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12/20/2004 12:41 PM

Always wanted to learn the skills of magery? Join now the Magery Grand School of Roanne Valle. In this School you’ll learn to become a magician, no matter which faction you are from.
Choose your path of which kind of magic you’ll specify in, socialize and compete with other students, become one of the greatest wizards of the known world and then spread your wings and go in the world using you’re acquired skills. The training will be hard, but the result will be perfect.
This is not ‘yet another RPG’, but it’s a new kind. You start with almost no skills and will end up as with plenty! Complete the trainings and become a Grand Magus of the Roanne Valle Order!

Groups to choose from:

Elemental Freehold Oak:
Att: 20 Def: 30 Hp: 50

Elemental Freehold Wood-Elf : Nature spellcasting bonus
Att: 20 Def: 30 Hp: 30

Draconum Whelp:
Att: 40 Def: 20 Hp: 40

Atlantean from Xandressa: Dodge Special Ability
Att: 30 Def: 20 Hp: 30

Atlantean from Atlantis:
Att: 40 Def: 30 Hp: 30

Rivvenheim Elven Lord:
Att: 30 Def: 30 Hp: 40

Dark Crusader Dark-Elf:
Att: 40 Def: 20 Hp: 40

Dark Crusader Skeleton: Necromancy spellcasting bonus
Att: 40 Def: 20 Hp: 20

Solonavi Drone:
Att: 30 Def: 20 Hp: 50

Broken Tusk Orc: Rage/Chaos spellcasting bonus
Att: 40 Def: 10 Hp: 30

Black Powder Dwarf:
Att: 20 Def: 40 Hp: 40

Black Powder Human: Black Powder Spellcasting bonus
Att: 30 Def: 20 Hp: 30

Shyft Swamp boy: Common good spellcasting bonus (spells which are good for teammates to)

Att: 50 Def: 20 Hp: 30

Krugg Spawn:
Att: 40 Def: 20 Hp: 40

Lizard Spawn: Summoning spellcasting bonus
Att: 40 Def: 10 Hp: 30

Minotaur Spawn :
Att: 30 Def: 20 Hp: 50

Character Building:

Name: e.g. Kiiara
Faction: e.g. Elemental Freehold Wood-Elf
Place: e.g. The Sturnmounts
Extra information: e.g. the story of your char

When we have enough players the first lesson starts…

01/27/2005 11:46 AM

Rivvenheim Elven Lord
Aqua Lake
Zedd is Zedd, nobody knows where he is from and he's not sure himself.

02/15/2005 10:27 AM

Name: Barthus
Faction: Black Powder Dwarf
Place: Brundlehill-A large underground Dwarven metropolis, known to be the center for dwarven arts.
Extra information: Brundlehill's society consists of two social classes. The upper class is known as Gemmi (a dwarven word that represents precious stones) and the middle class that is known as the Dranet (a dwarven word meaning rock or strong material). The people of Brundlehill have recently emerged victorious from a conflict with the neighboring dwarven city of Durmin. Ever since, the social status in Brundlehill has raised hairs on the neck of every citizen, with the soldiers of the Dranet coming home finding themselves and their families underprivaleged and held in lower esteem than the Gemmi simply because they have less money, electricity is in the air and change seems imminent although noone yet knows in what form it will come. Barthus, has emerged from the Dranet as somewhat of a figurehead for the middle class. His great talent in the Black Powder arts have been a source of pride for the middle class, and he has been sent to the grand school of Roanne Valle so that his skills may flourish and he will prove the dranet equal to the Gemmi, if not their better.

05/03/2005 5:43 AM

Name: Xine(pronounced Zee-Nay)
Faction: Draconum whelp
Place: You tell him, 'cuz he sure has no clue.
Extra information: Xine is about 12 years old and knows little of his heritage, which could either be deadly or a blessing. His ability to take on the form of any other dragon he defeats in battle or that grants him permission to do so through either their own kindness or him preforming some act to deserve their trust. He was born a Ivy dragon, a humble yet not weak position in the draconic social-caste system. Since he was an oprhan he doesn't know why he can use meager magic and wishes to find out. When he approaches the school he is dressed(I use the term loosely) in drab olive(and very stained) mid-calf length pants and a dirty grey vest with a black belt tied around his waist. He also carries with him a wooden sword that looks like it's went up against quite a few real ones.

05/08/2005 4:31 PM

Name: Kyra

Faction: Atlantian, from Atlantis...

Place: Atlantis...

Extra Information: Kyra was destined to be the Princess of Atlanta, but she was... deficient in the ways of the magician. She is attending the school to qualify as a princess. If she fails, her younger sister, Tika, will take over, and Kyra will be banished from the city. She has snow white hair and glowing blue eyes. She usually has her ancestral face markings, also blue, applied at any one time. Her usual garb is a one piece form fitting dress. As you may have guessed, that is also blue. She is eighteen years old.

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05/15/2005 6:42 AM

Name: Kyro Starraky

Faction: Elemental Freehold Oak

Place: no where, just a wandering training Mage who wants to learn great and powerful combat & nature magics.

Extra info: Kyro is a silent, cold-hearted, but a kind training Mage. He will respect his classmates and ready to learn great magics. Kyro wants to learn every magic powers and sorcery that involves combat and nature magics. He joins the Magery school to learn these magics. He does not intend to become the most powerful sorcerer in the world, he wants to become a strong magician or an archsage so he can help protect the world and people. Kyro is 15 years old, he wears a blue vest, red head band, silver gloves, traveling boots, and a silver magician's robe.

(What is an Elemental Freehold Oak? Is it a human who maters elemental magic powers?)

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