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01/06/2005 3:35 PM

Arya propped her legs up on the lower edge of the crow’s nest, the lanterns below her were shadowed by the sails, giving her an unobstructed view of the stars above. She could name every star and constellation by heart, and in high summer, her favorite was just clearing the horizon. Pegasus, the winged horse. Far north of it, the direction the prow of the Chimera was facing, the big bear pointed the direction to north, the little bear holding the brightest star in the north. The dragon separated the two of them, in a constant dance of the north.

The moon was low on the horizon, just setting for the evening; the young moon was only a slender slice, the bow of Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and of the Hunt. Stretching, Arya tugged at her braid till the leather tie snapped, freeing the golden tresses of their bonds. The ship crested a wave and crashed down the other side, making her feel as though she were flying....

Salty spray covered her lean body, as she lounged in only a half-skirt of scarlet linen, and a brazier of tooled leather. A shall of scarlet silk decorated with a fringe of tiny golden circles hung halfway off of one shoulder, tinkling in the wind. Over her head, a beautiful rainbow crystal chime rang sweetly, the starlight made the crystal glow, a tribute to all the gods of the sky, Artemis and Apollo, Moon and Sun respectively, and the lesser goddesses of the Dawn and the Night Sky....
Arya shifted her right shoulder and peered down to the deck that was over one hundred feet below her. The sails partially blocked her view, but she could see the wheel, with Kerr standing at his post, and Ghost lounging beside him, apparently asleep.

She shifted again to return her attention to the sky. “Thank you Gods of the Earth Below, The Sky Above and the Sea Between... For another day to sail upon these waters...” She whispered her nightly thanks to the gods as a star streaked across the sky, and she smiled before grabbing a nearby rope.

Kerr caught sight of Arya as she leaped from the crows nest, rope in hand. He winced as she did this, always fearing that someday she would misstep or miss the rope and crash to the sea below or the deck itself. But as always, her grip and step were both true and she landed hard on her feet after showing off with a double flip.

“Every time you do that, I swear you’re gonna make my heart burst in fear...” Kerr rumbled.

“That’s probably why I do it Kerr.” Arya cracked a smile and clapped him on the back.

Kerr was a big bear of a man, a dark man. Not of spirit or of mind...no. Dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes. A not uncommon sight upon these waters these days. Mariners like him were becoming more and more frequent, and Kerr was her fathers’ best friend.

Ghost chuffed and yawned, his red eyes fixed on her as she walked past him. She knelt at his side, and grabbed at his scruff, pulling him close.

He mock growled at her, accustomed to this routine. “Aren’t you the best doggie?” She blathered at him, and she was instantly rewarded by a slathering lick across her face, which she instantly reacted to with distaste.

“Aewww... yuck!” She groaned, but winked at the dog, who barked enthusiastically. She saved Ghost when he was a pup, from a small village who thought he was unlucky and should be drowned. She felt herself guided then, and she always thought it was by her patron Goddess, Artemis, as she was very partial to dogs. She rescued Ghost, and he was totally loyal to her and her alone. Gods help those who should ever think of laying a hand upon her in anger, for they may find the hand missing down the gullet of this monstrous dog that stood shoulder to waist with his mistress.

“What’s our heading?” She murmured sleepily.

“Due north, heading for Syracuse.” Lately they had decided to lay low from the profession of thievery, and became swords for hire. And the Council of the Twelve wanted them for something.

“Be there by dawn?” She yawned.



“Wake me at land sight.”

Ghost stood and padded after her, slipping into her cabin just before the door slid shut. Arry lay back in her bunk, and stared up at the stars through the windows that lined her bunk, facing north. Before she could count the stars of the Dragon the separated the big and little bears, she was deep asleep with Ghost snoring at her feet.
Elsewhere, the homes of the gods, unseen and incomprehensible by mortal minds, were scattered over the realm. While Olympus was still the main home, it was more of a meeting place, and the home to only Zeus and Hera. And at the same moment that Arya fell asleep, the Gods convened.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled as the gods gathered around a brooding King. Zeus’s brow was furrowed with thought as he paced. His three eldest, Aries, Aphrodite, and Athena watched him with worry in their eyes. Hera stayed on her throne, her gown of peacock feathers glimmering in the starlight. Aries, garbed in armor and scarlet linen watched his father warily as he paced, his younger sister, the Goddess of Love (Oh lets face it, Lust) and beauty wore a gown of white her long golden hair spilling around her bared shoulders.

