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12/20/2004 3:35 AM

There comes a time, when time seems to stop.

And all you can do, is stare.

Bloodshot and reddened eyes, with tears streaming freely.

An anger builds in that frozen moment.

What is to be expected, when that moment is captured when staring at the bloodied face of your sister, lying with open eyes on the white tiled floor of a shopping centre. Screams litter the air about you, other bodies are scattered around you, no longer is the floor white, but stained red with the spilling of blood and gore. Even still the ground shakes with each thud of the creature, but you cannot care, all your thought is on her, dead. Her warmth is fading with each passing second, her soul slipping from your fingers as though mere smoke on the wind, the light in her eyes.....dimming.....a simple flicker of its passed blazing brightness.....a spark, and then gone. Gone from the world in which it was as a burning beacon of joy and love and innocence. Death takes a hold of her, and his grip is strong. Stronger than your own, though it does nothing to deter your determination to free it, to put her life and light back.

You failed...

And now she is gone......

He sat on the blood stained tiled floor, cradling her head in his lap, holding it with his arms, stroking her hair and face, that face which shone with such unbridled beauty and care when it was alive. Sobs racked his frame, each one searing his chest with piercing pain as though he was struck with a lance. " Martin, come on! ", someone was pulling at him, he shook off their grabbing hands. " Its still here you idiot! Get up, she's dead! "..... dead....no. Sleeping, she has to be. That explains it. But he knew the truth, it just wasn't sinking in. " Leave her hunny! ", Rebecca, his best friend for years was shouting at him, he recognised the voice through the constant thrum of agony that clouded his mind. " Becka? ", Martin's voice, raw with crying and coughing, dense smoke filled the air also.

" Yeah, hunny, its me....come on, let Mhairi-Clare go, there’s nothing you can do... ", her words were soft now, even though choked with tears herself. She pried his grip from his twin sister's body, the dead weight rolling to the slick floor, but her dull eyes remained focused on her brother. Becka pulled him up, using what strength she had. He wasn't heavy, he had a thin body. There was a cut on his head, the blood seeped and mingled with the salty tears, causing a strange taste in his mouth. " Come on, we need to get out of here.... ", but he was leaving her body, Martin started back, " No, I have to bring her back...mum, dad...they'd want.... "

But Becka wasn't having it. " No! There’s no point, if we stay it could shred us two next! There’s nothing you can do Martin..... "

Nothing you can do..... nothing.....do.....

And then, it was opened.

" That’s were you're wrong darlin. ", he removed Becka's hold on him, standing firmly on his own feet. No longer did the tears fall off his cheeks, though the dried salt water was caked and crusting on his face. " Get out of here Rebecca. I have a demon to kill. ". she could only look at him. " What? Are you f***ing mad?! That....thing...it'll kill you! ", now she was crying uncontrolled, sobbing herself. All this death, the madness, too much for her to handle. Mortals these days are not used to the horrors that were once common place centuries ago. " Becka, I said leave... and I mean it. ", his voice was changed, strong, deep, and it scared her. " Martin...please... ", she was almost whimpering. But he turned on her. " I said leave! ", a gust of wind kicked up, a swirling vortex. It picked up the blood, turning the air around Becka thick and red and wet. The blood fell, and she was gone.

Martin looked to the unmoving and gutted corpse of his sister, his Mhairi-Clare, his Celtic angel. With a gestured, she vanished.

Now, rage thundered unchecked, un-caged. Raw, passionate, dark and furious anger. His body shook with the effort of containing it, saving the power for the demon creature, which was not hard to find, for all he had to do was follow the fresh sound of screams and explosions and utter carnage. Martin broke into a run, fast and purposeful. Through the glass doors, which were shattered and cracked, the shards blood stained glass littered the floor, but glistened in the mid-day sun. People ran from the other building in his sight, the red sandstone brick, another shopping centre, but the demon was not inside, for Martin's eyes rested on it, throwing cars and bloodied bodies into the air. It howled and snarled, blood, fresh and red dripped from its mouth, black as coal eyes looked about for new victims. Several security guards were around him, all dead and lying in the most bizarre of positions, their bodies mutilated so much their faces were near unrecognisable as human. But he cared little for that at present, still running faster, unnaturally fast, a blur of white light and rage.

He hit the demon, and it screamed. Through the air it was propelled to impact with the red sandstone wall, which cracked and broke, huge chucks of brick falling from the top to pile and cover the black and red skinned creature. Now, the demon was as you would expect, standing roughly 7 foot tall, it was cloven hoofed and with horns, sharp teeth and a savage disposition. But no one had seen a demon for countless centuries, who was to say, they all looked as such?

Martin stood panting, shivering in the cold winter air, his coat and scarf gone, trying to stop the blood spilling from his sister, a face he held in his heart and mind now as the demon rose up. It turned its eyes on Martin. " Human. ", it seemed confused. " Your kind are not supposed to be here. We were told. ", Martin had little idea of what it talked about, but a response came to his head, from where he didn't know. " Well, I've woken early, demon. Though I'm surprised that something with a skull as thick as your is capable of talking. ", that last part was his own. Thinking to anger it, Martin was surprised that it merely laughed. " Human wit, I had forgotten how pathetic it could be. My kind are capable of things that would make you skin crawl, human. Literally. But now, you die. "

It charge his, clawed hands ripping the air to get to him. It moved with such speed that Martin was caught un-prepared, and was hit full in the chest, thrown backwards to slam into a bin, through a glass window and then a wall. From which he then fell to the floor. It should have killed him, but he stood, cut and bruised, something was definitely broken, but what he could tell yet. The demon seemed puzzled also. " Stronger then, than I had thought. No matter, your kind always die. ", it sneered and charged again, thinking to finished the job. Martin however, had other plans. Not so un-aware now, his hands rose, and lighting screamed into existence, flashing with light and heat, it slammed into the demon, throwing it back. " You see, demon. You thought wrong..... "

The fight that ensued last some time, brick and mortar was ripped from the earth and thrown, fire and ice, shadow and light, raw power from ageless sources rose up. The surrounding buildings were nothing but decimated ruins now. Smouldering brick, many of the already dead bodies…not even ash remained of them, his head burst with pain, his body was broken, bloody, cut and black with bruising. The demon faired no better. “ You are good, Sorcerer… that’s what you are, did you know that human? “, Martin, panting heavily, blood running in rivulets out his mouth replied, “ I kinda guessed that. You’d be surprised at how I already knew about this sort of thing…even demons. “, he tried to force a laugh, but to do so was too painful. “ Shall we finish this, demon? “

“ Yes, human…… “

And the air erupted with death.

12/20/2004 5:58 AM

A few weeks later...

Martin sat in the livingroom at his home in Knightsridge, an area in the town, Livingston where he was from. His mother, Veronica, sat on the couch, her head in her hands, sobbing, shaking her large frame. Martin was beyond tears now, there was only anger and hatred. The demon he destroyed was not the only one to attack, several others were slaughtering in other parts of the town at the same time, he had been stupid to think there had been only one. One of the other demons had rampaged through his own area, killing dozens, two of whom included his father, and grandmother. His brother, Chris, sat next to Veronica, holding her as he too allowed silent tears to fall. It didn't stop there however, as over the passed few weeks, more demon attacks came, and more frequently.

They were testing the human race, finding out how powerful they were in this age of intelligence and technology. They found out alot, for although many were powerless, there were some, like the Army who fought back, stationed at every major city in the country however, their ranks were being stretched, but new recruits were being brought in through conscription. Officers had came to their own door, attempting to take Martin and Chris away with them, needless to say, Martin saw to it that they were no longer bothered. It did however, give Martin an idea.

" But why, Martin? Leave it to the Army! ", he had told her his idea, and she knew fine well that no amount of crying or arguing was going to dissuade him. " Are you kidding mum? The army? They're out of the depth in this. Yeah they can kill the demons with guns and grenades.... but what we have seen so far is nothing compared to what will come. The army can't hold them back forever, their numbers will continue to rise and eventually they will dominate every major city in the country...they've already taken Glasgow! It's nothing more than rubble! ", his father's family lived in glasgow, aswell as some of his mother's, he didn't consider the possibilty of them being alive, as a group of demons had it the once City of Culture hard and fast. City officials were skinned alive, and thousands killed in the streets..... by only a handful of demons, no more that 40.

