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01/20/2005 9:18 PM

Ok this story is obviously set in forgotten realms..This story is based on a book i am writing and I will play my main character Iorlas Isengrem.The exile is the name of the ship that Iorlas finds himself on as he seeks out his old friends and companions.He searches them out because he came across a evil and powerful artifact he now needs to destroy or the city of neverwinter will yet again fall into the hands of his enemies...The drow.He struggles to accept this role as he is an assassin and doesnt take to heart being a hero.This is an Rp based on forgotten realms so try and keep your characters based on that.There are no god like characters only skilled ones that means any of our characters can be hurt or wounded.If you want your character to thrive in this rp dont come off as invincible.This is an open rp.Anyone can join,but there are a few rules.If you post please put some thought and consideration for everyone elses characters.Please dont start any open fights or debates in this thread keep it at an rp and if you have a problem with something someone has posted simply ooc it.Once everyone has posted thier stats we will begin..

My character stats look like this and if everyone would follow the same format it would make for easier reading.

Iorlas Isengrem
Descritpion:Iorlas has lived his life as an assassin.He was never welcome to live amongst his elven brethren.He was never content with the riches he brought back from all of his campaigns,and always sought adventure and danger.He stands at 5'7 and weighs no more than 110 pounds.He has red hair down to his shoulders which he has a scar on his right eye.His prefered weapons are his Rapier "Deathwish" and his enchanted dagger "Shadowheart".He is arrogant and cold hearted.His tongue is as deadly as his blades,and he has killed many just for approaching him in the wrong manner.
Wearing:.He wears a light chain shirt underneath his shirt.An assassin garb over it which is black.he has a cloak and hood which are black too to blend in with the shadows.

01/21/2005 12:27 AM

Mind if I join in?

Eryyka Starhaven
Age: 22
Race: Human

Description and Background: Eryyka is of average height for a Human woman, standing at about 5'6". Her brown hair falls to just below her shoulders, and she usually keeps it done up in a tight ponytail, except for a few stray locks that tend to get lose and hang across her face. Despite the fact that she's still quite young, the rest of her body bears witness to the fact that hers has not been an easy life. Her brown eyes seem to carry a nearly constant look of resentment and wariness, except in the rare cases when she actually laughs. Her skin, though originally fair, is heavily tanned, and she bears a long, pale scar that runs the length of her left arm, possibly left by a blade. She has a tattoo of a rearing black stallion emblazoned on the back of her neck, and another, hastily etched one of a raven in flight on her upper left chest, just beneath her collarbone. Eryyka has worked for the last four years as a tracker and a guide for travelers through the various wildernesses throughout Faerun. As such, she is a well traveled individual, and has seen and done much.

Weapons: Eryyka carries a longsword strapped across her back, and a brace of daggers sheathed on twin belts that are slung low about her hips. She also owns a medium bow, though she doesn't always carry it unless she is traveling.

Clothing: Eryyka generally wears simple clothing, durable tunics and pants and leather boots that are suitable for her work. When she's on the job, she wears supple leather armor over her clothing. She rarely ever wears dresses.

01/21/2005 1:31 PM

(OOC The Exile, eh? Mind if I join?)

Race: Human

Background and Description: Vincent is a rouge at heart. He never fit in throughout his life and always felt alone and prosecuted. His black cloak is fastened at the neck by a silver lion brooch, which happens to be his family crest. Vincent's armor consists of a very mobile black mesh cuirass and bits of leather, the former was given to him as an initiation right into his old guild.

Vincent's blue/yellow eyes seem beautiful to many, though they also complement his tan skin very well. His long brown hair falls to his neck, where it begins to curl out.

Originally born in Nesme, his family moved to Luskan when he was still a child. He abandoned the cut throat city because he felt it was beneath him, and now travels around the major city's looking for any sort of work.

Weapons: Vincent is skilled with the use of swords and daggers. He carries a pair of twin silver short swords on his belt, and a dagger concealed in his boot.

Clothing: Black mesh armor worn over a black tunic. He wears a pair of soft leather boats on his feet, ideal for sneaking around. He tucks a pair of black pants into the boots, which is held up by an unremarkable belt. Over everything he wears a black travelers cloak that can be pulled over his head. He also has in his possession a very remarkable mask that he stole before leaving Luskan. It would seem that the white mask would stand out to many, though when he wears it, it seems that people barely notice the beautiful mask. Vincent knows that it contains magical properties, though he has yet to find out what they are.

