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01/09/2005 12:12 PM

Heres the basic idea you post a reply for your enree i will be the tournament referee and decide who wins their battles. There will be a 50 Entrees until i start the tournament. For an idea of what i mean here is an example of what i want to see.

Name: Serline

Race:Hai-Demon (Half Demon)

Height: 5ft 6
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Red eyes
Head: Hair in Pigtails (Red ribbon used), Black shades
Torso:Black Tanktop (slashed to legth of short tanktop [rigid cut])
L.Arm: Spike Bracelet up to forearm
R.Arm: Bullet Bracelet around wrist
L.Hand: Black Glove (Not covering fingers)
R.Hand: Nothing
Legs: Black Miniskirt, Stockings
Feet: Heavy Punk Boots (Up to foreleg [kneecap])
Noticable features: Left eye is a dead eye (all white), Scar crosses over left eye, 3 Piercings on left ear 4 on right

Primary: 5ftx6inx1in Sword (LengthxHeight(i guess)xwidth Carried on back by Leather rope
Primary Secondary:Dual Colt 45's in harnesses on uper hips, below harnesses are strapped in ammo cartriges for easy acces
Secondary:Dual 4ft 1/2 Swords (too big to be daggers but held wrong way to be swords) carried in Sheaths on Lower back right above ╜♥◄.

More Weapons but rarely used:
1. Dual Daggers at top of boots for easy access can be used for throwing
2. Dsk 50 (Smg from counter strike but smaller) Located:Under Sword on back (close to back than Sword)
3. Whip made from Alchemy (Lead and Mercury) Loacated:Around Waist

Sword Description: Made of: Stainless Steel, Mercury, Lead, Lava Rock, Serline's Blood, Aluminum, Fire, and Leather. Combined in names of Alchemy. Named after her Boyfriend: [COLOR=Red]Frost[/COLOR] so the sword is called Burning Frost

Fighting Styles: Tsu'farusta Nerashidi (Sword Based), Terango Peraphisidis (Pistol and 1/2 Sword Based), Nadashidi (Stealthy hand to hand)
Primary Fighting Style: Tepampirita Alchameeme (Al-ka-mee-me[short e]) (Sword, Stealth, and Alchemy Based)

Strength: Bench Press 1000 lbs
Agility: Capable of Running a mile in 5 Mins
Intelligence: Complete knowledge in everyfighting style

Equipment (Besides Weapons):
Armor None (No Need Can survive beingshor in chest with shotgun)
Left Glove Ability: Impowering Sword to slice through Anything

Burning Soul: Alchemy is used to incinerate the being from the inside
Basic Alchemy: Creates substances from anything she can find.
Brute Strength and Speed:Guess wut it does!

History: At age 6 Serline learned that she wasn’t human. She learned that her dead ‘mother’ was a demon (that’s a first demon mom). She took out her rage in fighting she studied many fighting styles she became the worlds strongest person but didn’t feel strong enough she later studied in alchemy creating weapons and using it to fight. Now at age 16 is entering this tournament to prove that she is the strongest and most elite fighter.

Yes i know its long mostly i just want a description and speacile abilities just dont skrew the character up by making them invincible or other stuff. ok if you have questions feel free to post it.

01/09/2005 2:29 PM

I hope you know that RPG is very different from the hack-and-Slash you seem to be heading for here?

The first introduction would need info on the story to follow, which in this case should be the tournament you state it to be, instead of a long bio of your character??

01/09/2005 6:12 PM

I need the bio so that way i can determine the fights. The story is basically a tournament calling asking for any fighters to enter. The bio is to determine whose truly the strongest.

01/09/2005 6:34 PM

If you determine who wins by their bio then..... whats stoping everyone to make their character an invincible god?

01/09/2005 9:20 PM

Exactly, whats to stop me from grabbing say my itachi out of fernwood festival and amping his strength. Hes already too strong so i cant use half of his powers in this forum.

01/10/2005 4:02 AM

So basically, it is not even an RP thread, thus really has no place on this board, right?

