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01/22/2005 3:55 PM

Roy lit up his maladi cigar, and inhaled deeply. Being on a space ship could be kinda boring, so Roy closed his eyes and let his mind wander. Thinking about the past. Roy had always been in the military, he always thought it would be like being a superhero: geting cool gagets, fighting bad guys, had having a superpowered space suit, and being able to do anything you wanted. However, he forgot the bad sides, like when corrupt men screwed over the decient working men and women under his command. Make no mistake, the military was a great place to be, just not with a man whose only objective is win money and medals.

It all happened on Omega 223, when a leutenant colonel named Chris Steeles decided to use a ballistic assault on the small, rebelling planet. However, his decision came back and bit him in the rear. Hard. Especially when most of your 35,000 army ground pounders end up dead.

When Steeles decided to unleash the 400 30 megaton missiles from is 20 stratigically placed, or 30 meters apart, space fleet, when the missiles were only supposed to be used as a backup for when there were no survivors, he didn't take in account what he thought was a bluff, that the rebels had threatened to use the same type of missiles back at him, in case of something "drastic", like trying to nuke the living crap out of everyone on that planet, but "avioding" fellow army troops.

After the rebel forces realized there were 400 self-aiming IBCM's heading straght for them, they panicked. And lauched a volley of thier own. Instantly, 10 ships were blown to hell, and the navy and crewmen dead. 5 of the remaining ships were damaged, 2 beond repair. Half of the rebel 14 missile fleet was aimed at the remaining army soldiers, and effectivly wiped out most of the men and women. The survivors had to deal with shorted out equipment, dwindling ammo supplies, militant rebels, and faulty LAN communications. What they had was a disaster.

By the time the remaining navy ships relized there were survivors, they sent out an evac. Survivor count? 53. Roy was among them.

Instead of giving the men medals, the army blamed them for the disaster, because of the fact that bolth the commander of the Op., Christopher Steeles, was dead, and the black boxes were fried beond reconition on the remaining ships.

The remaining survivors were demoted, some sent to the stockades, others dishonorably discharged, and everyone else sent to do the army's crapwork. Like, checking planet's hospitablilty.

"God", Roy said quietly to himself "sometimes it sucks to be me"

01/22/2005 4:41 PM

A thin man was sitting down at a table taking apart his guns and cleaning each and every part. He had been in the marines for three years and knew when they put Army and Marine on the same ship something was happening. he put the barrel back on his sniper rifle and stared down the scope. His head phones playing a very old cd that he got from his father who got it from his father before him and so on and so forth. He put his pistol back together and put it in the holster.
"Five years of training and this is what i get" he said to him self

01/22/2005 9:15 PM

He looked over at the man smoking the cigar "you'll kill us all with that thing you know" he said as he put his gear in his locker" he took a drink of water "but then again i shouldn't be contridicting someone who has been here longer than me"
"names Joe"

01/22/2005 9:16 PM

He looked over at the man smoking the cigar "you'll kill us all with that thing you know" he said as he put his gear in his locker" he took a drink of water "but then again i shouldn't be contridicting someone who has been here longer than me"
"names Joe" ha said as he help out a hand expecting hand shake

01/23/2005 8:38 AM

Roy smirked. This newcomer new his rank, something he found rare in the Corps. For some reason, Marines thought themselves superior to the Army, even when outranked, with experience.

Looking around, he realized this was his first mission since the Omega 223 incident. He was stuck on a giger ship, the Illiad, whose designs were ironically meant to be like the Odessy, just more destined for war. It was a small ship, meant for a crew of 10, and by looking at the life monitor aboard the control bulkhead, he could see all of the 9 men and women under his command were alive and well. The closest one to him was this "Joe" fellow.

They were within about ten thousand miles of the destination, so Roy pulled the P.A. up and declared "We are closing in on the target. Ten thou and closing" And completly ignoring the Marine behind him, set of to work. As a final thought to his fellow shipmate, he ordered Joe to prep the dropships for takeoff, but added a "please", to make it seem like he wasn't being hostile. Right now, Roy wanted to be alone.

01/23/2005 8:53 AM

Joe sighed and soluted as he left Roy alone, as he walked out of the room he said to himself "God damn Army" H e prepped the dropp ship to the best of his abilitys he wasn't traind for such things put he tried. He did the one thing he could set the computers. He loaded the equitment cursing the entire time as he looked at the weopons they were bringing. Rocket launchers, flame throughers, assult rifles, machine guns... enough weopons to start a small war. "So much for this being an easy trip"

01/24/2005 3:08 AM

Joe walked back into the room Roy was sitting in "Done sir" he said in a sarcastic tone. He walked over to his computer "Oder me around will ya well i'll get you back for that" he said as he looked up Roy's file. "hohoho"

01/24/2005 12:00 PM

a loud bang is heard from the enginee room. then you hear a woman say "GOD Damnit! Glick you little*BANG*" the robotic voice replyed "Please Yuusei don't hurt me!"

01/24/2005 12:07 PM

Obviously ignoring Joe looking at his file, Roy pulled up the full screen map of the ship. He quickly hit a few buttons on the control panel, and pulled up a list of the crew corresponding to the crew's locales on the map. The first one he saw was this Max fellow. Looking from his record, he could see this man had something with explosives. Troubled past too. Looks like this guy's got something of demons from his past too.

a loud bang is heard from the enginee room. then you hear a woman say "GOD Damnit! Glick you little*BANG*" the robotic voice replyed "Please Yuusei don't hurt me!"

Quickly looking for who was in the engine room, he saw Yuusei Clane poped up. She had an impressive record. Unfortunatly she was a Merc, and that meant she was good. Very good. Pulling up the dossier, Roy saw that was a good thing. Did they really need all these armaments?

Roy pulled the P.A. Radio off it's stand. He announced "All hands to the captians room. Mission briefing in five."

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01/24/2005 12:15 PM

Yuusei took her hat off to show her ears. she smelt an old friend or two. she went to this Captians room. then saw Max and jumpedd on him. "Cheetos!"

01/24/2005 12:17 PM

Joe saw that every one was going to the captians corters he grabbed his weopons and left the room. Joe stood looking around at the people as he entered the room
"quite a crowd aye" he said seeing a few fimiliar faces"

01/24/2005 12:18 PM

Max looked around the room his humaniod/kangaroo face staring at Roy. He snapped to a salute.
"Max Kooper ready for duty sir" he said and as his arm came down it unhitched one of the frag grenades from his vest pulling out the pin.
"Oh Shit! hit the Roy errr......ground" as Roy dived down Max grabbed the grenade and stuffed it in his belly pouch.
BOOM Max flew against the wall.
"Uhhhh...cybertron and all its moon belong to me." he said dazedly.

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01/24/2005 12:20 PM

Yuusei looked at Max and said " hey its hoppy!" she jumped up and down in place.

01/24/2005 12:28 PM

As Roy and the others got up, Roy mumbled to himself "Swell, just swell." Not even on the goddamn planet and he was a few milliseconds from being blasted into space. At this rate, they were never even going to land, let alone figure ut why they had so many weapons and were being sent to this isolated hellhole.

Roy brushed himself off and let everyone make thier greetings. Apearently they all new eachother. Roy pulled the screens up in front of each soldier, and started his briefing.

"Alright, you don't want to be here, i don't want to be here. Evac's here" making a red dot at a valley with a small river running down the middle of it."We'll be landing here" putting a blue dot near the ocean. "Supposedly the atmosphere is breathable, but don't get your hopes up. We have lots of guns, so that means dangerous fauna." Actually, Roy just made that up. He had no idea in hell why they had so many guns.

"We'll be moving in a straight line, so stay together. Evac's at-" and outlining the timer at the bottom right hand corner of the screen "-1500 hours. We'll be landing at-" And using a white box at the bottom left hand timer "-1000 hours. Any questions?"

01/24/2005 12:30 PM

"sir might i ask what were doing... our crew is made up of ex military, mercs, marines, and army... its a little wierd don't you think.

01/24/2005 12:36 PM

Max looked at Yuusie and smiled a toothy grin
"Dont call me hoppy you catnip for brains" he said scratching his head. He sat down and began to twirl his two pistols. Twirl, Twirl, Twirl, Twirl, Throw, Catch. Twirl,Twirl,Twirl,Twirl, Throw, Catch BANG!
"AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Max screamed as he grabbed his bloody foot."Sonova" he sat down to try and nurse his wound.

01/24/2005 12:39 PM

Yuusei whistled ffor Glick. "glick wrap hoppy's foot up!"
Glick"yes ma'am"

01/24/2005 12:40 PM

Doing his best not to smirk on Cooper's misfortune, Roy gave the only answer he had "I have absolutely no idea"

Moving on, Roy remarked "Ok people, you have a half hour to prep. Dismissed."

Roy turned around and thought to himself, This is gunna be one helluva mission.

01/24/2005 12:42 PM

"pouring beer on a wound dousn't help it to heal" Joe said as he looked at Max's foot "its nic to see you Koop"
"Who said this was beer" he said as he put rubbing achohal on his foot then took a swig.

01/24/2005 4:28 PM

Yuusei looked down at Max and rolled her eyes.
So "joe is it? I'm Yuusei....so what is this bloody mission? I am very lost" as she tilted her head. her tail and ears stood on end as she looked out of a window to she a Catarle royal cruiser and cringed...."Epp"..
"hide me hoppy!" as she dove behind him.

01/24/2005 4:45 PM

Roy saw the Catarle royal cruiser, and tried to issue a comm link. While that was being processed, he issued the "Battle stations" klaxon, and picked up his headset.

The headsets were nothing more than wireless communication devices with an earpiece and a microphone. It worked thoughout the entire ship, supposedly, however, they did have thier bugs, occationally the radio frequencies could escape the ship. He hoped now they wouldn't. An advantage the headsets gave him, however, that warranted thier use was that they could give all the crew instant wireless access without having to worry about hearing him over the klaxon, the headset covered the ear like one of those archeac wireless cell phone headsets, only these allowed for manuverablilty.

Roy interupted the klaxon for a annoucement to use the headsets, and hoped the ship would receve his message.

01/24/2005 5:28 PM

"what the..?" joe said as he looked at the cruiser "well i don't know what the mision is but it looks like its ending now" he put a blet on with amo and a strange dvice at the buckle. He pressed a button and suddenly went invisible. "i'll take care of it" the disembodied vioce said

01/24/2005 6:07 PM

Roy prayed to god no one was doing anything rash. Right now the last thing they needed was a galactic war on thier hands. Looking at the LifeBoard, he could see all nine life forms on his ship. Good.

Just then, Roy recieved an answer to his request. Roy con't help smiling at this thing. Supposedly, they had a lost a Catarle higher up on thier ship. But that was impssible, they didn't even have a....Just then, Roy's smile faltered, his eyes went wide and his face paled.

He said, very nervously, "Yuusei, you wanna go with these guys, or you wanna get the hell outta here, to Athena?"

01/24/2005 7:01 PM

"I spent the last 5 years running from them! They just want to bring my back home so I can marry some guy who is like 3x my age...either that or I will get flogged!" Yuusei looke at Roy with sad eyes.
"you don't mind having me on here do you?.....i dont want to go back!"

01/25/2005 2:27 AM

"So there after you" Joe said as he tookof the belt, he imediatly went visible. "well... if you don't go are they going to attack?"
"If so we should get three men at the main door" Joe said as he loaded his sniper rifle and cocked the bullet into place

01/25/2005 2:28 AM

"So there after you" Joe said as he tookof the belt, he imediatly went visible. "well... if you don't go are they going to attack?"
"If so we should get three men at the main door" Joe said as he loaded his sniper rifle and cocked the bullet into place "cuz if you don't want to go then you don't have to"
Joe said clearly breaking the ranks "after all its a free galaxy isn't it"

01/25/2005 4:15 AM

Max smiled and loaded all 20 of his guns on him.
"Do we have any C4? I got to blow somthing up!" he looked on his belt and saw the C4 with the detonator next to it.
"Sweeeeet" he said smiling. He unhooked his SMG's from his vest and ran after Joe.
"Save some for me!"

01/25/2005 4:52 AM

Roy preped for an emergency takeoff. and then he saw the landing craft. Shit. This was gunna be all over his ship. Now, instead of breaking 500 interplanetary laws, they were going to break 1300. They had no choice but to fight off the landers, and get away as soon as those dropships were taken care off.

Roy turned around and gave the order to "suit up". The whole process should only take a minute, and it gave the marines, army troops, and mercinary a powerful upper hand. There were many suits thoughout the universal confederation, but only United Earth held the Zeus mark IV's. These suits were the latest in technology, with rudimentary cloaking, inhansed reflexes, senses boosted, but, most of all, a link to a LifeBoard map on the ship. They knew where they were being attacked from. The suits were intially black, but transformed to any color, depending on the envoirment.

