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12/28/2004 12:43 PM

Gecko stood atop the house. The town below him was completely empty of life. The hounds had passsed, the wolves of the calla as the locals called them. They had destroyed the entire village, save for a few people who had managed to hide. He called out with his mind. Hoping the survivors werent panicking. Not having a mouth sucked.

"Anyone there? Anyone at all? Shiala? Kor?"

His freinds didnt answer. His only friends ever were dead. He was sure of it. He could see Kors body at the gate of the village and Shiala's house was completely flattened. He hissed anger and impatience at there being no response. He sat on the edge of the building, holding his spear in his right hand and scratching the roof with the claws o fhis other hand. Someone would come and he would get them to help him find the hounds and destroy them.

12/30/2004 12:42 PM

A tall man dressed in dark travling robes steped over the body by the gate.

"I see they have been through here then."
He calls up at the figure on top of the house.

"The Wolves I mean..I dont mean to intrude but I may be able to help you find them..Or rather you can help me."

he yelled walking closer to the house.

12/30/2004 3:12 PM

Gecko hopped off the roof. Not much of a drop for someone his size, but it seemed to be a long fall.

"Your searching for them eh? My names... Atropos. Whats yours."

Gecko extended his clawed hand(the free one) and waited for a response.

01/15/2005 9:07 PM

A man in light tarnished chainmail entered the town area, hunching over, holding his chest wound he walked towards Atropos and fell on his knees halfway there.

"urgh... help! Hounds attacked the caravan I was guarding"

He removed his arm from his wound and blood dripped from his fingers onto the ground.

"Please....urgh.....I need healing quick, or I will die..."

01/15/2005 9:52 PM

Gecko plucked a silver ball from his neck and placed it above the wound, killing the pain. From his belt he produced a paper packet of something and ripped it open against his mask. The powder fell into the wound, mixing with the man's blood. Gecko clicked his claws and a ball of black energy grew between them. This ball he stuffed deep into the wound, cauterizing it and begginning an accelerated healing process that would take about an hour. He spoke with his mind.

"Dont move or I'll have to do that again. Even though the pain is muted it must have burned."

He rose, looked in the direction the man had come from and cracked his knuckles. HE could keep up, he only needed one person who could, as the other one had gone into a trance. (OOC: Thatd be you odin) He cursed incredibly loudly with his mind and threw a ball of theta at a ravaged wall, which promptly crumbled. His powers were slowly returning as they hadnt since the training grounds. He scratched his chin and rested against a wall.

"We leave in a little less then an hour. Wake me up when youve healed."

Even a Nightwalker needed rest. The moonlight wasnt enough to completely sustain him, so he augmented its power with sleep. He woke when he was stirred by the human.

"Ready to go? Tell me you still have a weapon."

He rose, slouching as he usually did and coming to the healed man's eye level. From behind his back he produced a short sword, just in case. The hounds were meticulous. He was surprised this human had survived. And if he still had his weapon, they were slipping up.

"Ok, lets go. Please tell me you can keep up."

He turned in the dirrection the wounded person had come from and began jogging. this was quite fast compared to what men thought of as jogging but to him it was slow.

01/16/2005 9:39 AM

The man started jogging with atropos and at first could keep up easily, but his battle worn feet weren't meant for running.

(OOC: Character's thoughts are in stars couldn't figure out how to do italics.")

*What exactly is he? he can run faster than any i've seen before..*

"Huff... Please, slow. I have not yet fully recovered and we have yet to make a proper introduction." extends hand "I am Waylon Massie, and who might you be? and if you dont mind me asking what are you? Forgive me for my ignorance please but I have not seen your kind before."

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01/16/2005 11:56 AM

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Gecko stoped and scented the air while he shook Waylon's hand, careful of his claws.

"Atropos. I am a nightwalker. I'm not surprised you havent seen my kind before, This is a different plane of existence than mine and i have no idea how i got up here. Something to do with a stasis spell that went wrong."

Gecko looked over towards the wrecked caravan. The carts were gutted. Nothing was left. He wasnt surprised.

"They left a trail, as if they arent afraid of anyone. We'll rest until youve got your breath back, then continue on."