" I can make a difference, I've already killed several of them..... ", killed, wasn't exactly the appropriate term. The one that had murdered his father and grandmother.....well, it came to regret destroying part of Martin's life. It regretted it for a very long time, with each scream of pain, it regretted.

Over the passed weeks, Martin practiced his new found power, caring little from where it came,or how it happened. He was given the strength he needed to fight back, but he was only one, and they numbered in their hundreds over the country. England had recieved the worst, especially London. Buckingham Palace, the Royal Family, both targets that were taken out immediately, and not quickly, all suffered horriffic deaths, and each head of the Royal Family was stuck onto one of the spikes atop the surrounding walls. For now, the demons seemed to have taken the Palace as a form of headquaters, for lack of a better term. The army made sure it was under constant assault, to little avail. The Prime Minister, the true power of the Country, was not dead, but was in hiding, giving orders from secure and secret bunker no doubt. It wouldn't be long before he was found though, if not by the demons, then by Martin himself.

" I'm leaving now, but I'll be back soon, within the week. I have to get things organised. It sounds stupid I know, all this talk I give..... but its real, Mum. Its real. ", she was still crying, but looked at him, " I know son, but...don't get yourself killed....I've lost enough of my family. I don't even know if Kirsty-Ann and Iain are still alive.... your Aunt Irene.... ", Martin stopped her, Kirsty Ann was his older sister and Iain, her husband. " They are still alive, I've.....checked..... its weird, I can feel they are still alive.... so is Aunt Irene and Uncle Denis, but I don't know where they are. When I'm near london, I'll look for Kirsty Ann and bring her home. ", he forced a smile for her, a reassurrance.

Standing, he turned his eyes to Chris, " I've set up Wards around the house, they're powerful, only humans can pass through them. And demons try to pass, and they're dead. But don't leave the house, not if you can help it, I've made sure theres food, and water. ", the demons had destroyed many of the major facilites that the humans had come to take for granted. Electricity plants and cables were now non-existant, in some parts at least. No one was obviously out buying their groceries, so food became scarce, even after such a short space of time. The demons worked fast and methodically, they knew what their main targets were, seeking to weaken the human society. " Ok, I'm out of here. ", he walked over and hugged his mother, placing a kiss on her cheek. " I'll be back soon, with Kirsty Ann and Iain, don't worry. My wards will keep you safe. Love you. ", removing himself, and turned again to Chris, placing a hand on his shoulder. "See you soon, Chris. ", tightening his grip once, and releasing, Martin left the house swiftly, into the front garden and leaving that also, making sure for a final time that his wards were secure. Satisfied, Martin began walking, a pack on his back with some basic supplies. He would have to find more along the way, to London, and also a quicker to get there aside from walking.

12/21/2004 3:01 PM

The demon screeched in pain, flailing around with it's razor sharp claws before giving a final dreadful roar and immolulating itself with a dull 'crump' sounds. The screaming woman slowly stopped, the reality of her survival gradually sinking in as she turned her tearful gaze towards the bloodied form of her saviour,

"Th-th-thank you."

The man turned an ice hard gaze towards her,


The woman's gasp turned into a etherial, ghostly wail as her soul was torn from her and sucked into the stranger's mouth by some invisible vortex. As his wounds sealed themselves and his blood flowed back inside his veins the figure smiled savagely. With a bound he launched himself to the roof of a burned-out building and survied his hunting ground, the twisted remains of London. Then a moving speck caught his eye, no Demon this, but not like any mortal he'd come across either. With his mind full of questions Cambion swung his direction of travel to intersect the traveller's path.

12/22/2004 6:44 AM

There was a sound on the small breeze that drifted passed him. He couldn't tell what it was though.... though he knew it was close.....or was it? The air was chilled, it being the start of January 2005, however he wasn't too sure of the exact date, as the days just semed to merge into one another. Martin pulled his coat tighter around himself, dusk was approaching, the light of day was dwindling. He didn't fear, but curiosity tickled his mind incessently. The ruck-sack was removed and lowered to the frozen mud and earth of the dirt track he had been following the passed day or so, to avoid the Horde on the main roads. The young and inexperienced had a hold of his power, ready to let it rip if need be....though he could sense no Horde demon nearby, having picked up the ability to do so after spending so much time killing them, he could almost smell the taint.

This one was different.... and yet, familiar somehow. So many thoughts ran amuck in his head, conflicting images and theories, each one unlikely, and yet no rational reason made sense. He rose a hand to his forehead, a headache was starting, he could feel it thumping lightly, building up. " Ok, there's someone here! Show yourself....I don't want to hurt you.... ", a lie, but one he thought might help bring out whoever was 'stalking' him, if that was what he or she...or it...was doing. Martin allowed the smallest thread of his power to leak out and surround him, enough to get its attention if it were of the Horde.

By this point, he was no longer cold, adrenalive pumped in his blood, mingling with the sensation of releasing his sorcery, it was exhilirating to say the least and warmed him swiftly. " No point in hiding, I could find you if I wanted. Show yourself or I'll start a little hunt of my own. ", there was a strength in his voice, it didn't sound entirely human, nor felt like it. Perhaps another benefit of the magic? He didn't care at this point. If there was a demon out there, the Sorcerer was going to kill it...

12/22/2004 8:08 AM


It was dark.

Deep under the earth.

Tunnels, hundreds of them, everywhere.

" What is the of our force in London, have the completed their mission? ", the Queen was in a particularly foul mood, her brooding sack was continuosly producing more coccon, and the pain of each one as it was expunged from her sack could be clearly seen on her face, though over the centuries, such pain had become natural to her. The Queen of the Horde, her name was unpronouncable in the human tounge, nor could it be spelt in any langauge any human could understand. Larger than her drone demons, she was relatively the same in appearance, though not as bulky, even when considering her size, roughly twice that of a typical Horde demon.

The figure kneeling, on the floor of the Throne room come birthing chamber, before her was robed, one of the Horde Priest's whose responsibility it was to aid in caring for the coccon's after they were dropped. " Not yet, my Queen. Their work is slowed by the pathetic efforts of the human army in the City, but rest assured, the Lodestone will be uncovered in time. ", his head remained lowered when in her presence, the slightest of shudders crossed his frame as she growled deep in her throat, the very walls over the cavern/chamber shook with the sound. " Tell them to quicken their efforts, destroy this army of the humans that opposes them and bring me the Lodestone! I need it.... ", anger erupted in her voice, and the priest lowered himself further to the floor in homage and forgiveness. " Yes, your Majesty...I will tell them. They will work harder, faster...this army will not stand for much longer. ", she merely glared at him, he could feel those eyes burning into his mind. With a gestured, she dismissed him so she could focus on her birthing requirements.

Suddenly... " Wait priest! ", the priest stopped in his tracks, fearful for his life. " What of this rumour that has reached my ears? ", her voice was softer now, almost..seductive. The priest however looked slightly confused. " Rumour, your Greatness? I do not know what-- ", she cut him off. " The rumour about the Sorcerer, you worm, does he exist or not? Dozens of my drones have disappeared, vanished, and none can find them, no explanation. I cannot feel them, which can only mean they have met death. By whom? No human should possess the power to be able to confront and beat one of my Horde Children.....not yet at least. "

The priest's eyes were wide. " I do not know your Majesty....I have heard the rumours, but it cannot be confirmed as of yet. If one of your Children has met a Sorcerer, none have lived to confirm it. "

She was growing angrier. The priest left without being dismissed, his wake followed by a thunderous cry of rage.

12/22/2004 3:35 PM

There was a chuckle from the shadows,

"Oh, I'm sure you'd find it harder than you think sorcerer."

Just as Martin turned to face the voice it rang out again, from the other side of him,

"But since you asked SO nicely I'll show myself."

The shadows flooded into the street, blotting out all the light impossbly before flowing back to their proper places, leaving a tall figure standing in the middle of the road. He looked and sounded human, except perhaps that Martin couldn't manage to focus on the stranger's eyes - somehow he kept finding himself looking elswhere on the stranger's face,

"How goes the war then....human?"

12/22/2004 4:00 PM

" I would have thought you'd have a better idea, demon. You're kind..... ", he stopped himself. " You are not of the Horde. ", it was not a question, a matter of fact statement more like. Confusion was etched on Martin's face as he studied the human formed demon. A wolf in sheeps clothing sprang to his mind. " There are more than one kind.... ", comprehension arose, and a dread then clogged his chest and mind. He felt sick. " Somehow, I should have known. ", shaking his head, he came to his senses. " Doesn't matter, you are all the same to me. I'll make sure you're all driven from here..... somehow. ", this creature appeared to have a command over the shadows, or darkness, Martin cared little either way.