The suits also had different settiongs for different classes. Joe's suit wasn't as heavily armored as say, Max's was. Also, Max had a incindiary grenade launcher under his left wrist. Those babies could fry just about anything, however, being in a ship made them almost worthless. Joe's looked like his cloaking equipment was a little more advanced, but he couldn't tell anything about Yuusei's armor attachments before he got into his armor, just that it must have cost a lot of cash. Yeah, she must be good.

As Roy entered his suit, he felt his combat prowlness taking over any type of other thought. He quickly leaped to where the ship's cams said the landing craft would dock.

01/25/2005 5:29 AM

Yuusei suited up like the other then began to place her weapons on herself. She had her Katana, two 4 barrel mini rhiffles, a pair of sais, two fully-automatics, a rocket launcher, and sniper hand-gun.
"Don't bother shoting their chests, the armer they where can't be broken with bullets. Go for either the knees or the head. Knee's if you don't want to kill them." Yuusei could feel her nerves start to go, and having the erge to run but these people where risking their lives for her so her curage returned quikly.

01/25/2005 5:47 AM

"hollow tipped bullets only we don't want to damage the hull" joe said as he said as he pushed the cloaking button, he knew that when he fired he would uncloak. He drew his knife and tapped it to his rifle. He hid behiend one of the make shift berakads

01/25/2005 5:55 AM

Yuusei drew her Katana and one of the sais. "They aren't takeing me back! Not ever again."
She thought to herself {Not till I find you}
"ready Hoppy?!" She said jokingly.

01/25/2005 11:45 AM

Roy felt and heard a dull explosion. Then suddenly, the gravity flickered on and off.

Fortunatly, their boots had mettalic clings, and they were still grounded. And hopefully, it had thrown the Catarle off balance as thier ship opened Then the hatch blew open, Roy flicked down his visor and activated the heat sensors, and looked for where they were coming from.

01/25/2005 12:24 PM

Max and Joe barreled down the hallways of the ship looking for the breach point. Suddenly around 20 yards back there was an explosion. It rocked them to the ground Max and Joe ran and readied to fire. Max loaded his clips into his SMG's and Joe turned the safety off on his pistols.
"Okay" said Max lighting a cigar "How bout the one with the most kills buys the beers?"
"Dude the beers are free"
"Oh......Fifty Bucks?"
"Shoot Im in OH CRAP!" Joe yelled as a sudden burst of automatic fire came through the smoking hole. Max and Joe began to return fire. Suddenly these weird cat like beings popped through and a feirce firefight ensued. Max and Joe were getting hit left and right thank god the armor protected them though. Max was reloading while Joe was shooting the cats in the knee caps as they fell to the floor in agony.
"Kinda like shooting fish in a barrel huh?' Max said as he began to fire.
Suddenly these five black machinesa floated through the hole and flew past them.
"What the hell were those!?" Max said.
"Looked like search and destroy driods" Joe said popping off a cat creatures chin.
"The look like coffe machines"Max said looking back"What the hell? they are coffe machines!" he exclaimed
"Alien technology at its finest" joked Joe
Just then a small little robotic mouse came through the hole.
"Hey check this out" Max said
"Koop its a bomb run!!!!" Joe said while blitzing down the hall.
Max used his strong legs to jump on the wall and run on its side.
"Too easy for you huh?" Joe said
Max and Joe stopped and looked back as more of the enemy came through.
"Joe we should meet up Yuusie and Roy and plan another assault" Max said
"Yeah lets get the hell out of here" Joe said
The two of them ran down the hall searching for the other two.

01/25/2005 12:38 PM

One of the driods found Yuusei.
"oh shit!" She ran until she ran right into Max and Joe.
"get the driods away from m...." she turned to see 3 of the Catarle looking right at her.
*scream* She took her Katana and jumped at them.
"I'll kill you!"

01/25/2005 12:45 PM

Roy instantly decapitated one of the two droids with a flying butterfly kick. The motion also propelled him around, and he shot a quick three burst plast from his modified M20. The M20 was more or less a suped up version of the M16 A-1 only a whole lot more powerful.

he left the other two droid to Yuusei. something just popped up

Each shot hit it's mark as another two cats fell, one of which had bolth it's knee's shot out, the last a headshot.

Just as he finished, another incoming klaxon bleeped, and Roy sprinted to the control room.

He sat down and ignoring everything, and like a master pianist, starting hitting commands to alter his direction and make a subspace leap.

He checked the distance from the dropships. Thankfully, he had enough distance to break away without pulling any of thier enemy though. He hit the go button, and they were off

01/25/2005 12:48 PM

Max looked at the driods in front of him
"They still look like coffee machines" he said calmly suddenly th three machines shot out matal rope like coils at Yuusie who was engaging the three Catarle.
"NO!" Max said as he jumped in front of the coils and they grabbed him instead. "Ah get off you coffee pot OW!" he said as they began to throw him around the room
"Your mother was tea kettle! AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" he was getting bruised up pretty bad.
"Wow" Joe said as he tried to shoot the droids
"How nice of you to save Yussie" Joe said
"Its not OW! that AGHH ! they were going for the beerAGGHHHHHHH!!" he said after being slammed on his back.
Joe looked over at the vending machine and shook his head
"Same old Koop"he said

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01/25/2005 12:57 PM

Roy walked back to the battle site caually. Then he heard Kooper screaming. Disenging his metal clings, he sprinted to see if they needed help.

01/25/2005 1:00 PM

Yuusei stood up after beating the other catarle into the ground.
She saw the driod beating Max so she leaped into the driod and stabbed it with the sai.
"so you saved the beer?!" she starts to kick Max in the head..

01/25/2005 1:14 PM

Max opened his eyes slowly and saw a foot come in very close contact with his face.
"OW OW OW" he said and got up slowly
"I really meant to save you Yuusie" he said smiling
"Its part of my species nature to always try and lighten the mood and keep up morale" Max and Joe looked at the driod bits scattered on the ground.
"Hey they really do look like coffe machines" luaghed Joe
"Yeah and they hit like Yuusie" Max said rubbing a bruised forehead he looked around and asked "Where the hell is Glick?"

01/25/2005 1:18 PM

Yuusei said "oh he is in my bag. He may be a useful little robot but he is a bloody coward!"
she laughed as glick popped out of her bag "I am not!"
Yuusei replyed "You hide from a lady bug on earth!"
Glick "well it was trying to kill me!"
Yuusei fell to the ground laughing.

01/25/2005 1:20 PM

As Roy stumbled onto the scene, he grinned in relief. Apearently, everything had been taken care of. He quickly assesed the situation: Yuusei was beating upon Max (he probably did something stupid), and they had a good number of Catarle to tend to. Fortunatly all of them had been neutralized.

"Alright, listen up!" Roy commanded. "Pull yourselves together! We have a lot of work to do. Kooper and Joe, take all the dead to the space lock i want them out of this ship. Next, you can help Clane take care of the wounded. Take them to the infermary, and patch them up. then upt them in lockdown. Interrogate them, i want to know how they know Yuusei's on the ship, and if they can follow us. Also, check to see if they know our heading. Were dropping them off at Qurant 987. That's 50,000 miles away. I need to change our heading, then I'm going to empty the dropship. Cooper, you're taking the hostages down. Alright people, you know your jobs. Get to it."

Roy did a full turn and walked to the command room. He needed those interrigations done, but he'll just have to keep himself busy until then

01/25/2005 1:25 PM

Yuusei grin a little evil smile to herself.
"I want to do the interrigations." >XD
Glick "I don't think Mr. Roy wants you to kill them."
Yuusie "I won't kill them.....yet....>XD

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01/25/2005 1:31 PM

"Well it only looks like two of them are alive" Max said picking up a groaning creature.
"Yuusie could pick uo that other one over there and will bring them down to medbay? If you like afterwards we can interrogate then using good co,p bad cop" Max said smiling.

01/25/2005 1:38 PM

Yuusei "I call bad cop ^.~"
She grabbed one of them by the collar.
in a scratchy voice he said "we....*cough*...have found....you"
as he said that he stuck Yuusei with a needle.
Yuusei *Screech* "what is that?"
the catarle in there native tounge "da-heshdi via Motree"
Yuusei's eyes grew wide with fear.
"where is it?"
"its on the other ship"
"God Damnit!" she said.
"Max or joe one of you come with me! we have to go to the other ship to find something!"

01/25/2005 1:50 PM

Joe ran after Yuusie, Max looked at the guy on his back
"Gross man youre missing your chin" Max said and ran after the other to throwing the body to the ground.
"Yuusie exactly what the hell did that dude say back there?" asked Max
"Yeah it sounded like he said "I am a toilet taco pussy bird" but then again I only understand spanish" Joe said

01/25/2005 1:52 PM

Roy heard the screech from the docking bay. He sprinted to catch up. "Hey, what's going on?"

01/25/2005 1:53 PM

Yuusei turned to them while running backwards.
"what he said was 'remote detination divise' thats what he got me with when he stuck me the that needle! We are going to get tthe remote."

01/25/2005 5:21 PM

"If your so important why would they try to destroy you?" joe said as he shot at the droids.

01/25/2005 5:27 PM

Upon hearing the news, Roy made an immediate sub-space leap back to the ship. Unfortunatly, it also dropped them into the middle of the confused Catarle dropships.

Roy had a sudden strike of brillance. If they could use one of the enemies dropships. Roy leaped backwards and headed to The rest of the crew. Just then, he heard the klaxons sound again. They were getting irritating

01/25/2005 5:33 PM

Yuusei explaned:
"see its not that I'm important, its that I ran out on an aranged marrige with oneone important. Ok i'm 23. The imbasitor they wanted me to marry is 69 or 70. >< So its more they are pissed off then trying to collect me"
Glick made a face that rezembled (XP).

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01/25/2005 5:49 PM

"Hello ladies and gents." Roy remarked as he ran into the crew just as they were about to enter the boarding ship. "I have a plan, come on, I'll explain on the way."

He explained his plan as they went, him tossing and catching a hand grenade the entire way. "So, we take over one of the boarding ships, commendeer it, and come home acting like we caught Clane. We'll leave the defence to the rookies. Everyone understand?

01/25/2005 5:49 PM

"Hello ladies and gents." Roy remarked as he ran into the crew just as they were about to enter the boarding ship. "I have a plan, come on, I'll explain on the way."

He explained his plan as they went, him tossing and catching a hand grenade the entire way. "So, we take over one of the boarding ships, commendeer it, and come home acting like we caught Clane. We'll leave the defence to the rookies. Everyone understand?"

01/25/2005 5:56 PM

"When we get on the ship we should probebly split up" he said as he switched to full tipped bullets "We can do more damage and cover more space that way"

01/25/2005 7:24 PM

Yuusei explaned the advantage that they had over the crusier
"guys they send at least 60% of their crew for things like this. Not very wise. I just need a distraction to get the remote."
Glick "I'm worried about this." as he appeared in Yuusei's sholder.
Yuusei "oh so you are going?"
Glick "well I didnt say that..."

01/26/2005 5:40 AM

"Don't worry about the destraction." Roy commented as he looked at Max and Joe. "We can handle that.Do you know where the remote is?" Roy stated as he began reloading his M20. "And is the ship sensored, so if we pirce the hull, they'll know where we are?"

01/26/2005 5:55 AM

Yuusei stated: "Oh yeah they will know where you are but I picked up stealth gear from the 490 secter about a year ago so I can slip in un noticed so I can get the remote. After that though I have to figure out how to get the little bomb out of my blood stream...."

01/26/2005 6:02 AM

They were nearing the docking ships. Roy pulled the pin on his grenade, and tossed it into the now gaping hole in the ship. The explosion intantly killed everyone inside.

"Alright, expect the gravity to go off. The little i know about the Catarle, it's that they can't defeat the SpacePhys law numero uno, breach means rapid decompression. Decompresson means gravity is void." Roy stated, as if anyone didn't know.

01/26/2005 6:10 AM

Yuusei "normally my people aren't very gracful in the air so to speak......"

01/26/2005 6:13 AM

"Good" Roy stated. He had a feeling they needed every advantage they could get. Especially if they fought one of those droids again. Surprise worked well against one or two, but if THEY got jumped by one of those two-in-one droids again....

"Alright, does everyone's metal Cling's work?" Roy asked, looking around.