Gecko began searching around the caravan. He found one of the hounds weapons. It was an odd little weapon, a ball of fabric around a hard object. Gecko had seen these at work. They split apart on contact and shredded the flesh off the unfortunate victims bones. It was spent, covered in blood. There was a few bones near it, but the flesh was gone. The hounds would have taken it. Gecko pocketed the buzz-ball, wraping it in cloth to prevent the sawblades from cutting anything important. He also found a scrap of bloodied canvas that might have had writing on it but was now illegible. He turned and began examining the hounds' trail.

01/16/2005 2:03 PM

Waylon sat down on a rock and looked at his short sword, and saw his brown hair and blue eyes in the reflection. He also saw his face, with a scar running down the left side. Then Waylon looked up at Atropos.

"What or who exactly are we dealing with? My brother died in this attack, we were guarding a wealthy merchant for a large sum of money...I need revenge, and I can see I can only achieve this with your help...although I trust you, I ponder your motives. If im not imposing why are you after them?"

01/16/2005 4:07 PM

"We are dealling with the Black Hounds of the Calla. They raid villages and cities on horseback, killing everything in them and taking suplies. They are called Black Hounds or Wolves, because they wear obsidian masks that resemble canines. They are also possesed of incredible strength and unbelievable weapons. As for why I am after them, that village was the only place I felt at home in. My only friends lived there. Those two helped me understand this world when I would have surely fallen into insanity. They were both killed."

Gecko stopped, pushing the demon in his head down. That was dangerously close. He rose to his feet and regarded the trail.

"Lets go. Theres another village a few miles down. They'll stop to raid it."

01/17/2005 10:28 AM

Waylon shivered at the thought of the hounds, anger filled him, and a lust for revenge. Atropos had suffered to, and had been nothing but good to him since their meeting, so that was another motive that kept waylon going.

"Then to the village we go nightwalker.

Waylon stood up, looked at Atropos, and started walking toward his fate.

01/17/2005 6:08 PM

Gecko nodded and paced Waylon.

"Keep a sharp eye out, the hounds like sneaking up on people. And avoid getting hit as much as possible. The wounds are hard to heal. Lets go kill some mutt."

Gecko shifted the glaive in his hands and drew a firm resolution. He would kill them all. He began walking towards the village.

01/17/2005 6:43 PM

Waylon nodded an ok to Atropos, he sure seemed to know what he was talking about and his words about sneaking kept Waylon looking behind his shoulders every few minutes. The thoughts of the hounds sent chills down his spine, but his anger kept him going, like fuel. Waylon thought about his brother as a tear trickled along the scarred side of his face; why did he have to go?

Waylon wiped the tear away, it didn't matter now, whats done remains done. He'd get revenge, but the this thought constantly plagued him: would it do his brother any good if he too died at the hand of a hound?

At least he would die in the name of his brother....

01/17/2005 6:55 PM

Gecko saw the hounds before they saw him and waylon. He motioned to stop. The hounds were raiding the village, their black horses were standing around the village entrance, without a single guard.

"Hide here, when the last horse is dead, we'll take them together. Do not go in there alone."

Gecko slung his glaive on his back and drew the two shifting daggers, before dissapearing completely. He began slaughtering the mounts soundlessly, lowering their bodies to the ground as if they weighed little. Before he could kill the last horse, he heard a screech. His head snapped up and he saw a wolve pointing at him. It could see him. Gecko killed the last horse and called to waylon with his mind.

"Get over here."

He decloaked, sheathed his daggers and drew his glaive. A wolve came at him, drawing a longsword and swinging it with murdurous intent. Gecko faked a block and ducked under the sword, impaling the wolf and decapitating it with a spin of the spear. He leapt backwards from another swing,kicking a wolf. He had managed to kill a wolf and survive. He was a dead nightwalker. The others wouldnt like that. He hoped Waylon would get there.

01/17/2005 7:06 PM

(OOC:This is my first RP battle, so i'm sry if I do something stupid.)

Waylon pulled out his short sword and ran after the group, he saw the hounds trying to claim Atropos' head.

"I'm coming!"