01/22/2005 5:59 AM

OOC- of course you may join,we need a couple more people before we start though.

01/25/2005 3:10 PM

I'm not completely familiar with the Forgotten Realms world, so bear with me please.

Name: Zajan Edal

Race: Elf

Age: 135

Background: Zajan came from a fairly small village in a dense forest. Trained from childhood, he is skilled in a multitude of ranged arts, as well as close quarters combat.
Shortly after his training was concluded, a band of theives raided his village and demolished his family. He could do nothing to help, as he was far off in the woods ot this time, hunting for food. When he returned, everything was gone. Ever since that day, he has hunted the theives that destroyed his life.

Description/Wearing: Zajan's dark brown hair falls lightly to about mid-neck, and he stands at about 5'4". He wears a loose fitting black cloak over top of his thick leather armor. His leather is flexible since it is divided into peices that only cover his chest, back, shoulders, and forearms. His black pants are tucked into his leather boots with a bit of slack so that the cloth puffs out slightly at the rim of his boots.

Weapons: He carries an extremely durable longbow, made out of wood that is found only in the forest near his former village. He also carries a lightweight katana at his side, alongside a large quiver of arrows. A belt of throwing daggers can be found around his waist.

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02/15/2005 11:14 PM

The ocean was calm as the sun finally set over the north sea.It had been atleast a week since the ship had left the port of Waterdeep behind.Waterdeep was now in the hands of the Drow.Iorlas had the one artifact they wanted.The Sasprizan Gem.He clutched it in his hands now.Its power was unknown,but Iorlas knew how much it meant to the drow,and he didnt plan on lettting it fall into their hands.He pulled his cloak around him now as the wind picked up.This adventure had been interesting if nothing else.The elf had met his rival Aranis Tymaran in an epic fight above Waterdeep tower.The images flashed before his eyes now.A flurry of Sword slashes and parries.Aranis using his magic sword to knock Iorlas's dagger Shadowheart out of his hand.Iorlas then using his quick wit to throw his opponent off balance with a kick to the chest.Sending Aranis to his death by being impaled on an iron gate that guarded Waterdeep tower.Iorlas had slain his Drow rival,but somehow he couldnt bare to think that was the last time they would clash swords. "It cant be over.." Iorlas muttered to himself as the crew of the "Exile" went about their business."Can it?" Iorlas asked himself that question as the moonlight beamed down on the cold hearted assassin.

02/28/2005 2:59 PM

Zajan awoke in the dark cabin of the "Exile". He stared at the ceiling as the ship rocked back and forth, completely at the mercy of the waves. He brought himself to rise from the cot. He grabbed his cloak and lightly shut the door behind him as he stepped onto the deck. Through the thick mist, he saw his long time friend Iorlas, leaning on the rail. "What keeps you up friend?" Zajan made his way to the rail. "I expected to be the only one up at this time." Zajan's cloak flapped viciously in the powerful winds.

02/28/2005 3:13 PM

Iorlas turned towards his friend and they braced each others arms in a traditional salute."I am afraid this gem is more powerful than i at first had anticipated.." Iorlas's face grew grim as he talked on."I fear we will not be able to destroy it.."He sighed heavily and continued to lean on the rail.His eyes gazed at the dark waters now."I dont even know if i care to destroy it.."

03/01/2005 4:59 PM

Zajan thought carefully for a moment. "Well, I'm sure you realize that as long as you hold that gem, they'll continue to attack. We can't run forever... They'll catch up eventually." He turned his gaze upon the open waters. A dim light was cast upon the mist, giving it an eerie glow. Zajan studied the mist with an odd interest as he often did. He snapped back to reality and yawned quietly. He looked ahead of the boat and found a sharp light peircing through the darkness. "Hmmm.... I didn't expect to reach land this soon...." Zajan continued watching the light.

03/01/2005 5:40 PM

"We are entering the province of Menathil.I am afraid thats not land we are near..." Iorlas's eyes were now drawn to the light now. "Those light arent man made.."Iorlas gripped the hilt of his rapier.Those are the lights of Ungbenon..They were contructed as becons for sailors to find their way through the mists of Menathil.

"It is going to be a few days before we reach the sword coast, and then from there we ride to the city of neverwinter.My life long friend Findal will know what to do with the artifact."Iorlas gazed at the now bright beam of white light as it strobbed across the deck of the ship illuminating everything.

