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01/22/2005 4:27 PM

--Dragonsquare Village, torn down by war, rebuilt, retorn, and rebuilt again. Not the biggest village in Carashan, but it had it's history. Dragonsquare was a small plaza with an Inn called Rosemary, a Tavern called Six Horses, a Smithy, a Trader, and about fifteen villagers living there. The history of Dragonsquare was not a good one, the Drow and the Orcish tribes had raided almost every town in Carashan, but the people of Dragonsquare fought back, they wouldn't give up their homes without a fight. After several battles with the tribes the people of Dragonsquare prevailed against them. Now Dragonsquare is a peaceful village and after washing away their weariness with the night, the people of Dragonsquare are stirring--

Arundus Seville awoke with a yawn and a stretch of his arms, he was ready to begin the day. Arundus leapt out of bed into fresh clothing, and went outside of his house to the village well and rubbed water on his eyes.

Arundus was a musician, often he would go to the Rosemary Inn and play his flute, or sing with his fiddle. This provided Arundus with the enjoyment of playing, money, and praise.

Arundus went back inside his home to grab his flute, he then walked outside to the village square, sat down on a bench and began to play his favorite tune, "River's Calm"

01/22/2005 5:02 PM

It felt as though he had woken up from a thousand-year dream. His head felt as though there was living fire inside it playing with his mind. Because the more he tried to remember the more he forgot. He was cold and soaked in water. He turned to see his own reflection. It was that of a young man. No not a man at all, the pointed ears and darker skin indicated him as something else. He was a half-elf. His face looked tired, and his clothes were torn, yet still, there was some elegance to him. All he had were half ripped pants and a strange jewel that hung upon his neck.
He sat there, by the water for a while, trying to remember... who he was. All that came back to him were blurry painful images that ran away as soon as they showed themselves. He couldn't even remember his own name!
All of a sudden he heard an enticing sound. It was that of a flute playing a beautiful song. With nothing better to do he followed the origins of the notes...

01/22/2005 6:56 PM

Arundus was one with his flute, playing as elegantly as the wind. He saw a half-elf walking unsurely across the village square. Arundus had not seen this man before, strangers weren't common in Dragonsquare, but they were still welcome.

Arundus finished the last notes of "River's Calm" and then he laid his flute down, stood up, and bowed.

"Hail friend! I've not seen your face here before..."

Arundus extended his hand.

"I'm Arundus Seville, and you are?"

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01/22/2005 7:13 PM

He looked up at the sun. As the light shone straight into his face it became clear that Drow blood pulsed through his veins. But in his eyes there was a human soul, more human than most. He then looked at the bard.
"I am..." he said with a dreamy expression. He thought as hard as he could but could not recall. Bowing his head down he said, "I wish I could remember."
Then, fear took control of his heart. What if he never remembered? What if he had forgotten his past for ever? That wouldn't do. He closed his eyes and tried as hard as he could to remember. All that came into his mind was the face of a Drow... a woman and then a flash. He fell onto the floor almost blacking out. The pain dug into his mind like a wild worm. The last thing he saw was the bard's confused face before fainting.

01/22/2005 7:26 PM

Arundus knelt down quickly beside the half-elf and shook him to try to wake him up, the man wouldn't move at all, Arundus knew then that he was unconscience.

Arundus ran to the inn.

"Innkeeper! Theres a man outside, he fainted."

The innkeeper ran outside and with Arundus' help he lifted him into the inn onto a bed.

"I'll leave you be with him good man, take care of him."

Arundus left the inn, he didn't want to wait until the man woke up, the man gave him a bad feeling, the same feeling as when he looked his first drow in the face...

Arundus went back to his flute and began playing "Winter's End".....

01/22/2005 8:00 PM

James awoke from his rest, slowly sliding out of bed and making his way towards the dresser. He clumsily pulled open the top drawer and fumbled through the many articles of clothing to finally find his black and silver militia shirt. Groggily, he slid it over his head, at first putting his head into the sleeve which made for an interesting site. After a bit of struggling, he finally managed to put the shirt on, it had become one of his most prized possessions after the war.

James walked over to the foot of his bed where he had thrown his pants down the night before. He quickly pulled them on. He walked over to the window and pulled back the curtains, sunlight streamed in reflecting off of his chain mail armor and long sword that were mounted on the wall. The pair completed what James considered his most prized possessions.

James finally found his leather boots by the front door, pulling them on then skillfully lacing them up. James opened the front door and made his way out. He was greeted by a blinding sun, a clear indicator that he had over slept.

He made his way down the dusty road towards the tavern, wondering if this day would be as uneventfull as the previous.

01/22/2005 8:06 PM

He tossed around on the bed. The memory haunted him. The memory... It was the only one he had, yet he already hated it. He saw the face of the woman over and over. And every time he did blood rushed into his heart excitedly. Her beautiful lips moved slowly in between her charming smile. "Maybe I'll leave you with this memory only," and then she laughed heartly. And for every time she did so he shed a tear, but he didn't understand why. The memory repeated itself insistently, until the nightmare changed, he was someplace else. He wasn't sure where, he didn't pay much attention to his surroundings. A cloaked figure standing a short distance from him caught all his attention. Even it's face was covered by a handkerchief, but its voice was clear, "INDAR ELGHIN" it said many times over. Each time the name was called, the body of a dead person appeared on the ground. He understood that whoever Indar Elghin was he was responsible for the death of each and every one of the cadavers. Slowly he started feeling anger and felt the need to avange all those deaths and by the time the name was called for the last time there were more than twenty bodies lying on the ground. "I assure you, I will avange all these deaths!" As he said this, the cloaked figure nodded and everything disappeared into sand.

He woke up with a whisper in his mouth, "Zha'linth..."

01/22/2005 8:31 PM

James made his way towards the tavern, following a beautiful music he knew all too well. It seemed Arundus was playing his magnificent flute this day. James smiled to himself as he neared the man.

"Good day Arundus," he called as he neared the sitting man, who continued playing his majestic song. "Anything interesting happen this morning?" He asked, a bit of sarcasm in his voice. It seemed to James that hardly anything happened in this quiet little town.

01/22/2005 8:46 PM

He walked down the stairs to the main floor of the inn. He felt much better, but his mind was twice as tangled in its own thoughts. He looked down at himself. He needed more than a pair of pants and people were looking at him strangely. He didn't have anything of value, except for...
He drew the jewel that hung from a silver chain around his neck (his only other posession). It would have to be done, but it was so beautiful.

01/22/2005 9:07 PM

Arundus stopped in the middle of the melody and laid his flute down. He smiled at James' famliar face.

"Good day to you too, my friend."

Arundus thought of the incident earlier and his eyes lit up.

"Why yes, something strange happened earlier today! A half-elf man came up to me, he was a stranger of course, and I asked him his name. The man said he honestly couldn't remember it, and with that he fainted right there! He's in the inn now resting I suppose, I don't know if he's awake yet or not...."

Arundus looked down and his bright eyes turned dark.

"James...there is something else, when I looked at this man he reminded me of the first drow I ever fought...I don't know but it was a sickening feeling, maybe it was just me..."

Arundus sighed, and looked back up at James.

01/22/2005 9:23 PM

"Hmm," was the only reply James gave at the moment. He began thinking about the possibilities then subtly reached up and began scratching his chin, a habit he had picked up in the wars.

"Interesting. It seems our fair town has a visitor, and a bit of mystery surrounding him. Perhaps I should go visit our new local. Would you like to accompany me?" He turned to regard Arundas, again stroking his chin. It seemed he did this whenever he was deeply thinking.

01/22/2005 9:38 PM

"I shall accompany you, he should still be in Rosemary..."

Arundus put his flute in it's case, and carried it along his side. He stood up and walked behind James to the inn. Arundus thought about the first drow he ever fought.....

(OOC: Flashback)

Arundus gripped his quarterstaff with sweaty hands, and his feet shuffled across the battlefield like a dancefloor. He looked the drow in the face, and shivered.

Arundus mounted his quarterstaff in the ground and pointed at the drow.