He stabbed a wolve in the back and kicked it's body off of his blade, another swung catching him off balance and he fell to the ground. He saw the Hound's sword about to slash his chest but pulled his own blade out in time to block, he jumped to his feet and began sparring with the Hound. It blocked Waylon's every move, but he saw the hound's weakness, there was nothing guarding his leg, he took the oppurtunity to slash it and the pierced the Hound's neck.
He just remembered about Atropos, he quickly looked over to see Atropos finish the last hound.

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01/17/2005 9:57 PM

Gecko plucked a head off the ground and regarded it. That was too easy even for weary hounds.

"That was far too easy. and why werent they on horseback?"

He promptly pulled off the mask, revealing a nightwalker. He dropped it and backed up. It was his kind on this plane. Where were its claws? They were shortened with files. This was impossible. Its black eyes were already beginning to film over. This was odd, he bent down and retrieved the skull.

"Search the corpses, I'll be back."

He adjusted his mask and leapt onto the roof. How did they stand erect? Were they a sub-species? They bore little resemblance to him. He peeled the skin off the skull and buffed it, mulling his dilemma. Waylon would have figured it out by now.

01/17/2005 10:28 PM

Waylon began searching the bodies, wondering where Atropos went off to. He found a longsword, which would be of more use than his short one, he tossed the short sword aside and belted the long one. He found nothing more of any use. He looked at the bodies and severed heads, it made him sick, yet happy. The orgasm of revenge flew through his body, yet somehow Waylon wouldn't be completely happy until he could fully indulge himself in the genocide of this dispicable kind. He took out his longsword and stabbed a few dead bodies and then licked the blade clean of blood.

Waylon remembered Atropos saying how powerful the hounds were, and wondered how they prevailed so easily; Waylon and Atropos both emerged the battle unscathed, and then he looked down at a hound's hand, and saw filed down claws. Waylon had fought single men tougher than this whole group, was Atropos hiding something?

Waylon cut off a Hound's head, belted his sword, held the head high above him and shouted:

"For Cresun! My only brother!"

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01/18/2005 7:03 PM

Gecko too moved about the bodies, under cover of invisibility. He found an odd map, scrwaled on a strange stiff, metallic paper. The map had a mark on it Gecko didnt know existed. Delnhauser. He guessed this was the location of the hounds base. He hadnt found any of the hounds signiature weapons. He noted Waylon's actions of revenge and shuddered, he only kept the skulls. But not this one. it was too big. He removed another mask revealing another nightwalker. He smashed the face into unrecognizable shards of bone and flesh. A note was clenched in the poor corpse's hand.

"Raid Tellwart and Heart town then return to base for your reward."

They werent the real hounds. That explained things. He reappeared and called to Waylon.

"Ever hear of Delnhauser? That where these things ride from. Its a ten day walk though. We need supplies, search the town for anything you need and bring it back here."

Gecko walked off, gathering odds and ends, rope and other such supplies but no food. He didnt eat, having no mouth. The moon was his sustainance.

01/18/2005 9:26 PM

"Ok Atropos"

Waylon felt slightly embarrased, he didn't know if atropos saw his gruesome display. He couldn't think of anything he needed but he entered a shop in the town, none-the-less.
Waylon saw food, he bought a sack of potatoes, three ears of corn, and he bought a sheath for his sword. The collection of items cost a medium amount, and he carried them in a large sack that he also bought. Waylon was lucky he still had the cash from the merchant to pay for it all. Waylon walked out and back towards Atropos.

"To Delnhauser?"

01/19/2005 4:10 PM

"To Delnhauser."

Gecko looked towards the gathering crowd and began walking the direction the map showed, ducking under branches and walking through the ones that were to large to avoid. There were a few towns between here and there, they could grab more stuff as required. He adjusted the strap of his bag, causing the bone of an elf to click against the metal it overlayed.

01/19/2005 4:28 PM

Waylon followed closely behind, and saw skulls hanging at Atropos' belt, he recognized a few as hounds, but the rest were a mystery. They kept a steady pace for a good half hour and Waylon was thankful that Atropos wasn't running.

"Atropos, those hounds fell much easier than you said. Can we expect the same in Delnhauser?"