03/01/2005 6:05 PM

"I see. I'm not too familiar with these seas." The beam flashed again over the deck. "I guess I should get some sleep... I can't shake the feeling that something isn't right. Probably nothing but it's unnerving." He peered again at the light, groping its way through the darkness. He pulled his dark cloak tighter around himself as a particularly chilled breeze swept across the ship. "I hope we pass this area soon. The air reaks of evil." The air was tangible with the mist being so thick. The darkness seemed to press in around the ship.

04/20/2005 4:15 PM

Iorlas put the gem back in its place hanging from a silver chain from his neck underneath his black cloak.The assassin knew that there was something about the artifact that eluded him.Why had it been so easy to take from the drow queen? Iorlas thought to himself.The elf had single handedly wiped out all of her elite guards and managed to pry the gem from the center pedestal and vanish before the evil drow queen even knew what had happened.

Or so it seemed that way.Perhaps the gem would only be activated by the drow queen's powers.Reguardless the task set before The elf was twofold..Find what the gem was capable of, and then get rid of the cursed thing.The assassin snapped back to reality as a loud commotion on deck caused him to unsheath his dagger in natural instinct..

04/22/2005 2:08 PM

Zajan whipped himself around quickly and instinctively reached for his bow. Unfortunately he had left it in the cabin. His free hand found its way to a small dagger hidden in his boot. He was extremely tired and he could only barely make out several dark shadow zipping about the deck. One of them seemed to dissappear. He scanned the ship swiftly, searching for the missing object. It seemed like it came out of nowhere. A dagger flew from the darkness, and if it weren't for a small glint from the lighthouse, Zajan would have died right at that moment. As the glint met his eye, Zajan's dagger flew up and he very narrowly parried an attack from the unknown enemy.

"They're very fast. Almost as fast as you Iorlas. What do you say to that my friend? Hehe."

04/24/2005 10:32 AM

Iorlas didnt answer..His eyes focusing on the many different figures who had managed to come aboard the ship.Iorlas knew the figures were drow assassins, and he smirked at the idea.The elf faded into the shadows of the ship.He saw saliors being killed easily by the trained drow.Iorlas sheathed his enchanted dagger,and sprang forward snapping the neck of a female drow just as she was about to slit the throat of an unwary sailor.

Iorlas carefully ran his arm up the dead drow's arm and grabbed a hold of her knife.Two more dark elves sprang out of the shadows both of them wielding enchanted blades.
Again Iorlas smirked..His eyes darting back and forth.The first drow sprang forward first holding his enchanted blade behind his back followed by the other drow who was making his way behind the elf.Iorlas ducked at the last possible second the grotesque diseased blade swishing above him.He used the momentum against the first drow and sent his fist with deadly accuracy into the foolish attackers neck stunning him, then the elf sent his knee slamming into the drows stomach sealing the deal as the first attacker fell.The second attacker sprang from behind but disengaged at the last second and melted back into the shadows.

Iorlas laughed."Is this the best the dread mistress can do?" A glint of steel caught the elf assassins eye.He threw the drow dagger he had picked up with precise aim sending it home into the throat of the second attacker.The gurgling sound that produced made Iorlas chuckle some.Iorlas quickly moved on searching the ship for more drow.He found Zajan holding a drow onto the ground.Iorlas approached silently."Who sent you!?"Iorlas drew his rapier and pressed it against the drows throat.The female drow spit on his sword.In normal circumstances the elf would have killed anyone for doing that,but he needed information."What is your name?" He pressed the cursed rapier against her wind pipe.He felt the blades thirst, and it hungered for more bloodshed.

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05/24/2005 7:25 PM

Eryyka woke in the dead of night, wrapped tightly in her bedsheets, wondering what it was that had awakened her. She listened closely, but she couldn't determine immediately what it ws that had caught her attention. She was about to roll over and go back to sleep again when she heard it. A soft creak of the floorboards, just outside the door of her small cabin. Could it be one of the crew members, passing by? Perhaps, but the sound came again, still outside her door.

Acting on instinct, she pulled the long dagger out from beneath her pillow and rolled out of the tiny bed, keeping her sheets wrapped around her as she didn't have time to dress. She padded silently across the floor, and stood next to the door, pressed tightly against the wall. Not surprisingly, a moment later, the door stared to open. She waited until she saw the dark hand clutching the door knob, then grabbed the wrist and pulled the intruder inside.