" Have you been sent to kill me then, demon? I've gutted dozens of the Horde already, I expected one of you to eventually realise that a Sorcerer walked the earth again, didn't think it'd take this long though. ", a wry, but bitter smile twitched on his lips. " Make your move fuc-- ", something tingled his 'spider sense'. His eyes widened. " Horde! ", and the air was filled heart renching roars and snarls as a dozen Horde demon's crashed in on the two figures from several angles. Martin whipped around, his arms twisting in seemingly disjointed and almost impossible movements, graceful, but deadly. With each flick of his wrists and fingers, light and force thundered from his person, slamming into the Horde demons with a powerful concussive impact, propelling them back.

He hadn't face this many at the one time as of yet, fear trickled into his heart, but he continued. Sorcery blazed with a righteous anger of its own, heat scorched and lightning screamed as the human attempted to gain ground and distance from the assaulting Horde. What was stranger still, was they also headed for the other figure....the demon..... but for now, Martin hadn't the time to think on that.

Massive, clawed hands reached for him, a Horde closed in from behind, he was hit hard, thrown through the air to land heavily on the ground a dozen feet away, the wind knocked from him and a gash on the back of his head. Spitting blood from his mouth also, Martin quickly got back on his feet, he had learned to be better prepared, and this the demon obviously deduced. Another roar of rage and blood-lust, the demon charged him as a bull would have. " They never learn.... ", lances of light appeared from thin air, piercing the Horde filth over and over again. Its roar of rage turned to screams of agony as it fell to the ground, and remained unmoving. The sorcerer glanced to the other figure to see how he faired.... for some reason, his thoughts about this creature were unclear, uncertain. A demon by all accounts, yet attacked by the Horde? It made no sense.

12/23/2004 5:35 AM

In darkness there are always dreams... dreams, or nightmares... it never mattered anymore. She could never tell one from the other. This landscape was so familiar...

Sparkling crystal, or was that ice? Snow was on the ground, but it wasn't cold. Funny how dreams could be. She tried to rub her arms, but found that she wasn't really there... Okay then, one of those wacky third-person perspective dreams. Those, I'm here, but I can only watch dreams... Those had a tendancy of scaring the crap out of her when she woke.

I know this is a dream... usually I can control those ones...but I can't control this...

She heard a roar... a sound that she had never heard in her ninteen years of life. A flash of light split the sky, and she sheilded her eyes from the glare. When she could look again, she knew that this was a dream without any doubt. A dragon was before her, a etherial figure that seemed more ghost like than anything. Its wings faded into stars, and its eyes were bright as suns.

Magic will again return, and evil begotten
a man will show with power best forgotten.

Demons will arise,
with their claws gripping their prize.

One child will turn the war,
one child with destiny in store.
soul of the ancients, the star born;
one with the power to bless or scorn.

With a gasp, Heather woke. The sheets around her ankles nearly made her fall out of bed. These damned dreams... She groaned, and then looked at the clock. Eight AM? This time she did fall out of the bed.

"Damned clock! I'm late for my Psycology class!" She hurried to get ready, knowing by the time she got to the campus her class would be over....

12/23/2004 7:39 AM

Cambion allowed the sorcerer to rant on until the demons arrived, then - cursing himself for dropping his attention - exploded into action. Tendrils of darkness flowed out of the shadows, lashing at the demons, tripping and strangling them whilst Cambion himself tore into the Hordelings with a vengance, his superhuman strength sending one through the wall of a housing tenament before he paused to hurl a shard of ice at another, it slammed into it's head in an explosion of blood and bone before the demon toppled over backward. But Cambion was gone, stepping into a shadow and reappearing the other side of the skirmish to engage another hordeling. Between them the two managed to finish off the demons in remarkably short order and found themselves face-to-face again. Cambion smiled thinly,

"I object to being called a demon."

12/25/2004 1:03 PM

"I object to being called a demon."

" And I should care? ", he brushed down his clothes, slightly torn and bloodied, though none of it was his own. " Why should I care what a demon thinks, especially when I'm about to kill him? ", Martin studied the demon intently then, sizing him up, feeling him with his sorcery bound senses, gently so as not to alert the thing. " Though...you're not the same.... ", it was true, his curiosity had been spiked immensly. Yes there was demon in him, though, for some reason, the increasingly distinguishing trait of humanity was there. " Perhaps then, i should say half-demon? Answer me this.... why, with the demon blood you obviously possess, would the Horde attack you also? I know their reasons for wanting me dead, but why a fellow tainted...thing? "

Questions, its all he ever seemed to have, and not enough answers. But they would come in time no doubt...hopefully.

12/25/2004 2:01 PM

Cambion chuckled, sounding almost good-natured,

"Why do you think they attacked me, hmm? Evidently the brains have been bred out of the sorcerous bloodline over the last few thousand years."

He looked at Martin for a while, then broke the silence again,

"You've seen what I can do, you should be thankful I'm killing the bastards - not worrying about why. Now where are you headed? I know the lay of the land here, and where the battlelines are - and you'll want to avoid the army as much as the Horde. Even if both groups are incompetent fools."

12/25/2004 2:32 PM

Heather sighed, and sat through her criminal psycology class. She tuned out Mr. Tidus, thankful for the studying she did the previous night. She glanced at the clock and was thankful that there was only five minutes left.

"Thats it class, please read pages 235 through 258 for tomorrow's lecture." Tidus closed his briefcase and Heather didn't hestitate to escape the classroom. She slipped outside and headed up the stairs. SHe took a deep breath of the autumn air and headed across the bridge.

She had two hours free till her next class, and she knew Mrs. Locinso would'nt mind if she quietly occupied the back of her classroom to work on her painting. She walked in and Helen (mrs Locinso) looked up and once she saw who was there, simply nodded and waved her hand dissmisively.

Heather pulled on an old over-sized t-shirt, and gathered the paints and brushes she wanted, setting them near an easel that rested nearest to the windows. She uncovered the canvas there, and stared at the painting for a long time...

A sky just a shade darker than royal blue, with stars winking at the gazer. Ribbons of colors streaked across the sky, then lightly pulled down with a thick brush to make the colors stream away into the blue.

Snow and pillars of Ice or was it crystal? She smiled as she realized that it was difficult to tell if it was ice or crystal in the painting. Now thanks to the dream that was so fresh in her mind, she knew what the landscape was missing.... That beautiful creature that kept visiting her. Using a pencil, she began to lightly sketch out the dragon as she remembered it. The colors of the dragon in her memory were hazed, but she remembered the ghost like quality, and the way the wings faded into the sky, just like the Aurora Borealis above.

Feverently she painted, barely even registering the fact that she had missed her next class.... as three and a half hours passed. Helen walked up behind her, not wanting to startle her.

"It's beautiful." Helen whispered, and Heather nearly dropped the brush she was holding.

12/25/2004 4:19 PM

Whoever said life was something to cherish, obviously never set eyes upon what just appeared in the path John was following. A hideous demon, red and black in color, which looked straight at him and seemed highly interested in the crossbow that the human pointed at him. "Think you can kill me with that toy, human? Before I tear the very flesh from your bones, know that the ridiculous weapon you are holding will not stop me." A faint smile crept upon the face of the hunter, which irritated the beast and made him growl lowly. It leaped forwards, intending to jump John and tear him apart, but it never got far enough to pose any harm. The bolt from the crossbow slammed into it's chest, swift and accurately fired, rushing at the beast in a haze of white dust, that trailed the bolt.

It screamed, first in anger, then in a state of utter confusion, as the bolt began to freeze his body in a very rapid fashion. Before it could reach the hunter, the demon turned to ice. Grinning contently, the hunter made his way over to the ice-statue and slung the weapon on his back, before he reached to another weapon that was hanging from his belt. Calmly he raised the fire arm and pulled the trigger, shattering the statue to a thousand pieces. The sole comment that crossed his lips was: "Now that is exactly what your kin told me in France, before they were killed in this way, dummy." He took a peek at the weapon in his hands, then holstered it again.

