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01/15/2005 12:16 AM

The year is 2021. Korea finnaly stopped threatening nuclear war and finnaly started one. The results were smashed cities, blasted wastelands, and few survivors. The middle east is a hotbed of war, with missiles flying and bullets finding homes in new bodies. North America resembles something out of 28 days later without the rabid people. In fact with barely any people at all. Any one smart enough and strong enough to avoid the radiation and ilness, is constantly on the run from nomadic raiders. The Raider blast through settlements, raping, pillaging and plundering before fadeing away just as quickly.

Alberta: Tofield, Canada.

Mike shivered in the brutal cold, barely kept at bay by his thick parka and touque. His hands were shoved deep in his pockets and still cold. The glasses perched on his slender nose were coated in frost from his respiration, and he wasnt gettining inside anytime soon. Him and a group of other survivors had been raiding the empty military base five miles out of city limits. The sleds they were pulling manually contained enough IMP Rations to feed the village for another two weeks, amunition in case the marauders were desperate enough to brave the cold and sack Tofield, and wool blankets. The thermometer in his friends watch was sitting at minus thirty five and slowly dropping. However the dim lights of Tofield were getting closer and soon they would reach the settlement. They had packed bedrolls and other such overnight neccesitie, bu they would die if it came to that. It was just so cold. Mike turned to his best friend and cracked a lame joke.

"Hot enough for ya?"

He didnt expect a laugh and didnt get one. He was the only one who hadnt run out of breath yet, but he was on his last lung. The group stopped about two miles away, resting and getting what little breath they could from the cold air. It was gonna be hard getting there in time, everyone was tired and dusk was fading rapidly to dark.

"Cmon guys, lets get moving. The suns going down."

They graabed the straps of the large sled and wrapped them around their waists again, plunging through the knee high snow and thinking of fire places and space heaters. Both of which were almost nonexistant in The Pile.

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