 AM

OOC: Alright. That's handy info.

IC: Dozer quickley reacted to his Adversary's highley talented powers. The arrow wiped past Dozers face.( 2cm. away to be exact) He then remarked to his adversary, " Usstan xuat streeak dos." By then, Dozer had dodged the chainswords. One had gotten stuck in a pillar, and the other one in a chair. " Xuat tlu waela," Dozer said while jumping over Asmodai. Landing with his face toward Asmodai, Dozer grabbed a knife on a table and threw it right for his opponents ankle.

03/10/2005 12:22 AM

OOC: He uses the swords like seperate weapons themselves not as tiles, just thought you should know.

(Forgive me for what i am about to do)
IC: Power armor is one of the most powerful and strongest items in a Space Marine's armor. It had to, Space Marines were forever to face demons and bolter fire. Bolter being an ammunition similar to heavy machineguns, not mention that this was only at pistol level. Inquisitor class armor was far more mighty. The blade made no piece of damage as it was eihter bent over or was deflected from the hardnes and thickness of the armor. And since there was no breaches with Power Armor it was almost indestructible against medieval weapons, except maybe the head where in he wore no helm as Force Commanders are wont to do.

Seeing the great disadvantage his opponent held Asmodai saw no honor in a deadly counter-attack. He halted the trigger of his zweihander chainsword struck a rising blow to send him a distance while he telepathically recalled his other blades.

03/11/2005 9:56 AM

OOC: Could you be a little more descriptive. Did the knife hit Asomodai or not. It's just a bit confusing.

IC: While Asomodai took his time to recall his blades. If the blade in the collumn was recalled, then part of the bar's structure would fall. Though he knew that it would take his adversary a while to recall them both. Dozer would take no chances.

Looking straight ahead of himself (right at Asmodai), Dozer began to grab chairs, tables, knives, even tankards that were still half way full, and he chucked them all at his opponent. Some went right at him while others went to the sides.

With that being done, Dozer leapted toward the column with the blade in it. He took the blade out of it's wooden sheath and even chucked that at Asomodai.

Then quickly he went into the darkness without a thought or sound.

03/11/2005 5:15 PM

OOC: It did, just that wasn't worth much at all, don't worry i know how to make things even. And to further ease the confusion, i meant projectiles not tiles okay?(You are already in darkness, i thought the whole place was already as dark as a cave)

IC: Asmodai gathered his might ignoring the chainblades he had to recall. He used his psyker ability to cancel all and every little bit of item thrown at him. With that done he did the most honorable thing he could do to cancel the disadvantage of his opponent. It had not dawned on him before that this one's weapons were no match for him.

Swiftly he drove his zweihander upon the ground to ease his removal of his torso armor. Hydrualic steam was expunged from within as the armor as it was removed from the back. Beneath his armor he was still mighty and powerful. He now wore a mere shirt marked with his Chapter's insignia. He drew again his sword and abandoned the others he thought he would have to use. Readying himself he searched the planes for his enemy.

03/11/2005 8:59 PM

"Hey bartender i need some service, if all your mugs aren't destroyed!",the man in the corner; groaned across the bar, his gaze slicing through the darkness. Amusing at what the bartender will have to clean up. "Can I get another ale, thank you!", he rang out across the bar; as the man continued to marvel at the agility and strength of the two opponents. "Wow, I wish I had shiny armour like that." he muttered has he grasped the ale from the bartender.

(OOC: His Stats)
Name: Choran
Age: 26
Height: 5'7" *(4'3")
Weight: 170 *(448 lb.)
Eye C: Blue *(Yellow)
Hair C: White
Race: Artic Flame Wolf / Human
Occupation: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic good
Gender: Male

*While in Wolf form
****(Only when life is in imminent danger)

When his Father, the leader of the Flame Tribe, left to civilization to find a way of keeping humans from discovering their existence. He then fell in love with a human woman named Zhaneel. All that the Tribe had told him is his father succeeded in masking their whereabouts but at a great cost. And that one day a eagle brought him back to them but he had the mark of Origin which meant his father had sacrificed himself for his only son. On an unrelenting journey to find what happened to Father and Mother he also longs for a place to call a real home.

