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01/12/2005 7:15 PM

Well as you guys could have guessed I want to make this a Metal Gear Solid-esque thread. This thread is based on being on a mission in 2004 back when Saddam Huessien was suspected of have nuclear weapons, So the setting will be Iraq. You can play a heel or a good guy, its all up to you. Good guys will work for the Stealth Agency known as FOXHOUND. They will be based on stealth mainly but don't be afriad to run out and just attack. Heels will be Saddam's men people who will be protecting the Metal Gear in which the good guys will be after to destroy.

A Metal Gear is a new hi tech pretty much indestructable machine that is used for launching nuclear missles from Iraq to anywhere in the world. Following this post I will have a briefing for the faces, due to this the heels can not just counter everything as well as the good guys can not counter and expect every strike from the heels. Other then that everything is a free for all I have no idea how the rest will play out thats for everyone else to decide.

01/12/2005 7:46 PM

OOC: I am currently Recruiting this will be open for a 7 day period or at least till i get 10 ppl to sign up. The brifing is here to give a little insight on the whole plot. If your interested go to the OOC of this thread and fill in the forms. I will post and continue this RP when i have finished recruiting. Thanks


To all Special Ops personal......... it has been confirmed due to a leak in Saddam's ranks that there is in fact nuclear weapons. We have decided not to make a full out war becuase that will scare the public. This must be kept under the carpet. So the US, if giving you an all paid round trip plane and parachute into the outskirts of Iraq. We can not enter Iraqi air space because of laws and the risk of Saddam attacking us. You objective is to meet up with a contact I have arranged for you all to meet in Mirami Forest at an old abndoned base taken over by what they call themselves the liberation army. There you will talk to the leader of that "militia" and he will give you all the information on the nuclear weapons being made, locatoin and possibly p[ictures.... He used to work there I feel we can trust him. So from the drop off point we need you to head Northwest towards the base. Watch out for forest bases, bunkers and on patrol guards. If you are killed we will deny any questions about you and discard you. There will be no trace of your existance.

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01/18/2005 3:59 PM

Snake sat in his seat smoking a fresh cuban as he tried to think over the blistering loud roar of the plane engine. He looks over at the only two ecruits for the misison. They both look eager for a mission. Snake wants to make a good bang in this mission, maybe win a medal or two.

P.A. System: Alright, we have one shot at this so lets not screw p in 5 minutes you will be parachuting over the outskirts of Iraq, You know your mission from your previous briefing, so lets get to it. I'll talk to you all when your on the ground.

Snake stands up and throws his cigar on the ground and crushes it out with his foot. He grabs his Equipment, his two Magnums and his other things. He puts on his parachute. The hatch to the plane opens up and Snake looks over at the plain land under him. The two other recruits Exile and Nightmare. He nods, just then a buzzer goes off. Snake, Exile and Nightmare all jump off the plane they free fall for a few hundred feet and then pull a cord releasing the parachute They slowly drift to the ground...... Then all of a sudden the wind starts picking up. tossing the three men around, Snakes parachute collaspses he starts free falling again. He grabs his knife quickly and struggles the first few seconds bt cuts the parachute off. He quickly pulls the emergencey cord and the parachute opens. He is now totally offf coarse and seperated from the other two. He looks around he sees on of then about 4 mills to the left and the other 8 miles to right. He cant make out who is who.

But then drops the subject and looks at the ground where he is landing. He is still dropping too fast so he looks for bushes or anyhting but cant find any. So he archs his body so he starts dropping slwer but moving forward at the same tyme. He hits the ground but slides on his back for about 30 feet till finally his feet cath into the groudn enough to stop him. he lays his head back for a few seconds catching his breathe. He then takes off the parachute and stands up to get his surroundings..... He is in the middle of a large canyon, and cant see far.....

Nikki turns on his com and calls base.

"This is snake, we had a bit of trouble on the landing i cant find Exile or nightmare, we got split up in the air."

Colonal:"Well then your trained to be on your own I think you can manage ill see if they are alright but you can continue to the base, Your a lot farther away from the forest then i figured. So your going to have to get out of the cnyon you can't climb, but there is an exit towards the east. Call me aain if you have any trouble."

"Alright Snake, out"

"Damnit I better get on with my mission

01/18/2005 4:26 PM

Nightmare rose to his feet, his landing hadnt been bad, he had just been thrown off course and landed in a loose dune. He drew his side arm and glanced around. No one was there. He had seen someone land a few miles to the left, east. He refered to his compass and began walking. The sooner he got there, the better. NEO Wasnt paying him to watch his own feet. They'd be pissed if he didnt catch up to the two foxhounds. About an hour later he was getting close to the canyon, but there was a problem. There seemed to be more people around then usual. He could see a small iraqui patrol. Time to play the chameleon. He holstered his gun and drew his knife, sneaking down towards the squad, using the dessert to his advantage. The revolutionary camoflage, courtesy of canada and NEO, made him all but invisible against the sandy backdrop.

"Change your hair, you change your face."

Good thing he had his dyekit, he could mingle with the squad and take them out if they found snake and/or exile. He caught up to a straggler and promtly knocked him out. After he removed his uniform and equipment, he slit his throat. He plucked a mirror from his bag, inserted brown contacts into his eyes, quickly threw temporary dye into his hair and caught up with the squad, boasting an ak-47. The squad was searching the canyon, but not very well. One of them asked if he saw anything in iraqui. He replied in a perfect accent that he didnt, exactly mimmicing every nuance of the other mans language and also adapting the walk of a tired, untrained soldier. They didnt suspect him. He hoped no-one would contact him.

01/18/2005 4:41 PM

(OOC, are we allowed to control our conversations on the COM? Hope so. If I get anything wrong go ahead and tell me. No reason for you guys to hate me. haha)

Exile slowly rose, rubbing his head while his vision returned. He remembered jumping out of the plane but that was about it. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out the COM.

"Colonial, where am I?"

"What the hell boy, are you joking?"

"No sir, I got knocked unconscious and can't remember a thing."

"Damn rookie, your in Iraq."

The Colonial’s words seemed to jog his memory a bit.

"What am I doing here?"

"Exile, get off your ass and complete your objective."

The COM grew silent as the Colonial ended the transmission. Exile slowly put it away and drew out his GPS. The objective was not marked, it seemed FOXHOUND wanted to keep the utmost security about his mission in case he was captured or killed, making sure the terrorists could not identify his target. And at the moment, neither could he.

He slowly rose to his feet and took in his surroundings. He put his camo mask on as the sand around him began to pick up. He slowly walked up to the top of a dune, his vision still a little bleary, and looked out across the desert with his binoculars. Far to the west there seemed to be some sort of base. He quickly checked his gear and started off, figuring the base was as good a place to start as any.

01/18/2005 4:56 PM

Snake continued to go east to where he was told an exit would be. Just then something catches his ear. Snake runs behind a rock and hides behind it listening to what the sound was.... It was footsteps drawing nearer towards the west. Heclimbs up a mini stone wall and lays stomach down so he camoflagues into the ground. He pulls out his buiinoculars and sees a group of Iraki soldiers walkingo closer to him. He pulls out his M19 and aims at the farthest soldier in the back who seems to be lazily walking along. But he notces a walk pattern difference in the rest and also the way he held the Ak-47 was slightly different then the rest of them. So he took his aim away from the that soldier and aimed it at the one in the front of the pack......

Snake thinking: 5 Soliders, and that one in the back..... hmm.... Exile or Nightmare, I wonder who the one in the back is, I'll have to find out.

Snake shoots the leader of the pack in the head he instantly falls. The three other soldiers quickly check him out and notice he has been shot. The one other soldier is looking around.

Snake uses nano technology and sets the frequenmcy to an opn 1 mil radius so he can page the one soldier.

"This is snake, I can see you, who are you Nightmare or exil, dont speak out louyd thinki it its nanotech, you should know about it. Dont worry no one can here you. Ill keep them busy if u want or u can help me out just snap a few necksa bnut do it quick i dont want them paging bak to their boss."

Snake shoots another bullet hitting one of the other soldiers in the leg he falls to the ground screaming.