His eyes skimmed the area, but found no new threat to engage. Nevertheless, he took the crossbow in his hands again and reloaded it. The design had been his own, which took him a week to craft, before he finished the basic model. A repetative crossbow, which shot especially designed bolts over great distances. The runes he had carved into the both semed to work perfectly, yet their meaning eluded him. On impact, the bolt instantly began to freeze the target. His grin started to vanish, while he took another look at the runes crafted into the wood of the weapon. He did not know how he knew, but the runes had given the crossbow a strength that he never fathomed. The furthest he had shot a demon with it, was at an astounding 800 meters. Half a mile and it had hit the beast in the abdomen, sending it sprawling backwards, only to land on it's back a few feet from where it had been standing.

Somewhere in the near future, he might uncover their meaning, but for now he knew the runes simply did what he intended them to, although their meaning was unknown to him. All he knew was that they appeared in his mind and stayed there until he had finished crafting it into the object he was working on. Testing it had been a daunting task and not without peril to his own life. These demons were getting larger in numbers, a fact that did not please him at all. Currently, he had travelled a great distance, his thoughts were becoming more and more focussed, knowing that he had to get to the City of Washington, although he didn't have a single clue why.

12/26/2004 8:15 AM

Evidently the brains have been bred out of the sorcerous bloodline over the last few thousand years

" More so the fact I'm twenty years old, demon, rather than the bloodline's fault. This is still new to me..... I'm doing what I can. "

He had to admit to himself that someone else, half demon or not, who was willing to kill the Horde also was not someone to be laughed at. " I'm headed for London, the last I heard the Horde had taken the Palace as a headquarters or something. Though, I don't see why I should avoid the Army also, the Horde yes, but why other humans? If anything, I can help the Army destroy the demons and retake the Palace. ", turning his head, he closed his eyes, letting his senses stretched out. " Power is converging in London. Theres something about the Palace which has the Horde excited, yet fearful.... ", he opened his eyes, bringing his awareness back into full control. " I have to get there to find out. "

" You know the battle lines? Then lead on to London...... whats your name anyway? I assume demons do have names? "

12/26/2004 1:06 PM

He had been walking along with his family when it had happened. And all he wanted to do was not believe that it had happened. His father had said, "John and Nicole, would you two like to go to go back to the hotel now?" Why would they want to go back to the hotel now? They had so much to see, so much to explore.

And that’s when it happened. A thing had jumped from atop a building and landed close by, sending up debris and pieces of the sidewalk that had crumbled beneath its weight in different directions. John turned as the thing let out a blood curling scream and saw what it was, a demon, if you could call it that. Its skin was red and black; it had sharp, long horns protruding from its head. And it had the feet of a goat with sharp teeth glistening with blood.

His family turned and ran like many did, though John could only stare in awe and fear. The demon took off at an incredible pace, catching a few people and tearing them to shreds. The demon then turned and looked at John, black eyes going right thru him. The demon launched itself at John then noticed the other mortals taking off and thought that they would taste even more delightful, with the mortals fear increasing so rapidly. So the demon dismissively smacked John out of the way sending him flying over a fountain and right through a solid brick wall.

John then went right through glass and clashed into a sword. John did not fell any blood leaving him but, everything was beginning to get fuzzier. He understood that he was dying from the fear of the demon and because he was bleeding inside. Even though people around him were screaming from seeing his body hurled into the museum, he didn't care, he was dying. Then he heard a scream far away, it was his sister. The demon had obviously caught up to his family and the demon had his sister.

Then something inside of him pulsed, his mind cleared and he regained focus. He stood up and looked at himself, he should have died but, he was alive. He had no time to think as he heard his sister scream again. What could he do though? He then noticed the sword lying right next to him.

He picked it up and although it should have felt heavy compared to his fragile body it was not. The swords hilt was gold and the intricate design looked like a dragon. He then took off through the doors and turned towards the screams and ran at an incredible speed. He soon found the demon along with his family for when the demon had caught his sister, their parents stayed too. "Let her go demon." John said with fierce determination in his voice.

The demon turned to John and chuckled. "Do you think you can defeat me human?" John looked the demon in the eyes without the faintest trait of fear. "Let’s fight and see." The demon smiled and said, "Very well, it’s your time to die then." The demon tossed his sister into their parents and charged John.

John leapt into the air and started to roll while holding his sword out and the demon raised one hand to block the sword, thinking that John could not possibly cut through his arm. The demon was wrong, John's sword sliced right through the demons hand as John landed. He then twirled around and slit the demons stomach open. John jumped back as blood and the demons insides started to fall out.

The demon quickly raised his other hand to stop this and looked distraught. "Your kind should not have been awaken yet. We were told this would be an easy victory." The demon said through heavy breathing. John looked at him with curiosity then said, "Well you have awoken me early." John didn't understand how he knew this, he just did.

The demon then fell to its knees and said with its last dying breath, "I see, you are just like the one in England." Then the demon died. John didn't understand though he had no time to think about it for he was too worried about his family. "Are you guys ok?" They shook their heads.

"Okay, we need to get you three out of New York and back home." John said although his father seemed to want to argue. "No dad, you three must go. I must stay here and hold off these demons. You must understand that I have been given these powers to hold them off. Now let’s get going."

After about 15 minutes they arrived upon an airport that had many people fleeing into. As John and his family pushed their way inside they found an airplane that was leaving to Michigan. John got his family on the plane then took off to make sure everyone in the airport could get a flight. Soon the airport was thinning out of people. Just then three demons all like the demon John had recently killed broke the walls down and started to approach the people.

The last of the people dispersed to their planes and all that was left was John. The three demons looked at John like he was no big threat and then they saw the blood of one of their brethren on his sword. They growled and snarled at him, he simply raised the sword and said, "Bring it on." Then he charged for he was not fighting for his life or to kill the demons, he was fighting to give the airplanes time to leave. And he would not fail in that mission. The four then collided and a battle of time erupted.

OOC: Ok, now I'm tired. Sorry if its long. Didn't mean it to happen that way but, I guess I got carried away lol. Oh and here's a picture of the sword, it’s the gold one obviously.

12/27/2004 4:07 AM

The half-breed's smile was not a pleasent one,

"Give it up with calling me a demon - and my name is Cambion. Now."

He turned and brounded up onto a roof effortlessly, scanning the area thoroughly before rejoining Martin,

"This way, if you can keep up."

Cmabion shot off at run, his path taking him through alleyways and even up to the roof of a buildin to avoid and army road block. Eventually he paused, cruching on the edge of a building like a gargoyle and pointing,

"There, Buckingham Palace."

12/28/2004 1:30 PM

Night started to fall, as John was nearing Calais, after he had turned away from Paris, seeing the airport in ruins from a distance. Everything capable of flight had been smashed to bits, to keep the demons to rule the skies. A pity, as this would have gotten him in Washington in a short period of time. He shook his head and grinned, as his mind rejected the options he had.

~Flying is out and far too dangerous, leaves boats and trains, aside from this car. Perhaps I can find a boat here, that can take me to the US, although this seems unlikely. I could take the tunnel to the UK and go island hopping from there, until I reach the Canadian coast.~

Taking the latter as the most reasonable suggestion, he drove to the tunnel-site, where to his surprise, the trains were still running. Calmly he purchased a ticket for himself and for his car. The clerk behind the desk looked at the car with a frown, finding it odd that a car would purposely be covered in runic writing. He raised a brow however, as I parked the 4x4 onto the train and approached him with a grin. "Is it against the rules to sleep in the vehicle on the way over?"

The clerk shook his head and pointed at the sign on the wall. John looked at it and turned towards the clerk. "I see. So tell me, where can I get a thermos of coffee?" Again the clerk gave him the answers he needed, then went back to the next customer. Half a hour later, he was sitting in his car, thermos at hand, on a train heading for the UK.

12/29/2004 6:54 AM

" Of course I can keep up. "

As Cambion bounded along the roof tops and sprinted along streets, Martin kept the pace easily enough. Space folded and pealed back against itself before him, he would shimmer and vanish only to reappear behind Cambion..... until the half-breed stopped. Buckingham Palace. " Its weird. This is the first time I've seen it.... ", he sighed. " Can't say I'm all that impressed. ", shrugging the notion off, he folded his arms as he studied the Palace. Several parts were crumbling, large holes gaped in other areas of the Palace wall, he could see the odd and infrequent movement of a Horde demon inside, through shattered or cracked windows, however it seemed obvious they were keeping themselves relatively hidden. " Why would they though? ", he was thinking out loud.

