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01/07/2005 8:13 PM

(OOC his name is Vincent...)

The moon was shining brightly in the sky as the man departed the tavern, gathering his cloak around him and taking a deep breath before making his way down the empty avenue. The man was walking with the swagger of a drunk, though in truth he had not touched a single drop this night.

The wind was howling with all of its might as the man struggled to stay on his feetand keep his cloack tightly wrapped around him. Now he understood why he was the only one out or so he figuered. He continued down the avenue for another few minutes, unaware of the many barred houses this night and the many prying eyes watching him intenly from afar.

He turned down a dark alley that he knew well and waited. He felt as if he must have set there for hours, though it had only been a about half an hour, such is the way of the northern winter. Then he felt it, the very thing he had been waiting for the past fortnight. At first it was only a slow roaring, such as a calm ocean tide, but it continued to increase intensity until the man could feel it stirring inside of his bones. He could wait no longer and immediatly left the alley, following the call.


The man came upon the edge of town to the gate-house and quickly knocked on the door. After hearing a slight shuffle coming from inside he stood back and waited. It only took a few moments for the gate-keeper to answer the door, sliding the piece of metal off of the peep hole and peering out.

"Whad'ya want?" the gate-keeper asked. His voice edged with anger, probably at having been awoken at this hour of the night.

"Let me out," the cloaked man demanded, banging his hand hard on the door. The gate-keeper jumped back in surprise and curled his face up into a snarl. "Now, if you wouldn't mind, I have important business outside the city," the man casualy replied, fiddeling with his glove.

"Skrew yer business, no one get's out afta the sun has set," the gate-keeper shot back, his mouth curling up into a wicked smile as he began to replace the metal slab over the eye slot.

"Ah, too bad," the man said under his breath as he drew a dagger out of his glove and sent it flying through the eye slot, connecting firmly with the gate-keepers eye and diving into his skull, lying him flat on the ground inside the gate-house. The cloacked man immediatly began picking the lock, which took him only a few moments even through the numbing bite of the cold. The gate-keepers dead body blocked the door, his blood spilling all over the floor and out into the street. He quickly drug the body into a closet and shut the door, leaving the body out of sight, and hopefully out of the minds of the locals for awhile.

"Idiot," was all the cloaked man could say after he moved the body and searched the gate-house for the keys. It would take only a few hours before the guards became aware of the murder. The man decided that would be enough time for him to conclude his business on the outskirts of town and be long gone, or so he figuered.

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01/10/2005 8:03 PM

Once outside of Lonely wood, Vincent walked about a mile to the appointed meeting spot. He still didn't know who he was supposed to meet, but the charm around his neck clearly told him the meeting was nearing the appointed hour.

Vincent walked over to the edge of a small clearing and leaned his back against a tree, resting a bit. He almost fell asleep as an owl hooted nearby, bringing him back to consciousness. He cursed himself for being so careless, any slip like that out in the wilds could cost him dearly.

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01/16/2005 7:24 PM

A snake slithered into the clearing. A really big snake. About ten feet long and a quarter of a foot wide. It rose off the ground and regarded Vincent before coiling up and melting into a puddle. A thin, tall man with blonde hair formed out of the puddle, his hands on two long knives sheathed on his wrists. He cocked an eye at vincent.

"What brings you to the edge of my turf?"

The shape shifter uncrossed his amrs and studied the back of his heavily tatooed hands and returned his arrogant gaze to the sleepy man.

01/16/2005 7:52 PM

The charm around Vincent's was now rattling inside of his shirt. Vincent slowly tilted his head upward to regard the thin man. His gaze settled on the stranger as he stared at him. Vincent hardly move, knowing that any quick movements could mean his life.

"What brings you to the edge of my turf?" The man was looking at Vincent, his hands resting on each other in front of his chest.

"Is this yours?" Vincent asked as he regarded the man, pulling the charm from around his neck and tossing it to the man's feet. He was unsure if this the person he was to meet; he had been given no description of the future acquaintance.

01/16/2005 8:05 PM

The shifter glanced down at it and pulled an identical one from his shirt.

"Sorta, howd you come across that thing?"

He bent and plucked the pendant off the ground and studied it before tossing it back to vincent.

01/16/2005 8:35 PM

"It seems that I could ask you the same," Vincent replied casually, picking the pendant up off of the ground. "Though I see the futility in arguing this moot point. I received it from a business partner of mine. Do not ask who for I do not know myself. I received a letter along with the pendant," Vincent explained, holding the pendant up again.

"The letter explained that I was to meet an acquaintance and I would know when that time arrived. Before venturing into your, territory," he paused, nodding to the man standing before him. "I was in the locale village when this pendant began vibrating," Vincent finished, studying the pendant that was dangling from his hand.

01/16/2005 9:23 PM

Careth shrugged,

"I've had this for as long as I remember, whats this aquaintances name?"

He leaned against a rocky outcrop in the middle of the clearing, playing with the pendant that seemed to be creating a mystery.

01/16/2005 9:37 PM

"I do not know," Vincent replied honestly to the question, standing to his feet and stretching out. "It seems that there must be some reason we each have these pendants," Vincent stated after he stretched and looked up to the stars.

The cold wind of the Sea of Moving Ice was blowing through Icewind Dale this night. In the distance the two can hear the wolves howling at the moon. The two stood in the clearing, each seeming to contemplate the recent news.

01/17/2005 6:25 PM

Careth snorted as he studied his pendant. This thing had led him to a meeting, with a fellow he didnt know. It had been an odd day, what with the eant and all.

"So, we both have rattling pendants. Odd"

01/17/2005 6:45 PM

"Indeed it has," Vincent trailed off, not knowing the man's name. He looked back to the man, a questioning look on his face. The trees began to sway in the chill night air, the moon shining brightly into the clearing where the two were. Vincent stood up and dusted off his clothing as his hair blew fluttered in the breeze.

"In any case, it seems that we were indeed drawn together, though to what purpose I do not know. I have that letter on me if you wish to read it," Vincent said, pulling his hood over his head and wrapping his cloak tighter about him, trying to keep the chill out of him.

01/18/2005 7:08 PM

Careth looked sharply around, scenting something. It was gone promptly though.

"May I see that letter?"

He nervously fingered the daggers at his wrist.

01/18/2005 7:15 PM

"Of course," Vincent replied to the elf, then immediately began searching through his pockets. After a few moments he suddenly stopped, a look of puzzlement crossing his face.

"It seems I have misplaced it. Strange. I remember it being in my pocket before I exited Lonelywood. In any case, it only stated that I was to meet an acquaintance of the writer here, and that certain acquaintance would.... Hmm. I can't remember. Although, it was signed TB. I remember that distinctly," Vincent explained to the elf before him. A look of puzzlement still etched his figures as he again searched in vain for the missing letter.

01/18/2005 7:24 PM

(OOC: Acctually Careths a dopelganger, a shape shifter. I'll post a profile.)

Careth's eyebrows drew together, he shrugged and turned to the tree line behind him.

"I'm gonna get fuzzy for a bit, somethings bugging me."

He shifted into a wolf, sniffing the air and growling. Suddenly he melted back to his normal form.

"Something with a really bad case of the evil stench is coming."

01/19/2005 1:23 PM

(OOC, I knew he wasn't an elf but Vincent did not. Thanks for clearing up exactly what you were though. :) Oh, don't be offended by Vincent’s behavior. He will eventually lighten up..... If you prove yourself. :P)

Vincent looked at the shape-shifter as he turned from an elf, to a wolf, and back again. His look told all as the shape-shifter turned Vincent's way and only shrugged.