01/18/2005 6:53 PM

Nightmare smashed the butt of his rifle into the back of the closest soldier's head, rendering him unconcious. The other soldier raised his gun and was about to fire but Nightmare shot him square in the head with his silenced pistol. While he was doing this he sent the communication out.

"Nightmare, dont worry, theyre dead."

He knealt, removed the mans uniform and slit the dropped soldier's throat from ear to ear. He then tossed them to snake. He spoke outloud.

"Keep those, you may need them."

He screwed the silencer over the barrel, tightening the bore of it to fit the rifle's larger bullet. He set his specialized nanobud to a specific frequency exile's com would use. Lets hope he was in range. These FOXHOUND people were almost more wired then he was.

"unit Exile, this is nightmare, come in. Our location is... Somewhere, my gps is out. We're in a canyon. with a few corpses. What is your position?"

He turned to snake and spoke out loud.

"Does your gps work?"

He went about setting up a bonfire, removing fatigues from the soldiers and throwing equipment to the side. When the bodies were piled up, Nightmare stuck a match into the pile, igniting the clothes of one man. When the fire had caught to his satisfaction, Nightmare removed the uniform he was wearing. underneath it, he was wearing an amphibious combat suit with an air pack. He folded the combats up into a smaller then usual ball and threw his dessert combats on. He stepped back from the growing blaze and removed his colored contacts, putiing them in fluid to keep them as high quality as possible.

"Theres a base roughly north of here, if Exile doesnt contact us saying otherwise, he'll probably head there. We should move out."

He rose, flicking the safety on his rifel and putting a treasure from the pile of equipment on it. A scope. He waited for snake to finish anything and began scaling the wall of the canyon, which meandered a fair distance in either direction.

01/20/2005 2:58 PM

"Nightmare, Exile isnt responding think we should check it out before we get out of this canyon.... On second thought lets go."

Snake starts climbing the canyon wall, Catching up to nightmare...

"C'mon Nightmare, ur going way to slow god damn u must be a rookie. By the wy next time u decide to start a fire remind me to throw u in it. The smoke could and probably will give off our position. You need to think. Or I'll kill you myself."

With that Snake continues to climb the wall and after about an hour an a half cllimg Snake makes it to the top. With Nightmare about 10 minutes behind. Snake looks over the area and can't see anyone or anything. He pulls out his binoculars and searches the area more.

"Nightmare, we're about 2 miles away from the forest, and to answer your question, yes my GPS works but on my fall the battery fell out so basically its scrapped for this mission. Unless i find a battery. Anyways I'm going to run to that forest before we're ccaught meet up with me at the 52 latitude and 47 longitude. See ya there."

Snake starts to run for the forest, 2 miles was nothing in training they would make him run 12 miles a day in 4 hours with one break at 6 miles for 5 minutes. Snake was nearing the forest he, noticed it was a drop but he didnt have time to stop. He looked behind him nightmare was behind him. Snake jumped down the drop and slide on the ground. He slid for about 15 seconds and then he dug his feet in the ground to slow himself down right before the bottom. His feet dug in too deep and he began tumbling down the hill. He rolled and swtiched his direction until he hit his head of a tree when he landed in sitting motion. Snake leaning againbst trhe tree was unconcious.

01/20/2005 3:27 PM

Exile's radio picked up a slight disturbance as he made his way towards the base. He paid it little attention though as he spotted a sentry ahead.

Exile slowly stalked towards the guard, noting his routes and the way he held his rifle. It seemed to Exile that this man was a little fatigued, perhaps having not had a good sleep in a day or so. Exile pulled out his knife as he made his way towards a barrel that would conceal his presence until the sentry came back around. He ducked down, leaning against the barrel and barely breathed. His palms began to sweat and his breath quickened as the sentry's footsteps approached. Exile squeezed tighter on the handle, waiting until the last possible moment. The sentry walked past the barrel, oblivious to what it hid.

Exile slowly rose, being sure not to make a sound, and made his way towards the sentry, who was now fiddling with a cigarette. He had no clue that someone was behind him until it was too late. The guard's cigarette and lighter dropped to the ground as Exile's blade came across the man’s throat, severing his wind pipe.

01/20/2005 6:15 PM

Sonja Rubachev sighed and balled up her socks and stuck them into the tops of her combat boots as she laid her bare feet to rest in the stream trickling through the sparse wood. Iraq was a cold desolate place of much sand and wind but luckily, by some miracle, they'd constructed the base near to a river where some relief from the arid conditions prevailed. A good many civilians had to be displaced but Sonja didn't give it any thought.

The red headed russian soldier smiled and relaxed, stretching her tired muscles. She'd been patrolling all day, had been each day for weeks on end protecting the research facility where the Metal Gear was being constructed, not that she particularly knew what was being constructed. She wasn't anywhere near important enough for that information to be shared with her.

With a start she cocked her head at the sound of scrabbling feet and cascading soil, turned to see a man stumbling head over heel and slam himself bodily into a tree. At first she thought it was one of her fellow mercenaries or one of those pathetic Iraqi fools that ran around firing guns up into the air.

"Nyet," she said in Russian, "what is this? An American? Here?"

She quickly spun, picking up her Kalishnikov rifle and brought it to bear on the fallen and unconcious foxhound agent and quickly rushed over, feet still bare, to insure he was truly unconscious.

"Amerikansi!" she called out, keeping her gun trained on him, "Amerikansi do not move!"

This was such a stroke of luck. Sonja was considered one of the worst mercenaries in her group, the laughing stock. Capturing this American agent would go a long way to having them accept her. She didn't radio in, if she did she wouldn't get as much credit as she would walking him in on her own. She could just imagine their faces now...

01/20/2005 6:59 PM

Nightmare heard the shout across the base and groaned inwardly. Either Exile or Nake, one of the two. The nanobud in his ear activared, vibrating the bones. As he looked down from the top of the watch tower, he conversed with his control.

"NE to NEO Nightmare, whats your status?"

He was busy sniping out sentries who wouldnt be noticed with the ak. It was fun work, but he wanted grenades. That was even better.

"NEO Nightmare to NE, we have a problem. One of those foxhounds got busted by some russin chick, I can see her, but there's too much activity around her to snipe her out. I cant see the operative in question, but its definitely foxhound. He's wearing a combat suit. Recomended action?"

"Nightmare, those foxhound operatives have to get to the forest base. NE needs that information on metal gear. Intervene and neutrilize. NE Out."

Being a Neo Echelon operative could really suck. After guaging the wind for the long shot, he aimed to the woman's right, clicking over to full auto and dropping two obviously russian troops with a hail of sound/flash supressed 44 slugs. He gunned an iraqui on her left and centered on her forhead. His finger moved from the trigger, kicked the gun to repetition (single shot) and moved back to the four pound trigger. He slowly began squeezing, putting about three and a half on it before stopping. Damn Foxhound operative was in his way. He shot a nano message to him.

"Move damn it"

01/20/2005 7:31 PM

"Move damn it." Exile heard the voice in his head and immediately dove to the side, rolling down a sand dune. He immediately got up, weapons drawn and scanned the area. It seemed that no one was around as he hastily looked from one point to the next. Exile slowly walked back up the dune, staying low to the ground so not to be spotted. He peeked over the edge of the dune to survey the area, and as the same before he saw nothing since his last encounter with the sentry.

"Damn," he said to himself. Then placed his index finger on his temple.

"This is Exile, if anyone is out there I am in the desert. I see a small encampment ahead and I am going to scout the area," he cursed himself at the broad statement. He was still a little shaken from his first kill.

01/21/2005 7:45 PM

Snake heard a voice from his nanotech system, which slowly brought him to, he opened his eyes slowly, vision all blurred. He could amke out a shadow infront of him, He didn't think to much of it thinking it was probably nightmare or exile. Until he saw a shape of a gun pointed at him, He closed his eyes again, hesitated for a moent then in one swift move grabbed the gun twisted it out of the russians arms and aimed it at her.

"Who the hell are what are you doing here, Who do u work for. ANSWER ME!"

01/21/2005 8:01 PM

Sonja's emeraldine eyes were wide, staring down into her empty hands. She'd never in her life seen anyone that moved that fast, not even her comrades in arms. The man before her was something else, something beyond being a simple mercenary.