Sighing again, he closed his eyes to allow his mind's sight to take over, his senses swirled in the demonic energy that was close by, it churned his stomach. But he directed them to the Palace, seeking.....something. Passed the walls and into the rooms, the place was crawling with the Horde, not only along the corridors, but down....down deep....deeper into the rock and dirt. They were digging. Tunnels, make shift caverns. Dead bodies filled several pits, disgarded corpses of humans used for feeding. Evidently, these demons didn't mind doing the work themselves.

Turning those senses deeper, he followed the tunnel down. There was thickness to the energy and air, but a powerful one, unmoving, ancient, cold....deadly.... but not evil....not good. A chamber had been fashioned, irregularly shaoed stone pillars encircled a pedestle. Who would have thought this was buried beneath the Palace? Though in a way, it made sense. Places of power were often built over the old sites of power.

He focused on the Pedestle.

A black stone, a perfect sphere, smooth, hard....soo cold....

Martin tried to sense it, brush it with his mind.

The young sorcerer recoiled, his mind was slammed back into his body, he was thrown through the air, landing and skidding along the stone roof to impact with the small wall on the other side.

He knew fear then, dread, the coldness of nothing embraced his heart and he thought he would die from the terror. " Fuck.... ", he couldn't stop the shaking. " De-- Cambion..... we need to get in there. Fast. They've found something. "

12/29/2004 9:21 AM

The Horde Hive

" Your Majesty. ", the Horde priest knelt and touched the rock with his forehead in reverence to his Queen. She looked up, her eyes having been closed in deep concentration. " Rise. What have you to report? ", he stood gingerly, the same priest that had seen her previously. " They have the Lodestone, your Majesty. ", there was an excitement in his voice that could not be held in check, however she ignored this lack of discipline in her priest.

" Excellent. Have them bring it here, immediately. Before the Sorcerer becomes aware of its existence. ", she was excited herself, though maintained a calm and controlled facade. " There is more, my Queen. Concerning the Sorcerer in part... ", at this his excitement was lost, and she could smell the fear coming from him, obviously her elated feeling was to be deflated shortly. " The Sorcerer, it seems, has made an ally of the Half-breed... ", her eyes narrowed sharply, focusing on him intently. " There have also been confirmations of other humans, in this Country and others..... humans that have enhanced abilites. One may even be another sorcerer of sorts. One human, nothing more than a child, wielding a sword and using it with the skill and expertise of the ancient swordsmen and paladin's that existed during the last Invasion. "

There was rage in her eyes. " These.... humans, should not be awake as of.... ", she stopped however, as though listening to another voice. " The Sorcerer, its all his doing. He awoke early, the ripple effect has reached out across the world and started to rekindle the power of humanity. ", a large fist came crashing down, slamming into the rock beneath her. The chamber shook violently and the rock cracked rapidly. " Find the Sorcerer and the Half-breed. Kill them both!! I want both their heads! ", her words were shrieked, every other Horde demon in the complex could her their Queen's fury, felt it more so.

" I warn you priest, if the Sorcerer, and these other humans are not killed before the Opening Night, I will have your head as a replacement! "

He left swiftly.

The Queen, left alone, let out drawn out sigh. " Too early. Not their time..... it should not have happened. We would have been stronger, better prepared for them. ", it seemed odd that she spoke to herself, but then, another voice ecohed in the Chamber, it was dark, deep, cold as the void of space....and ancient....

Do not concern about the Sorcerer. He is young, inexperienced, and will not prove difficult to kill when he is over-whelmed by your Drones. As for the half-breed, he matters little also, when I enter the human world, he will answer to me, and I will feast on his blood and power.

The Queen shivered as the voice carried on, it was her time to feel inferior, to know what it was to be fearful, for she was.... she was of the voice's source. " Yes, my Master. It will be done as you say. We have uncovered the Lodestone, it was where you said it would be, naturally. It will be on its way here, where I can protect it myself until the Night. "

The voice, was pleased.

Excellent, my Daughter, you have done well, and will recieve the gratitude only I can give. However, you have failed to notice something else, Daughter. Send your Horde out soon, for I sense the presence of a Dragon.

She started at this news. " Impossible, they are forbidden to return. The Sorcerer...... "

I am not talking about the Sorcerer! I can sense the Dragon in your part of the World, and I know this Dragon...... be wary of her. As for the Sorcerer, I have no doubt he will try to find her if he can sense her also, that much not happen. His soul comes from the bloodline of the Great Archmage that sealed the Netherworld rift, if he has the same Mastery over his power....he will be a threat.

" I understand, Lord. I will see that it is taken care of...... "

12/29/2004 1:40 PM

John awoke, sensing something was happening, and immediately grabbed for his weaponry, until he realised that the train was slowing down. He prepared himself and the car, for the path ahead. Once the train stopped and the doors opened, he drove him car out and calmly waited, while checking the skies for approaching elements. There were no demons in sight and visibly grinning, he steered the 4X4 onto the road. During the drive, he got a strange sensation, somewhere he needed to go, as if pulling him near. He stopped the car and explored the feeling and when he found the answer, his eyes widened.

~ There's another sorcerer in this area and if the feeling is not mistaking me, he's bound to get into trouble real fast. A large building, medieval, in the middle of a large City, isn't that tower bridge? LONDON ! ~

With the instant he realised where he needed to go, the ignition was turned and the 4X4 came to life again, leaving a trail of rubber on the road as the engine made the car jump forwards.

~ I hope I will get there in time, but i'll try and get to London as fast as I can. I have a feeling I will be needed there, including the devices I designed. ~

Turning onto the motorway, the signs said: London 40 Miles.

12/30/2004 8:41 AM

Martin, looking towards the Palace, shimmered with a golden light and vanished, reappearing before the Gates, which oddly enough where still intact, perhaps merely repaired and closed. That feeling of dread, though lesser now that he was no longer in the stones presence, was still there in his gut, twisiting and coiling like a basket of snakes. He attempted to push the feeling aside, letting his anger and hatred of the overcome it, dampen the sensation..... a feat more easily acheived as the sorcerer rose his arms high sharply and the Gates ripped from the hinges, tossed into the air and away. Despite the rage that thundered in his blood, his face appeared void of emotion, it may aswell have been carved from marble.

" Whatever they have, it has to be destroyed, Cambion....... ", his arms had lowered to his side now, but both fists were clenched tight. Golden threads surrounded him, silver motes danced and swirled, almost seeming excited, alive. " I don't know what it is, but they have it and need it for something. Therefore, it will be used against humans. If I can get it and use it myself, I will, if not, I'll destroy it rather than it lying in their hands. "

He stepped forward.

The gold and silver energy merged, surrounding him in a vortex of power and light.

The Horde would sense him..... already they emerged from the Palace doors, leapt out of windows.....

" Time to dance fellas. ", Martin's arms rose and the air bloomed with light and lightning. The ground shook and cracked in places. His hands and fingers moved in intricate patterns that looked as though they needed an extra set of joints to be accomplished. Words spilled from his lips, they came unbidden, entered his mind from somewhere deep in his own psyche. They pierced the very heavens, lightning split from the clouds, rain began to fall lightly, a fine drizzle.

The golden light about Martin appeared to move of its own accord, striking out in sharp blasts at the Horde demons that continued to pour from the Palace, only to be reduced to ash. He glanced back at Cambion. " Keep up, Cambion. I doubt I can take them all out by myself..... ", a sheen of sweat glistened on the Sorcerer's brow.

12/30/2004 1:49 PM

Having floored the accelerator of his car, John made good time in getting to London. By the time he reached the outskirts of the city, he could see the light show that was being caused by Martin. ~That's it, that is where I need to go, which should take me directly to..... Buckingham Palace?? Now don't tell me, the old hag of a queen mother turns out to be a demon.~ The thought put a smile on his face as he swirled through the rubble on the streets.

Once there, he parked the car and put on everything he thought he might need, then got out of the car and closed the door. Before stepping away from it, he touched one of the runes on the vehicle, which instantaniously glowed up in a bright green hue of light, then dimmed down again. With a grin he moved inside as fast as his feet could carry him, the crossbow loaded and ready to fire.

