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01/19/2005 1:29 PM

--Welldrinker's Tavern, a place in the town of Kusamorn, is a rather quiet humble inn. With brick walls, wood floor, a big fireplace, and a piano, Welldrinker's Tavern is a calm, serene place. Now it is winter and the Tavern is peaceful...--

The inside of the tavern was calm as Hjiad awoke from his upstairs bed. He walked down and noticed it was daylight, he walked out of the tavern put the "open sign" up and walked back inside to tend the bar.

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01/19/2005 5:17 PM

Richard awoke to a pounding headache, the byproduct of last nights brawl. He quickly got up and looked around, his armor lay in the corner of the stable so he paced over and began putting it on. A horse nearby whinnied as the man fell over, losing his balance as he went to pick up his great sword. After a few moments of struggling on the ground, he finally got back to his feat and fastened the great sword onto his back.

As he exited the stable, he was greeted by a chill breeze and rising sun. He slowly made his way down the many avenues and side-streets to stand before a welcoming site, Welldrinker's Tavern. The place had become his home in the past few days.

01/19/2005 5:33 PM

Hjiad saw Richard standing outside and waved,Hjiad didn't know him that well but he had been visiting the tavern every day for a few days. While polishing glasses and wiping tables Hjiad motioned for him to come in.

01/19/2005 6:06 PM

Richard slowly made his way up the steps into the establishment as the tavern keep waved him in. He sat down at the table near the window, he loved to sit and stare at nature, he somehow felt contented to watch the powerfull force work its magic. He waved at the tavern keep who was standing the bar, beckoning for an ale.

01/19/2005 6:22 PM

Hjiad filled a glass up with ale and sat it on Richard's table.

"Ello' there Richard, how's life been treating ye'?"

Hjiad noticed the sword strapped on Richard's back and wondered if the human could wield it as well as he carried it. Hjiad walked back to the bar to put the ale bottle away.

"Ey, where'd you get that there sword yer always carryin' around?"

01/19/2005 6:30 PM

"It is a long story my friend, one full of happiness and sadness, of adventure and heroes," Richard called back to Hjiad, a smile on his face though the sadness in his eyes could clearly be seen. He had wondered into this town only about a week before, then shortly after arriving he found Welldrinker's Tavern, where he could escape his blank existence by drowning it in the bottom of his glass.

01/19/2005 6:51 PM

Hjiad sat down beside Richard.

"I've got time for a story, lad, go on"

01/19/2005 7:54 PM

"Indeed," Richard replied, turning to gaze out of the window. "I will make this quick and to the point, perhaps I will fill in certain details that you wish to know more of later on. I fear that it may be too long," Richard turned his gaze back on Hjiad.

"In my younger days, I aspired to be a knight. It was not that difficult a thing since my father was a well-respected gentlemen and so I was accepted into training. I gave up all ties to family and heritage when I took my oath. I accepted it without falter, knowing that I had a new family know, the Knights of Tarvyn," Richard retold the story of his younger life, a bit of sparkle returning to his eyes.

"My first mission came soon after my knighthood. Oh, the adrenaline was running high then, slashing orc heads with my great sword," he pointed to the sword, which he had now taken off his back and propped on the wall. "I can never recall a happier time in my life than the time I spent then, not caring about anything but the present. Not wanting anything and owing no man anything," his eyes began to lose some of their sparkle then, a tear appearing in the corner of his eye. "Forgive me, I can not go on," he laid his head on the table and began to sob.

01/19/2005 8:02 PM

"Slashing Orc heads, ay?!?"

Hjiad's anger fumed for a moment, but quickly faltered.

"Ah, nevermind ye, i'm too old to care...it's quite alright laddie, you don't have to go on with yer story there, it looks like you have some skeletons that need tended to, and I'm no gravekeeper, so i'll leave ye be."

Hjiad got up out of the chair and went back to the bar, today wasn't that busy, Richard was the only one there yet. Hjiad went back to polishing glasses, and wiping tables.

"If you need somethin' jus tell me lad."

01/19/2005 8:09 PM

Richard sat there with his head down a few moments, then the gravity of what he had just said began to sink in. He quickly pulled his head up.

"Forgive me kind sir, I am not saying anything bad of your race. Though, at the time it seemed the orc tribes were constantly at war with the humans," he said, his knight code would not let him so openly insult another. He could not let another pang of guilt haunt his heart.

01/19/2005 8:15 PM

"It's quite alright, I've heard the worst of it...and I've slain some of your kind as well. I remember the war you speak of, I grew up in the shu'zarn tribe, the war was all I lived for at the time..."

Hjiad pulled out an orcish hand axe, the handle was made of strong wood and wound with orcish leather. The blade of it had orcish runes inscribed, he showed it to Richard.