Equipment: (Forest green cloak, leather boots, leather gloves, leather pants, and belt shirt)
(Tempered steel short sword)

****(Can breath fire X 15 ft.)
****(+4 inches to teeth, +100 to weight, + 3’ to height)
*(Deadly Jaws 5-inch deep bite, enough jaw power to tear through any crudely made armor)


****(+15 to jumping, + 15 mph to speed,)
****(If injured to the point of unconcience he reverts back to wolf form)
*(Can hear the thoughts of other canine)
*(Can jump incredibly [heights /35ft], {Speed 75 mph/with nothing in the way})

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03/11/2005 10:55 PM

Name: Dahel
Age: looks like a 9 year old. Accualy 2,079
Height: 4' 5"
Weight: 98'
Eye: red
hair: black
race: Unknown
occupation: killing for sport
Background: unknown
equipment: numerous throwing daggers.
skills: Shoot fire energy with his mind, lighting energy, wind, and water. very fast. hypnotise. Telekanises( make things flote or watever)

Dahel stands from his booth and walks up to the bartender. " Whisky... make it two. It's been a long day." Bartender looks down on the small figuer, " Sorry son, you're a bit young for that stuff, how about milk?" The next thing the bartender knew he had 4 knives sticking through his stomache and out his back. "I'll get it myself."

03/12/2005 3:46 AM

OOC: Can we clear some things up in here? First off, are we fighting in a seperate arena or the bar itself? Second if we are in the bar itself and since the elf guy wanted complete darkness, how da hell did these guys see something? Third, if we are all in complete darkness, can we please all act like we are in complete darkness, unless you can set some logical explanation why you can see of course, by the way, to the drow guy i was fighting, why did you say that your char set to the darkness when the whole place was dark any way?

IC: More strange events took place and nipped at his psionic senses. Asmodai sensed an unrighteous death, Murder. Being a man of honor he set about searching the place for its source and upon pinpointing it he proclaimed," Vile being of dark Chaos, what is thy reason of this transgression. Why did this man have to die? He swiftly moved upon the source calling forth his psionic might upon it. Soon a dome of psionic energy encompassed the source of transgression. He then said, "Explain yourself of your crime and proceed to thy penitence, Now!

03/12/2005 6:47 AM

Asmodai looked down to see a small child. He's never been wrong about this sort of thing before. "Um, young child, did you see any violence, I mean, did you see anyone get murdered." After he spoke these words, the next thing he knew he was pinned to the wall by an invisable force. Dahel was using his psycick powers to keep him there.

03/12/2005 9:45 AM

His Wolf instinct surged through him. There was to much violent magic going on. "Dam this ale sucks.", grunted Choran. Choran stood up and was headed to the door when suddenly the large knight that was brawling with the drow was flung past him.

As the man had began to stand up Choran said, with the most blood-thristy tone, "Need some help?"

03/12/2005 4:10 PM

OOC: Yo anthro, i already took my armor off before i went for the evil kid. Dahel, i said i covered you with a psionic dome, why da hell did you make it seem like i was askin questions? My guy sensed you murdering the barkeeper. By the way, can i get some clarity whether we are all still in darkness or did things just suddenly light up.

IC: Asmodai sensed the voice offering assistance. Normally renegade psykers such as these were handled by the Witch Hunters, but for now he would need every bit of strength he got, including help. He roared as he garnered his might to repel the psionic bonds upon his person. As he dropped to the floor he set his eyes upon the voice and said, "Gladly, you may start fighting right now." He charged forward recalling his zweihander to his clutches gashing them upon the evil form.