Athena, the eldest of the three was also the calmest. A large owl sat on her wrist, and it made soft hooting sounds occasionally. All the others were there, all anxiously awaiting to see what troubled their lord so badly. From Hermes to Poseidon, From Eros to Hades... they all waited.

“How dare they!” Zeus finally thundered, startling all but Hera and Athena. “These blatant mortals dare seek out the Jewel!”

Aries glanced at Athena, as being the Goddess of Wisdom and war, she would be the one to first know what it was their Father spoke of, while the other Gods whispered and wondered.

“The Jewel of Amity!” He roared, the fury of his outrage lashing out in the form of brilliant lightning bolts that danced around him.

“The Jewel of Amity?”

Zeus fixed his elder son with a piercing stare. "Yes... and if they find it... you'll be out of a job...."

01/10/2005 2:23 PM

Livia woke up to the sounds of the seagull cries that could be heard through the small window in her room in the back of the Temple of Apollo, which sat near sea-side home of Syracuse, Greece. How she loved waking up to thesounds of the birds, and the smell of the salt water on the air. She smiled to herself as she hopped out of bed and padded over to her dresser to choose her clothes for her day.

Her room her was simple. A bed that sat under the only window, a small writing desk and chair, a soft rug on the floor to keep the chill of, a wash basin and pitcher on another small table, a statue of the Sun God Apollo, and a chest of drawers for her clothes, with a silver mirror that hung above it. The young woman had a few personal effects in the room as well, but not many. A picture of her deceased parents hung on the wall above her desk, a silver brush, comb and mirror set, given to her on her 13th birthday by Lady Thalia here at the Temple, was arranged on top of her clothes chest, along with a few various hair ribbons, a few pieces of jewelery and her Temple circulet. Two shelves of books on various subjects beside her desk finished Liva's collection of personal belongings. The room was small and cozy, and Livia wouldn't have it any other way. The Temple and this room was the only home she'd known for the last seventeen years.

She had finished dressing, complete with her sun golden robes, and was fighting with her hair in front of the mirror when a knock came on the door.

"Come in." she called, sounding more frustrated than she meant to. Every morning she tried to pull her mass of waist-length, midnight- black curls into a neat braid, and every morning a few tendrils would slip out, and frame around her pale face. The effect was actually quite beautiful on the young woman, but wasn't seen as proper by the senior members of the Temple, who tried to enfore a strict dress code on their students.

It was Lady Thalia that came in. The Head Priestess of the Temple had been 23 when a one year old Liviavicious Themeos had been brought here to be cared for after the death of her parents. The child had quickly become a favorite of all the members, but became especially close to the Temple Mistress. Thalia expected nothiing but the best from her students, and could be hard on them to get it, but was a sweet soul. Her sparkling geen eyes and almost musical voice had won over many a heart in Joppa.

"Good Morning, Livia." the Priestess greeted her adopted charge as she stepped into the small room and closed the door.

"Good Morning, M'lady." Livia responded, still fussing slightly with her curls. The loose tendrils just wouldn't go in the braid...

Thalia smiled. Walking over to stand in front of the girl who was now inches taller than herself, she gently moved Livia's hands away from her hair. Liva smiled her thanks. Thalia tucked each loose tendril of hair behind each of Livia's ears, and then placed her silver and gold circulet on her head. Stepping back, she took in the girl's appearace. Quite a striking figure she made, her raven-coloured hair and saphire eyes to her white complexsion. Perhaps a bit to pale, but no matter how much sun she got, her skin just would not tan!....While standing there in her gold robes of Apollo and matching curculet - oh how proud the Priestess was of Livia. She was sure that not only the Gods pride shone down on her, but her parents' as well.


"Much. Thankyou M'Lady."