"Like yer there sword, my axe has tasted the blood of my enemies many a' time. Whatever fueds are kinds have had in the past, I feel that now we can live in harmony."

Hjiad walked over and extended his hand.

"All is forgiven, brother."

01/19/2005 8:20 PM

Richard looked at the imposing orc, Hjiad had his hand outstretched. Richard slowly brought his own up and shook the orcs.

"I do not believe all can be," Richard replied with a heavy heart.

01/19/2005 8:30 PM

Hjiad replied with a simple grunt, and turned away. He then filled a glass with ale for himself, he then raised the glass and chugged it all down.

"Even so...the alcohols still good, haha!"

Hjiad's cheerful demeanor was off-put by his sorrowful soul. He remembered his life before the tavern, and wept silently. The wars, the killing, the sacrifices, his brothren being slain before his eyes...all of this tugged at him like a thousand pound weight.

01/19/2005 11:23 PM

Ariel awoke to greet the day. She dresses quickly, putting on a rather faded blue dress. Heading downstairs, she makes her way into the kitchen and puts on an apron. With a small sigh, she surveys the damage from the previous night, munching on a crisp green apple. So many dirty dishes, so little time. Thankfully, doing the dishes wasn't her job. That was the job of that lazy ragamuffin Scoot, so named because he was so very good at dodging the blows of customers and avoiding work as much as possible.

Ariel tosses the apple core into the sink, then goes to Scoot's little hidey hole in the kitchen and shakes him awake. "Wake up Scoot, there's work to be done, and Cook will be here any moment." Scoot looks at her with one sleepy eye, then drags himself off the mattress under the long table.

With that done, Ariel puts more wood on the fire, and sets a pot of water on to boil. She heads out to the front of the tavern, to see what customers the early morning has brought.

She sees Hijad drinking and chatting with a lone customer. "Save some ale for the customers, Hijad." Ariel says teasingly.

01/20/2005 12:10 PM

Hjiad started smiling, while washing the glass he just chugged.

"Ey' good mornin to ya, lass. There's more than enough ale fer everyone, ay? Why don't you take a break and have a glass yerself."

Hjiad pulled an empty glass and filled it with ale, he then set it in front of Ariel.

"Go a'head lass, tell me what's on your mind..."

01/20/2005 2:38 PM

Richard barely noticed as the woman came into the common's room of the tavern, his attention was focused on the window. He looked at the slow falling snow, and dazed out.

He was back on his first mission, orcs had surrounded him and a few others who had been sent out to scout. Up ahead they could faintly hear the screaming of a woman. The orcs drove in, slashing with their crude weapons, their faces contorted with glee at the coming kills.

Richard jumped in his seat, sending his glass flying off of the table to shatter on the floor. Richard's face was sorrowful as the two looked up to regard him.

"Forgive me," he said softly, rising from his chair and making his way towards the broken glass.

01/20/2005 2:48 PM

Hjiad looked at Ariel.

"Eh, excuse me lass."

Hjiad walked over to Richard.

"Don' worry about cleanin that lad, I'll be out with a broom in jus a moment."

Hjiad walked over to the storage room and pulled out a broom and small bucket, he began to sweep up the shards of glass into the bucket.

Hjiad looked at Richard and spoke to him with gentle regard.

"A bit jumpy there, eh? Don't be embarrased friend, we all have our days."

01/20/2005 3:50 PM

"So we do," Richard replied, slowly rising from the broken glass. He gave the orc a quick nod and made his way back over to the window. Staring out, he slowly withdrew into himself and thoughts.

01/20/2005 4:03 PM


Hjiad walked back to the bar, still keeping his glare on Richard, and his sword. It gave him a strange feeling whenever he looked at it, he couldn't place it...

Richard was obviously conflicted, in Hjiad's eyes, but then again who isn't nowadays? Hjiad himself had things inside of him, things that he would take to his grave...

Hjiad pulled his axe back out and looked at it, stroked it, dreamed of using it again...
These were dangerous thoughts, Hjiad said to himself as he quickly put the axe back down, under the counter.

Hjiad looked at Ariel, she was silent as she sipped her ale. Hjiad went to an empty table and sat down, thinking to himself.

01/23/2005 10:10 PM

"Go a'head lass, tell me what's on your mind..."

Ariel drinks in silence, and starts to say something, only to be startled by the sudden crash of glass onto the floor.

"Mmm...not much really. Just thinking about all the work that has to be done around here. At least it's quiet so more can get done."

01/23/2005 10:18 PM

Hjiat leaned closer to Ariel to whisper.

"Don' mind em lass, he has alot on 'is mind, troubled man, he really is.."

Hjiat looked at Ariel and smiled

"Eh, work. Never much liked it myself! Haha! Why worry about work when there's a beatiful world to be enjoyed, ay?"

With that Hjiat pulled out another glass and fills it with ale, and chugs it down.

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