01/26/2005 6:28 AM

Yuusei "yeah oh F.Y.I. if any of the Catarle change into large cat things, run as fast as you can, or play dead.....^^"

01/26/2005 8:49 AM

"Right" Joe said as he ginned down the droids "Now go"

01/26/2005 9:08 AM

"Yeah, yeah, i'm goin'" Roy lamented as he started the Catarle ship though a wireless hack. The ship was soon landing inside the Catarle cruiser, it's occupants readying to jump out.

01/26/2005 3:37 PM

Yuusei "no Seriously! They will rip you to shreds....^^"
Glick looked at them then turned and said "Ok its time to go."

01/26/2005 6:05 PM

Joe ponedered the though of being ripped to shreds... "Why don't you guys go ahead and i'll wait here" he said as he looked around for any big cat things.

01/27/2005 6:28 AM

Yuusei "Joe you coward! They are really trying to kill me not any of you!" as she smacked him in the melon.
Yuusei leaned up agenced a wall and removed a glove on her left hand and rolled down her sleeve. Then she raised her arm showing them a perminit mark on her arm. It was red, like it was still bleeding. It was a circle with what looked like a rose in it.
"The 'big cats' will be looking/smelling for this, so you have nothing to worry about. Oh dont look them in the eye, they think you are challenging them."

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01/27/2005 9:10 AM

Roy jumped out of the dropship and looked around. He then ordered "Max, go down that hallway. Make a breach in the hull, and then switch to life support on your suit. Most importantly, move fast! The section you knock out will going into lockdown. Now split up!"

Max ran down the hallway of the ship pulling out a pair of his peoples battle daggers. If he encountered anything he would have to act fast. He turned a corner and came face to face with a Catarle. It spoke in its weird language and pointed at Max.
"You want to shave a goats tongue with toenails?" Max said. What Max didnt realize is that if you translated what he said into the Catarle language it is the most insulting of insults. Suddenly the cat got on all fours and grew big, Im talking really big, like bigger than Max big and thats verticle.
"Oh shit.....right now what did Yuusie say?" Max said while rubbing his chin.
"Oh yeah! Run towards it as fast as you can, stare it in the eyes, and iy will play dead!" Max readied his dagger looked straight into the creatures eyes and charged yelling an old Kangariod war chant.
"YO MOMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!" the cat creature charged toward Max at great speed and within three bounds he pounced on Max.
"Bring it!" Max said and stabbed the creature in its front leg. It howled in agony and slashed at Maxs face with four long black claws. Max used his feet to kick the creature against the wall. He didnt have time to draw a gun, This thing was uber fast he would have to fight this with his blades. The cat got up and begin to strafe him, Max did the same. Its time to get serious Max thought. The creature ran towards him Max slashed and cut a long line down the side of the cats face. It roared in agony and fell. It was still alive just drained. Max ran in for the kill. Suddenly a pair of all to familiar metal coils wrapped around his torso and neck and pulled him back.
"Son of bitch!" Max said as the coffee droid began to grapple with him. He broke free and was slammed against the wall. The droid straitened its tentacles and little pionts jutted out of the end like spears. Max slowly got his feet as the driod rushed toward him, at the same time Max jumped out of the way of the spears and the cat that was going to pounce on Maxs back was impaled on the driods spears. The weight of the cat caused the driod to fall backwards and crush the driod beneath it.
"Thank Kirin for that" Max said praising his god. Max ran down the hall and stopped at a spot that looked right for the C4. Max planted the C4 and ran down the hallway to aviod the blast.
"I always wanted to say this" Max said holding the detonator "Fire in the hole!" BANG Max whipped around at the sound of the gunshot. He saw another big cat with a smoking hole in its head. He looked at Joe several yards down the hallway and gave him a thumbs up.
"Thanks man!" Max called
"No problem now c'mon lets get the hell out of here and find the others" Joe called
"I got blow this hall Joe you better run cause afterwards its gonna be on lockdown!"
"What about you?"
"I saw some escape pods a little awhile ago Ill meet you on the surface!"
"OK good luck!" Joe said and then ran out of veiw. Max counted to ten then hit the detonator.BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Thank you life support." Max said he ran to where the pods were and saw a small group of ten Catarle trying to reach the pods as well they saw Max and began to open fire.
"Shit" said Max hiding behind a wall loading his rifle. "This isnt going to be easy!"

01/27/2005 5:16 PM

Back on the Illiad:

The Catarle had all went to the Bridge. “Sir, we have captured all of the marines on board, except for one.” There were at least 25 or so Catarle’s on board.

“And that one, will bring you pain,” said a voice from behind the Catarle. The Catarle turned to see a marine standing in the door way. Then suddenly the lights in the Bridge went out and a fight ensued in the dark.

01/27/2005 6:13 PM

Yuusei was almost at the Bridge when she heard the fight happening. "did one of the guys beat me here?" She looked at Glick who was clinging to her leg in fear. The fight had stopped. She said Hello in her native tounge. "Moewrah!" Hopeing none would resopond.....then she said to Glick "Flash a light glick!" and he did.
Yuusei looked into the Bridge to see a blonde Marine. She looked at him then Glick ran out of battery, and with the battery went the light.

01/28/2005 3:00 AM

Joe ran ran down a long hallway, with his rifle beheind his back and his pistols out he was guning down coffee machine, after coffee machine.
"Crap i got to get back to the dropship " he thought as he hit the last droid. "Dinos in there"
He ran for the dropships "I can save dino and secure the dropship" he said to him self as two droids came directly for him and two behiend. He hit the cloaking button on hi belt, and began to open fire. The droids hit the ground at at once now i have to get Dino"

01/28/2005 3:20 AM

Yuusei was positive that it was a marine. She dropped to her knees and stated "I am not with these Catarle! They are hunting me! I am with the others!" She began to panic. "Max, Joe, Roy?! Where are you guys?" She was panicing thinking this guy would try to kill her. "I'm just looking for a detinator. If I can find that I'll be out of your way! They put a explosive divice in my blood strem I need the Detinator so they don't kill me." She hoped that would be enough to not get her killed.

01/28/2005 7:56 AM

Roy looked around, and saw he made it to an isolated corridor. He quickly turned to a wall and pulled a large section of the inner bulkhead down. This exposed the wires and left the circutry exposed, and also the ship's "nerves".

Highly advanced ships had special wiring hooked directly into the main consol, so that if the ship was breached, the spot could be isolated and locked down. But this device also had a downside-should the ship be breached, the intruders, who were surrounded, could initiate the auto-lockdown feature. THis would effectively cut them off from the rest of the ship. To counter this, the ship also had a override feature, which could be operated manually, in order to keep otherwise inacsessable areas easily reached. And intruders killed. Roy's hope was that the Catarle had activated these measures.

Quickly identifying the wire, Roy simply snapped a piece off. This would be nearly impossible without his inhansed strength from the Zeus, but the wire broke like a twig beneath his armored fingers. When the alarm went off, Roy tensed to jump...And nothing happened. Except a good 30 of those cat things (five of which had transformed), and about 6 of those coffee/killer droids. "Just another day at work." Roy mumbled, as he quickly tensed for action.

The bullets twanged off his suit as he made an impossible leap toward the enemy. Lifting his leg, he swung it around, doing a helicopter kick, and instantly decapitating 6 of the catarle. Upon landing, he rolled into a crouch, and shot about a magazine of ammo into one of the cats. It had the effect of spitting toothpicks at it. It got pissed off.

"Shit shit shieeet!" Roy shouted as he used his leg muscles to propell him backwards, dodging a droids grasp. Pulling out an incidiary grenade, Roy pulled the pin, threw it at his feet and leaped 5 feet away. Two catarle cats burned, and a good dozen of the rest of the normal catarle were dead, too. Roy pulled C4 from his back (in case of an emergency) and chucked it to the gaping hole in the wall, pulling the dentonator's trigger as he landed from the grenade and rolled to safety. A loud blast could be heard, and then a choking sound as the remaining catarle attackers slowly died of asphyxiation.

As the life support kicked in, Roy coughed. He had been a little too close to the blast, and it had knocked him against the wall, effectivly leaving him breathless. The Zeus had saved his life, without a doubt, but the simple wieght of it's front end had been pushed back to forcefully into Roy. Getting up, he eliminated the droids as fast as he could, trying to conserve ammo.

No matter, Roy ran through the empty halls, and was startled when his ear started buzzing. The adress read the name of thier home ship-The Illiad. It must have been one of the new recuits. Probably... ah, well, that doesn't matter. Roy clicked his fingers, activating the transcevers. "Roy, who is speaking? over."

01/28/2005 10:29 AM

Yuusei, terrifided for her life, bulted off the bridge completey frogeting about the Detimator. As she ran she ended up surrounded by 15 catarle, 6 transformed, and just about 35 Coffee driods.

"This is just great! Not even 25 and I'm going to die." She looked at them. All Of the Transformed where a brown colour. "Lower class ay?" She put Glick down then she turned to face them. She had an evil look on her face. bending her arms back, she said "All you lower class are in for it. I may be a trader but I remember. Blue is lowest class. Brown is low. Red is middle. Gold is upper. White is Highest.....and Strongest.....*evil laughter*"

Pulling her arms back, she began to yell in slight pain. "Aghhh...ggghhhahhhgggggahhh" Her fur began to change colour. Her Hair shorten, Nails growing, Eyes turning yellow. Her suit was ripping. She then began to lower to all fours. The back of her suit ripped open with white fur showing. then her nose began to grow out. Her nose turned black and flatted. Wiskers sprouted. White fur appeared everywhere. She had transformed into a Cat creature (more looking like a tiger do to the black stripes).

She charged at the other creatures and started bitting, scratching, kicking. Once she killed them, she went after the soilders. Then the coffee droids. After that she knew she couldn't transform back until they got beck to there ship so she could get clothing.

She began looking for the others. She smelt Joe and followed. When she found him, his gun was pointed at her. She lowered her head and looked into his eyes, trying to link up to his mind. "Don't shot me joe. It's me! Yuusei!"

01/29/2005 1:45 PM

"Hey" Joe said as he stared at the gigantic cat
"why don't you change back" Joe said in his ignorence

01/30/2005 7:02 PM

Yuusei looking up at joe, cause she was only 4 feet high as a Cat, smirked at him.
"If I changed back I would have to have cloths handy.....I don't now do I?"

01/31/2005 4:13 AM

Max had just killed the last of the Catarle and set up a Com Link.
"The cats are in the bag but I dont have way out. Ill drop through with a pod and meet you on the surface!" Max said he ran into a one man pod and hit the eject button.
"BONZAI!!!!!!!!!!!" he said and the pod shot out of the ship and landed on the planets surface. His ship crashed into the ground and skidded for several yards. The hatch door opened. Max walked out only to be met by several hooded figures pointing what looked like guns at him.
"I surrender" he said putting up his hands meekly.

01/31/2005 5:30 AM

Yuusei ran off away from Joe. She just happened to run into the cargo sect of the ship, where she found the only bit of clothing that would fit her. She Transformed back. Then she grabbed the little roman style dress, put it on, and looked down. The dress only went down to 4 inches above her knee. Then she found the latest Catarle suit that was the same as the guys. She put that on over the inty bity dress.

She walked around finding where she had transformed earllier. She collected all her weapons and found Glick. Then Hopped into another one man pod and took off.

She landed on the Planet surface. The pod landed right ontop of the hooded figures. She opened to door to see Max. "HOPPY!" she said with exictment.

01/31/2005 6:56 AM

Joe ran into the docking bay and grabbed all the amo he could and a plastic bag filled with water and... A goldfish "dino glad to see your ok" He then ran back to the excape pods and put a message over the comlink "Roy we'll meet you on the serface"

01/31/2005 7:23 AM

Roy was closing up the comm link with Jake. "Oh, and Danson, get down to the planet's surface with the rest of the crew intact, please. Over." Roy finished the communication and heard Joe's message. Roy sprinted for the docking bay, hoping to be able to meet up with someone.

He got better.

In one of the main docking bays, there was a large Catarle Wardrop, quite different from the rest of the emergency dropships and bays located around the ship. However, the ship also normally took a crew of two, and was a huge undertaking to handle it alone. Roy had a feeling they were going to need the firepower, and quickly jumped aboard. Another downside was the startoff time.

Roy had made a little detour on his way to the dropbay. He had stoped by the engine compartment and planted a few "Surprises" for the remaining Catarle. He had also raided a ammo depot, which carried universal galactic rounds, so Roy had little difficulty finding the ammo he needed. Suddenly, he heard a sound though the inhansed hearing sensors over his helmet radio. He made sure his pistol, an M7-A4 50 caliber semi auto was loaded and chambered, he hopped of the ship.