"Get out of our land this is your last warning!" Arundus said

"Haha. Insolent human! Us drow are the pure blood of this land, it belongs only to us!"
The drow said

"Then why do you fight alongside the orcs? Is this not treason to your people?"
Arundus said

"The orcs do not fight for land, they fight for glory, and honor! Something you petty humans would know nothing about!"

And with that Arundus grabbed up his quarterstaff and charged towards the drow.
That was the first time Arundus had killed another being, no matter what race....


"Let's go James."

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01/22/2005 9:56 PM

(OOC You called me Richard. :))

"Right," James replied as he fiddled with his chin. The tavern was just down the road and he could clearly see the building. He began to calmly walk down the street, Arundus following close behind. They passed a few villagers, each giving the villager a nod or wave, before they arrived at the tavern. Inside the bar keep was washing his glasses and the wench was sweeping the floor.

Then James noticed someone else. He scratched his chin, looking at the half-elf with a bit of disdain. James could clearly tell that this was not an ordinary half-elf, but a drow half-elf. Suddenly James felt a little naked, he had left his sword and armor in his room. He calmly approached the visitor, staring him in the eye.

"What brings you to our fair community, traveler?" He called out in a friendly voice, one that James had learned to perfect in the wars.

(OOC Bard, did you say your char was half drow? I hope so...)

01/22/2005 11:08 PM

(OOC: Sure did!)
When the two men came in He was talking to a man. The man was holding the pendant and examining it. While the man did so He was talking to him, trying to sell the jewel for a good price. It was a beautiful jewel, but he had no gold, so he'd have to sell it, nonetheless he felt a strange kind of sadness at letting it go. When he recognized the bard that had helped him that morning He said, "Excuse me for a second," to the man. Every single one of the few people in the inn that morning was observing the half-drow.
He approached the bard and said, "Hello sir, thank you very much for your help today. I apologize for my strange behaviour this morning," as he did so, he bowed, showing the bard and the soldier the reason he was being scrutinized so. On the middle of his back, there was a white mark. It was completely incomprehensible but it looked menacing and evil nonetheless. The tattoo was a mark of the Drow.
He bent back up and smiled “My name, I cannot recall but you may call me Zha’linth for now. As to what business brings me here, I haven't the least idea”. Ironically (for a drow) his smile was full of delight and trust and despite his dark skin it made him look completely human.
(OOC: I'll post a character description.

01/23/2005 11:35 AM

(OOC: Sorry, exile)

Arundus saw the mark of the Drow and his stomach knotted up, when he first met the man Arundus didn't realize that the elven half of him was Drow...

"Welcome to our village.....Zha'linth"

Arundus bowed.

"Do you plan on staying long? Do you have a place to stay?"

01/23/2005 12:00 PM

(OOC No probelm, I just thought it was funny. :P)

James watched the half-drow a bit wary.

"Welcome Zha'linth," the militia captain, and only member of the militia, called out to the new arrival. "I would like to speak more with you after you have settled down."

James offered his hand to the half-drow. then realized the beautiful pendant he wore.

"That is a very magnificent pendant, you weren't planning on selling it were you?" He asked Zha'linth as he glanced at the merchant.

01/23/2005 1:06 PM

"I'm afraid I am," he said witha smile full of melancholy, "it's the only thing of value I posess. I have a feeling there might be more to this pendant than meets the eye; would you happen to know some one who knows of magical items?"

01/23/2005 4:33 PM

Arundus nodded his head.

"Yes, the wise woman of our village might...You can find her on the other side if this road two buildings down to the west."

And with that Arundus bowed

"I wish you well Zha'linth, Good-bye James"

Arundus walked out and walked down to the village well to polish his flute he would play tonight at the inn.

(OOC: Ill play the wise woman if zha'linth decides to pursue her, bard)

01/23/2005 4:42 PM

James nodded towards Arundus as he departed, then turned to regard Zha'linth.

"As must I, if you have any questions seek me out. I should be around town, probably just roaming the streets," James told the half-drow. Then nodded towards the new-comer and departed out of the tavern.

01/23/2005 5:00 PM

He gave a quarter of a frown. It seemed Zha'linth was on his own. He looked at the pendant carefully. He could see - hee could see her face in the pendant, grinning that awful smile while she softly spoke dreadful words. It gave him a headache. He closed his eyes.
He opened the door of the inn and stole a deep breath of fresh air. He then started moving down the road. As the gazes of many citizens struck him he felt naked. He wished he had a cloak to hide under. He arrived in front of the old woman's residence. The look of the house made him hesitate.

01/23/2005 5:12 PM

The wise woman was sitting down on a rug in her house meditating as she sensed someones presence by her house. She got up and opened the door.

"Hello child. I am Amalisa the people of the village call me their wise woman...Whether I'm wise or not is for you to determine yourself. Come, sit down."

Amalisa sat down on her rug and motioned for Zha'linth to join her.

"I see you are half drow, young man. Ah, the drow, a truly prominent race! You should be proud of your heritage...Oh, excuse my manners Zha'linth...that is what you choose to call yourself? Don't ask me how I knew child, just pretend that you told me. Now, child, what brings you her?"

01/23/2005 6:41 PM

"Hello!" said Zha'linth with his typical smile, "my first intent in coming here was to ask you about this pendant or if it posesses any magic," he held up the jewel and arrogantly it reflected the light that belongs to the sky, "but now I see why the villagers call you truly wise. Seeing as you know the name I have adopted (which really is only the word "memory" in Drow) maybe you have knowledge of... my past."

01/23/2005 7:17 PM

"You are correct child, I know everything about you! Some of which I am not supposed to tell you, yes the pendant you carry is magic, indeed! It will let you see the true nature and intentions of people, you will be able to sense it if you are wearing the pendant and you concentrate on the person..."

The wise woman stood up and embraced Zha'linth in a hug.

"I can tell some of your past, child. Your father was a great warrior, and he fought for the drow fiercely. As you may or may not know, the drow were in a war against the humans of Dragonsquare...the drow believed that it was their land, that they were the pure blood of Carashan! When the humans decided to strike back, your father became indignant, he kidnapped a woman from Dragonsquare, her name was Mary Seville, Arundus' sister. Your father raped her and that's where the human side of you comes from...Later the Drow made an attack on Dragonsquare, your father being the last drow left of the unit that attacked. Arundus wanted to fight him for the pain he had caused, so they fought one on one, Arundus killed your father....his name was Shakar. Arundus' sister couldn't bear living with a half-drow child so shortly after your birth she drowned herself, in a river. She took you with her, she intended to kill you too, but you lived. I don't know where you were from that time to now....that you might have to find on your own. As for your real name, I cannot tell you that either...I'm sorry Zha'Linth this must be alot to take in at once....but you must leave me now, these old memories pain me...."

01/23/2005 8:54 PM

Zha'linth took a few steps back. His mouth gaped and his eyes blurred. After taking in the words of the wise woman a wave of sickness overcame him. He felt as though his insides would explode and splatter right there. His chest ached inside with sadness and anger. He stumbled backwards out of the old house. Still shocked by the news he went into a kind of back alley behind the old woman's house. There the wave of sickness caught up with him and made him throw up, leaving a bad taste in his mouth and a fetid smell in his nose. Finally, he got up and walked away. He felt hungry and cold, but most of all, he felt lonely. As he was walking behind the houses, he saw something that caught his eye. The rope hung there teasingly, beneath it a box. The rope was tied in a knot that would tighten easily under weight. A grim, forced smile appeared in his face. He stood up on the box and put his neck around the rope...

01/23/2005 9:08 PM

Arundus polished the flute until it was sparkling clean, blew it to hear the wonderful sound and put it back into the case. He then stood up and decided to walk to the inn to tell the keeper he would play there tonight, as he was walking he admired the beautiful trees and greenery that surounded the village. He then walked past the Wise woman's house and stopped to ponder it's strange shape as he had done so many times before, when he was about to leave to the inn he heard a strange sound coming from behin her house, was Amalisa in trouble? He hurried to the back to find Zha'linth fitting a rope around his neck.