01/19/2005 4:44 PM

Gecko had been examining the mask of the hounds. It would fit his scarred face perfectly.

"Those were either copycat hounds, or trainees. I've only ever seen the hounds fall once. It was struck down by a creature much larger and stronger then me. I think his name started with a t or something like that. He split it strait down the middle, killing it. The rest of the group turned on him, but he managed to escape. They had far better weapons then swords though. They had buzzballs and flame rods."

Gecko plucked the used buzz ball out of a dragonoid skull on his belt, handing the spent saw to Waylon.

"Those things can turn an unarmored human into a stripped skeleton in four seconds flat. A flame rod can incinerate me easily. We'll be lucky to survive."

The demon in Gecko's head was trying to get out, stirred by its imprisoners anger. But it was still held down by Gecko's iron will. He removed his mask, careful to keep his face hidden from waylon, not because it resembled a Nightwalker, but because the burn damage was enough to make Gecko smash his reflection if he saw it. The wolve's mask settled over his face perfectly, as it should have. All he needed was a black cloak and the wolves weapons and he could pass for one. He switched back to his regular mask, noting a life force pacing them on the right. He hoped it wasnt after him, he didnt want to fight quite yet.

01/19/2005 5:04 PM

(OOC Is this a hint?)

Celdoral had left the small village about a week back, traveling for any clues regarding the Hounds. He wasn't sure himself what they were but knew that if he managed to kill one, just one, the villagers would pay handsomely for it's skull; an offer the elf couldn't resist.

After a few days travel he discovered a destroyed village, this one a bit larger than the one he came from. He knew it to be the work of a powerful enemy once he surveyed the damage. After scanning the grounds he found the tracks of the attackers and followed them. Though along the way he came across the tracks of another pair, one set appeared to belong to a human but the other..... Celdoral had never seen. So there he found himself, shadowing the pair.

01/19/2005 5:09 PM

(OOC: Sry Exile, didn't realize u posted ill leave it to plague to discover u.)

That explained alot, but it wasn't the answer Waylon was hoping for. Waylon looked down at the buzzball and shivered at the thought of what it could do, and about the flame rod incinerating Atropos, if it could do that to Atropos than how much could it do to him?

Waylon thought he heard something to the right of them, but ignored it. He tapped Atropos on the shoulder.

"Then what are we fighting for? If we're just gonna die then it's a lost cause!"

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01/19/2005 5:19 PM

"I once saw ten men destroy a squad of thirty of my kind. Thirty of the most powerful. It possible. And we have an edge against them they dont know about yet. I'll reveal it later."

Gecko turned, casually snapped a stick off a tre and threw it lightly into the woods near the life force.

"I see you. Come on out. theres no point in hiding unless you plan on killing us."

He calmly pulled a metal disc from his arm and prepared to throw it if required.

01/19/2005 6:23 PM

Celdoral walked out of the under growth with his hands high in the air.

"I mean you no harm, gentlemen. I noticed that you two come from the destroyed village a little down the road," he pointed towards the direction he had come from. "I am seeking the Hounds so I decided to follow these stray tracks, thinking them survivors or a pair of the stray beasts."

01/19/2005 6:28 PM

Waylon bowed, shallowly, because of his armor.

"Hello there, I am Waylon, and this here is my friend Atropos, he is a nightwalker, we too are hunting the hounds. I was guarding a caravan when my party was attacked by the hounds, my brother died in the attack and I seek revenge...what brings you after them?"

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01/19/2005 6:34 PM

Gecko indicated the mask of a hound with his free hand.

"You want the hounds too huh? We've been after em for a while now. I'm Atropos, this is, well. If he wants to tell you, he will. Whats your quarrel with the hounds?"

Gecko realized the chances of being mistaken for a hound were exceptional. He had a mask. He had strange throwing weapons. He could make his spear into a weak flame rod. He could change light. Maybe. No, he wouldnt think about that. He returned his focus to Celdoral.

"I'm sorry, something popped into my head, what was that?"

