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01/16/2005 12:13 AM

"It seems that everything in the world is a neverending sea of futility," he thinks to himself as he plays with the last remaining embers of the fire. These words have been echoing in the mind of Carpius for the past six months, which is why he decided to go out on his own and find the true meaning of life, or as he puts it, the true meaning of his own existence. For these past months, he has been drifting from town to town sleeping wherever his head rests trying to understand the true meaning of the world as we know it. He curls up in his tattered animal skins, trying to find what warmth he can as the dusk slowly turns to nightfall. As he falls asleep, he drifts into a familiar dream, or nightmare as some might put it, of his childhood.

01/20/2005 11:43 AM

((Hi,Can I join plz??))

02/15/2005 5:46 PM

One champagne too many, the inebriated girl stumbled towards the door, her hand fought the handle while trying to keep her champagne from spilling. Through an impaired state, she finally succeeded in twisting the doorknob, passing the threshold of the mansion without tripping and groping her way towards the sculpted gardens and out the gates. Giggling with giddy, she gulped down the remaining wine, tipped the glass in a farewell to the cheery lights and the jocund screams that emanated from the mansion, and let go of her grip from the neck of the glass. A sweet soundly shatter of crystal shards, and she headed on her way home.

Except, she found herself tripping over a body tucked underneath an elm tree.

02/24/2005 8:54 PM

Avery walked up to the girl. She saw that her knee was badley scrpaed. Avery quickly bandaged it.

03/09/2005 6:52 PM

Raina wakes up in a room gasping. She just had a nightmare, where there were shadows and no light. Raina looks around hoping that everything is normal. "Everything is normal..." she thought, "everthing is normal..." She pulled the sheets over her body and closes her eyes. A shawdow figure appears in a corner, sliding on the walls...

03/10/2005 7:05 PM

*a man more intriguied with science and knowledge than athletics and athletes, is sittin in the park reading a book he looks up to the stars and asks to himself* "what is the meaning of life?"he turns back to the book the park is located towards the front of the apartments/room he concentrates on the book more now*

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