Arundus ran and pushed Zha'linth off the box.

"What were you thinking?? I may not be particularly fond of drow but I cannot stand back and watch another man take his own life. Certainly no reason you had was worth dying for, what is wrong Zha'linth?

01/23/2005 9:56 PM

Zha'linth was pushed back into a sitting position against the wall. looking up at Arundus, he smiled, a smile that in that specific situation would have made the stoutest dwarf shiver. He stood up, he let his arms hang limly at his side.
"Yes you wouldn't be very fond of drow would you?" he said mockingly.

01/23/2005 10:04 PM

"No I'm not, I have spilled my share of Drow blood over the years, don't make me add yours to my collection! Listen, I have no clue what you know or what you've heard, but I need to know! Why were you ready to give up your life?"

Arundus looked at him with cold, solid eyes.

01/24/2005 4:20 PM

Marrin finally found where the Inn was. It was about time too, because he was getting seriously sick and tired of people dodging his questions. Someone tried to pay money just to get rid of him, like Marrin was mugging the poor man or something! That was, thank god, the last villager he had to ask. He explained his situation, and although a little disgusted, managed to point Marrin in the right direction.

He didn't blame the villagers, by any means. If he were in thier position, he would have fled a whole lot sooner then they did. At this point, he was not a hansome sight to lay eye (or nose, for that matter) on. After fighting dissorganized orcs in single, hand to hand combat, and conquering that densely packed forest, Marrin had his normally dark redish brown hair covered with a thin layer of black orcblood, covered with random debris, and to top it off, Marrin was pretty sure that last pile he tripped in was some type of animal feces. Great. What a way to top this day off.

All he wanted to do was go to a pub, drink, get clean, and get sleep. Then he could worry about his tab. There was always work to do at a pub. First things first, he needed to clean his armor and himslef, traveling in chain mail, plate armor, leather, and a traveler's pack was not the best option in a warm humid forest.

Just then, he heard a commotion in a nearby alley. He rushed over to see what the fuss is about.

"No I'm not, I have spilled my share of Drow blood over the years, don't make me add yours to my collection! Listen, I have no clue what you know or what you've heard, but I need to know! Why were you ready to give up your life?"

"Um, hello there" Marrion remarked. "I hope i'm not interuppting anything" He scratched the back of his head. "I'm kinda new here, and i was looking for an inn"

01/24/2005 4:35 PM

James made his daily rounds around Dragon-Square Village, lending a hand to any villager that needed a bit of muscle. He smiled to himself as he came upon a familiar face, though his demeanor quickly changed.

"What is it Warren," he asked the fast approaching villager. Warren lifted his head to regard the militia captain.

"James, there's a strange man heading for the end. He threatened me James! Please, you must do something about it," Warren pleaded with James. James' features turned grim as he digested the news.

"Do not worry Warren, I will check it out," James said to the rattled man. Warren shook his head up and down at James' promise, for if James said it, that made it a promise to the villagers. James quickened his pace as he made his way towards the inn.

(OOC can we play villagers for small parts like the one above?)

01/24/2005 5:38 PM

"OOC: Ya, control any npc u want if ur characters interacting with him, such as a smithy, barkeep etc. :) )

Arundus looked at the newcomer, and then stared hard at Zha'linth and pointed a finger at him.

"This discussion is not over Zha'linth, either leave this village or meet me at the inn tonight, after my performance."

Arundus' grim face eased a little as he looked at the newcomer.

"Yes the inn is this way, follow"

Arundus led the man down a few short roads and then they came upon the Rosemary Inn.

"Here it is friend. You are new here?"

Arundus extended his hand.

"I'm Arundus, and you are?"

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01/24/2005 5:57 PM

Marrin extended his hand slowly, a broad smile on his face, yet that smile never seemed to touch is eyes. "I'm Marrin. I'm sort of a mercinary looking for work. But right now i just want a bath, a drink, and a bed." he commented uneasily.

"Hey, what was with that elven-like man, the Drow, i believe?" Marrin remarked, trying to remark casually, but it came out more serious then he intended. "I don't mean to offend or pry, but what has he done around here that seems to make him disliked?" Marrin figeted uneasily, clearly afraid of losing his only tie to this city. If it's one thing he learned in his past, it's picking fights hither-wilther is not a good thing. Especially someone who is upper in ranking than you.

Just then, he thought he heard something, and quickly pulled his right hand away from Arundus and to his sword's hilt.

01/24/2005 6:38 PM

"Don't jump, someone probably dropped something, the sound was nothing. This village has been at constant war with the drow, I have some.....memories from the battles that the drow man dug up....that's all I will say.....It's nothing really."

Arundus smiled

"Well, good-bye Marrin! I am putting on a show tonight here, if you want to come by and see it feel free."

Arundus bowed, and left to his home. He had to gather some other equipment for the show. He walked down the familiar roads of Dragonsquare until he found his home. As he went inside he picked up the needed instruments for the show: His flute, his cloak, and his harp. It wasn't much, but it was all he needed to make a living. Arundus gathered his items into a bundle and strapped them onto his back, he then carried it back to Rosemary. When inside he regarded the Innkeeper.

"Hello friend! I came by to set up for the show tonight, if it's not too early..."
Arundus said

"Ah, yes Arundus, right this way..."

The innskeeper pointed to a platform

"You know where to go."
The innskeeper replied

Arundus sat on the platform setting up the stage and practicing his acts.....

01/24/2005 6:51 PM

Marrin had always been a little on edge. Battle and combat from distant past had always haunted his present, and threatened his future. Orcs were one things, Drow were another. The soldier of fortune had fought just about every intelligence when it came to wars, but he had always believed, deep in his heart, he was fighting the good fight. He hated villany in all forms.

However, this Arundus guy seemed to eminate honesty, trust, and a willing to put the past behind him, but somehow Marrin knew something in this man's past had closed his mind. He also knew that haunted images never go away. Ever. As lightly as he tried to pass the remark by, Marrin knew something bad had happened to this town. He made a mental note to ask the barkeep about it, as he slowly drew his hand away from the blade, and started to relax.

Just then, the noise came back, a lot closer. It sounded like chain mail, but it was still a distance away. Still, taking no caution, the mercinary drew his blade and retreated from the Rosemary into the confusing streets, heading what he hoped was a clear road, and hoping no one would spot him. After traversing a few streets, and still hearing that noise, he realized that was an unlikely goal.

Sword in hand, he turned to face this adversary.

01/24/2005 7:08 PM

James had returned to his home shortly after his confrontation with the villager, it appeared he would need his chain mail and sword after all. A look of remorse had crossed his face as he stared at himself in the mirror, black and silver armor shining brightly from the constant polishing and his long sword. The sword was nothing much, more of a keepsake than anything else. He slowly walked out of his house and down the street towards the Rosemary.

As he turned the corner he noticed the strange man, obviously the one the villager had warned him about he called ran to catch up with him.

"Pardon me good sir, I have received complaint that you have been harassing some of the local citizens. If you do not state your business in Dragon-Square at once, I am afraid I will be forced to arrest you and take you in for questioning," James calmly called to the man, hands resting unthreateningly on his hips.

01/25/2005 5:21 AM

Marrin turned around slowly, trying to show he was not dangerous. Sort of challenging with a sword in your hand, and looking like he did. He smiled politely and explained: "I'm sorry if any of the people I talked to got that impression. I was trying to look for a way to the inn. I got lost, and spent the past few minutes wandering aimlessly about in a failed attempt to get someone who I thought was trying to kill me off my back. But it must have been my imagination."

Marrin Quickly sheathed his sword and lifted his hands into the air, then noticed something. This guy was Mr. Armor. "Oh, um, I appeared to have gotten myself lost again. Could you possibly point me in the right dircetion?" He asked distractedly, looking for a weak point.

Great. He hasn't been in this town for a full day yet, and already he was going to get killed. What a glorious end to a wonderful day. But, this guy might not be hostile, Marrin thought to himself. Right now, he just waited for this guy's response.