Thalia waved waved the thanks with a smile. Caring for Livia had never been a chore. "Have you gone to the Temple to give your thanks yet?"

"I am heading there now, then will tend to my morning chores."

"Very good. I'll leave you to yourself then." After kissing Livia lightly on the cheek, the Temple Mistress left the room.

Minutes later, Livia knelt in the main Temple, giving her daily thanks to Lord Apollo, as well, as his sister Lady Artemis, and Ladies Demeter andd Hecate. As the rest of the building, the main Temple was made of simple grey stone, but was polished clean and was beautifully decorated. The room was large enough to hold at leasr 30 people and lit by candles and torches, which caused shadows to dance across the room. A large golden statue of Apollo sat on the main alter at the front of the room. The walls and ceiling were decorated with pictures of the Sun God in various scenes and poses, and though he was the most prominent, depictions of the various other Greek Deities were shown as well. Faceing the main alter were benches where people could sit for services, meditation etc.

Standing up and bowing her head in respect, she quietly left the alter room to tend to her daily cleaning chores. It was never known who would arrive to pay homage to the Sun God, and it was demaded that the Temple be clean at all times.

02/17/2005 4:11 PM

Arry stood silent next to Kerr, playing her part perfectly. The dumb servant girl. She rarely ever revealed herself as the leader of this little rag-tag gang, in this day and age, women were rarely taken seriously, especially one as young as she.

The council had looked at her with disdain, and several had questioned her presence in this matter, but Kerr had been quite adamant that she stay.

“She may be dumb, unable to utter a word, but she is unfailingly clever.” He stated firmly, as she gave him an adoring smile. This was one of her favorite games, as Kerr’s attention was mostly on her as she listened carefully to the council, and signaled him with short movements of her hands, instructing him as what to say.

“We are hiring you and your crew to search out the Jewel of Amity. It’s a Jewel supposedly that was once a star. This star was once the highest point of our skies, held directly above us, bathing the world in a peaceful light. Before the mighty Zeus came into his glory, This star fell from the sky, and Eris, Goddess of Discord guards it fiercely for she doesn’t want it to fall into the hands of mortals, nor does she wish to see it rise into the heavens once again.”

Arya’s hand moved in a questioning motion, and Kerr didn’t need much more prompting. “Where is it the Jewel supposedly rests?”

“Legends tell that the Jewel is safeguarded in Tartarus. Home to three of the darker gods of our world... Hades, Eris, and Aries...”

Kerr blanched, Damascus was dead because he crossed those three one too many times. “What chance do you think a ship with a single crew of men will do against the gods? Which I am sure know all too well what we are planning?”

A slender, pale skinned woman with pale silvery blond hair stood, her eyes held an eerie light in them, and Kerr fell silent. “You will have your chance, because I personally know of your subterfuge. That girl is no servant, but your leader and captain....”

Arya flinched, but there was something other-worldly about this woman... and without hesitation she met the Goddess’s eyes.

“Artemis... Goddess of the Moon and protector of women.” Arya breathed with reverence and pride.

“My Father seeks to stop you... as do my siblings... however I and my twin will aid you as we can... Arya Danerys, your father stood up to the Gods in the past, and sadly failed, I will hope to see that you do not. The Jewel must again grace the skies or even the Gods will one day fall to ruin in our conflict. Even if the star falls again, it will prove that Mortals are truly the true children of the Gods...”

The woman faded from sight, leaving the council dumbfounded, till one woman stared at Arya with shock, and Arry gave the prim woman a wink and turned to her men.

“Alright, you heard her... though I’ll not force you. What say you to a venture wrought with danger, death and glory!?”

The others shouted their agreement and Arya turned to Kerr. “What say you?” She asked softly as Ghost pushed his nose under her arm.

“I say this is a fools errand...but I’ll also say we’re a pretty foolish bunch...” he said with a wink.

04/12/2005 4:16 PM

Arya hefted the heavy sack of grain onto one shoulder, and draped it across the pack mules' back. The mule gave her a weary look then shook his head, sending his ears flapping.