While he ran towards the noise and light, the corridor became obstructed by a rather large specimen of demonship, no doubt a reasonably powerful individual, who hissed at him and bared his fangs and claws at him. Skidding to a halt, the crossbow flew into action, aiming and pulling the trigger within the same movement. The bolt hurled forwards and lodged itself in the shoulder of the demon, who pulled it out before the effects of the rune set in. With a deep sigh, John aimed again, then repeatedly pulled the trigger, firing three bolts in a row, pushing the beast back until the last bolt pinned him to the wall, after it pierced the shoulder. With a scream of pain, the demon pulled on the bolts, but could not pull out the last of them, which had anchored itself inside the wall. "You'll regret making me shoot that often, numbskull." A brisk movement of the crossbow and before the beast realised it, the second shoulder was pinned to the wall as well.

Meanwhile the beast was raving and cursing at John, it's mouth almost foaming and it's eyes filled with a deep hate. Still the demon was trying to break free, but as it saw what John pulled out from under his coat, the thing stopped and became silent. At the full sight of the runic patterns on the blade of a sword, the beast started to scream for help, knowing it would be sufficient to cut him to pieces with it. With a fast movement, the demon had a horn less and the eyes grew even larger, but them tried to reach for John's coat, in order to pull him closer. The scream grew louder the next second, as the cold from the bolt set in. "One chance is all you have demon, where are your brothers fighting the sorcerer?"

With a growl the demon spat at him, which caused him to lose a claw just a fraction of time later. At the end of the corridor, three demons appeared, closing in on the sounds of the screams, hissing as they sped closer. John swiftly put the sword inside the coat again, then aimed the crossbow, while shifting his grip onto one of the runes, then fired rapidly. On impact, the bolts threw two of the demons back, yet he had missed the third. That demon now approached him at full speed, while the first he had pinned to the wall began to freeze over, the two others slumped as they landed and turned to solid ice.

With a terrible speed, the demon slashed at his head, as it came close enough, but then it realised its mistake. Just before touching John, an aura of silvery light appeared around him, mixed with trails of a bright green, interlacing with the silvery aura and formed a shield around him. John's eyes widened, but he moved almost without hesitation, instinctively pulling up his arm to block the claw. The boney talons splintered on the instant they hit the barrier, instead of taking his head off as intended, but the force behind the claw still threw him against the wall. Getting upright again, he found that he was holding the sword in one hand and the crossbow in the other. No longer was he cautious, but calculatively made use of the manifested power in the hour of need. As a hot knife cuts through butter, the blade dug deep into the demon's shoulder, cutting its way in from the collarbone and stopped halfway the demons ribcage. It died with a look of utter surprise on its face.

"Fuck if I know what happened here, but lets make use of it." he stated, then began to run in the direction of the sounds.

12/30/2004 3:31 PM

Heather yawned as she tried to stay awake, attempting to concentrate on the text in front of her. She tore her gaze away from the blurring words and focused on her surroundings. It was so peaceful here, she could almost forget she was in the middle of the campus.

Down behind one of the larger buildings was a small ravine, with a nice little creek running through it. The picnic table she sat on was bathed in a patch of warm autumn sunshine, and she sighed, and lay back along the top of the table. She stared at the turning leaves above her and breathed in the scents of fall. Autumn and spring, her two favorite times of the year, not too hot, nor too cold.

The only mar to this beautiful atmosphere was that she only had to turn her head to see the closest building off to her left. She sighed and figured that studying was out for today. She slipped the book into her back pack and slung it over her shoulder. She needed to relax, to meditate. Her friends knew where to find her if she was wanted, so she slipped off deeper into the wooded area behind the college.

Soon enough she was at one of her favorite areas, a large flat rock that was surrounded by pines. She spread out her coat, and sat down on it. She shifted a few times till she was sure to be comfortable for a while. She took several deep breaths, and stared at the sunlight dancing on the water at her feet. Her mind turned inward, as her eyes unfocused and then closed.

Thus introverted, she became more aware of what was around her. The wind whispering to the leaves, spreading rumors of the coming winter, the water talking to the stones, singing to the wind. The birds singing softly, then silencing at the piercing cry of a red tailed hawk. The light step of a doe and her fawn at her side, searching out fodder before the first snows.

Then more exotic creatures reached her senses as her mind continued to concentrate on introversion. Sylphs fluttering from tree to tree, their voices mingling with the wind. Undines whispering of the coming cold, seeking out warmer waters... The heavier step of a creature that only existed in spirit anymore... in her mind she could see all of this, the spirit becoming flesh. Minutes later her eyes could see what her mind knew was there and she was staring at a creature that had only come to her once before... when she was only fourteen.

The unicorn was one of the most beautiful of all the spiritual creatures that she had ever seen in her whole life, even the sylphs couldn’t compete for his beauty. Six years ago, she had done the same thing she had done now, meditating in a forested area not too far from her home, and she heard a cry for help....some of the ‘spiritual nasties’ as she called them, had entrapped this noble creature, and she set him free.

She hadn’t seen him since. Aurous was his name, and he vowed to help her when she had need of him. She reached out and he whickered softly, stepping forward, his nose pressed into her hand. She smiled at this simple pleasure then fixed her gaze onto his, reveling in the tingling of her hand where his spirit touched flesh. His violet eyes seemed to go on forever as she focused her mind to his.

“It’s been some time Aurous...” She said softly.

::Glad to see that you have remembered my name...:: He replied as he stepped backwards a pace.

“Why have you come?” She asked, genuinely puzzled about his appearance.

::Ill winds are winding themselves around this world, a dark power has awoke, and is heading in this direction... I fear that they are looking for you...:: Aurous paused, as if unsure on how to explain why.

“Looking for me? What’s so important about me?” She asked, then her dream flashed into her mind. Aurous’s ears flicked forward, and he nodded, stamping one hoof in the water for emphasis.

::Yes... trust the dream...Perhaps you know this ancient one. It may just be because of your spiritual powers, you have the makings of a powerful sorceress, and they may know this....:: He snorted and tossed his mane.

“what is an Ancient one?? I don’t quite understand that part...” She frowned.

::Ancient ones were dragons. Contrary to many stories and beliefs, Dragons are the protectors of our world. They are also called Star-Born because it is said that they were born of the heavens, and were sent to guard the worlds that they fell into.::

Heather related the whole dream, even detailing the dragon she saw, and repeating verbatim the sing-song prophecy it spoke.

Aurous thought for a moment, then tipped his horn into the water before taking a drink. When he raised his head, he spoke again.

:: The dragon you described sounds like an Astral dragon, and if a child is born with a dragon soul, it would be an astral dragon soul...for they are the only ones left to this world, the demons destroyed all the others. Astral dragons don’t have bodies, like you do, they are more like me and the sylphs and such, they cannot be killed, not in the literal sense. As to the whole bit about turning the war... dragons when they are young are very sensitive to their surroundings. When they are young, they are constantly watched by their elders, till they are old enough to understand what is right and what is wrong. If the demons are searching for this star-born child, it is to sway this dragon soul to evil...

Aurous snorted, and met Heather’s eyes. This person cannot fall into evil hands... He stated solemnly.

His gaze turned thoughtful again, and he stepped forward again, his eyes fixed onto her, as if searching for something. :You know as well as I that I cannot directly interfere with the physical planes. However, I can help instruct you, as I can interfere with those who are partially connected to my realm. Will you let me help you?::

Numbly Heather nodded, her hands feeling for the silver pendant she always wore. Aurous lowered his head, touching his horn to her forehead, and she felt simultaneously hot and cold, she shivered as the power from the unicorn reached for something within her soul....

A bright flare of light burst from the unicorn to her, and was immediately intensified by her own power. Aurous stepped back surprise in every line of his face. ::I knew you had power, but I never suspected it was this powerful.. But I‘ve managed to enhance your sight, you won‘t need to slip into this half-trance just to see me or the others of our realm. The dragons must have chosen you as a guardian of sorts, perhaps that is why you are being sent the dreams. I cannot be quite sure. But I do know this, you will hold an important roll in this.::

Heather felt dizzy, disoriented. She braced her arms against the rock before her, to keep herself from tumbling headfirst into the water.

“I didn’t want to have any part in it...” She said softly, and the sorrow in Aurous’s eyes was his only answer.

12/31/2004 5:11 AM

“I didn’t want to have any part in it...”

" I can see to that, human. "

The voice itself was not human, and the creature stepped in from around the trees and into full view. " And by that of course, I mean your death will see to it. ", he smiled, his yellowed teeth only adding to the terrifying expression. Standing seven feet tall, horned headed and cloven footed, this Horde demon was robed in the garment of one of their priests. " I have to admit, when my Queen told me of the awakening of a Dragon, I was dubious to seek you out, but here I find a mere human, weak and alone. Though I'd be interested in whom it was you were talking to? "

The demon never took its eyes off Heather.