03/14/2005 9:54 AM

OOC: Asomodai. Sorry. My Drow see's things in the heat spectrum. When I said into the darkness. It was in my characters view. As in, Away from heat sources. I believe that we are in the bar. Bar's tend not to have arena's. That's more of a collosium.

IC: " God Dammit," Dozer said loudly. He Saw the new bodies of heat. " Asomodai Stop. What say you if we invite these news guests to a team brawl. You and I against Them," Dozer said with a smirk on his face. " After all, we could use some fresh meat. If you don't accept then we'll continue with our battle and, Hope that these new B****es don't get hurt." Dozer Said while in his meditating trance.

03/14/2005 3:53 PM

Asmodai faced the strange creature talking to him and said, "Fool, have you not seen what the demon, hiding in a child's body, did. He killed a man in cold blood, resisted a psionic dome i created to bondage him. And used some kind of psionic force against me of great strength." He swiftly charged his face to the form of Dozer saying, "Now is not the time for petty aliances. We need every bit of strength we may muster for this one. (He could be a powergamer) So please set your goals straight." He ended his speech with a full psyker blast towards Dahel. Already he was calling forth the blades he had ignored before hand.

03/14/2005 6:10 PM

OOC: Sorry Asmodia, i thought you still had your armour on my bad.

Choran acknowledged the argreement with the warrior, then turned to face the devil child,"I never like whinng brats especially ones with apocolyptic powers." At that Choran surged into his wolf form then, he lunged at the murderer. Jaws drooling he was ready for the taste of his fresh blood.

03/15/2005 9:35 AM

OOC: Kid dude. Don;t insert text for other players, it's not cool. Let the player talk for themselves.

IC: As the Drow Saw these new adversary's he got an idea. He looked at Asomodai's heat signature and called out. " Yo Asomodai, Let's show these guests what were made of."

As soon as he said that, Dozer took out an arrow and shot it at the Kid. With his Drow instict, that kid seemed more powerful then he looked.

03/15/2005 6:54 PM

OOC: Where's Dahel anyway, did he run or lose his prepaid internet load(In my country we buy cards and use the username and password on that card to connect. We buy the card by hours, hours is the load of a single card. In our country, the texting capital of the world, load also means how much credits your cellphone has.)

03/15/2005 6:59 PM

OOC: Where's Dahel anyway, did he run or lose his prepaid internet load(In my country we buy cards and use the username and password on that card to connect. We buy the card by hours, hours is the load of a single card. In our country, the texting capital of the world, load also means how much credits your cellphone has.)

03/15/2005 7:04 PM

OOC: Where's Dahel anyway, did he run or lose his prepaid internet load(In my country we buy cards and use the username and password on that card to connect. We buy the card by hours, hours is the load of a single card. In our country, the texting capital of the world, load also means how much credits your cellphone has.)

03/15/2005 8:17 PM

OOC: i dont know i say we go on an adventure in some dungeon a Warhammer type charater such as your delf plus a Drow and an Anthromorphic being hell we got a new fellowship.

03/16/2005 6:57 AM

Rock on and Roll dude!!!!! Just find somebody to make the rp and get us there, or we could just overhaul this entire thread for the heck of it, if you want I'll start it. They'll just move it to the general topics anyway.

03/16/2005 9:37 AM

SWEET Idea dude. That'd be fun. Just let me know when you guys get it started. I have to attend to alot of my other threads.

03/16/2005 1:30 PM

I agree with both of you just IM when your going under way SWEETNESS!

03/17/2005 12:20 AM

Cool, so are you guys okay with me handling the thread? If you are I'll just post an idea on the interest query threads. By the way, should we make an entirely different thread or will we just overhaul this thread, pretty nasty to abandon the place where a new fellowship just started.

03/17/2005 9:42 AM

Yeah I'm cool with that. We should overhaul this thread. So then viewers could see how this fellowship formed.

03/17/2005 12:28 PM

Dude, sorry I was gone. I got beat up at school and forgot about the internet for a little bit.