"So, you are a doppelganger I suppose," Vincent stated with a bit of disdain in his voice. After all weren't doppelgangers an evil tool. "Forgive me if I do not leap for joy, but your kind do not have a good reputation. Though, I do hope you are different from the stories I have heard," Vincent stated through a strained smile.

The doppelganger had stated something about evil approaching, or a stench, he couldn't quite remember. He looked around the edge of the clearing and realized their vulnerability in being out in the open.

"It seems appropriate in a way that you know of what evil smells like," he sarcastically retorted. "I suppose we should just sit here and wait for it then?"

01/19/2005 4:19 PM

(OOC: No worry, a few of the other charchters i have are down right hostile towards anyone of a different race.)

"Well, if you want to see an angry Eant, be my guest."

Careth's eyes flashed green before he turned to face the angry tree. He began to swell, growing into a small wyvern. The treeman smashed through the tree line only to be greeted by a fireball. It added another scorch mark to its bark.

"Diidnt II kiiil you alreaady?"

His vocal cords vibrated differently, causing his vocie to change. He shot another fireball, angering it worse. The Eant swatted him across the clearing where he took out a tree. Careth floated off the ground, his green eyes blazing. That had hurt. He shifted to a more destructive form, an Eant. He advanced on the puzzled tree, preparing to swat it back.

01/20/2005 4:32 PM

Vincent silently made his way to the edge of the forest, still able to see the combatants though not close enough to get in their way. These two opponents were far too large for him to join, it was more likely he would be trampled by one of their feet.

He silently applauded the doppelganger, it seemed he was very experienced for his kind. A small dragon and an Eant?! That was quite an accomplishment to have those powers. Vincent silently wondered what else this strange creature could turn into, an evil smile flashed across his face.

The moon shone down, basking the doppelganger and the Eant in it's light.

01/21/2005 5:15 PM

Careth enjoyed one thing about his race. The ability to drive any sentient creature into a catatonic state by reverting to his own. He shifted at the last second, his long spidery hand sinking into the tree. After the tree stopped moving, Careth collapsed. The beast had done more damage then he could handle. He drifted off the ground, floating about waist high on a human, but not casting any shadow. His green eyes opened weakly as the evil intent of the forest began slowly returning his strength. He setteled weakly on his feet, adopting his elf form. The form was incredibly rough though, flickering and shifting.

"Ooh my head. That thing didnt want to get out of its mind."

He dropped to one knee, breathing deeply and praying to any god he could think of that the tree didnt have a brother.

01/21/2005 6:28 PM

Vincent ran over to the collapsed doppelganger. He checked for life-signs, then examined the wounds that Careth had just received. All the while, the doppelganger was flickering and shifting between it's elf and true form, which made assessing the wounds even harder.

Vincent carefully bandaged the cut on it's head, then moved on towards his abdomen, where it seemed the doppelganger was losing most of it's blood from. He quickly ripped off a part of his shirt, tying it around the rapidly bleeding wound, trying to stem the flow.

Vincent looked down at the doppelganger and sighed, his treatment would not do, they needed to find a cleric or some other healer. Vincent quickly lifted the wounded doppelganger onto his shoulder and started off into the woods.

(OOC, lets wait a bit and see if anyone else joins.)

01/23/2005 12:28 AM

All of a sudden, to Vincent's and Careth's surprise, something hung down from a tree close to them. It was a man. He was hanging from his legs, looking at them upside-down. He had a strange smile on his face and his eyes, winking quickly were wide open. Comically the man swung back and forth staring at them. "Hello! What are you two lovers doing here?" he said with a cackling laugh.
(OOC: He doesn't know what he's saying.)

01/23/2005 1:06 PM

Vincent jumped back, dropping the unconscious doppelganger to the ground. Hanging upside down from a tree directly in front of him was a very unusual man, his eyes unblinking as he looked back at Vincent.

"What?" Vincent stared at amazement at the curious man, who was now laughing and swinging back and forth from a limb. "This man," he indicated Careth who was on the ground, "Needs attending to at once. I fear that his wounds are some what grievous. We encountered a very unhappy inhabitant of this forest a short while back, and it seems he took a bit to much of a beating."

(OOC Bard- Onimusha? Plague- sorry I am keeping your character unconscious but I am trying to get another player to join.)

01/26/2005 6:28 PM

(OOC: I was wondering if you guys wouldn't mind editing out any swear words in the OOC thread (ie: f***, f***ing, etc...) My computer has a censoring program and it blocks all webpages with "foul language".)

He jumped off the tree and looked at the elf in curiosity. He bent over to look at the man while leaning on his staff. He reached out a trembling hand and touched the man in the face. He retrieved his hand quickly and gave a surprised look to Vincent.
"This man's skin is fire!" he howled. Then he muttered a few incomprehensible words and raised his staff as if to hit him.

(OOC: Are we waiting for another character before we go on?)

01/28/2005 8:26 PM

(OOC: Oh no problem. and in comes the twist. If you have the story set exile, just tell me and the twist is gone."

Careth uttered an incomprehensible word in his unconcious state.


He twitched at the strange words of the man. his eyelids retracted, but instead of a typical green flash, there was only white.

"ferthadj de renas ei canthil honoaa. Reneikan warong kefire. Somnth somnth. Fejerath dy huot"

His eyes cleared, but immediately closed. The words were dopelganger, deffinitely. Careth suddenly shifted back to his original form. His limbs lengthening and growing powerful claws. He stretched too. His facial features first dulled, then melted, becoming shadows of what they had been. His hair shifted, becoming a heatless yellow flame on his head that descended to the ground. Yet somehow, he seemed to thin. He bacame almost translucent. The ground became slightly visible but under a green tint. As if seen through chlorine gas. His eyes opened, flashing bright green, before dimming and closing.

02/05/2005 5:52 AM

Attracted by all of the noise in an otherwise deathly quiet night, Osajn made his way towards the three figures, trying to avoid being out in the open for any extended period of time. As he came closer the scene became more odd indeed. He saw two young men standing over some peculiar shape that was in a constant state of shifting. From years of experience, Osajn could just feel something in the air when someone was injured and needed healing. He got a knotted feeling in his stomach as he moved closer. Usually he wouldn't be nervous about approaching people with his business offerings, for he was a relatively eloquent speaker and mostly others warmed right up to him. But this seemed different somehow... In any case he would try nonetheless. Approaching the group he puts on his warmest smile and removes the hood of his robe.

"I see your friend is hurt pretty badly, perhaps I could help you... However, I'm a businessman of sorts, so in return for my help I request that I be allowed to travel with you for a time. What do you say?"

Confident that his skills in healing would suffice in this situation, he awaited a reply in calm patience.

02/05/2005 7:06 AM

Dazragon looked extremely indignant that his spell was interrupted. When the stranger came in, he put on a more sane smile (even though there was still madness in his eyes), and after examining him he walked forwards and stretched out his hand to the man. Standing there, one in front of each other, anyone could see their difference, they were different sides of the same coin. In his hands, his staff imbued with magical powers to kill as opposed to the man's healing staff.
For the first time, as if it hadn't been there before, a strange cloak hung around Dazragon's shoulders. It was a dark red, but more interestingly, for a brooch it had a large red gem.
"I say, hello friend! What a good time you've come at. You see the man over there," as Dazragon said this he pointed at Careth, "he is in dire need of... a cup of tea."