A blade flashed in the darkness, and Eryyka barely threw herself out of the way. She slashed back at her opponent, and elicited a cry from him. She was back on her feet a moment later, driving the intruder - which she now recognized as a drow - against the wall with her momentum and body weight. She didn't give him a moment's respite, but rammed her dagger into his chest. Even as he dropped silently to the floor, she was moving out into the passageway, still clad only in the thin sheet from her cot.

She reached the deck a few minutes later, having slain one more drow. There, she saw Iorlas and his friend standing above the female drow. She stepped up next to them, wiping her dagger on the sheet. "Did I miss anything?" she asked quietly.

05/25/2005 6:24 AM

"Not at all..."The elf kept his gaze on the now kneeling drow.Iorlas seeing that the drow would not talk gracefully slit her throat with his devilish rapier.His sword seemed drink in all the blood that attempted to spew towards the deck of the ship.Iorlas said nothing as he wiped the blood from his beloved blade.

He greeted Eryyka with a grin."It was nice of you to join us."The assassin sheathed his sword.He stood facing her."I must say your choice in clothing is impressionable."

05/25/2005 9:19 AM

The bloody death of the female drow in front of her didn't seem to have much of an effect on Eryyka. She watched dispassionately, not seeming to care either way. It was evident that she had no love for drow in general.

"Yes, well," she said in reply, "I must say that I favor other ways of being woken up late at night. These drow were clumsy, else I doubt I would have lived to wake at all." She glanced down at the sheet she held tightly to her body. "And as for this, I'm sure you can understand. Our guests did not seem inclined to wait while I dressed."

She glanced around at the bodies strewn across the deck. "Are these friends of yours, or is it just coincidence that a bladesman like you and a bunch of drow assassins happen to be on the same ship at once?"

05/25/2005 11:35 AM

"It is no coincidence my lady.."Iorlas eyed the human with obvious distrust."Perhaps I would be able to explain everything once you have gotten yourself some proper clothing.Iorlas pulled his hair back into a ponytail revealing the scar on his right eye that ran down his cheek, and stopped abrubtly.

Iorlas was a magnificent sight.His red hair complimented his pale elven skin."May I ask for your name?"

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05/27/2005 5:25 PM

"Yes, I would definitely like an explanation," she replied. "I won't keep you waiting for long." She turned and started back down toward her cabin. "You may call me Eryyka," she said over her shoulder as she went.

Once she had reached her cabin, she quickly changed into her normal clothing, then hurried back up onto the deck, once again armed with her usual array of weaponry. "Now then," she said calmly as she stood next to the railing of the ship. "What's going on here? Were those drow after you? And if they were, why? They don't trifle with mere trouble makers. You must have made them mad if they're after you."

05/28/2005 7:05 AM

Iorlas smiled some as he pulled the gem from the chain that hung from his neck.The gem swirled with red, and black."It was not me they were after..."He placed the gem back around his neck and tucked it away under his garments."I do not know its purpose, but i know how much this gem means to the drow.."

"I was sent to retrieve the atrifact by my employer, but when i returned the drow had taken waterdeep and his demise was certain."The assassin leaned against the rail of the ship."Im taking it to my life long friend Fingal.He will know what must be done with it.Dawn started to break over the horizon.The crew of the ship was already going about there work.Iorlas stared intently into the oceans depths.The face that he recognized as his own, stared back at him.

"I dont want this..I dont want to be a hero..." Iorlas thought to himself.

05/29/2005 6:56 AM

Eryyka studied the gem as best as she could, but Iorlas put it away quickly. Naturally, she was curious about it; there were all kinds of questions she wanted to ask. But she knew that Iorlas did not entirely trust her yet, and she couldn't blame him for that. She wasn't sure she trusted him either. In time, he would tell her, if he thought she needed to know.

She nodded and was silent for a moment, leaving him alone with his thoughts for a brief moment. As the dawn spread across the horizon, and swift breeze sprang up, making her stray locks of hair fly about her face. She reached up with one hand to brush them back. "Who exactly was your employer?" she asked, deciding to take an indirect approach. "Somebody important, I take it?"

05/30/2005 9:00 AM

Eryyka broke the silence with her question bringing the assassin back to reality.Iorlas turned around his green elven eyes meeting hers."My employer was my mentor."Iorlas paused for a moment reflecting on his past."Perhaps you have heard of Elaith Craulnober?"Iorlas smirked some as a flashback of his mentor echoed through his head.

The intense training Elaith had put him through was insane, and that was understating it, but Elaith made Iorlas into a monster a cold murderer.Iorlas Isengrem was known to have no remorse.He had walked the streets of waterdeep knowing people where terrified of him.He was the only assassin that could walk the streets in broad daylight, and not fear retribution.