03/18/2005 3:05 AM

OOC: Beat up meaning "Give me your lunch money you pussy or I'll realiy give you a pussy". Too bad so If you wanna continue where we left off that would be cool, just IM the others to begin again or you could just join in as Spiderman cuz I'm gonna overhaul this thread if they won't agree with beginning where we left off.

03/18/2005 9:47 AM

That's fine with me Azrael.

Kool what grade are u in?

03/19/2005 1:07 AM

Yo, shall we wait for the wolf?

03/19/2005 2:12 PM

Kool what grade are u in?

Ooc: 8th. This jerk in the locker room ringed my neck for no particular reason.

03/19/2005 7:42 PM

Yo, why da fuck did you let him go easy. In my elementary days I choked a guy three years my senior. When I was 14 some guy a year older than me disrespected me, so I dissed him back, he challenged me, so I accepted. After lunch I punched him, put him in a headlock and kept bumping him into the locker with his head. After that I had other stories but I really don't think you wanna know.

03/19/2005 8:11 PM

Well, I'm just not the violent type. I'm Peacefull.... Now where did I put my Chain sword?

03/20/2005 5:48 AM

OOC: Tell you what Koolgool, why don't you just allow me with this idea I got cuz I'm already bored with our earlier stories. Here's the idea:

Guys that are integral:
The Fellowship of four game systems
The wolf guy(Forgot his name)
Dahel(Let's just add the demon kid)

What I would need from you is the following as a standard, you can add anything later on. But here's the catch, what you write is equal to what you can do.
Abilities:(Up to ten only, list them as attacks, and add the stat of it as Special or normal)

The idea is this, every two IC posts you can perform one normal ability while every 5 posts you can do a special ability. If it has something to do with time duration be sure to post how many posts it would last.

The story:
After the Pub incindent the four became fast friends and travelled far and wide, until an interdimensional bad ass called "Gregamarch" came and transported them into his Dungeon of Doom. The four were teamed together as a starting team while others were also teamed in fours. They were set to battle various beings in every room until they reach the rrom where Gregamarch is. Those that die are sent back to where they were taken from until Gregamarch is victorious or in defeat. All PC's can help each other when they reach the Grega room where the bad ass is in.

Character Allowances:
Marvel Superheroes
DC Superheroes
Capcom Superheroes or bad-asses
Rod Stewart
anything your twisted mind can think of.

Every time a room has been cleared the party will recieve and award from me, it can be anything from a potion of healing to a modified Dreadnought Battle Coffin, all depending upon your next encounter.

03/21/2005 9:48 AM

Aight, it might take me a while to write up my thing thoug. Probably about a week or so. My mom got into a car accident a few weeks ago, so my family is going through a crisis. Both of my moms legs were amputated. So i'll need plenty of time to work on it.

03/21/2005 7:18 PM

Yo, if that was a joke, you are one sick bastard. If it wasn't, then my best wishes to the family.

03/22/2005 9:38 AM

It's no joke dude. I not f'ing around as you might say. I've never been more serious.

04/02/2005 1:34 AM

Amidst the endless debate of the furious combatants, did an ominous rift openned, and sprouting from this portal appeared a horrid, yet stunning figure that seemed perplexing to give description. In its arrival, it spat on the floor like rowdy sailorboy and looked like those from Russian submarine crews wearing stupid square hats, striped shirts. But nevertheless, He wore a silly kilt with Scottish design that made it look "gay".
Yet this one-eyed, bad ass Poppin' Jack seem to intimidate these almighty adversaries.