02/05/2005 8:22 PM

"A cup of tea?" Vincent asked, casting a doubtfull look the wizards way. "Perhaps another time," the man added as an afterthought. "I believe that he is in need of healing, and since you have stumbled across us, it seems that the gods have deemed our good friend here," he motioned towards the injured doppelganger, a wry smile on his lips, "fit to live. Though as for your request," Vincent added, scratching his chin and glancing at the doppelganger, wondering if saving the odd creature was worth the effort. "I suppose we could arrange something," Vincent finally remarked, turning to look at his new companion.

02/05/2005 10:22 PM

Careth's eyes flashed open and he struggled to rise, but couldnt. He fell back, holding his stomach.

"TEA? Thats the best you could think of is bloody TEA? Gods, kill me now."

His voice seemed to be that of everything in creation, but it wasnt heard in the ear. Careth winced with the pain, pushing on the wound as hard as he could. His claws seemed to drift into his flash, but he didnt notice.

"Just do SOMETHING! Please."

He fell back to the ground, groaning in pain. The sound was hellish, seeming to be born of all hopelessness and dispair.

02/06/2005 5:42 AM

Osajn's first impression what that the man directly in front of him seemed extremely volatile, so he gripped the extended hand with almost exaggerated respect as to avoid any sort of misunderstanding. After briefly locking eyes with the strange man he released the hang and turned to the young man to the side.

"Well regardless, time is of the essence, and I will help your friend. We will discuss the other things afterwards."

Osajn's face grew serious as he began to walk to the injured shapeshifter. After he had reached his destination, he knelt beside his patient. His wise eyes carefully examined the wounds, and a moment later he stood back up. Closing his eyes, he muttered those familiar arcane words. A moment later he had finished his incantation and his eyes slid open. With a subtle movement of his staff towards the shapeshifter a powerful energy was released over the body. The energy produced a tingling sensation in all those surrounding it, a feeling of slight warmth.

Immediately seeing positive results, Osajn was satisfied that at least the immediate damage and danger had been taken care of. He knelt down again and removed some berries from his leather pouch at his side.

"Here, eat these... they will help you feel better." He said while handing them to the man on the ground.

Turning his attention away from his patient, he looked up at the young man once more.

"May I ask your name? Mine is Osajn Eberir." He asked, putting his hand out in greeting.

02/06/2005 8:49 AM

Careth's wounds had closed well, but not seamlessly. The scars were now slightly barker places on his translucent body. He rose shakily, ignoring the berries.

"Thank you for that. As for the food, I dont have a stomach, so I cant eat them."

He shifted to elf form, shaking his long blonde hair. His daggers appeared on his inner wrists and he rested his hands on them the second they formed. He closed his eyes briefly and opened them in a flash of green. He melted into a large snake and curled around a tree.

[I'll be here if you need me.]

02/06/2005 11:04 AM

"Vincent," the man replied casually, shrugging his shoulders and turning away from the man. "About your payment," he said, his back towards the wizard, "I do not have any money. If you wish to join us, I do not believe I can refuse, it appears your powers could come in very handy."

"As for you," he said, turning to regard the other wizard. "What are you doing out here, in the middle of nowhere?"

02/06/2005 2:31 PM

Surprisingly, as Vincent's gaze fell on Dazragon, he seemed to change into a different man. His eyelids rested low upon his green eyes as if they had tired out, the ridiculous smile was gone from his face replaced by a serious expression, which was turned to the stars. He lowered his gaze so that it fell upon Vincent and Osajin.
"I... he made me, he won't let me go. He's everywhere... nothing I can do. My name is Dazragon Har..." the man suddenly stopped, he made a strange kind of coughing sound and fell to his knees as if someone was choking him

02/06/2005 5:53 PM

Careth's wedge like head rose off the ground and his tongue flickered out. What the duce? He slithered over, shifting to elf form as he went, his tail splitting into legs and pushing him up so he didnt even have to stop.

"Whats this happy ent bark?"

He sensed an odd force on the wind. He waved a hand and there was suddenly another prescence in the clearing. The force pushed away whatever else was there magic wise.

02/07/2005 2:25 AM

Osajn quickly understood that the strange man who originally shook his hand, was not part of the group. Beyond that however he was unclear of everything. What was going on with the other wizard? Whatever it was, Osajn was sure that his healing magic could not help the man. But as his father had always told him, if one cannot find an answer through speculation, then simply ask for it.

"What's the matter? Is there anything I can do to help you?" He asked in a sincerely concerned voice.

02/07/2005 9:39 PM

Careth looked at his hand. So it wasnt magic doing it.

"Well, I'm stumped."

He went back to his original form and stretched his arms. He couldnt help her if it wasnt magic.

02/08/2005 4:42 PM

Dazragon got up as if he was being pulled by a string like a puppet. His eyes were closed and seemed to be barely standing. As if the slightest push would knock him over. He started moving his mouth quickly and indeciphrably. The silent change turned slowly to mutter and then into screaming of strange arcane words. He lifted his head up to the sky and yelled out one last word while raising his hands.
Out jumped the fire like a rock thrown into the air. The fireball rose, and rose and then exploded sending Dazragon out of the arcane trance and tumbling to the floor. However it was far too high up to do any damage to any of the people in the forest clearing or the trees themselves.

02/08/2005 5:52 PM

Vincent could only stare as the odd mage began yelling, from what he could tell, jibberish. Vincent looked at the other's, slightly swiveling his head back and forth when a large fireball erupted from the odd mage, flying high into the air and exploding. Vincent could feel the heat on his face, a somewhat comforting feeling.

The man peered at the collapsed wizard, wondering if he was alright. Vincent slowly made his way over to him, bending down beside him and shaking him slightly, then increasing in force when the man did not wake up. After a few moments, Vincent gave up and turned to the others.

"What should we do with him," he asked the two others, rising back to his feet and nudging the collapsed man with his boot.

02/08/2005 7:12 PM

Careth formed back to his elf and scooped the mage up.

"The same thing you did with me. unless either of you two can fix this we look for someone who can."

He caried the man with a little effort, but not much. This elf form wasnt very strong as a caster.

02/09/2005 2:45 AM

Frowning slightly at the perplexing change of events, Osajn also wanted to help the man, yet did not know how. Realizing however that the fireball may have caused more than just a gentle heat on his face and a bit of eye candy, he spoke to his new companions.

"Either way my friends, I believe it would be prudent that we leave here immediately lest others have seen our 'flare'. I do not know these parts well, however I do not think the type of people who would come will be the friendly sort."

02/10/2005 6:55 PM

Careth snorted.

"I cant turn into any beast of burden large enough to carry all three of you, so dont even think about it. However, I know a few tricks."

Careth settled the unconcious person to the ground and shifted to his eant form.

[i can pack two of you. These arent as strong as they look, flip a coin you two. The dozing guys getting caried regardless.]

Careth reached down and picked the guy off the ground, slumping him over his shoulder. He felt the weight almost immediately.

02/10/2005 9:54 PM

Those with sharp ears noticed the strange whisper that escaped Dazragon's mouth. He was muttering something in his sleep. These words didn't however, crackle with the arcane powers the previous ones had. It sounded like senseless rhyming, strange nonetheless...

02/11/2005 2:10 AM

A warm smile spread across Osajn's face,

"No need for coins and all of that rubbish. I will walk, the exercise will do my body and spirit good. Lead on friend."