Kerr lay another beside it, as well as a sack of dried and salted venison and a second sack full of dried and salted fish. The others had their own lists to fill, such as water, wine and other nessecities...

Pulling on the reins, Arry led the reluctant mule back towards the Chimera, Kerr keeping pace at her side.

"What do you think of this fool's errand?" He asked.

Arry looked back at him, her blue eyes searching his for a moment before she turned her head away and shrugged. "As you said, we're a pretty foolish bunch, and we've taken worse tasks in hand..." She said, her eyes drawn skyward towards the setting sun.

"We'll make a name for ourselves yet Kerr, you just wait...I'll prove to my father that his little rag-tag crew can do something to help change the world, just like he always hoped."

04/13/2005 5:33 PM

The day was spent like all of Livia's day at the Temple. The morning was spent cleaning and dusting the various rooms, which most of the other students complained shouldn't be part of their days, but Livia actually enjoyed. She believed even the smallest tasks involving the Church would make her a stronger Priestess when the time came. Since the cleaning usually offered a certain mount of quiet, she often would use this time for reflection on...but more often than not, she would get caught daydreaming of ome faroff place.

After the morning activitives, it was off to lunch in common eating room where everyone could eat and socialize together. Aside from Lady Thalia, there were thirty other full fledged Priestess's, who mong their other uties, looked after the twenty students. Of the students, Livia was the only one actually lived in the sea-side temple. Because of this, the other students onsidered Livia to be favored, so many of them acted as her friends thinking they too would gain favor with the Temple Mistress. Others thought she was strange for her quiet ways, her daydreaming, so they stayed away from her altogether. So due to her lack of real friends her on age, Livia would often chat with the older Priestess's or lose herself in a book while the students talked among themsleves.

Today was no different. After recieving her lunch, Livia searched for a place to it in the common room. Walkng among the long tables, she saw Meghann sitting with her friends. When she saw Livia pass, the tanned girl stood up, blocking Livia from moving any further.

"Where are you going, Liviavicious?" she asked in her overly sweet voice.

"Just finding a seat so I can eat." Livia replied evenly, soft as was her way.

"Sit here." Meghann moved her arm to gesture to her table, where her three friends were watching the conversation, barely hiding their snickering.

"No thankyou, Meghann."

The other girl moved toward Livia so that only her food tray was seperating them. She leaned toward Livia, lowering her voice to a vicious whisper. "You think yo're to good fo us, do you? You think that just because Thalia found you, cares fo you, that you're better than everyone? Well you're not. You're nothing but orphan trash."

Before she could defend herself or even step back, Meghann had tipped Livia's tray so that Livia was covered with food. Megan snickered, continuing, "You even look a mess."

The students that had seen the conversation erupted in laughter, causing Lady Thalia to come in from the ajoining room where the Priestess's gathered to eat. She scanned the room looking for the disturance, and stalked over to where Livia was standing, redfaced and obviously angry.

She put a hand on Meghann's shoulder, causing the girl to jump as she choked back her laughter. The other laughing students quickly cut off their laughter as well, seeing the serious look on their Mistress's face. They all went back to their lunches as Thalia turned her full attention to Livia and Meghann, but every student in the room was listening.

"What happened here?"

Meghann looked at down at her feet, fittling with her robes before meeting the Lady's eyes. "Livia spilled her lunch." she said, with just a tinge of defiance.

Catching the tone, Thalia's eyebrows raised. Meghann blushed dark red and ducked her head.

"That's what I thought. Livia, go get cleaned up before afternoon classes. Meghann, after classes, you will report to the kitchen to attend to cleanup. You will do this for the next week."

Both girl's nodded silently. Meghnn sat and resumed her lunch, pointedly ignoring her friends' grins; Livia left the room quickly for the solitude of her bedroom. Only when she got there and the door was closed, did she cry.

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04/14/2005 6:24 PM

Arry felt the hairs at the back of her neck stand on end, and she turned, earning her an odd look from Kerr. She couldn't see anything to have caused the prickle. THen her eyes scanned the hills, and alighted at the temple to Apollo....

