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01/12/2005 6:48 AM

(Okay I'm new here but I have rp in different places so tell me anything different about rping here) This is set during present times, and all creatures are welcome. The vampire princes have announce that the high prince has died, and all the vampires all over the world are summon to vote on the new prince. There are 5 candidates that have been chosen.

The enemies of these vampires are the rogue vampires and the slayers, you can also be anything: were, angel, demon, etc.

Okay to start just post your character's info like this:
Power (only allowed three special powers):
Other info:

The rules are simple
-romance allowed
-keep it PG 13
-follow the plot line
-if your talking out of character use ()
-wait for my approval
-give me tips and ideas about this place since I'm new here and all and do not know how you rp in this place

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01/12/2005 7:16 AM

(Oh yeah and you can have to two characters)

Name: Princess Ara
Age: Unknown, looks 18
Hair: long black
Eyes: green
Outfit: wears all black leather
Weapon: Uses a sword
Race: Vampire
Power (only allowed three special powers): She can control wolves, summon fire, and heal
Other info: She is one of the vampire princes and is one of the youngest

My other character
Name: Winter
Age: unknown, looks 16
Hair: long silver
Eyes: violet
Outfit: wears various type of clothes
Weapon: appparently a good archer
Race: vampire
Power (only allowed three special powers): can summon ice, doesn't remember any thing else about his powers
Other info: He use to be a servant who apprently grew to a master however many vampires still feel he is still a servant

01/12/2005 7:41 AM

(Well here I go...)

Winter felt the cold breeze blow agaisnt his face, he sighed stareing at the great building before him. The very home and place of the vampire council, in truth he had no idea what to vote for or what to do. Winter sighed as he entered and secrectly hoped for someone to not reconize him.

01/20/2005 4:01 AM

Name: Charlotte
Age: 23
Hair: brown
Eyes: green
Outfit: long dress
Weapon: dagger
Race: human (hedge wizard)
Power (only allowed three special powers): can throw fireballs, can heal, can talk to animals
Other info: was ghouled but was immune to the blood bond. Now she holds onto her life (as a walking breach of the Masquerade) by getting vitae as a bribe.

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01/20/2005 12:03 PM

((Umm,i'm new but can i join????))

02/01/2005 2:32 AM


Interesting, you either chill out or move out. This post will be deleted.


02/01/2005 6:43 PM

Race:(Demon possessed teddy bear)
Power (only allowed three special powers):Can possess other inanimate objects.
Other info:

02/05/2005 11:53 AM

((You say any race... if mine's too, out of this world then I'll change it))

Name: Tedatsi
Age: Too old to count
Hair: None
Eyes: beady black
Outfit: A suit of leather armor
Weapons: Shakujos, bow and arrow
Race: Karasu Tengu (http://kardev.com/karasu_tengu.htm)
Power: shape shifting, superhuman speed, some control over the earth
Other info:

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02/08/2005 7:32 AM

Name: Tare
Age: 108
Hair: red with black tips
Eyes: white
Outfit: long black trench coat, black leather pants, corset top (red, black), army boot that come to the knee.
Weapon: a large katana and a large whip
Race: vampire/werewolf
Power (only allowed three special powers): invisibility, change person, change animal!

Other info: some background for you!
I was change into a vampire as a small child and contuied to be a vampire and learn there many ways at the age of 30 my now werewolf leader had changed my in to a werewolf/vampire! I went learning about them as I did the vampires!
Now I have to roam this hell feeding on young and being alone

02/11/2005 9:05 PM

Name:Usama Ary Kyata (pyro)
Age:Its rude to ask a lady her age*sigh* 17
Hair:I firey red(matchers my personallity, lol)
Eyes: Shining gree
Outfit: A long black(made of silk) dress that flows to my ankles. I have three piercing on my left ear that are gold hoops and a stud at the tip. I wear a black cross of christiananity with a black heart in it. And *shurg* what else black knee high boots.
Weapon:Two golden sais forged for my use and my use alone.
Race: Half breed. Angel/vampire
Power (only allowed three special powers): My nickname is pyro...hmm I wonder why?
Other info: Nothing much. I have a pet dragon named catta, who is about to turn eight...oh yeah my parents abandoned me when I was small, afraid they would die for creating a 'abombanation' *scoff*. I have a spitfire attitude but very caring if shwon affection. My values and goals are set high, and I have a determined act towards those things.