01/25/2005 3:37 PM

"Well, seeing as our villager wasn't injured, I suppose your story can be trusted," he replied skeptically, sheathing his long sword. "Now, if you seek the Rosemary Inn then I suggest you follow me, I also have an appointment with a colleague there," he said before turning off for the inn.

"Oh, I'm James," he remarked as they neared the inn. "I am the keeper of the peace in this fair town that you see before you. Though I must admit, today has been unusually busy," he said, looking back and nodding to the warrior before continuing on.

"I believe you will be in for a special treat tonight, the village musician is scheduled to perform," he said as they entered the tavern, turning back long enough to flash a friendly smile Marrin's way.

01/25/2005 4:31 PM

Arundus plucked a few of his harp strings to make sure they were working, he didn't want any unexpected accidents during his performance. He leaned forward to see outside, it was nearing dark, almost time to begin. Arundus didn't see Zha'linth yet, maybe he fled the village...but if he didn't Arundus would make sure to set him straight.
Arundus sat down his harp when he was sure it was working, and picked up his flute, gave a few test blow and played a short string of different tones. It sounded as beautiful as it always did.

The barkeep smiled

"It's almost time to start Arundus!"

Arundus returned his beam, but thinking of Zha'linth couldn't stretch his smile quite as far.

"Ok, almost ready...."

Arundus practiced a few songs he was to play, only parts, he didn't want to ruin the performance for the people already in the inn. When dark finally came he still didn't see Zha'linth....they needed to set some things straight, especially if Zha'linth was to stay....

"Ok, I'll start now everyone."

The barkeep replied with a nod, and a wave of low clapping arose in all in the inn. Arundus propped up his harp, and began to play a soothing melody to start them off.....it was called "The Last Tune"...........

01/25/2005 4:55 PM

Marrin quickly followed James. After entering the inn, he reconized the song's origin. It was the same man who Marrin had run into, Arundus. He had already forgoten the singer was going to perform here tonight! That encounter must have scared him a little more than he thought... suddenly, Marrin's eyes went blank

Marrin raised his sword to parry the black mage knight's sword. Releasing a frustrated growl, the half human-orc thing quickly launched a fireball at his opponent. Fortunatly He heard his chain mail sound like it was moving impossibly fast, and was quick enough to launch a counter-shield in response. It barely made it in time. The fireball was parted and Marrin quickly launched his hilt up into the opponent's face. However, he Orc-man quickly used a paralizing coil around his hand. Marrin's sword slipped out of his useless fingers. He was defenseless, his other hand cradling the left, trying to bring it back to life. Suddenly, the mage-knight released a death growl as a sword slided through his chest. He looked down at it, and fell limp, behind him stood what these people refer to as a Drow......

Marrin shuttered. These day-mares plauged him every now and then. Marrin manuvered his way to the barkeep. He needed a drink.

01/25/2005 6:03 PM

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Zha'linth kicked the door of the Rosemary Inn open. He was now wearing a dark cloak (which he had found close to the back alley). Any who saw him enter would have doubted there was human blood in his heart. He was wearing a smile that made many patrons of the inn shudder. He seemed to be cloaked darkness, come right out of the Abyss. As he entered, a gust of wind folowed him and made the flames in candles and oil-lamps shiver and almost die out.
He saw Arundus playing his harp up in a stage that had been set up after his morning visit. Zha'linth ignored his hunger and forced himself to exclaim:
"Hear me Arundus! For I, am Shakar. I raped your sister and then killed her and her son! Attack me if you will! Any of you!" he lied. First he had been eager to end the hollow that was dug into his heart when he learned of his father's story. But now... there was something driving him. A madness that came from his heart.
As the wind returned to leave the inn, his cloak flew back and it was plain to view that his body, his chest and face were covered with dark symbols. The marks of the drow.

01/25/2005 6:20 PM

Fear and anger gripped Arundus' heart as his harp fell to the floor....

"No....but.....your dead....."

Arundus looked down at his quarterstaff, the same one he used to kill Shakar.....but now he was reborn???

Arundus bent over with shaking hands to pick his staff up and with wobbling knees stood up.

"You son of a b****! I hate you, you f****** drow. Burn in h***, burn you!!"

All eyes in the inn were on the scene, but Arundus' teary eyes were on the drow. Arundus charged at him and flicked his quarterstaff up into Shakar's chest and he fell to the floor. Arundus pointed the staff closely to his neck.

"How are you still alive, first your alive in my dreams, so many horrible dreams....., now your back! D*** you! How, how are you back? I killed you! Son of a b****, you will pay once and for all, do you have any last words?"
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01/25/2005 6:43 PM

James looked at the scene unfold around him. He saw Arundus charge the drow, knocking him down with his quarterstaff. James held back the urge to stop the man right there, knowing that Arundus had to do this.

"Please, do not shed blood in my town Arundus. No matter how well I know you, please, do not do this. I feel your anger friend, but is this truly what you wish. I have tasted the bitter-sweet taste of revenge, I have seen the eyes of my hated enemy as my sword drove through his chest, and I ask you; can you truly do this, is this indeed what you want?"

01/25/2005 6:48 PM

Marrin saw the action out of the corner of his eye. "Great, now I'm not going to be able to drink" He muttered to himself as he turned away from the barkeep. He did two things simultaneously-he retreved his sword, and used his battle-honed reflexes and muscles to move faster.
However, he was a long way off, he was almost at the other side of the inn.

The second thing he did was to remove his sword from his hilt. He had no intentions on killing either of the two combatants, but using the flat of the blade could be a useful weapon. And great to knock that quaterstaff away from the drow. Better idea was to use a mug of ale. Shouting "Sorry!" Marrin picked up one of the mugs of ale and hurled it at the quarterstaff, right between the hand of Arundus and the strange Drow. Hopefully, it wouldn't kill anyone, Marrin was not a very good throw.

01/25/2005 6:48 PM

Arundus eased his grip on his quarterstaff, and backed off a few paces.

"Yes James, this is exactly what I want! Yet I know, every man has his limits, you are lucky this man has spoken up for you today, you dirty drow!"

Arundus picked the drow up by the collar, and shoved him in front of James.

"Thank this man, worship him! He has spared your blood, treat him like god! But remember this, even god can't spare you from your dirty drow blood!"

Arundus walked out of the inn, slamming the doors, he then walked out of town to the river, the same one that his sister drowned herself in and he wept.

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01/25/2005 6:52 PM

Whoops! Marrin's shot did miss, everyone moved before he could do anything!! But, thankfully, it shattered against the back wall of the inn.

Freezing in midstep, Marrin turned very pale, then very red. "uhh..sorry?" Marrin muttered, looking a little ashamed.

01/26/2005 3:33 PM

"Hey!" From behind Marrin a giant of a man stood up. His medium length black hair tied into a ponytail and his green eyes stared down right through Marrin. The giant walked up to Marrin and said, "You threw my beer...."

01/26/2005 8:25 PM

"Barkeep, fetch this man another beer. Put it on my tab," James called out before exiting the Rosemary Tavern. He knew of only one place that Arundus could be and set off for it immediatly.

He came to the river to hear a bit of sniffeling, yelling, and a bit of cursing. It had to be Arundus.

"Arundus," James called out calmly. "Do you wish to talk about this," he walked over to the musician, sitting on a rock near the river, almost directly in front of Arundus. James look was sorrowfull as he regarded his friend, a look of regret mixed with sadness crossing his face as he studied Arundus, meeting the man eye-to-eye.

01/27/2005 10:27 AM

Arundus looked into James' eyes and forced a smile.

"James... Do you remember that time? When a bear got loose in the village, and we slew it, hah, its head still hangs in the tavern.... I can remember it first charged at my sister, Mary, I thrust my quarterstaff into it's side before it could reach her... After the bear was dead I promised her that I would always protect her.... Always"

Arundus stood up, tears forming a steady stream across his face.

"But I didn't always protect her! I didn't! I broke my promise, and that dirty drow broke her virginity! James... Was that really him? Was it really Shakar?"

01/27/2005 2:59 PM

James regarded the sobbing man, remembering the all too real pain of life.