She was so stunned, so perplexed, that she forgot that her gun was locked, that only she was capable of firing the rifle. The rifle looked so much larger when an enemy had it, the barrel like a bottomless pit seeking to swallow her up. Sonja forgot how to speak English. Instead she babbled in Russian, her hands spread out before her begging him not to shoot as she took a single step backwards.

01/21/2005 8:07 PM

Nightmare sent a message out to Exile who he had heard earlier.

"Get in here, time to blitzkrieg."

He ripped the silencer off the rifle. It was time to do what he was trained for, raise hell. He slid down the ladder, landing behind a confused sentrie and promtly breaking his neck. Another sentry looked over and fell in a hail of gunfire. Nightmare dropped the empty AK. There were plenty others. He plucked the 9 mm out of the dead sentries holster, firing on a sniper that had set up on a small bunker. He ran around the watch tower, knocking the rifle shoved in his face out of the way before going around the sentry. He grabbed his neck and gun, using the gun to mow down the sniper and then killing the iraqui with a decent twist of his neck. He began running towards Snake's position, blasting anyone who got too close to his firing pattern.

01/22/2005 8:12 AM

Snake's vision now returning, he made a woman with red hair obviously russian due to accent and language. He stared her down eye to eye.

"Listen to me, Who do u work for, tell me in english or i will kill you. I have no problem gunning you down."

Gunfire catches snake's ear.

Snake thknking:Wtf is going on, one of those damn rookies are screwing up AGAIN! This is why i need to work alone.

Before the woman could answer snake dropped the gun walked up to her pulled out his knife and in a nother swift motion got her in a choke hold and the knife touching the skin of her throat. "woman tell me who you work for. Are you sent from the US, or are you working for hussein?

01/22/2005 12:06 PM

Exile heard the message, then abruptly heard the gunfire coming from the small base ahead. He lowered his head and ran as fast as he could, making sure to stay in the shadows as he entered the base.

He put his back up against a wall as he heard two Russians, probably sentries, talking nearby. He slowly made his way down the wall to where the voices where coming from.

"Look.... Intruders.... Escape," where the only words he could make out of the conversation. He slowly crept towards the two, pistol in one hand and knife in the other. His foot hit a rock as he neared the two, making a bit of noise and alerting the guards to his presence.

Exile rolled forward, coming up beside the first guard, and quickly stabbed him in the throat. He left the knife there as his companion regained his composure, bringing his AK-47 up and aimed at Exile. Exile grabbed the dying the sentry and pulled him in front of him, a quick round from the sentry exploding into his comrades chest. Exile dropped the body and aimed for the remaining sentry, shooting him squarely in the head. Exile retrieved his dagger from the sentries throat and wiped the blood off on the sentries uniform.

He could hear gunshots and shouting as he moved away from the two dead sentries, making his way towards the center of the camp, creeping from shadow to shadow.

01/22/2005 10:40 PM

The Russian mercenary girl stood motionless in her captor's grasp, the steel against her neck feeling chill despite the warmth of the scrub forest's air. She felt the cold grip of terror around her chest, cloying her throat and making it difficult to breathe, let alone reply.

His arms were strong around her, strong yet gentle like a lover's. The better she supposed to to sense any sudden movement she might make and open her throat before she could even begin to break free. Sonja didn't dare.

"I vork for General Vasilovich," Sonja said at long last, her voice tremulous, "Ve are hired by Iraqi government since their soldiers are no so good."

01/22/2005 11:02 PM

Snake thinking: God damn always the hot ones thata rent on his side

"Well then, I'm going to have to kill you."

Something catches his ear and nikki lets go of the woman and spins around and wips hisknife at a soldier which sticks right in his throat. He walks up to the soldier and pulls the knife out. Blood spits from his neck as the solider gargles and chokes on his own blood filled lungs.

Snake turns around to see the woman yet again pointing her gun at him. but this tyme at a distance where he cant grab it.

"Well I guess i made a mistake in letting you go. You know u wont win, Either kill me here or let me go, ull never bring me in alive. Part of my mission is stealth, im supossed to be a shadow no one is sposed to know about me being here. Same with the idiots whoa re shooting at your base right now. I'll make u a proposition though, Your a mercenary right, lets drop this shit, and help me infiltrate that base, is their any other way in there i need to speak with your base commander?"

01/23/2005 7:18 AM

Staring down the sights of her Makarov pistol Sonja slowly began to breathe easier, finding courage behind the barrel of a gun. Still, this one that moved so quickly she could not let her guard down for an instant.

Her green eyes narrowed, considering his request. "Visilovich will not consider this Amerikansi," she declared, "he fights for glory of Russian people and Hussein will cripple the United States and our mother country shall once more be most powerful in world!"

sonja adjusted her stance, toes stetching across the parched soil. The pistol in her hand barked, wrenching at her wrist as the powerful bullet shooted out. Snake saw the flash before he felt the pain. Blood erupted from his thigh in a sudden fountain as Sonja's bullet passed cleanly through.

"Perhaps this slow you down," she declared, "You come with me Amerikansi and I bring you to Vasilovich."

Still, she didn't call in on her radio. No, her plan could still work. Just walk straight into the base with her prize before Iraqi and Russian alike.

Note: Personal Message being sent to you.

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01/23/2005 9:24 AM


The pain shot up through snakes whole leg.

"Why would you shoot me? DId i shoot you no!, I will not be dumb enough to follow you into that base and be handed to your base commander, its damn commen sense, Now you have 10 seconds to get the hell out of my fae before i blow your brains off."

With that snake could see sonja pulling the trigger, he did a front roll on the groundrolled up very ungracfully on one leg right infront of sonja, he punches her in the stomach grabsd her gun pulls it apart and then grabs her gently before she falls.

"listen your a pathetic mercenary i can and will kill you. You blew your only chance to a truce with me. Now get out of here, before i killl you cuz i know ill regret it."

Snake releases his grip from her and hopes she goes away so he doesnt have to kill her.
He sees her run away every once ina while looking back to make sure he isnt doing anything. He wont though he facies this girl.

Snake turns on his nanocom to FOXHOUND.

"Col. this is SNake, we have a problem. The other FOXHOUND and that damn NEo agent have both just gave away our position, basically in nice terms we're screwed. What the hell do I do?"

"Snake your objective now is to obtain ionformation on the whereabouts of the nuclear weapon, find out what it is, and find out how to destroy it or transport it."

"Your a fuckin dick you know that, you didnt even give me a mamp of this damn place how do you expect me to even find a sub route to the base, those idiots blew the only way. they did exactly what they should never do, run in and blow the whole place. Now we have to basically kill everyone in the base to cover it up"

"Then do it, COL. OUT!"

Snake sighs and the goes to walk but then almost completly falls face first.

"damn that woman i forgot about the bu;ll;et in my leg."

Snake sits down against a tree. He swings his backpack ove around to his front. He digs in his pack and pulls out a first aid kit. He opens it up, firts he takes his knife and digs into the gun wound he digs out the bulle with his knife. He then puts his knife bck in the holster, he grabs some disinfectant and pours it on, then grab his suture kit and stitches up the wound. he put everything back and witht he trees support stands up. He walks over to the dead solider bhe ahd taken down when sonja was here. Grabs the AK and then pushes the pain of his leg aside and runs towaords the base.

he opens his nancom and calls both exile and nightmare.

"Alright you two do not i repeat kill a russian woman with red hair with an ak, if you do i will kill you. And if any of you two kills the base commander ill kill you two after we do this regroup at the front of the base. Snake Out."

01/23/2005 11:53 AM

(OOC... The base has not been alerted to my presence. As in my posts, I have remained undetected.)

Exile heard the warning almost as soon as the woman in question came into his view. He had made his way into a small building, overlooking the entire base. The woman ran by his posistion, a bit hysterical. He crouched down behind the window seal, making sure he would not be spotted. When the woman passed he contacted Snake.

"Snake, are you alright? I saw you get hit in the leg by the red-head, it looked pretty bad. That woman just ran by me, what the hell happened?"

01/23/2005 1:52 PM

snake stops and hides behind a tree to answer his nanocom.

