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12/11/2004 12:05 PM

The school looms large into the sky. It looks more like a medievel castle than a school. On either side are the towers which stand over one thousand feet tall. Inside the front door is a large rec room. Against one wall is a 54" T.V. with four couches in front of it. There are computers and pinball machines all over the place. Two doors lead from the room. One leads into the large kitchen. The ther starts into a series of confusing hallways lined with dorms and classrooms. No matter how hard you try, you can never reach the towers. It seems the school is enchanted.

Jaston sat in his dorm, #246. On each side of the room was a bed, a couch, a dresser, and a desk. There wasn't anybody else sharing the room. On his desk sat a small lamp and a cage. Inside the cage was an oddly large tarantula. Beside the cage was a container of dead flies. Jaston sighed and stood up from his couch. He wore a black cloak and robe with shoes to match. Sighing again, he left the dorm, closing it behind him. Everyone had left the school but him, meaning he was the only one here. All the other students had graduated and the teachers had been fired. It was a computer glitch. Groaning, he plopped down on a couch and turned on the 54". MTV was on. He sat down and watched, waiting for some life to arrive at the school.

12/11/2004 6:04 PM

Erin Fey, thief and acrobat extraordinaire found herself standing outside the moonlit iron gates of the school in the rain. She had just parted company from a travelling circus; a misunderstanding about the Mayor’s wife’s pearl necklace had escalated beyond all control. When the FBI had been called in, Erin Fey had thought it best to disappear from the grid for a while. The school looked deserted and as good a place as any to hide out in.

She scratched the short mop of wet red hair under the bobble hat and eyed the high gate, assessing its height. Taking a few paces back, she began to run towards the gate and then at he last possible second, flipped into the air in a forward somersault before landing in a crouch on the other side of the gate. She rose to her feet, laughing delightedly to herself, and made a mock bow to the watching moon.

She swept back her black raincoat, and the moonlight glinted off the two silver daggers buckled at her waist and thighs.
“Never leave home without it” Sly had told her all those many moons ago when she had been a young apprentice and learning at the feet of the master; but Sly and his kind were long gone now. The modern world had little use for people like Sly. The time of the dark hunters and vampire slayers was over.

Green eyes glowed in the dark, and a green shimmer seemed to hang like the eerie light from a fire-fly around her skin. Erin stepped towards the huge doors of the school. She wondered if the caretaker was in, as she stepped through the doorway.

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