"Shakar? Arundus, by your own hand Shakar was felled. Surly it can not be," James paused a moment, remembering the drow assault on Dragon-Square. "Arundus, it seems that you have let your emotions get the best of you. I feel your pain Arundus, for the day your sister died, I lost a very good friend. In fact, sometimes I believe that I lost two very good friends. I have watched you wallow in your regret for the past few years, and I tell you, as a friend and as someone who has seen it firsthand, let go. I do not believe your dear sister would want you living the rest of your days out as a bitter old man just because you blamed yourself for her death," he looked at Arundus, hoping his words would some how help the troubled man.

01/27/2005 3:13 PM

Arundus sighed

"James do you remember? Mary used to play her piano everynight, so that the whole village could hear, her music was so beautiful.... You know, she told me once, that she wanted the whole world to hear her music, she had such big dreams...."

Arundus placed his hand on James' shoulder

"I ask myself everyday, how do I live on? As I will continue to do for the rest of my life. But I thank you for this talk, I do not blame myself anymore, but that does not ease the pain. I was so blind with fury back there, I actually believed Zha'linth was Shakar.... Good-Bye James, and if you see Zha'linth tell him that Hell has a spot reserved for him and that when I see my Mary in the afterlife, I will be looking down at him laughing."

Arundus walked away back to his house, and lay down on his bed to rest.....

01/27/2005 4:05 PM

James sat on the rock, listening to the gentle lopping of the river. His thoughts were set on Mary, whose music he had indeed loved to listen to. It was a sad day when she died, he remembered the whole village attending the funeral, each laying a flower on the grave and muttering a prayer for her young spirit. A tear fell down James cheek, and he quickly wiped it away with the back of his hand.

"There is no use living in the past," he said to himself, his voice full of pain and sorrow. Slowly James rose from the rock and stretched. He supposed he would be needed back at the Rosemary, he needed to keep an eye on the other new arrival. There was something about the warrior that gave James an odd feeling he could not place.

01/27/2005 4:16 PM

The barkeep hurriedly gave the man a beer but, the man knocked the beer away. The man looked down at Marrin with savage eyes. "You threw my beer.... I'll kill you!" The man was obviously drunk so his movement was sluggish.

Sitting very close to the scene, the blacksmith of the village stood up and the man stopped. The blacksmith stared at the man with hazel eyes and ran a large hand through his short red hair. The blacksmith was even bigger than the green eyed man and calmly walked over to him. "Now you wouldn't be trying to cause trouble, now would you friend?"

The man said, "Eric.... he threw my beer. He must pay."

Eric the blacksmith said, "Well I guess that’s true but, you'll have to get through me to get to him." Eric then placed his hand on the villager. "Now sit back down and we'll get you another beer."

The man sat back down and scowled at Marrin. That scowl said, "Your lucky today." Then he returned to drinking and talking with his buddies.

Eric turned to face Marrin, though he was looking down. "Come now and sit with me, drinks are on me."

01/27/2005 5:41 PM

Marrin looked around, and sighed. Right now, he just wanted to get drunk, and stew in his misery...Ah well. probably wasn't that healthy to do that anyway. So he quickly sat down, and made introductions. "Hello, i'm Marrin. I'm sorry i threw your beer. You see, i was kinda desprite, I thought that Arundus guy was gunna kill that drow. Can i pay you back?"

Marrin noticed the size of this guy as he sat down. He was huge. So was that blacksmith guy...Eric? Apparently a local, but with that later...Marrin had already been through enough today. Now, he just wanted this day to end.

01/27/2005 5:50 PM

"Well met Eric," James called out to the blacksmith as he made his way towards the table. Upon arrival, he clasped the burly man on the shoulder and pulled up a chair.

"An ale please," he called out to the waitress, then turned back to regard his table, and for the first time noticed that he was sharing the table with the recently arrived warrior.

"Well met," he said to the stranger. "It seems I do not know your name, I am James," he stated, offering his hand to the warrior.

01/28/2005 8:02 AM

"Ah, hello James. I'm Marrin." He said. Marrin tried to make it come out as politely as he could. But he had to admit, he was getting irritable. Hell, what were they doing out there, brewing the goddamn beer!?! "Thank you for getting me here earlier. I'm truly sorry about what happened earlier, with that villager."Marrin said politely again

"Come on..come on...Yes!" Marrin muttered as he saw the waitress come out again, this time carrying his beer, along with everyone else's. After taking a long, deep gulp, he sighed and tried to get into the coversation.

Now that one of this to-do list was completed. Marrin felt almost overjoyed, and was willing to answer any questions.

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01/28/2005 5:19 PM

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BIC: “Ah James! So good of you to join us,” Eric said as James sat down. “So Marrin, why do you come to Dragon-Square?” He said as he sipped on his ale. “We haven’t had travelers pass through here in quite awhile.”

01/28/2005 6:02 PM

Marrin looked around him...

Marrin looked around the battlefield. There were bodies everywhere. Suddenly, a large troll got up behind him...

"...Ah, looking for work." Marrin said, looking around him nerviously. Hopefully, no one had noticed his episode. "I used to be a hero. Far away though, probably never heard of it. Anyway, i have in my possesion a few magical scrolls, and I am skilled in the way of the sword." Marrin stated leeringly, the alcohol already starting to affect him. Fortunatly, Marrin was also skilled in drinking, and this was as usually as far as it got. Nonetheless, he should still cut it back, two episodes in one day? Alcohol usually never helped with that.

"Ah, now, What is your profession, stranger?" He stated politly in Eric's direction.

01/29/2005 7:10 PM

James sat back in his chair, sipping his ale as the two men in front of him continued their conversation.

"Eric is our blacksmith, and a might good one at that. And as for me, I am the militia captain, and basically provide all of the defense for this small, humble town."

"I will see you tomorrow," he said as he rose from his chair, turning his head to regard Eric, then looking back to Marrin. "As for you, I would like to hear of your past. Seeing how you were military, as was I, it greatly intrigues me," he said to Marrin before turning to leave.

"Good night everyone," he called to all of the occupants of the Rosemary before heading home.

01/29/2005 7:23 PM

Marrin raised his hand along with the rest of the inn and joined in with thier chorus. "So a blacksmith, eh?" Marrin remarked to Eric.

What's your specialty, swords, axes, bows, bowheads, and what of infusing magiks with your items? That's a hefty task. Saw a man try it once. However, he wasn't very good, and nearly blew his head off." Marrin chuckled, and thought back to that day. "Aye, would be dead if i wasn't close by. But enough about me, so what's your specialty?"

01/30/2005 11:25 AM

Zha'linth lay there on the floor wide-eyed looking at the cieling. He had claimed to raping Arundus' sister, and he had spared him! The hollow inside of him didn't disappear; instead of ending things, he had made them worse. He rose, furious tears running down his cheeks. Everyone stared at him, but he didn't notice, too focused on inner turmoil. The cloak spread behind him, revealing the marks gone, except for the one on his back. He walked out of the inn. Then, he raised his arms to the heavens and bellowed, "I see you won't permit my death under any circumstances! I don't know what evils I did in my forgotten past to deserve this pain, but I refuse to play your pawn!" With this he turned and walked out of town towards the forest.

02/06/2005 4:13 PM

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Zha'linth walked slowly looking up at the sky, and at the moon flicker between the branches of the trees. He had so many feelings inside of him he decided to simply ignore them, until one of them annoingly poked him in the ribs and legs; he was extremely hungry and tired. He stopped and he could see no where to rest, so he went over to a large oak that looked somewhat welcoming and climbed on top. He sat on a thick branch, looking up at the stars. He could have sworn that past the darkness behind the twinkling lights, he could see her... He dozed off into welcoming sleep.

He was standing in front of her again, her poisoning smile glared at him again. He could hear the words now.
"...I'll leave you with nothing more than your pathetic principles and morals." She came closer. He kneeled there, on the floor of the accursed temple, helpless against the truth. She put her slender finger under his chin and led his lips to her's. "Maybe I'll leave you with this memory..."