02/12/2005 12:33 AM

1. The Basics: This is a section that should be included with every character you make whether it is for battling or not.

Name: Fredrick Wolf
Race: Gangrel
Age: 26(appears 22)
Weapons: Composite bow, combat knife (more as a multi purpose tool)
Height: 5’10
Weight: 85 kilograms
Armor: Reinforced clothing and tailored armour trenchcoat..
Magic: Portean 3, celerity1 and fortitude 2
Eyes: Black//Dark Brpwn
Hair: White//really blonde.

2. Description: (it’s a bit bashed up from scanning and size reduction but it gets the point across)

3. History van Fredrick Wolf
Pre Embrace;

Fredrick Wolf was born in 1978 in a community hospital in Kansas; he was average although he never really had a lot of friends, although those he did have stuck by him through everything. When on a summer camp in the summer of 1980 he discovered he had a flair for archery, when he told his parents about his love for the sport his father was a little disappointed hoping he would take up football for his father had been somewhat of a local celebrity in his youth when he played collage football and he wished his son the benefits of that, the girls, the respect and of course the parties. But he respected his son’s decision and he was happy for him. His mother was very supportive although it was obvious she had hoped her son would become a footballer or other “normal” sportsman, but she quickly saw that she couldn’t force her son to do what he didn’t like and so she was happy for him, about two weeks later his father bought Fred his first bow. It wasn’t much but it was his best gift ever as far as he was concerned, and Fredrick spent day and night practicing his archery.

Until he found he was good enough to join in one of the tournaments the local club was organizing, making his way to 4th prize; although everyone around him was very happy for him he was disappointed and he found he should have at least scored 3rd. And so he set to practicing his archery again, and so when the next tournament came around the year after he quickly made his way to 2nd place leaving the person against who he had lost in last years semi final on 4th place himself. And for this victory his dad bought him his first full-sized bow. It was still pretty big and Fred found out that he still needed to grow before he could use it. And so the years past until he was a senior in high school and captain of the school’s archery team; when he was filling in his application form for a scholarship he found that because of his all his archery training he was well below the grade his chosen collage hoped for in its attendants. And his scholarship was refused but they said that if he studied the rest of the year and he applied next year again they would be glad to accept him. But after graduating he found that working was boring and that he had little interest in the jobs he was offered and so he started to work in his father’s diner. And some weeks later when his mom and dad were going to celebrate their anniversary there plain crashed and Fred being an only child inherited everything. And so the time past with his grief for his parents, during this time he won (for the first time) the annual archery tournament. And of course he dedicated the victory to his dead parents, and some night a week after that he saw a new face in his bar, a man with some weird animal vibe… and he just sat there in his corner he didn’t order nothing, not even the free coffee, this intrigued Fred for he knew his coffee wasn’t the best in the world but it didn’t suck that badly… so he walked over to chat a little with the new face. The man proved to be very interesting and it appeared he had quite some knowledge about Fred; (Fred also note the stranger had a bow case at his side) this sort of spooked him out but he found that he was flattered some total stranger had taken interest in him and he invited him to join him for a drink after he closed up. The unknown visitor graciously accepted. And so they rode home after hours to Fred house some mile away where they joined in a drink, the visitor did drink something this time although he didn’t seem to like it a lot. But as it turned out the visitor was some what of an archer himself and he challenged Fred to a match. And just before they entered the backyard Fred felt something touching his neck, a sharp pain followed by indescribable ecstasy before blacking out…

Post Embrace;
… when he woke up again he found that he was famished and then he saw a stranger lying gagged on the floor of his house near the back porch and he felt as if he was going to loose control, but he felt the need to drain this man dry, and he got there and fed just in time and when he was sated he felt on top of the world and then he looked around his old home with his new sharper senses and he noticed a *a pot with a largish plant in it(don’t know a better way to put this)* that hadn’t been there before. And somehow the weird man stepped out; HE STEPPED OUT OF THE EARTH!! Before Fred had a chance to load him with a lot of questions like HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?