02/11/2005 1:28 PM

Vincent had always been an independent sort of person, so when the doppelganger offered him the invitiation, he had patiantly waited for the other man's reply. The healing wizard had declined the invitation as well, opting to walk behind the doppelganger. Vincent did not think that the idea was so bad.

"I will walk also, I am somewhat familiar with the terrrain," he said to his two companions. "Head east," he said to the doppelganger, pointing into the woods before heading off.

02/11/2005 9:01 PM

Careth waded through the trees, following Vincent and Osjan. He had a pounding headache and an old saying kept running through his head.

[in the end none but your shadow will walk beside you.]

Was the end of all things near? Was the human's 'judgement day' going to occur. He doubted it would soon, but in his lifetime....
He blinked as he realized he had spoken the prophecy of his race outloud and winced. Questions would follow, but he was known for being obscure.

02/15/2005 4:31 AM

Osajn heard the somewhat muted mumbles coming from his oversized new companion. He did not really care very much about what he had said, because from experience he found it was often best not to ask and even better not to care. In this strangely unique situation he felt it might prove interesting and relatively safe to inquire about the slip of tongue.

"What's that you say? I've heard such speech... from the weak of will, those who have given up their faith in humanity. Are you numbered among the many in this category?"

He realized immediately after saying it that it may have been a bit harsh, but there was no sense in beating around any sort of bush, whether it had thorns or not.

02/15/2005 6:29 PM

Careth chuckled at the misdemeanor.

[Its an old dopelganger saying. And I never had faith in the human kind. We of the night have given up hope on you.]

Careth's bark creaked as he shifted the unconcious wizard on his shoulder.

02/15/2005 6:33 PM

Vincent glanced back at the three following him, unsure of what had just happened. He casually shrugged it off, instead stoping to regard each of them.

"Mage, why can't you heal this man," he asked a bit accusingly. "I just saw you heal the doppelganger," Vincent explained, then turned to regard the tree ent.

"And you, doppelganger, we never finished our 'talk,' why were you sent to meet me," he said out loud, not caring if the others heard him.

02/15/2005 6:56 PM

Careth shriveled back to his original form, dropping the sleeping human.

"Well, its as big a mystery to me as it is to you."

Careth fingered the small pendant, now dark and sleeping, out of thin air.

"These are given to dopelgangers at birth by their fathers. Its a sort of rite of passage. However we as a culture stole the custom from another, more ancient one, who intern did the same. Its possible this is an incredible coincidence, or some other force."

Careth shifted to his elf form,

"A man approached me some years ago while i was in a tavern near here. He gave me an envelope and dissapeared, literally, into thin air. It said to meet a man in this forest which I did. Unless you can explain, Nobody will ever know."

Careth stretched back to Eant and scooped the human up. it was getting annoying carrying this guy.

02/16/2005 4:10 AM

Osajn just let the wouldbe argument between the shapeshifter and him drop for the time being. In response to Vincent, he patiently explained his reasons

"Well, the biggest problem is that I do not know what there is to fix. I cannot fix what I do not understand. Furthermore, it does not seem to be anything physical, more of a mental nature, in which case I could not just conjure any common arcane healing energy to attempt to cure him. I could try, if you feel it necessary. It would more than likely wake the fellow up so our friend here can give him back a rest. But, there are also risks involved with tampering with a person when in such a state that I understand so little of. I leave the decision up to you."

02/20/2005 12:06 PM

(OOC sorry, forgot it was my turn. :P)

"We will wait until he awakes then. As for now, we will continue to carry him," Vincent replied, then immediately turned on his heel and began walking. They had been trudging through the forest for a few hours, and it only seemed to be getting thicker; the vegetation continued its coarse weave on the ground and roots protruded dangerously. After a few moments, Vincent turned back to regard the men.

"On second thought, perhaps we should set up a camp," he stated with a comical grin, his hand rubbing his hairy chin.

02/20/2005 7:15 PM

Careth looked around.

"Uh where?"

The trees were becoming swiftly impassible. And an Eant could find just about any path through a forest. Careth shifted, dumping the unconcious man, again, on the ground. Careth popped to elf and leaned against a tree to doze.

"Theres barely room to start a fire."

02/21/2005 12:14 PM

"You need fire?" said Dazragon excitedly with a grand smile on his face, as he sat up after being dropped on the ground and regaining conciousness. His eyes still had an unnatural gleam, but seemed calmed.

02/22/2005 2:11 PM

Careth jumped.

"Shoulda woken up earlier so I wouldn't have had to carry your heavy persona."

He resheathed the daggers that he had drawn and resettled against the tree

02/25/2005 1:30 AM

"Well, 'Tree-Friend', I was very much awake, only not conscious. So, tell me, what brings you all too my humble home? A cup of tea?" Dazragon offered confidently as he leaned against a tree, with an air of superiority and a sarcastic charming smile.

02/25/2005 7:36 PM

"ugh tea everybody hates tea!!"said a strange creature hiding behind a small bush......

02/25/2005 7:53 PM

"The only way it tastes good is if you put LOTS of sugar, yess" said the same creature. You are probably wondering what it is but you still can't see it. But you'll soon find out.....

02/25/2005 9:54 PM

Careth shifted to wyvern and snarled.

[aright pal, you want fire, I'll fork it out.]'

He hissed, spattering drool all over the forest floor.

[come out come out wherever you are]

His claws scraped a deep furrow in the ground.

02/26/2005 12:09 AM

Osajn chuckled at this. Whoever was in the bushes was either very foolish or had a deathwish. Either way there was nothing he could do to help him now.

"Ye'd best make your move friend, else the wyvern catch you with your pants around your ankles. And if you want my humble suggestion, either run or surrender."

02/26/2005 2:25 PM

Dazragon held his staff up high, ready to attack. He looked around, looking for whomever had offended him so.
Then, he said in a deep voice (which did not fit the young mage very well), "I, the Lord of the North, will not be spoken to like that! Nobody talks of my tea that way!" He smacked the bottom of his staff on the ground. He slowly started an arcane chant, as he moved his hands in intricate patterns. His cloak waved behind him, even though there was little wind. It seemed to change tones of colour in glee and excitement.

02/26/2005 2:50 PM

Careth snarled particularily violently as he was mentioned and blew a small jet of fire at an inocent tree. The bark peeled away under the minor onslaught. His finely tuned nose began picking up a scent from close by. He began homing in on it and snarled when he narrowed it down to about three trees.

[last chance, then we get more then just tea]

He growled out loud and flapped his wings angrily.

02/27/2005 12:21 AM

( OCC: im so sorry it was my first time!)

"o-o I must have said that out loud!!" said the creature. Unexpectedly, a woman jumped out from behind a tree and said "sorry I sometimes blurt things out, you guys woke me up and gave me a headache." "My name is Katya" she said as she held her hand out. She didn't look afraid at all but deep inside she really was. "Who are you?" she said as she took her hand back since no one shook it. " You scared me, i was trying to sleep....."

(OCC: Please dont kill me im just beginning to use this)

02/27/2005 12:32 AM

Quickly changing from a face of accepted helplessness to possible positive outcome, Osajn stepped forward without further hesitation.

"Stay your wrath friends, so that perhaps we may forgive ourselves any senseless slaughtering for the evening mayhap."

Standing between the group and Katya, Osajn takes a quick look at her to decide whether or not she is just playing the weak and innocent. He decides against it seeing a fear deep in her eyes covered my layers of caloused emotion.

"Ye seem friendly enough, although I must say you have a strange way of keeping hidden in them bushes... In any case, I am Osajn and these are my traveling companions. Now perhaps you should tell us what exactly it is that you were doing in those bushes and why."