05/30/2005 2:59 PM

For a moment, a knowing look flashed through Eryyka's eyes, but then she shrugged nonchalantly. "I've heard the the name," she said casually as she continued to stare out at the ocean beyond the ship. "But nothing more than rumors about him." To someone who knew her, it would be apparent that she knew more than that, but to a stranger like Iorlas, it would be all but impossible to tell.

"I can understand if you don't want to talk about it," she said, somewhat apologetically.

06/01/2005 2:14 PM

With the all the drow defeated, Zajan had the chance to retrieve his arsenal. While Iorlas and Eryyka conversed, he made his way down to his cabin. After clipping his katana to his belt at his side and fixing his quiver directly below its hilt, Zajan took his bow in hand and returned to the deck.

The sun was already heating the deck enough to cause it to emit a slight steam. Zajan walked lightly across the ship to where his friend was standing. "I'd hate to interupt, but this must be brought up before we reach harbor. These assassins were dispatched easily enough. However, the Dread Mistress will surely notice the absence of her 'employees'. More, well-trained warriors will be after soon. No doubt of that. Also, since the Mistress knew what ship we were on, she most likely knows where we're going to land. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a battalion of drow waiting for us as soon as we set foot on land."

Zajan's deep brown hair blew in the light breeze as he stared at the bleeding drow. Deep thought all but consumed him as bloody memories of his past were brought back to mind.

06/02/2005 8:49 PM

"As always my friend...You are correct..There will be more drow, and possibly more dangerous things.. One can expect such of the dark elves."Iorlas turned to Eryyka."I do not mind discussing my past...I have no regret."Iorlas had a look of amusement on his face.It was not often he found himself conversing about his past.

Land could be seen now, and the seagulls flocked above.The exile began to make preparations to land.Port Llast was in sight now its many docks and boats lining the coast of the rather large town.Iorlas gathered his belongings which wasnt much his cloak and weapons, and his bag which he carried inside his cloak.

Iorlas's eyes scanned the shoreline for anything.His mind was at ease as they pulled into the port.The sailors shouting and going about thier business began to cast ropes and the anchor was dropped as they docked.

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06/03/2005 5:35 PM

Eryyka arched an eyebrow as she glanced back at Iorlas for a moment. "No regret?" she echoed. "Then you are one of the few. You should count yourself blessed." She glanced at the other man that approached them. "Sounds like the two of you have gotten yourselves into more than a little bit of trouble. I'm not sure that I want to be a part of it, though I don't suppose the drow will forgive me for slaying two of their own, simply because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

She looked back out at the rapidly approaching shoreline. "Still, I know these lands well, and if you two are strangers to it, I might be able to be of some service in guiding you through them, if you wish. I have to be here anyway, I might as well do something useful while I'm passing through." She carefully kept her eyes on the shorline, letting the two men think over her offer.

06/08/2005 9:03 PM

Iorlas smirked some."You are welcome to join us..."I will be staying at the local tavern, and if you have any need of me...you have but to ask.."Iorlas bowed politely, and walked off the ship onto the dock.The port was bustling with life as merchants sold thier wares to townsfolk, and sailors went about their business.

06/14/2005 2:35 AM

Zajan took a glance at the docks and everything seemed calm. He then turned to the female Human. "Quite sorry about that. I've forgotten my manners. My name is Zajan... Pleased to meet your acquaintence." Zajan bowed at the waist before Eryyka. "I'll also be taking my leave from this ship. I beleive we could all use some rest on solid earth. However, unlike my good friend Iorlas, I don't very much like to sleep inside. You can most likely find me on the branch of a tree somewhere near the tavern. That's what I've grown accustomed to from my childhood." Zajan took a look around the deck and began to gather his things.

06/21/2005 9:25 AM

"Very well then, I know where to find the both of you," Eryyka replied. She watched the two of them part, debating the wisdom of getting involved with either of them. Her common sense told her to leave well enough alone. Whenever the drow were involved with something, it was usually wise to stay clear of the situation. But on the other hand, her curiosity was now aroused, and she wondered what it was that the drow were after. The one called Iorlas had something they were after... and that something must have been powerful.

Once Iorlas had left the ship and Zajan was busy gathering his things, Eryyka went below and started to gather her own meager belongings. A few minutes later, she had reached the docks and was making her way down the pier. She needed someplace to find a nice, cool, relaxing drink...

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