"LExile what happened is not of importance i got shot im doing fine now, u know what, there is no point in going unalerted anymore, NIghtmare blew that for us, I thought ui heard u firing off too sorry. That will be fixed up after the mission. But anyways lets flank it, The center of the base is wherer the commmander is he will help us do not fire at him even if he loks like he is going to fire a you. Fire at hime after being hit by him. And if u can watch the russian chick for me will ya i got some deomlition to do. Snake Out."

Snake emerges from behind the tree and continues running, he enters the base premises, A soldier aims at him from the right he wquickly sees and shoots blasting 6 rounds into his chest. Just then he hears a poofing noise he looks to his left someone shot a Rocket Propelled grenade at him. He quuickly dives into a trench and crouches. From what he could see the trenches led to every building, it was a base defensive system but snake was able to use it agianst them. Snake staying crouching while gripping his AK walks down the trenchy. He nears a left corner and can see a shadow of a man around the corner. Snake presses his back on edge of the walla nd peers around to see the man frantically looking all ways holding his ak. The man turns his back to him and Snake runs up behind him and breaks his neck. grabs his dog tags and puts on the iraqi suit Nightmare had given him. Snake walkd the trenches freely now.

01/23/2005 6:02 PM

Sonja hurried through the scrub forest, cursing that she'd been forced to leave her boots behind where she'd fought Snake. Finally she managed her way to the bases outer hatch, pressing her card key against the scanner mechanism. The card worked with her body, opened the door only while she held it and only while she was alive and conscious. It was the same of all the key cards issued to the soldiers guarding the base.

She held her Kalishnikov aimed through the door as it began to close, the sound of hydraulics filling her ears.

She should have killed him, should have killed him when she had the chance, filled his chest with bullets and dragged his corpse in. That was so stupid. If the general found out... he'd kill her. She peered down at her bare feet, the crimson toenails gleaming, the anklet on her left ankle glittering. How was she going to explain her boots being missing? He'd know she was slacking off patrol duty...

"Close!" she cursed the door in Russian as the heavy steel ground along at a plodding pace. "Close damn you!"

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01/23/2005 6:10 PM

Exile followed the red-headed Russian as she scrambled through the scrub forest. He shadowed her ever movement until she came out of the wildlife and entered a clearing. He dared not follow her into the clearing, he was sure that their were sentrys posted around the complex. Instead he stayed back and watched her enter the complex, the door slowly closing behind her.

01/26/2005 5:26 PM

Snake overheard a famler voice yelling at the door to close he followed from where he heard it and peeped his head up slightly he saw the russian woman in the elevator. She must be going into the main part of the base. Snake quickly pulled himself up out of the trench and ran for the elevator, He gets inrto the elevator and looks over at sonja.

"We meet again, plz dont hoot me this tyme. Im here to do my job i wont shoot u u dont shoot me, ur a mercenary an il experianced one i can tell, So u wouldnt wanna end your career so soon now would you?"

The elevator doors close and they start their 2 minute elevator ride.

01/26/2005 6:59 PM

The red-headed mercenary girl's eyes boggled.

"Nyet..." It could not be. She had shot him in the thigh. No man could run so fast and caught her before she accessed the base, not with a wound like the one he had. It was not possible.

Face still in shock, jaw still drooped she raised her rifle, bringing it to bear upon the combat suited infiltrator. This time she would take no chances. A corpse would serve just as well as a prisoner to impress her general.

01/26/2005 7:38 PM

"Colonel, Snake just followed the woman into the base."

"Like you were supposed to do?"


"Listen Exile, the base is probably alerted to his presence by now. All you can do is protect his ass."


"DO IT!"


Exile slowly rose to his feet, bringing his silenced pistol out in front. He quietly made his way to the side of the base, hopefully he could find another entrance. By now all of the guards had probably rushed to that slow ass door, some use of stealth tactic.

(OOC :P Got to liven it up.)

01/26/2005 9:13 PM

Snake sighs."here we go again." Snakegrabs the rifle but this tyme pulls it forward making sonja fall forward off blance. He he smahses his elbow right down on sonja's elbow. Then trips her to the ground he throws her rifle on the ground of the elevator and then pulls out one of his magnums.

"ok listen to me good understand.... I am sick of this game, I'm ebtter then you, u are a crppy mercenary, I will kill you, if you do not stop trying to shoot me. Now get up...... GET UP!!"

The russian lies there looking at him. He grabs her arm and pulls her up so she is standing. He points the gun against her back.

"Im not scared to kill you, I just don't want to kill an ill experianced woman. I've killed so many times before that you wouldnt pahse me I wont think about u during my mission I wont think of you when its over."

The elevator reaches the floor. Snake pushes her out by pushing the gun against her back more. He looks both ways and sees no guard.

"Take me to the commander, if you screw up i will pull this trigger faster then you can reach any more of your guns. Understand , one call away and I will have my other teamates down here and we'll all pump soo much lead into you there will be nothing left of you"

01/26/2005 9:58 PM

The steel floor plating was cold against Sonja's bare feet as her captor prodded her along. She winced as the pistol barrel jabbed inbetween her shoulder blades.

"You veel not survive Amerikansi," she assured him as she considered what to do, which way to go and how she could reverse the situation, "there are many soldiers in base and General is not alone. Ve vill be discovered before you go far."

01/27/2005 7:22 PM

Snake says in a low voice" listen your not a very known mercenary they will shoot at sight at me your infrton of me who do u think wil be killed? Iby then i can be out of the way. So you better take me to the commander, If u fail to co-=operate I will shoot you. If you take me to the commander, you will be promoted i guerentee it. Just trust me I will not harm the commander.

01/27/2005 7:55 PM

"Then I die before you," Sonja answered him, though her voice shook, "we cannot hope to breach all security without being seen."

The walls were plain, pipes and cable troughs running the lengths of the hallways. The pretty young mercenary walked forwards, prodded by his gun. She considered reaching down for her own pistol covertly but didn't think she'd survive the attempt.

Up ahead Snake heard the sound of electic motors whirring, what must be a camera rotating back and forth, scanning for intruders, searching out those like him.

01/28/2005 4:45 PM

Nightmare had taken a shot in the arm, friggin iraqui. He promptly executed him and whirled around, facing the vent in the strange bunker he was crouched on.

"Nightmare here, I'm on the roof. Where abouts are you in there?"

He dropped the empty ak and drew his de. After he carefully plucked the grate he changed his appearance to fit an iraqui. After the fatigues were on and the contacts in, Nightmare slid into the building. He swore in his head really loud.


He had left the ak on the roof. oh well. HE would get another one. After he stuck a mirror out of the bottom of the vent and swiveled it in a circle to detect cameras, (which there were none of) He dropped into the entry behind snake.

"Oh there you are."

01/28/2005 6:12 PM

Snake turned around while holding the russian. and put his free hand up signalling nightmare to be quiet. Snake pointed to his head and signalled to use nanocom.

"Nightmare, there are cameras around the corner up the hall. This russian is being very un co-operative, but i think she will take us to the commander. This is takinmg way to much tyme. I didnt think itd be this long, If you didnt start shooting we would have probably been able to get in a lot better..... I lost my disguise but thats ok I have an idea. The russian thinks your on her side. Take me prisoner and tell her you want to bring me to the commander and get him to kill me."

01/28/2005 7:50 PM

Nightmare switched to nanocom.

"Sorry about that. My objective is to save your ass if needed, and you needed a distraction. Now please tell me you have a fake death pill."

In normal voice he screamed in rough english.


He added a curse in perfect iraqui, drawing a nine mm side arm and aiming it at snake's head.


"Dont worry, its on safety."



He rattled off a string of iraqui, keeping the gun trained on snake and his finger on the button safety.


"Russian, i have him at gunpoint. Get his guns and we can take him to the commander. I'm sure the commandant will be happy to execute this son of a bitch."


"Exile, hold your position. me and snake have it covered. I repeat do not move. And if your in the building, stay out of sight."

He sent the nanomessages direct in case sonja or anyone else had nanocoms. His temporary hair dye would lose pigment in about an hour, so snake had better hury his plan or Nightmare would end up with grey hair.

