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01/20/2005 2:41 PM

I was just wondering, Is it possible to add a picture to a reply??? Or in that matter, in your signature?

01/20/2005 2:45 PM

I should think so. *points at his signature* Hope you know some HTML though.

01/21/2005 8:16 PM

oog, html is annoying

01/22/2005 8:28 PM

So, correct me if I'm wrong, but I just have to put something like: "www.somethingsomething.whatever/the-pic-I-need-to-post.jpg"?

01/24/2005 7:02 AM

You need tags before the "http://blah blah blah" and after as well.

(http://img174.exs.cx/img174/9169/dragon026ax.jpg" width="282" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us)

If you have an image saved onto your computer, you will have to find a place to host it first. I don't know what to do if you find an image on another site.

*edited so many times because user wanted to make sure everything worked.
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01/24/2005 2:42 PM

stuff hosted on other sites won't always work... especially Angelfire.com hosted sites... they won't allow image hosting. I'm not sure on other sites....

01/29/2005 9:37 AM

i prefer just typing what i need. its quicker and easier. pictures dont say a thousand words.

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