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01/15/2005 12:13 AM

(OOC, this is a massive battle between the evil races (orcs, giants, riff-raff, etc.) and goodly races (paladins, etc). Evermoor is an outpost in the rocky, mountanous terrain of Tyrl and is currently under seige. Evermoor is bordered by a river to the east, forests to the south and west, and mountains to the north. Anyone feel free to join. This is mostly going to be a bunch of battles once we get the background and characters introduced.)

Vincent sat beside the throne as the messanger rushed to the king. "My Lord, our reports say that the orcs have gained re-enforcements from the Moutains of Clargon and Shadow Forest. If the scouts were correct they could arrive in the next ten day," the messanger relayed to the king.

Suddenly, all activities in the throne room halted, each man holding his breath at the news. Vincent stood very still, contemplating what this could mean for Evermoor. They had been under seige for a few weeks now, and it seemed that they were about to break through the blockade. Now this grim news surfaced.

01/22/2005 7:28 PM

Vincent walked along the parapets of Evermoor's southern wall. Down below he could see the minor knights of the keep preparing the walls for the coming assault. He was alone to his thoughts as a young knight rushed up to him, his face flustered and red.

"Lord Vincent, orcs have been spotted near the border of Shadow Forest. The Commander specifically asked for you, report immediately to command post," the young knight quickly informed Vincent.

Vincent gave the knight a quick nod and hurried through the south gate where a score of soldiers had set up camp, each grim faced and exhausted. The blockade was beginning to take its toll on the inhabitants of Evermoor. Already, all of the scattered farmers and herders had been ordered to report to Evermoor Keep, where they would help in the defense and wait out the blockade. Vincent thought to himself if it would all be in vain as he made his way through the fertile plain that bordered the forest.

He arrived shortly after to the command post, where he was greeted by another guard, this one however seemed to be a veteran of war. After a quick conversation, Vincent was led to the Commander's tent.

01/27/2005 7:09 PM

Assallya slipped across the battlements, her ebony silks fluttering about her as the wind slipped over her waif-like body. Her golden hair was like a glittering banner shining in the night. The elven woman was a figure of radiant beauty, a merchanter and sorceress who arraigned herself in the raiments of the southern deserts.

The enchantress frowned but only the shadow of a frown. It would not do to show her true feelings on being trapped in behind a dozen feet of stone. They would all die here she knew, if the King's banners did not heed the call. His foolishness would destroy them. He should have left his small folk to their own devices, to flee before the Orcish onslaught. They would have had more chance for survival, both they and him, had he not opened his arms and brought them all within the walls.

01/29/2005 11:27 AM

Inside the tent a man with medium length, tied in a ponytail, jet black hair turned to look at Vincent with jade green eyes. "Hello Lord Vincent," the man said as he bowed. His name was Jacob, and he had served Evermoor ever since he was able to wield a sword. He had mastered the way of the sword and currently wield a long sword. He waited for Vincent's reply.

01/29/2005 12:45 PM

A guardsman staring out over the wilderness gasped in surprise as Assallya strode by, her soft silks and exposed flesh unexpected on the harshness of the wall. The night wind was cold and if it were not for her amulet that warmed her she'd not be able to dress as she did in the silks of the south.

She was a diminutive woman and she had to raise herself up upon her toes to see between the crennelations.

"How fares the preparations?" she asked, her dulcety voice a soothing thing to the astonished soldier's ears.

"It does not bode well... my lady," he answered, pausing and unsure what to say in address, "the horde when last passed this way a thousand years ago destroyed all for a hundred leagues behind us. The best we can hope is that we are a rock in the river, too troublesome to destroy and that the waters shall flow around us and pass us by."

She smiled at his confusion concerning her station but did not correct him. She was no lady, a former slave become merchant through three husbands, all dead now and who was to say it was at her hand?

For a long moment she considered what would happen should the King's corpse be thrust over the wall. It was to no avail. There was little bargaining that could be down with Orcs, especially when they believed themselves invincible.

"Perhaps that will be so," she said to the veteran as she slipped silently away, "should your valor be sufficient and the gods kind."

01/29/2005 6:25 PM

"Jacob," Vincent replied with a smile, moving over to the man and clasping him firmly on the shoulder. "I heard that your company had spotted a few orcs, I trust it is nothing to difficult for the King's Commander," he said, a smile returning to his lips.

Vincent moved over towards the map table, pulling out a chair and sitting down upon his arrival. A resound sigh escaped his lips as he regarded the map in front of him.

"I trust that my calling does not bode well, does it?" Vincent said after examining the map, turning his head to once again regard Jacob.

01/30/2005 9:50 AM

(OOC: Orcs? Never fear for seth is here)

Seth stood atop the castle wall. Not on the walkway provided for gods but one the edge of the wall. The winds blew slightly, pushing his hair out behind him. His black cloak also responded to the wind. Seth jumped back into the walkway, continuing his self apointed patrol. He heard a familiar voice in a tent below him and suddenly remebered the last orc war. He strolled down the stairs and waited outside the tent.

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