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01/03/2005 7:52 PM

erm...yeah i am new here...anz...well names Nick, but i like Shino bettah^.^, ehem...v.v...sry*bows*juzt need to know...like whats up an all

01/03/2005 10:12 PM


Hello, Shino, and welcome to the forums! :) If you need any help with anything, let us know and we'll do the best we can.

01/04/2005 6:56 PM

YAY i get help...so waitz...like...*loses thought*...how would i start?just....start?right?-confuzes self-grrr

01/06/2005 10:46 AM

How do you start role playing? Well, if you've never role played before, then go to the Training Grounds. It's a place designed specifically for learning how to rp. Lot's of people there to help. It may look a little chaotic right now, but don't worry. Make an entrance, and someone will help you.

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