He started to sneer, " I can make your death short and....... well, relatively painless. Struggle, and I'll see to it that it is a long and drawn out. Whats its to be human? "

12/31/2004 3:28 PM

Heather was startled, but she didn't hesitate to draw the blessed blade from its sheath from under her backpack. The blade glimmered in the sunlight, the faceted crystalline handle refracted the light tenfold.

"Just because I didn't want any part of this whole war, doesn't mean I am ill prepared... or entirely alone." She raised the blade above her head, and extended her other hand, to the demon it rested on nothing but air. Aurous leaned into Heather's touch lending her his power and control.

"Sylph, Spirit of the wind, create a barrier between me and this diciple of evil..."

Her words echoed slightly, and a cry of a hawk could be heard as a soft breeze began to tease at her hair, then grew stronger...building in intensity until the wind had all but completely obscured her shape and the light cast by the blade.

01/01/2005 3:11 PM

The demon merely grinned, though there was a hesitation in his movements as though he was unsure as to wither the human's magic was potent or not. She was after all a dragon, of some form at least. The priest's eyes hardend as he continued to stare at Heather, " For all your efforts human filth, your kind will be wiped from the face of this World, despite all the awakening souls bringing Old Power with them. ", he reached into an inner pocket, withdrawing a green gemstone which he held almost delicately. A sickening wave of black power drifted from the small gem, its effects radiated in an arc, almost pulsing with an audible beat.

Obviously magical, it interfered with Heather's own spell and power, however, the demon underestimated the human's gift and the power of the aid she was recieving without his knowledge. " Now, you die scum. ", dark light, evil filled and tainted eminated from the gemstone, with it a feeling of dread and fear. The air chilled dramatically, " Like this? Its a gift from a higher power.... ", he chuckled, his laughter filled the cold and bitter air, he stared at her, but after a while, he stopped, a frown etching on his face. " You should be dead.... ", he held the stone higher, and closer to Heather, its light falling over her, but with no further effect. " Impossible! Even with that pathetic spell. "

He cast the stone aside, and lunged at Heather.... " Very well, I'll simply rip out your heart and feed on it! "

01/01/2005 3:17 PM

Martin continued his assault as he in turn was targeted, the attempts of the Horde to bring him down were growing feverish and seemingly desperate, more and more demons poured out, but against the golden light that surrounded the Sorcerer, they did not last. His clothes whipped furiously in the force of his own power. He was terrible in his might, his face now contorted in rage and hatred, a snarl fixed on his lips, adding a startling cast to his eyes as he pummeled the demons with the immensity of his magic.

Blood made the cold ground slick and slippery, steam rose from it as the heat contrasted with the icy air. There was something else prickling at the back of his head, another power approached, but he was too distracted to pay full notice to it, otherwise he might have known what it was. He strode forward towards the doors, taking down demon after demon, the heat of his magic scorched the earth, shattered those windows that were still unbroken, the walls and wood burnt, even the air around him was heated, making it hard to breathe.

But he knew he wasn't going to last much longer, wherever he was drawing the power from, that 'well' was drying up and fast.....

01/01/2005 4:13 PM

John ran, as fast as his legs could carry him, through corridors and ever getting closer to where he wanted to be, until he reached a double door, which he opened promtply. Further down the aisle, he saw demons passing by, running towards something that was beyond his line of sight. The runemaster slowed down and crouched, while putting away the runic blade and tightening the grip on his crossbow, on the rune he had used earlier. As soon as he was positioned, he opened fire upon the demons that passed the opening at the end of the corridor, the bolts cutting through the air and sending one by one sprawling, each turning to solid ice within seconds of being hit. A dry click told him he had emptied the first magazine, that was replaced within two seconds from the pouches on his belt. More were in his pack, that hung on his back.

Realising they were now being slaughtered from two sides, the flow of the demons started to split up, not just heading for Martin, but now coming at John as well. The latter knew that at this rate, he would run out of bolts to fire rapidly and with very little time to reload. With the energy still running around his body, he shifted the use of the crossbow to one hand, while drawing the sword again with the other. ~ Time to change tactics. ~

As in the old movies about the samurai, John got up and rushed straight into the stream of demons heading his way, reaching them with a few seconds. Immediately he was under attack, but he calmly started cutting away limbs, while firing the bolts from the crossbow at others. Feet by feet he approached the hallway where the demons were running towards something else. 30 feet to go, 29..., 28..., blocking the swiping claws from the foul beasts, then cutting off pieces they would no longer have use for, a head here, wings or arms there, it did not matter for he had to get to the source of the light that was beginning to glow brighter in the hallway ahead.

Finally he managed to get where he wanted to and as he passed into the hallway, he saw a figure surrounded by golden and silvery light, who was doing the same to these hellish creatures as he was, killing them! Slowly however, he was getting closer and closer to being exhausted, at which point the barrier around him would surely fail. Gradually he came ever near the figure, his strength not waning as he had feared, but more determined then ever, for the man msut have some connection with him. His silver and green barrier seemingly growing stronger, but in the least it was growing in size.

Suddenly an idea came to mind and he crouched, swiftly drawing a rune on the ground with the sword,, then changing his course for the man in the gold and silver aura. Upon leaving the spot he had just occupied

01/02/2005 5:23 AM

His blood ran like quicksilver.

His eyes glittered dangerously.

He was caught in rapture, wrapped in wamrth and light. Held captivated by the very essence of the power that enveloped him, and then there was the other man, Martin could now feel the power in the symbols about him, something akin to his own, but still immeasurably different. The presence of the new sorcerer brought about a surge of rekindled vigour and lust for the death of the Horde, if anything the golden energy intensified, and he had to gesture to the stranger to stop and not come any further, for he knew too well his grasp on the power was fragile at best. With every demon that fell, Martin could see his sister's face, the pain in every beautiful feature of her face, the light that was snuffed from the world, now filled his soul with a vibrant sense of wonder.... and fear.

" Dinna come any closer mate! ", Martin shouted to John, " You'll get frazzled! ", turning his focus on the demons again, he strode forward suddenly at a swift and intentful purpose in each step. A sharp gesture of his arms, a snapping motion and the wooden, iron wrought doors blasted open, the surrounding wall and frame bursting apart. Demon limbs flailed as they were caught in grip of Martin's sorcery. " I will crush every-last-one... ", there was a look of venomous loathing and disgust once more as he made his way down the many corridors and stairs, passed the servants quaters and deeper..... the demon made tunnels were wide to accomadate their own height and muscled girth. He cared little at that point as to wither the stranger and Cambion faired well, he did not think or dare to look back and lose his focus now. Not when....that thing, the stone, was so close to him, even from his position, he could feel every wave of power coming from it, and while not evil, or tainted, it was overpowering for his mystically heighten sense. The recent release of power and raw hatred left his mind reeling with the ecstacy of magic, like liquid gold filling every nerve and cell in his body.

The winding route down would have been disorientating had he not been so hell bent on the stone, but something in the back of his head kept sending off warning bells, however he ignored the feeling, too consumed in his present state to care.

He entered the round cavern, the Chamber were the standing blocks of rock resided. The black stone was missing from the pedestle, a lone demon, clad in red robes was smiling triumphantly, a sneer edge at the side of its lips. " Too late, Archmage. The Heart of Shadows is ours! ", he held the black, perfectly spherical stone towards Martin, and a wave of astounding force flashed, knocking his off his feet, slamming into the rock behind him. " But my Queen wants you alive for now, human. She wants you to know and feel the wrath of the Higher Castes when they arrive in Washington! ", it laughed manically, before raising the stone above its own head.

It was gone within Martin's next ragged heart beat.

He seethed through the pain.


The light about him dimmed, flickering as though a candle flame in a stiff breeze before eventually blinking out and dying. " No.... ", was his only word that echoed in the now consuming blackness of the cave.

He emerged sometime later, the remains of dozens upon dozens of Horde demons littered the ground, their blood sizzled as though acid on the ground. Martin could barely walk, so drained of the only minutes ago vigour and vitality that thundered in him, he fell to his knees, cradling his head. " Its gone, Cambion.... whatever it was.... Heart of Shadows.... it vanished.... "

01/02/2005 8:09 AM

Even though she had removed her hand from Aurous's shoulder, he continued to feed her his power, though she knew he couldn't keep it up for long. The sheild dropped, and the power refocused itself to the blade.