01/11/2005 10:43 AM

Wok, I'm afraid you're either going to have to change this into an rp thread...or abandon it, and have it locked or deleted. Your choice.

01/12/2005 8:50 PM

What you should do is get people to post their normal charachters and let them duke it out RP style eg.

Taiden drove his sword downwards, splitting the ground infront of him but missing his target horribly. The drow span around behind him, smashing him in the back with the wooden pole it carried and driving Taiden over the claymore. He rose from his roll holding his two small swords prepared to fend off another attack.

And so on and so forth until someone acknowledges the other guy is better than them or somebody dies.

01/27/2005 6:30 AM

I get where this guy's heading. Basically you post a bio describing your character's weapons and abilities (Aswell as the required fields such as History, etc.) and you battle as that character. The whole bio is just for your opponent to read up on to get a much better idea of what he/she is fighting. I'd like to join this, and I hope more will come into it aswell. Here's my bio.

(Sorry, had to change the character since this seems to be used for modern times.)

Name: Senith (The Dark Angel)
Age: Unknown (Looks like he’s in his mid-twenties.)
Gender: Male
Species: Demon/Human


Senith as different forms for three different time zones. These are for past, present and future.

Human form (Past): Senith is a very scary sight to look at at the best of times. His skin is really pale, he’s fairly muscled and he’s about 6 foot 7 inches in height. He has long, jet-black hair that reaches down to his neck and it covers half of his face. His eyes are the scariest things about him. One of them looks like a normal human eye but an unusual blue in colour. His other eye is bright yellow and it almost always gives off a bright glow during the night. His yellow eye is larger than his other eye and the skin around it looks burned. On his back, he has a huge tattoo in a tribal design, black in colour. This glows red and looks as though it’s on fire when he’s using his magic or he’s about to transform. He wears a pair of black baggy trousers and has two red belts worn across each other. Apart from this, he wears no other clothing apart from his boots and another belt going down across his front. On the back of this belt he keeps his giant double bladed axe.

Demonic Form (Past): In this form, Senith has no clothing what so ever as he has no need of any. An armoured hide replaces his clothing; dark grey in colour, and the rest of his skin is black. He no longer has any hair since his head looks more similar to that of a dragon. Both his eyes are now bright yellow, and his fangs are a beige colour. His hands are a lot bigger and his nails have now grown into huge claws, capable of tearing through brick walls. He also has a pair of bat-like wings and he has a long, whip-like tail with two retractable blades at the tip. (Note: Imagine Diablos from FFVIII, but only much more darker in colour, and instead of the red, there’s black.) In this form he reaches up to around 2.5 meters in height, and he is a lot more bulkier than in his human form. He doesn’t have any weapons in this form as he has no need of them.

Winged Human Form (Past): Senith has a form in between his demonic form and human form. He looks exactly the same as he is in his human form but he has his wings. He also still has his weapons in this form. Senith is a lot faster and stronger in this form, though not as fast or strong as his demonic form.

Human form (Modern): The only difference to Senith’s appearance is his clothing, which is also very similar to his past clothing. On his belts he has two black holsters, which carry his twin pistols. Also, he has two silver whips hanging on each side of his belts. He also wears a pair of heavy black boots with silver buckles on them. Most of the time, he wears a pair of black shades to hide his eyes and a long black coat to hide the rest of his body. This way it’s difficult to tell if he’s not human.

Demonic Form (Modern): Looks exactly like his past demonic form.

Winged Human Form (Modern): No changes to his past form here either.

Human form (Future): In this setting, Senith’s clothing is much different. In this form he wears some visor-like thing, which only covers one eye. This is red in colour, and it covers his magical eye. This visor-like thing can detect any form of movement through walls, and any form of cloaking will not work against this. Instead of the usual long, black coat, Senith wears a dark blue and baggy jacket with the sleeves rolled up. On the back of this is a red version of the tattoo on his back. His jacket is always open to reveal his tight-fitting green t-shirt. He wears a matching pair of baggy trousers to go with his jacket, and these are tucked into a pair of black military boots. Several small, silver chains hang from Senith’s trousers, and he still has the two red cross-belts around his waist. On both his arms he has black leather straps where his retractible silver blades are kept until needed. He also keeps his two pistols but with a few modifications. In this form he has an additional weapon, an AK47 assault rifle with a few modifications.