01/28/2005 7:51 PM

Exile kept to the shadows as he walked along the exterior of the building, passing a few sentries on the way. After a thorough search of a wall, he found what he was looking for.

Slowly, he pulled the vent off of the wall and dropped it silently to the wall, then out of sight. He crouched down, then began to crawl into the vent on his belly, it was a tight fit.

"Colonel, any news from Snake."


"What should I do?"

"Proceed as planned."

Exile switched the nano-com off and continued down the tight vent, making sure as not to make the tiniest of sounds.

01/28/2005 7:59 PM

Sonja stepped away, relieved to have the gun in her back withdrawn. She kept her distance, ever wary of Snake who'd proved himself so dangerous and drew her Makarov and pointed it at Snake. Unlike Nightmare's however, Sonja's bullets were live.

"What you say Iraqi?" Sonja asked, not understanding a word he was saying.

After several long, complicated moments that showed why the base was so easy to infiltrate the two soldiers managed to attain an understanding and Sonja took to herself Snake's fine weaponry.

"Not so hot now Amerikansi," she taunted him, revelling in her victory, "there many of us and few of you."

01/28/2005 8:32 PM

Nightmare fired another nanocom to exile



normal rough english:

'Give me american's weapons. I have more bag room, can carry better. Keep gun on him."

He snarled a curse at snake.

01/29/2005 11:33 AM

Nightmare now had all of snakes wqeapons, except of course the 7 inch hunting knife he ket on the inside of his uniform. They continued to walk in whatever direction he was pointed to. Snakes hands still in the air making sure not to alert sonja so she doesnt shoot at him. They near a camera snake hoping it doesn't pick up anything unusual. Wierd thing is is that nightmare seemed to know where he was going more then Sonja it seemed. Snake would ask nightmare about it later on. then snake used nanocom on nightmare again.

"save my ass?? all you did was make this harder. Sometimes i wish i could go solo, And exile isnt even responding if he screws this up for us, i will put the bullet in his head. He has been ignoring his nanocom for a while now that is a direct disobeyens of orders and rules. IN misison like this we need to make complete communications. I wiull shoot him if he messes this up more."

They were now about 5 metres away from the commanders door now.

Snake talking out loud"gee, I didnt think this would be the end." Snake smirks at sonja.

01/29/2005 12:13 PM

The Russian girl felt a tingling sensation flooding through her thin body as she gestured Snake to move along. It was going to be so wonderful, presenting the infiltrator to General Vasilovich herself. He would be rewarded, both by Suddam and by the Kremlin and she would be rewarded by him. Finally, the respect she deserved she would command of his men. They'd start treating her as one of them.

She reached down her shirt, patted the gold plated cigarette case secreted in her crimson silk bra and chuckled to herself. No more of this crappy brand for her. She was going to be sharing the General's supply of rich imported cigarettes.

"Shut up Amerikansi," Sonja said loudly, totally sure of herself, in response to Snake's comment. She didn't understand what he meant but what could he do with the Iraqi's gun on him and this far inside the complex. "This be end, end for you."

01/29/2005 3:38 PM

Nightmare called to the russian.

Iraqui normal: "You open door? My card lost."

To snake he fired a nanocom message.

"When she turns her back, im going to put my desert eagle in the waistband of your pants. Keep it under your shirt. Its live, so watch it. When we get in, I'm going to push you forwards. land on your knees. I'll take care of the russian, you just worry about the commander in there. When the russian goes down, she will, pull the gun and shoot him in the leg. If he has a gun, shoot him in the arm.

01/29/2005 3:56 PM

To a better mercenary the Iraqi's words might have raised suspicion but right now, drunk on her own power and imminent success Sonja didn't give it a second thought. She circled Snake, giving him a wide berth and keeping her gun trained on the center of his chest. That much from her training seemed to have taken hold.

"I do hope he does not kill you," she said cockily as she backed into the archway, moving almost totally silently on her bare feet, "you are handsome and would make good pet."

She reached into the pocket of her khaki camouflage shirt and withdrew the security card, the card reading her personal signature and activating. As she waved it over the sensor the door's locking mechanism sensed the activated card and it slid open quickly with a hiss.

01/29/2005 4:10 PM

Nightmare kept the gun trained on Snake, with his spare hand he unsnapped the catch on his de holster. The commander called out whos there in russian. Nightmare silently willed Sonja to turn her back to him. He poked snake rudely.

"Move american .You go tell commander you have gift for him."

Nanocom: "Why do you get the best jobs?"

01/29/2005 6:16 PM

"Move american .You go tell commander you have gift for him."

Exile looked through the small vent, located above the three people he had heard.

"Shit," he quietly mouthed to himself. "How am I supposed to protect his ass now?" He asked himself, unsure of what he should do next. He decided to hold his breath and watch, that Iraqi soldier seemed a little odd.

As the Russian moved to open the door, the Iraqi guard silently slipped a gun into Snake's holster. Exile smiled to himself, it seemed his comrades had been doing just fine.

01/29/2005 7:34 PM

Nightmare heard breathing from behind him and closed his eyes briefly. If that was another soldier... He realized it was coming from above him. If Exile decided to poke his nose out now, theyd be screwed royally.

"Move american, in now."

He shoved snake rudley across the threshold and into the comander's office. The nanocam in his eye took a picture of the man for future referance. He came up beside Sonja and pushed snake with enough force to drop him to his knees. (which he should do anyways) and stepped back, standing at ease supossedly. He was really preparing to deliver a crushing blow to sonja's ego and conciousness.

01/29/2005 7:48 PM

Exile silently opened the ventilation hatch, and skillfully fell to the floor, his touching down only making the slightest echo down the hallway. He made his way over to the door and noticed it required a passkey. He quickly made his way of to a shaded corner where he opened up his nano-link with Nightmare, hoping that he had indeed the Iraqi soldier he saw with Snake.

"Nightmare, I'm outside of the door. I noticed that you two seemed to have a plan already so I decided I'd be plan B, in case Plan A fails. I'm going to sit back a bit and see what happens. If you need any extra help, just open the door. Otherwise, I'll be out in the hallway providing some cover fire when you escape."

Exile sat back against the wall out of sight and sighed, relieving a bit of the pressure he now felt.

01/29/2005 8:09 PM

Nightmare snarled into his nanocom, not visibly reacting past a slight dialation of his pupils and an increased heart rate.

nanocom: "All very fine and well, but you sahould NEVER break communication. For all we know you could have been killed. Christ, hope you have a silencer. If we hear one gunshot, this place is gonna resemble the outside. Theres none in here rightnow but that can change. Now if the base becomes alerted to your position, bad things'll happen. I'll call you when we're leaving. Out."

nanocom to snake: "Exile just contacted me, hes outside waiting for us. If we need help we can just open the door but i doubt we will."

01/29/2005 8:21 PM

Exile slumped against the wall, it seemed that his "companions" did not really need him... for anything. A silencer? Of course he had a silencer. After all, he was a member of FOXHOUND. Exile's thoughts seemed to blur as he sat in the darkness of the corridor, there had to be some reason he was chosen for this mission.

After a few moments of silence, Exile thought of contacting Nightmarish, offering his end of the argument, but quickly decided against it. After all, what would it prove. In their eyes he was just the dumb rookie. Exile straightened his back and strained to hear any movements.

01/29/2005 9:00 PM

Snake now on his knees smiled "you know i tend not to like this position too much. The floor is cold and its uncomfortable."

Nanocom message to nightmare "listen I dont wanna blow our cover anymore then it already is. HIs the russian in the back of the head with your gun. I dont want her to know anything about our next movements."

Nightmare got it and on instant grabbed his rifle and hit sonja in the back of the head. Snake now stood up

But anyways commander, We're here, all three of us."

Snake opens the door and lets exile in.

"I understand you have some information about where we need to go."

Commander"Your the 3 from the US??? I thought you were supposed to be america's finest in stealth an you couldnt have made mopre of a racket then if a heard of rhinos ran through here... but yes I do.