Well there wasn't a temple to Artemis in Syracuse, but paying homage to her twin would hopefully suffice.

"Kerr, please get the ship and crew ready. I'll take something to the Temple of Apollo in thanks to our patron, Artemis." Kerr didn't even have time to respond as she slapped the reins to the pack mule into his hands and slipped past him, quickly dissapearing into the crowd.

Nearly a half hour later, she was at the temple, her arms laden with summer wheat and fruit, herbs and other combustable objects. She knelt on one knee as she entered the tempble, her skirts flaring around her. She stood and walked to the altar, laying her offerings upon it. flanking the stone altar, were two torches, as well as the fire that blazed eternally behind the altar.

She reached bor both torches, knowing that one was banded together with silver, and the other with gold, a subtle symbol that the offering wast to be for the twins as a whole, not just to Apollo...

The offering caught and blazed, the smoke rising thickly. Arya stepped back away from the altar, and knelt in prayer....

04/14/2005 6:49 PM

The rest of the day went on with no more incident, though Livia was noticeably quiet as he attended her afternoon classes and evening meal. Since the other students had left and Lady Thalia was busy, the Mistress had asked Livia to see to a message sent by Lord Apollo. Apparently there was a follower of Artemis in the city that was on an important quest; it was said she may come by the Temple this evening.

Following the scent of smoke, Livia made her way to the main alter room. There she found a young woman knelt in prayer, her offerings to Apollo and his sister Artemis ablaze. Not waning to disturb the woman's prayer, Livia stayed back, kneeling and bowing her head in respect to the twin deities.

Standing again, her golden robes rustled a bit. She waited until the woman was finished before speaking.

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04/15/2005 1:37 PM

Arry heard the rustle of the priestesses' robes, but didn't move till she had finished her prayers. Bowing her head, she touched her closed fist first to her chest, then to her forehead before standing.

She backed away from the altar before she turned to greet the priestess who waited for her. To Livia's eyes, this woman seemed to have an otherworldly light ablaze around her for a breif moment... then it vanished, leaving her wondering if what she had seen was real or a trick of the light.

"My name is Arya Danerys. I felt a call towards this temple, I'm still not entirely sure why I am here, but I trust my instincts, and the Call of my Goddess..."

04/15/2005 6:24 PM

Liva smiled, taking in Arya Danerys with her deep blue eyes, nodded slightly. "My name is Livia Themos, a student of the Temple. I was sent to greet you and bring you to speak to my Mistress."

Guesturing down the hall, she she took the young woman down the hall. Like the rest of the building, it was plain grey stone but was decorated with statues and depitions of Apollo, as well as his twin Artemis, and vrious other greek deities. Reaching the door at the end of the hall, Livia knocked quietly.

"Come in, Livia." a light, musical voice called.

Livia opened the door and let Arya step in first. Coming in after her, Livia closed the door and turned to the Temple Mistress, who had now stood up. The High Priestess was a striking figure. Even though she was only 5 foot, she carried herself extremely well. At 40 years old, her chestnut brown hair had no grey in it, and her deep green eyes sparkled with life.She wore the same golden robes and gold an silver circulet as everyone, and her face held no sign of age. She had an air of authority about her, but also a great inner warmth.

"M'Lady, this is Arya Danerys." The yonger woman introuced the guest.

Thalia extended he hand to Arya. "Welcome to our Temple Arya, I was told of your coming by Lord Apollo. He has told me that you are about to undertake a great quest, but did not go into detail. Is there anyway the Church could be of service?'

05/18/2005 9:57 AM

Leonide grunted softly under his heavy load. Dark hair spilled in his face, sweat trickling down his pale skin. He was a servant, and a foreigner. "Barbarian!" many shouted at him as he followed behind his master.

His dark hair contrasted greatly with his pale skin, as he moved through the wretched sunlight. Life had never been good for Leonide. He had been signed to be a gladiator, but due to his...un-willingness to kill, he had been taken as a servant.

Now he served a priest of Apollo. A god that Leonide knew nothing about, and did not worship. He didn't believe in these peoples gods. They were nothing more then myths. Hercules, nothing...and this Apollo. He meant nothing to Leonide.

