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11/26/2004 8:20 PM


11/28/2004 7:51 PM

CHAPTER 1: A council is made.

Warriors gathered at the council hoping to be on a great quest for the magic weapon's.

Council, "Great warriors, you are many, but few will depart from here." "Only the best and most intent warriors will be able to go."

"Name yourselves, and give a small summary of your past."

01/16/2005 9:18 AM

"I am Karn O' Satrid, I come from a land called Faragoth, I am a seasoned warrior and I am celebrated for my battle skills in the many wars we had. I am 34 years of age and I have honed my Sword and Bow abilities until I can use them as fluently as the wind. I wish to depart from here on this journey for the magic weapons"

Karn kneeled on his knee.

"I am at your mercy."

03/01/2005 11:42 AM

Soon after the arival of Karn O' Satrid, a tall wood elf entered the hall, he was wearing a long dark brown robe and wore his hood so that nobody in the room could see his features.

" I am Epatopa " he bellowed, " I have travelled long & far from the northern forests of Kundun, I wish to join the quest".

Epatopa was almost seven foot tall, very thin but had strong muscle defininition. He carried a staff with a clouded crystal in the top. Hung on his back was a large bow made from the finest elven wood and a small amount of arrows (these were poor quality)
Epatopa was skilled in the field of magic, but his skills were still nowhere near those of a skilled mage. He also had some persuasion skills that were powerful on less iteligent creatures like orcs and trolls.

Epatopa spoke with a soft and wise voice: "I have many skills to aid both the party and the quest, I wish to depart on the journey for the magic weapons"

05/20/2005 9:41 AM

"Moria Blackthorn..." A large woman steps forward. Her gray skin is covered with scars, and dark eyes gaze down at the others. "Of the Brogs..." She brushes a strand of black hair from her face. She was clearly an orc...or atleast half-way there. "Half-sister of Mordrid Blackthorn."

She holds a large battle axe in her hands, as a person would a small hatchet. "Daughter of Cornia Blackthorn and Morg the orc..." She speaks of her father with pride in her deep voice. "Daughter of the barbarian tribe of the Brogs. Half-orc..." She smirks as many looks of disgust arise.

"I won't take any wise cracks about my lineage, but I am willing to serve..." She kneels down beside Karn, her sword drawn, and the tip against the ground. He touches her forehead to it, eyes closed.

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