You are here about the nuclear weapons that saddam has been creating. Well it's of nothing the world has seen they call it a Metal Gear or something I do not even know its codename or anything like that all i know is, its based on an airplane. But is much much bigger then any normal aircraft. It could hold 15 times as much as what this base carrys alone. It has buil;t in camoflauge that makes it damn near impossible to see to eye sight, thermo goggles and anything. You can only get to it when its being refueled. But that is only whenits completed. Right now it is still being built it has about a week or two before it is finished. It is located not even in Iraq, for fear that the US would raid us if we did not do as they said. But the metal gear is located in russia, far in the forest, We are paying the russians much money to keep it there. I can map out the co-ordinates to you and you guys can go off sorry i can't help you anymore."

The commander gives him a map of the area, where russians and iraqis would e the bases the encampents and science facilities and they all surrounded the Metal Gear.

"Thanks commander your work is done."

Snake pulls out Nightmare's DE and shoots the commander right in the forehead.

He opens up a nanocom to all of them including the col.

01/29/2005 10:29 PM

Sonja grinned when she entered the room, eager to present her captive to her adopted father, the General. He was always dissappointed with her, always wanting more then she had to give.

She was about to speak, ask him what he thought of her now that she'd done what no one else could do when the butt of Nightmare's rifle slapped into the back of her head whipping her head forwards and sending her khaki hat flying. She fell instantly unconscious with nothing more then the soft sigh of her unspoken words leaving her lungs. She thudded down, landing on her knees, dropping her gun and then finally planted her face into the carpet.

01/29/2005 11:01 PM

Snake descirbes what had happened in the lapast hour. And describes what he knows of the metal gear.


Snake: Well u see ifn i had left him alive then iraq would knwo something was up with him and kill him anyways this way, they dont know what we know. But ya we need a way to get to Russia. Can you give us a path?"

COL: There's a river 4 miles North east from the base it will lead you to bridge get off near the bridge. We will have a contact for you there, there should be no patrol along the river and minimal by the birdge good luck.

01/30/2005 9:16 AM

Nightmare contacted his control

"NE base this is NEO Nightmare. We have obtained the information and killed the commander. We also have a russian mercenary hostage, advise.?"

"NEO Nightmare, keep her and interogate her."


Nightmare rose, tossed snake his weapons and took his own.

"My control has ordered me to bring our little red headed friend along. Any objections?"

He stooped zip tied wher wrists and pulled her into a standing position.

"Exile get her guns. The ak wont work but the hand gun will. Russian, wheres the armory?" The last line was spoken in russian.

01/30/2005 9:28 AM

Exile walked over to the Russian women and stripped her of her guns, taking the ammo out of all of them and depositing into his own pack. These guns were low quaility compared to what FOXHOUND had given him. He tossed the guns towards Snake's feet before contacting the Colonel on Nano.

"Seems like the Russian will be coming along with us, seems like the NEO's control ordered him to bring her along."



"What Exile!?"


"Just get to Russia, then we'll see what happens."

"Exile out."

Exile turned to Snake, opening up a com-link.

"Colonel says to sit back and watch the Russian. I think she may help us yet, even if she does not know it."

01/30/2005 9:44 AM

Nightmare grunted.

"Watch the chick."

He pushed her towards exile and began doing things in the office. First he took a nano pic of the dead commander. The with his gloved hand he plucked his 9 out of his belt and fired it through a pillow, rendering it silent. The shell he rolled over to the commander's corpse. Then he put the gun into the commanders hand. That done he began shuffling through the documents on the desk. His nanocam went crazy, photographing everything. He left everything in its place as he went through the drawers in the desk. He found five cigars, cuban too, a 35 revolver, a photo of a smiling iraqui child and a woman, a biometric card, a box of matches, and a small black box. Inside the box was a floppy disc. He pocketed the matche, cigars, and the disc before closing the drawer. He sent the photos to NEHQ and turned to exile and snake. He plucked a spare 50 shell out of his day pack and replaced the bullet snake had used. He also picked up the spent 50 shell. It looked remotely like a suicide and would confuse them long enough to get away.

"We're leaving. Lets go."

He stepped over the commander's corpse, not even sparing it a glance, and walked to the door. With his DE in front of him, he walked into the hallway, leaning around the corner and looking for sentries. The place was deserted. He began heading for the armory, clearly marked by a sign in iraqui.

01/30/2005 10:46 AM

"nightmare, I take orders from FOXHOUND not NEO, And most of the tim e i do what i want anyways, and we are not taking the woman with us. She knows nothing, she is a rookie mercenary" Snake pulls out his knife and cuts her loose. Listen russian this is your last chance to go we are leaving now nice to meet you g'day."

Snake walks out of the room. You guys can go to the armory I am going to that river. A true Covert Ops agent does not need big weapons to win a fight. Snake pulls ou a cigar out of the box of cubans he had. He lights it with a matc and completly un armed heads down the hall way more the opposite way they came.

Snake thinking"They have no idea what theya re doing do they? There is an obvious escpe route."

Snake heads his way to the safe escape route.

01/30/2005 3:28 PM

Nightmare growled.

"I dont take orders from YOU. Its a mistake to let her go. You'll see that."

He turned to the russian and spoke to her.

Russian:"I ever see you again, I'll kill you."

He turned and left the office. The reason he had wanted to go to the armory was to see what they would be up against. He had heard from NEO That the iraquis had made a deal with an arms dealer of somesort and metal gear wasnt their worst problem. He contacted NEHQ

"Foxhound cut her loose. We're following a river to russia. I'm not re aprehending her, but Just a notification. Out.

"NEO Nightmare, we are assigning you a secondary objective. Once you discover metal gear, you are to destroy it and any plans you can find."

"Thats not going to be easy sir."

"I dont care Nightmare. Your out there because your the best at our disposal. Watch the foxhounds. Your primary objective is still to protect them from themselves and others."

"Yeah yeah yeah, Nightmare out."

Idiots gonna get killed at this rate, Nightmare thought. And he's gonna drag me along too. He followed snake, not even bothering to wait for exile. He could take care of himself and the russian was unarmed.

01/30/2005 3:57 PM

It could have been instants or it could have been hours before Sonja awakened with a throbbing headache. Her captured spy was nowhere to be seen, nor was the Iraqi. There was no way she could tell how long she'd been out. She opened her eyes and the light bored through her skull like a drill. It was like liquid fire poured into her eyes to flow down her nerves. She pressed her fingers gingerly to the back of her skull and winced. It was still sore.

"Vat happened?" she asked herself, speaking in her native Russian as she climbed up to her knees, using the desk for support. "I..."

Her emerald eyes snapped open wide, pain forgotten. "General?" she cried out suddenly, haphazardly crawling forward with reckless abandon. "General?" she called out again, louder, almost a yell, as she drew up beside him and pumped her hands, clenching and unclenching her fists in a panic.

"Father..." she gasped as she clung to him. She clawed at his jacket, pulling him towards her, stroking his face with her hands, choked sobs and tears beginning as she caught sight of the bullet hole in his forehead.

01/30/2005 4:06 PM

Exile had found himself alone with the Russian, unsure of what to do next. It seemed that neither of the other agents really wanted him. He slowly followed Nightmare, unsure of what the NEO's orders were. He decided to keep a carefull on eye on each of them, Nightmare and Snake.

His orders were simple, aid Snake in any way necassary, although that was beginning to seem more difficult than the Colonel made it out to be. Exile flanked the two agents until they got to the river, then opened up a nano-conference.

"So, we are supposed to just follow this river to Russia, that seems a bit of a walk."

01/30/2005 10:59 PM

"are you kidding me?? walk... Not that far, not in the open. we're taking a boat.... probably the boat that is coming around the bend right now"

Snake cuts his nanocom and diives into the river swimming as ast as he could making sure to get to a little motorboat a bit bigger thena regular size of a canoe. He dove udner the water and came up right besde it and rabbed onto it. He pulled himself up his arms atring from te water adding to his weight. The fishermen looked stunned and starting screaming out in iraqi. Snake pulled out his knie and quick and swiftly sliced their throats and tossed them overboard. He guided the boat ashore near Exile and Nightmare.

"all abord. The fine dinign cruise yacht will be departuring in10 seconds all that dont get on will not recieve a refund"

01/31/2005 4:25 PM

Nightmare jumped into the boat, removing his iraqui combats and revealing the amphibious combat suit he wore underneath.