02/27/2005 1:27 AM

"Well I'm traveling, my friend" said Katya, "I was trying to sleep when suddenly you woke me up with your discussion, at first I was scared you were going to kill me so I hid after my sudden out burst but you were going to kill me anyways so....." Well at least thats one friendly person..... thougth Katya

02/28/2005 12:11 AM

Dazragon stopped halfway through his spell. He gave a sarcastic look to the new-found traveller. He felt quite offended by the rudeness of her tongue and then being deprived from his spell-casting (which without a doubt was meant for destructive purposes).
With an uninterested "Hah", he turned around, putting his back to the woman and said, "Where were we then? Oh yes. Tea time...?"

02/28/2005 1:00 AM

At first Osajn was unaware of Dazragon's sudden revival, but he realized the difference imediately as his eyes fell on the wizard.

"You're looking well again... care to explain what in the hell that was all about?"

Osajn stared at Dazragon with impatience standing in his eyes, he had no patience for people making a fool of him without reason. He hoped for a logical explanation aside from 'I was just kidding around' which Osajn didn't put past the peculiar wizard.

03/02/2005 6:21 PM

Careth belched smoke instead of fire. He was never one to trust someone who had effectively snuck up on him and he enjoyed the wyvern form. With a resigned growl that turned into a sigh, Careth switched to his elven form.

"No steak huh. My names Careth."

He made no move to shake hands for both their sake, but did offer a curt nod. After which he leaned against the tree he had almost turned into a wooden easy chair without arm rests.

03/05/2005 9:37 AM

Dazragon gave Osajin a twisted smile.
"It was Him. Sometimes, He doesn't behave. He wanted to remove the cloak. No matter, I have him under control." explained Dazragon reassuringly, truly believing that Osajin would understand. Perhaps too much...

03/06/2005 5:59 AM

Osajn thinks about the response for a moment and begins to be more disturbed as he continues. From what it sounds like there are at least two beings within that body, but the thought that makes Osajn shiver is who exactly is the man who gives the odd comments and peculiar smiles... the Master or the Slave? He finds the part of the statement "I have him under control" particularly intriguing, it raises the question of why "He" must be controlled or perhaps why "He" must be freed...

"Well I can see as much... I am glad you have...er... Him under control. But would you care to let us know if these outbursts can be expected in the near future?"

03/06/2005 9:34 AM

Vincent slouched against a nearby tree, his eyes methodically surveying all before him. It seemed that the odd mage Dazragoon held more than what meets the eye. He slowly turned his gaze towards the two wizards.

"Indeed, and perhaps you could tell us about 'Him' while you are at it. I am a bit... intrigued, you could say," Vincent stated as he studied the mage.

03/06/2005 10:02 AM

"IT'S MINE!" exclaimed Dazragon suddenly at seeing Vincent and Osajin eye him so suspiciously. He brought his staff up offensively with both hands, ready to strike. "You can't take it from me!" he said accompained by a laugh that would make the dead uneasy.

03/06/2005 11:55 AM

Kyata stared down from her high perch at the loud commotion below. She never really was curious about other's affairs, but even she could not look away right now. It intrigued her. Kyata leaned over the dark cloud resting in the ebony skys. She had been up there for quite awhile laughing at some off what the figures had to say. Kyata never really had seen so many what humans called, "mystical creatures" in one place before. A low sigh crossed her lips as she pondered if she should float down from her cloud to get a better look.
Mages and shipshafters, whether evil or good have ways off showing volence to those who agitated them. Sometimes it made them act perturbed.

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03/06/2005 12:18 PM

"So.. you are saying that your little stick tells you to do things," Vincent stated with a chuckle. "I have heard of such enchantments though they are very rare, and even more expensive. Unless of course you sealed the soul of your friend into one, which would make me feel... uncomfortable," he added with a sly grin.

03/06/2005 9:23 PM

"Please tell me you didnt shove your father into the stick."

Careth cracked up as he though about it.

"What makes ME worried is if its not a soul, your listening to a bloody spell in a stick."

Careth shifted to snake and wormed around the tree. In all truth this was a basilisk, but it was common misconception that they could kill by looking you in the eye, it just scared the crap out of everyone.

03/07/2005 2:08 AM

Even more confused than before Osajn's eyebrows furrowed deeply in contemplation.

"Stick? I could have sworn you said something about your cloak, which is it? Or both? I must admit this is definately getting complicated. Not that I mind complicated, it makes things interesting, but certainly it also creates difficulties in bringing aid to those in need, and from the looks of you, you are in need."

Osajn's thoughts shifted momentarily towards the creature from the bushes, where had she gone? He shrugged it off and began to think of some course of action, the cryptic and seemingly random outburts began to make his head hurt slightly.

03/07/2005 11:45 PM

(OOC: I'll get "Kitiara" back in track.)

Dazragon gave a sarcastic confused at Vincent's and Careth's comments. When he understood what they meant, he burst into laughter. They thought he was talking about his staff! He kept on snickering maniacally until Osajin said,

"Stick? I could have sworn you said something about your cloak, which is it? Or both? I must admit this is definately getting complicated. Not that I mind complicated, it makes things interesting, but certainly it also creates difficulties in bringing aid to those in need, and from the looks of you, you are in need."

At first, he was surprised by the quickness of the fellow wizard's mind. He turned to Osajin and threw his staff far away. It rolled somewhere behind the bushes. At least, both of them agreed. Then, with determination, he spread his arms wide and began a slow chanting. His hands moved skillfully without leaving their overall position. The last syllable, charged with power, broke up in his voice, making his head jerk up, and his arms stretch out up to every finger.
Suddenly, to the surprise of many there, two more figures appeared at either side of Dazragon. The one at his left, looking much younger, had his shoulders down, and his head slanted a bit to the side. His look was a bit inclined, and held exhaustion, yet at the same time, eagerness. The other figure, looked more stern and wise, but also tired. There was pride in his eyes, which brely burned. They were the same man, same face, same clothing, but there was something diferent.
Then, both mouths, moving at the same time, and the voice too distorted to tell which it belonged to, said, "Choose, and kill!"

03/08/2005 1:43 AM

Osajn's reflexes had been finely tuned over the years, especially as a wizard, one must be quick to react or end up dead. Fearing the worst from the unpredictable wizard, Osajn began a chant of his own immediately after he sawed the other man commence his encantation. Although he didn't know what the wizard had in store, defence was [I]always[/I] a good idea. Being a relatively simple spell, Osajn's body lit up in a cobalt blue aura, and as had been the case so many times before, he felt safe behind his protection spell. Before he had time to do much else, there were three men instead of one, this was beginning to look very very bad. However, the unpredictable happened as was becoming customary with this outlandish wizard, and the feeling of imminent treachery passed quickly when Osajn saw that this was not what it seemed. The confusion once again set in after the overpowering battle-adrenaline ebbed slightly, allowing him to regain logical thought. "What the hell is going on..." Osajn muttered under his breath. His legs still tense, ready to leap away at any moment should there be a surprise. A healer who stands his ground, is a dead healer.

03/10/2005 9:45 PM

Careth had wasted no time shifting to his combat form. The wyvern loosed a loud grunting fart of a roar, belching a small fireball that dissipated ten feet away from his mouth.

[be carefull when you say that, others may think your talking to them]

Careth's eyes shifted between the three figures. He would roast the caster first.