01/19/2005 6:44 PM

(OOC :) You set it up, I knock it down)

"It seems I have yet to encounter the hounds, perhaps you have? The villagers only gave me a vauge description.... of.... them," his voice had almost trailed to a whisper as he stared at the one named Atropis. He slowly reached behind him to his bow, keeping his eyes locked on the odd one.

"What did you say your name was again?" Celdoral called out to Atropis. "It seems I must have misunderstood you," he called out, bringing his bow out front and fitting an arrow to it.

01/19/2005 7:23 PM

Gecko swore to himself as he drew his glaive.

"Atropos. Alright, I might as well tell our confused litle human friend. I'm a nightwalker, the hounds are nightwalkers. And I'm noting similarities between us. My weapons, for instance. The masks, the claws. The preformance enhancing spells. I must have been the first intended hound. They saw me when I did this."

Gecko dissapeared, moving quietly away from the arow. Projecting his voice directly into the two's minds instead of making it sound like a voice.

[I killed the wizard who changed me didnt I? He must have had a son. Because these things are basically The same as me with better weapons. I'm only magicly enhanced, these, are gadget wonders.]

Gecko leapt soundlessly into a tree behind Celdoral

"Now, you can either believe your eyes when you see the skulls of the hounds on my belt or you can believe your ears. Waylon, you remember the last town we were at. The wolves in training? How many did i kill?"

He reappeared, his glaive in front of him, his claws imbedded in the tree. His beady yellow eyes reflected the setting sun.

01/19/2005 7:34 PM

Waylon took a step back, and took all the info in. He looked in Atropos' cold yellow eyes.

"I saw you decapitate one hound, and the rest was a blur, I was fighting. Damn me! I should have known, I saw that you looked similiar to them, but I was too ignorant to understand at the time! You son of a bitch, your filthy kind killed my brother!"

Waylon unsheathed his sword and ran towards Atropos, with deadly intent...

01/19/2005 7:39 PM

(OOC :P)

Celdoral fitted another arrow onto his bowstring and let fly towards the nightwalker, the Hound. He wasn't sure what was going on but in the instant Waylan unsheated his sword and charged for Atropis, he was sure of which side he was on.

01/20/2005 2:47 PM

Gecko jumped to the next tree before the arrow gutted him.

"If I were a hound, I wouldnt have let you live long enough to even see me, let alone have healed you Waylon."

Gecko stood to his full height, preparing to defend the arrows. Waylon wasnt tall enough to reach the limb he was on and a thrown longsword wouldnt work terrible well. He looked back quickly on his past, examining his early childhood. That bastard of a mage had better glad he wasnt alive.

"Elf, your quarrel is not with me. The hounds killed my only friends, so why would i side with them. Some elves are evil some arent, not all Nightwalkers are hounds. Now lower your weapons, and I wont be forced to kill you."

01/20/2005 2:56 PM

Waylon knelt panting...

"Forgive me, I forgot myself..."

Now there were tears falling from Waylon's eyes.

"Forgive me....Forgive me...."

Waylon stood up and wiped the tears from his eyes.

"It's just that every time I see you I think of them..."

Waylon sheathed his sword.

"Elf lower your bow, it is not him that we fight."

01/20/2005 3:04 PM

Cedloral slowly lowered his bow, unsure of the last few moments. He could clearly see the sense in following through with the humans word, he did not wish a fight against both of them. Not at once anyway.

"Fine. Though know this, Nightwalker. I will keep my eyes on you, and if I believe you are lying," he let the conversation end with that, turning to regard the human who seemed to have composed himself. He slowly made his way over to Waylon.

"You believe this.. thing? Perhaps you are just, perhaps not. Though I ask you this, is he not one of them? This could be a trap, I suggest we keep our eyes peeled," he whispered to the human.

01/20/2005 3:13 PM

Waylon whispered back to Cedloral

"Yes, he is one of them, but he is my only key to the hounds."

Waylon pointed to his eyes

"Certainly I agree though, my eyes will be wide open the whole time."

Waylon shot a dark look at Atropos, anger mixed with hate entered his heart. I will bring him down along with the rest of the hounds someday, Waylon thought.

01/20/2005 7:50 PM

(OOC: Just for everyones information, Gecko isnt an actual hound but he was designed to be one. And Exile. Damn you and your bowling simile.)