Demon form (Future): This form looks very similar to his past and present versions, but instead of the armoured hide, it is replaced with incredibly strong metal which has been grafted there as a stronger armour.

Winged Human Form (Future): In this form, Senith looks a lot like his human form in future setting. However, he loses his jacket and green t-shirt. Apart from that, he is very much the same.


In the times before the Dark Ages, Senith was just a regular man. In fact, he was a very religious person, very capable of being a priest, or even a bishop. However, any ideas of becoming one had been thrown out the window when he fell in love with a woman called Acantha. Acantha was a very beautiful woman, and Senith was ready to give up anything for her. Acantha also liked Senith, very much. Together they lived happily for a few years until one horrible night. Acantha had been accused for being a Satanist, and the whole village hated and feared her. It was on that horrible night when all the villagers broke into their house, all holding their pitchforks and flaming torches. Senith was powerless to stop them, and he was held back as they killed Acantha before his very eyes. Senith’s blood boiled with hatred and his eyes misted over. “AAAAAAARRRRGGHHHHH!!! YOU BASTARDS!!!!” he screamed as he broke free of the ones holding him.

Senith ran at the villagers, holding a really sharp knife. However, he was stopped as he got stabbed through his middle by a pitchfork. He stared down at the gaping wound as the villager yanked it back out. Blood poured freely from the wound and Senith was overcome with dizziness. He staggered over to where his beloved Acantha lay and then fell down beside her, with his arm draped over her. He sighed heavily. “My beloved Acantha… I pray that we shall meet again in the next life,” he muttered as his eyes closed and his life seeped from him.

The villagers left the two bodies in the house and then set it alight. The two bodies lay there, slowly being consumed by the flames. When the villagers had left, the sky turned red, and the clouds black. The moon was also tainted in blood red. The villagers moaned. “What have we brought upon ourselves…?” asked one.

Others prayed, hoping that their lives won’t end. Balls of flame shot down from the sky, each one landing on someone’s house and setting it alight. All the villagers screamed and fled in terror. However, the flames that engulfed Senith and Acantha’s house died down. In the room where the two bodies lay, shadows started merging together to form a demon-like being. This shadow then drifted into Senith’s body. Then something strange happened. First all of Senith’s wounds healed, and then strange black markings appeared on his exposed back and his skin turned a lot paler. Then his eyes slowly opened. Senith grinned. “Finally a body I can rely on…” he whispered.

He got to his feet and looked around. He looked at the charred remains of Acantha. “And the ones who did this will pay dearly,” he added. “The whole world will pay! For I am the Dark Angel!!”

He gritted his teeth in pain as wings sprouted from between his shoulders. He then leaped upwards; smashing through the roof of the building in a cloud of splintered wood and flew into the night sky. Thus Senith started on his quest of world domination. Seeking out all who are likely enough to pose a threat to him. For many years he fought against all kinds of opponents, and not once did he lose. A few hundred years later, the world had changed a lot. Firearms, and all manner of transport had been invented, and the world was a much better place. Senith liked it in these times, and he even became skilled at using firearms.


Dark Shroud: This ability covers Senith in a mass of shadows. It makes him much less of a target and he may also blend in with his surroundings. He can also pass through walls using this ability. However, constantly using this ability drains a hell of a lot of energy so he tends to only use it for a few seconds, and only when he really needs to. (Note: In ORPG’s he can use it for as long as he wants, though he doesn’t use it too often.)

Shadow Regenerate: This heals any minor wounds. Anything such as a chopped off limb cannot be healed, though he can stop the wound from bleeding.

Lost Soul: Senith cannot be killed. The body he possesses may be killed, but he can transfer his soul over to another body. He always keeps his same identity and he always regains his former appearance after awhile in a new body.