Hopefully, one of his teammates had just stumbled upon the main bay, but double checking his FOF (Friend or Foe) radar, there was one unconfirmed, and no greens. They must have all left though one of the auxilary emergency escape bays. Checking his countdown timer, Roy saw he had about ten minutes to get off the ship. He moved to the air controls, keeping a careful eye on the undetermined, hoping to kill whatever the lifeform is when he prepped the by for takeoff. Suddenly, the blip moved. Fast.

01/31/2005 8:08 AM

Quietly listening as he remained crouched hidden among the undergrowth. Although he couldnt see the he felt the movement of creatures through the clearing, the intent of these entitys was felt.

Curiousity, Anxiety and Malice.

He crept, his sensitive feet making no noise as he moved across the unknown terrain before him.

CRASH !!!!! The blind humanoid was taken a back by the sound of something large landing nearby, he moved rapidly towards the sound as he followed the malicous feeling.

He stalked behind them and heard the arming of there weapons. They stopped as the clicking of mechanics made the opening of something apparent to there patrol.

"I surrender" The words were spoken and as they were a rage rose at the violence these beings seemed ready to deliver on the helpless.

He unsheathed the Katana that was help in the belt he wore, silence as the perfectly crafted blade swept down to cleave the nearest creature. His radar like sense didnt fail him as he spun and his weapon licked out destroying the target as it struck the verterbrae of the neck in the nearest bipedal.

01/31/2005 9:43 AM

Max got up and looked around, he saw some dude who was obviously blind becuase he was trying to pour water into a tree branch but insisted it was a cup. Then Max was embraced from behind.
"HOPPY!" Yuusie said
"AGHHHHHHH!!! Jesus, Mary, Joseph!" Max screamed

01/31/2005 10:13 AM

Yuusei looked at Max and said "I thought I was going to die! I transformed it was freaken awsome!!!! I mean totally sweet.....*20 minutes later*....Then I landed here and saw you!"

She took a breathe..."So how are you?"

01/31/2005 12:03 PM

"Well Ive been better" Max said getting up slowly. He looked over at the pod and breathed out slowly.
"Man those things are freakin awesome, to bad its a one way ride"
Max walked over to the pod and took out his weapons that he had managed to salvage from the crash.
"Listen we dont know were the others are and they dont know were we are so well set up camp here for tonight." he said.
"I disagree we should go out and look for them" Yuusie said
"JOE!,ROY!,JOMMMMMMM!!" Yuusie said as Max covered her mouth.
"LIsten we dont know whats on this planet, Im the senior officer here, so if you want to live we have to follow my orders, understand?" Max said
Yuusie looked at Max very hurt
"Okay Hoppy!" she said smiling

01/31/2005 7:31 PM

"Well for one thing, I know if I take one of these pods apart I can find a battery for Glick. Poor little guy..." She unraped a bag to reveal a lifless little robot.

02/01/2005 3:17 AM

Joes pod didn't land too gracfully he lay there unconsius the hatch shut, with dino in the plastic bag swimming around calmly. The world he had landed on was barren it almost had a dead look to it. Although only a 40 miles away was a forest, and aboat 1 mile away was a facility. Joe woke up dazed "Lets do that again" he said as he looked around his eyes cought the motion tracker it was set and still tick, there is something out there he thought as he loaded up his rifle. The room around him began to spin, he fealt very weak. "Maybe i should stay here just to be safe"

02/01/2005 5:28 PM

Yuusei looked up into the sky to see the line of smoke.
"I wounder who that was?"
Glick "Gl1187994637385 is on line. Oh Yuusei!!!!"
Yuusei "hey little buddy."

02/02/2005 5:02 AM

"Well at least thats taken care of Glick" Max said calmly. He looked to the sky to see a line of smoke trailing from beyond his sight.

He turned around to look at Yuusie, she was pushing a couple of buttons on Glick while the robot was singing "1985" by bowling for soup. Max smiled and and walked over.

"Listen that trail of smoke could be one of ours, Im going to go check it out Ill be back in a few days with some info, until then your in charge okay?" Max told Yuusie. She looked at Max, stood up, and saluted. After an hour of preparation he began to bound across the dead barren plains like a regular kangaroo, toward the line of smoke. Yuusie looked at the Max until he was a speck in the distance.

02/02/2005 5:48 AM

Yuusei gave up on trying to make glick stop singing 1985. She sat down and started to laugh.
"I wonder where he is right now..." Placing her hand over her heart.

*grawle* Yuusei turned around to see another Catarle cat creature. This one was small but it was white like she was. It transformed back into a Catarle.

"Antie Yuusei!!!! Why did you leave?"


"Yuu-sama...You left. Then Grandpa got all angery!"

"Go home Mick. This is no place for you."

"But Yu.."

"No buts! You must go home. NOW!!!"

02/02/2005 12:06 PM

Joe suddenly woke and heard a lot of talk out side "So the marines go off of he ship"
"Yup" another voice said "So we were told to investigate every single pod in order find survivors"
"So how come were no searching this?"
"Becuose if there is some one in there we're going to need back up" After he said that Joe heard the sound of the drop ship flying over head Speak of the devil Joe imediatly heard a languege that he didn't understand. Definatly Catarle Joe looked ot the one way window a dropship worth of Catarle soldier.
"What could be going on" Joe said as he loded his last two clips into his gunss

02/02/2005 12:28 PM

Max was walking through a heavily forested area trying to find the long trail of smoke. He couldnt see anything through the canopy. Suddenly he heard a load thunderous roar and the crashing of branches. Through the canopy a giant shadowed creature poked its head through some trees and stared down at Max.
"Uh Oh......."

02/02/2005 3:52 PM

Yuusei looked at Mick and said one last time.

"Mick! Go home now or so help me!!!"


Mick walked off into the distance. Just after he got out of sight, out of nowhere 35 Catarle officers appeared.

"You Yuusei are under Arrest for treason!"

"Wha..? Uh no....."

One of the soilders walked up to her about to handcuff her as she slipped away.

"Miko Miko Nurse!!!!! You won't catch me!!!"

She pulled a small silver ball out of her pocket and throw it. It turned into a flottiing snowboard. She leaped onto it. She went zooming the opposite way of Max.

She disappeared with the daylight.

02/02/2005 4:04 PM

Roy pushed the trusters to the max. He had secured the catarle, and he/she/it (Roy was not a specialist in catarle gender) was tied up right next to him. He now had a hostage.

Flying this baby was one helluva fight, and it took Roy all of his concintration skills to keep it on coarse. Suddenly the armed transport started heating up. They were hitting the atmosphere, hard. The catarle next to him squirmed, as if it was feeling the heat more than Roy, which was very likely, due to an absance of body armor and extra fur.

02/02/2005 4:30 PM

JOe looked at the metal of the pod, it seemed very thin "I bet i can shoot through this and inflict a few enemy casualtys" He said as he aimed his pistols in the direstion of the voices. *BANG* The bullets hit the wall and stopped barly denting the metal "Wow thats strong" Joe said as he felt a shift in wieght. Suddenly the pod lifted up into the air.
"There we go some one get that hatch ope" A catarle said as Joe saw sparks flying from the door.
"Well dino i'd give them an hour before they get through that
*BLUB* dino said as bubles came out of his mouth witch probebly went 'and i'm going to be an apitizer'

02/03/2005 12:36 PM

Roy slammed down on the open hatch with all of his weight in his front foot. He destroyed heavy carrier had entrapped him for over an hour. He picked up his hostage and fought his way out of the metal death contraption. Finally, he had managed to find a way out. Throwing the Catarle out first, Roy scrambled his way out of the ship.

He heard a russling in the bushes, and to his dismay saw a towering smoke cloud above his head from the crashed ship. A blind person could spot this ting from a mile away! He quickly removed his pistol from his holster and took aim at the lifelike bushes

02/03/2005 12:36 PM

Max looked at the massive creature that had just ran past him, quickly pursued by Catarle tiger forms, they seemed to be hunting it. Max jumped on a branch in the canopy and pursued the two parties until they had reached a rock wall. The creature itself was an impressive thing to see. It looked like it was a dinosaur like creature, it seemed to exchange trodding on two feet and walking on its claws/hands to get more speed during the whole pursiut. It had along green mane that reminded Max of a mohawk. It had brown skin with occasional spots dotted here and there. Its long tail ended in three small spikes. Max loaded his sniper rifle and popped off the remainig tigers that the creature itself could not handle. The creature looked into the trees and saw the smoke coming from Max's gun barrel. It walked over and began to feed on some foliage in Maxs branch.
"You are amazing..." was all Max could say "Im going to ride you!' Max jumped on the creatures back and prayed for dear life. However, it did not buck or jump. It merely looked over at Max as if to indicate where to go. Max looked back at the sky and knew whoever was in that pod was probaly long gone. He pointed back to his small base camp ad he was off.

02/03/2005 2:58 PM

Yuusei was zooming along on the snowboard,when she saw a group of guys kicking something. She stopped as she was passing them and hopped off the snowboard. "What the hell are you doing?"
"Buzz Off lil girl!"
"LITTLE GIRL> and so she began to beat the group of guys into bloody pulps. She walked over to see what they where kicking. It was a Dinosour type thingy with a Red mane. she helped it onto its feet and noticed it was bleeding. She pulled out a large first add kit. (Never Leave Home without it!)
She bandaged it and went to leave but it was following her. "What? I don't have food or anything!"
It just looked at her. "Alright follow if you wish....You are kind of cute. I'll call you Malaria!!! I don't know why, but what ever!!!!"
She was looking for her bracelete a few minutes later and reallized that she left it back at the camp.
"crap! Come on Malaria! Lets go!"

So Off the went Yuusei on her snowboard followed by Malaria.

02/03/2005 5:26 PM

Joe stared at the door as it opened Aboat three catarle were looking into the pod. Each one pointed in joes direction "Get out and we won't..." the Catarles words were ended by a bullet in his head. The others put up there guns as they switched to stun bullets. Joe fired on the two killing both, suddenly three more came.
"I can't do this all day Joe said as his pistols ran out of amo "CRAP"
"Come out with your hands up" the catarle said as he backed away. Joe walked out of the pod calmly.
"I don't have to worry, i can pick hand cufflocks anyway" Joe said with a smirk suddenly a collar went around his neck. "WTF man" he said as he started to tug on it. Joe turned to the one that put the collar on "I'm not some stinking house pet" Joe said as he hit him in the stomach. Sudenly Joe felt a strong surge of elecricity go through his body.
"Take him to the city, we can use that as a base of operations" The Catarle said as they loaded Joe into the dropship. Joe thought abaot why they would put a collar around his neck, maybe if we keep cats as pets on earth they keep humans as pets. Joe thought aboat being fed from a can of processed meat.
"Just an average day in the marines" he said as he sat down on the drop ship seat.

02/03/2005 5:57 PM

Jake had just finished putting the Catarle that he had just beaten to a bloody pulp into a prison cell. He had rescued the rest of the marines and they were currently working on the ship. “Yes sir but, don’t always expect me to come to your rescue though. I’m no prince in shining armor.” said Jake with a grin then went back to the Bridge. From there he began to maneuver the Illiad into the planet’s atmosphere.

He raised the shield then began the descent down towards the planet. The shields took most of the heat from descent so they were ok, for now. Two of the other marines joined him and they quickly did what had to be done. As they descended downwards, he scanned the area to see that there was a Catarle drop ship right below them.

He then thought that Roy and the other three might have been captured, so he pulled up the weapons screen and looked at what he could use. He scanned the weapons quickly and knew what he had to do, blow their thrusters to kingdom come. Quickly picking a set of rockets that would sufficiently destroy the Catarle’s thrusters, he opened fire… A direct hit! The Catarle drop ship started to falter to the planet ground then crashed.

He then started to leave the bridge. “Maintain our distance, I’m going to go in and rescue whoever is on that drop ship. Also try and see if you can contact Roy.” The two marines simply nodded and Jake left. He would never leave a man behind, especially after what happened to him….

02/04/2005 9:09 AM

Roy looked up, and saw the Illiad right above him. He waved to the carrier, and tried to get it's attention. Then, out of nowhere, a dog sized green and red blur dodged out of the bushes. It leapt right for the immoble catarle. A quick kick snapped the dinosaur's neck, and it lay dead on the ground. The hostage breathed a sigh of relief, appearently it was the first time in the day something good had happened.

He opened up his comm link, but quickly stole another glance at the dino. It seemed... Infected. Something had happened to it. The scales were off, and there was some red muscle poping though the hard, leathery skin. It's eyes seemed white, whatever happened to this creature had appearently made it stronger, faster, and mutated it. He wasn't a expert on this type of thing, but this guy looked sick. Very sick.

