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12/14/2004 8:02 PM

Oh my. I haven't been here in a thousand years and you people give it a faceplant. Nice design though. ^^

Well, acutally, I don't have much of a reason or excuse as to not coming. I guess I just lacked the desire. I'm big on MUDing and RPing in AIM/MSN. It's instantaneous, I think one of the things that drew me to it from a message board. School's been going well. I am now completely obessessd with Doc Ock, I think we went over that again, an am now writing two huge fanfics about him and numberous little ficlets...I"ve basically dropped out of the Dragonlance fandom. I haven't read the books in a while, nor have I bought a new one. I've been suriving on mostly Ock fanfiction. There's some good stuff out there, so don't anyone get on my case for just reading fanfiction.

What else? Lessee....oh jesus, I don't even know. But I do miss you all, i can promise you that. I see Swifty online everday. *grins* And the rest of you..hugs and luff from me, the PoD, m'kay? I'll drop by in another eigh months, check to see if you revamp RPGC again.


12/14/2004 9:04 PM

*stares in shock*


12/14/2004 9:21 PM

PoD. PoD.

12/15/2004 5:08 PM

Hey Poddy. Glad things are well for you.

12/20/2004 6:31 PM

You live!!!!

12/21/2004 6:17 AM

Well, I don't know you yet, i-pod, but welcome back anyways. :D

12/23/2004 12:06 PM

what up i'm new to this site

12/23/2004 7:04 PM

you and me both pal. whos everyone?

12/24/2004 3:34 AM

Hmmm, I think everyone ran off, he yelled something about the plague coming. ;)

Welcome to the board. :)

12/24/2004 1:39 PM

well im here now so i guess i better get to work killing millions upon millions of confused and frightened farmers. RAWR!

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