Gecko dropped to the ground, slinging his glaive and sighing. That was close.

"Here, take a look at this,"

He threw the mask of the hounds to The elf.

"The eyes are tinted yellow. It seems that I know how the hounds were created, but the sun is setting. We should make as much ground as we could."

Without another word, he began walking, consulting the map and a compass briefly before he did.

01/20/2005 8:09 PM

(OOC haha. What? Oh, I know your not a hound.... your a nightwalker right?)

Celdoral picked the mask it, it seemed that Atropis was correct. Before he realized it the large being had taken off, forcing Celdoral to play catch up.

"If you know how they are created, perhaps you could enlighten us," he stated to the Nightwalker, turning to regard Waylon who seemed to have stemed his anger for the moment.

"And what are these... Hounds? I wish to know what it is that we hunt. Seeing how you know so much about them," he dryly added.

01/20/2005 8:15 PM

(OOC:Thanks for clearing that up plague, my simple mind was becoming confused :))

Waylon looked at the mask Celdoral was holding. Did Atropos really know?

"Yes, Atropos tell us more."

Waylon's cheeks flushed, shamed and embarassed by his former outbursts, Waylon found that for one of the first times his anger wasn't pointed at anyone...but himself.

01/21/2005 4:55 PM

OOC: The hounds are really nightwalkers. Gecko is a sort of prototype.)

Gecko looked about the trees, searching for a life force that would pose a problem.

"Very well. When I was little, I was raised by a wizard with obvious mental problems. He used me as a guinea pig for preformance enhancing spells. These are a gift."

Gecko pulled a metal disc from his bicep plate, spinning it through his fingers then back into the plate.

"You remember the buzzballs waylon? You just saw their magical equivalent. Except the hounds posses stronger weapons. Mine just sticks in you. Theirs shredd every centimeter of flesh from you. This is a skill i developed recently."

Gecko unslung his glaive and after muttering two words, slammed the blade into a tree. There was a muffled cough and a large chunk of the tree dissapeared.

"The flame rods of the hounds. My guardian tried to make me a hound. Instead I killed him. But some relative with more mechanical wizardry must have continued his legacy. As for what they are. Think of me with more strength and normal black eyes under that tinting."

He stopped, regarding the sun.

"We should stop here for the night."

With that he leapt into a tree, taking advantage of the soon-to-be risen moon.

01/22/2005 8:13 AM

" As for what they are. Think of me with more strength and normal black eyes under that tinting." Atropos had said

Waylon sat on a rock, and shouted up at Atropos.

"Is that all the difference, are you the same inside?"

01/22/2005 11:46 AM

"The human makes a good point," Celdoral called out from under his cloak. "Perhaps that is all, though our friend does not know it. Is it not rage and hatred that fuels your quest to find these...Hounds? The one's that you see as a stain in the world, though in truth you are only looking for an excuse for your own existence."

"Do not be angered by my comment's Nightwalker. Call it the opinion of an elf," the elf casualy commented, turning to regard Atropis.

01/28/2005 5:11 PM

Gecko sighed.

"We should talk."

He dropped to the ground, removing his mask and revealing the most scarred, ugly, burent face ever seen since since...ever.

"This is my curse, and my name is Gecko."

When no curse ripped him in two, he relaxed a little.

"In another life, I was a hunter. I hunted and killed the strongest i could find in the world because my life was empty and... I liked it. Ever since i met kor and shiala, I havent had the urge to kill anything. But these...these bastards, they stole that from me. And now ive found the perfect foe. The wolves outnumber me, outpower me, and have far more combat experience then I could hope for. But the wolves shall not stand before me."

Every particle in the clearing thrummed with the rage he put out. The demon in his head was beginning to break through the defenses laid around it. But he tamped it down. He reattched the mask and stopped. There was a wolf at the edge of the clearing. then there were ten more. Each carried longswords and compound bows over their shoulders.

[drop your weapons and you will be killed quickly.]

Gecko's eyes turned red.

"You will not leave this place in one piece."