The strange man introduced himself as David Blanche and spoke, “I am a vampire as are you now”

FW: No way man vampires don’t exist…

DB: We are most real I asure you, you saw me just use the power of earthmeld -When I stepped out of the flowerpot?- and there *turns on protean 1* and there are a lot of other things I could show out to prove I am indeed a vampire but the most effective way would be just to do this… He takes out a mirror and invites fred to stand behind him and tell him what he sees…

FW: Okay but when I’m through with this I’ll be expecting an explanation and the name of who ever send you… I see me, and the couch and OKAY WHERE IS YOUR MIRROR IMAGE?

DB: You believe me now? If you do not yet believe me check your pulse… you’ll find there is none…

FW: *check his pulse and continues trying to figure out what is wrong with the mirror…*

DB: *starts telling Fredrick of the rules and traditions etc etc*

4. Magic:
Protean 3
Celerity 1
Fortitude 2

OOC This is a bio:P not some 5 line story...

02/13/2005 7:31 AM

(can i join?)

02/14/2005 9:35 AM

Okay i made a post here because i thought it was the orpg thread and now its gone... :'( did some1 save it b4 deleting it or do i have to write the whole thing? it was sentered around my character ariving in town...

EDIT: any guesses n when this thing is getting started?

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03/01/2005 8:12 AM

Hey I'd like to join as well.
I'll play a Brujah named Seth Amadeus. He's acquanted with Firefrenzy's char. I'll post his bio when it's done.

03/07/2005 6:09 PM

Hair:black, stomach length
Outfit:vinyl pants and new rock boots. otherwise naked
Weapon: meatfists
Race: brujah
Power unknown
Other info: disproportionatly muscular, covered in celtic and tribal tatoos

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03/12/2005 8:22 PM

Name: FIRST:Zauka LAST: Uchiha
Hair: Red but dyed with a bit orange in the front. His hair is down but it sticks up at the front which is orange.
Eyes: Red, but sometimes it's black. When he is normal and not angry or fighting then his eyes are black.
Outfit: A black cape covering his red white t-shirt which was covered with a bit red that was once blood but caused stain on the shirt. Black pants which was also stained with blood on the side with 2 pockets. His pants reaches down to his shoes. His shoes are black leather shoes. He wears black gloves with a symbol on it which looks like a star with a circle around it. It was marked in red.
Weapon: A huge katana that is really light and espically made for Zauka to use.
Race: Vampire Demon
Power (only allowed three special powers): ShariKatana, allows Zauka to turn his sword into a firey weapon that is enchanted with magical powers that allows him to summon fire elements from this sword. Shadow Transformation, allows Zauka to turn into a full demon instead of a part vampire and part demon. While he is full demon he is allowed to jump really high and has wings, also it allows him to become really quick. After the transformation he is very tired and unable to move for a day. Sazubaza, allows Zauka to go underground and pull the enemy down causing him to lose two of his feet.
Other info: Zauka was born in a clan called Izumakshi, he was trained to become a vampire slayer. But with the hatred he had within him he was bitten but was also possessed by a demon. He became a Vampire Demon and stayed that forever

03/24/2005 9:00 AM

Name: Magnus Wendt
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 160 Lbs
Race: Vampire
Hair: Dark Brown, Styled like Anakin Skywalker's in Episode 3
Eyes: Brown, but light enough that you can discern the pupil in the most dark of Lighting
Outfit: Black French Highwayman's coat on top of the Doublet and Fencing Pants, Black Riding Boots. The Double collar on the coat is worn up almost all of the time outdoors. His entire torso is protected by a steel cuirass.
Weapons: Swept hilt Rapier with black bone hilt, Steel gauntlets with reinforced forearms.
Powers: Telekinetic Manipulation, Shadow-shape-shifting, and Electric Manipulation and generation.