03/11/2005 5:53 PM

"Choose quickly! Two souls in a body, kill one..." said again the strange voice. Then, both "Dazragon's" turned their heads and saw the hostility in Careth's wyvern eyes. "Destroy the body not, you fool!" they exclaimed, and although both expressions were different, they both held anger.

03/11/2005 8:10 PM

Careth snarled. Not understanding the little mage at all.

[I'll make my own bloody descisions]

With a loud roar, a jet of fire blasted the tree above dazragon. After a short gusting intake, Careth paused

[explain or you get it in the head]

the fire ball guttered in his throat and began to swell.

03/12/2005 2:15 AM

Seeing that Careth in his violent attitude hadn't understood at all, "The Dazragon's" turned to Osajin, having noticed the wizard's cleverness, and said, "We leave the choice upon you, fellow wizard. Let one soul loose off this body."

03/12/2005 5:02 AM

Osajn's first reaction was to refuse, panic, and to scream that it wasn't his responsibility. But after quickly assessing the extremely volatile potential in the situation, he got control of himself. This wasn't his place surely, he was a healer, not a killer or decider of another's fate.

"Although I don't fully understand what is going on or why you ask of me to kill one of these beings, I fear I cannot do such as you ask without knowing more, lest I make a decision I as well as you may regret. I propose that we strive to join the 2 beings into a more harmonious union. I swear upon my the name of my Father I will do everything within my power to help you become whole again, but I will not do so by killing any part of you. It is not the way of a healer."

Fearing that Dazragon had truly lost any control over the situation that he may have had, Osajn began to cast a spell of sleep with as much strength as possible to temporarily subdue the wizard as well as his torn mind of turmoil.

((OOC: I only had him cast that spell to provide a way out of this situation should you choose to take it the way I described it. If you decide you don't want to do or can't do what is proposed then just say the spell is ineffective.))

03/13/2005 7:06 PM

(OOC: Nah, you really are gonna have to choose)

The magic quavered in Osajin's voice, and as soon as the spell had finished, it took effect. The body, which stood almost limp between the two images, fell over to the floor, sound asleep. The two figures, however still stood there. One of them directed a frown in Osajin's direction.

This figure, the proud-looking one, said changing his face to a mournful expression, "I want only justice for the crimes that have been comitted against me."

Then, the younger-looking figure, looked insecurely at his counterpart, and then begged, "Find my brother, tell him what has happened to me."

Having both said what they needed to, they stood there awaiting a desicion.

03/13/2005 7:20 PM

Careth cocked a lizardly eyebrow.

[guilty one wants to repent, ok. The other one seems to have something left to do. My vote is torch the criminal.]

He pointed his nose at the older, mournful soul and prepared to cook him.

03/13/2005 7:44 PM

"That would seem the morale thing to do," Vincent replied with a smirk. "But seeing how the 'guilty' one wishes to repent, I believe I will take the guilty one. If you were to ask me, it could be that the younger one has to fulfill that which the older one has already committed," he explained his case, not really caring if they sided with him or not.

03/13/2005 8:30 PM

Careth paused, this was getting hard on the head.

[flip a coin one of you. I'm going to toast one of em at random in say 10 seconds.]

Careth's head began oscillating between the two souls. His head began to shake slightly as the fireball grew larger.

03/13/2005 11:51 PM

Osajn sighed a deep breath of melancholy submission. Very well, he would be part of the decision of which he still knew next to nothing about. But he would try his best to make this a more fair decision, because the other two companions had once again misunderstood the wizard.

"Very well, I propose a course of action that would seem the most prudent in my opinion. Firstly, I wish you two to realize that from the given information neither soul has committed any crime, rather, both seem to have endured some sort of injustice. From what I can tell it is merely a choice between searching for someone to give them bad news of sorts, or searching for a person or persons for the sake of vengeance. I leave the decision to you two for now, and if you each decide differently, I will cast the third vote to make the final decision."

He still held out hope that he could avoid playing any truly direct role in the inevitable subsequent murder.

"But we sure as all hell better get some answers once the deed is done..." Osajn muttered once again beneath his breath.

03/19/2005 9:40 PM

The younger-looking soul seemed to grow desperate at the undecisiveness of the new-found companions. Both souls had dispelled the force that silenced them, in order to explain their situations to the group. He would have to take advantage of that. "You invaded my body!" He exclaimed.

The older-looking figure turned to his counterpart, anger and fear burning in him, and responded, "You offered your body to me, ye fool!"

"I did not know that!" went on the argument. He looked at Osajin, looking for aid in his eyes...

(OOC: Sorry if it takes me a while to answer, my computer's out!)

03/20/2005 5:57 PM

"Hey, don't I get a say in this!!!!" exclaimed Katya , feeling left out. "I believe that the younger soul might actually have something to live for, as for the other soul I believe that all he wants to do is get rid of old debts. Also it was the younger soul's body anyways, so get rid of the other soul!." Suddenly Katya looked at the sky.......but there was no full moon, thankfully."If one of you doesn't respond soon I will kill who I want to...."
(OOC: ?My computer is also broken.)

03/21/2005 3:01 AM

A deep sigh escaped Osajn's lips as yet another impatient bloodthirsty person entered the already dangerously volatile situation. At first, the new girls words angered Osajn, but as he had learned, a reaction of anger will solve little other than to create more problems. Then the idea occured to him to maybe use all of the animosity to his advantage in extracting the most intelligent, and just course of action. He once again steps forward to address the souls.

"You see you have precious little time so I suggest you heed my words, and heed them well." Osajn pulls his hourglass from a pocket within his cloak. It is a small hourglass with mythril plated rims that are intricately designed with ancient elven symbols, it was a gift from a past adventure.

"You, the younger soul, you have until the sand runs from top to bottom to state your case, which is approximately one minute. I warn you, be truthful or we will be suspicious and you will no doubt be killed, be quick and to the point as you have only one minute. Then when the timer runs out you," now speaking to the older soul, "will tell your plight in brief. This is all I have left to offer you, one minute each to plea your case. If anyone speaks out of turn they will incure my wrath, which may not seem like much now, but I assure you, I am not someone you want to provoke at a time like this. I will begin the timer once you have begun to speak."

03/21/2005 11:30 PM

Wasting no time, the younger soul began to speak, "First, let me present myself! My name is Dazragon, Dazragon Harper." He had just noticed that what he had said, wouldn't be too helpful at all in the current situation. He raised a hand and opened his mouth to speak again but was interrumpted.

"Stop!" said the other soul. His arms crossed, he had a frown on his face. "I have no time for stupid games. You know enough." then, turning to the soul standing by him, he continued, "Remember this..." as he said so, he reached behind his neck to a strange glowing chord that sprouted from his neck into the body's. His counterpart also possesed one. As soon as he touched it, his arm twisted in a sudden spasmodic movement. The younger soul dropped to the floor, unexpecting the sudden shock, while the other soul only closed his eyes and quickly turned his head away, looking down.

Pulling himself back together, the latter soul went on, "Unless you want to return to our previous state of mind, finnish this quicly." He turned back to the companions and said, "This is a spell gone wrong. That's all you need to know. It wasn't suppoused to go like this."

03/22/2005 1:52 AM

The older soul's actions made Osajn's mind up for him.

"Fool... Did you not hear my terms? By silencing your counterpart in his already short time to speak you have proclaimed yourself the perpetrator of any evil deeds... If it were truly that simple, you would have merely allowed him to speak and put yourself to judgement, but by not allowing him to finish, you imply that you have a great deal that you do not want him to say."