Glare: Using his left eye (The one that always glows), Senith can look into people’s minds and find out the dark secrets of their past. He may use this to his advantage by playing with their minds, bringing back their horrible memories. (This only works if the character has a bad past.) He can also use this to anticipate his opponent’s next attack. However, this isn’t always reliable, especially if he’s against an opponent with an incredibly strong mind. (In his demon form he uses both eyes of course.)

Transform: Senith can transform between forms at will and still keep his clothing.

Shadowed Illusion: Senith can create a clone of himself. This clone, however, only possesses half of Senith’s strength so it isn’t really useful for fighting. However, Senith can use this ability to confuse his opponent by making them think the clone is the real Senith and then actually attack the opponent himself from another position. This clone only appears for a few seconds, long enough to distract his opponent. Senith won’t use it for more than a few times since his opponent would figure it out and be able to counter attack it. So, he usually uses it at awkward moments for his opponent so they don’t have time to guess whom the real Senith is.

Fly: Self explanatory. Senith can only use this ability in his winged human form or his demon form. He will only use this against opponent’s who can also fly. He may also use it against ground foes, but only to perform aerial attacks, and he doesn’t usually go any higher than a couple of meters above ground.

Shadowed Fists: Senith can summon energy and his fists burst into black flames. This increases damage to his opponent by double, but only when using his fists. This also requires a fair bit of energy to use, and after awhile, (About 2 or 3 posts) Senith will form that energy into a ball and fling it at his opponent and cause serious damage if it hits.

Shadow Armour: When using this ability, Senith can withstand double the amount of damager he normally can. However, this requires a lot of energy so he only uses it when he really needs to.

Disperse: This ability is very much like what Nightcrawler from X-Men can do. He seems to disappear and reappear in another place. However, he is actually moving at such great speed that it is nearly impossible to tell he had moved. The only traces of him are what seem to be a group of shadows dispersing from where he was. This ability can easily fool a weak opponent, though it won’t work as easy against the more stronger and faster opponents. Senith only uses this ability a couple of times during a battle, especially if he’s against a strong and fast opponent

Increased speed, strength, stamina: Even in his human form, Senith possesses greater speed, strength and stamina than any human. In his human form he is capable of bending an iron bar double with little difficulty. In his winged human form he is able to smash through huge rocks with little difficulty. In his demon form he is capable of lifting up a car with no difficulty and throw it quite far. (About 10-20 meters.) Also, in his demon form, he can withstand being shot by a normal gun up to about 50 times, though it does hurt, a lot, but not enough to stop him from fighting.

Hell's Wrath: This is the strongest of Senith's ability. It is automatically triggered when Senith is close to death. His power will increase double and he will go berserk until either he kills his opponent or his opponent kills him. However, when he does kill his opponent, his body will die.


2x M92 FS Centurion: Senith has two of these pistols, and he has modified them so that they pack one hell of a punch. He only has normal bullets, though they are capable of piercing most known armour with the exception of tanks. He has more than enough ammo to last him a battle, and even if he does run out of ammo, he always has his other weapons. His pistols look a lot like this: http://noxnoctis.tripod.com/gunpic/pistols...-CenturionR.jpg

2x Silver Whips: Senith has two whips with really sharp and strong blades at the ends. These can cause serious damage to most creatures, and Senith is very skilled in using them. These whips are unbreakable.

When Senith transforms into his demon form, his weapons disappear though he does get them back if he decides to transform back into a human during the battle.

Armageddon: (Past setting only) This is the name of Senith's giant, double bladed axe. This axe can easily smash through a fairly large boulder. Senith doesn't normally carry it, though he can summon it from the shadow world. his axe is as big as senith himself, though it can be took apart into two smaller axes for close combat though they won't be as strong as they would be put together.