"I hate water."

He put his weapons into their waterproof holsters and settled against the edge. Even though he weighed alot the boat didnt keel much. He missed the good ole days when a boat was made of wood like this.

"Well, whos up for a game of eye spy?"

He nanoed this while he lit a cigar and then tossed one to exile.

01/31/2005 5:17 PM

as snake put the boat on a straight part of the river he too lit a smoke and they were off.
Snake pulls the cigar out of his mouth.

"We have about 2 hours before we get to the bridge. I think we could get some sleep. Well u guys should get some sleep, i make sure the boat goes the right way."

Snake stomach growls.

"Damn i havnt eaten in a while anyone here got any food?

01/31/2005 5:29 PM

Nightmare tossed snake an IMP (individual meal pack) That had been in his pack.

"I dont sleep. Try and bring your own food next time. Its a bad idea to go unprepared into hell."

He put his feet on the edge of the boat and began conversing with himself in his head.

01/31/2005 10:36 PM

"Thanks nightmare"

Snake puts out his cigar and then. scarfs down the food. snake throws the garbage over bored ad upulls out another cigar and lights it.

"Nightmare, why are you here, What is your game plan?? You seem to be hear for different reasons then to destroy this metal gear am I wrong?"

02/01/2005 7:41 PM

Nightmare sat forwards and spoke out loud.

"North Echelon HQ works in conjunction with various secret forces and services in america, canada, and the UK. My primary objective is to get you two over to metal gear in one piece. You snake have a reputation for being able to take down things like tanks so they assigned you. Exile, your service record was excellent so thats why YOUR here. I'm Here because im the best NEO operative around, or so I'm told. My job is mainly to asses threats to you fellows, cause hell when needed, and get you strait into metal gear's vicinity. My secondary job is to destroy anyone and anything that can rebuild it. As well as metal gear itself. Thats not easy, destroying all its plans, but I'll do it. The reason I wanted to bring the girl was, while useless as a hostage, she would have had extensive knowledge of the troop armaments and the terrain in russia. You ordered against that so I wanted to get to the armory. Basicly, I'm your bodyguard. But NE has access to your files, bank acounts, everything. We are big brother's big brother and we intend to help our siblings every step of the way. This big metal nuke launcher cant get out in the open or we are royally screwed as a race. Humans cant handle nuclear war. I'm here to ensure you dont let it."

He blew a smoke ring into the water and leaned back, drinking from the hydro-pack in his rucksack.

"You guys sleep, I'll keep watch."

02/01/2005 8:22 PM

Snake looks at him while taking a pull of his cigar.

"Well alright. But i will explain myself and tell you why i released that woman. She was untrustable, there is no way we could even sleep if we wanted to she would easily take the easy kill. You do the main clean up work. I go there to blow shit up, and make sure that a war is not even an option. And next time you want to cause hell or so you say like you did at that base i expect you to check with me. As far as I'm concerned I've had the most field time. You may know your shit. But you have not had to witness everything I have witnessed. I do not want any more of my men die. And if you are the cause of say Exile's death I will be the one who makes sure that you are fired. Your smart, but that move back at the base caused us a major problem. Took us way too long, and basically it was your fault the commander is dead. I am the leader of this group of three, make sure anything you do form now on is as quiet as can be, and. when we do get to the main base of this emtal gear, we need to find all the damn plastic explosive we can find. I am gonna blow that shit sky high. If I don't get out, you know the drill. But untill then I think I'm going to steer this boat to that bridge and meet our contact."

02/01/2005 9:15 PM

The gun clicked without the resounding boom but not on an empty chamber. The large man with the massive gun had returned the hammer of his .454 Casull Magnum revolver to its rest position.

Sonja breathed a sigh of releif. She'd almost soiled herself, kneeling before this mammoth of a man who the muzzle of his gun against her forehead. She had felt him weighing her worth against the annoyance of toting her along or perhaps using her as an example to her fellow mercenaries, to show what happened to to incompetents.

"Pathetic," he proclaimed, "but you might still prove useful."

The large man was clad in a simple olive green tank top, two bandoliers containing large shells hung on his shoulders like thick steel suspenders. At his side, a five feet long weapon of unique manufacture was strapped to him with a full body harness on a gyroscopic mount. He slipped the large revolver back into the holster on his thigh and withdrew his radio.

"The woman has seen the infiltrator unmasked," he reported to his contact, "and can identify him. I shall take her with us. Metal Gear production here in Iraq continues without sign of sabotage. It could be the General told them of the proto-type in Russia."

"He would not," Sonja protested, lip twitching with impotent anger, "Vasilovich was loyal to mother Russia."

"Perhaps young cub," the large man commented, taking his attention from the radio for a moment, "but loyal to Russia the mother or to Russia the whore of America?"

He turned walking across the room while Sonja bristled and stopped at the door. "Come," he instructed.

"Just let me get some new boots."

"No woman, now."

"Now?" she echoed, staring down at her bare feet.

"Our helicopter waits. Come now or die now. It is your choice."

Sonja sighed and said nothing more, she dared not. She existed at the sufference of this big man with the massive weapon.

02/02/2005 1:14 PM

Exile had been siting on the side of the boat, smoking the cigar Nightmare had given him and listen to the two men bitch about who's fault it was. He didn't really care who was to blame, at least they were out of that hell hole alive. Exile looked back and forth between the two, thinking of what each had just said. It seemed they would be a team in this mission, though Exile was unsure of what part he could play.

"What are we going to do when we reach the bridge?" He turned his attention to Snake, finally speaking and coming out of his meditative trance.

02/02/2005 8:03 PM

Nightmare did two things. he nodded and sent a nanocom to snake while exile asked him a question.

"Remember, I'm here because your outfit asked for me. NE doesnt take orders from foxhound and vice versa. Something bad happens, it goes on my service record, but thats about it."

He began shaving with the combat knife he had been equiped with, keeping his finger carefully away from the hilt. The knife rasped silently against his face as he reflected on past events. It was also his fault snake was alive. If he hadnt emptied the bunker, there would have been hell to pay. His nanocom suddenly rang in his ear.

"Nightmare here."

NEHQ here Nightmare,we've evaluated iraqui threats as minimal."

"Thats nice Copperfield, I knew that."

"Listen Nightmare, your going to have to find a method of destroying the metalgear as your guns are obviously innefective against it."

"No, do ya think so? Save of whipping a buch of plastique up out of the sand, what can i do about that now."

"We have a demo expert working on that."

"Ah, call me when he 'figures out'what to do about the big nuke launcher. NEO out."

Blody galen copperfield always on his back about the obvious. Nightmare wished theyd stuck him in foxhound instead of NE but it was all the same to him. He was still stuck in this hole.

He spoke to Exile before snake could.

"Keep your gun out and hope the guy doesnt double cross us."

02/03/2005 5:32 PM

"That wont be an issue, FOXHOUND makes sure that we get loyal contacts. We run searches of history, we have a running transmitter on them. If I the contat is waiting there longer the n ten minutes they'll call me. But Exile if you feel safer with your gun use it. But only fire when fired at."

Snake sat at the back of the boat still steering it. None of them were talking the silence was conforting yet as sharp as a knife. By now they were about 20 metres away fromt he bridge.

"Nightmare use your binoculars you see anything?"

Nightmare looks. He nods and hands them to Snake. Snake takes a look and sees a motorbike parked and a man standing near it.

" I think that could be him but i dont know you guys mind if i pull it ashore now so just in case he fires we have room to move."

He heard nothing so snake did it anyways. he slowly drove the boat right on to the shore the sputter from the motor in the mud turned to a quick silence. Snake nightmare and Exile all cleared out of the boat with their guns drawn, snake using his magnum nightmare using his DE, and exile using his DE. The quietly ran up towards the brigdge till they gradually were under it.

Snake speaking ina whisper" this is something new foxhound has given me its pretty cool. It can only support one at a tyme so we'll need to ake turns. When we get to the top we hang on the rafters. Then we will get to the edge and swing ourselves on top of the bridge."