Zha'linth woke up again, breathing heavily.

02/07/2005 9:34 PM

"Well I do all kinds of blacksmithing. I make weapons along with horshoes, among many other things." Eric said as he sipped on his drink.

"Infusing eh? I've done that before. Though it has been awhile. I usually would never do that but that changed, once the orcs started to attack. I do it away from the village too, incase I ever screw up. That way no one but me gets hurt."

His thoughts then started to dwell on the past as he drank.

02/07/2005 9:47 PM

Bor'alis was a seasoned fighter, evidently as he was a mercenary. He was born from a northern province and lived in arctic chill most of his life, up until he was first hired. He was used to traveling many miles by foot, for a measly wage. He endured harsh weather of both extremes. He was tired and decided to relax for a while, as he ached for some entertainment.

02/07/2005 9:47 PM

Bor'alis was a seasoned fighter, evidently as he was a mercenary. He was born from a northern province and lived in arctic chill most of his life, up until he was first hired. He was used to traveling many miles by foot, for a measly wage. He endured harsh weather of both extremes. He was tired and decided to relax for a while, as he ached for some entertainment.

02/08/2005 1:03 PM

"Aye, and interesting life you lead, Eric." Suddenly he saw the preoccupied look upon his new acquaintance's face.

He was about to mention it, but just then the door opened. He looked at the opening door with a face of curiousity. Would he know this person? Or would this be another mysterious local? *Hmm, it wouldn't be interesting if it was another outsider?* Roy thought to himself. He did feel kind of lonely being the only person who didn't know what the town had decided to keep to himself. Or he could just ask Eric. In a mild shock, Roy suddenly realized this was his first time having the opportunity to ask about what is so screwed up about this town.

"Hey, Eric?" Roy asked. He was sorrowful for desturbing the man's troubled solstace, but he needed answers and this could be his only time to get them. "What's up with this town and it's past?"

02/08/2005 1:56 PM

Eric didn’t notice the new arrival, nor did he care. Eric then looked at Marrin and said, “It began back when all of Carashan was under attack of the Drow and Orcish tribes. Though unlike the other villages, we fought back. You see Shakar, a might Drow warrior, kidnapped a woman from Dragonsquare. That woman was Mary Seville, Arundus’ sister, and we all felt the pain of loosing her inside of our hearts.”

He stopped for a minute, trying not to remember their loss. “After that, Shakar came back with many Drow and Orcs. He told us to lay down our weapons and surrender our land. We refused for our pain and anger motivated us to fight. We battled for what seemed like days on end, neither side giving up. Till we started to push them back.”

He was saying this as he played the battle out in his mind. “Soon there was only a few left, Shakar was among those few but he persisted to try and take DragonSquare. Arundus battled Shakar and killed him, we had won the battle. Arundus, James, and I were among the few left standing at the end of it all.”

He took a drink of his ale. “Though I don’t believe we have yet seen the last of those Drow and Orcs, they’ll be back. And next time, they’ll meet me and my War hammer blocking their path.” Eric said as he tightened his grip on his ale.

02/08/2005 2:16 PM

Marrin listened attentivly. This seemed...strange. The Drow he had faught with weren't like these types of Drow. Maybe they were a different religion?

nonetheless, he knew they were going to be a problem. All of the elf-like creatures he had run across were intelligent and cunning warriors. He knew any organized group of them would more than likely win against a town like this especially with orcs. Then again, they wouldn't have had Marrin, so...

Marrin was in no way arrogant of his battle prowness. Others thought him better than what he believed, actually. But few he had faught with knew other mercinaries. To be a merc, you need to be better than the best. And so Marrin was, and he made sure of it. If they had a few more merc's in this town, that war would have had a totally different outcome.

"Aye, and they will have my sword." Marrin stated. He had always believed in the just cause, and even money was not an issue this time 'round. "Of course, i'm going to need a place to sleep and food to eat, but besides that i'll do this one for free."

now that that was taking care of, he needed to reason with the town about that other Drow. He seemed to be mixed up in this mess accidentally. If he was involved with the coming war...

Marrin first needed to met the Drow, alone. "Now, if you will excuse me, i must depart. I will be back later. Think about my offer, will you?" Marrin stated while winking, flicking a small coin of gold onto the table. It should cover his drink if the blacksmith decided against his bargain. on his way out, he passed by the other man. A seasoned fighter, however, Marrin had not seen this man in the village before. Strange... but nothing he had to deal with right now. And with that, Marrin left the inn, taking to the streets in search of the Drow.

02/11/2005 6:38 PM

Nevika slowly walked into the local blacksmith's shop. She was a tall, dark woman with a dark purple hooded cloak concealing her face. Without saying a word she placed a bag of gold onto the closest surface and slowly lifted her hands to remove the cloak from her face. She rolled the hood down, to reveal a beautiful woman with dark eyes and long dark hair.

Nevika spoke suddenly and curtly, "I'd like to know if you are competent enough to make me a silver staff, a staff that would have a very detailed amount of work going into it." She stopped long enough to look around the shop and cringe at what she saw, and continued speaking.

"I ask on account of my impatience, and if you can't I will go elsewhere."

02/13/2005 2:37 PM

Zha'linth looked around, half-expecting to see her dark beatiful face. He leaned against the tree trunk and looked up at the sky. His breathing slowed and his heart calmed, but the memory burned in his mind. Instead of trying to forget it (which it wouldn't do anyways), he analysed it. It was the only link he had to his past, as much as he hated it he also cherished it. Finally, he started drowning in sleep under the glowing moon. He felt the gentle light on his face, smelt the dry scent of the trees and leaves, heard the rustle of leaves...
The rustle of leaves! He sat up in a start. His face moved frantically from one side to the other. He was being watched by someone.

(OOC: Feel free to be that person!)

02/15/2005 6:26 PM

Marrin stepped into full view. "Sorry, had to check which side you were on." He apologized. His real intentions were so he didn't disturb the quiet Drow.

"You know, where i come from, humans and Drow work together." Marrin opened up. Right now he just wanted to make sure he and this man were on the same side. "So many people against you, and yet you aren't evil at heart." Finishing his words, Marrin took a seat. "Tell me what happened to you, stranger. Maybe I can help."

02/19/2005 7:38 PM

Surprised by the welcoming attitude of the stranger, Zha'linth stared at the man. With dexterity, he jumped off the branch and landed perfectly on the floor. He had a suspicious look in his eyes. His old habits were starting to come back...
"Who are you?" asked Zha'inth in wonder.

02/20/2005 5:39 PM

"Me?" Marrin stated stunned. He had seen how the Drow faught back in his land, but the agility and grace shown by these people always caught him off guard. "I'm Marrin, a Palidin, or sort of..." it had been a while since he had done anything for The Way. He still believed in the holy order but he had taken a sort of, vacation, to set his life out straight.

"And you are?" Marrin asked, smile spilling from his lips.

02/21/2005 7:03 PM

"Now, why would a paladin want to help or even speak to a drow?" he said with a smile to scan the man's reaction. "Well, my name is, I believe, Zha'linth. You wish to know about my past; if only I knew more than what happened to me before this morning. Well, I might as well tell you, friend . I hope you have a handful of minutes." So, Zha'linth retold what he knew about his father, and what had occured to him in that extremely eventful day. "You see, I remember nothing except for what happened to me today, and I am inadequately trained for... the world. Maybe you can be of some assistance to me in that." he finished with a grin.

02/22/2005 12:14 PM

Marrin kept the grin upon his face. "Gladly. First of all, though, you need to understand that what happened with your father was not of your doing. I have seen a man unravel under like thoughts, Zha'linth." He sat down, motioning for Zha'lith to do likewise. "Now, about these people... This may sound unreasonable, but to go unnoticed, you need to blend in. Before going into combat, one must analize one's enemies. To do this, you need spies. The best spy is a person of the enemy's city. What i am trying to say is, you're off to a bad start. People will always reconize you as the enemy, and will always judge you as so."

"Grow accostomed to one's ways..." Marrin said with a devious smile, "Become a familair face, and you will have the upper hand. Do you know what I am suggesting you do?" Marrin asked.