Name: Fat Bastard McFly of Yankee-Goo
Age: 700 bah-zillion yrs.
Born: Texas
Race: Crab-man
Height: 1,000 feet below sea level
Weight: 7,000,000 tons of hell
Occupation: Ali Baba's genii
Background: Waterboy-in-arms of the Wyoming Redskins
Equipment: Hook on left hand, Class B second hand "Chain-Sword" made in Japan (limited edition), bagpipes.
Extra items: 2 cans of beer, 1 bottle of rum, and a pitch of vodka

"Ye, parner," said he in a typical accent like those in Texas, "We boyz n' Texas purde like this ere tourne-ment goin' on in this tavern." He spat another round of spit on the floor. "Ye boyz dun look so tough ter me, ye look more like lollygagers, I recken." He kept on spittin like a persistent cowboy. The occupants of the serious domicile were utterly surprised by his moronic presence."Watcha all lookin' at, aye?," asked he,"Ya'll look like ye've never seen ol' Fat Bastard McFly before.". Silence still remains in the air as this idiotic being disrupted the entire event. "Well I ain't here to drink sum beer, but ter challenge any of ye lollygagers. Bring it on parner!!" He took out the stout bagpipes and began playing a horrible tune which made everyone laugh out loud (LOL) like crazy chipmunks and others banged there heads as if they were in a rock show with a Kiss standout. This was clearly signs of madness! Then the music stopped and relief was restored. But the heroes of this pub were enraged by such monstrosity.

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04/04/2005 10:14 PM

Gregamarch appeared holisticly to the crabman of infamous Texan demeanor and said, "Lo good warrior, you seem to have chosen to be among the challengers of gauntlet. One should stay your self and eagerness for battle however till I have found a suitable number of other warriors to be on your team. It seems being that you have come here as early as now you will be in charg of your own team. Capeesh as the mafian ganstas say?"

04/04/2005 10:38 PM

Suddenly, the tavern door was flung wide open by an exceeding force that greatly caught everyone by surprise. A dark, sinister outline of a lone figure was to be seen. Stepping forth, it revealed to the most stunning than ever that even ol' Fat Bastard McFly of Texas was utterly amazed by its sheer presence. T'was a man about his fifty's, with long dark hair and sunglasses. He was clad in a strange black robe of odd fashion.
There came a drunken voice that sound British.
"Oi, there, mates", said he. Hearing this, many had recognized him then. He was Ozzy Osbourne, the Avatar of Rock. "I see that this bloody place held some bogus tournament, oi." The old rock star took out the weapon he kept: an electric guitar. The guests were amazed by such unseen weaponry. "Now this, mates, is the ultimate weapon of rock. Only the Gods of Rock pass this sacred relic unto the Chosen Ones." They were awed by this. "Now who of you bloody bitches folly yourself to challenge thee?"

04/10/2005 8:17 PM

"We challenge thee old demented freak, bat speciest," one man said as he rose from the shadows. Others came behind all of them were garbed like morgue ornaments in the twilight zone. Masked in the corpses of others these were the Denizens of the band, "We are Slipknot, what right have you to confer yourself to be the chosen of rock ya freak."

Others also rose as the members of P.O.D. and Korn cried out in unison, "Ye arrogant british fool, we are not astounded by ye weapon, we challenge you, to an all out tabular freestyle competetion of all things earsplitting."

04/11/2005 4:08 AM

Ozzy stared skeptically through shaded eyes.

"All right, ye bloody bitches!", he screeched mockingly, "Let this be the Battle for Ozzfest!"

Then suddenly after this statement, all the Head-Bangers jumped from their seats and cried out the The Osbourne Chant of Rock n' Roll.

Clad in a dark cloak, a sinister figure rises from its seat. Lowering its hood, the people were shocked to see Marilyn Manson, the hell-born hell mistress of the world of Rock.

"So it begins, my friends", said he/she, "The Dark Master has stated his contest. Let this be a blood battle!!!"

And again, hundreds of rocker cries filled the air of the pub. They all made the Rocker's Symbol.

04/11/2005 9:55 AM

IC: Even though the Drow didn't understand what these crazy people were saying. Dozer did understand Blood and Battle. Quickley the drow unsheathed his two scimitars and jumped behind the counter. Dozer was crouched in a defensive stance. No one could see him since there was no light, but he could clearly see their heat radiating bodies. Dozer put up a globe of Darkness, therefore no one would cheat.