A stone beneath the mans foot slips, sending the pale figure to the ground. The marble he had been carrying falls to the ground, and breaks apart. Slowly Leonide rose.

"Fool!" His master shouts at him. "I knew that is was a mistake to take you! You're a clumsy fool..."

"I'm sorry sire..." Leonide says between clinced teeth. "It wasn't my fault...I slipped on a lose stone..." His head lowers as he is hit against the back with a piece of leather.

"Don't lie to me!" The master says. "Now gather the pieces. We may be able to carve them yet..." Leonide begins the tedious job, his head still lowered like a scared dog.

"They called him 'Lion' in the arena's. Said that he was found with a pride of them...I think it's a bunch of foolery. He's nothing more then a mouse..." Leonide's master says to another man.

"Aye. Where'd they find him?"

"Up north. In the barbarian lands. He's not much of a barbarian though..."

Leonide steps into the entrance of the temple of the twin gods, looking at the grande decor. This was nothing compared to the catherdrals he once worked in back home, but it was something to be amazed by....

05/18/2005 2:07 PM

Hearing the crash of stone against stone, Arry glanced at Thalia and Livia. "What was that?" She questioned as she half-bowed in respect to Thalia and turned to walk out the door.

As she did, a final shaft of light from the setting sun struck her, haloing her in a silvery gold light that hung for a second or two around Arry, like a mist. It dissapeared as she walked through the doorway.

Moving with all the stealth taught to her by her father and the other pirates, she slipped up to where the babarian had lost his balance, and quickly found the broken tile that caused the mishap.

"I'm quite sure High Priestess Thalia will not be pleased at you whiping a servant. Helios. a God of healing, does not condone such actions." She said as she stepped out from behind one of the pilliars.

Without another word, she pointed at the broken tile. The only light in the temple now was from the eternal flame at the altar, magnified many times by the mirror inlayed ceiling.

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05/19/2005 10:49 AM

The master shakes his head, motioning towards his priest garbs. "I do not come from this area my dear. My customs are not yours, and I'm sure that the High Priestess will not say anything to enrage a guest." The man smirks, looking at Leonide, whose head is lowered. "Besides how is he going to learn to take responsibilities for his actions? "

Leonide murmurs softly, having had his burden removed by hands in the temple. His left hand rises to touch a massive scar on his right bicep. He mouths something, keeping his head down, and his face covered with hair. His fingers drift from the first scar, to a second just like it, and then a third and a fourth.

He looks up at the young miss confronting his master, golden eyes flashing. His head falls back down, dark unruly tendrils covering his eyes once more.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me my dear, I was having a conversation.” He turns back to the man he was talking with.

“I was reluctant to take him. You know how these barbarians are. Untrustworthy, unpredictable. I didn’t want anything like him around my wife.”

“Then why take him?”

“He’s strong, and I figured I could use him for voyages. I’ve had him for almost two years now. I’m start’n to think it’s time to get rid of him.”

“How much you want for him?”


“Aye, too rich for my blood. Fellow doesn’t even look in that good’a shape. Look at all them scars.”

“He came with those. Won’t tell me how he got ‘em.”

“Well in any case I don’t want him. Don’t need a savage stinking up my home.”

“Aye, reasonable enough. If anything else, I can just dump him back in the arenas. He’ll make a good meal for the lions.”

Leonide winces at the mention of the arenas. But that is the only movement that comes from him, aside from the slight lift of his head as he watches the young miss.

05/19/2005 1:14 PM

Livia and the Temple Mistress exchanged puzzled looks, then followed their femle guest to the front of the Temple here they saw the slave and his Master.

Thalia's vioce was polite, but cool as she spoke to the strange Priest. "You are correct sir, I do not wish to anger any guests. However, I will not allow any being to be mistreated on my Temple grounds." She smiled tightly, but her tone broke no arguement.

Nodding to Livia, the younger woman withdrew a hankerchief from her robes pocket and stepped forward. "For any fresh blood." she said softly. "We're sorry you slipped on the broken tile."