With a look much more certain than in any of the past several minutes Osajn turned to his new companions, "Kill the older soul, and do it now before he has time to act once again. It matters little now who truly is the innocent, for he has proclaimed his own guilt in a very strong sense. If one of you do not kill him, I will, of that you can be sure."

By the older soul's conscience act to disobey the relatively simple rules of the trial, he has told Osajn more by saying nothing than he probably would have learned from the one minute plea from either soul.

03/22/2005 2:23 AM

The older soul replied calmy, "In my defense, had we spent, that long arguing, the spell would have dissipated, and you would soon face again, a mad man. But I understand that nothing I say will change your mind. The task of freeing of my soul is simple enough. Just sever the chord that grows from my neck." He turned around, leaving it in plain view.

The younger soul looked at his counterpart in sudden understanding. "You're tired of life." he said softly and closed his eyes, "I promise to avange your death."

A smile grew slowly on the older soul's face.

03/22/2005 8:15 PM

Careth burped the fireball into the center of the older soul's head, incinerating it instantly with the cord included.

[that business is finished I hope.]

With a smokey snort, Careth shifted back to his elvish form.

"Let's hope the little one has good manners."

03/23/2005 2:37 PM

"Let us hope we have made the right decision," Vincent replied from the shadows. The man had taken little interest in who was left to live and only now did he decide to speak.

"Perhaps we should rest for the remainder of the night. I, for one, am tired," he said to the gathering before bedding on the ground.

03/23/2005 3:18 PM

As the fire hit the older soul's head, a quiet scream escaped, and it slowly disappeared into the night. The remaining soul recoiled. Then there was a blinding flash of light. When everyone ragained their sight, Dazragon was sitting down with an expression of amazement in his face. Then, came a loud sound, and the large, red gem that served as a brooch for his cloak split in half and fell on the floor. Dazragon inhaled deeply, as if he hadn't done so for a long time, making a horrible sucking noise.

"Thank you," he managed to say in between coughs. He waited for his breath to go back to normal and stood up straight. "You prbably want answers now, right?"

03/23/2005 11:18 PM

"Personally, I want sleep. tell me in the morning."

Careth shifted to his normal form and his eyes suddenly went black as he leaned against his tree. A faint buzzing double snore haunted the air around him, but dissapeared about five feet away. His dream was of screaming people and waves of fire. He remembered the human seige on his town. But his upper mind had forgotten.

03/24/2005 2:55 AM

Osajn resigned his arguments based on his belief that there was a right time for everything.

"Yes, perhaps it would be best to speak of it in the morning so you won't have to repeat your tale. I am not much for threats so I will not bother to tell you that you are already under my suspicion, and with that I bid you good night."

Osajn made himself comfortable against an ancient tree root and entered an immediate light sleep.

03/24/2005 2:22 PM

Dazragon blinked, surprised at the reaction of these new-found companions. He looked towards the remaining person, the girl, and gave her a smile. "You made the right choice."

He then walked towards a tree and sat down cross-legged against the tree. He closed his eyes. So many things had happened. How long had it been? A tenday, a month, a year? He sighed. First, he would have to find his brother, that is, if he was still alive. He didn't like the prospect. He remembered the dragon's furious eyes. It had been young, but a dragon's a dragon; it had taken all they had to kill it. Then, he had found the cloak. That damnable cloak!

He tried not to think about it. It was all over now. Then, he remembered he had promised to avange the late wizard's death. It would be a long journey. A long journey indeed.

03/24/2005 4:18 PM

As she smiled back at Dazragon she thought about what just happened. Katya figured she should also get some sleep but was wide awake. She sat down and closed her eyes thinking what surprises tomorrow might bring... a small chuckle came out from her red closed lips. Finally sleep came to her, woundrous dreams about adventures and warriors, dwarves, elves....

03/24/2005 7:19 PM

Careth awoke in the middle of the night and walked to the edge of the clearing. He slowly drifted off the ground as his eyes turned blue. A strange hum emmanated from him and faint words seemed to pop out here and there


[only my shadow]

[the end is near]

[the end is NOT]

and fade away almost as suddenly. He drifted up to a branch and lighted on it as gently as a huming bird on a nail. He stood erect on this branch and looked out over the woods, where a head only he could see suddenly was looking back at him. His father's metaphorical lips suddenly moved.

[remember the raids my son]

Careth's eyes suddenly snapped to yellow. That explained the..... pendant. Careth's eyes narrowed. He would have to find out about that pendant. He stood there and looked out over the forest until the sun rose.

03/25/2005 12:37 AM

The sun was shinning when Dazragon awoke. The sleep had done him good. He hadn't had a proper rest since the cloak...

He stretched out his muscles and sat down by the tree that had acted as his bed the previous night. He opened his light backpack and reached for his spellbook. He opened it and carefully studied it for a long while. He didn't know what kind of spells to prepare, so he made sure to chose from a wide range. He put his spellbook down and looked up at the sky, wandering at his current situation.

He looked at the doppelagenger. What a strange companion! Why would a doppelganger travel with, well, anyone at all? He would have to be wary of him.

Then, he immersed himself in thoughts again. He would have to explain his story to the group. And quite a story it was!

03/25/2005 3:38 PM

Careth heard a rustling noise behind him and closed his eyes again. Strange times were coming, the basilisk, eant, elf and wyvern would become ineffective. He would need to perfect the sting. Of all his forms, this was the most lethal, and hardest to use. He would practice tonight. He turned and dropped to the ground with a muffled thump. He noted Dazragon was awake.


Careth's eyes seemed to be distant this morning, as if he was deep in thought. Which he was.

04/07/2005 8:24 PM

Osajn's eyes cracked to the light of dawn. He began to stand up and grimaced at the knot in his lower back, and saw he had fallen asleep on a small stub of tree root protruding from the dark soil. Small, but enough to cause him pain for the remainder of the day. The previous night seemed dreamlike to Osajn, had it all really happened? Looking about the camp, he decided his recollection was more or less true to reality.

"Perhaps we should make the morning meal and hear our friend's tale so that we may fill our empty stomachs and minds with satisfaction."

04/07/2005 8:33 PM

Careth shrugged.

[fine with me]

He looked around the clearing as the others awoke, stirred or sleapt on. He was wondering about that pendant. About how it had come into the human's possesion, but mostly about food. There wasn't very much around. He shrugged again at the seeming lack of sustanence.

04/10/2005 11:15 AM

"Perhaps we should make the morning meal and hear our friend's tale so that we may fill our empty stomachs and minds with satisfaction."

"I agree," Vincent called out groggily. Slowly, he rose and moved to prop himself against a nearby tree. He sat down and gently rubbed the sleep out of his eyes before turning towards the crazy wizard, eagerly awaiting some sort of explanation.

04/10/2005 12:08 PM

"I would love to hear some stories"Katya said drowsily. Steadily, she got up to strech herself. She would love to hear their stories, unfortunately she would have to tell her own. She wondered were each of them came from, maybe some faraway land , were they searching for something? Or, were they escaping from somwhere? Or, like her, were they looking for adventure?

04/14/2005 7:12 AM

Branches cracked and twigs snapped as he plummeted through the trees. With a thud, he had atlast crashed into the solid ground. Oxygen was pressed from his lungs from the impact, however, releaved to finaly be on the earth again. The mythral clad man of about twenty-two gasped for breath as silver hued eyes search the area franticly.

F'lar took good note that the people around him were awakening, whilst he found himself hoping that these were allies...or neutral in the very least.