"Lyefe, mother of all plants, make my blade a beacon of light, to pierce through evil!"

A bright spot of light gathered at the hilt, just above her hand, and then ran along the length of the short blade, though it would have surely blinded the demon, curiously she wasn't bothered by it in the least... her human reflexes shut down, and was taken over by a higher source deep within her soul....

01/02/2005 1:02 PM

John glanced at Martin, then at the half-breed he called Cambion, before he slowly began to speak. "Well, any idea where they took that Heart of Shadows? If you do, then I suggest we go find it, as there is not much left here to kill off. What did the thing look like, this Heart of Shadows?" The simplicity of the questions was evident, but he had not finished yet. "We can search for others like us on the way there, I assume?"

While he spoke, John had started to reload his crossbow and refiled the pouches on his belt, the runes upon his equipment clearly visible. "I have a car waiting outside the gates."

01/02/2005 3:43 PM

Cambion had dissapeared during the fight, but it was apparent from the demonic ichor dripping from his hands and the satisfied smile on his lips that he'd evidently been engaged elsewhere in the palace. He looked John up and down for a moment, then spoke,

"I think I might know what it looks like."

He didn't explain, but strode out of the palace and began searching the ground outside - the military had apparently scarpered once Martin's light show had stared and Cambion huffed quietly. Then he smiled and stepped into a shadow, no...through a shadow. Theres was a horrific shriek from some distance away just before Cambion stepped out of the jeep's shadow. He looked suspiciously healthy,

"We need to go to Washington. That's where the eyes of the elders are focused."

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01/03/2005 12:54 PM

" Washington is where the demon mentioned before he vanished.... ", Martin pushed himself up from the ground, exhaustion was written into every feature on his face, though still, a determined stubborness blazed in his eyes. " As to what it looks like... ", he cast a glance to John and then Cambion. " A black sphere..... it....it's Old. It seemed to beat from within, the power coming off it was, immense. Overpowered me. ", he shook his head, " What am I doing?! I'm still only a fucking kid..well almost. ", sighing, he looked again to John, " So whats your name? Thanks for the help....I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you're another sorcerer? "

01/03/2005 1:56 PM

John grinned at Martin's words, then nodded slightly and began to introduce himself. "I think that would be the best description of what I am capable of that I have heard so far. I work with runes and make my own weaponry." He handed Martin one of his bolts, allowing him to look at his work. "My name is John, recent arrival from France, where I lived with my wife and friends, until his family dropped in." The runemaster pointed at Maugetar. "Though I assume that if he fights on our side, that he is none too fond of his relatives?"

He looked from one to the other and suddenly posed a question of his own. "Any good ideas how we are going to get there? I have a car, like I said, but flying is far too dangerous as it seems and I don't think they'll give us the time to take a boat."

01/08/2005 3:57 AM

Shaking still, Martin stood unsteadily, his head reeling with pain and exhaustion. " I'll figure out a way to get there.... but...I need some rest first. I've used up most of my strength... stupid..could have done it with less I suppose... ", he grimaced as he walked, " You know, its strange... ", he flashed a look to Cambion, " Despite all these killings and demons and whatever..... it seems...right. Don't know if thats the right word, but it all seems to fit.... ", he shook his head, " Ack, I'm talkin shite now... "

Staring ahead of him, " I wonder what else has been let loose in the world. ", sighing, his breath coming out in short ragged gasps, he stumbled forward some more. " Need to sleep for now. ", he moved over to the side of a crumbling building where he sat down, his back against the wall, his head rolled to the side and he fell into a deep sleep, all that power he unleashed had taken its toll on his body.

01/11/2005 4:58 PM

Cambion looked at Martin for a moment, then heaved him up into the back seat of John's landrover without much apparent effort. Looked up at the sky slightly then smiled thinly,

"Why don't we just us the same route the Horde do?"

The look in his eyes was slightly disconcerting, as if they had adopted some hint of alienity and inhumanity that not even the demons that had thus far appeared possessed.

01/12/2005 11:28 AM

John looked at Cambrion with an odd look on his face, then shook his head. "Nice ideas you have, flying is liable to get all three of us killed, and the way the last demon disappeared, as described by Martin, is going to land us in the middle of a heap of demons. Neither sounds very appealing. A boat could take us to Iceland, from there we can fly to Canada, if we stay to the north. The demons do not like the cold very much, which I assume you know?"

He pointed at the car, then remarked: "That can take us to the harbor and can go with us on the boat, perhaps even on the plane, if it is a cargo flight."

01/13/2005 4:11 PM

Cambion raised an eyebrow,

"Flying, who said anything about flying?

He hopped into the passenger seat and indicated for John to get in,

"Get us to Land's End, I can deal from there."

After a few moment he added to his statement,

"You haven't seen a real Demon yet my friend, a bit of chill doesn't stop them or me."

01/14/2005 6:33 AM

John nodded and grinned. "Aye lad, you give us the grandest news, don'tcha? Lands End 'tis." He spoke with a good but faked scottish accent. "Tell me one thing then, Cambion, if these aren't demons, then I assume they're naught but minions. Leaves me to worry what the real thing would look like, if ye catch me drift?" While keeping up the accent, he got behind the wheel and fired up the engine, which came to life with a loud roar. He shifted it into gear and drove off, while Martin still slumbered on the backseat.

"One thing surprises me, how is it that you look like one of them, yet these runes on my car do not even react upon your presence? Can you explain it to me, Cambion?"

01/14/2005 7:08 AM

Cambion raised an eyebrow,

"I look like them? Oh, the eyes - sorry."

He looked thoughtful for a moment, then seemed to come to a decision,

"My mother was a human, my father....wasn't. Put it that way. And whilst the Horde are demons, they are - as you say- nothing but minions, the weakest of the weak. And the runes, well - they just make me itch. However if the Veil carrys on getting weaker.....I'll be able to draw on more of my power, but these might start to affect me more. Rest assured, I'll let you know if that happens."

He glanced around, looking for any straggeling Horde,

"We'll have to wait for twilight to cross, that's when I'm strongest."

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01/17/2005 1:01 PM

John steered the car below a number of trees, to take it from sight, then got out and played around with the runes on the car. A few moments after he had finished doing that, he stepped back and nodded contently. Walking back to the car, he searched the sky for the same thing Cambion did, then got inside again. "That should hold us until twilight. You wouldn't be able to tell that a car is standing there from a distance of over 6 feet, anything getting closer we'd simply have to kill off, unless it is human."

01/22/2005 4:48 PM

Cambion gave a distracted nod and settled down in the car with his eyes closed, if there was someone nearby this would have been easier - but he doubted any houses in the area were still inhabited by anything he could feed on. Besides, his new allys might object - humans had a habit of letting their ethics get in the way of logic. He sighed slightly and began focusing on his power - this would be a big jump, and ethics or not the first thing he'd be doing once his feet touched ground again would be finding food. A lot of it.

01/24/2005 1:11 PM

Martin woke with a start, he had not slept long..... not long enough to recover the his energy, but enough for now perhaps. " Where the fuck are we? ", he looked round, he was in the back seat of a car. " How long have I been out? Why didn't you wake me?! ", there was a tremble in his voice, one which he tried to hide unsucessfully. Still so much of a child....yet not so. He sighed heavily, allowing his head to rest back, " Sorry..I'm just tired I guess... "

01/24/2005 1:15 PM

The demon lay in a heap, the green gem it held had lost its lustful inner light, now dormant and dark. Steaming the earth beneath it with its dying blood, his last words still ecohed in the air about Heather, The Horde are but the lowest of the Castes human! Our Lords will come and tear this world apart!

These beings had Lords? More demons, more power...more evil...more death. So many had been killed so far, and humanity still tried to continue existing. How could such be, why hadn't the world fallen into darkness, into hopelessness and chaos....

The truth of the matter was, it hadn't fallen into darkness....not yet.

01/31/2005 3:56 AM

As dusk fell and the shadows deepened Cambion's presence seemed to grow, as if some palpable aura flooded the area around him - his movement seemed more at ease as well as more powerful and his deathly black eyes seemed to become dark holes in reality, as if they somehow doing the opposite of shining. Just as the sun itself sank below the horizon but before it's blood-red glow had vanished he stood,

"It is time."

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