02/22/2005 10:50 PM

Zha'linth's face became suddenly stern. "I'd rather stand, friend . Your words give me the idea that you seem to think me a spy." he sputtered sarcastically, "If that's what you're incinuating, I seem to have found the wrong man." he finished between gritted teeth and poisonous eyes.

02/23/2005 2:21 PM

Marrin couldn't help smiling. "Nonsense friend. All I am saying, is to fit in, you must become the very things that oppose you." Marrin rubbed his chin and decided to finalize his opinions on what these people refer to as the Drow. "A long time ago, a Elf saved my life on the battle field. It may be far from here, but in my personal belief anybody who has some relation to those people cannot be evil. even if the Drow here changed sides, I have found that it could not be done just to smite the people of this village. But then, those are my personal beliefs. Come, let's get a drink. Usually, it works the other way around, but maybe the beverages might help you regain some of your memories. The choice is yours."

Without waiting for a response from Zha'linth, Marrin got up and started walking to the bar.

02/23/2005 7:37 PM

"Wait! There's something - else. This may not make sense to you according to what I just told you, but there's... something I have to do. There's this man, Indar Elghin, I - I'm suppoused to kill him." he said awkwardly, a bit confused by his own reasons.

02/24/2005 9:41 AM

Marrin turned at the torso and neck to Zha'linth and stared at him quizzically. "Well, I guess I can help you there. I am a fighter after all. Although some type of explination would help." After a second he caught what the other man was trying to suggest. "Ah, well then, let it not hamper our speed, the Inn becons." And with that, turned back and started walking again.

Odd, how would this man know who to kill without his memory? Marrin was very good at judging when people are lying and decietful, and this man was honest. But this is a worry for another time. Marrin continued walking to the Inn.

02/24/2005 6:30 PM

Zha'linth walked insecurely. He had just realized what kind of reaction the people of Dragon-Square Village were gonna have to his scene in the inn. He let the cowl of his dark cloak cover his face.
As he walked he called out to Marrin, "Sir, sorry, but I don't have any clothes, food, or money. Help me, lest I become a beggar." he said sarcastically. "Oh, I forgot. What's your name?"

02/25/2005 12:16 PM

"My name's Marrin" He said to the Drow, not even bothering to look back. This next part was going to be tricky. After the Inn came into sight, he swiftly turned on his heels and started whispering to Zha'linth. "Here's the plan, I'm going to go in and get my key, and then I want you to find the room I'm in. You'll know it's mine because I'll dangle this from the window-" And showed him a red cloth "-and then I'll help you up. You will need to give me a few minutes, about five. Until then, stay in the shadows."

"After about five minutes" Marrin continued to instruct Zha'linth, "You start circling the building. Understand?"

02/26/2005 1:20 AM

"Yeah," said Zha'linth. He was thankful he wouldn't have to make another entrance in the Inn.
His mind had already began to swim with questions again, but most recent was "Why is this man helping me?" At the first sight of him, he had been ready for a fight, but the man's reaction had been completely different. Why? It probably had something to do with what the man said, something about Drow and humans working together where he came from.

02/26/2005 9:32 AM

Marrin pretended to stumble into the bar, in a drunken stupor. "H-H-Hey budddy, c-c-cand I have the key?" Marrin asked the barkeeper, stumbling to the man. Amost in disgust, the barkeep though the keys at Marrin, and catching them swifty, dissapeared upstairs. bet that messed with his head he chuckled.

Finding his appartment, Marrin entered and opened the window. After a second of confusion, he realized that people were hanging up thier laundry- and almost everyone had a piece of red cloth somewhere on thier clothsline outside thier window. Time for plan B Marrin's inner voice chimed, and he started to unsheath his sword.

02/26/2005 2:15 PM

Zha'linth had gone around the Inn a couple of times. Between the laundry hanging from the windows, he couldn't see the specific red cloth. He doubted he'd be able to find it, but still he looked up at the windows, looking for one that had nothing but a red cloth. Then, he heard some voices, " Probably some drunks, " he told himself. But, just in case, he put his back against the wall and cautiously moved towards the edge where the two walls met.

02/26/2005 2:30 PM

Marrin had spotted Zha'linth at least twice circling. Marrin was busy trying to construct a ladder, and as soon as he had finished the Drow was nowhere to be seen! His only hope was that the Drow was ok...

Lifting his new spear up, He let the orc impale himself upon the edge. Battle and fires were everywhere. Marrin turned around to help his bredthren, and tripped upon a body. As the body turned, he realized with a dread it was the same warrior that had saved his live. And what had he done to aid this fallen comrade? Nothing. Marrin let the soldier die, right next to him. Suddenly-

Marin shuddered. He knew the rest. He had been it in the back by a club, and would have died had not the calvary arrived. If it had been a minute later...

Marrin slid the ladder down, and just hoped Zha'linth came up. While he was waiting, he began to unpack.

02/28/2005 12:23 AM

It really was no more than a drunk, a drunk guard. Zha'linth looked around desperately for some signal of Marin.
"Aye, tha's what I said to 'im!" said the drunken guard, as he approached the wall that hid Zha'linth. Having grown hopeless, Zha'linth simply tried to blend in with the shadows of the night (which he could do aptly, because of his previous vocation). Suddenly, he saw something fall down, a few feet away, from a window above. Puzzled at first, it took him a few seconds to recognize the ladder for what it was. Without caring if it had really been Marin who threw him such an aid, he threw himself on it and quickly started to climb.

02/28/2005 3:01 PM

Marrin had barely removed the top cover of his travellers pack when Zha'linth burst into the room. "Aye, what happened out there?" And seeing the Drow looked a little bit worn, decided not to press the matter. "Stay here, I'm going to get us a few drinks." And with that, left the room to Zha'linth.

As he decended the stairs, he had a sudden confusing feeling of foreboding, as if someone was trying to get past him... But Marrin decided it was nothing more than the wind. And if it was more than that, he was an expert fighter on all planes. Death did not scare him, and so those rank with it did little to frighten him. Nonetheless, Marrin kept an eye out for trouble. Maybe this town's disturbed past was fighting it's way to the surface. Whatever the case, Marrin would talk to Zha'linth about it.

03/01/2005 4:36 PM

Hungry and tired, Zha'linth slid to the floor, leaning his back against the wall. He sat, below the window, waiting for Marrin to bring the promised drinks. He could use a few drinks, but he was so very tired.
He threw his head back and closed his eyes. He sighed, amazed at how psychologically tiring the day had been. His mind, exhausted wandered aimlessly. Suddenly, he remembered the pendant that hung around his neck. He wondered...

03/02/2005 12:09 PM

Marrin walked up to the obviously distraught barkeep, who appearently saw this man's drunken state disappear within minutes. "Ah, hello, I'll take two ales and the strongest thing you have." Marrins request turned the already pale profile into whiter than a ghost- the same drunk was asking for the strongest drink! Flipping down a gold coin, Marrin gave a threating look at the man. Instantly, he was gone.

A few minutes later, the bartender came back, and Marrin was on his way back up the stairs.

03/03/2005 11:48 PM

Zha'linth was staring at his pendant, when he saw Marrin come back, holding two foamy mugs of ale. He stood up half-heartedly, and walked over to Marrin. He licked his lips, imagining the taste of the rich drink. He muttered thanks as he took one of the mugs. He walked back against the wall.
"I want to know, why are you so intent on helping me? No offense, but you don't look exactly like the kind of man who's only motive is a random act of kindness. Don't misunderstand me, I appreciate your help, but why would you help a stinkin' drow ?"

He'd find out the man's real intentions later, if what the old woman had said about his pendant was true. But he wanted to give the man a chance for honesty.

03/08/2005 12:03 PM

Seri sat down watching the two men from a distance her black hair back in a pony tail ,She raised her mug of ale and took a sip from it. She moved the hailbird on her back so it was wedged up against the seat behind her. She straightened her red shirt and leather red mini skirt. Then She watched the two in silence. She wore knee high black leather boots, and a choker around her neck with runes and symbols on it. She sighed and continued to watch them out of boredomness.