2x M92 FS Centurion: (Future) Senith has two of these pistols, and he has modified them so that they pack one hell of a punch. He only has normal bullets, though they are capable of piercing most known armour with the exception of tanks. Now however, due to extreme modifications, ths gun can pierce a tank's shell in a small amount of shots ranging from 5-7. He has more than enough ammo to last him a battle, and even if he does run out of ammo, he always has his other weapons. His pistols look a lot like this: http://noxnoctis.tripod.com/gunpic/pistols...-CenturionR.jpg

AK47 Assault Rifle (Modified): (Future) This gun looks exactly like a normal AK47, though the muzzle is abit longer and the magazines are abit bigger. Though not as powerful as his pistols, this rifle can fire up to twice the amount of rounds a normal AK47 can fire in a second. Very useful for keeping his opponent down for a period of time and for causing light damage. Works really well against those without any kind of armour.

Silver Wrist Blades: These silver blades are retractable and can cause serious damage. Senith carries these around because he has encountered many unusual beasts such as vampires, and werewolves. The blades are incredible sharp and can pierce most known armour pretty easily. They reach up to 50cm in length.


Senith has no armour in any of his forms besides his demonic form. However, his stamina is very high so he can withstand alot of damage, and even a number of bullet shots though he tends to try and not let this happen. His wounds always scab over very quickly to prevent too much loss of blood, though bad wounds do limit his movement and they still hurt alot.

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01/31/2005 5:39 PM

uuuh acctually i meant this

Name: Blaze Shruikan

Age: 307

Sex: Male

Race: Tiefling

Class: Blade master

Alignment: Good (sorta)

Element: Beta

Appearance: 5,9 very muscular yet he looks somehow scrawny. Blaze's hair has gone white from sun bleaching and he is heavily tanned. His hair sticks off of his head at funny angles, making him look like a startled hedge hog that got in a fight with a lawn mower. His eyes are a fiery red and spark when he is emotionaly excited or locked in a really fierce fight. His cloak is made of pure fire and lights any area although dimly. His clothes are red and baggy around the legs while his shirt looks like really loose skin. His hands are covered by a complicated leather wrap with metal rings over the knuckles. His eyebrows look like flames complete with red and orange highlights.

Weapons: Major- Maranova: The blade, which is a long red katana like thing, is three feet long and was forged in a pheonix's flame and there fore will not melt or break unless dropped into another dying pheonix. The handle looks like it belongs on a Katana and Blaze wields this sword like one, requiring only one hand to use the weapon. The sword shrinks when its not in use so its not getting in the way all the time.

Minor- Himself: Blaze has ecessively trained in martial arts and can fight pretty damn well.

Armor: His cloak will acctually whip around infront of him and roast anything wooden or melt weaker metals although the weapon will go through the cloak leaving most of the work to a chainmail shirt. However it's heat depends on Blaze's energy. As he uses magic, the fire becomes weaker and if it goes out, Blaze will have to find a torch and relight it.

Accesories: He carries a canteen and various chains around his waist as a belt. His middle finger on the right hand has a ring made from a ruby that helps him focus his power.

Skills:Illuminate- Blaze always has something glowing on his person, be it his cape ring or sword, he always can see. His eyes glow too.
Speed- Blaze can sprint incredibly fast and usually does so with his sword out to skewer the unwary.
Levitate- Blaze's cape jets down, pusing him a couple feet into the air if he so chooses.
Raw Strength- allows blaze to manipulate the maranova one handed, he can also bend some of the weaker metals and pass his sword through some of the weaker surfaces with effort.(thin walls, soft rocks, leather armor. O_O, run if you have it)

Spells: Major- Nova Blade- The maranova shoots a long ray of fire out the end, extending the blade dramticaly. This is hot enough to melt a human but its a hard hit to make.

Minor- Flame thrower- Blaze raises his hand and.. (really need i say more? He shoots a stream of fire for those who dont know.)

Minor- Burning presence. Blaze digs his sword into the ground, sending a wave of fire away from his body about five feet and throwing a really bright light.