[Edited by Dark_Elf57 on Wednesday, April 13, 2005 9:52 AM]

04/11/2005 8:26 PM

OOC: I think you lost me there DArk Elf, by the way greg, tawga to si jp nga ma intra di kag hambali to sha nga dal onn ya si Ash, Jason Vorhgees, si Freddy, kag si chukie para sadya.

IC: "So it seems that even before the very start of my challenge a new one has erupted, very well. Since themain goal has yet to be pronounced let this rock fest of blood and gore start," the mighty Gregamarch cried, the echos filled the great space the combatants stayed upon. "We o mighty Ozzy will provide the back ground noise," the lead singer of Metallica proclaimed as he took his place atop a table while his band mates stood below him. "I know just what you need my dear Bard of the Misundestood Youth." The mighty Gregamarch in a flick of his wrist came to unfold a gigantic burning stage upon which giant amps and gleaming instruments stayed, "Go," the Gregamarch bellowed, "Let it begin."

The bands nodded with grinning teeth as they seperated to let the Slipknot crew have their gain first. Metallica, its memebers beaming as they clambered up the burning stage reveled as they saw the flames unable to burn their form. The lead singer made an evil horn symbol with his hand and so the music started. The amps blared and all screamed in unison as the tunes of "Enter the Sandman" was played with harsh tones and adrenaline cracking guitar leads and rythms.

The Slipknot crew harbored their dear implements of sonic destruction and charged for the lone Ozzy. The first to attack him weilded a mighty axe(Eletric Guitar). The man masked with the torn face of George W. Bush struck it high over his head before he set fire upon the weapon and began to rage out the hellish tones of his weapon. The band members came behind him setting their own deathbringers and began to spill blood as it flowed from the instruments. "BEat that old man," the leader said as he gave the man a fuck you sign with his finger.

At the very back, Asmodai set himself to the drow and said, "Trust me, close your ears."

04/12/2005 6:49 AM

Ozzy was enraged. Beside him, Marilyn Manson began to furiously bang up some hellraizer tunes.

Grasping his weapon, Ozzy delivered a horrifying screeching of his guitar.

People began to head-bang on the spot, raising their hands creating the rocker symbol, their tongues wildly swinging in the air like deadly flails.

For a matter of moments, Ozzy and his companion the Dark Servant Marilyn kept their tunes at pace. The crowd roared at the event.

Ozzy remembered the Great Move... The Mosh Pit.

"Hell yeah!!!", the crowds jeered, plunging the pub into an uproar.

04/12/2005 8:47 PM

Gregamarch could only smile and shake with ecstacy as he heard the hellish tunes. He set his eyes upon the background band and said to them," I hereby empower metallica with the soul of Diablo," he bellowed. He conjured a barb of lightning from the void and it struck the band upon the giant stage with such intensity it made souls cry. From the ashes like a demonic phoenix the band arose and the ashoes that scoured their form exploded and from that chrysalis new forms took place. Greaga only luaghed as evilly as he could as he took great joy at the havoc he had empoiwered, he turned to the raging bands of Slipknot and Ozzy with Manson he cried, "Enough with sonic edath strikes, time for some blood!!" The new forms that had replaced Metallica were now totally noticed by the other bands within the space. They were each their rockstar versions of Hellboy, each with one oversized right hand that held a bloody instrument. Their horns spewed fire and they screamed as they resumed their sonic torture.

Slipknot heard the cry of the Gregamarch and only screamed in answer. The guitarists withheld the music and charged for Ozzy and Manson flailing their tonues in unison with the guitars. Their guitars were struck for the very necks of Ozzy and Manson. The drummer roared as blood dripped down his arms as he kicked the drums off his duration. He scoured chains from the void and swung them about like a madman running for the enemy Duo.