03/09/2005 3:12 PM

"I used to fight with the ones you call the Drow." Marrin sighed. "It was a long time ago, and though you two looked different, I couldn't help but to remember one who gave his life for me." and the fact you couldn't repay him the favor says nothing, correct? his inner voice chimed in. Sighing once more, Marrin took a seat on the bed and started to sip at his ale, hoping to leave it at that.

His eyes flared when he saw the pendant. pointing at it, he asked, "What type of pendant is that?"

03/09/2005 5:07 PM

At the mention of his pendant, Zha'linth looked down at it as it hung lonely on his neck. He held it between his thumb and his finger.
"Eh... It's - got a sentimental value," he guessed. Little did he know, that he had guessed fairly well. As soon as he thought about this, the fire returned to his mind, burning it like molten metal. Yes, the headaches came back worse than ever. His hands clamped the sides of his head as he screamed silently (for no voice escaped his mouth). His surroundings blurred, because of the tears in his eyes and the daze in his head. And the memories, the memories came and went. He tried to hold them but they escaped his grip, only to flash again in his head. One came clear in his mind, a whispering voice, his father's name: "Shakar Elghin" it said, like the soft howl of the wind.
He opened his tearful eyes, breathing heavily, and gave Marrin a look of desperation. "I need rest." he murmured in a weak voice.

03/13/2005 5:54 PM

"Right, right." Marrin whispered, hopping off the bed. He would not find rest tonight, but maybe tomorrow will be better... Finishing off his mug, he blew out the candle illuminating the small room and said "G'nite" right before leaving the room.

After shutting the door quietly, Marrin headed downstairs and went back to the bar, hoping to find a good drink that would hold him over.

03/15/2005 2:48 PM

Athos who had just entered the bar, examined everyone unwary of the all the human strangers. "Oh! Excuse me.", he said as he bumped into a man who was coming down the stairs. "I apologize let me buy you a drink sir." exlaimed Athos as he examined him.

03/15/2005 3:00 PM

"Um, no, thanks." Marrin said. A beer for bumping into someone? That was awfully nice. "Come on, stranger. Forget the beer, it's not a problem." Gesturing towards the bar, Marrin started walking to it. While walking, he spoke, "So, where do you come from? I'm new here myself, and I just met a man a few minutes ago. he was in worse shape than either of us." Marrin had decided to conceal the Drow's identity until he knew this man better.

03/15/2005 3:32 PM

" The north" he replied, he found this man to be quite respectful suprisingly uncommon among the humans,[ I wonder if I should be bold enough to tell him I am not completly human], he thought as he knew only good could come of this...

03/16/2005 11:58 AM

"North eh?" Marrin said as he sat down. wonder where that milita captain is? he thought irratably. He guestured the other man to take a seat. "Like I said, I'm new here, but I'll tell you what I do know. Some time ago this village was attacked by a band of orcs. With the help of the Drow, they managed to fight off the incoming orcs. Then something happened, and the Drow turned against the humans. Anyway, that's about as much as i can tell you, uhh..."

He had never learned the man's name! How embarrasing! "Er, I forgot to ask you, what is your name?"

03/16/2005 1:21 PM

"I am sorry too, my name is Athos Calibur, but you can just call me Athos." said the wolfen anthro. "So, is there anything I can do for your friend I am a adept healer, um sorta. At least where I come from I am?","So what is yours?"

03/18/2005 2:49 PM

"Well, Athos, I used to be an exceptional fighter where I come from. An ancient war hero, one who no one appears to reconize here. I hail from a far distance away." Marrin lifted his hand to signal the bartender.

"I'll have a mug of ale." And looking at Athos, asked "What do you want to drink? I'd recommend something light; getting wasted and picking fights with inanimite objects isn't a really good first impression." Marrin chuckled at that, still looking at Calibur for his request.

03/18/2005 4:49 PM

"Well" he laugh, "I started out going to by you a drink but I guess your just to convincing". "I guess I'll have an ale as well." he said motioning to the bartender.
As the man brought Athos and Marrin their drinks, Athos reflected the last time he had ever had a conversation with a human as nice as he.

"So what armies did you fight for?" he said taking a hardy chug of ale. "It is my understanding that there were many wars here in the southern-region." he added while finishing off his ale. "Bartkeep another pint" he said as he listened to what Marrin was telling him.

03/19/2005 10:35 AM

"Well, no one in peticular." Marrin said as he motioned to his empty glass as the bartender came back.

"Awhile ago I used to fight for a holy order of knights, but it's been some time since i've seen them. Right now I'm a wandering mercinary." Glancing over at Athos, Marrin said, "War here isn't as common as some people think. However, when it does occur, it tends to be large scale. Often, teams of mercinaries are called in for each side. One day you might be playing cards with your best pal, and the next instant you're killing eachother. But enough about me."

"If you need to find out more about this village, you might want to check in on the Milita Captain, he is knolegeable about this town. Anyway, he is a survivor of many battles, and usually we don't sleep."

03/19/2005 12:25 PM

Athos chuckled at what Marrin said. "Where is the milita captian right now?" Athos relpied " I heard of a veteran warrior living here he's partly why I traveled the this village.", Athos began to get situated to tell his story...

...seven candle marks must have past has he told Marrin about his Mom and Dad. While Marrin nodded in sympathy....

...Calibur glanced around looking for suspicious eyes as he started to explain.
"I come from the fartherest north, farther than any human can travel." he said his eyes widening, "Its is true I'm only half human but the other half is of Wolf Element." he said examining Marrins expressions for any hostilitys.

" But thats besides the point all my life our tribe has been living in secret but most recently your people have been getting a little um... adventerous and started expeditions to the north. We do have the power to sheild our village for seeking eyes but we cannont use theis power against magic. Anyone with the minds eye can see it and tat is what has happened." Athos rubbed his knuckles with anger and frustration.

"But we finally went to the closest village were humans were coming from to strike a deal to keep what they see to themselves in return we will protect them from the wars of the south. But we now face a foe we cannot defeat alone. In all our knowledge of the south we know that there was a rumor of a great leader that went into hiding after the wars. Now after all these years my people and the humans nust unite to defeat the...", he growled in a disgust; "Kryeed."

At that he stood up slowly and stared Marrin right in the eyes and said "...they are called Orcs in your tongue",

After that he he walked over to the window to stare into the mourning sky, "i would nver see a sun rise like this where I came from" he muttered.

03/20/2005 12:33 PM

Marrin looked over at Athos carefully. He had heard of inhuman mutations of summoning spells gone wrong, as well as other half breeds. The orcs were a foe if they were unorganized, but hardly a trifle for powers such as these people possessed. They must have a warchief, if you take off the head of any organization...

"Alright," Marrin muttered, "I can lead an expeditionary team consisting of battle hardened vetrans to take these Orcs out. If they lay south of this village, there gunna cut a burning swath straight though this area. If we can lead a pre-mature force and take the leader of this organization out, if there is one, and that will knock everything out of whack and they should disband. Then, they won't be a threat."

Marrin looked Arthos in the eye. "Right now, I want you to get that milita captain over here now. The faster we get this little problem resolved, the better. There should be some sign or indication, or look for a barracks." Marrin made a point in avoiding te fact if the Drow were leading the orcs, that would be bad. Very bad.

"I'll give you a half hour, if you're not back by then I will assume your lost, this place is.... Confusing. Anyway, the faster you get him, the better." Throwing a few gold coins down on the bar, he said "I have to go take care of some business." And with that, turned and started toward the stairs.

03/22/2005 1:30 PM

Athos agreed with what he said. It made sense, "I hope your milita captian is an early bird." he replied. "Excuse me barkeep", he interjected, " do you know where the milita captian lives."

"I suppose up by the old barracks." he said boringly. "But be warned he needs his morning drink or he'll get grouchy." the man ssaid as he nudge a strong glass of whiskey to Athos.

Athos took the drink and left, headed of to explain his and Marrins ploy to save his people.

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