History: Blaze's great grand father was from a race of fire conrtolling demons loosed upon the earth by an evil spell.(can you say diablo?) The Demons raped pillaged and plundered until they came upon a sect of fire worshiping humans that grandly accepted (festivals, party favors, beer, yahoo) The demons into their own. The Sect was originally pure evil but over the many years soon became somewhat good. A massive clan of tieflings was born from the two groups and soon, they were declared a civilization by the four counsils of the world. But the Councils ruled they would be an extinct civilization and atempted to destroy them. Thus the Knights of the Flame were born. The knights were sworn to protect and serve The Burnous( the clan of tieflings) and in case of the civilization being destroyed, avenge the clans by killing the councils. Blaze was the sole survivor of the final siege on New Antioch, the Capital, and last remaining city, of his race. He now hunts the Four Councils through hell or extremely low water. His ring and sword were forged specificly for him by The Unchained(the demons) from the hottest fires of the pheonix. Only he can use them. However his Demonic blood often cries out for evil deeds and he has a tendency to destroy the innocent as well.

Weaknesses: Water, snow. and phoenix flame. As well as magic draining attacks.

02/01/2005 2:43 AM

Maybe we should have a Triple Threat match. :D That'd be cool. Anyone else can join in when they feel like it aslong as they post a bio here. xD

04/03/2005 11:22 AM

what? why dont you just have everyone post that stuff in the ooc, where its supposed to go? Then, you can do all the fighting in here.... that would make more sense than to make an entire other thread just becase this one is for posting a bio... Or mabye i read this wrong, and im mising the entire point altogether... let me know if i am.

04/09/2005 9:34 PM

Hey I will help out. Here is my bio

Name: Draco

Race: Demon, Angel, Human, and Dragon(mixed-breed)

Height: 5ft 11
Weight: 128
Age 2000(looks like a teen)
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Bloond
Eye Color: Green
Head: Hair is short and spiked. Has a headband from a friend named Crow. Gogols like Ty, Davis, Takoto, and Takuya from Digimon.
Torso: Black shirt. Black leather trench coat.
L.Arm: Wrist band that haves studes on it.
R.Arm: Blue Wrist band.
L.Hand:Black gloves w/o the fingers.
R.Hand: same.
Legs: Baggie bule jeans.
Feet: Hiking boots.
Noticable Features: Scare on face like Kenshins but just a line not a X. Left ear has 6 Piercings on it.(power liminters)

Primary: Batsuti. A Samuri Sword that he seald his demon form in.

Primary Secondary: An Axe that is hidden under his trench coat.

Secondary: A hand gun(only in his human form).

Sword Description: Made of Dragon scale, Lava Rock, Hakori Honzo Steel, Mercury, Demon Blood(his Dads) and Human blood(his Moms and Brothers) Only he can hold this sowrd others who try to are send to a world of caos and they wish they are dead.

Fighting Styles: Kun-fu, Keate, Jujistsu, Swordsmanship, Alchemy, Mortal Combat, almost every fighting style there is but he dosen't use then all he does favor Konjionshi(Kon-Jai-OH-She) his own fighting style that he uses speed in his attacks and his opponet hardly sees him move but to powerful so he will never pass it on.

Stats: Bench Press 100,000,000lbs but so hard to do so and can only do so if all his forms are together but if they are they take controle of him so he can Bench Press 999,999.
Agility: can go up to speeds of light or more
Intelligence: Not the smartest person but when in battle he is:

Equipment(Besides Weapons):
Armor: Its for the week.

Dragon Fire Twister: Flames come around his sword and the rest is slef explanitory
Flame of a Dragon: Gose into a Kamehameha but without the words and shots a blaze of Flame that can melt anything if powered up alot.
Fire Based Attacks: Self explamitory

History: He was a demon at first but for some reason he casted it aside and had the sword made to put it in. After he did that he fell in a volcano by watching two dragons fight a fire and an ice one(the fire one went in to him and cased hi to fall fyi) The Ice Dragon froze the volcano trapind him and the dragon to gether that made him into a dragon. Then he got killed and well he saved a kid and that sent him to hevan and made him a angel then he got to be reborned and he had all those forms.

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