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01/20/2005 12:13 PM

(I'm new and dont get anything so here it goes)
setting:a dark world where the werewolves roam freely,vampires capture and drink and the deamons kill and feast.

01/20/2005 7:33 PM

Iorlas Isengrem
Descritpion:Iorlas has lived his life as an assassin.He was never welcome to live amongst his elven brethren.He was never content with the riches he brought back from all of his campaigns,and always sought adventure and danger.He stands at 5'7 and weighs no more than 110 pounds.He has red hair down to his shoulders which he and a scar on his right eye.His prefered weapons are his Rapier "Deathwish" and his enchanted dagger "Shadowheart".He is arrogant and cold hearted.His tongue is as deadly as his blades,and he has killed many just for approaching him in the wrong manner.
Wearing:He wears clothing similar to my avatar the elf on the right.He wears a light chain shirt underneath his shirt.

02/11/2005 9:36 AM

name: Nevika Kartinof
age: 137
race: Sorceress
desc: Nevika is a very powerful sorceress, and has grown her strongest in the last century. She is very young, but overly powerful for her age. She is tall with long, brown, wavy hair reaching almost to her knees. With her dark eyes and complexion she is very beautiful.
wearing: Nevika wears a black cloak over a dark purple dress, with thick silver arm bands.

02/11/2005 9:43 AM

Nevika carefully exits her cave to stare out onto the open mountains surrounding her home. She is holding a long staff in her right hand, and on her shoulder sits a large reptile of some sorts. Peering down into the cliffs below she sees something out of the ordinary, a pack of werewolves seem to be sharing a freshly killed meal.

Turning quickly she re-enters the cave and walks toward a large round, shallow bowl in the middle of the dark cave. She waves her left hand over the bowl whilst continuing to hold the staff in the other. Something starts to come into veiw in what once was the empty bowl.

02/17/2005 4:33 AM

A week or so before, Thanyn had spotted the young elf standing near the exit of her cave. It had been complete chance, but the idea of a "young" woman living by herself immediately intrigued him. It seemed too simple for it to be true. He didn't know if he really would have done any sort of harm to the woman had she been as harmless as it appeared. But Thanyn was not stupid, not by any stretch of the imagination. If there was a young elf living alone in these dangerous parts, they could almost certainly take care of themselves. He toyed with the idea of going to meet her, his curiousity was killing him.

Ahead of him a pack of ravenous werewolves tore greedily into a dead animal... or person. Only one as strange as Thanyn would find it amusing to tease the werewolves, but such was life. He sat in a tree no more than fifteen yards from the feeding beasts. He quietly chanted a spell. A moment later the aforementioned soul that was being eaten rose from the ground in a screech of undead rage that could only come from a place as dark as beyond the grave. The damning scream gave Thanyn a shiver of giddy excitement throughout his body. He quickly caste an invisibilty spell incase those keen nocturnal eyes happen to look over here.

Of course one re-animated being could not stand against a pack of werewolves, even with it's enhanced undead strength. This fact Thanyn knew well, but nonetheless he didn't like werewolves much, so he thought it a good way to pass the time. Scaring and possibly killing one or two werewolves had a certain inherent satisfaction that was bestowed upon the perpetrator; in this case Thanyn.

After a few more moments of stifled laughter, the werewolves finally regained their balance and killed their prey once more, but this time did not dare to eat the remains. Thanyn had seen enough and made put the cloth roll he had been using as a pillow behind his head and fell asleep in the tree.

He dreamt evil dreams, and somewhere in there he entertained the notion of going to meet the elf woman.

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