A loud beep eminated from his helmet, and Roy new it was that Jack fellow. He opened his end and stated "This is Roy, over."

02/04/2005 5:14 PM

The dropship continued its flight tword the city the entire time the catarle were talking and every now and then Joe would here Yussie (OOC: forgive me if i spelt it wrong!)
Suddenly the droship landed "Get off magit!" the catarle commander said as the hatch opened on the ship. Joe walked out of the ship and into the docking bay were he noticed a royal criuser, with someone walking off who looked important. Sudenly he burst and ran for the man. Half way there Joe felt an elecrical surge go through his body. "Gahh!!"
"You" the man said. "You know of my daughter don't you"
"I don't know anything" Joe said as he treid to get up.
"I want him treated nice, once he see's how good of allies we are then maybe he'll talk"
"Alrioght move" the comander said as he moved Joe down a hall way

02/05/2005 7:37 AM

Max and the creatur stopped at the edge of the forest before it turned into a barren wasteland. Max set up a small fire as he put away his lighter he looked at the amazing creature. It was stalking a perimetr around max and the fire occasionally munching on some foliage.
"I need to give you a name...somthing ill remeber as well as you" Max said while lighting a cigar. the creature seemed to understand and went to sit down by Max playfully rolling on its side and grunting.

"Hmm...you know what Ill call a good name...but what to call you.." Max said while rubbing his chin. The creature stared into Max's eyes and he at the creatures. Max felt a weird sebsation in his head like small firworks bouncing in his brain and then he heard somthing unexpected one word, that rebouned in his mind and echoed in deep chasms of his concience.
Max looked at the creature again, its eyes were defintily its most striking feature, not so much the green color as the iris itself. It was very dark, infinte, all and nothing.
"How about Rikkits?..on my home planet it means...well....one who eyes that see past what is there." Rikkits looked at Max and did a facial expression that look much like a grin. Rikkits walked over at sat behind Max with a gentle thud. e curled his tail and rest his head on the ground, Max petted him affecntionately.
"Rest my freind....Rikkits"

02/06/2005 10:13 AM

Zero ran thru the streets of her hometown.People ran in terror as 5 transformed catarle attacked the town. Thru all the confusion she sees silver looking very calm and runs up to her.Zero opens her mouth to say something but no sound comes out. Silver looks at her sadly and says for her to run and hide then she dissapears. but as Zero turns to run she sees a catarle running towards her and everything goes black.

Zero wakes up breathing heavily." where am i?" says zero as she looks around. she appeared to be on a ship of some sort.As she looks around she sees very few traces of people who lived in her town on the ship. many of the people unconcious. her fox ears then twitch as she hears a different dialect that she couldbarely understand but sounded familiar. she goes to look and sees.."a Catarle?"

02/06/2005 12:41 PM

Joe looked around at the area that they were keeping the prisoners. The space was a little better that a regular prison but thats not saying much. Joe imediatly put his hand to his neck "DAMN" he said as he felt the collar. He looked around for anyone who might be able to help, then he thought for a second and decided its best to let them come to you. He lay down on the cot and fell asleep.

02/06/2005 2:20 PM

Zero curls into a ball then notices the collar around her neck"huh?idon' t remember putting this on?"she tries taking it off but a small shock from the collar prevented her from doing so" ow! damn it!" she looks for a knife or a dagger to cut it off but fails to find one.

02/06/2005 10:31 PM

Soren watched the two new prisoners struggle with their collars, and knew their efforts would be wasted. One rolled over and went to sleep, but the other looked like she was going to try to continue to free herself. She inched her way over to the side of her cell so she could get the attention of the new female prisoner. "Psssssttttt" she whispered, wondering if it was loud enough to be heard.

02/07/2005 4:42 AM

Suddenly, there was a loud thud and the door opened revealing Max in the doorway.
"Dude! you found me!, quick, get me out and these two also.: Joe said happily.

"Dont get your hopes up" Max said sadly as he was thrown into a cell by a Catarle. He looked at the angry looks on the prisoners around him. He smiled and waved meekly.

"Hi guys....." was all Max could say.

02/07/2005 7:17 AM

Yuusei and Malaria were heading back twards the camp when she Malaria started to hiss and grawl and stopped running.
Yuusei "whats wrong?"
All of the sudden Malaria jumped into the air and bit into the air. A figure appeared and Yuusei realized it was a Catarle. Then ten more appeared. Yuusei began to run then she felt a sharp pain in her side. She looked back to see Malaria getting kicked in the side. Yuusei attacked the Catarle beating Malaria. Another one hit her from behind. She blacked out. Malaria just kept attacked. She was hit with a trank.

Yuusei woke up to find herself in a holding bay surounded by what looked like inhabitence of the planet. She heard a screech. "Malaria?"
Yuusei knew that she was in pain. She curled into a ball with her head resting on her knees. "How do I get out of this? Joe....Max....Roy....Somebody....."

02/07/2005 12:05 PM

Joe stared at Max and then at the other two in the cell "So no what" joe said as he paced back and forth nervously "We just sit here and let then get Yuusei" Joe looked at all of the collars. Then he looked a max "I know you have beer!" he said as he walked over to Max start drinking heavly" joe said as e continued to pac

02/07/2005 12:22 PM

Suddenly, there was a loud thud and the door opened revealing Max in the doorway.
"Dude! you found me!, quick, get me out and these two also.: Joe said happily.

"Dont get your hopes up" Max said sadly as he was thrown into a cell by a Catarle. He looked at the angry looks on the prisoners around him. He smiled and waved meekly.

"Hi guys....." was all Max could say.

Zero's fox ears perked up. she stopped trying to take her collar off to see what all the noise was about. another prisoner? she thought then she went back to take off her collar

02/07/2005 12:27 PM

Roy moved toward the pickup point. He was going to meet Jake at the extraction area, a clearing about a kilometer ahead of him. That's where he was going to meet the rest of the crew to drop off his hostage and to conduct a rescue op.

The rest of the team had been captured, by the intercepted transmissions and the location judged by the Neural implants recieved by every soldier. He only had one signal to work off of, but the Catarle could be using a implant inhibitor around the necks. It seemed as though one of them was smart enough to ask the implant to be moved to another body part. Or it could be a trap. Whatever it was, with the Illiad's heavy weapons systems, the Catarle were in for a surprise.

The basic plan was to open up with a light barrage from the Illiad, to shock the Catarle, then follow it up with Roy going in with Jake, while the crew aboard the Illiad will manage some type of extraction point about 3 miles from the prison building.

Roy sprinted off to the Illiad. He was willing to bet his poor soldiers were getting the worst torture thought of by the villanous Catarle. he wanted to get off this planet now... And that sick dinosaur thing sure didn't help things. Roy shivered. He couldn't help himself. Whatever it was, it isn't alive anymore, but that was just one. If there were more out there... Roy had a sudden urge to go home. Go anywhere, this planet wasn't safe, end of disscusion. There were not going to be any colonist on this planet-ever. Roy promised himself that.

02/07/2005 1:09 PM

Zero's fox ears perked up. she stopped trying to take her collar off to see what all the noise was about. another prisoner? she thought then she went back to take off her collar

"Hey" Soren whispered to the fox, "you can't get that off." She paused, "well, you CAN, but you shouldn't, it sets of an sensor in the guard station and they come here to put it back on for you. They're not very nice about it, either." She moved her collar up a bit so the fox could see the bruises on her neck and then showed the bruises on her arms and face. "Trust me" she whispered, "you're better off if you can just keep quiet and out of the guard's sight."

02/07/2005 1:36 PM

"......"zero sat there a little discouraged that she couldn't take it off without getting caught." hn..."she smirked " i'll figure out a way..."she says.

02/07/2005 2:06 PM

Soren couldn't help but laugh a little under her breath. "well, foxes do have a tendency to be kinda sneaky - maybe that'll help in this case. My name is Soren, by the way."

02/07/2005 2:22 PM

" Pleasure to meet you.i'm zero"says zero

02/07/2005 2:31 PM

Yuusei tryed to stand up but felt such pain in ribs. "Those bastards! I got kicked!!!"

She tried to walk but fell.

"Damn I can't even walk. Whats that?"

A Catarle Officer walked into the cell bay and turned to her. "You are to be exicuted for trezen!"

"What the crap?! I don't even get a trial?!"

The Officer grabbed her by the hair and dragged her off to the exicution cell.

02/07/2005 4:02 PM

"Well hi Zero" Soren whispered. She looked around at the other folks there in the cell with her. "Are any of these with you?" she asked as she gestured around the room.

02/07/2005 4:07 PM

"Well hi Zero" Soren whispered. She looked around at the other folks there in the cell with her. "Are any of these with you?" she asked as she gestured around the room.

"ummmmmm uh uh" says zero as she shakes her head

02/07/2005 4:12 PM

Zero watchs as the officer took the catarle off to the execution cell." i should help her.it doesn't seem right"zero takes out two things out of her pocket a doll and a leaf. She sets the doll on the floor and it transforms in to a life like zero duplicate. she then puts the leaf on her head and turns in to a mouse. she skitters out of her cell and follows the officer.

02/07/2005 4:57 PM

Joe watched as the fox girl skireid away like a mouse. He then took the bottle away from Max as he went to drink accidently spilling it on his collar. Suddenly Max burst into flames! "AHH" he screamed
"Not like i planed but quikly some one help!" Joe screamed as he readied the bottle. suddenly the gaurd ran in, Joe smashed the beer bottle on his head and took the keys. "come on lets go"
"AHH it burns... wait my beer!" He said as he stoped rolling on the ground and started to try to get what little aclohal was left.
"LETS GO!!" joe said as he relised everyone "WE'll have to get these collars off later" Joe and max began to run down the hall way tword were they were bringing Yuusei, suddenly they passed the armory and stoped.
"We acn't fight without weapons" Max said as he opened the door and took his stuff out of a locker.
"Your right" joe grabbed his rifle and began to go up a ladder "i'll cover you now go!!"

02/07/2005 5:05 PM

Zero scurries across the floor being chased by several catarle " GYAAAAAH!! " she says in high pitched voice. she runs past joe and max.

02/07/2005 6:49 PM

Yuusei sensed something as she looked back. "Max? Joe?" she thought to herself.

Then she turned back facing forward. she then paused from walking, and proceed to knee one of the gaurds in the nether regans, and kick the other in the face. She then took off like a bird to find the others. As she ran the pain in her ribs came back and she calapsed in front of an open door where she swore she saw a kangaroo tale. "..*cough*...Ho...opp...ppy...*passes out*"

02/07/2005 8:26 PM

Soren took a brief moment to weigh out her options - stay here in the cell, strike out on her own, or follow a couple of drunks who went in search of high powered weapons. Not a great list of choices, she thought to herself, but if I'm gonna die here, I might as well go out in a blaze of glory! Seeing that the guard on the ground was still unconscious, she took his weapons and com devices, and went running down the cooridor after Joe and Max.

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02/07/2005 9:24 PM

Jake couldn't believe it; already the others had been captured. Though he and Roy would bring them back. Jake would make sure of that. As he calmly waited for Roy, he thought over all of the possibilities, all of the outcomes. They were almost too numerous.

He already had his equipment on him, his body, though he did wear a Zeus mark IV to protect his still human body parts. For his body was a weapon, for he had a rocket launcher for a left hand (his palm opens up and he shoots the rocket), a blade shot out from his right hand for melee combat, his right chest plate opened to reveal a mini-machine gun, his legs opened up from the sides to reveal missiles (Kind of like Heavy arms gundam from the gundam series). He also carried a M20, 2 dual pistols, and much more.

After a few more minutes of waiting, Jake saw Roy appear from the bushes. “Come on Roy, we got no time to lose.” Jake said as he ushered Roy into the Illiad. The Illiad then took off for their destination.

