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12/11/2004 9:42 PM

It was supposed to be a simple reconnaissance mission but from the start, things had been bad.

The last thing Captain Orio Blaze remembered was the sight of the tall Jedi warrior looming before her, seconds before the immediate and unquestioning compulsion to sleep had overcome her.

Bloody Jedi Knights and their bloody mind tricks!

Orio had initially taken on the assignment to fly her TIE fighter over Coruscant as one last favour to Colonel Hatch before her commission ended.

The TIE had often been used to range ahead of the main starfighter force and send back vital pre-engagement data. Armed with a single laser cannon and a prayer, Orio had accepted the mission as a farewell gesture to her past life.

Orio flew the vanguard, and was often pressed into scouting and spy missions. Over the years she had more than proven her worth as an information gatherer, but her tour of duty had finally come to an end.

Easier said than done with a sly Colonel to work for. Orio owed the Colonel, and he’d collected by making it a ‘personal favour’.

From her take-off Orio had run into an asteroid storm and had to relay information back to the starfighter ‘Avalon’ not to proceed any further until the storm had settled. From that point on Orio had been flying solo, and without contact.

Her flight over the ancient Jedi Temple, the once-home of the fabled Jedi Order on Coruscant had been meant to be routine. A fool’s errand based on a report that the Colonel had received about a phantom sighting. Orio had thought she would be chasing a ghost, but the ghost had turned out to be flesh and blood.

The temple had stood alone in its section of the planet-wide city. Once a proud towering edifice capped by a crown of five spires, now, little more than ruins and dust. A black misshapen tower was all that remained to lay testament to the Jedi glory.

Orio knew that within one of the outer spires convened the Jedi High Council, the governing body of the order. Elsewhere in the temple, training facilities were staffed by revered Jedi Masters. The most influential of Masters had private offices to plan and meditate.

It was in one such private office that the sighting had taken place. It was there that she had met her adversary and lost.

Orio blinked and the fog surrounding her mind began to slowly clear. She instinctively reached for her laser gun but it was missing. She knew what would happen to her, an Imperial spy caught by rebel hands, and a Jedi Master to boot!

“Damn Colonel Hatch and his personal favours!” Orio muttered under her breadth. It was time to kiss her ass good-bye because there was simply no way she was going to out-wit a Jedi Master.

02/10/2005 10:13 AM

Orio was knocked unconciousley by a mysterious man. She thought that it was a rebel. When orio awoke, she was in a dark room. All she could see was a mysterious figure in the doorway. Orio thought that the room she was in was an interrigation room. " Well well well" the mysterious figure said." looks like you failed to do your job." Orio grunted and said, " I don't know what your talking about." The mysterious figure retoted back to Orio, " You know what I'm talking about. From the looks of it, I'd say you were a spy sent by the Empire." Orio took a few breaths. Then said, " So what, You won't get any information from me."

" Oh really? I know all I need to knw about the Empire. I wanted to ask you one very simple question."

" Sure I'll answer your damn question, but just answer me this. Who are you?"

" I am Darth Zaknafae." Zaknafae flicks the lights on. He wore a black robe and his face is was completley covered. There was a lightsaber on him. It looked like a bouble-bladed lightsaber.

" You, you're a sith lord."

" You are correct. Now heres my question. Will you join me and my fleet, or will you die?"

Orio looked frightened. Zaknafae said, " I will give all the time you need"

" Where is the jedi master?"

" Oh him? He's soaking up the rug. He wasn't much of a master though. More of a Padawan."

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