04/16/2005 3:14 PM

(OOC: You probably want to post a character description in the OOC thread, Ashen.)

Dazragon was taking a bite off a piece of bread that had been in his pack for a bit too long when the man stumbled into their campsite. As Dazragon pulled out a dagger from his boot he wondered who this man who had made such a peculiar entrance was, and why no one had heard him approach.

Dazragon approached the man slowly. "Who are you, and what are your intentions here?"

04/17/2005 5:43 AM

Nearly fell back down whilst he stood up. His head swings in the direction of Dazragon, "My name is F'lar, and as far as my intentions...I didn't even mean to come here."
Stood up rather straight now, fingers gripped around the hilt of a claymore, "I would appreciate it if you'd put away your weapon."

04/17/2005 4:19 PM

Vincent smirked to himself behind the cowl of his cloak.

"Seems like we have quite the party here and to tell you the truth, I don't give a damn about any of you. I feel as if I have lingered her to long and the quest has become horribly skewed. As for me, I am taking my leave of this accursed forest and hope to never see any of you again," he stated with a bow before turning on his heel and leaving through the lush undergrowth of the forest.

OOC: Follow at your own risk. I suggest we split up into two groups since we have such a large number of players.

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04/18/2005 10:05 PM

Careth rose and silently followed Vincent, fingering the amulet as he went. Careth intended to find out more about Vincent's aquiring of the amulet.

[I'll go with this odd fellow]

04/19/2005 11:15 PM

Dazragon looked around. Seeing the man as no threat, he put his dagger back in his boot while slowly moving back.

"Seems like we have quite the party here and to tell you the truth, I don't give a damn about any of you. I feel as if I have lingered her to long and the quest has become horribly skewed. As for me, I am taking my leave of this accursed forest and hope to never see any of you again."

Dazragon looked at the man curiously. Before spitting back an offensive reply, he remembered that this man and his companions had saved his life.

"Quite sorry, but I cannot follow you; I have urgent matters to attend to. Thank you all for your help. Had it not been for you, I would have stumbled as a mad man for the rest of my life. If any of you wish to follow me, I assure you the Harpers will be quite thankful for your aid. Hope to see ye all before the end." With that, Dazragon picked up his pack and staff and prepared to travel.

(OOC: If anyone follows me, I think I'll start a new thread. It won't do to have two adventures going on in the same thread.)

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04/21/2005 9:45 PM

Osajn didn't entirely expect this to happen, but he had a good idea that it might.

"Well, I'll not go where I'm not wanted or needed. Dazragon, if you'll slow a moment to allow an old man to come along, I'd be glad to once again lend my healing services and wisdom."

His stiff back from sleeping on a tree root made him hobble, truly giving him the appearance of a very old man.

04/23/2005 1:16 PM

"Harpers, they sound interesting. I think I'll go with you guys" Katya said as she pointed towards Dazragon and Osajn. She hadn't seen the good old harpers in a really really long while, maybe too long.

"c'mon, wait up!" she said picking her things up. " which way are we going?"

04/27/2005 11:37 PM

Dazragon smiled at his two new companions. "You are both quite welcome to come with me. I can tell you my story of how I got here as we walk," he explained as he turned around.

"Which way are we going?"

Katya's question made him remember he didn't remember much. He knew they were far North of Luskan. He looked at the rising sun trying to figure in which direction he might find his brother, if he was still alive.

"Good question. Which way to Luskan then, good sir?" he asked Osajin, thinking it a good place to begin.

04/29/2005 3:11 AM

Osajn's eyebrows raised at the mention of Luskan.

"My my, you certainly did pick a distant destination. That is quite a trip, but I suppose I'm ready as I'll ever be for such a trek. 'Tis beyond the southern reach of the Spine O' The World. So let us be off."

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05/01/2005 8:37 AM

[I'll go with this odd fellow]

Vincent heard the footfalls of someone behind him and quickly hid behind a nearby tree. He waited patiently until the doppelganger came into view and frowned to him when he thought of the implications of having a companion. The doppelganger walked past Vincent's hiding spot and Vincent quietly stepped out, now a few yards behind Careth.

"Why do you follow me?" He asked, his voice edged with anger.

05/04/2005 6:37 PM

Careth whirled, snarling angrily.

[Why do you bear the ancient emblem of the doppelgangers? Did you kill one of my kind or something?]

He prepared to force another shift to wyvern.

05/11/2005 1:56 AM

(OOC: Luskan... not that distant.)

Dazragon thought for a second about his desicion. "Not so for one who travels much," he said in an attempt to ragain any lost respect among his companions at the ignorance of their location, "but maybe we should visit the closest town in order to restock on supplies. This journey may take us farther then any of us think. Your choice, my friend."

05/15/2005 5:07 PM

Katya remembered where she had been a little while ago. "How about we go to ten towns?" she suggested "it'd be a good place to restock on suplies." She'd had some pleasent times there. Also, she could see some old friends. She hoped her companions would agree with her. She tied her braided her back with some leather and said "let's hurry if you guys wanna go."

05/16/2005 1:47 AM

Osajn couldn't help but chuckle slighty to himself.

"As the name implies, Ten Towns consists of...Ten towns. Currently we are in the northernmost town of Lonelywood. I suggest we make our way to Bryn Shander. I also agree that we should be off immediately, I don't like standing around often."

05/17/2005 4:44 PM

"To Bryn Shander then!" declared Dazragon. He would have prefered to go straight to Luskan; he had enough food. Then again, he was mightily hungry and could use some decent food. It would also give him a short time to study his new companions further. There was something strange about the girl, a strange fire in her eyes the former night...

"Well, friends, if I may call you so. Let me tell you of how I came to this place. You're probably wondering why I bear the title of Harper in my name. My parents were killed when I was young, so me and my brother were taken in by a wizard. This man has taught me all I know, and bears the name Harper as a testament to the society we follow and for many other reasons I don't want to get into."

"Not too long ago, my brother dropped his studies of The Arts for those of the power of the mind. The man who raised us was not happy with his decision and sent us out into the world. Shortly after, we were contacted by Harpers and sent on a mission to slay a dragon. Aye, a black dragon. Of course, we were aided by seven other Harpers and succeeded against the young beast. It was then, as we searched through the treasures, that I saw it. The cloak caught my eye; it seemed to have strong magical properties."

"From the moment I donned it I don't remember much. I awoke one day in a place I did not know, unable to think straight. There was another presence in my mind. We conversed. A wizard of old, he was, and with his dying strength, he had enchanted his cloak to bear his soul. A mistake must have been made in the spell, for it drove us into insanity. Many days we wandered, without a cause, without reasonable thinking. Unable to hold two souls my body began to twist our minds, try to bend them into one." Dazragon passed his hand over his forehead remembering the pain.

05/19/2005 8:31 PM

[Why do you bear the ancient emblem of the doppelgangers? Did you kill one of my kind or something?]

"And if I did?" Vincent replied with a smirk, letting the question hang in the air. The air grew with tension, which was quickly broken by a snapping branch nearby. Almost instantly, Vincent disappeared into the underbrush.

05/20/2005 4:48 PM

[Your a dead man if you did human]

Careth also vanished, although he blended in far better, being the color of a tree trunk.

06/14/2005 12:01 AM

Realizing he had blabbed on for far too long, Dazragon abruptly stopped.

"Well, I'm sure your stories are much more interesting than mine, friends," he said. Bryn Shander came into view right then.

(OOC: The town of Lonelywood along with three others are closer to Lonelywood than Bryn Shander. Oh well, too late now.)

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