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05/19/2005 2:15 PM

Leonide shakes his head, refusing the cloth. "No...I am fine..." He whispers.

His master eyes Livia a moment, smiling widely. "Aye, indeed. He's not hurt..." He says motioning towards his cowering slave. "Ask him yourself if you wish..." He boys to the women, his smirk never leaving his cruel face.

Leonide nods slowly, as his master says that he's "not hurt." like a trained dog. He knew that if he did anything that his master didn't like he'd be punished. Though, if he did anything at all, he'd be punished.

05/19/2005 7:36 PM

Arya frowned, noting the barbarian's broken spirit. "I am setting sail out of Syracuse before moonrise, perilous and probably long journey." She fished for a silk purse that hung at her waist. With one smooth, quick motion, she loosed the purse, and tossed it at the priest.

"There's enough gold in there to buy you two more 'servants'. I'm quite sure our friend here would find my way of life much more to his liking." She glanced at Thalia, hoping the Priestess would back her up.

05/19/2005 9:53 PM

Livia nodded slowly to the man, tucking the cloth back in her pocket. At Thalia's guesture, the younger Priestess stepped back to her side.

"Indeed," the older woman agreed catching Arya's look. "As a matter of fact, the Church would like to contribute payment as well." Here she handed the male Priest a second purse. It jingeled with coin. "You cannot turn down two genourous contributions to your perish can you, good sir?"

05/20/2005 9:21 AM

The man smirked wickedly. He was going to get more coins for Leonide then he would have even dreamed. He snatches the bags, opening one and dipping his hand into it. "Aye, this wil do. You can have him, if you so please. Keep an eye on him though. He'll try to kill you in his sleep. He's a wily one."

Once the man leaves Leonide looks up at the three women. A hint of a smile crosses his face, then he looks back down at his bare feet. "He's lying...I only tried to kill him....almost succeeded too..." He says softly, keeping his head down.

To imagine that this...this poor man was a proud man of the bush. What ever had happened to him in all his years in servatude had broken him...

05/20/2005 4:44 PM

Arry could only laugh heartily. "Good.. I could use another man like you on my ship." She glanced out at the sky and nodded to herself. "My name is Arya Danerys." She said, holding out her hand.

"Well if we're to make it back to the Chimera before moonrise, we'd better hot-foot it along, cuz we had better get our new friend some more clothes... Are you coming Livia?" A wisened look entered Arya's eyes, and she winked at the priestess, proving that she knew more than she would let on.

05/21/2005 8:07 PM

Livia gasped in surprise as she met Arya's eyes. She flushed, knowing that somehow her adventurerous desires had been evident.
She looked at her Mistress.

"I'm sorry, Arya, but I can't go. I could never leave Mistress Thalia..."

"Nonsense." Thalia broke in, handing Livia two large backpacks.

The girl took them with a questioning look.

"It's your belongings. Everything you'll need for the journey and more. I had them packed when I knew Arya was coming."

Her face softened to a sad smile.

"Livia, I've raised you into an excellent young womn, watched you thrive and grow under the teachings of Apollo. Now your wisdom and knowlege is needed. To find the Jewel will take great faith and strength, both of which you have large amounts of. So, go, with my love and Apollo's guidance."

Livia bowed to her Mistress, than hugged her, whispering "Thankyou" before turnning to Arya and Leonide.

"Well, I guess I can come along after all." she said with a grin.

05/23/2005 10:48 AM

Leonide's head raises his fierce yellow eyes glowing. "I'm pleased to meet you Arya..." He smirks, then looks at the other girl that's to join them. "And you as well Miss Livia." His voice his deep, proud, now that his old master, and abuser was gone. His back staitens, and now they can see that he is a tall man. Still, though, spindly hair falls in his face. Licking his dry, cracked lips, he moves out of the shadows.

Sure he was pale, but he was still a very large man. Almost as...well he looked much like the god of war. And there's reason for that too. But that's past, and we'll probably get to that later. *Giggle*

Anyway, Leonide's smirk becomes wider, his teeth at last showing through parted lips. "Leonide of the Bush..." He says, introducing himself to them both.

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