Born a Vampire in Britain, raised by parents in a large Mansion. Left Home at 18, to hunt werewolves and eventually witches. Absurdly Charming and articulate for a child of the night, supernaturally quick reflexes, even for a vampire. With the Vampire Heritage, he can regenerate flesh and broken bones, etc relatively quickly. He can leap ridiculously high. By Telekinetic Manipulation he can unlock any physical lock or bond and bludgeon adversaries with inanimate and in some cases, animate objects. By Shadow shape shifting he can squeeze through cracks and even avoid sunlight by traveling in shadows of people. And with Electric Manipulation and Generation, he can project high voltages at his foes, vanquishing them with sizzling agony. With the combined powers of the electricity and the sword, he can effectively use the sword as an electrode. Due to the powers of electricity, he is able to completely absorb high voltages.

Highest power output has been documented at 300 million Gigawatts

05/11/2005 10:06 PM

Name: Lathina
Age: unknown looks 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 120 Lbs
Race: Vampire
Hair: whitish Silver Glows when looked at right
Eyes: Green usally but with anger comes a glow of red eyes..or when drinking
Outfit: A black long shirt. with a caped hood..(not sure of the name but just locks in front. with black baggy pants and a green yarn collar with a lock on it
Weapons: A Shortish Sword kept at side at all times
Powers: Being able to shapeshift, can blend into the shadows, being able to cloak mind so noone can see into thoughs
Other: Is very loyal to teh one she serves. Will be loyal thru all unless you have wronged her or close loves.

07/19/2005 9:01 AM

OOC: this thread looks a little old but im gonna see if i cant dust it off and bring it back to life.

So here it was... The infamous castle rumored to be haunted by the dead and hosted by any and all creatures that hell didnt want. I didnt believe any of the rumors just as much as i didnt believe i would ever find anyone like myself. I felt i was damned to lonliness for eternity. Yet here i was, smack dab in the middle of the forest of illusion, staring at this behemoth of a structure. It was either the lonliness or the fact that i had to occupy my time somehow for eternity, that drove me to put aside my disbelief and come to this place. The actual fact that this place was even here was a shocker. It appeared that all the rumors were not false.

I slowly walked up to the stone steps that lead up to the buildings face, my head constantly on pivot, examining my surroundings. The looks of this place definately told a story. A long history of war and such. The fact that this building was in one piece was amazing. To any mortal i was ancient in age but to any like myself I was still a kid. This building looked to be at least twice my age... at least. As i neared the front door, I couldnt help but marvel at the intricate design carved into the wooden door. It appeared to be a battle between heaven and hell. Alot of the door was scratched or corroded away but you could still see a few angels here and a few demons there. The frame of the door was pieced in heavy cast iron, as well as the demonic face that served as a knocker. In attempt to use the knocker, the door slowly swung open at my touch. It gave me a strange feeling like something let me in. I stepped inside and was immediately swallowed in darkness.

"Hello?" I called.

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09/13/2005 7:08 AM

(Name: sara johnson
Age: 21
Hair: black
Eyes: light blue
Weapon: none
Race: human
Power : none
Other info: works at the local hospital)

09/15/2005 5:19 AM

Can I join? please?!

Name: Kiya
Age: 15
Hair: Long silver
Eyes: Red
Outfit: black dress ( here is her pic: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v520/Haruko1/9.jpg )
Weapon: daggers, and her fangs
Race: Vampire
Power (only allowed three special powers): has dark magic, but doesn't use it much. I'll think of 2 more as I go.
Other info: She is an orphaned Vampire. She looks fragile, but is stronger then she looks. She is sometimes quiet but can speak up when needed.

09/15/2005 5:31 AM

Do people not understand the concept of a 'dead topic.' Or 'pretentious stupidity' for that matter...

09/19/2005 10:24 AM

Folks, this thread will be archived or deleted, as the last post involving RP activity was in July. (Not to mention the fact that the setting was not respected).

Kindly refrain from posting here.

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