04/13/2005 2:00 AM

Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson simply stared at this sheer madness.

"You bloody bitches are crazy, aye?" claimed Ozzy, who seemed a bit angered "There forth I summoneth the band Limp Bizkit!"

Waving his hands in the air, there was a great hellfire that erupted, cracking the ground.

Emerging, there was one called Fred Durst, and his hell minions with him, all which were apparently armed with 12-stringed guitars and metal drums.

A faint tune could be heard while they emerge slowly from the pit. Then it grew louder....and louder....and louder...and they were now rockin:

Alright partner keep on rollin` baby you know what time
it is chocolate starfish keep on rollin` baby move in,
now move out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now breathe in,
now breathe out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now keep rollin`,
rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (what)

keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (come on)
keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (yeah)
keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin`

now i know y`all be lov`in this shit right here
l.i.m.p bizkit is right here people in the house put them hands in the air
cause if you don`t care, then we don`t care 1, 2, 3,
times two to the six jonesin` for your fix of that limp bizkit mix so
where the fuck you at punk, shut the fuck up and back the fuck up,
while we fuck this track up now move in,
now move out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now breathe in,
now breathe out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now keep rollin`,
rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (what)
keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (come on)
keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (yeah)
keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin`

you wanna mess with limp bizkit (yeah)
you can`t mess with limp bizkit (why)
because we get it on every day, and every night (oh)
and this platinum thing right here (uh, huh)
yo we`re doin` it all the time (what) so you better get some beats
and a some better rhymes (dough) we got the gang set so
don`t complain yet twenty four seven never beggin`
for a rain check old school soldiers blastin` out the hot shit
that rock shit puttin` bounce in the mosh pit now move in,
now move out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now breathe in,
now breathe out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now keep rollin`,

rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (come on)
keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (what)
keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (yeah)
keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin` hey ladies,

hey fellas and the people that don`t give a fuck all the lovers,
all the haters and all the people that call themselves play-ers hot mamas,
pimp daddies and the people rollin` up in caddies hey rockers,
hip hoppers and everybody all around the world now move in,
now move out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now breathe in,
now breathe out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now keep rollin`,

rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (yeah)
keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (what)
keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (come on)
keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin` now move in,
now move out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now breathe in,
now breathe out hands up or hands down back up,
back up tell me what ya gonna do now keep rollin`,

rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (come on)
keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (what)
keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin` (yeah)
keep rollin`, rollin`, rollin`, rollin

Everyone was feelin' it! There was plenty of head-bangin' after the song.

"Are you entertained yet!!!?" screamed Fred Durst.

"HEEEEELLLLL YEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!", came the booming answer.

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04/13/2005 7:22 PM

"It has been decreed, Slipknot is defeated!," Gregamarch proclaimed as sent up the minions of hell to scour the dismal band. They could only scream as they were yanked down to hell.

04/15/2005 6:42 AM

HOY GREG!!!!!!!! iabandonar ko ni nga thread kay may ne idiyahan ko nga rp plotline nga ASTEEEEEG!!!!!!!!!!!! gid ya. Istoryahanay lang ta sa training grounds about it pare kay asteeg gid ya part, tawga to si pinstripe nga ma intra kay si MOOP usaron ko, hehe, kung kaya ya sha tani ma rp kay MOOP.

As for Dark_Elf and Koolgool, and Chaotic Wolf Anthro, I will be leaving this thread for a plot I have deemed the full extent of my attention, an interdimensional RP, hehe, ASTEEG!!!.

04/15/2005 9:52 AM

As for Dark_Elf and Koolgool, and Chaotic Wolf Anthro, I will be leaving this thread for a plot I have deemed the full extent of my attention, an interdimensional RP, hehe, ASTEEG!!!.

Fucking Awesome

04/15/2005 5:48 PM

Check it out in the idea query pages.

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