02/08/2005 4:49 AM

Max,Joe, and Soren were all fighting there way down the hall trying to save Yuusei.
"She fell right in front me, then that tiger thing dragged her down the hall!" Max said while pumping a Catarle full of lead. They werent getting anywere fast, suddenly Max's mind began to feel fireworks in his head again, he could hear Rikkits, in the chasms of his mind, but more cleary then before.
"Help......in....cargo.....one of my own...not infected....red mowhawk.....guards" thats all Max heard before the fireworks stopped. I got to save Rikkits! Max thought. Max spotted an elevator at the end of a hallway. He looked over at Joe and Soren.
"Heads up!" Max said throwing his last grenade. BOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!
"We got to make it to that elevator!" Max said sprinting down the hallway.
Joe grabbed his shoulder"First we have to save Yuusei!" Max looked at Joe and sighed frustrated.
"Soren! please I need your help! Joe, go after her Ill find you." Max said as he and Soren jumped into the elevator. Joe looked at the Max, there eyes met.
"We have to do what we have to do! go NOW!" as Max sad this the doors closed behind and he lost sight of Joe. Max slumped to the floor putting his hands on his head.
"This isnt a time to cry!" Soren said loading a rifle.
"Shh! Im trying to think" Max said.
"Will someone explain to me what the hell is going on!" Soren said
Max told her everything, he told her about the ship,the crash, and Rikkits.
"We have to save him! Theres somthing about him that no one knows about, he only told me! he is the key to saving this place! his people are enslaved and tortured by an ancient evil, we have to save him!" Just then the doors opened to reveal that the two were in a large storage warehouse. Rikkits and a red headed dino were fighting off countless guards. Max drew his battle dagger and ran into the fray tears in his eyes.

02/08/2005 11:55 AM

Seri walks in a dusk arura surrounding her. A slight breeze moved her black hair slightly.
She wore a blood red kimono, and ankle high leather boots. A hailbird was strapped upon her back, her sea blue eyes stareing at Max and his companions. "umm you ok? need assistance?" She weavered her hands around small orbs of light appearing infront of her. she stepped another foot forward...

02/08/2005 12:15 PM

Zero finnally outran the Catarle guards. she stops to catch her breath in a hallway transforms back into normal self. the electric collar was starting to suffocate her. she takes out a sharp object out of her pocket." heh i forgot i had this" she then cuts off her collar. a siren like alarm sounds. "....." Zero runs.

02/08/2005 12:23 PM

Joe began to leave the groop as he ran Max screamed"Joe were are you going?" joe looked back and slung his rifle over his shoulder. "I'll COVER YOU GUYS from the ROOF not the HALL WAY" joe said as he ran up to the roof and stopped at the door.
"So we wait for them to leave then we take care of her" the catarle said as joe slowly opened the door. He went behiend the first sniper and pushed him off the edge, as the second went to shoot him joe put a bulit in his leg. Joe went up to him and took his rifle and shot him in the other leg "No use killing you, that would be wrong" joe said as he put his head phones on "Nothing like meetal to drown out the gun shots". He pressed play and heard 'what is love baby don't hurt me no more, what is love"
"WTF!!!, this isn't my CD!!!"

02/08/2005 12:50 PM

The Illiad sped toward the prison bay. He had told the crew what to do. He and Jake were going down to the planet's surface. From there, they would pick up the rest of the soldiers and get off this crazy planet. The rest of his crew would stay aboard the Illiad. From there, they would organize a light artillery barrage, and pickup.

Roy was fully suited for war when he arrived in the drop ship. A flamethrower was slung over his shoulder, under his assault rifle slung the other way. He had two pistols in a shoulder holster and a hip holster, two grenade belts held poncho villa style, and a pack containing enough explosives and ammo to jump start a confederation army.

Jake and Roy made planet fall about 1.5 clicks away from the prison complex. Out of nowhere, Roy heard "Incoming Catarle! Evasive maneuvers necessary! We can open up one barrage, but then you two are on your own. I repeat, incoming Catarle. Pickup compromised. Sorry you two, get the prisoners and hole up in the prison. All of the neurals are back up, so whatever is going on now's your time to strike. Over and out."

The Illiad lifted up, and with a mixture of dread and fascination, watched the ship lift it's nose into the abyss of space. The ground shook from the rear thrusters, and with that the ship was off. Just before it left planet side, it opened it's weapons systems and with the feeling of satisfaction watched the fire head straight for the Catarle prison building.

And with that, they were alone. "Come-on Jake, we have a lot of ground to cover and not much time." Roy signaled the location of those under his command using his worldwide map and started jogging in that direction. Roy didn't want to be on this planet for another minute, however, he tried his best to hide his fear however, putting on his best "I don't care maggot, now move!" face on, and not giving his mind a chance to register the tought. He was going to get his crew back, and they were getting off this planet. But first things first, he had to make it to the prison and organize an attack strategy

02/08/2005 2:12 PM

Jake was suited up almost like Roy except he didn't have a flame thrower, he had a minigun. Dual Desert Eagles were strapped in his shoulder holsters, these were the only key differences in their set up. He had to smirk as he watched the Illiad open fire on the Catarle prison. He then began to jog off after Roy. Jake noticed that something was troubling Roy, but what could it be?

They continued on for another minute till they reached the prison. The Catarle seemed to be in utter confusion. Good that will work to our advantage. He might have wanted to go in guns-a-blazing but, that might be the wrong way to approach this. So he waited for Roy to signal to move in.

02/08/2005 4:23 PM

Yuusei awoke to realize she was on a big metal X. Her suit was taken off and stuck in the stupid little roman style dress. She closed her eyes hoping this wasn't happening to see Max and another dino thing fighting guards.

She then heard in her head "Kangaroo guy....cargo...other of my own....fighting...."
"What the?"

She looked out to the window into space. Looking at the stars..

"I can't die here...I won't let it...."

She began to pull at her bonds. Not even realizing the fact that razers popped out of the bonds, she was being cut in the wrists and ankles. as she pulled away the blood dripped to the floor.....first the ankle bonds broke. Still pulling, the wrist bonds wouldn't break....Finally in amence pain and agenced her will she screamed..
The Wrist bonds finally snaped. She collapsed to her knees and stood up and started heading twards the Cargo. Where she once walked blood was in its sted. As she walked there was a window. She looked at what she thought was a ship. One she had seen once before a long time ago.
"Have you finally come back for me?" She thought to herself...
The ship then faded. "I'm dalearious...He wouldn't....I don't even know if he is still...."
She heard the fighting in the cargo bay and began to run. She finally found someone.

02/08/2005 5:35 PM

Roy instantly broke the neck of one of the guards. Jake took care of the one opposite him. They bolted inside, only to find everything in total chaos. The Catarle were running around, screaming... Suddenly, something grabbed Roy from behind. Without a second thought, he used the palm of his hand to snap the creatures neck. Then the head fell off.

Roy shot around, stunned as he felt the weight displacement in his hand as he held the decapitated head up through a loose grip with the fingers. Spinning around, he saw this one was sick, just like the dinosaur he thought. Whatever had happened to this panet...

"Alright, change of plans," Roy stated to Jake. Whatever was going on here, the last thing he needed was to go in blind without a basic plan. "You handle the crew, i'm going to get to the bottom of this. Rondevou outside the building in the pickup zone in a half hour, should something happen to me... Leave, no matter what." Jack new what he meant. He was a professional, these things happened in this line of work.

Roy turned to the left, out a branching corridor from the main hallway. He needed to know everything about this alien spiecies, and he was going to find out. "Oh, catch." Roy commented as he tossed one of his grenade belts at Jake. "For the crew. When you find them." And with that, headed down the staircase into the lower levels.

02/08/2005 9:48 PM

Seri walks in a dusk arura surrounding her. A slight breeze moved her black hair slightly.
She wore a blood red kimono, and ankle high leather boots. A hailbird was strapped upon her back, her sea blue eyes stareing at Max and his companions. "umm you ok? need assistance?" She weavered her hands around small orbs of light appearing infront of her. she stepped another foot forward...

Soren sized up the woman in the red kimono, and decided that she'd rather have her on her side than against her. "We're making a break for it" she shouted over the ruckus around her. "I know the way to the escape pods, but we don't stand a chance of getting out of here as long as they've got fire power!" Taking another look at the small orbs of light, Soren cracked a smile as a thought hit her. "Wanna take a side-trip to engineering? I think these boys can handle the chaos here."

02/09/2005 3:01 AM

Joe put another tally on a sheet of paper as he sniped the next catarle "why do you leave me alive" the catarle thats he had sppared said.
"Because if i talk to someone while i work than its relaxing" joea said as he hit another catarle, he made a mark on a paper. Then he looked at the tally 50 "Look at that i hit the fifty mark without getting hit.
"And yet earlyier you were captured" the catarle said mockingly. Joe took out his knife and put it to the catarles neck.
"Keep talking and you won't see the light of tomarrow" the catarle stared at the knife. Joe looked the area over and noticed Roy, "damn i need him to see me" he lookeed over to the catarle. FIVE MINUTES LATER the catarle was drenched in lighter fluid
"are you shur this is safe" the catarle said nervously.
Joe light the match "yeah its perfectly safe and when roy sees me i'll put you out" ihe out the match on the catarle who suddenly burst into flames.
"THat never gets old" joe said as he looked for a recognishion of his home made flare

02/09/2005 3:26 AM

Yuusei reached the cargo bay. She saw the fighting. She found a Katana and joined in. She leaped on a gaurd and took him out and did this about 7 or 8 times when leaped onto Max. "Oops! Sorry Hoppy."
Max "Yuusei what the heck! Get off! Hey your alive!"
Yuusei "They can't hold me for long. Malaria!"
Max "Now how do we get out of here?"
Yuusei "watch and learn..."
She put a hancerchif over her nose and mouth then pulled out some green herbs and blew it in the direction of the guards.
The gaurds began to act a little loopy.
Max "What the hell did you do?"
Yuusei "I used Cat Nip...Bwehahahaha"

02/09/2005 12:16 PM

the many surrounded her. They climbed up her, swarmed her. Without them, she could never survive.

Together, they were unbeatable. Even when the first foods arrived, with thier pink bodies and killings, they had surrvived. When the next race had arrived, and killed the killers, with thier brown fur, she and the others had survived. Now, there was no hope for these other killers.

With big suits and shiny killing devices, she will survive. Food was food, and food is what they are. No matter how big.

With her eyes all around, she slowly devoured the brown food from the inside out. Stealing men, Luring them into traps for which there is no escape. But she keept enough to keep the killers away, or so she thought.

Now, this new threat do deal with. Watching him, watching this... Human walk right into her waiting arms. food is food, and food is all he is.

Missing persons report: Actonus 6, 4865.

Olinar got himself lost again. Probably his own stupid fault. Guy was about as bright as a damp rock in a dark tunnel. Anyway, he hasn't reported in for a few days. Thought i should mention it, since no one else has. I'm making this very casual because of the slim chances someone should find it.

The pirates life is not an easy one. First there's that whole "Fun planets" stuff they press on you. It's not, this place is just creepy. When we first landed, we saw some infected animals and plants. Captain decided to press on anyway. Then, people just start dissapearing off the face of the universe, and suddenly everyone's nervious. Then, rumors flying around that the people had found some dead bodies, but then they came back to life and attacked him. Word on the street is that the guys in quarantine, getting sicker every day.

Captain, if you find this, you can go s----

That was the end of the report. Roy had found a few more formal MP reports and files, but nothing to tell what was going on in this planet. So far, he had found no evidence that the Catarle knew what was going on and it looked like-

Suddenly, there was an ear piercing scream of pain, from down the hall, outside of the room he was in now. Roy turned swiftly on his heels and pulled his pistol out and had it pointed to the doors. He remembered about the thing with the missing guys... Roy Headed outside the file room and headed down to the origin of the scream. While walking, he pulled up Jake on his comm, he didn't want to go in alone, might as well have someone to talk to...

02/10/2005 12:00 PM

Zero stops running and slows down to a walk. she was probibly far from the catarle guards,and getting extremely lost running around the place,but what else could she do after cuting the collar off.Knowing what Soren said if she got caught she'd probibly be beaten and put back down in the prison cells.she stops to think and looks around and sees an air vent.several voice could be heard from the air vent." i wonder where this leads?" says zero as she climbs into the air vent.