He unleashed eight small metal discs with a fluid flick of his wrist. They imbedded in the lead wolf. It dropped like a stone. Gecko leaped Celdoral and charged the remaining nine with his glaive whirling.

01/29/2005 7:30 PM

Celdoral crouched down, surveying the surrounding terrain. He noticed a small hill and quickly made his way over to it. Gecko had rushed off to meet the hounds, glaive spinning in the air, before Celdoral could reply to the Nightwalker.

Celdoral skillfully fitted an arrow to his long-bow, the arrow streaking past Gecko and imbedding itself into one of the hound's chest, laying the hound on the ground, its life-blood pouring out of the wound.

The elf had fitted another arrow to his bow even before the first had reached its victim. However, this second arrow only slightly injured the fore-most hound, leaving it unable to run and minimizing its speed and quickness.

01/29/2005 7:53 PM

Gecko hit a wolf in the throat, dropping it to his knees. He put his free hand, palm open, to its forhead and a small black ball of energy shot into its skull. It ricocheted around in there for a few seconds, turning the wolf's brain into swiss cheese, before evaporating. Gecko impaled a wolf with the pike end of his weapon and booted a third in the face, dislodging its mask. Th nightwalker stagered backwards, blinking in the sudden light and screaming in pain. Gecko withrew the bottom of the towshimar from the wolf and threw the corpse into the arms of its nearest brother. The shrieking wolf escalated its pitch, causing the ears of almost everyone in the clearing to bleed. To Gecko this was just a pain in the ass and he ripped the wolf's head off. With a scream of rage he turned to face the remaining wolves, or what was left of them. Waylon and the Elf were doing some damage.

01/30/2005 11:43 AM

Seremela was hidden in the trees, looking down upon the other elf (she is an elf herself), the arrow he had embedded into the hounds head just seconds before was a very good shot. The hound was still dripping with blood, it was a gruesome sight. She had her shortbow at the ready with an arrow resting in the bow. She saw the other one, he was a fierce and violent person, not somebody you would like to meet in a dark alley. She did not wish to show herself just yet. She dropped her hood revealing her long golden hair, it was tied back in a plait. She dropped her cloak leaving it in the tree she was in she had a well built body, and jumped to the next tree, following the pair. Her neck top showing her Necklace was a light blue and cream, her trousers much the same.

The history behind the necklace.

This necklace is from the ocean dating back for thousands of years, it has the power of the ocean inside of it. It is a white pearl necklace. She can summon her horse (Merca) from it, she does not need to carry her weapons as they can appear in her hands with this. The swords that come from it are that of blue and white, with the pattern of the sea running up it...

Seremela put her bow and arrow back into the necklace. She was going to use her magic. She chanted a speed spell and jumped from tree to tree with ease.

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Gecko had sensed the other before he saw her. He whirled and crouched, dissapearing to protect himself from the potential new threat. He turned right away to the wolves and fended off a blow. Suddenly a dropped wolf imbeded its sword in his leg. With a scream of rage he shreded it. He leaned against a tree, pushing a silver ball into the wound.

02/02/2005 10:59 AM

Seremela decided to jump down, she whirled around at looked into the eyes of the elf, she saw anger, hatred, violence, but somewhere there was kindness, that of which could not be seen with the human eye, it was as though, he was pleasent, but didn't like to show it. Seremela summoned Merca, she jumped on the horse and held out her hand to the elf to ask him up.

02/02/2005 1:21 PM

Celdoral had heard the approach of something out of the ordinary even before it dropped down in front of him. A thin woman stood before him staring into his eyes, seeming to peer down into the depths of his soul. Then she quickly turned away, summoning a horse into being and inviting Celdoral on. The elf quickly accepted, jumping on the back of the horse and drawing his bow and aiming it at the remaining Hounds.

02/02/2005 8:19 PM

GEcko hissed violently and magically pulled his discs back. The remainign wolves were looking ready to flee. Gecko grabbed one and slammed him to the ground. he didnt bother to project his voice.

[this ones mine]

He put a dagger to his throat.

[how did you get in kudos with the wolves boy. dont lie, i can see if you are]

He pushed the dagger lightly into the hound's throat, drawing a small amount of blood.

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