Snake pulled out a gun. He shot it at the bridge and somehow it hit the bridgre and dug into it and opened up without making a noise. Snake attached a clamp to the cable and pressed a button on it which raised him into the air. he got ot the top of the bridge and held on he detaches himself and pushes the button again to send it back down.

"come on i cant hold on forever"

Just then a gunshot is being fired and screaming starts just above the bridge.


02/03/2005 7:37 PM

Nightmare grabbed the clamp and whizzed up, sending it down to Exile. He crouched and brought his gun up. The first thing he saw was a man with a large rifle. The second was A motor bike. Nightmare shot two rounds into the man's arm and advanced on him cautiously in case he had friends.

02/04/2005 1:26 PM

snakje flips up onto the bridge and pulls out both of his magnums. Exile falling carelessly behind. Snake, aims at the wounded mans head.

"Nightmare. De arm him if he tries anything ill blow his head off."

Snake slowly walked up to the man. keeping about a metre distance and kepping both magnums aimed at the man's head.

"who do you work for?"

02/04/2005 1:37 PM

The device came down fast, flying straight for Exile. He quickly put his hands up, trying to catch it. The device slipped through, hitting him squarly in the fore-head. Exile fell to the ground, rubbing his injured head. He slowly rose to his feet, giving the machine a wary look. Exile grabbed onto the device and was carried upward, land on the bottom of the bridge.

He peeked over, it seems he was a little late. Snake had the man in his sights while it seemed Nightmare was moving towards the injured man, who had been shot in the arm. Exile scrambled onto the bridge, trying to pretend like he had been there all along.

"I will watch the south," he said, drawing out his twin DE and crouching low. Exile quietly made his way down the bridge, only a short distance away so he would be able to hear the ensuing conversation. He crouched on one knee, peering for anything out of the obvious.

02/04/2005 10:29 PM

Nightmare picked up the spas automatic shotgun and whistled. American hardware. He put the silenced pistol against the mans head. The sizzle of flesh was nauseating but Nightmare didnt react.

"You either tell us who you work for, or im gonna do some mean things to you boy."

He tilted the gun, using his free hand to pass the shotgun to snake.

"This looks like your kinda tool."

He plucked a small 35 revolver out of the man's ankle holster and threw it over the bridge.

02/06/2005 10:57 AM

Snake holds the shotgun and studys it. he puts away his magnums and holds the shotgun.

"This is a fun tool, havnt seen one of these ina while. Custom crafted at that. You must have alot of money."

"ok listen answer who you work for or ill hog tie you and drag you down that cliff over there"

The man didnt budge. Snake pulls out one of his magnums and shoots the man in the kneecap.

"Answer yu piece of shit."

02/06/2005 2:34 PM

Nightmare wiped the backsplash of blood off his face.

"Warn a guy next time. Ok, hell with it, I'm gonna make him walk."

He pulled the guy up with both hands, holstering his DE before he did. He also Shoved the guy away from him. His leg, which was shattered and barely connected held him up but hardly. The guy went two feet at a stumbling jog and hit the ground.

"Strike two. Talk or I'll light you on fire and dance to your screams."

He clicked a lighter he had scooped up from an iraqui sentry somewhere.

02/07/2005 6:12 PM


"Snake, Nightmare, Exile, there is a from what we can tell a huge armored helicopter coming to your position, you ahve about ten minutes, I thinkit has something to do with that man that you are, basically abusing. Sqeeze information out of him as soon as posssible and then dispose of him. Be ready and get into position for that chopper. Make sure u get acorss that bridge with your contact safe. Call back when this is done.

02/07/2005 6:28 PM

Nightmare pulled his knife out and calmly cut the man open from his waistline to his sternum without piercing any vital organs. The scream was horrendous.

"Snake, hold his arms."

So far the guy had been attacking the bridge deck but soon, Nightmare would have trouble. He reached into the incision and began disecting him, non vital organs first.

(OOC: Its your story Nikki, so if the guys gonna gush, you can pick what he says and all.)

He started with the stomach, peeling the organ out of the tract with his bloody knife.

"Feel good? I bet it does. Who are you working for?"

Nanocom: "Exile, take the contact to the designated position, if he dies, we all rot in the desert. And I like my home in LA. Keep him in one piece by any means possible."

Then he moved on to the Apendix, slowly cutting it out with surgical precision. He threw the scrap of flesh over the edge of the bridge. He then took out the man's eyes. These he squashed in his hand.

"Better start giving me more information or im gonna make it worse."

About five minits into the interrogation, Nightmare scalped him, at six, he began to skin him alive. finnaly at seven the man broke. He spewed information, and blood from the rough dental work he recieved. Nightmare put a round into his head then.


He tossed the guy over the edge of the bridge. But surprisingly, there was very little blood on the bridge itself. Not enough to be spotted from the air. He grabbed as many of the guys removed organs as he could and jumped over the bridge, grabbing the rope they had ascended with in one gloved hand. The combat suit barely even split from the friction. He hit the watter and stepped under the bridge, dragging the body with him.

02/07/2005 6:58 PM

Exile started off down the bridge immediatly, seeking out the contact. After a few minutes, he heard a horrible scream that made his stomach curl; he didn't want to know what was happening on the bridge. Exile stopped running, standing still and taking in his breath. Up ahead he spotted a cabin with an old motor bike outside. Exile drew out his silenced pistol and silently made his way through the woods to the door. Inside, a man was pacing about restlessly; this had to be him.

"I got him," he said to the two other agents via nan-com, then slowly pushed the door open, pistol out in front. He was right behind the man when he turned around, hitting Exile and falling to the floor.

"Get up," he said to the informant. "We have to leave," Exile said as he helped the man to his feet and made his way outside to the motor bike. The FOXHOUND agent tried to crank the archaic relic, and finally after a few moments it started. Exile hopped on, then motioned for the informant to do likewise.

02/08/2005 9:40 PM

Nightmare was going through the corpses pockets. There wasnt much of interest that could be salvaged from the water damage. He let the corpse drift against a piling. He scratched his stomach through his combat suit and contacted exile

"Where abouts are ya?"

He had a funny feeling in his gut, like something was about to happen, but he didnt know what. He cracked his knuckles and rested a hand on his gun. It was in a waterproof holster, but Nightmare could extract it if needed. He span suddenly, and saw nothing. Damn he was getting jumpy. He walked out of the water and rested against a piling, smoking a cigar removed from his waterproof day pack.

02/11/2005 12:33 PM

((OOC: hope I'm not to late))
Viper stood still trying his best not too make any noise to alert the soldier resting againts the piling. His prosthetic arm, made from the latest in bionics, twitched abit as he click the saftey of his USP. He eyeballed the distance between him and the soldier and decided it was short enough to quickly dispose oh him. He brought his 9mm handgun up tp eyelevel, lining up the sights doing his best to ignore the silencer. He tapped the trigger waiting for a second to contact his boss by codec. "Commander I ahve one of the soldiers in mysights. I'm prepareing to engage. You payed me so I'll be sure to let you know how this goes..." His voice was barely audible as he finsihed. He pulled the trigger.

02/11/2005 7:57 PM

Nightmare stooped to extinguish the stub of his cigar in the river and heard a spack above his head. He dived into the water without even caring who or what it was. getting shot was not fun.

nanocom: Guys we got company and its silent. Jerk took a shot at me, I'm gonna hunt im down. Under the bridge, If your down here, get hidden."

Nightmare's suit blended with the water perfectly. He pulled the rebreather over his face and began slowly crawling along the bottom towards the guy who had shot at him. He moved jerkily to cling as close to the water's movement as he could, one hand ready to go for his knife if needed. He creeped up beside the fellow and pulled the knife out. He suddenly exploded out of the water, putting the knife to his attacker's throat and kicking the gun downwards.

"Under the bridge and I wont bleed you dry right here. You have two seconds to decide. Go."

02/16/2005 2:21 PM

He smiled wryly as he replied with the utmost glee.
"No." He quickly drew his arm back and jabbed it into his captor's solar plexus((Think thats hats it's called)) He dove forward as he dre his comabt knife with his prosthetic. He looked at his opponent and beckoned him on. "Let's dance!"

02/16/2005 2:24 PM

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