02/10/2005 3:22 PM

Joe stared as the dropship landed suddenly he heard something crawling behiend him, as he looked behind him. A strange creature stood maybe three feet off the grounds hunched on all fours, it looked like something you'd see in an old Scifi movie. It stared at joe waiting for him to move. Joe took his rifle and put the scope up to his eye. The creature began to run twords joe at an amasing speed. Joe began to fire at it as it got closer it became harder to hit, joe was able to hit it in the stomach before it bit him. Joe pulled the trigger and blew a hole in the creatures head. Suddenly more began to come, "Fuck no"

02/11/2005 12:36 PM

Max breathed heavily, throwing away his last pair of pistols he began to fight hand to hand with the Catarle. He had lost his daggers after a fatal encounter with a Catarle tiger form. He decked a Catarle in the face, and whipped another with his tail. He suddenly felt a surge of electricity surge through his body.
"AGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed getting on his knees. He looked over and saw Rikkits getting jabbed with a electric pole like thingys by a few Catarle. Max gathered his energy and did a massive jump over to the Catarle. He grabbed a pole away from a guard and bashed his head in with it. The electric mechanism was malfunctioning so he used it as an extention of his arm and plowed through to Rikkits and Malarias cage. He threw the pole like a spear and impaled two Catarle. One of the bodys hit the door opening button and the cage opened. Rikkits bounded out to Max, Max jumped on Rikkits' back and grabbed another electric pole. Max could see Yuusei and Malaria doing the same. Max heard Rikkits.
"Lets....kick.....ASS!" Max looked into Rikkits' eyes and smiled.
"Sounds like a plan my freind"

02/13/2005 6:11 AM

Yuusei and Malaria where doing fine with this new plan do to the fact that if transformed again she would more then likely be without cloths. Her and Malaria were kicking ass when a small sonic bomb went off nocking both Max and Yuusei of Rikkits and Malaria.
"Max! Are you all.." Yuusei looking up to see the Grand High Royal Prince.
Max "Yuusei Im fine! This is no time for a staring contest!"
Prince "Yuusei" Grabing her by her hair. "You have betrayed our kind for the last time..you cannot hurt me and you ~"
Yuusei had kicked him in the balls. scratching her hear she said back to him "Think about it if I'm a trader why would I respect your wishes and surrender?"
The Prince unshethed his sword. Yuusei drew her Katana. They began to fight. She got the prince across the chest.
Yuusei felt a horrible pain in her ribbs again. she turned to see a transformed Catarle bitting Malaria in the ribbs. Malaria howled in pain. Rikkits nearly took the catarle's head off.
But while Yuusei was distracted the prince tackled her. "You know while you where gone your betrothed died. Then your betrothal passed to me. If you want I can end this right now, and save your little friends. I can parden you."
Yuusei "Like I really care. I'm not going to marry any of you sexist bastards! I Serve NOONE!" Energy began to flow throw her body. knocking the prince a good 20 feet. Her hair grew longer and her ears transformed. Her hands grew into paws and so did her feet, her teeth changed, and her fur changed to White with black stripes. Then the transformation stopped. Yuusei began to fight the prince again.
The Prince teriffied began to run but Malaria got in the way. All of the other Catarle stopped once they realized that Yuusei had the prince within her grasp and could kill him any moment she wished.
"Prince if you wish to save your own life, stop this. I will never go to Catar again if you erase my exsistence on that planet and never bother me again."
The Prince "Fine as you wish..." He stood up and growled in a deep pitch that only Catarles can here, letting every other Catarle on the ship know.

02/13/2005 6:55 AM

Joe began to open fire on the creatures with his pistols. As he unloaded his clips to put in new ones the creatures were easily killed thier the hardened exoskeleton was a black shinny color. As joe killed the last one he sat down and began to clutch his shoulder were he was bitten. suddenly he heard noises coming from the air vent. he took his pistol and aimed it at the grait covering the entrance. Then everything started to go dark, Joe fell fell asleep from exautsion.

02/13/2005 8:43 AM

Zero makes to an end of an air vent kicks her way out and steps out the air vent in to a hallway.she sees several dead creatures leading towards the way to the roof.she goes up to the roof and sees joe asleep.she walks over to him"hey? you ok?" zero asks.

02/13/2005 2:25 PM

Joe woke up and saw Zero standing in front of him "God i must be dreaming... or dead, or dead and dreaming" joe looked at his shoulder the bleeding had slowed down "do you know any first aid?" Joe said as he looked at Zero and noticed her neck.. the colar was gone "How did you get that off" joe said as he touched his.

02/13/2005 9:03 PM

Deciding she couldn't wait any longer for the woman in the red kimono to decide what she wanted to do, Soren bolted for engineering. At least, where she hoped engineering would be. If this ship was designed like most others, it was likely to be in a lower level. If she could get there and disable their external fire power, she could then make her way to an escape pod. After that, she wasn't sure what she'd do - but if she didn't succeed in her mission, it wouldn't matter much anyway. Maybe along the way she could gather up the other prisoners and they could make a run for it together. And maybe, she'd turn the next corner and get blown to smitherenes. You just never know how life's gambles will turn out" she thought to herself, but Soren was one who chose to play anyway.

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02/14/2005 3:22 AM

The prince believed he was scott free but Yuusei grabbed him by the neck.
"Oh no you don't...You are setting every prisoner on this ship free!"
The Prince "Thats asking too~"
He couldn't breathe. "Its either that or I squeeze your neck so hard your head pops off!"
The Prince nodded then Yuusei dropped him to the ground. Malaria and Rikkits where on either side of the price, looking at his as if he where a snack food.
Yuusei looked at Malaria "Can we eat him?"
Yuusei "No....maybe later..."
Max "That little change trick was awsome!!"

02/14/2005 12:52 PM

" no your not dead"says zero as examines the shoulder wound.she takes out a first aid kit from her pocket and starts fixing joes shoulder. "oh and i cut my collar off" she says as she continues to bandage joes shoulder.

02/14/2005 1:46 PM

Joe looked at his shoulder as zero bandged it. He then saw more of the creatures on the ground attacking catarle gaurds "Oh god we have to get inside" Joe said as he tried to stand up. He grabed his rifle "If we don't were sitting ducks up here" He clutched his shoulder from the pain. "Come on" he said slung his rifle over his good shoulder and began to grab his stuff.

02/14/2005 1:56 PM

Zero follows him,looking back at those creatures. she then turns her attentions to helping joe carry his stuff."i'll carry this"shes says as grabs onto his supplies and slings it over her shoulder.

02/15/2005 3:29 AM

Joe and zero began to walk down the stairs when they saw a catarle gaurd being attacked by one of the creatures. Joe took his pistol and began to fire at the things head, the bullets suckseffuly kitted the creature but the catarle didn't make it. Zero and Joe started to walk down the hall way agian. At the end stood a femail catarle warrior she took out her katan and stared at Zero and Joe. Joe knew that unless zero could fight too he could only do so much (Bad should). He turned to zero "Can you fight?" he said as he loaded his clip into his pistol.

02/15/2005 4:53 AM

There was an explosion that sent many of the creatures against the wall. Max walked through the smoking hole and looked at Joe.
"Waazzzuuppp!!!" he said blowing a three inch hole through a creatures chest with a shotgun/rifle/gun thingy.
"What the hell are you doing here?!" Joe said
"Rikkits, Malaria,and Yussei are fighting there way out I came to get ya!" said Max shooting a grenade from his wrist.
"Ill cover your ass, take down the bitch!" Max said fighting off creatures left and right.

02/15/2005 12:36 PM

zero stares at the female catarle"yeah i can fight" she takes out two kunais from her pocket and runs at the catarle.

02/15/2005 2:04 PM

Yuusei still in her odd transformed state lead Rikkits and Malaria back to the Dock bay. Rikkits looked back. Yuusei "Max well be here soon." Then she grabbed her head and chest in pain. She began to changed back to normal. Then more creatures showed up. She grabbed her Katana and started kicking ass.
Malaria and Rikkits went off and were killing thinks left and right.

02/15/2005 6:07 PM

oh dear GOD their are hundreds of them! Roy thought as he turned on his flame thrower. All suffered fatal blows, missing limbs, open rib cage, no legs, and all that stuff. All of them, however, had worm like things in them. Turning his flame thrower to the mass and opened up with a flame of fire-like plasma instantly turning the 25 or so closest to him into screaming flameballs, doing him the favor of lighting up the nearest 50.

however they were still moving. Pulling out his pistol, he unloaded a full clip into the undead, all lethal head shots. They fell, and stayed down. One leaped at him with impossible speed, and Roy had barely enough time to twist the butt of his flame-thrower into the creature's scull. He snapped another quick one's head with his right hand, and opened fire again. However, these guys appearently learned somehow from the other's mistakes, and charged Roy. He used his foot to decapitate three, and finished the rest off with a full mag from his assault rifle. this flame thrower thing was backfiring. Time to go!

Roy heard steps and hoped it wasn't another one of those things. Running full speed, Roy barreled up to the starcase, and burst it open using his sholder. Up above, he saw a strange woman, decided she was human, and used his armor to help him leap up the three floors to reach her. "That way's blocked off, c'mon!" He screamed fearfully, and roughly pulled her up the stairs. Right now, they needed to regroup, and get out of here, ASAP. He keyed on his communicator, and was surprised to hear Joe's voice on the other end.

02/15/2005 11:11 PM

Soren jumped in surprise when the strange man came hurling at her. She had no way of knowing if he was friend or foe, and prepared herself to fight him off. As he screamed about the way being blocked and pulled her up the stairs, Soren realized she didn't have much choice but to go along with him. The two of them had a better chance of escaping that either of them did alone - at the very least, they could watch each other's back. He seemed to know where he was going, so Soren ran along with him, keeping pace easily.

02/16/2005 3:23 AM

Yuusei was doing fine then a creature got her by the neck, refusing to let go.
*gasp* thinks to herself 'Damn...what do I do now?'
"Don't stop!"
Yuusei Looked out to see Malaria and Rikkits cornered.
Yuusei's eye turned bright yellow.
'I can't transform again...what to do?'

02/16/2005 4:44 AM

A huge pile of corpses flew through a wall and Max followed landing roughly. He got up and began to fight off the creatures with his daggers.
*shit*, he thought to himself *how are we going to fight off all of this!*

02/16/2005 11:52 AM

Roy slipped a clip into his pistol. He had a plan, but he would need this lady's help. The conversation with Joe had led him to believe these things were all over this planet. Evac probably wouldn't come for another couple of hours, so they would have to hold off somewhere. Not here, however. "Ok, lady, let's start off with the basics." Roy whispered, slowing down. She was fast, but that didn't mean she was a good fighter. Still, she could be, and that would be... Good. "What's your name?" Roy turned to her as he spoke, trying to make eye contact.

02/16/2005 11:56 AM

Joe looked at Zero, he loaded the clip into his gun then pionted him tworded the catarle woman. "I don't want to fight" she said as she sheathed her katana "Come on" she walked into the door she was gaurding.
"Should we follow her?" Joe asked Zero as he put his pistol away.

02/16/2005 12:03 PM

Zero agrees " im not in the mood for fighting anyway" she says as she puts her kunais away. " i guess we could follow her ,besides theres nothing else to do" she follows the female catarle thru the door

02/16/2005 12:04 PM

"Name's Soren" she responded while breathing heavily. "I would say 'nice to meet you' but given our circumstances, I'd rather have not met any of these people at all!" As anger crept into her voice, her face turned red. "I am the daughter of the Human Ambassador to these... things and I was held here during the negotiation process to ensure everything turned out in their favor." She paused for a moment, searching the military man up and down. "What's a guy like you doing in a place like this?" Soren asked with a quirky smile.

02/16/2005 12:14 PM

Roy let a smile creep upon his face. "We came here to investigate if the planet was habitable for human colonization. Right now I just want to get outta here. I have a plan"

If they could team up at the entrance, hopefully Jake still might have the explosives and they could use them to close the entrance down. It might stall the creatures for a few moments at least. They could make it to the rendezvous point they might be able to hold out for a few hours untill the rescue came. If not, it was better than going in without a plan. The only thing worse than being in deep trouble was being in deep trouble without a plan.

"Alright, now have you ever shot a gun before?"

02/16/2005 12:17 PM

Joe and Zero followed the catarle into the room, as they entered they saw that it was on total lock down. There was a large storage of WEOPONS and ammo in the corner. Joe looked around the room there seemed to have been nine catarle in all and four prisoners getting them selves equiped. Joe looked at Zero "if anything goes wrong i say we side with the catarle, they have the numbers" Joe looked at the prisoners necks "How come they don't have colars am i the only one with one on!!!"

02/16/2005 12:23 PM

Soren tried to keep herself from laughing at the man's question. "Have I ever shot a gun?" she replied. "Eh, a time or two. I'll be able to hold my own." She knew she'd be able to do more than that. She'd spent countless hours out at the shooting range with her bodyguard. Being an Ambassador's daughter, she was required to have one at all times, but he wanted to be sure she could protect herself if anything happened to him. Soren felt a pang of deep sorrow and loss as she remembered Jason - he'd died trying to save her from being kidnapped. His death is what had fueled her hatred toward these creatures, which is what had helped her stay alive.

"And as for your plan" she responded, "getting out of here is a good one. Do you know your way around here?"

02/16/2005 12:35 PM

Roy took out his pistol and tossed it to her. "Vaugely. Were gunna link up with the rest of my team first, i think they should be around here somewhere." He started to turn around and decided against it, saying, "If you want to head out, please don't let me stop you. If you do, best chances are if you go to our pickup spot. Otherwise, you might be here awhile." Starting to turn, he threw in, "I'd be overjoyed to have your company, don't get me wrong, but if you slow me down, which i doubt you will, it could get ugly, and i don't want to lose a man on this mission."

He didn't want to sound mean, but Roy felt an obligation to lay down the facts. Should something happen, and they get attacked, he didn't want to be left out in the dark with an unknown. If she was good, they might make it alive, if she wasn't... pesimism. Roy couldn't stop the smile that broke out over his lips. Typical, the last of all times he needed it, and his mind says he's being overcritical. It's just one of those days.

02/16/2005 2:06 PM

Soren reached out with one hand and caught the pistol easily, keeping her eyes locked with Roy's. She arched her eyebrow in response to his statements. Good she thought to herself, I hate it when men try to treat me with kid-gloves just because I'm a woman. Or an Ambassador's daughter. "I don't want to lose this mission either. I will keep up." She knew she could, but figured her skills would communicate that to him more effectively than her words would. "Lead on" she said while motioning her arm forward.

02/16/2005 4:26 PM

What the hell are these things? Jake thought to himself as he mowed down even more of the creatures with his minigun. Jake then chucked a grenade down the whole and blew up 10 of the creatures. He bolted as soon as he had thrown the grenade and dived into a room. He saw a catarle (Yuusei) being attacked by one of the creatures.

Instantly he began to mow down the creatures in his way. He then heard a click and knew that he had no more ammunition for the minigun and he threw it at a creature knocking it backwards. A creature jumped at him and with his right hand, snapped the creatures neck. All the while he used his left hand to shoot even more of the creatures with his assault rifle.

He slowly made his way over to the Catarle (Yuusei) and the creature holding her. He pointed his gun at the creature. “Let her go,” The creature let her go and looked at Jake before it jumped at him. “Bad mistake,” He said as he shot the creature in its stomach. The creature fell and that is when he noticed a worm like thing crawling out from it.

What the hell is that thing? He then looked down at the Catarle and pointed his gun at her. “Don’t move or I’ll shoot.” He then heard a growl behind him and looked to see more of the creatures entering the room. “Better yet, move!” Jake said this as he picked her up and began to run. Two of the creatures followed as if to protect her but, he didn’t take notice to them.

He took of with amazing speed as he bolted out of the room. “Got to find Roy and the others.”

02/18/2005 7:29 AM

Yuusei's face was turning a blueish colour.
She finally kicked the thing off of her. "That it! I'm Pissed."
She grabbed her 4 barrel shot guns and fired once and got it in the head.
"Cool! Its head exploded!"
Rikkits and Malaria sniffed the dead thing and nearlly passed out from the smell.
"What is this Zombies of outerspace? That sounds like a bad scifi movie.."

02/18/2005 3:48 PM

Malaria heard something in the vents and looked at it for a moment and ran for the door but it sealed. Yuusei looked up then about 25 of the zombie things fell from the vents.

"Rikkits you have to get hop..I mean Max's help I can only stop about 12 of them!"
She started shoting her rounds.

02/18/2005 6:04 PM

Max was getting tired, he was outnumbered 1:10 and was using his daggers left and right. Suddenly a loud boom came from the side and Rikkits ran through bellowing. e picked up Max in his teeth and flopped him on his back, did a 180, and ran back the way he came.
Yuusei needs our help! Rikkits thought to Max.
"Im coming" shouted Max

02/20/2005 8:45 PM

One of the zombie things that didn't get shot by Yuusie was pinned up agenced a wall and was about to get bitten when she sees a dagger go throgh the thing's head.
"Yeah yeah,....I'm awsome!"
"Lets get the hell out of here!!"
"hell yeah!"
So the two faced the zombies armed with two daggers and a Katana.

02/21/2005 11:35 AM

Zero equiped herself with a few guns.

"if anything goes wrong i say we side with the catarle, they have the numbers"

she nods as she agrees with joe to side with the catarle.

Joe looked at the prisoners necks "How come they don't have colars am i the only one with one on!!!"

" does it bother you that much that your the only one with those things on?"Zero stares then takes out her kunai and cuts off joes collar

02/21/2005 2:59 PM

Roy sprinted down the hall, and almost ran face first into Jake. "Hey man, come with us, we're gunna get the rest of the team." Still running, Roy continued to go to the rendezvous point. They were getting out of here.

03/01/2005 11:55 AM

Seri dashed after Roy and Jake wondering who they were. She pulled out a small length of rope Putting it over her schoulders she tied it at her chest Criss crossing it through her legs and over her hailbird to keep her clothes from ruffeling and moveing. She got dressed again and continued running to catch up. She fixed her skirt and shirt makeing sure they were straight. She slipped her hand into a slit in her skirt pulling small knife out form its scabbard that was strapped to her thigh. She pulled out a pair of lightly red tinted sunglasses. And stoppes a decent distance away from him just enough to watch him...

03/02/2005 4:50 PM

Jake continued running after Roy. “Who is the girl?” Jake nodded towards the girl following them. Though that didn't really matter at the moment. “We definitely need to find the rest of the team and get out of here, quickly."

03/08/2005 11:32 AM

Runs summoning up dark energy about her concealing herself into the shadows. She stops a moment to watch after them makeing sure her clothes were set and all of her weapons were in order. Then darts back after them another shadow in hideing.

03/09/2005 3:28 PM

what the hell? Roy thought briefly slowing down for a second. He could have sworn there was something up there... Picking up speed, Roy burst into the room where he was to meet the others, and turned on his heels and picked up his rifle sight to his eyes in order to cover the others coming in though the door.

03/11/2005 7:29 AM

Seri steps past the man with the rifle and reveals herself appearing as a black figure then her parts distiguishing themselves. "Hiya my names Serina. call me Seri." She smiled sheathing bakc her knife. Then pushes back a few stray strands of hair. "need some help?"

03/15/2005 11:22 AM

She stood behind him. " You guys ok?" then moves the hailbird on her back so it rested easy against her back.

03/15/2005 2:48 PM

what in the name of God, who is this lady!? Roy thought incredulously. Whoever it was, she was willing to help, and that's all that mattered. "Alright, cover everyone comeing in this door that looks alive, I'm going to find the others." And slinging his assault rifle over his shoulder, he swiftly turned around, looking for a door.

Spoting a well hidden one, Roy opened it and leaped through, looking for the rest of his crew. Seeing the hall was clear, Roy opened his communicator. "Joe?" he said tenatively. "Max? Anyone?"

03/21/2005 3:31 AM

Yuusei and Max still fighting looked at her hip, which lucklly still had the communicator.
"Joe, Max, anybody" ~ Roy
"Max Cover for a moment!"
"Roy, This is Yuusei! In cargo bay...... ah!"

03/22/2005 11:20 AM

Serina stood into the open doorway where she Drew her halbird the blade of it was glowing bright white. She brung up a hand to her face and pushed some hair out of her eyes. She herd the plea for help and ran over to Roy." She needs some help. Watch the door and I will be right back!" She did a backflip and her body disappeared into the shadows. She ran swift as the collar around her neck began to glow a slight blue. She shuddered as a giant hand came out of know where and grabbed onto her neck and flung her at the wall smashing through it.

Shadowed man. " I know your Weakness Serina. My master wants you back." He smiled evily a small smirk appearing on his lips. " And i get to have you after." He laughed stepping towards her, She tried to rise but with a small gesture of his hand a bolt of lightning swept though her body, her body arching in spasms. She looked over to see a sign saying 'cargo bay' She gasped in pain as he neared her slowly. The leather collar around her neck was a penatrateing blue." Don't make me kill you wench." He smirked and kicked her hard in the side and she coughed up a little blood. She twitched and fell into an Unconshious state,

03/23/2005 7:49 AM

Yuusei, after screaming because something grabbed ass, gathered her thoughts.
"Roy! Hoppy and I are in Cargo bay 13-e"
She turned around to Max and said "See we just might make it if we try and have faith in the others...."

03/28/2005 8:10 PM

She wakes up a moment after falling into unconshious a little energy running through her body into little spasms. " I... wont.... let.... you..... I'm....not...anyones......whoretoy..."HEr body shimmers as iiif she was made of air and water then she jumped into the air useing her own body weight adding to her slash with the Halbird.
Shadow" Hmm ... Fiesty... I love my woman that way." he smiled pulling out his sword to ward off her attack.
Seri-- " I dont think so!" She turned her weight backwards almost polevaulting off his sword and back flipped behind him bending her knee to absorb most of the impact. She turned around crouching putting her leg out aiming for his knee her leg and lands the hit home, bringing her foot up thrusting her knee up at the same time after kicking him in the groin. She quickly took her halbird down cutting deep into hit side.
" I am no ones whoretoy..." She flipped the halbird twice on the third go round she sheathed it. Then she headed back to Roy and his few comrades. She slowly picked out a com from her belt she scrummaged off of one of the others. "Hello? Anyone there?" She ran back to the spot she was at first to look for roy...

04/07/2005 6:08 PM

Roy had heard Yuuesi's plea for help and headed down to the east. Sprinting there, he had taken no account how the walls were getting wetter and wetter with slime, and the walls started to gain a suspicious reddish hue...

After making a left down a T shaped hallway, Roy pulled a sudden stop and looked around. in front of him, what looked like a hundred of the infected had popped out of the woodwork, and turning around, he saw he was cut off from the rear by overflooding amounts of the others surrounding him.

Realizing this would probably be his last fight, Roy put in special rounds for his assault rifle. Suddenly, a large number of blast went off in front of him, and Roy heard the shouts of a few friendly alien voices...

04/08/2005 8:16 AM

Serina noticed roy and stopped , then looked down the hallway. She looked at the walls and gasped and shivered. Seri ran forward her body glowing dark until she bleneded into her surrournding darkness. She stopped beside roy to watch what would happen, her Halbird was in her hands and the blade was begining to give off a feint whiteish glow.

She whispered into his ear before appearing " what the hell is that?" She quietly reappeared into view her body looking as if she were covered in her own shadow. She noticed he just finished loading his rifle when she stepped close as she could to him pressing her back to his. " Are you ok?" she said as a little bit of blood dripped out of the side of her mouth. She raised her hand to whipe the blood off on her sleeve to notice she had a smal gash in her arm. She quickly tore a part of her shirt off and wrapped it around her arm to stop the bleeding and held fast her ground.

04/09/2005 5:39 PM

(OOC:Im back bitches! damn this thread is good, the kangaroo is ready for action)

Max was bloody and torn, he and Yuusei, along with Rikkits and Malaria, were backed into a corner. Max had lost his daggers and was fighting with his fists. Yussei still had her katana.

Max spit out a glob of blood.

"We cant keep up this shit much longer!" he said.

"Whats wrong hoppy? not having fun?" Yuusei said smiling.

he smirked "Looks like were gonna die down here"

"Shit happens"

Max ripped a metal pipe off the hangar bay wall and got ready for combat.

*It has been an honor to meet you my friend* Rikkits said

*same here*

Max looked at the pipe in his hands. He ran forward swing wildly at creatures left and right, closely followed by Yussei cutting a bloody swath, Rikkits and Malaria tearing the creatures apart with their claws.

Max looked and saw a small metal console area, finally a break! he thought to himself.

Yuusei and Max both dashed into it closing the door behind thim. Rikkits and Malaria clambered on top of the console area, fighting off the stragglers. Max stared at the keyboard and groaned.

"More Spanish! what the hell?! what do Spaniards want with a crapload of freak zombies creatures!"

"Move over" Yuusie said and began to type, finally getting the screen to read english.

"Well thank god for that!" Max exclaimed.

"Look at this!" Yuusie said


"Special research: defense protocol"

"Oooh! OOOh! click on that"

"Okay lemme see.......evil lab......million dollar printout....herw we go defense system!"


Yuusie typed on the computer some more.

"That should do it..."

20 or so automatic guns came down from the hangar ceiling and began to tear the creatures to shreds.

Yuusei and Max hugged each other. You dont wanna know what Rikkits and Malaria were doing......

a door opened up behind them and they saw somthing they didnt expect.

To huge biomechanical mech suites, armed and ready.


"Yes Max...'

"I love explosives....."

"Me too..."

*several minutes lateter*


'This things rule!"

04/11/2005 3:20 AM

Yuusei and Max where 'Taring it up' as they say. Blowing things up left and right. Since all the zombie things finally died they decided to go find the others. "Hey Hoppy! Do you think anyone is left?"
"No clue! I hope so though cause I'm hungry!"
"Me too!"
Yuusei began to call over the radio.
Getting no responce, both Yuusei and Max where getting nervious.

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